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Public Assistance Committee minute book. Also contains: loose rules for patients at the hospital, 1895; principles followed in administration of help for the poor; memorandum from minutes; and table comparing expenditure, 1907-1908.

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Reference C/C/V2/1
Date 5 February 1906 - 23 December 1909
Scope and Content Includes report by Percy Adrian Aubin, Connétable of St Helier, on 'the question of the organisation of the staff and the general distribution of the accommodation at the General Hospital, more especially with regards to the sick wards of the Institution' commissioned by an Act of the Public Assistance Committee dated 7 June 1909.

The report provides a history of the General Hospital including an extract from Marie Bartlett's will in 1740, details of the admission of inmates in 1773, fires in 1789 and 1859, and comparison between the hospital and equivalent services provided in England with reference to the Royal Commission on the Poor Laws, 1909. Includes details of three options considered and recommendations relating to:

1. Classification of inmates from a medical point of view;
2. Increased medical staff;
3. Improved nursing staff; and
4. Redistribution of existing accommodation and increased accommodation

with estimates of costs expected for each measure.

The report was approved by the sub-committee of the Public Assistance Committee on 17 September 1909. [See pages 488-493]
Names States of Jersey Committees
Hospital Committee
Public Assistance Committee
Jersey General Hospital
Acourt, Joseph
Adams, George
Adams, Jane, née Vibert
Airth, Francis
Alanec, Marie
Alavoine, Maurice
Albert, Mary Ann
Alexandre, Caroline Eugénie, née Le Vast
Allain, Eugénie, née Hamon
Allen and Hanbury
Allen, Elizabeth, née Miles
Allo, Louis
Allo, Marie
Allo, Miss
Allo, Victorine Marie
Amory, Joseph Marie
Amy, Alfred
Amy, Emmeline Eleonore
Amy, F
Amy, Florence Susan
Amy, Frank
Amy, George Godfray
Amy, Gladys Mourant
Amy, Jane, née Colpus
Andrews Family
Andrews, Arthur
Andrews, Henry Russell
Angell, Ann, née Jackman
Angell, Tom
Anglo French Steam Ship Company Limited
Anguet, Jean Marie
Anguet, Jeanne Marie, née Cossen
Arnold and Son
Ashley, Isabella, née Price
Ashpitel, Francis William
Asplet, Thomas George Gibaut, Reverend
Aubert, Mrs
Aubin, Clément A
Aubin, J
Aubin, Jane, née Stone
Aubin, John Alfred
Aubin, Mrs
Aubin, Percy Adrian
Aubin, W D
Aubrée, Henri Léon
Aubrée, M
Aubrée, Marcel
Aubrée, Pierre Marie
Audrain, Pierre Joseph
Audrain, Victor
Auffray Family
Auffray, Elizabeth Henriette
Auffray, Eugéne
Auffray, Henri Louis
Auffray, Henriette, née Carré
Auffray, Jean Baptiste
Auffray, Jean Baptiste Charles
Auffray, Jean Pierre Marie
Auffray, Maria Marie
Auffray, Selina Marie Louise
Baal, Herbert John
Baal, Philip George
Babot, Marie, née Dupont
Babot, Mr
Bachelor, Sarah, née Young
Backler, Florence Jessie
Bacquié, Christophe
Bailhache, Philip
Baiquie, Christophe
Baker, George
Baker, John
Baker, Matilda, née Desperques
Balleine, George Orange, Reverend
Bamber, Charles Henry
Bamber, Hugh, Lieutenant Colonel
Bamber, Walter Leigh, Commander
Bandinel, Philippe
Barette, Mrs A
Barette, T
Barlett, Mary
Barnett, Norah, née Kelly
Barry, Joseph
Barter, Sarah, née King
Bartlett, Henry
Bartlett, Marie, née Mauger
Basset, Elisa, née Hergaux
Batchelor, Sarah Maria, née Young
Bates Family
Bates, Mary Ann, née Hopkins
Bates, Selina, née Long
Baudry, Jeanne Marie Emilie, née Perron
Beauchet, Virginie, née Steiger
Becquet, Percy
Beer, William
Bell, Family
Bellamy, Eliza, née Poingdestre
Bellamy, Thomas
Bellingham, Anne E, née Le Feuvre
Bellingham, W G
Benest, George
Bennett, Amelia Ann, née Duval
Bennett, John
Bennett, S J
Bernard, Joseph
Bernard, Madeleine
Bertaut, Ferdinand Joseph
Berteau, Edmund
Berthelot, Mathurine
Bertout, Ferdinand Joseph
Besnard, Joseph Marie
Besnard, Madeleine Eugénie Genger
Betfel, Marie Ange
Bewhay, Ann Elizabeth, née du Fresne
Bichery, Paul Auguste, Reverend
Bigwood, J T
Biles, Alice
Biles, Eliza, née Watts
Biles, Enoch
Biles, William
Binet, C W
Bird, Elizabeth, née Blampied
Bishop, E B, Colonel
Bisson, Clement Valpy
Bisson, Edouard Leonard
Bisson, Mary, née King
Bisson, Mrs, née Deslandes
Blades, Clara Sophia
Blaise, Auguste Marin
Blaise, Edouard Auguste Marin
Blaise, Etienne
Blakeway, Henry J
Blampied, Alfred
Blampied, Caroline Jane
Bland, Robert J
Blight, Anna, née Quesnel
Bogert, Mary Ann, née Chant
Bois and Bois
Bois, Francis John
Bois, George Walter
Boisset, Auguste Adrien
Boisset, Etienne
Boisset, Jean
Boisset, Julie Mathurine, née Guinard
Boivin, Auguste
Bondis, Henri Louis
Bondis, Maurice Albert
Bonniore, Marianne
Bottrel, Pierre
Bottrell, J
Bowden, Child
Bowden, Eliza
Bowdidge, Jane
Bradley, Mary Ann, née Middleditch
Brand, Edith, née Seabrook
Bray, Charles Harry
Bray, Christine Claudia
Bray, Donald Hope
Bray, Faith Muriel
Bray, Gordon McKenzie
Bray, Grace Olympia
Bray, Gwendoline Ida
Bray, Horace Crossman
Bray, Isabella Ann, née Strong
Bray, Leonard Arthur Bennett
Bray, Wilfred Laurier
Bray, William Ballintyne
Brealy, Charlotte, née Esnouf
Breant, Jean Marie
Breban, Florence Louise
Breban, Louis
Bréhaut, Amanda, née Brück
Brehaut, Nicolas
Brennan, Edith, née Hacking
Brennan, Terence Patrick
Brown, Albert Ernest
Brumwell, H T, Reverend
Buesnel, Alice Ellen
Buesnel, J T
Bunker, Ellen
Burston, Alice Selina, née Morris
Burston, Edith Maud Rebecca
Burston, Herbert T
Burston, Mrs
Burston, Robert T
Burton, Charles
Cabot, Mr
Cadin, Victoire
Cake, Fanny
Callagher, Mary, née Redmond
Camp Family
Camp, Charles
Campbell, Jane, née Dryden
Campion, Albert Frederick
Campion, Eliza, née Pepperell
Campion, Elizabeth, née Pepprell
Campion, Harold
Campion, James Havelock
Campion, Samuel
Campion, William James
Carabin, A
Carlos, Harry
Carré, Helier
Carré, Susan, née Minchineer
Carreau, Jean
Carter Patterson and Company
Carter, Anthony
Carter, Miss
Carter, Mrs
Carvenac, Alice
Cassell, Ellen Elizabeth
Catt, Henry
Catudal, Marie Françoise, née Jounet
Cavanagh, Alphonse
Cavanagh, Florence
Cavanagh, George
Cavanagh, Joseph
Cavanagh, Julie, née Ledo
Cavey, Elias Matthew
Cavey, Elizabeth Maud
Cavey, Elsie Edith
Cavey, Eva Emeline
Cavey, Mary Ann, née Le Geyt
Cavey, Matthieu
Cavey, Mrs, née Ball
Cavey, Percy William
Cavey, Rita May
Cavey, Sidney John
Chalker, Maria
Chapel, Emmanuel
Chapman, Charles James
Chapman, Samuel
Chappuis, P, Dr
Chazel, Walter Frederick
Chazel, William
Cheek, Caroline Lydia
Chevalier, Louisa, née Musgrove
Chick, Mrs, née Moorse
Ching, Mr
Chronique de Jersey
Chuquet, Lucie
Churchill, Thomas William
Clarke, Alice Maud
Clarke, Fanny
Clarke, Lilian
Clarke, Sarah Elizabeth Martha, née George
Cloarec, Marguérite
Clothier, T
Coal Tar Company London
Collett, John Frederick
Collins, Daisy
Collins, Eliza, née Woods
Collins, Kate
Collins, William
Conan, Marie, née Villair
Conery, Mary, née Power
Connors, Johanna, née Cuff
Coom, Reginald Alfred
Cooper and Company
Cooper, Catherine, née Foley
Coppin, John
Coppin, Susan, née Roach
Coquel, Anna Maria
Coquelin, Ambroise
Corbillard Family
Cornalit, Marguerite
Cornish, Mr
Cosson, François
Cotillard, Jean Marie
Courtman, Elizabeth, née Richmond
Courval, Azélie Stéphanie Marceline, née Ribet
Courval, Prosper Jacques Alexandre
Coutanche, Marie
Coutanches, Adolphus
Crabb, Mary Ann, née Gallie
Craggs, Isabel
Crechriou, Guillaume
Crill, George Philip
Croad, William
Culver, Maria, née Lamy
Culver, Marie, née Lamy
Dale, Emily Ada
Dale, Frederick Charles
Dale, John
Darcel, Pierre
Darragh, Elizabeth, née Phelps
Dauphin, Marie
Dauphin, Yvonne
D'Authreau and Sons, J J
Davey, Charles
Davey, Harriet, née Atterwood
Davey, John Edwin Peter
Davey, John P
Davis and Company
Davis, Emily, née Gillingham
Day, Edith
Day, Mary Ann, née Brown
Day, Rosa
de Faye, F D
de Faye, F G
de Faye, T L
de Gruchy and Company, A
de Gruchy, Ada
de Gruchy, Eliza Jane, née Renouf
de Gruchy, Elizabeth, née Vibert
de Gruchy, Francois, Reverend
de Gruchy, Mrs
de Gruchy, Philippe
de Guelle, Francis
de Guelle, Jean Baptiste
de Guelle, Marie Delphine, née La Marre
de Guelle, Pierre Alexandre
de Jersey, Amice
de Jersey, Jane, née Journeaux
de Jersey, Yves Charles
De La Haye, Delicia Jane, née Noel
de La Haye, François Charles, alias François Pouillie, alias Francis De La Haye
de la Haye, George William
de La Lande, Albert
de la Lande, Selina
de la Mare, John
de la Mare, Marie Louise Victorine
de La Mare, Mary A, née Croizard
de La Mare, Peter
de Mitre, Alfred
de Quetteville, Gerard
de Quetteville, Mrs
de Quetteville, P W, Reverend
de Rue, Marie Augustine, née Ozouf
de Veulle, Henry
Delaunay, Mrs
Delos, Francois Claude
Delos, Marie Renée, née Le Bastard
Denis, Philip
Denman, Francis Prouce
Denman, Mary Jane, née Sarre
Deriven, Jane
Desheulle, Eleonore, née Aubert
Devin, Augustine, née Regnier
Dewar, Ellen, née Pension
Dingle, Henry
Dodge, Elizabeth, née Lyne
Dodgin, Miss
Dollo, François
Dolman, Georges, Reverend
Domalain, Denis Alexandre
Donavan, Florence
Donelly, John
Dooling, William
Dorey, Charles Francois
Dorey, John
Dorking Family
Dorkins, Alice
Dorkins, Children
Dorman, Mary, née Bevan
Dorward, Elizabeth, née Grigg
Down Brothers
Drage, Elizabeth, née Fairbairn
Druce, Nita Mary
Drummond, Elizabeth, née Phelps
du Parcq, C P
Dubief, E
Dubost, Ernestine, née Quenault
Duhamel, Mary Ann, née Collas
Duncan, G W
Dunn and Baker
Dunn, Abina, née Mangin
Dunn, T
Dupont, Eliza, née Le Maistre
Dupont, Mr
Dupré, J J
Durand, Louis Joseph
Durand, Louis Marie Joseph
Durant, Louis
Durell, William
Duret Aubin, Walter
Dwyer, Catherine, née English
Eagan, John
Eastman Company Limited
Eddie, Catherine, née O'Connell
Edie and Jenkins
Edwards, Richard Edward
Elliott, Elizabeth Sarah, née Reed
Elliott, Ida Catherine
Ellis, Leeney, née O'Donoghue
Ellis, Mary, née Trice
Elms, Lizzie Anley
England, Joseph George
Esnouf, F
Etasse, Pierre
Evening Post
Falla, Peter
Falla, Walter, Doctor
Falle, Samuel, Reverend
Farley, Elizabeth
Faudemer, Marie Josephine, née Perron
Fauvel, Francine
Fazackerley, Hilda Ann Mary, née Le Huquet
Fazackerley, Hilda May
Fazackerley, Thomas
Feltham, Clara, née Billows
Fennessy, Mary, née Hadigan
Fergusson, Mr
Ferrant, Pierre
Ferris and Company
Fichous, Paul Albert
Field, George
Filleul, Charlotte, née Esnouf
Foott, Charles
Foott, Jane, née Bennett
Ford, Anne, née De Jardins
Ford, Edwin Douglas
Forsey, Arseneth
Fowler, Ann Bound, née Toms
Fowler, Charles John
Fowler, Ethel Louisa
Fraser, Mabel, née Baker
Frayling, Herbert Joseph
Frecker Sisters
Frecker, Amelia Ann
Frecker, Susannah Louisa
Fry, Elizabeth, née Le Marquand
Fry, Mrs
Gadsby, Edward Albert
Gadsby, Family
Gale, Amelia, née Andow
Gale, Robert
Gallichan, Francoise, née Vallet
Gallie, Mary Ruth, née Ledwich
Gape, Gwynne Edward Morpan
Garlandezec, Marie Joseph
Garnier, Lucie
Garnier, Victorine Augustine, née Le Hot
Gas Company
Gasnier, Clarence
Gavey, David
Gavey, Edward
Gedge, J W, Reverend
Gégou, Arthur
Gelat, Louis
Gelin, Yvonne
Gellender, Ellen, née Grimshaw
Germain, J F
Gilley, Stanley
Girard, Adèle, née Jacquet
Girard, Pierre Emile
Godfray, Charles Moses, Reverend
Godfray, Francois
Godfray, John
Godwin, Lottie, née Mead
Goey-Hampson, Reverend
Gold, Jemima, née Rusden
Golson, Emma
Gonidec, Françoise, née Quintin
Goodall, John Cleverley
Goodall, Margaret Ann, née Reece
Goodall, Mary, née Reece
Goodfellow, Francis Philip
Goodfellow, Joséphine, née Le Gallodec
Gordon, Richard Thomas
Gosney, Isabella Maude, née Le Huquet
Gosset, Louisa Henrietta
Gottrell, John
Goudie, Ann, née Martin
Goudie, Robert
Gould, Margaret Hannah, née Rogers
Gouldie, Rob
Grandin and Company, F J
Grandin, F G
Graviou, Francine Jeanne Marie, née Le Talec
Graviou, Yves Marie
Gray, George
Gray, James
Green, Mr
Greenwood, Mary Elizabeth, née De Carteret
Gregory and Son, William
Greyling, Annie, née Morton
Grice, Ellen
Griffon, Louis
Grodoire, George François
Grout, Marie Desirée, née Le Liévre
Gruchy, Charles
Gruchy, Elizabeth, née Vibert
Guégan, Ernest
Guégan, Ernestine
Guillaume, Elise M
Guillot, Paul André Auguste
Guiot, Eugène A
Guiot, Marie Melanie, née Le Carboulec
Guiton, Walter Ernest
Gulliford, Ruth, née Thomas
Gulliford, Walter
Gully, Ada Maud
Gunton, Annie Oliver
Hadley, W J
Hake, Fanny, née Cake
Hale, William
Hales, William Walter
Hall family
Hall, Albert
Hall, Isabella Ann, née Short
Hall, James
Hall, Lizzie
Hall, Louisa
Hall, Mary Ann Eleanor, née Warren
Hall, Mary Ann, née Elwood
Hall, Nathaniel
Hallows, Ellen, née Brophy
Hallows, Mrs
Halls Family
Halls, Nathaniel
Halls, Sarah Ann, née Patch
Hammond, James Nicholas, Reverend
Hamon, A J
Hamon, John
Hamon, Mr
Hamon, Philip
Handcock, L
Hannaford family
Hannaford, Arthur
Hannaford, Frederick
Hannaford, John
Hannaford, William John
Harding, Doctor
Hardy, Marie, née Banneville
Hardy, Mrs
Hardy, Percy Charles
Harnois, Charles Marie
Harper, J V
Harris, Henry
Harris, James
Harris, N H
Hart, H
Hartel, Mary Ann, née Roach
Haskle, Françoise, née Courcou
Hassell, E
Hatch, Mary, née Underhill
Havard, Angéline Léocardie, née Camboué
Hawksford, P, Advocate
Hayes, Caroline, née Simpson
Hayward, T E
Heath, Arthur Ebenezer
Heath, Arthur Washington
Hellyer, Arthur Lee
Hemery, Pierre
Hemmins, Edith Gertrude
Henri, Alfred
Henri, Ferdinand Alexandre
Henri, François
Henri, Jeanne Marie
Henri, Marie Françoise, née Chauvé
Henri, Marie Zélie Justine, née Tirel
Henry, Alfred
Herivel, Ann Susan
Higginbothom, James Philippe
Higginbothom, John
Higginbothom, Joséphine Marie Louise, née Quetval
Higgingbottom, James Philip
Higgins, James Philip
Hill, Minnie Pamela
Hillion, Jeanne Marie
Hinds, H M
Hinds, Henry William
Hodge, Jacques and Company
Hodge, Robert
Hodgson, Louisa
Holden, A
Holes, William Walter
Holland, G W
Hommings, Edith
Hourigan, Reverend
Howell, Edith Annie
Howlett, William Henry
Hubert, Esther, née Le Riche
Huelin and Le Feuvre
Huelin, Edward
Huelin, John William
Huelin, Lewis William
Huelin, Mr
Huet, Harriet
Hunt, Albert
Hunt, Edward
Hunt, John
Hunt, Mr
Hunt, Theodore St Elmo
Huston Family
Huston, Alfred
Huston, Arthur
Huston, Dorothy
Huston, Redvers
Huston, William Charles
Iggo, Augustine Annie
Iggo, Charles Francis
Iggo, Frederick Cyril Henry
Iggo, John William
Iggo, Josephine Hortense, née Raynel
Illouri, François
Ingram, W
Isabeth, Marie Augustine, née Bazire
Jacqueline, Douglas
Jacqueline, Mary Ann Aimée
Jammes, Eugène
Jannon, Tremeur
Jeanne, Henri
Jeffery, Sophia
Jeffroy, Marie, née Le Moine
Jersey New Waterworks Limited
Jersey Society for the Education and Welfare of the Blind
Jersey Times and British Press
Jersey Times Limited
Jezequel, Joseph Marie
Job and Son
Johns, George
Johnstone, D, Sergeant
Johnstone, Eliza A, née Woodward
Jones, John
Jouan, Laurent Joseph
Jouani, Marie, née Le Fèvre
Jouny, Albert Louis Marie
Jouny, Yves Marie
Joy, Mary, née Jackson
Kelly, Charles
Kelly, Peter
Kelly, William
Kennahan, Elizabeth, née Patterson
Kent, Eliza, née Lamburn
Kent, George
Kent, James William
Kent, Philip
Kergoat, Celestine Marie
Kergoat, Marie Jeanne, née Derrien
Kesron, Jeanne, née Thozer
Kilpack, Ann
Kirby, Ada Maud, née Gully
Kirby, Charles Neville
Kirby, Charles Théodore
Kirby, Grace Violet
Kirby, James Kent
Kirkby, Dora
Kirkby, Margaret, née Sheeran
Kirkly, Dora
Kirwan, Thomas
Knight, Mary Betsy, née McKane
La Sauce, Jane, née de La Haye
Labey and Blampied
Labey and Company
Labey and Son
Lagatu, François Marie
Lake, George
Lakeman, Edward
Lakeman, Ellen, née Shaddon
Laloé, Ernest Alexandre
Laloë, Frederic Alexandre
Lamb, Margaret
Lamport, Jane, née Abraham
Lane, Thomas
Langford, John
Langford, Lydia Amanda, née Bennett
Langford, Mary Ann, née Hallett
Langford, Susan
Langford, Thomas
Langlois, Françoise, née Corentine
Langlois, Georges François
Laouenan, Jeanne Marie
Laurens, Elias
Laurens, Elie
Laurens, Laura, née Davy
Le Bailli, Mr
Le Bastard, Mathurine Marie, née Tanguy
Le Boutillier, E G
Le Breton, Marie, née Foison
Le Breton, William Corbet, Reverend
Le Bris, Jeanne Marie, née Le Talec
Le Bris, Joseph Marie
Le Brun, A
Le Cerf, Leonie Marie
Le Charpentier, Pierre Marie
Le Clair, Eugene Marie
Le Clair, Maria A, née Bourdon
Le Cocq Family
Le Cocq, Alice, née Martel
Le Cocq, J
Le Cocq, Lilian
Le Cocq, Louise
Le Cocq, Mrs, née Martel
Le Cocq, Paul Réné
Le Comte, Aline Marie
Le Cornu, Edward
Le Cornu, J P
Le Couteur, Harriet
Le Couteur, Jean
Le Couteur, William G
Le Cras Family
Le Cras, Charles Henry
Le Cras, Matilda, née Ford
Le Cronier, Adèle Azélie, née Britel
Le Faucheur, Marie Françoise, née Marcel
Le Flock, Joseph Marie
Le Folle, Joseph
Le Gal, Leonie
Le Gallais, Albert
Le Gallais, George Frederick Durell
Le Galle, Jeanne, née Le Doës
Le Galle, Louis M
Le Galle, Marie Adèle
Le Gendre, François Aimé
Le Geyt, Johanna, née Fitzgerald
Le Grand, Leon, Reverend Father
Le Gresley, F E
Le Gresley, Mary Ann, née Trigg
Le Gros, Adelaide Augustine, née Vasselin
Le Gros, Alfred Elias
Le Gros, Alfred Reginald
Le Gros, C S, Advocate
Le Gros, Gervaise
Le Gros, John Edwin
Le Gros, Joseph
Le Gros, S
Le Haut, Jeanne
Le Huquet and Son, George
Le Huquet Family
Le Huquet, Aimée, née Le Bourgeois
Le Huquet, Eliza, née Starck
Le Huquet, John
Le Huquet, Marguerite
Le Huquet, Philip
Le Huquet, Thomas
Le Lievre, Ellen, née Nardie
Le Loup, Ferdinand
Le Luan, Alexandre Paul
Le Maistre, Ann, née Kembsley
Le Maistre, P
Le Marquand, Ann, née Sweeney
Le Marquand, Eliza, née Le Maistre
Le Marquand, Francis
Le Marquand, Mary Ann, née Cunningham
Le Marquand, Mary Ruth, née Ledwich
Le Masurier, Jeanne Marie, née Prevost
Le Masurier, Marie Jeanne, née Prevost
Le Masurier, Marie, née Foison
Le Masurier, Mary Ann, née Long
Le Mercier, Elvina
Le Mettée, Henriette, née Cuirot
Le Moël, Celestin
Le Moël, Marie Julienne
Le Monnier and Company, C
Le Moucheux, Agnès Phebe, née Gatland
Le Moucheux, Doris Alexandra
Le Moucheux, Frederic Pierre
Le Neveu, Philip John
Le Painteur, Mrs
Le Pavoux, Lucie, née Chuquet
Le Petit, Louis Zacharie
Le Poidevin, Jeanne Marie, née Figuet
Le Quesne
Le Quesne, A J
Le Quesne, C P
Le Quesne, Charles J
Le Quesne, John B
Le Riche and Company
Le Riche, Charles
Le Riche, Miss
Le Riche, Peter Gallichan
Le Rossignol and Son
Le Rossignol, Augustin
Le Roux, Blanche Isabelle
Le Roux, Marie Louise, née Allo
Le Roy, Arthur
Le Roy, Charles Louis Auguste
Le Sage, Marie Louise, née Bazire
Le Sauce, Anne Marie, née Salavert
Le Seelleur, Mary A, née Chant
Le Sueur and Son, F
Le Sueur, Arthur
Le Sueur, Clarence
Le Sueur, Clement
Le Sueur, Ernest
Le Sueur, Francis
Le Sueur, John
Le Sueur, Mrs
Le Sueur, Percy
Le Sueur, Robert
Le Tourneur, Mr
Le Vaillant, Alice Mary
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Henry Edward
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, William Dupre
Ledwich, James Cowan
Ledwich, Mary Ruth
Ledwich, Winifred Maud
Lee, John
Leluan, Eugenie, née Audrain
Leluan, Paul Jacques
Lemprière, Daniel Matthieu, Reverend
Lempriere, Philip Edward
Lempriere, R R
Lennaghan, George
Lennaghan, Thomas
Levin, Jacob
Lewis, Walter Francis
Lindsay, Mrs, née Kent
Loader, Alfred, Captain
Loader, Olive Alexandra
London and South Western Railway
London Jewellers
Lorrette, Jeanne, née Musique
Lucas, Bella, née England
Lucas, Victor
Lückes, Eva C E
Luco, Jean Louis
Lumly Son and Wood
Lyne, George
Mackin, James
Mackin, Mary Ann, née Croad
Mahe, Jean
Malzard, J A
Mangan, James Augustus
Mangan, Mary Ann Amelia, née Type
Mangan, Reginald
Marais, Joseph
Marais, Louisa, née Noel
Marais, Lucy Josephine
Marais, Marie Longronne
Marcus and Son
Marett, Frank
Marett, Harriet, née Wadman
Marett, Miss
Marguérie, J H
Mariean, Césarine Andrine
Mariean, Edouard Auguste
Mariean, Etienne
Mariean, Etienne Blaise
Marks, A
Marks, L
Markund, Arthur F
Marquand, Adelaide Mary Louisa, née Polidor
Marquand, Alfred Charles
Marquand, Alice Flora Kate
Marquand, Arthur F
Marquand, Clara Elizabeth, née Carter
Marquand, David
Marquand, Ellen Louisa
Marquand, Léonore Adelaide
Marquand, Louisa
Marquand, Mary Virginia
Marquand, William
Marshall, Albert Edmund
Marshall, William F
Martin, Hilda Jane, née Fowler
Martin, Marie
Martin, Mary Betsy, née McKane
Masterman, Mabel
Masterman, May A
Masterman, William
Mather, F M
Mather, Thomas Etienne Burel
Matson, Alfred
Matson, Elvina Julia
Mauger, Thomas
Maurensanne, Isabella
Maurensanne, Jeanne, née Noel
Mauviel, Auguste
Mauviel, Auguste Louis Albert
Mayne, Florence
McCarthy, Maurice
McGrath, Mary, née Power
McGregor and Company
Messervy, Philippe
Meuron, Maria
Meurou, Maria
Michel, Augustine Marie, née Le Févre
Michel, Marcel Léon
Middleditch, Mary Ann, née Bradley
Mignonne, Louise
Miles, Edward Nicholas
Mills, Virginie, née Steiger
Mirehouse, Henry George
Mirehouse, Mrs
Moel, Catherine Marie
Moel, Louis
Moffat, Doctor
Moher, Michael
Moisan, Pierre Pascal
Mollet, John William
Mollet, Mary, née Miller
Mollet, Mrs
Monet, Julie, née Cuirot
Moody, W Herbert, Reverend
Mooney, Ann, née Lakeman
Moore, Isabella Rhoda, née Quéripel
Moorse, Thomas
Mordrel, Marie, née Le Jeanneton
Morel, Alexandre
Morice, Virginie
Morin, Auguste Hervé
Morin, François
Morin, Louis
Morin, Marie Rose, née Ecobichon
Morin, Rose, née Ecobichon
Morley, William
Morvan, Olivier
Mouilpied, Francis Thomas
Moulin Family
Mourant, John
Mourant, Lily
Mourant, Philip John, Reverend
Mourant, Reverend
Mowbray, Louisa
Mulready, Catherine, née O'Connell
Murphy, John
Murphy, William
Murray, Louisa, née Russell
Napper, Mr
National Telephone Company
Neary, Doctor
Neel and Le Quesne
Neville, Charles Alfred
Nicholas, J
Nicolas, Jacques Marie
Nicolle, E T
Nicolle, Lennard S
Nicolle, Lennard Stanley
Nicolle, Philippe Winter
Nicolle, Sydney
Niel, Ernest Bernard
Nivet, Marie
Nolais, Ada Maud, née Gulley
Norman, Frederick
Norman, Henry
Norman, Marie, née Le Feuvre
North, Frank William E
North, Frank William Lucien
Nourie, Edouard
Nourie, Françoise, née Bliquet
O'Connor, Doctor
O'Connor, Edward Morris Hutton, Dr
O'Connor, Ellen, née Brophy
O'Donoghue, Kate
Oldridge, E
Oldridge, H A
Oldridge, J C
Olivier, Célestine, née Groegneuf
Olivier, Rolland
Ollivier, E J
Ollivier, Eliza Jane
Ollivier, Pierre
Openshaw, T H
Orchard, Richard
Osmond, George L
Osmont, George
Owen, H O B, Colonel
Oxford, Alfred William
Oxford, John
Ozard, Henry
Ozard, Mrs
P Bailhache and Company
Pallot, C C
Pallot, G N
Pallott, Jos
Palmer, Mrs
Parke, Davis and Company
Passion, Marie, née Norres
Patourel, Anne Marie, née Fichous
Patourel, Paul Albert
Payn, Charles H
Payn, Miss
Payn, Thomas
Payne, George Samuel
Payne, John
Peel, Robert
Pellier, Mrs
Pennison, Mary Ann, née Lucas
Peprell, Sarah, née Mitchelmore
Perchard, Charles
Perchard, Lilian M
Perree, Edward
Perree, John A
Perris, Marie Yvonne
Perrot, Pierre
Petit, Louis Zacharie
Phillips, Ann Maria
Picot, Charles, Reverend
Pierre, Jacques
Pilditch, Mary Ann Eltenton, née Paul
Pilditch, Mary Ann, née Eltenton
Pincemain, Marie, née Le Fèvre
Pinson, Marie Thérèse
Pipon, Miss
Pirouet, Aimee, née Bliaud
Pirouet, Mary, née Power
Pitel, Victor Maurice
Pittaway, Sarah Jane
Plaistow, Henry
Planque, Margaret, née Turner
Player, Frederick G
Pluck, Francis Burley
Plymen and Cory
Plymen, Harriet
Plymen, Joseph
Pochon, Philomène Valentine, née Rolland
Podger, Mrs
Poingdestre, Mary Ann Jane
Potter, Joseph Sapphire
Poulain, Marie Françoise, née Gicquel
Poulain, Pierre
Powell, Ada
Powell, Emma, née Weymouth
Presse, Pierre
Preston, Henry
Preston, Henry
Price, Beatrice
Price, Frank George
Price, Frederick
Price, Mary Ann, née Collas
Price, May Elise
Pringeant, François
Prior, Mrs
Prouten, Elizabeth, née Farley
Prouten, John
Prowse, Elizabeth, née Gough
Prowse, John
Quellec, Marie, née Nicolas
Quenault, Marie, née Allair
Querée, Bridget, née Fitzgerald
Querée, lily
Querée, Mary Ann, née Richardson
Quilleron, François
Quintaine, Armand
Radbanks, Amy, née Le Huquet
Radcliffe, Elphinstone Hart
Raimon, Marguerite, née Cornalit
Raimon, Mrs, née Cornalit
Ramoneur, Mr
Ramsay, Amelia Margaret
Randall Brothers
Rault, Adelina Maud
Rault, Ann Elizabeth, née du Fresne
Rault, Jacques Marie
Ray, Eliza, née Watts
Raynor Family
Raynor, Nellie
Reid, Edwin
Renouf, C S
Renouf, Esther Ann, née Mauger
Renouf, Isabella, née Fowler
Reynolds, John William Joseph Wise Rosser
Reynolds, Mrs, née Fisher
Richmond, Ethel
Richmond, Sarah Ann, née Ball
Rickett, Frederick Augustus
Rickett, Mrs
Risbridger, Ernest Henry
Risbridger, George Henry
Rivallon, Marie Joseph
Roach, Susan
Robert, Jeanne Marie
Robin, Thomas
Robin, Thomas Albert
Rogers, Elizabeth
Rogon, Mathurin François
Roissier and Le Rossignol
Roland, François
Rose, Elizabeth
Roullin, W
Rounsefell, Mrs
Rowan and Son
Royal London Ophthalmic
Rundle, John
Rust, Adelina
Rust, Alice Jane, née Le Riche
Rust, Alice Maud
Rust, Eva
Rust, George
Rust, Henry
Rust, Maud
Ryan, Catherine
Ryan, Honora, née Bryan
Ryan, Michael
Sagorin, Marie, née Madec
Salisbury, Arthur Ernest Mundy
Salisbury, Emily Amelia
Salmon, Henri
Salomon, Jean Louis
Sarchet, Eliza Margaret Grant
Sarre, James, Captain
Sarre, Mai Marie, née Gavey
Sauvé, Alexandrine Francoise, née Leger
Scott Family
Scott, Gertrude
Scott, Kathie
Scott, Margaret
Seale, Mr
Selby, Mr
Shales family
Shales, Arthur
Shales, Florence
Shales, Violet
Shales, Walter
Shales, William Henry
Sharland and Waddington
Shenton, Henry
Sherlock, Mr
Sherlock, William
Simmonds, Gertrude
Simon, Emmanuel Louis
Sims, Thomas
Sinclair, James William
Single, Albert
Sinnatt, Mr
Skelton, Priscilla Edith, née Hamon
Sleyht, E M
Sloan, H
Smith, Albert
Smith, Edith Isabel
Smith, Edith Millicent
Smith, Florence
Smith, Florence Maud
Smith, Gordon, Reverend
Smith, Herbert, Dr
Smyth, Sarah Jane
Sohier, Paul
Sone, Jane, née Abraham
Sort, Mathurin François Marie
Spencer, Basil
Spiller, James
Spiller, Louisa, née Tucker
St Clair, James
Stamberg, A C, Doctor
Staniforth, Mary
Staniforth, Miss
Stevens, Alice, née Dalton
Stevens, Children
Stevens, Cornelius
Stevens, Eliza Ann, née Woodward
Stevens, Elsie
Stevens, George
Stevens, Mary
Stevens, May
Stevens, Vera
Stone, Mr
Stuckey, Elizabeth Honor
Sully, J
Surbin, Alexandre Auguste
Surbin, Alexandre W A
Symons, Doctor
Tardivel, Jacques
Terrin, Marie
Thelland, J W
Thepaud, Marie Anne
Thérin, Marie Françoise, née Allo
Thomas, Jeanne, née Pringent
Thomas, Yves
Thorne, Mrs
Toms, Frederick Woodlands
Tondu, François Alexis
Torrie, Mary
Touzel, Françoise, née Corentine
Touzel, G
Touzel, Philippe
Travers, Theophile Virgil Joseph
Travers, Virginie Marie
Trébouta, Philomène
Trehen, Frank
Tréhiou, Clara May
Trehiou, Clara, née Renault
Trehiou, Yves Marie
Trokes, Joseph
Troslet, Henri Pierre Prudent
Troth, George
Tucker, General
Tudot, François Marie
Turmel, Marie Rose, née Choupeau
Turmel, Yves Marie
Turner, Adolphus Hilgrove
Turnnidge, Edmund
Turpin, Henrietta Louisa
Valpy, Francis William
Vardon, P G
Varin, Lucille C
Varley, Ann
Varley, Selina
Vautier, Marie, née Ozouf
Vautier, Mrs
Vautier, Priscilla
Vernon, William Henry Venables
Villair, Marie
Villette Family
Villette, Achille Louis
Villette, Albert Alfred
Villette, Alfred Achilles
Villette, Louis Charles
Villette, Mary Jane, née Vautier
Voisin and Company
Voisin, Hannah Louisa, née Le Gros
Walden, John
Walden, William John
Walker and Son, J J
Walker, Henry
Wallman, Ada
Wallman, Albert
Wallman, Children
Wallman, Georgina
Wallser Family
Wallser, Mrs
Walters, Alice
Warren, Sarah Ann, née Dare
Warren, William Henry
Water Company
Watts Sisters
Watts, Eliza
Watts, Elizabeth
Watts, James
Watts, Lucy
Way, Charleton
Weekes, Lucy
Welch, Margaret, née Miles
Wellerman, Thomas
Welsh, Florence Alice, née Carter
Westaway, Julia
White and Son, John
White, Caroline, née Williams
White, Elizabeth Jane
White, George Ernest
White, Harriet, née Bowles
White, Harriet, née Vowles
Wilcockson, Alice, née Mead
Wild, Elizabeth, née Brown
Wilkins, Evelyn
Willcox, Elsie
William Gregory and Son
Williams, Louisa Ann
Williams, Mary Susan
Willis, Bertha Elizabeth, née Le Masurier
Willis, Samuel William Charles
Wilson, J F, Major General
Wilson, James
Winter, Robert H
Worthington, Reverend
Yeatman, Eliza, née Dennis
Yolings, E Parker
Yvon, Jeanne Yvonne, née Scolan
Yvon, Prosper Marie
Keywords Hospitals | minutes | Poor
Dimensions 1 volume
Language French
Level of description File


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