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Jersey General Hospital Admission Register, 1849 - 1855. This register gives details of the person admitted, including date of entry, name, age, place of birth and cause of entry. The volume has been transcribed and can be viewed as a pdf by subscribers. Click on volume description to access the pdf.

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Reference D/AN/B11/1
Date 1 April 1849 - 25 September 1855
Names Jersey General Hospital
Baurinot, Philippe
Gallichan, Mary Ann
Haygy, John
Kneeshaw, William
Marett, David
Aanensen, Andrew
Adair, Eliza
Adam, John
Adam, Thomas
Adams, Samuel
Aensal, John
Ahier, James
Ahier, Jane Hardie
Ahier, John Charles
Ahier, John Christopher
Ahier, Mary Ann
Ahier, Mary Ann, née Le Sueur
Ahier, Thomas
Albert, Ann, née Delouches
Albert, Henry John
Aldgate, Mary, née McKay
Aldridge, Sophie, née Le Brun
Alexandee, George
Alexandre, John
Alexandre, Mary
Alexandre, Philippe
Alexandres, Ann
Alfiort, Mary Ann, née Waters
Alford, Charles
Alford, Isabella
Alford, Margaret, née Duffy
Alford, William
Alger, Robert
Alique, Anastalie
Allain, William
Allaire, Mary
Allaire, Rosalie
Allaire, Rosalie, née Durrell
Allen, Ann
Allen, Bridget, née Burke
Allen, Edward
Allen, Frederick
Allen, James
Allen, John
Allen, Julia, née Masters
Allen, Louisa
Allen, Mary Ann
Allen, Susan Ann
Allen, Susanna, née Giffard
Allen, William
Allen, William Charles
Allez, James
Allez, Robert
Allford, Isabella
Allicett, John
Allix, Eliza, née Kean
Allix, John
Allix, Louisa
Allix, Robert
Almond, Elizabeth
Aloyate, Mary, née McKay
Alport, Mary Ann, née Waters
Ambrose, Charles
Ambrose, Maria, née Ambrose
Amy, Daniel
Amy, Elizth Jane
Amy, James
Amy, Jean
Amy, Judith, née Prestige
Amy, Marie
Amy, Mary
Amy, Molly
Amy, Rachel, née Henri
Amy, Rachel, née Henry
Amy, Thomas
Ancell, John
Anderson, Betsey
Anderson, Catherine
Anderson, Clementina
Anderson, Elizabeth
Anderson, Sarah
Anderson, Thomas
Andos, Joseph
Andrew, Peter
Andrews, Ambroisa
Andrews, Edward
Andrews, Elin
Andrews, George
Andrews, Georgina
Andrews, Mary
Andrews, Suzanne, née Andrews
Andrews, William
Andross, John
Angel, Elizabeth, née Bougourd
Anley, Elizabeth, née Fielding
Anning, Charles
Anning, James
Annion, John
Annis, Harriet, née Corbet
Annis, Harriete, née Corbel
Annis, Harriett
Anquetil, Ann
Anquetil, Betsey
Anquetil, Esther
Anquetil, François
Anquetil, Jane
Anquetil, Jane, née Le Sueur
Le Sueur, Jane
Anquetil, Maria
Anquetil, Mary Ann
Ansbury, Maria, née Hone
Anson, Clara
Anson, Jane
Anson, Jane
Anson, Mary, née Leigh
Anson, Samuel
Anthoine, George Helier
Anthony, Thomas
Apleby, James
Appleby, Thomas
Archer, John
Arensal, John
Arms, Benjamin
Armstrong, Henry
Arnold, Bridget, née Lucas
Arscott, Elizabeth, née Wills
Arthur, Anne, née Le Boutillier
Arthur, Elizabeth
Arthur, Francis Philippe
Arthur, John William
Arthur, William Fredcin
Arthur, William John
Asal, Juan, alias John Steel
Asber, James
Ash, John
Ashberry, Maria, née Hone
Asher, Ann, née Gosney
Asher, Charles
Asher, George
Asher, Georgina Elizabeth
Asher, Henry
Asher, James
Asher, William
Ashton, Susan
Askett, William
Askings, William
Asplet, Elizabeth, née Bearn
Atkins, Mary, née Connell
Atkins, Thomas
Atkinson, Richard
Atley, James
Ator, Jean
Atrill, John
Attack, Joseph
Aubin, Charles
Aubin, Elie
Aubin, Jeanne
Aubin, Thomas
Audoire, Julia, née Gielle
Audoire, Maria, née Pascoe
Audoire, Peter
Audoire, Pierre
Augustin, John
Austin, William
Avery, George
Avery, Maria
Avery, Marie
Avery, Matilda
Avery, Virginia
Ayster, Barny
Baal, John
Baall, John
Babot, Susanne, née Dolbel
Babstock, Frances
Babstock, Frances, née Beaton
Badier, George
Badier, George
Badier, Mary
Bagwell, Ann, née Le Boeuf
Bagwell, Anne, née Le Boeuf
Bagwell, Mary, née Woods
Bailey, John
Bailey, Richard
Bailey, Thomas
Bailhache, Clément Thomas
Bailhanche, Clement
Bailly, Ann, née Sullivan
Bains, Mary Ann, née Barnes
Baits, James
Baker, George
Baker, Henry
Baker, Jane Julia
Baker, John
Baker, Mary
Baker, Mary, née Bakeson
Baker, Richard
Baker, Samuel
Baker, Susan
Baker, Thomas
Baker, William
Baker, William Francis
Baker, William James
Bakes, Richard
Baldwin, Caroline
Baldwin, Ellen
Baldwin, James
Baldwin, Richard
Baldwins, Ellen
Ball, Ellen
Ball, Jane
Ball, William
Ballois, Frederick Etienne
Balyer, Eliza, née Maloy
Banks, Ann
Bant, Elisabeth
Barett, Ann
Barker, John
Barker, William
Barklamb, Henry
Barley, William
Barlow, Elisabeth, née O’Harra
Barlow, Eliza
Barlow, Eliza, née O’Hara
Barlow, Elizabeth, née O’Hara
Barlow, William
Barnes, James
Barnes, Samuel
Barnett, Charles
Barnett, John
Barney, Hester
Barreau, William Peter
Barrett, Charles
Barrett, Elizabeth
Barrett, Ellen
Barrett, George
Barrett, Louisa
Barrett, Margaret, née Rieley
Barrett, Susanna Jane
Barrette, Philippe
Barron, Frederick
Barry, Charles
Bartelon, Thomas
Bartheleme, Mary Fanny
Bartlett, Elizabeth, née Hobbs
Bartlett, George
Bartlett, John
Bartlett, Samuel
Bartlow, John
Bartlow, John
Barton, Edwin
Barton, Elizabeth
Barton, Fanny
Barton, Rebecca
Barton, Thomas
Baskevill, Mary Jane
Basset, George
Bassett, Jane Elizabeth, née Syvret
Bassett, Richard
Bataille, Amelia
Bataille, Marie, née Renault
Bataille, Pierre
Bates, John
Bates, Philip
Battam, Edouard
Battam, Edward
Battam, Elizabeth, née Blampied
Battam, Francis
Battam, François
Battam, Jane
Batten, Madelaine, née Le Rossignol
Batters, Madelaine, née Le Rossignol
Batters, Madelaine, née Le Rossignol
Batters, Madeline, née Le Rossignol
Batters, William
Batters, William Arthur
Battins, Madelaine, née Le Rossignol
Battrick, Ann
Battrick, Elizabeth, née Gumbrell
Battrick, Harriet
Battrick, John
Battrick, Robert
Battrick, Thomas
Battrick, Victoria
Baudains, Esther
Baudains, Josué
Baudains, Thomas
Bauden, Elizabeth, née Warne
Baudin, John
Bauer, John
Baxter, Adelina
Baxter, Adeline
Baxter, Avelina
Baxter, John
Baxter, Mary, née La Bass
Baxter, Robert
Baylee, Mary, née Lahaff
Baylor, Mary, née Lahoff
Bazora, Marie
Beach, Joseph
Bean, George
Beans, James
Beaton, Frances
Beaton, Henry
Beaton, John
Beaton, Mary, née Ringwill
Beaton, William
Beattie, George Abraham
Beaucamp, Jean
Beaucrusin, Mary
Beaugié, Josué
Bechelet, Elizabeth
Bechelet, Joseph
Bechelet, Philip Charles
Beck, John
Beedson, John
Been, Mary
Been, Mary, née Williams
Been, Michael
Beer, John
Beer, John
Beer, Robert
Belée, Benjamin
Belford, Francis
Belford, James
Belford, James
Belié, Aimée
Belié, Marie
Belin, Esther, née Amy
Belin, Marie
Belle, Clara
Bellé, Marie
Bellot, Edward
Bellot, Edward
Bellot, Esther, née Mauger
Benett, Harriet, née Harness
Benham, Philip
Benham, Philippe
Benham, Robert
Benham, William
Benham, Philip
Bennet, Elizabeth, née Syndon
Bennett, Daniel
Bennett, Elizabeth, née Linden
Bennett, Elizabeth, née Syndon
Bennett, Henry
Bennett, Peter
Bensten, Charles
Benton, Charles
Bére, Joseph
Berg, Elizabeth, née McCarty
Berkin, John
Bernard, Charles
Berry, Elizabeth
Berry, Thomas
Berry, Thomas
Bertaut, Jean Thomas
Bertaut, Jean Thomas
Bertaut, Jn Thomas
Bertaut, John Thomas
Bertauts, Jean Thomas
Bertola, Salevino
Bertram, Anne, née Rouland
Bertram, Charles
Bertram, François
Bertram, Jean Thomas
Bertram, Philip
Berzeneaut, Jean Baptiste
Besser, Jane Elizabeth, née Syvret
Besset, James Philip
Besset, Jane Elizabeth, née Syvret
Best, Betsey
Best, Betsy
Best, James
Best, Mary
Best, Mary Ann
Best, Richard
Betten, Mary, née Green
Betton, Mary, née Green
Betts, Robert
Bewis, Richard
Bickford, Emma
Bidal, Eugenie
Biddet, John
Biggins, William
Biglay, Agnès, née Brohier
Biglay, Hannah
Billaws, Robert
Billor, Susanne
Billot, Anne
Billot, Edouard
Billot, Edward
Billot, Elie
Billot, Elizabeth
Billot, George
Billot, Jane
Billot, Joseph
Billot, Judith, née Carré
Billot, Judith, née Carrel
Billot, Mary
Billot, Susanna
Billot, Susanne
Binet, Thomas
Bird, Edward James
Bird, Louisa
Bishop, Ann, née Woods
Bishop, Charles Edmund
Bishop, Charles Edward
Bishop, Elizabeth, née Stuart
Bishop, Frances
Bisson, Abraham
Bisson, Amice
Bisson, Anne
Bisson, Charles Le Gros
Bisson, Daniel
Bisson, Eliza
Bisson, Elizabeth
Bisson, Elizabeth, née Supple
Bisson, François
Bisson, Jean
Bisson, John
Bisson, Marie
Bisson, Marie, née Le Cras
Bisson, Mary
Bisson, Thomas
Bisson, William
Bisson, William Henry
Black, Sarah
Black, Thomas
Blackford, Bernard
Blackford, Edward
Blackford, Edward
Blackford, George
Blackford, James
Blackford, John
Blackford, Margaret, née Flannagan
Blackford, Mary, née Nowlan
Blackford, William
Blackler, Richard
Blackman, Stephen
Blake, Ellen
Blake, Peter
Blake, William
Blamey, Harriet
Blampied, Ann, née Hocquard
Blampied, Anne
Blampied, Anne, née Hocquard
Hocquard, Anne
Blampied, Elizabeth
Blampied, Joshua
Blampied, Josué
Blampied, Marie
Blampied, Mary
Blanchard, Anne, née Cauvin
Blanchard, Jean
Blanchard, Mary Ann
Blanche, Daniel
Blaney, Harriet
Blaney, William
Blashford, Edward
Blashford, William
Blee, Thomas
Blennim, Mary
Blianx, Mary Ann
Bliaux, Rachel Mary
Blizard, John Edward
Blomfield, Ann, née Banks
Bloomfield, Albert Vernon
Blow, Harriet
Blow, Henry
Bluvet, George
Blyth, Ann
Blyth, Mary
Blyth, Mary, née Blake
Bodman, William
Bodmin, William
Bodmun, William
Bohault, Frederick
Boiëlle, Anne, née Conner
Boiëlle, Charles
Boiëlle, George Andrew
Boielle, James
Boiëlle, John Young
Boiezievon, Pierre
Boivine, Victorine
Boland, John
Boland, John
Boldger, Bridget
Boldger, James
Bolhanty, Michael
Bolitho, Mary
Bollin, Eliza, née Gates
Bollin, Henry
Bond, Ann
Bond, Edouard
Bond, Susan
Bonham, Robert
Bonjour, Mary
Bonner, William
Boomer, Jane
Borgess, John
Borman, William
Bosc, Emily
Boschat, Betsey, née Savage
Bosdet, Briane
Boswell, Ann
Boswell, Charles
Boswell, James
Boswell, John
Boswell, John
Boswell, Jon
Boswell, Joseph
Bottomley, Betsey, née West
Bottomley, Elizabeth, née West
Bottomley, John
Bottomley, Samuel
Bottomley, William
Bottomly, Betsey, née West
Bottomly, Edward
Bottomly, Elizabeth, née West
Bottomly, John
Bottomly, Samuel
Bouché, Marie Louise
Boucher, Joseph
Boucher, Louis Benoit
Boucheron, Jacques
Bouclée, Jean
Bouden, John
Boudet, George
Boudet, Louis
Boudier, Marie, née Amy
Boudier, Mary, née Amy
Bougourd, Elizabeth
Bouillet, Frazile
Bouillet, Jane
Bouillet, Marie
Bouillet, Pierre
Bouillet, Virginie, née Du Bois
Boulangard, Marie
Boulger, James
Bounter, Jeremiah
Bourillon, Anna, née Le Rozeau
Bourillon, Melina
Bourinol, Philippe
Bourinot, Philippe
Bourinot, Phlippe
Bourra, William
Bourrillion, Anne, née Duroseau
Bourrillion, Hélena
Bouthrell, James
Bowden, Elizabeth, née Warne
Bowden, John
Bowden, Louisa Marie
Bowden, Thomas
Bowden, William
Bowdidge, Jonathan
Bowdon, William
Bowe, Michael
Bowlyn, John
Bowman, Sarah
Bowring, Jane
Boyce, William
Boyle, Elizabeth, née Hughes
Boyle, John
Braan, Ellen
Braan, John
Bradford, William
Brady, Jane Elizabeth
Brady, John
Brady, Sarah
Brady, Sarah ann
Brady, William
Branch, John
Branch, Richard
Brasford, Betsey
Brasford, Josué
Brasford, Peggy
Bravin, John
Bray, Aaron
Brayn, Michael
Breadfield, Thomas
Brecknell, Emmanuel
Brée, George
Brée, Jean
Brée, John
Breen, Edward
Breen, Michael
Breen, Michael
Bréhaut, Mary Ann, née Claypole
Brehaut, William
Brennam, Margaret, née Brenneny
Brennam, Mary, née McDermott
Brennan, Mary Ann, née Mc Dermott
Brennem, Caroline, née Connor
Brennem, Mary, née McDermott
Brennen, Mary, née McDermot
Bresling, John
Bresling, John
Breslins, John
Bresting, John
Brestling, John
Brett, George
Brett, Jane, née McKenzie
Brew, Robert
Brewer, Ellen
Brewer, Ellen
Brewer, George
Brewer, Joseph
Bridges, John
Bridle, Joseph
Brine, John
Brine, Mary
Brittal, Richard
Britton, Robet
Broadby, Louisa
Brochet, Anne
Brochet, Betsey
Brochet, Betsey, née Savage
Brochet, Elénore
Brochet, Elise
Brochet, Elise
Brochet, Eliza
Brochet, Elizabeth
Brochet, George
Brochet, George
Brocket, Betsey
Brodby, Louisa
Broe, John
Bromer, Jane
Bromer, Sarah
Brookes, Elizabeth, née Rood
Brookes, Jane
Brookes, John
Brookes, Susanna
Brooks, David
Broome, Mary
Brophy, Alvina
Brophy, Charles
Brophy, Frédéric
Brown, Auguste Francis
Brown, Betsey
Brown, Bridget
Brown, Caroline
Brown, Charles
Brown, Charlotte, née Trow
Brown, Dan
Brown, Daniel
Brown, Edgar
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Ellen
Brown, Emma
Brown, Frederick
Brown, James
Brown, Jane
Brown, Jane, née Broker
Brown, Jane, née Gallichan
Brown, John
Brown, Martha
Brown, Mary Ann
Brown, Mary Ann, née Davidson
Brown, Mary Ann, née Munroe
Brown, Nicholas
Brown, Rebecca, née Dicker
Brown, Robert
Brown, Stephen
Brown, Thomas
Brown, William Thomas
Brownson, William
Brunel, James
Brunel, James
Brunet, Esther, née Malzard
Brwon, Mary Ann
Bryant, Frederick
Bryant, Susan, née Rolls
Bubyer, Charles
Bubyer, Eliza, née Malvy
Buck, Margaret, née Cane
Buckell, Agnes, née Fay
Buckingham, George
Buckland, John
Buckland, Louisa
Buckley, John
Buckrell, John
Buckrell, Louisa
Buesnel, Fanny, née Le Sueur
Buesnel, Mary A
Buesnel, Mary Ann
Buesnel, Rachel
Buhot, Jean
Bulger, Bridget, née Mylan
Bulger, James
Bulger, William
Bullen, Edith Esther
Bunker, Samuel
Bunten, Thomas
Bunter, Jeremiah
Bunting, Thomas
Bunton, James
Burden, Francis
Burden, Francis Henry
Burden, Louisa Ann
Burden, Mary Ann
Burell, Elizabeth Ann, née Young
Burford, George
Burford, Mary Ann, née West
Burgess, John
Burk, James
Burk, John
Burk, Margaret, née Harrop
Burk, Olliver
Burke, John
Burke, Kitty
Burke, Margaret, née Burke
Burke, Maria
Burke, Mary
Burke, Thomas
Burleigh, James
Burleigh, Louisa
Burleigh, Louisa, née Alexander
Burley, Eliza
Burley, Grace
Burley, Hannah, née Edmunds
Burley, Jane
Burley, Susan
Burley, William
Burnett, Charles
Burns, Edward
Burns, Patrick
Burns, William
Burray, Absalom
Burridge, Daniel
Burridge, Sarah
Burrows, John
Burrows, Mary Ann
Burton, Charles
Burton, Jane
Burton, Joseph
Burton, Mary, née Gillet
Bushlamport, Jeremiah
Butcher, Betsey
Butler, Bridget, née Collins
Butler, Bridget, née Collins
Butler, Elizabeth, née Mahoney
Butler, Ellen
Butler, George
Butler, James Lewis
Butler, John
Butler, Patrick
Butler, Thomas
Butler, William
Butt, Eliza
Butter, Edouard
Butter, Edward
Butter, William John
Buttermouth, Mary Ann
Butterworth, Ann
Butterworth, James
Butterworth, Mary Ann
Butts, John Robert
Bye, Henry
Cabot, Anne
Cabot, George
Cabot, John
Cabot, Philippe
Cabot, Philippe
Cabot, Sarah, née Downey
Cadoret, Annie
Cadoret, Daniel
Cadoret, Mary
Cadoret, Thomas
Cahib, Elizabeth
Cahill, Elizabeth, née Splant
Caillot, John
Cailter, John
Caines, Ellen
Callagan, Ann
Callanan, William
Calland, Anne, née Goodfellow
Callaway, William
Campbell, Alice Amelia
Campbell, Christopher
Campbell, William
Camphile, Elizabeth, née Frazer
Caniver, Philippe
Canivet, Benjamin
Canivet, Jean
Canivet, Marie
Canivet, Mary
Canivet, Philippe
Cannelly, John
Cannis, Joseph
Cantall, John
Canton, Marie
Canu, Désiré
Card, Hannah, née Pearce
Carey, Edward
Carle, Frederick
Carling, Richard
Carlson, Mary Ann
Carlton, Edward
Carlton, Robert
Carlyon, Thomas
Carmalt, Richard
Carpenter, Dorah, née Williams
Carpenter, Henry
Carpenter, John
Carpenter, Mary Ann
Carpenter, William
Carr, Edward
Carr, Ellen
Carr, Mary Ann
Carré, Elie
Carrel, Elizabeth
Carrel, Elizabeth Ann
Carrel, Elizabeth Anne
Carrel, Jane
Carrel, Mary Ann
Carrel, Mary, née Carrel
Carrel, Nancy
Carrel, Susan Mary
Carrey, Edward
Carrol, Bridget
Carroll, Ann
Carroll, Anthony
Carroll, Catherine, née Nicholls
Carroll, Robert
Carroll, Samuel
Carsby, Ann
Carson, Mary, née Simpson
Carter, Ann
Carter, Ann, née Le Noble
Carter, Ann, née Noble
Carter, Arthur
Carter, Charles
Carter, Francis
Carter, François
Carter, George
Carter, Harriet
Carter, Harriette
Carter, James
Carter, Jonah
Carter, Mary, née Callaghan
Carter, Mary, née Callanan
Carter, Mary, née Calligot
Carthy, Thomas
Carthy, Thomas
Carty, Jeremiah
Casabianca, Charles
Casey, Hannah Martha, née Gill
Casket, William
Caskett, William
Cassureto, Paslo
Cater, Margaret, née Hector
Catherwood, Andrew
Cator, Margaret, née Hector
Cator, Peter
Cauchois, Léon Emile
Cavanagh, Edward
Cavanagh, John
Cavanagh, Patrick
Cavanagh, Rebecca
Cavanagh, Sarah
Cavanagh, Susan, née Moore
Cavangh, Susan, née Moore
Cave, Ann, née Maurice
Caylan, Mary
Chalet, François
Chalet, François
Chalker, Charles
Chambers, Matilda
Champion, Martha
Champman, Caroline, née Cavanagh
Champmorin, Jos Guilliame
Champmorin, Joseph Gust
Champmorin, Joseph Gustave
Chamtam, Elizabeth
Chamtam, Elizabeth
Channing, Thomas
Chant, George
Chant, Joseph
Chapel, Elizabeth
Chapel, George
Chapelle, Francois
Chapelle, Jeanne Marie, née Gerde
Chapman, John
Charles, Mary
Charles, Michel
Charpentier, Marie
Chatterton, Mary Ann
Chatterton, Sarah Jane
Cheminant, Nicolas
Chester, John
Chestey, John
Chevalier, Elisabeth, née Edgeland
Chevalier, Elizabeth, née Edgeland
Chevalier, William
Chevenels, Peter
Chilard, Elizabeth Ann
Chilard, Margaret, née Joslyn
Chilton, Harrison
Ching, Elizabeth
Ching, Elizabeth Fanny
Ching, Elizabeth Fanny
Chorline, Thomas
Christian, Henry
Churchill, Caroline
Churchill, Edward
Churchill, George James
Churchill, John
Churchill, Joseph
Churchill, Mary
Churchill, Mary Ann
Churchill, Mary Jane
Churchill, Sarah Ann
Churchill, Sarah, née Bowman
Churchill, Sophia
Churchill, William Henry
Clarence, Ann
Clarendon, Eliza
Clariond, Mary Ann
Clark, Ann, née Bluck
Clark, Ann, née Conway
Clark, Charles
Clark, Edward
Clark, Henry
Clark, James
Clark, John
Clark, Marie, née Malzard
Clark, Molly, née Malzard
Clark, Thomas
Clark, Victoria
Clark, William
Clarke, Ann, née Baggage
Clarke, Charles
Clarke, Edward
Clarke, Elizabeth, née Weston
Clarke, Francis George
Clarke, George James
Clarke, James
Clarke, Marie, née Malzard
Clarke, Mary
Clarke, Molly, née Malzard
Clarke, Peter
Clarke, Susan
Clarte, Molly, née Malzard
Clavelle, James
Clavill, John
Clayal, Joseph
Claymore, Jane, née Fox
Cleal, Thomas
Cleave, William
Cleaveland, John
Cleeve, Mary Ann
Clegg, Julia
Clegg, Julia
Clement, Jane
Clément, Thomas
Clements, Mrs
Clements, William
Clerke, St John
Clymo, Jane, née Fox
Coates, Jane Rachel
Coates, Jane Rachel
Cochrame, Catherine
Cockburn, James
Cockburn, James Stuart
Cocklan, John
Cocklan, John
Cocklan, John
Cocklange, John
Cocklin, John
Cockling, John
Cockram, Bridget, née Connelly
Cockram, Catherine
Cockram, Robert
Cockram, Robert
Cockrame, Catherine
Cockrame, Catherine
Cockrame, Frederick
Coffee, Mary
Cogger, Mary
Coghlan, Mary
Cohen, Margaret
Cohille, Susan
Coignard, Susanne
Colabel, Jacques
Colback, James
Colbert, Betsey
Colbert, Mary, née Dudley
Colbert, Peter
Cole, Mary Ann
Cole, Mary Ann
Coleman, Bridget, née Cummings
Coleman, William
Colgove, Charles
Colin, Louis
Collard, Mary, née Emmett
Collas, Amelia
Collas, Edward
Collas, Mary
Collas, Mary Jane
Collenette, Jane, née du Feu
Collenette, Michael
Colley, Charles
Colley, David
Colley, John
Collings, Ann, née Wedlock
Collings, John
Collings, Louisa
Collings, Mary Ann, née Carr
Collings, Mary Jane
Collins, Elizabeth
Collins, Elizabeth Ann
Collins, Elizabeth Anne
Collins, Elizabeth, née Jones
Collins, John
Collins, Mary Ann, née Carr
Collins, Mary Jane
Collins, Thomas
Collinson, Molly, née Le Dain
Colville, George
Colville, Susan
Colville, Susanne
Colville, Thomas
Colville, William
Condom, Margaret, née Power
Condom, Elizabeth
Condom, Susan
Conelly, Bridget, née White
Coney, John
Connalley, Francis Thomas
Connary, Martin
Connell, Amelia
Connell, James
Connell, John
Connell, Maria
Connelly, Francis Thomas
Connelly, Patrick
Connelly, William
Connill, Amelia
Connor, George
Connor, John
Connor, Margaret, née Kean
Connor, Michael
Connors, George
Conroy, Martin
Conroy, Martin
Constante Mary
Cook, George
Cook, Mark
Cook, William
Cooke, John
Cooker, John
Cookson, John
Coombes, Theresa
Coombes, William
Cooney, Michael
Cooney, William
Coope, George
Cooper, Charles
Cooper, Christian
Cooper, Eliza Martha
Cooper, Elizabeth
Cooper, George
Cooper, John
Cooper, Joseph
Cooper, Samuel
Cooper, Susan
Cooper, Susan, née Wilkins
Cooper, William
Copp, Elkanah
Corben, Harriet
Corcoran, William
Corklin, John
Cornick, Ann, née Miller
Cornick, Thomas
Corvelet, Louis
Cosford, Mary, née Wells
Coss, Ann, née Bennett
Coss, John
Cotter, James
Cotter, James
Couch, Joanna Mary
Coulabelle, Jacques
Coulobel, Jacquin
Courtenay, Harriet, née Graves
Courtenay, Henry
Courtenay, Thomas
Courtin, Frank
Courtin, James
Courtnay, Harriet, née Graves
Cousins, Elizabeth
Coutanche, Anne
Coutanche, Charles
Coutanche, Francis
Coutanche, John
Coutanche, Mary
Coutanche, Nancy
Cowan, George
Coward, Eliza
Coward, James
Cowen, John
Cowlan, James
Cowley, Thomas
Cowley, William
Cox, Elizabeth
Cox, Elizabeth, née Lock
Cox, George
Cox, Henry
Cox, Richard
Cox, Robert
Coylarind, Grace
Crabb, Ann
Cradick, Jane
Craig, Amelia
Craig, Anne, née Burke
Craig, Catherine
Craig, Mary, née McLaughlin
Craig, Mary, née McLauglin
Craighorn, Mary
Crapp, Mary Ann
Crathorne, Benjamin Ruston
Cratty, Ellen
Cratty, Ellen
Crawford, John
Creeney, Bridget
Creeney, Eliza
Creeney, John
Creeney, Thomas
Creeny, Bridget
Creese, George
Creney, Bridget
Creney, John
Creney, Thomas
Cresney, Bridget
Cresney, John
Cresney, Thomas
Criss, George
Criss, George
Croats, Jane, née McClichy
Crocker, John
Croker, Edward
Croker, James
Croker, John
Croker, Mary
Croker, Michael
Cronin, Ellen
Cronin, Margaret, née Grady
Cronin, Patrick
Cross, William
Crossberry, James
Crossberry, Jane, née Haygy
Crowley, Catherine
Crowley, Eliza
Crowley, Ellen
Crowley, Margaret
Crowley, Michael
Croyty, Ellen
Csorman, William
Cuirot, Constant
Cuirot, Félicité
Cullen, Ann
Cullen, Anna
Cullen, John
Cullener, John
Cuming, Saint S
Cumming, Jane
Cummings, John
Cund, Elizabeth, née Hicks
Cundy, Samuel John
Cundy, William James
Cunning, Anne, née Mulpy
Cunning, Mary Ann
Cunning, Rose
Cunningham, Andrew
Cunningham, Henry
Cuquenelle, Clotilde
Curley, Frederick
Curry, James
Curry, Joseph
Curtis, Caroline
Curtis, Caroline, née Dennis
Curtis, Helena, née Pengelly
Curtis, James
Curtis, Jane
Curtis, John
Cuthbert, Mary
D’Auberville, Anna Chuquet
D’Auberville, Betsey Ann Chuquet
D’Auvergne, Philippe
D’Auvergne, Phillippe
Dalton, Jeanna, née Kennelly
Dalton, Michael
Daly, Dorah
Daniel, Amy
Daniels, David
Daniels, John
Dare, Charles
Dare, Harriet, née Denton
Dark, John
Dark, Samuel
Darwin, Bernard
Dashill, Bridget
Dashill, John
Dashill, Mary
Dashill, Mary, née Mannion
Dashill, Thomas
Dashill, William
Davarn, Fanny Hunt
Davarn, Joana
Davern, Catherine
Davey, Mary, née Brown
Davis, Catherine
Davis, Catherine, née Connell
Davis, Charlotte
Davis, David
Davis, David James
Davis, Edith, née Bullen
Davis, Edith, née Bullen
Davis, Elizabeth, née Tucker
Davis, Emily
Davis, Emma
Davis, Frederick
Davis, Harriet
Davis, Harriet, née Wentworth
Davis, Henry
Davis, John
Davis, John George
Davis, Judith
Davis, Margaret
Davis, Marie, née Pépin
Davis, Mary Ann
Davis, Samuel
Davis, Sarah, née Edgecock
Davis, William
Davis, William Jns
Davis, William John
Davy, Maria, née Webber
Daw, Ellen
Daw, James
Daw, Louisa
Daw, Rebecca
Daw, Samuel
Daw, Thomas
Dawn, Elizabeth
Dawnington, James
Dawson, Michael
Dawson, Robert
Day, Julia Ann
Day, Marguerite, née Ryne
de Bailly, Jane, née Pyle
de Caën, Jean
de Caen, Philippe
de Caen, Susanne, née Marett
de Carteret, Henri
de Carteret, John
de Faye, Françoise, née Duchemin
de Feu, Susanne, née Agnes
de Gruchy, Elizabeth (nee Blampied)
de Gruchy, Elizabeth, née Remon
de Gruchy, Georgina
de Gruchy, Jane Elizabeth, née Le Riche
de Gruchy, Jean
de Gruchy, Jeanne, née Aubin
de Gruchy, John
de Gruchy, Marie
de Gruchy, Mary Ann, née Shearlock
de Gruchy, Philip Jean
de Gruchy, Philippe
de Gruchy, Pierre
de Gruchy, Thomas John
de Herupe, Jane
de Jersey, Ann
de Jersey, Anne
de Jersey, Elizabeth, née Le Sauvage
De Jersey, Esau
de Jersey, Henry
De Jersey, Jacob
de Jersey, John
De L’Ile, John
de la Cour, Elizabeth, née Salmon
de la Cour, François
de la Cour, Françoise
de la Cour, John
de la Cour, John
de la Cour, Paul
de la Croix, Jane
de La Croix, Jean
de la Haye, Fanny, née Le Cornu
de la Haye, Philip
de la Haye, Philippe
de la Mare, Anselone
de la Perrelle, François
de la Perrelle, Frederick
de la Plare, Jean
de la Porte, James
De La Porte, Martha
de La Rue, Auguste
de le Cour, Ann Elizabeth, née Salmon
de Louche, George
de Louches, George
de Louches, George Henry
De Lundi, Lucile
de Mae, Catherine
de Mai, Catherine
De Mai, Eliza
De Mars, Catherine
de Paques, Henriette
de Sainte Croix, Elizabeth, née Le Dain
de Ste Croix, Elie
de Ste Croix, Eliza
de Ste Croix, Eliza
de Ste Croix, Elizabeth
de Ste Croix, Elizabeth, née Le Dain
de Ste Croix, Jane
de Ste Croix, Jean
de Ste Croix, Jean George
de Ste Croix, John
de Ste Croix, Marguerite, née Le Breton
de Ste Croix, Maria
de Ste Croix, Marie
de Ste Croix, Mary, née Handy
de Thaw, Marie Anne, née Quelier
de Trouay, Nancy, née Neel
de Troucy, Nancy, née Neel
de Vaux, John
de Vaux, Philippe
de Veulle, François
Deal, Eliza
Dean, John
Dearle, John
Deem, James
Defries, John
Delabre, Raphael
Delafoninello, Marie
Delafontenelle, Marie
Delalande, Elias
Delaney, Matt
Delcours, Paul
Delouche, George
Delouche, Rachel
Delouches, George
Delouches, George Henry
Delouches, Jane, née Nicholls
Delouches, Rachel
Dely, Ellen
Demaine, James
Demaine, James Edward
Demaine, John
Denman, Francis
Denner, William
Dennis, William
Denny, William
Derbyshire, William Frederick
Derwin, Bernard
Derwin, James
Derwin, John
Des Chateaux, Marie
Desborough, Selina
Deschateaux, Francis Jean
Deschateaux, Jules
Deschateaux, Marie
Deslandes, Betsey, née Langlois
Deslandes, Charles
Deslandes, Clement
Deslandes, Daniel
Deslandes, Jean
Deslandes, John
Deslandes, Marie Françoise
Deslandes, Mary, née Beaucousin
Deslandes, Philippe
Deslandes, Rachel, née Romeril
Deslouches, George
Deslouches, George Henry
Deson, Jane
Deson, Jane
Deson, William
Desperches, George
Desveaux, Philippe
Devallan, Henry
Devallen, Jane
Devaux, Jane
Devaux, John
Devaux, Philip
Devaux, Philippe
Develin, Mary Ann
Develin, Sarah
Devellin, Mary Ann
Deveulle, François
Devignes, John
Devlin, Henry
Devlin, Jane
Devlin, Mary Ann
Devlin, Sarah
Devonport, Mary
Dew, James
Dew, Samuel
Deyson, Charles
Diamond, Louisa
Dickson, Elizabeth
Dickson, Ellen
Dickson, George
Dickson, Mary
Diéman, George
Diggins, James
Dillon, Ann
Dillon, Louisa
Dillon, Margaret
Dingle, Ann, née Mayden
Dingle, Elizabeth Ann, née Maiden
Dingle, John
Dingle, Philip
Dinham, Walter
Dixon, George
Dobson, Christopher
Dodge, Frederick
Dofton, Mary
Dogger, William
Doherty, Frances
Doherty, Richard
Dolbel, Jean
Dolbel, Thomas
Dominy, Henry
Dommatt, Elizabeth, née Bonning
Dommett, Elizabeth, née Bonning
Dommett, Joseph
Dommull, Elizabeth, née Bonning
Don, Patrick
Don, Thomas
Donald, Norah
Donaldson, Martha
Donelley, Frances, née Bishop
Donelly, Frances, née Bishop
Donelly, Mary, née Doyle
Donnelly, Frances, née Bishop
Donner, Eliza, née Swyney
Donnohough, Ann
Donnohough, Ann
Donohough, Catherine
Donohua, James
Donovan, James
Doodey, Jeremiah
Doran, Catherine
Dorey, John
Dorey, John Isaac
Dorrington, William
Dorset, Henry
Dougherty, Fanny
Dougherty, John
Doughty, Richard
Dowden, Catherine, née Causey
Dowden, George
Dowdin, George
Dowling, Jane
Down, Elizabeth
Down, Henry
Downey, Eliza Jane
Downey, Elizabeth
Downey, Johanna
Downey, Mary Susan
Downey, Matthew Thomas
Downey, Nancy, née Le Cras
Downey, Samuel
Downey, Thomas
Downington, James
Downs, Samuel
Downton, James
Downton, Selina
Doyle, Charles
Drain, Mary Ann, née Le Cras
Drain, William
Draper, David
Dray, William
Drevel, Pierre Jean
Drevet, Pierre Jean
Drew, Caroline
Drew, Henry
Drew, John
Drew, William
Driscoll, Cornelius
Druce, James Isaac
Druce, James Isaac
Druce, John Isaac
Drummond, David
Drury, George
du Bois, George
Du Feu, Amice
Du Feu, Christian
Du Feu, Christiana
Du Feu, Samuel
Du Fort, Alexander
du Heaume, George
du Heaume, William
du Jardin, Thomas
Du Jardin, William
Du Moulin, Lisette
Du Printemps, Samuel
Du Sot, Thomas
Du Tot, Thomas
Dubois, George
Duchermin, Aimée
Duffet, James
Dugan, James
Duhamel, Elisabeth
Duhamel, Esther
Duhamel, Jean
Duhamel, Marie, née Picot
Duhamel, Philippe
Duheaume, William
Duke, Henry
Dumaresq, Charles Edward
Dumaresq, Chas Ed
Dumaresq, Gordon
Dunlop, Mary, née Tonkins
Dunn, Bridget
Dunn, Eliza
Dunn, Ellen
Dunn, Joseph
Dunn, Mary Ann
Dunn, Mary, née Devonport
Dunn, Thomas
Dunne, Elizabeth
Dunne, John
Dunne, Mary Ann
Dunton, Selma
Duparr, Marie Charles
Duperoussel, Aimable
Dupre, John
Durand, Joseph
Durell, Mary
Durell, Philip
Durell, Philippe
Dutot, Thomas
Duvereaux, Patrick
Duvergé, Appolinaire
Dwoyer, Mary Ann
Dwyer, Edward
Dwyer, Jude
Dwyer, Mary Ann, née Castor
Dwyer, Mary Ann, née Coston
Dwyer, Thomas
Dwyer, William
Dyer, Charlotte, née Evans
Dyer, Elizabeth
Dyer, Emma
Dyer, Fanny
Dyer, James
Dyer, Jane
Dyer, Jane, née Spanner
Dyer, John
Dyer, Louisa
Dyer, Mary Ann
Dyer, William
Eannis, Philippe
Easket, William
Easkett, Annah, née Trentham
Easkett, Anne, née Trevthen
Easkett, John
Easkett, John
Easkett, William
East, Ephraim
Easterbrook, Ann, née Bottomley
Easterbrook, William
Easterbrook, William James
Easterbrook, Wm Jas
Easterbrooke, William
Eastman, John
Eastman, Mary, née Brady
Easton, John
Easton, Robert
Eayes, John
Eayres, Jane, née Splatt
Eayres, John
Eayres, Julia
Ebdon, John
Eddington, Charles
Eddington, John
Eddington, Margaret, née Conway
Eddington, Michael
Ede, James
Edge, Eliza Marian
Edge, Eliza, née Butler
Edge, William
Edge, William Hugh
Edgeland, Elizabeth
Edwards, Charles
Edwards, Elizabeth
Edwards, James
Edwards, John
Edwards, Martha, née Morris
Egan, Henry
Eguiyon, Ann Mary
Eguiyon, Mary Ann
Elligate, Dennis
Elligate, Michael
Elliot, Richard
Elliott, Eliza
Elliott, Elizabeth
Elliott, Frederick
Elliott, Georgina
Elliott, Robert
Ellis, Margaret, née Hughes
Ellis, Maria
Ellis, Mary Ann
Ellis, Robert
Ellis, William
Ellwood, Ann
Elmes, Elizabeth, née Bishop
Elson, Henry
Elvington, Lydia
Elwood, Ann
Elwood, Eugène
Elwood, Mary
England, William
English, Catherine, née Cunningham
Ennis, James
Ennis, Joseph
Enright, William
Enwright, Catherine
Enwright, John
Enwright, Mary Ann
Enwright, Michael
Enwright, Timothy
Enwright, William
Equiyon, Elie Amy
Eraut, John James
Ereaut, David
Ereaut, John
Ereaut, Molly, née Romeril
Ereaux, Elizabeth
Erith, William
Ernouf, Desirée Anastasie Léonie
Ernouf, Philippe
Erskine, Thomas
Escott, John
Esnouf, Charlotte
Esnouf, Elie
Esnouf, Elisabeth, née Viel
Esnouf, Emilie, née De Carteret
Esnouf, Jane, née Falle
Esnouf, Jane, née Falle
Esnouf, Jean Thomas
Esnouf, Mathieu
Esnouf, Matthew
Esnouf, Philippe
Esplen, Thomas
Estivin, Pierre
Estu, Nancy
Estu, Nancy
Eva, John
Evans, Mary Ann, née Pentham
Evans, Mary Ann, née Penthom
Evans, Mary Ann, née Penthon
Evans, Mary Ann, née Penthorn
Evans, William
Eveleigh, William George
Eveligh, William George
Eveson, Mary
Eyre, John William
Eyres, Jane, née Splatt
Eyres, John William
Fall, Henry James
Fall, William George
Fallaize, Ann, née Brown
Fallaize, Edward
Fallan, Ann, née Carthy
Falle, Adelaide
Falle, Edward
Falle, Edwin
Falle, Elizabeth, née Jarvis
Falle, Jane
Falle, Jean
Falle, John
Falle, John Philippe
Falle, Mary Ann, née Ingram
Falle, Mary Ann, née Nicolle
Fandull, Rachel, née de Ste Croix
Fanstone, Mary, née Le Dain
Fanstone, Mary, née Le Dain
Farley, Ellen, née Angot
Farley, Emilia
Farley, Mary Ann, née Roberts
Farley, Suzannah, née Hawkins
Farley, William
Farley, William
Farnham, George
Farrall, Edward
Farrall, Edward
Farrall, John
Farrall, Louisa
Farrall, Lucy
Farrall, Margaret, née Hefferman
Farrall, Mary
Farrall, Mary Ann
Farrall, Mary Ann
Farrall, Michael
Farrel, John
Farrell, James
Farrell, Laurence
Farrell, Lucy
Farrell, Margaret, née Haffernan
Farrell, Margaret, née Hasserman
Farrell, William
Farwell, George
Fauvel, Philippe
Fauvel, Abraham
Fauvel, Ann
Fauvel, Anne
Fauvel, Betsey, née Best
Fauvel, Caroline
Fauvel, Charles
Fauvel, Clement
Fauvel, Henrietta
Fauvel, Henriette
Fauvel, Jean
Fauvel, John
Fauvel, Maria, née Payn
Fauvel, Marie, née Le Sueur
Le Sueur, Marie
Fauvel, Philippe
Fauvel, Rachel, née Dyer
Feaver, John
Feeban, Amélia
Feeham, Amelia
Feeham, Emma
Feeham, Mary Ann
Feeham, Michael
Feehan, Amelia
Feehan, Emma
Feehan, Mary Ann
Felard, Laurent
Felford, Eliza
Fell, Margaret
Fennimore, William
Fenstone, Rosina
Fenwick, Eliza
Ferey, Charles
Fergusson, Ann
Fergusson, Eliza
Fergusson, Eliza, née Nouvelle
Fergusson, John
Fergusson, Margaret
Ferle, Marie Joseph, née Matrarvoir
Ferlin, Nathallie
Ferré, Jacques
Ferrey, Jeanne
Ferry, James
Feurins, James
Fewins, James
Fewins, Thomas
Fidges, Mary, née O’Neil
Fidiman, Lewis
Fielding, Mary née Torode
Fielding, Mary, née Torode
Filleul, François
Filleul, John
Filp, Elizabeth
Findlay, John
Findley, John
Finlay, Amelia
Finlay, Amelia Elizabeth
Finlay, Francis
Finlay, John
Finlay, Philip
Finley, John
Finn, Robert
Finnie, Ann, née Culinane
Finnie, Francis
Finnie, Hamilton
Finnie, John
Fisher, Eliza
Fitch, Margaret, née Carroll
Fitzgerald, Bridget
Fitzgerald, David
Fitzgerald, Davied
Fitzgerald, Margaret
Fitzgerald, Mary, née Ryan
Fitzgerald, Michael
Fitzgerald, Michael
Fitzgerald, Morris
Fitzgerald, William
Fitzgerald, Winneford
Fitzpatrick, Daphney
Fitzpatrick, Mary
Flannagan, Elizabeth, née Mansfield
Flannagan, William
Flarigan, William
Flemant, Alexander
Fleming, Adelaide Gertrude
Fleming, George James
Flemming, Adelaide
Flemming, Elizabeth, née Carter
Flemming, George James
Flemming, George James
Flemmiung, Adelaide
Fletcher, Elizabeth, née Evans
Fletcher, John
Fletcher, Marguerite, née Allen
Fletcher, Margueritte, née Allen
Fletcher, Marquerite, née Allen
Fletcher, Sarah
Flynn, James
Fogarty, Thomas
Foley, Ellen
Foley, Joanna, née Callin
Foley, John
Foley, Louisa
Foley, Mary Ann
Foley, Morris
Foley, William
Follet, john
Folley, Ellen
Folly, Julia
Fone, William
Fooks, James
Foote, Fanny
Foote, Margaret
Foote, Richard
Foote, Thomas
Forbes, Charles
Forbes, David
Forbes, Mary
Forbes, Mary, née Jeune
Ford, Francis
Ford, John
Fordham, John
Foreman, Henry
Forman, Henry
Foster, Ellen
Foulder, James
Fouquet, Jacques
Fowley, Eliza Elizabeth
Fowley, Louisa
Fox, James
Fox, John
Fox, Mary, née Higgins
Fox, Thomas
Foy, John
Foyley, Ellen
Frances, Elizabeth
Francis, Anne, née Mollet
Francis, Jane, née Wall
Francis, William
Frank, James
Franklin, John
Franklin, William
Franlkin, Thomas
Frazer, Hugh
Frazer, Hugh
Frazer, Hugh
French, Emma
French, Thomas
Fricker, Ann, née Bower
Fricker, Caroline
Fricker, Elizabeth
Fricker, Mary Jane
Fricker, William
Frigout, Mic Eugène Phéne
Froley, James
Frost, Ann
Frost, Samuel
Frost, Sarah, née Parkyn
Frosty, James
Fry, Michael
Fuller, William
Furgusson, Ann
Furgusson, George
Furgusson, John
Furgusson, Margaret
Furlong, Thomas
Furnham, John
Gable, George
Gagnon, Jane Elizabeth
Gagnon, Mary
Gagnon, Thomas
Gagnons, Elizabeth
Gaillard, Thomas
Gailliard, John
Galan, Mary Ann
Gale, Henry
Gale, Henry
Gale, Henry
Gale, Mary
Gale, Mary Elizabeth
Gale, Mary, née Alexander
Gale, Mary, née Alexandres
Gales, George
Gallam, John
Gallavan, John
Gallavan, Julia, née Sweeney
Gallic, Clara
Gallichan, Abraham
Gallichan, Elenore
Gallichan, Eleonore
Gallichan, Elizabeth Mary, née Robinson
Gallichan, François
Gallichan, George
Gallichan, George James
Gallichan, James George
Gallichan, Margaret
Gallichan, Marie Anne, née Hocquard Gallichan, Marie, née Gallicahn
Gallichan, Marie, née Gallichan
Gallichan, Philippe
Gallichan, Thomas
Gallichan, Thomas David
Gallicker, Betsey
Gallie, Caroline
Gallie, Clara
Gallie, Elias
Gallie, Elizabeth, née Le Maistre
Gallie, Elizbeth
Gallie, John
Gallie, Mary, née Ennis
Gallie, Philippe
Galliem Mary, née Ennis
Gallon, John
Gallop, Ann
Gallop, Fanny
Gallop, James
Gallop, Margaret
Gallop, Mary
Gallop, Thomas
Gammon, Alice
Ganley, Catherine
Gann, John
Gant, Catherine
Gant, John
Gant, Mary Ann
Gant, Thomas
Gant, Thomas
Gant, William
Gardner, Margaret, née Gorman
Gardner, Richard
Gardner, Richard
Gareer, William
Garett, Silas
Garetty, Eliza
Garetty, Elizabeth
Garetty, Emma
Garetty, Mary Ann, née Davis
Garetty, Selina
Garetty, Thomas
Garetty, William
Garland, Elizabeth, née Jasper
Garland, Marie Anne
Garland, Mary Ann
Garland, Peter
Garland, Samuel
Garland, William
Garnier, Betsey, née Marett
Garnier, Betty, née Marett
Garrett, Silas
Garretty, Selina
Garretty, Thomas
Garretty, William
Garris, Ann, née Lanyan
Garvey, Mary Ann
Gaskin, Julia, née Kennedy
Gasnier, Betsey, née Marett
Gasnier, Elias
Gaudin, Charles
Gaudin, Marie, née Journeaux
Gaudion, Mary
Gauntlet, Ebenezer
Gauvain, Charles
Gauvain, Philippe
Gauvier, Betsey, née Marett
Gay, Louisa Ann
Geaney, Ellen, née Hayes
Gearey, John
Geary, John
Geary, William
Gearyt, John
Gennois, Frederick
George, Ann, née Bagwell
George, Joseph
George, Joshua
George, Nathanael
Gibble, Matthew
Gibbons, Andrew
Gibbons, Elizabeth
Gibbs, Ann, née Mark
Gibbs, Ann, née Marks
Gibbs, Catherine, née Pilcher
Gibbs, Charlotte
Gibbs, Ellen
Gibbs, Emma
Gibbs, Hannah
Gibbs, John
Gibbs, Sarah
Gibert, Jean
Gibert, Marie
Gibson, Emma Catherine, née Wicks
Gibson, Mary
Giffard, Jane
Giffard, Jean
Giffard, Louisa
Giffard, Philip
Giffard, Philippe
Giffard, Rachel, née Hocquard
Giffard, Suzanne
Gifford, Rachel, née Hocquard
Giglio, Joseph
Gilbert, Elizabeth
Gilbert, Elizabeth, née Radford
Gilbert, Ernest
Gilbert, George
Gilbert, Gilles
Gilbert, James
Gilbert, Mary Ann
Gilbert, Rosinna
Gilbert, Thomas
Gilbert, William
Giles, James
Giles, James
Giles, Mary Ann
Gill, Ann
Gill, John
Gill, Ann
Gillard, Alfred
Gillard, Ann
Gillard, George
Gillard, John
Gillard, Mary Ann
Gillard, Mary Ann, née Tabb
Gillard, Sarah
Gillard, Sarah
Gillard, William
Gillard, William Lillicrap
Gillert, George
Gillet, Elizabeth, née Spiller
Gillman, Margaret, née Rider
Gilman, Jonathan
Gilman, Margaret, née Rider
Rider, Margaret
Gimblet, Maria, née Sleep
Gimblet, Samuel
Ginnovan, Michael
Ginnovan, Thomas
Gladdis, Betsey, née Marett
Gladdis, George
Gladdis, John
Glassey, George
Glassey, George
Glassey, William
Glassion, Cornelius
Gleeson, Mary
Gleeson, Thomas
Glenlin, Martin
Gloyns, Elizabeth, née Madder
Gloyns, Matilda
Gloyns, Sarah
Glynnan, John
Godeaux, Marie, née De Gruchy
Godel, Henri
Godel, Henry
Godel, Henry
Godel, Jeanne
Godel, Nancy
Godel, Rachel Margaret
Godel, Rachel Margarite
Godel, Rachel Marguerite
Godel, Rachel Mary
Godel, Rachel, Margaret
Godfray, Francois
Godfray, Franços
Godfray, James
Godfray, Jean
Godfray, Julie
Godfray, Louisa
Godfrey, Jean
Goffe, Joseph
Golding, Ellen
Golding, Patrick
Goldworthy, Elizabeth
Gomer, John
Gommont, Prosper
Good, Patrick
Goodenough, David
Goodfellow, Ann, née Talent
Goodfellow, Ann, née Talland
Goodfellow, Robert
Goodhind, Richard
Goodman, Mary Ann
Goodridge, Eudosia
Goodward, Charlotte
Gordon, Elizabeth
Gordon, Elizabeth, née Longman
Gordon, Henry Robert
Gordon, Isabella
Gordon, James
Gordon, James
Gordon, Mary, née Hodgkinson
Gordon, Robert
Gordon, Susan
Gore, Thomas
Gorman, Margaret
Gorman, Mary Ann
Gorman, Thomas
Gorman, Thomas
Goron, Anna Perine, née Bommel
Goslin, Richard
Goslin, Richard
Gotier, Sophie
Gotterel, Betsey, née McLoughlin
Gotteril, Thomas
Gouch, Amelia
Gouch, Emilia
Gouch, Grace
Gouch, Grace, née Rhodda
Gouch, Louisa
Gouch, Thomas
Gouch, William
Gough, Richard
Gould, Timothy
Goulden, James
Goulden, Richard
Goulding, Marie, née Langlois
Goulding, Thomas
Gouzet, Jean
Gover, Eliza Louisa
Gover, Eliza Louise
Gover, Rachel
Govier, Jane
Gracy, Isidore
Grady, Ann
Grady, Ann, née Conner
Grady, Jane, née Cocks
Grady, John
Grady, John
Grady, Michael
Graham, Samuel
Grandin, Jane, née Payn
Grandin, Philippe
Grandin, Sophie
Graves, Harriet
Graves, Robert
Gray, Alfred
Gray, Elizabeth
Gray, John
Gray, Mary
Greave, Emma
Greave, Louisa
Green, Ann
Green, Fanny
Green, James
Greeney, John
Greeney, Thomas
Greenham, Charles
Greenham, Grace, née Langdon
Greenwood, William
Greeves, Jane
Gregg, Mary Ann
Gregg, William
Gregory, Catherine
Grégory, Charles
Gregory, Charlotte
Gregory, John
Gregory, Louisa
Gregory, Louisa
Greory, Catherine
Gretton, George
Grey, Benjamin
Gribble, Matthew
Gribble, Robert
Griffin, James
Griffin, John
Griffiths, Alfred
Griffiths, James
Griffon, Ellen
Griffon, Thomas
Grigg, Mary Ann
Grimes, Charles
Grims, George
Grindle, Ann
Groizard, Louis
Groizard, Peter
Groizard, Pierre
Grossan, Francis
Grosvallet, Jeanne Marie
Grove, George
Grove, George
Groveman, Ann
Groves, Frederick
Groves, George
Groves, Hannah
Groves, Mary Ann, alias Scott
Groves, William
Growden, George
Growden, Mary, née Strong
Grubb, Ellen
Grubb, Ellen Florenda
Grubb, Henry
Grubb, Julian
Grubb, Julian Cuthbert
Grubb, Julien
Grubb, Mary Ann, née McGill
Gruchy, Philippe
Grumbes, Timothy
Grumbes, Timothy Charles
Guard, John
Gueirrier, John
Guérin, Louis
Guérin, Marie
Guerrier, Charles
Guerrier, Jean
Guibans, Mary
Guigo, Guilhaume
Guigo, Guilhaume
Guilder, James
Guille, Ann
Guille, Edwin
Guille, Elizabeth
Gullicker, Betsey
Gullicker, Margaret
Gulliot, Virginia, née Chenel
Guppy, James
Gurton, Michael
Gustave, Jean
Guy, Mary Ann
Hacker, Martha, née Nash
Hacking, John
Hackling, John
Hacquard, François
Hacquoil, Esther
Hacquoil, Jean
Hacquoil, Jean
Hadaway, William
Haddon, Ann, née Shelton
Hafferman, Margaret
Hafner, Thomas
Hafner, Thomas
Haggar, Thomas
Haggerty, Patrick
Haggie, John
Haig, James
Hakal, Charles
Haldren, John
Halford, Jane Gibbs, née Burton
Hall, Ann
Hall, Bridget
Hall, Edward
Hall, James
Hall, John
Hall, John Thomas
Hall, Mary Ann, née Garland
Hall, Mary Ann, née Hammond
Hall, Mary Jane
Hall, William
Hall, William
Halligan, Ellen
Hallman, Elizabeth
Hallman, Henry
Hallmen, Henry
Halmann, Mary Ann
Halstead, William
Hambly, Elizabeth
Hamel, Desireé
Hammond, Eliza, née McLaren
Hammond, George
Hammond, James
Hammond, John
Hammond, Marquerite
Hammond, Samuel
Hamon, Ann Charlotte
Hamon, Charles
Hamon, George
Hamon, Jacques
Hamon, Jane
Hamon, Jean
Hamon, Jean Edward
Hamon, John
Hamon, John Charles
Hamon, Josué
Hamon, Mary Ann
Hamon, Nancy, née Huard
Hamon, Philippe
Hamon, Samuel
Hamon, Thomas
Hamond, Jane
Hanby, Catherine, née Le Ray
Hand, William
Handcock, George
Handm Elizabeth, née Hicks
Hands, Cecilia
Handy, Charlotte
Handy, Jane
Hanguin, Auguste
Haniet, Auguste
Haniet, Eugène
Haniford, William
Hann, Elizabeth, née Hicks
Hann, Mary, née Guard
Hann, Sullivan
Hann, William
Hannaford, Edward
Hannaford, Elizabeth, née Shepperd
Hannaford, John
Hannaford, William
Hannagan, Joseph
Hansford, George
Hansford, Grace, née Perry
Hansford, James
Hansford, Lucy, née Fieldhouse
Hansford, Mark
Hansford, Sarah, née Budden
Hansford, William
Hants, Mary, née Filleul
Hanty, Richard
Hard, Philip
Hardie, Ann
Hardie, Elizabeth
Hardie, Fanny
Harding, Agness
Harding, Agness, née Hickey
Harding, Francis
Harding, George
Harding, Jane
Harding, Joseph
Harding, Philip
Hardy, David
Hardy, Frances Fanny
Hardy, Martha
Harfield, Helier
Hargetty, Patrick
Harman, Bridget, née Farrall
Harman, Bridget, née Farrell
Harper, George
Harper, George
Harris, Amelia Matilda
Harris, Charles
Harris, Daniel
Harris, Henry
Harris, Israel
Harris, James
Harris, John
Harris, Juda
Harris, Rachel, née Solomon
Harris, Sanuel
Harris, Solomon
Harris, Thomas
Harris, William
Harrison, George Henry
Harrison, Henry
Harrison, Mary Jane
Harrison, Mary, née Paton
Harrison, Samuel
Harrison, William
Harrisson, George Henry
Harrow, William
Hart, Edward
Hart, Philip
Hartfield, Hélier
Harvey, Ann
Harvey, Eliza, née Bryant
Harvey, Eliza, née Bryant
Harvey, Eliza, née Gilpin
Harvey, Elizabeth Wilferies
Harvey, George
Harvey, George Henry
Harvey, Jane
Harvey, Margaret
Harvey, Mary, née Jeffrey
Harvey, Sarah Jane
Harvey, Sarah Mary
Harvey, Thomas
Hashal, Charles
Hashal, Louisa
Haskal, Charles
Haskal, Louisa
Hasner, Thomas
Hastings, Uriah
Hauvel, Marie, née Neel
Hauvel, Mary
Hawke, Hannah
Hawkins, Henry
Hawkins, Thomas
Hawkins, William
Haye, James
Hayes, Ellen
Hayes, Ellen
Haygan, Thomas
Haygy, John
Hayles, Jean
Hayley, Patrick
Haynes, Mary Ann, née Cavington
Hayward, Anne, née Henderson
Hayward, Ellen
Hayward, Thomas
Hayward, William
Haywood, Ellen
Haywood, Thomas
Hazel, William
Head, Matthew
Healey, Matilda, née Powell
Healey, William
Hearndon, Eliza, née McLaren
Hearon, Mary, née Folley
Hebert, Frederic
Hector, Margaret
Hellyer, Mary Ann
Help, John
Help, Nancy, née Wales
Help, Nancy, née Wells
Hemery, George
Hemming, George
Henderson, Mary
Hendy, Charlotte
Henley, Elizabeth
Henley, John
Henly, John
Henly, Josephine Hoyle
Hennasey, Edward
Hennasey, John
Hennasey, Lawrence
Hennassey, Lawrence
Hennessey, Lawrence
Hennetty, William
Henns, James
Henny, James
Henretty, William
Henretty, James
Henright, John
Henry, Charles
Henry, Elie Joseph
Henry, George
Henry, James
Henry, Peter
Héran, Auguste
Héran, John
Herbert, John
Herivel, Richard
Héron, Louis
Hester, Barny
Hester, Barny
Hester, Martha
Hester, Mary Ann, née Barry
Hester, Michael
Hetherington, Joseph
Hewitt, Joseph
Hewitt, Joseph
Hewitt, Joseph
Heyden, Diana Susanna
Heyden, John Henry
Heyden, John H
Heyden, Mary Ann
Heyden, Mary Ann
Heyden, Mary Jane
Heydon, Dianna
Heydon, James Henry
Heydon, Jn Henry
Heydon, Mary Ann
Heydon, Mary Ann
Heywood, Ann, née Henderson
Hickie, John
Hickie, Margaret
Hickie, Mary Ann
Hickie, Michael
Hickie, Patrick
Hickie, Sarah Ann
Hickie, William
Hicks, Eliza, née Richards
Hicks, Elizabeth
Hicks, Elizabeth Harris
Hicks, Emma, née Thorn
Hicks, George Philip
Hicks, Kitty, née Harris
Hicks, Mary
Hicks, Robert
Hicks, William
Higgins, John
Higgins,Charlotte, née Smith
Higley, Elizabeth, née Gray
Hill, Augustine
Hill, Charles
Hill, Eliza
Hill, George
Hill, James
Hill, John
Hill, Mary Ann
Hill, Peter
Hill, Susan, née Smale
Hill, Susan, née Small
Hill, Thomas Peter
Hill, Walter
Hill, William
Hinan, Patrick
Hinchcliffe, Matthew
Hine, Dennis
Hine, Ellen, née Fell
Hine, John
Hine, Thomas
Hine, Thomas
Hine, William
Hinley, Elizabeth, née Burke
Hoare, Ann
Hoare, James
Hoare, John
Hoare, John
Hobson, Joseph
Hocken, William
Hocking, James
Hocquard, Ann
Hocquard, Anne
Hocquard, Francois
Hocquard, Marie Ann
Hocquard, Rachel
Hodder, Henry
Hodge, William
Hodgerson, Bridget, née Anderson
Hodgkinson, Mary Ann
Hogan, Daniel
Hogan, Ellen
Hogan, John
Hogan, Margaret
Hogan, Rose, née Michel
Holday, Henry
Holdevey, Catherine, née Holdevey
Holford, George
Holland, Daniel
Hollaway, Margaret, née Newman
Hollett, Henry
Holliday, John
Holloway, John
Holmes, James
Holmes, Maria
Holmes, Thomas
Holt, Mary
Honeybrook, Ann
Hooper, George
Hooper, Mary
Hooper, William
Hopkins, Ellen, née House
Hopkins, Henry
Hoquinne, Francis
Hore, Samuel
Horn, George
Horner, John
Horseley, John
Horsley, John
Horton, Philip
Hoskins, Edward
Hosman, Lydia
Hotton, John
Hotton, Laura, née Small
Houguet, François
Houquet, Francois
House, Ann
House, Joseph
Howard, Ann, née Westcott
Howard, Louisa
Howard, William
Stevens, Henry
Howland, Thomas
Hoy, Catherine
Hoyles, Sophia
Huard, Betsey, née Pallot
Huard, Charles
Huard, Virginia, née Dupont
Huard, Virginie, née Porchet
Hubbard, Benjamin
Hubbard, John
Hubert, Charles
Hubert, Joseph
Hubert, Joseph
Hubert, Josué
Hubert, Philippe
Huckley, Robert
Hudson, Jane, née Stevenson
Hudson, Louisa
Hudson, Sarah
Hudson, William
Hue, Anne, née Le Sueur
Hue, Daniel
Hue, John
Hue, John Daniel
Huelin, Harriet
Huelin, John
Hughes, John
Hughes, Mary Ann, née Berry
Hull, John
Hull, Marie Anne
Hull, Mary Ann
Hull, Mary Ann, née Garland
Hull, Mary Ann, née Garlande
Hullman, Henry
Hulme, George William
Hulme, John
Humphrey, Caroline
Humphrey, Joseph
Humphries, James
Hunt, Arthur
Hunt, Catherine Jane, née Wood
Hunt, Maria
Hussell, Amelia
Hussey, John
Hussey, June
Husting, George Uriah
Husting, George Urich
Husting, Uriah
Hustings, George Uriah
Hustings, Marie Louisa, née Perron
Hustings, Marie Louise, née Perron
Hustings, Uriah
Hustings, Uriah
Huston, Marie Anne L, née Perron
Huston, Marie Anne Louise, née Perron
Hutchings, William
Hyatt, Benjamin
Hyde, Caroline
Ichet, Jean Baptist
Ichet, Jean Baptiste
Ichet, Jean Batiste
Inch, Thomas
Ingouville, Henry
Ironside, Thomas
Irvin, Joshua
Islett, Elizabeth
Ivey, William
Ivry, Mary Ann
Ivry, William
Ivy, James
Ivy, James
Izdebski, Théophile
Jack, John
Jackaberry, Richard
Jackaberry, Richard
Jackerson, George
Jackman, James
Jackman, John
Jackman, William
Jackson, George
Jackson, William
Jacobs, Amelia, née Guy
Jacobs, George Rodney
Jacobs, William
Jaffray, Esther
Jaffray, Francois
Jaffray, Marie, née Langlois
Langlois, Marie
Jaffray, Marie, née Langlois
Jaffray, Philippe
James, Mary, née Hooper
James, Richard
James, Rosa
James, Rosa
James, Thomas
James, William
Jameson, Mary
Jamieson, Mary
Jandrall, Philip
Jandrel, Michael
Jandrel, Rachel, née de Ste Croix
Jandrell, Henry
Jandrell, Michael
Jandrell, Michael
Jandrell, Philip
Jandrell, Philippe
Jandrell, Rachel, née De Ste Croix
Jandron, Ann, née Craig
Jandron, Anne, née Craig
Jandron, Josué
Jandron, Nancy, née Craig
Jandron, Philippe
Jandule, John
Jarrett, Mark
Jarrett, Mark
Jarrett, Mark
Jarroll, Margaret, née Hafferman
Jarvis, John
Jean, Jean
Jeffrey, Abraham
Jeffrey, Emma
Jeffrey, James Henry
Jeffrey, Jeanne
Jeffrey, John
Jeffries, Mary
Jenkins, Elizabeth, née Estu
Jenkins, John
Jenkins, Thomas
Jenkins, William
Jeremiah, Joanna
Jerret, Charles
Jerrom, James
Jeune, Charles
Jeune, Eliza
Jeune, John
Jeune, Lion
Jeune, Thomas
Jeune, Thomas
Jeuney, Jane
Jinks, John
Jinks, John
Jobe, William
Johet, Jean Baptiste
John, Philippe
John, Philippe
Johns, Elizabeth
Johnson, Amy
Johnson, Amy
Johnson, Eliza
Johnson, Emma
Johnson, George
Johnson, James
Johnson, Job
Johnson, John
Johnson, Joseph
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Mary Ann, née McAvoy
Johnson, Mary, née Mahier
Johnson, Mary-Ann, née McAvoy
Johnson, Thomas
Johnson, William
Jolin, Philippe
Jones, alias Blamey, Harriet
Jones, Cécilia
Jones, Harriet
Jones, James
Jones, James
Jones, John
Jones, Peter
Jones, Robert
Jones, Selina
Jones, Sophia
Jones, Sophia, née Orange
Jones, Thomas
Jones, William Henry
Jonvrell, Philippe
Jordan, Maria, née Lovell
Journeaux, Francis
Journeaux, George
Journeaux, Mary
Journeaux, Mary
Journeaux, Mary Ann
Journeaux, Philippe
Joy, John
Joyce, William
Joyce, William Henry
Julien, Auguste
Julien, Simon
Jury, George
Jury, Henry
Jury, John
Jury, Mary Ann
Jury, William
Kaen, Mary, née Power
Kambrun, Marie
Kavanagh, John
Kaylor, James
Kaylor, Kitty
Kaylor, Mary
Kaylor, Mary, née Sullivan
Kealey, Michael
Kean, Catherine, née Coin
Kean, Eliza
Kean, Mary Elizabeth, née Norris
Kearney, John
Kearney, Joshua
Kearnson, Eliza, née McLaren
Keates, Samuel
Keating, Francis
Keating, Rosana, née Rail
Keefe, Mary
Keenan, Catherine
Keenan, Catherine Helen
Keeping, James
Kelby, Ellen, née Rourke
Kelland, George Harris
Kellard, Nanny, née Sullivan
Kellaway, Thomas
Kellaway, William
Kelley, Eliza, née Brouard
Kelley, Ellen
Kelley, James
Kelly, Eliza
Kelly, Elizabeth, née Woodley
Kelly, James
Kelly, John
Kelly, Mary
Kelly, Mary Ann
Kelly, Patrick
Kelly, Selina, née Almond
Kemmish, Elizabeth
Kemmish, James
Kemmish, James
Kemmish, James
Kemmish, James
Kemmish, Mary Ann
Kemmish, William
Kennard, Mary Ann
Kennedy, Ellen
Kennedy, Ellen
Kennedy, Julia
Kennedy, Mary Ann
Kennedy, Thomas
Kennedy, William
Kennelley, Mary Ann
Kennelly, Judith
Kennelly, Thomas
Kenney, Mary Ann
Kenney, Thomas
Kenneyfitz, Johanna
Kenny, Mary Ann
Kent, George
Kent, Thomas
Kenway, James
Kerby, Julia
Kerlion, Thomas
Kerly ou Curly, Frederick
Kerney, Patrick
Kerslake, Frederick
Kerslake, Joseph
Kerslake, William
Kerslaki, Frederick
Keys, Edmund
Keys, Edmund
Kieling, Thomas
Kilfoil, Conrade
Kilfoil, Kiren
Kilford, Ann, née Carroll
Kilford, Daniel
Kilford, Thomas
Kilford, William
Kilfroy, Barny
Killalec, Andrew
Killaway, William
Killily, Andrew
Killow, John
Kilmister, Emma, née Masters
Kilroy, Jane
Kilroy, Jane
Kilroy, John
Kilvington, Ellen
Kilvington, Pierson
Kimber, Maria, née Meter
King, Amelia
King, Francis
King, Isaac
King, James William
King, John
King, John
King, Mary Ann, née Cooper
King, Owen
King, Owen
King, Rosetta, née Lennon
Kingsley, Jane, née Woodlock
Kingsley, John
Kingston, James
Kingston, John
Kingston, Mary Ann, née Mahers
Kingston, Thomas
Kinsella, Eliza, née Barry
Kinton, Mary Ann, née Mahar
Kipps, Alfred
Klency, Catherine
Knaresborough, Bridget
Knaresborough, James
Knaresborough, Julia
Knaresborough, Mary Ann
Knaresborough, Thomas
Knaresborough, William
Knarsborough, James
Knasborough, James
Knasborough, John
Knasbrough, James
Kneeborn, Marie
Kneeshaw, Louisa
Kneeshaw, Louisa George
Kneeshaw, Marie
Kneeshaw, Mary
Kneeshaw, William
Kneestraw, Mary
Knight, Charles
Knowles, Jeremiah
Kruger, William
L’amy, Eliza
L’Amy, Eliza Harriet
L’Amy, Eliza Henriette
L’Amy, William
La Balle, Philippe
La Bas, Jane, née Le Gros
La Croix, Charles
La Croix, Marie Louise, née Bauche
La Croix, Marie Louise,née Bauche
La Gouge, Sophie
La Gouge, Sophie
Labat, Philippe
Laboissière, Louise, née Hamont
Laboissière, Louise, née Hamont
Lacy, Michael
Lafollen, Philippe
Lafolley, Catherine, née Esnouf
Laigné, Louis
Laing, George
Lambert, Francis
Lambert, Jeanne, née Payn
Lambert, Margaret
Lambert, Michael
Lambert, Michael
Lamy, Francois
Lamy, William
Landragon, Ann
Landrigan, Hannah
Landry, Damien
Landsmeir, Paulus
Lanes, Elizabeth Jane
Lanes, Henry
Lanes, Mary
Lang, George
Lang, George
Langdon, Catherine, née Murphy
Langdon, Henry
Langdon, James
Langlois, Agnes, née Yabsley
Langlois, Alfred
Langlois, Anne
Langlois, Edward
Langlois, Emma, née Yabsley
Langlois, Jane, née Le Rossignol
Langlois, Jane, née Le Rossignol
Langlois, John
Langlois, Josué
Langlois, Louisa, née Guy
Langlois, Marie
Langlois, Mary, née Donkin
Langlois, Mary, née Donkin
Langworthy, Elizabeth
Larbalestier, Adelaide
Larbalestier, Charles
Larbalestier, Charles John
Larbalestier, Mary
Larbalestier, William
Larcombe, Anna
Larcombe, Caroline
Larkin, John
Larkin, John
Laudragon, Ann
Laughy, John
Laurel, Matthew
Laurence, Eliza, née Gower
Laurens, Edouard
Laurens, Edouard
Laurens, Elizabeth
Laurens, George
Laurens, Jane
Laurens, Jean
Laurens, John
Laurens, Marie, née Hotton
Laurent, Marie, née Hotton
Lavanture, François
Lawrence, Mary, née Gibbons
Lawrence, Mary, née Guibans
Lawrence, Mary, née Guibans
Lawrence, Samuel
Laws, John
Lawson, Catherine, née Edwards
Lawson, Edward
Lawson, James
Lawson, John
Lawson, Joseph William
Lawson, Joseph Wm
Lawson, Margaret
Lawson, Thomas Edward
Lawton, James
Lawton, John
Le Bailly, Jacques
Le Bailly, Mary Jane
Le Bailly, Peter
Le Bailly, Philippe
Le Bas, George
Le Bas, George
Le Bas, Richard
Le Bas, Richard
Le Bas, Richard
Le Ber, Joseph
Le Blanc, Desirée
Le Blancq, Elie
Le Blancq, Philippe
Le Boissière, Louise, née Hamont
Le Boucher, Louis
Le Bouilly, John
Le Boulanger, Ann
Le Boulanger, Anna
Le Boulanger, Anne
Le Boutillier, Elizabeth
Le Boutillier, Philippe
Le Breton, Alice
Le Breton, Douce, née de Gruchy
Le Breton, Elizabeth
Le Breton, James
Le Breton, Jane
Le Breton, Jane, alias Mauger
Le Breton, Jean
Le Breton, John
Le Breton, Marie Anne
Le Breton, Mary Ann
Le Breton, Mary Ann, née Wall
Le Breton, Philippe
Le Breton, Sarah Jane
Le Breton, Thomas
Le Brocq, Philippe
Le Brun, Jean
Le Brun, Elias
Le Brun, Elizabeth
Le Brun, Jean
Le Brun, John
Le Brun, Madeleine Marie
Le Brun, Nancy
Le Brun, Nicolas
Le Brun, Philippe
Le Charpentier, Jacques
Le Clercq, Harriet
Le Clercq, Henriette
Le Clerq, Harriet
Le Cocq, Charles
Le Cocq, Elizabeth, née Hamon
Hamon, Elizabeth
Le Cocq, George
Le Cocq, John
Le Cocq, Nicolas
Le Cocq, Philip Thomas
Le Coq, John
Le Cordier, Achilles
Le Couteur, Elizabeth, née Jeune
Le Couteur, Robert
Le Cové, Jean
Le Cras, Henri John
Le Cras, Henry John
Le Cras, Marie, née Bisson
Le Cras, Philippe
Le Cras, Pierre
Le Croix, Marie Louise, née Bouché
Le Dain, Daniel
Le Dain, George
Le Dain, Jane
Le Dain, Jean
Le Dain, Molly
Le Duc, Ann
Le Feuvre, Abraham
Le Feuvre, Anne, née Messervy
Le Feuvre, Charlotte, née Gammon
Le Feuvre, Esther
Le Feuvre, George
Le Feuvre, Jane
Le Feuvre, Jean
Le Feuvre, Nancy, née Nicolle
Le Feuvre, Philippe
Le Feuvre, Pierre
Le Feuvre, Pierre
Le Fevre, Amelie
Le Fevre, Amelie
Le Flo, Thomas
Le Flo,Thomas
Le Geyt, Clement
Le Geyt, Esther, née Venemend
Le Geyt, Esther, née Venement
Le Geyt, George
Le Geyt, Henry
Le Geyt, John
Le Geyt, John
Le Geyt, Julie, née Fauvel
Le Geyt, Léonore
Le Geyt, Pierre
Le Goubin, Céleste
Le Goubin, Céleste Adèle
Le Goutin, Céleste Adèle
Le Grand, Jean
Le Grand, John
Le Greslay, Rebecca, née Barren
Le Gresley, Edouard
Le Gresley, Eliza Mary, née Fauvel
Le Gresley, Elizabeth Mary
Le Gresley, Jane
Le Gresley, Marie Chantelle
Le Gresley, Marie Charlotte
Le Gresley, Marie Elizabeth
Le Gresley, Philippe
Le Gros Bisson, Jean
Le Gros Bisson, Marie
Le Gros, Ann
Le Gros, Anne
Le Gros, Bisson Marie
Le Gros, Charles
Le Gros, Charles Samuel
Le Gros, Eliza
Le Gros, Francis Charles
Le Gros, George
Le Gros, Jack Francis Joseph
Le Gros, Jacques
Le Gros, Jacques Francis Jos
Le Gros, Jacques Francis Joseph
Le Gros, Jean
Le Gros, John
Le Gros, John Edwin
Le Gros, Laurens
Le Gros, Laurent
Le Gros, Margaret, née Morrison
Le Gros, Marguerite
Le Gros, Matilda
Le Gros, Matilda, née Philips
Le Gros, Philippe
Le Gros, Susanne
Le Gros, Suzanne, née Le Feuvre
Le Gros, Thomas
Le Hardy, Matilda
Le Hucquet, Edouard
Le Hucquet, Mary Ann
Le Hucquet, Nancy
Le Huguet, Marguerite, née Le Cras
Le Huquet, Clement
Le Huquet, Edward
Le Huquet, Marguerite, née Le Cras
Le Huquet, Nancy
Le Jeune Aimée
Le Lacheur Allez, Janet, née Mourant
Le Lievre, Amelie
Le Lievre, Jean
Le Loup, Anais
Le Loup, Victoire, née De La Lande
Le Maistre, Charles
Le Maistre, Edward
Le Maistre, Elizabeth Duhamel
Le Maistre, Philippe
Le Marie, Jean
Le Marié, Margaret, née Hinzey
Le Marquand, Marie, née Lemprière
Le Masil, Marquerite, née Hinzey
Le Masurier, Constant
Le Masurier, Elias
Le Masurier, Eliza, née McLaughlin
Le Masurier, George
Le Masurier, Henri
Le Masurier, Henry
Le Masurier, Jane, née Le Sauteur
Le Masurier, Jean
Le Masurier, John
Le Masurier, Josué
Le Moignan, Maria
Le Monier, Jean
Le Monnier, Anne, née Pelpaud
Le Monnier, Pierre
Le Noble, Ann
Le Noble, Elisa Jane
Le Noble, Francis
Le Noble, Francois
Le Noble, Henri
Le Noble, Henry
Le Noble, Jane
Le Noble, Jane, née Graut
Le Noble, Jean
Le Noble, Nicolas
Le Noble, Thomas
Le Petit, Emilie
Le Pichon, Etienne
Le Pigeon, Desirée
Le Quesne, Anne
Le Quesne, Josué
Le Ray, Abraham
Le Ray, Albert Jean
Le Ray, Amelia
Le Ray, Elizabeth, née Vibert
Vibert, Elizabeth
Le Ray, Ellen
Le Ray, George
Le Ray, Philippe
Le Riche, Ann
Le Riche, Betsey
Le Riche, Elizabeth
Le Riche, James
Le Riche, Jeanne, née Coutanche
Le Riche, John
Le Riche, Maria, née Syras
Le Riche, Mary Ann Elizabeth, née Brochet
Le Riche, Mary Ann Jane
Le Riche, Mary Jane
Le Riche, Philip George
Le Riche, Philippe
Le Riche, Philippe George
Le Riche, Rachel
Le Rossignol, Francis
Le Rossignol, Pierre
Le Rouet, Jean Bapt
Le Roux, Lewis
Le Roux, Louis
Le Roux, Philippe
Le Roy, Marie Ann, née Robinson
Le Roy, Mary Ann, née Robinson
Le Rue, Susan, née Pitcher
Le Sauteur, Anne
Le Sauteur, Jane
Le Sauteur, William
Le Sauvage, Elizabeth
Le Seeleur, Mary, née Collet
Le Sueur, Amelia, née Powell
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, Clement
Le Sueur, Elias
Le Sueur, Elie
Le Sueur, François
Le Sueur, Jaemie
Le Sueur, Jane, née Le Sueur
Le Sueur, Jean
Le Sueur, Jeanne
Le Sueur, Jeanne, née Le Sueur
Le Sueur, Jeremie
Le Sueur, John
Le Sueur, Nancy, née Loyd
Le Sueur, Peter
Le Sueur, Philippe
Le Sueur, Thomas
Le Sueur, William
Le Survenu, Benjamin
Le Touzel, Christopher Philip
Le Touzel, François
Le Touzel, Sophie
Le Vesconte, Charles
Le Vesconte, Esther
Le Vesconte, Jane, née Bertaux
Le Vesconte, Mary Ann, née Ahier
Le Vesconte, Mary, née Picot
Le Vesconte, Mary, née Pirouet
Learey, Caroline
Learle, Samuel
Leary, Ellen, née Wickley
Lecacheux, Honorine, née Barbanron
Lecacheux, Jean
Lecacheux, Julie
Lecacheux, Marie
Lecacheux, Pierre
Ledwich, James
Ledwich, Jane
Ledwick, James
Lee, Augusta
Lee, Charlotte, née Smith
Lee, Charlotte, née Smyth
Lee, Charlotte, Smyth
Lee, Edmond Henry
Lee, Edmund Henry
Lee, Ellen
Lee, Ellen
Lee, Emilia
Lee, Emilio
Lee, Isaac
Lee, Julia
Lee, Julia Ann
Lee, Kitty
Lee, Lucy
Lee, Peter
Lee, Rosina
Lefeuvre, Elizabeth
Legoubin, Celeste Adele
LeHardy, Matilda
Leigh, Charles
Leigh, François
Lemasley, Ellen
Lemprièe, Thomas
Lemprière, Edouard
Lemprière, Edward
Lempriere, Marie
Lempriere, Stephen
Lemprière, Thomas
Lennard, Peter
Lennard, Susan
Lennard, Thomas
Lerossignol, Madeleine
Leroy, George
Leroy, Philippe
Lesbirel, John Daniel
Lescroix, Adelaide
Lesler, Ellen, née O’Farren
Letto, William
Levens, Francais
Levens, Francis
Levens, François
Levens, George
Levens, James, née Ledwich
Levens, Jane, née Ledwich
Levieux, Charles
Lewin, George
Lewin, John
Lewis, George
Lewis, John
Lewis, William
Libbey, Philippa
Lihou, Margaret, née Cavatre
Lihou, Marguerite, née Cavatre
Lillis, Michael
Lilly, Caroline
Lilly, George John
Lilly, Mary Ann
Limonnier, Aimée Elise
Lindon, Elizabeth, née Roberts
Lindon, George
Line, Joseph
Linnet, Peter
Liston, Edward
Liston, Edward
Liston, Jeanne
Liston, Johanna
Liston, Sarah
Little, Martha, née Welsh
Little, Richard
Little, William
Littlejohn, Amelia
Livermore, William
Llewellyn, Sarah
Llewelyn, Charlotte, née George
Lloyd, Charles
Lloyd, John
Lock, Hannah, née Carter
Lock, Henry
Lock, Samuel
Lock, Sarah, née Perkins
Lock, William
Lodge, John
Loftus, Ann, née O’Brien
Loftus, John
Long, Daniel
Long, John
Long, Mary, née Stockwell
Long, Matilda
Long, Sydonia
Longland, John
Longland, John
Longland, Thomas
Loocock, Sarah
Looks, Jane
Lord, William
Lothian, Mary, née Driver
Louden, Thomas
Lough, Elizabeth, née Curry
Louth, Mary
Louth, Rachel
Louth, Rosanna
Louth, William
Love, Matilda
Lovegrove, Henry
Lovelace, Henry
Lovely, Hannah
Lovely, Mary, née Millar
Lovely, William
Low, Hannah
Lowbush, Mary Ann, née Williams
Lowry, John
Loyd, John
Loyden, Patrick
Loyding, Patrick
Lucas, Edward
Lucas, Honoré
Lucas, James
Lucas, Jane
Lucas, John
Lucas, Marie, née Bisson
Lucas, Richad
Luce, Ann
Luce, Anne
Luce, Edward
Luce, Jane
Luce, John
Luce, Mary Ann
Luce, Philippe
Luce, Thomas
Luce, Thomas
Lugh, Henry
Lunnen, George
Luoney, Bridget
Lure, Malvina
Lutterback, Matilda, née Matthews
Lyde, William
Lydiard, Aveline
Lydiard, Adelina
Lydiard, Aveline
Lynch, Ann, née Lynch
Lynt, Mary, née McSweeney
Lyons, Eliza
Lyons, Ellen
Lyons, George
Lyons, Mary
Lyons, Patrick
Lyte, Philip
Mabire, Victor
Maby, Mary, née Shearlock
Machlating, John Peter
Machon, Charles
Machon, Elizabeth, née Golley
Machon, Henry
Machon, Philippe
Mackay, James
Mackleling, John Peter
Madden, Eliza, née Le Breton
Madder, Elizabeth, née Merryfield
Madder, Thomas
Maddock, Robert
Maddock, William
Madill, David
Madio, Vincent
Maguire, Edward
Maguire, John
Maguire, Mary Ann
Maguire, Sarah
Mahar, Mary
Mahens, Mary Ann
Maher, Ann
Maher, Catherine
Maher, Edward
Maher, Margaret
Maher, Mary
Maher, Mary, née Howny
Maher, Michael
Maher, Patrick
Mahier, James
Mahoney, Dennis
Mahoney, Eliza, née Kennedy
Mahoney, Jane
Mahoney, Mary
Mahoney, Mary Jane
Mahoney, Patrick
Mahoney, Philip
Mahy, Ann Elizabeth
Mahy, Anne
Mahy, James
Mahy, Mary, née Marett
Mahy, Nicolas
Mahy, Nicolas
Maignard, Elie
Maignard, Elie Pierre
Maignard, Philippe
Maihie, Alexandre
Mail, Isaac
Mail, Samuel
Main, Rachel, née Allez
Mainghney, William
Major, Catherine formerly Enwright, née Whalen
Major, Ann
Major, Esther, née Bennet
Major, Esther, née Bennett
Major, Mathilda
Major, Matilda
Maker, Patrick
Makin, Sarah
Maleney, Daniel
Malgueeney, Michael
Mallen, John
Mallet, Thomas
Maloney, Daniel
Maloney, John
Maloney, John
Maloy, Catherine
Malzard, Alfred frank
Malzard, Ann
Malzard, Anne
Malzard, Charles Philip
Malzard, John
Malzard, Joseph George
Malzard, Maria
Malzard, Marie
Malzard, Philippe
Malzard, Sarah, née Older
Malzare, Philippe
Mann, John
Manning, Charles
Manning, Ellen
Manning, Mary
Mannon, John
Manuel, Matthew
Manuel, Matthieu
Manzell, Mary
Mar, John
Mare, John
Marett, Anne, née Cocklan
Marett, Betsey
Marett, David
Marett, Francois
Marett, George
Marett, John
Marett, Marguérite
Marett, Marie, née Mauger
Marett, Marie, née Mauger
Marett, Mary Ann
Marett, Susanne
Margrie, Thomas
Marie, Elias
Marie, Jean
Marie, Joseph
Marie, Louis
Marie, Mary Ann, née Clarke
Marie, Nancy, née Benest
Marie, Philippe
Marks, Andrew
Marnow, Ellen, née Burke
Marquand, James
Marquand, James
Marrett, James
Mars, David
Marsh, Hannah, née Lucas
Marshall, Ann Eliza
Marshall, Ann Elizabeth
Marshall, Margaret
Marshall, Mary, née Gallichan
Marshall, Mary, née Gullicker
Martin, Jane
Martin, John
Martin, Joseph
Martin, Mary
Martin, Peter
Martin, Sarah
Martin, Sophia
Martin, Sophie
Martin, Thomas
Martin, Virginie
Martyn, Walter
Maskill, Ann, née Taylor
Maskill, Thomas
Mason, Catherine, née Walling
Mason, George
Mason, Robert
Masters, George
Masters, Julia
Masters, Mary Ann
Mater, Maria
Materface, Mary Ann
Matthew, Henry
Matthews, Charles
Matthews, Charles Jns
Matthews, Charles John
Matthews, Edouard
Matthews, Emma
Matthews, Emma Jane
Matthews, Harriet
Matthews, Henry
Matthews, Margaret
Matthews, Mary
Matthews, Mary, née Coutanche
Matthews, William
Mauduin, William
Mauger, Alfred
Mauger, Amelia
Mauger, Anne, née Le Maigre
Mauger, Charles
Mauger, Henry Edward
Mauger, Louisa
Mauger, Louise
Mauger, Pierre
May, Mary, née Colly
Mayo, Eliza
Mc Alister, John
Mc Orgber, Daniel
McAlister, Daniel
McAlister, Eliza
McAlister, Eliza, née Stenson
McAlister, John
McAllen, John
McAllister, Daniel
McAllister, John
McAteer, John
McAteer, Louis Jno
McAvery, Mary
McAvoy, Catherine, née Blake
McAvoy, Dan
McAvoy, Daniel
McAvoy, Mary
McAvoy, Mary, née McKennelley
McAvoy, Mary, née Montague
McBride, Jno Thomas
McBride, Mary Ann
McBride, Mary, née Collings
McBride, William
McBryan, John
McCabe, Peter
McCabe, Sarah, née Connor
McCain, William
McCale, Thomas
McCalligott, Mary, née Connor
McCalligott, Roger
McCart, Catherine
McCart, Henry
McCart, Mary Ann
McCarter, Daniel
McCarth, Catherine
McCarth, Henry
McCarth, Mary Ann
McCarthy, Catherine
McCarthy, Daniel
McCarthy, Elizabeth
McCarthy, Henry
McCarthy, Margaret
McCarthy, Mary
McCarthy, Mary Ann
McCarthy, Thomas
McClean, Henry
McClinchy, Ann, née Usher
McClough, Ambrose
McCouleff, John
McCrum, Martha
McCrum, Martha
McDermott, Mary
McDonald, Betsey
McFarlane, John
McFarlane, Julia
McFarlane, Julie, née Ance
McFarlane, Margaret, née Morry
McFarlane, William
McGalligott, Mary, née Connor
McGee, Catherine
McGee, Mary
McGee, Stephen
McGhee, John
McGill, Mary Ann
McGill, Michael
McGlean, John
McGlynn, Margaret
McGlynn, Michael
McGowan, Jane
McGowan, Thomas
McGrady, Ann, née Hogan
McGrath, Mary
McGuire, Michael
McHugo, Patrick
McKail, Ann
McKana, Jane
McKee, Elizabeth, née Gilbert
McKee, George
Mckeil, Daniel
McKenny, Sophia, née Torode
McKenzie, Alexander
McKenzie, Caroline
McKenzie, Charles
McKenzie, Charles Thomas Vernon
McKenzie, Daniel
McKenzie, Eliza Ann
McKenzie, Ellen Mary
McKenzie, Emma Jane
McKenzie, George
McKenzie, George Peter
McKenzie, James Alfred
McKenzie, John
McKenzie, John Alfred
McKenzie, Louisa
McKenzie, Selina
McKenzie, Thomas
McKeown, Robert
McKlin, Albert
McKlin, John
McLaughlin, Eliza
McLaughlin, Rosanna
McLaughlin, Sarah Ann
McLean, John
McLeod, Alexander
McLeod, Charles
McLeod, Jean
McLeod, Mary, née Querée
McLoud, Alexander
McNamara, Bridget, née Griffiths
McNamara, Catherine
McNamara, James
McNamara, James
McNamara, John
McNamara, Mary Ann
McNamara, Patrick
McNamara, Thomas
McNeil, Matthew
McNeil, Michael
McNeill, Elizabeth, née Scott
McNeill, William
McNely, Francis
McNully, Elizabeth
McNulty, Catherine
McNulty, Catherine, née Kurlachan
McNulty, Edward Dennis
McNulty, Hugh
McNulty, James
McNulty, Katherine
McNulty, Michael
McNulty, William
McPherson, Elizabeth, née Heathershaw
McPherson, James Matthew
McPherson, Jean Matthew
Mcpherson, Mary Jane
McQueen, Catherine, née McKoy
McQueen, Peter
McQuire, Hannah, née Maskellis
McRey, James
McRuliffa, Eliza
McRuliffa, John
McRuliffa, William
McSwiggins, Marie Anne, née Bethemieux
McSwiggins, Marie Anne, née Bettremieux
Meader, Sarah
Meagher, Catherine
Meagher, Daniel
Meagher, David
Meagher, Samuel
Mecklin, Jonathan
Mecklin, Sarah, née Lancaster
Meech, Sarah
Meek, Thomas
Meek, Thomas
Melhuish, Martha
Meller, Elizabeth, née Penhall
Melville, Esther, née Hunt
Melville, John
Mepervy, Jean
Merryweather, Sarah
Mesney, William
Messervy, Matthew
Messervy, Ann
Messervy, Ann, née Parret
Messervy, Ann, née Parret
Messervy, Anne, née Parret
Messervy, George
Messervy, Jane
Messervy, Jean
Messervy, Matthieu
Messervy, Philippe
Messervy, Thomas
Messervy, Thomas Carlton
Metcalf, William
Mewer, John
Miall, William
Michelmore, George
Michelmore, James
Michelmore, John
Michelmore, Thomas
Midvale, Ellen
Mignon, Marie
Mildrum, Mary Ann
Miles, John
Mill, Richard
Millar, Catherine
Millar, George
Millar, Maria
Millard, Charles H
Millard, Charles Henry
Millard, Henry
Miller, Alexander
Miller, James
Miller, Louis
Miller, Pierre
Miller, William
Mills, Abraham
Mills, Ann, née Hodgson
Mills, George
Mills, James
Mills, John
Mills, Susan, née Scully
Mills, William
Minden, Charles
Miquet, Jacques
Miron, Francois
Mitchel, Charles
Mitchel, Emma Alice
Mitchel, Fanny
Mitchel, Fanny
Mitchel, George
Mitchel, Jane
Mitchel, Selby
Mitchel, Silas
Mitchel, Thomas
Mitchell, Charles
Mitchell, Fanny
Mitchell, George
Mogg, Eliza, née Randall
Mogg, Emma Jane
Mogg, Henry
Mogg, John
Mogg, William
Moies, John
Moignard, Edwin
Moignard, Elie
Moignard, Elie Pierre
Moignard, Jane
Moignard, Jane, née Kneeshaw
Moignard, Marie
Moignard, Marie, née Moignard
Moignard, Mary
Moignard, Mary Jane
Moignard, Philippe
Moignard, Sarah, née Scott
Moles, Jane
Moles, William
Moller, Hans Peterson
Mollet, Harriet, née Bessin
Mollet, John
Mollet, Mary H
Mollet, Mary H D
Mollet, Susanne
Mollez, Suzanne
Monamy, Elizabeth Sarah, née Ahier
Monamy, Jean
Monday, Catherine
Moody, George
Moore, Anne, née Launay
Moore, Caroline
Moore, Harriet
Moore, John
Moore, Johnny
Moore, Mary
Moore, Michael
Moore, Rachel
Moore, Selina
Moore, Susan
Moore, William Frs
Moore, William Francis
Moorhead, Ellen, née Dunn
Moorhead, Robert
Moppet, John
Moppett, Ellen, née Tobin
Moppett, Henry
Moppett, James
Moppett, John
Moppett, Samuel
Moppett, Thomas
Moppitt, William
Moran, John
Morehead, Helen, née Dunn
Morehed, Ellen
Morgan, John
Morgan, Margaret
Morgan, Mary
Morgan, William
Mornand, Ellen, née Burke
Morris, Martha
Morris, William
Morrison, William
Morrissey, Thomas
Mortimore, Achilles
Moss, John
Mott, Adolphe
Mott, Alpheus
Mott, Alpheus William
Mott, Alphonse William
Mourant, George
Mourant, George
Mourant, Joseph
Mourant, Mary Ann, née Gallichan
Mourant, Mary, née Gallichan
Mourant, Philip
Mourant, Philip William
Mourant, Philippe
Mourier, Marguerite, née Mordelaite
Mousselet, Alfred Jos
Mousselet, Anthoine
Mouselet, Antoine
Mousselet, Céleste
Moyse, Hannah, née Reynolds
Mudge, John
Muldon, John
Mullet, Jane, née Mitchell
Mullin, John
Mullins, Patrick
Mulloy, Catherine
Mulqueeny, Michael
Mulready, Catherine, née Newlan
Mulready, Eliza, née Callagan
Mulready, Michael
Mulreddy, Ellen
Mulville, Michael
Munden, Andrew
Munt, Catherine Jane, née Wood
Munts, Mary, née Dowling
Murdock, George
Mure, Alexander
Mure, James
Mure, John
Murphy, Ann
Murphy, Ann, née Martin
Murphy, Fanny
Murphy, Margaret
Murphy, Mary
Murphy, Patrick
Murray, Mary, née Stapleton
Murray, Robert
Murrell, John William
Musgrove, Eliza
Musgrove, Henry
Musgrove, Henry Peter
Musgrove, James
Musgrove, William
Musgrove, William Robert
Mutton, Richard
Myban, Catherine
Myban, Michael
Myben, Dennis
Myhan, Catherine
Myhan, Michael
Mynehan, Frédérick
Myning, Francis
Nantz, Marie, née Filleul
Nathan, Joseph
Nathaniel, Charles
Nautz, Marie, née Filleul
Neal, Michael
Neale, Edmund
Neel, Josué
Nelson, Christian
Nelson, Margaret, née Williams
Neptford, James
Nestor, Dennis
Nettlefold, David
Neville, Michael
Newberry, Samuel
Newbury, Thomas
Newhouse, James
Newlan, Elizabeth, née McKoy
Newlyn, George
Newlyn, George
Newman, George
Newman, Peter
Newman, Samuel
Nicholls, Ann
Nicholls, Elizabeth
Nicholls, Elizabeth, née Morris
Nicholls, George
Nicholls, Harriet
Nicholls, Henry
Nicholls, Richard
Nicholls, William
Nicollas, Thomas
Nicolle, Alfred
Nicolle, Charles
Nicolle, Henri
Nicolle, Henry
Nicolle, Jean
Nicolle, Jean Baptiste
Nicolle, John
Nicolle, Marie
Nicolle, Mary
Nicolle, Philippe
Nicolle, Phillippe
Nicolle, Thomas
Noble, Francis
Noble, François
Noble, James
Noble, Nicolas
Noble, Thomas Philippe
Noel, Clement
Noël, Elizabeth
Noel, Esther, née Badier
Noel, Francis
Noel, Francois
Noel, George
Noel, Marie, née Le Huquet
Noel, Molly, née Le Masurier
Noel, Philippe
Nolins, Jane
Norgien, Emélie
Norgien, Marie
Norman, Eliza
Norman, Elizabeth
Norman, Elizabeth, née Vaudin
Norman, Francois
Norman, George
Norman, George
Norman, Jane
Norman, Philippe
Norman, Sophie
Norris, Eleonora
Norris, Mary
Norris, William W
Northcott, Robert
Norton, James
Noss, Henry
Noth, Charles
Nottin, Jane, née Collins
Nowland, Mary
Nunn, Elizabeth, née Clarke
Nuttall, James
Nyers, Etienne
O’Bary, Lawrence
O’Brian, John
O’Brien, Biddy
O’Brien, Bridget
O’Brien, John
O’Brien, Margaret
O’Brien, Owen
O’Connelly, Ellen
O’Connelly, Ellen, née O’Keefe
O’Connor, Peter
O’Donnell, Hugh
O’Hara, Elizabeth
O’Learey, Daniel
O’Leary, Daniel
O’Neal, Emily
O’Neil, Henry
O’Neil, Henry
O’Neil, John
O’Rook, James Saunders
O’Rook, Hannah Marie
O’Rook, Henry
O’Rook, James Saunders
O’Rook, Maria
O’Rook, Martin
O’Rooke, Maria
O’Sullivan, Denis
O’Sullivan, James
O’Tool, Philippe
O’Toole, Philip
O’Toole, Philippe
Oatley, Elizabeth
Odoire, Peter
Odoire, Pierre
Ogier, Peter
Oldfield, Ann
Olding, Jane
Oldreeve, Charles
Oldridge, Sophie, née Le Brun
Olé-Olsen, Marie, née Préavoine
Oliver, Andrew
Olivier, Adelaide Charl, née Le Roi
Olivier, Adelaide, née Le Roi
Olivier, Adelaide, née Le Roy
Olivier, Adelaide, néeLeroy
Olivier, Julien
Olsen, Matthias
Onffroy, Jean
Onfroy, Pierre Francis
Orchard, Benjamin
Orchard, Ellen, née Fitzgerald
Orchard, James Henry
Orchard, Mary, née McConnaughy
Ormond, Mary
Osborne, Elizabeth, née Ede
Osborne, William
Osbourne, Elizabeth, née Ede
Osrard, John
Otterly, George
Ouseley, James
Overend, Thomas
Owen, Maria
Owen, Patrick
Owens, Maria, née Power
Owens, Simon
Ownes, Mary née Power
Padley, Robert
Page, Elizabeth
Page, Elizabeth
Paisley, Charles
Pallot, Charlene
Pallot, Charles
Pallot, Philippe
Pallot, Sophie, née Amy
Palmen, Elizabeth, née Le Feuvre
Palmer, Amelia, née Giffard
Palmer, Ann, née White
Palmer, Elizabeth
Palmer, Elizabeth, née Le Feuvre
Palmer, George
Palmer, Isabella, née Hunter
Palmer, John
Palmer, Joseph
Palmer, Louisa
Palmer, Louisa
Palmer, Louisa Mary
Palmer, Louisa Mary Ann
Palmer, Sarah Eliza
Palmer, Stephen
Palmer, Stephen
Parade, James
Parcall, William
Parker, Charles Stewart
Parker, James
Parker, James Henry
Parker, Jane, née Paris
Parker, Jane, née Perries
Parker, Louisa
Parker, Susan, née Buller
Parker, Susan, née Mercer
Parkins, James
Parnall, John
Parrer, Ann
Parret, Catherine, née Grant
Parret, James
Parret, Jane
Parret, Julia, née Grant
Parret, Mary Ann
Parret, Samuel
Parret, Sarah
Parret, Sarah, née Scandling
Parret, Thomas
Parrez, Sarah
Parrow, James
Parsons, Ann
Parsons, Elisabeth, née Lee
Parsons, Eliza
Parsons, Eliza Townsend
Parsons, Elizabeth, née Lee
Parsons, George
Parsons, Hannah, née Bowring
Parsons, James
Parsons, John
Parsons, William
Pascoe, Philis, née Moxay
Paseley, Charles
Paskins, James
Paskins, Arthur
Pastourel, Michel Maurice
Patterson, Ann, née Terry
Pattle, Eliza Henrietta
Patton, Philippe
Payn, Francis
Payn, Francois
Payn, George
Payn, James
Payn, Jane
Payn, John
Payn, Maria
Payn, Mary
Payn, Philippe
Payn, Sophie, née Allez
Payn, Thomas
Payne, Edward
Payne, James
Payne, James
Payne, Jane
Payne, John
Payne, Julia
Payne, Mary
Peach, Samuel
Pearce, Alfred
Pearce, Anna
Pearce, Anne
Pearce, Asenath
Pearce, Charlotte, née Barnett
Pearce, James
Pearce, Job
Pearce, John
Pearce, Mary Ann
Pearce, Mary Anna
Pearce, Phillipa, née Gay
Pearce, Thomas
Pearce, William
Peare, Agnes
Peek, John
Peek, John
Peel, Anna, née Bishop
Peel, James Joseph
Peel, Maria Brace
Peerless, Ann, née Chipp
Peerless, Charles
Peerless, James William
Peerless, Richard
Peerless, Thomas
Pelin, Robert
Pelley, Jean Joseph Marie
Pellow, Elizabeth, née Barnes
Pellow, John
Pellow, Thomas
Pellow, William
Penery, Thomas
Pengelly, Philip
Pengelly, Rebecca
Pennery, Mary Ann
Pennery, Thomas
Penney, John
Penney, William
Penny, John
Penny, William
Pentborn, Mary Ann
Pepin, Elizabeth, née Filp
Pepin, Henry
Pepin, Mary
Pepin, Mary Elizabeth
Perchard, Elizabeth, née Josselyn
Perchard, John
Perchard, Margaret
Perchard, Marguerite
Perchard, Mary
Perchard, Mary A
Perchard, Mary Ann
Perchard, Mary C
Perchard, Mary C P
Perchard, Philippe
Perchard, Susan
Perchard, Suzanne
Perger, Joseph
Perin, Elizabeth
Perkins, Ann, née Harris
Perkins, Mark
Perkins, Mark
Perkins, Martha
Perrée, Louisa
Perrey, Emma
Perrin, Elizabeth
Perring, Jns Smith
Perry, Edward
Perry, Edward
Perry, Emma
Perry, Henry
Perry, Jane
Perry, Jane, née Paris
Petit, Auguste
Petman, Isaac
Petrey, Frédéric
Petrey, Frederick
Peuchée, Jeanne
Peving, Jane, née Paris
Philippe, George
Philippe, Henry François
Philippe, Jean
Philippe, Mary
Philips, Amelia
Philips, Ann, née Hurrell
Philips, Elizabeth
Philips, Henry
Philips, John
Philips, Mary
Philips, Matilda
Philips, William
Pickford, Eliza
Pickford, Mary Jane, née Toogood
Pickford, Thomas Robert
Picot, Alfred
Picot, Charles John
Picot, Esther, née Le Feuvre
Picot, Francis William
Picot, François William
Picot, Frcs William
Picot, Frs William
Picot, John
Picot, Josue
Picot, Marguerite
Picot, Mary, née de Ste Croix
Picots, Marguerite
Pictora, Michael
Piddle, William
Pierce, Thomas
Pigeon, John
Pigeon, John Charles
Pigeon, William
Pike, Charles
Pike, Ellen, née Flannagan
Pike, Ellen, née Johnson
Pike, Hannah Marie
Pike, Harriet
Pike, Harriet, née Mish
Pike, James
Pike, John
Pike, Samuel
Pike, Selina Ann, née Moon
Pike, William
Pike, William James
Pinch, William
Pinel, Clement
Pinel, Elizabeth, née Le Seeleur
Pinel, George
Pinel, George
Pinel, Jean
Pink, Henry
Pinnery, Charle
Pinnick, James
Pinson, Mary, née Camble
Pinter, John
Pinwell, Ann
Pinwell, John
Pinwell, Joseph
Piper, Georgina, née Ford
Pipler, Joseph
Pipon, Esther, née Mourant
Pipon, Louisa, née Hodges
Pipon, Mary Elizabeth
Pironnet, Jean
Pironnet, John
Pirouch, Edward
Pirouet, Francis George
Pirouet, François George
Pirouet, Frcs George
Pirouet, Frs George
Pirouet, Nancy, née Romeril
Pirouet, Philippe
Pirouet, Thomas George
Pitcher, Jane, née Rogers
Pitchers, Charles
Pitchford, Eleonora, née Bristland
Pitchford, Margaret
Pitchford, Maria
Pitman, Albert
Pitman, Emma Harriet
Pitman, Isaac
Pitman, Mary
Pitman, Primrose
Pitrel, Benjamin
Pitt, Robert
Plins, Ann, née Payn
Plowman, Ann, née Betts
Plowman, Mary Ann
Plowman, Mary Ann, née Taylor
Plowman, Susan
Plummer, Mary, née Gray
Plunkett, James
Pocock, John
Pocock, John
Poelford, Laura
Poidevin, Rachel
Poidevin, Rachel
Poignant, Henriette
Poingdestre, Adèle Marthe Salesses
Poingdestre, Charles
Poingdestre, Harriet Jane
Poingdestre, Philippe
Poisson, Mary Ann
Pollet, Emile
Ponialowski, Alexander
Poniatourski, Alexander
Pontet, Edward
Pontin, Elizabeth, née Leigh
Poole, Henry
Poole, Henry
Poole, Michael
Pope, Ephraim
Porter, Franciscus
Porter, Louisa Maria Barbel
Portland, Alfred
Potter, William
Pouclee, Ann
Pouclée, Anne
Pouclée, Caroline
Pouclee, Jean
Poulain, Théophile
Pounds, Thomas
Powell, Benjamin
Powell, Daniel
Powell, Thomas
Power, Bridget
Power, Thomas
Prall, John William
Prankard, John
Prendible, Charles
Prendible, Thomas
Preston, Julia
Preston, Susan
Price, Benjamin
Price, John
Price, John Allan
Price, Mary, née Winn
Price, Thomas
Price, Walter
Primmer, Elizabeth
Primmer, Jane
Primmer, Louisa
Primmer, Mary Ann
Primmer, Susan
Primmer, Susanne, née Malzard
Primmer, Suzanne
Princhard, John
Princhard, John
Prindable, Thomas
Prindon, Patrick
Pringle, Elizabeth
Prire, Benjamin
Pritchard, Hugh
Pritchard, Jane, née Rogers
Proctor, Charles
Proctor, Richard
Proir, Onsy
Prout, Marie, née Guy
Prouton, Francis
Prowten, John
Puce, Thomas
Pugsley, John
Pugsley, John
Pye, Elizabeth
Pye, Elizabeth
Quann, Mary, née Kalsey
Quarm, Edmund
Quarm, Mary Ann
Quarm, Robert
Quarsozon, Edward
Queen, Selina
Quenault, Elisabeth
Quenault, Françoise Elizabeth, née Picot
Quenault, Jane
Quenault, Jean
Quenault, Joseph
Quenault, Mary Ann, née Dyer
Quenault, Rachel
Quenault, Sarah Emma
Quenault, Thomas Joseph
Quenault, William
Quenault, William John
Quéneault, Sarah Emma
Quéneault, William
Quentick, John
Querée, Eliza
Querée, Jane
Querée, John
Querée, John Edward
Quérée, Marie, née Rondel
Quérée, Marie, née Rondel
Quersauzon, Edward
Quick, John
Quick, Leah, née Nash
Quickly, Sarah, née Hall
Quickly, Sarah, née Hall
Quickly, Sarah, née Hall
Quinlan, Harriet
Quinlan, Margaret
Quinlan, Mary, née Dunn
Quinn, Charles
Quinn, Charlotte, née Russell
Quinn, Ellen
Quinn, James
Quinn, John
Quinn, John
Quinn, Mary Ann
Quinn, Mary, née Kelsay
Quinn, Mary, née Kelsey
Quinn, Robert William
Quint, Thomas
Rafferty, Ann, née Stevens
Rafferty, Eliza
Rafferty, Philip
Rainny, James
Rainny, Jane
Rainny, John
Rainny, Sarah
Ralph, Agnès Jane
Rammington, Mary, née Lerrick
Rancam, Joseph
Rannell, Michael
Rapsey, Joseph
Rapsey, Thomas
Rattigan, Jane
Rattigan, John
Raygan, Joanna, née Wade
Raymond, Caroline
Raymond, Charlotte, née Williams
Raymond, George
Raymond, Mary Ann
Raymond, Rebecce
Raymond, William
Rayner, Edward
Rayner, Elizabeth
Rayner, James
Rayner, John
Rayner, Joseph
Rayner, Sarah
Rayner, William
Raynor, Elizabeth
Ready, John
Reardon, John
Reardon, John
Reed, Alfred
Reed, Amelia
Reed, Caroline
Reed, Eliza
Reed, Eliza
Reed, Elizabeth
Reed, Harriet
Reed, James
Reed, Jane
Reed, Jane
Reed, Martha
Reed, Mary Ann
Reed, Mary Ann
Reed, Mary, née Rooks
Reed, Mercy
Reed, Selina
Reed, Thomas
Reed, William
Reed, William Henry
Reeve, Henry
Regen, William
Reid, Amelia
Reid, Amelia
Reid, Jane
Reid, Mary
Reive, John
Rembarden, Thomas
Remy, Jean
Rendell, Thomas
Rendle, Thomas
Reneul, Suzanne, née Peek
Renouf, Charles
Renouf, Charles George
Renouf, Elizabeth Jane
Renouf, Jeanne, née Pallot
Renouf, Jeanne, née Pallot
Renouf, Julia
Renouf, Philippe
Reynolds, Bridget
Reynolds, Catherine, née Stanley
Reynolds, Harriet, née Summers
Reynolds, James
Reynolds, James
Reynolds, Joseph
Reynolds, Mary
Reynolds, Mary Ann
Reynolds, Michael
Reynolds, Susan, née Peek
Reynolds, William
Reynolds,Catherine, née Shanley
Ribreault, Jacques Fon
Rice, Bridget, née Levy
Rice, Elizabeth
Rice, John
Rice, John
Rice, Mary, née Hubert
Rice, Matilda
Richard, Elizabeth, née Henley
Richards, Betsey, née Sutterfield
Richards, Eliza
Richards, Jane, née Hine
Richards, John
Richardson, Abraham
Richecoeur, Susanne
Richelieu, Henri
Richie, Joseph
Ricley, James
Riddle, Ann
Ride, Margaret
Rieley, James
Riely, Ellen, née Finlay
Riely, James
Riely, Micheal
Riley, Mary
Riley, Thomas
Rimmer, Louise
Riordan, Mary
Riouffe, Joseph
Rive, Jean
Rivett, James
Robbins, Jane, née Goddard
Robert, Catherine, née Lambett
Robert, Emma
Robert, John
Robert, Mary Ann
Robert, Susan, née Pipet
Roberts, Catherine
Roberts, John
Roberts, Richard
Roberts, Robert
Roberts, Thomas
Robertson, William Frederick
Robertson, William T
Robertson, William Tresidder
Robillard, Matilda Ch, née Wright
Robilliard, Mathilda Ch née Wright
Robin, Auguste
Robin, Elizabeth
Robin, Jean
Robin, John
Robin, Pierre
Robin, Pierre
Robin, Samson Marie
Robins, Edward Nelson
Robins, George
Robins, Jane, née Cavanagh
Robins, Jane, née Goddard
Robins, John
Robins, Joseph
Robins, Thomas
Robins, Thomas Edward
Robins, Victoria
Robinson, Alfred
Robinson, Ann Isabella
Robinson, Annabella
Robinson, Elizabeth
Robinson, Frederick
Robinson, George
Robinson, Jane, née Lewis
Robinson, Sarah, née Burman
Roborough, Caroline
Roborough, Charles
Robrough, Charles
Robrough, Henry
Roche, Michael
Rochelle, Alexandre
Rochelle, Selina
Rodde, Samson
Roddo, Richard
Rodgers, William
Rodolphe, John
Rogers, Amanda
Rogers, Charles
Rogers, David
Rogers, Elizabeth
Rogers, John
Rogers, Martha, née Borns
Rogers, Martha, née Stickland
Rogers, Mary Ann, née Connell
Rogers, Mary Ann, née Connor
Rogers, Susan
Roissier, Caroline
Roissier, George Francis
Rollands, Julie, née Dupuitron
Rollands, Julie, née Duputrou
Rolls, Robert
Romano, Pierre
Romeril, Abraham
Romeril, Aimable, née Quiros
Romeril, Anne, née Deslandes
Romeril, Anne, née Le Bas
Romeril, Charles
Romeril, Charlotte, née Brehaut
Romeril, Eliza
Romeril, George
Romeril, Julia
Romeril, Lucile
Romeril, Philippe
Romeril, Samuel
Rondel, Charles
Rondel, Jean
Rook, Mary
Rooks, Mary
Rose, Ann, née Searles
Rose, Joshua
Ross, Benjamin
Rossey, Henry
Rougham, John
Rouse, Maria
Roussel, François
Rout, William
Row, James
Row, James
Rowe, Adolphus
Rowe, Elizabeth
Rowe, Elizabeth
Rowe, Elizabeth Ann
Rowe, George
Rowe, Isaac
Rowe, James
Rowe, Jean Christopher Henry
Rowe, John
Rowe, Jos Charles Henry
Rowe, Mary, née Vidamour
Rowe, Susan, née Hicks
Rowe, William Henry
Rower, John
Ruby, Patrick
Rudkowski, Ignacy
Ruelot, Josephine
Russell, Alvina
Russell, Emily
Russell, Francis Lihore
Russell, John
Russell, Louisa
Russell, Margaret
Russell, Mary, née Gribble
Ruthimaise, Susanne, née Neho
Ryall, Charlotte, née De La Mare
Ryan, Catherine
Ryan, Charlotte, née De La Mare
Ryan, Dennis
Ryan, Ellen
Ryan, James
Ryan, Joana
Ryan, John
Ryan, John
Ryan, Julia, née Shanachan
Ryan, Kelly
Ryan, Martin
Ryan, Mary
Ryan, Mary
Ryan, Michael
Ryan, Michel
Ryan, Patrick
Ryan, William
Rye, Hannah Marie
Rye, Henry
Ryne, John
Sadler, Jane
Sadler, Jane
Saigné, Louis
Sale, Michael
Salepes, Adèle Marthe
Salibury, Emma
Salibury, Emma
Salisbury, Charles
Salisbury, Louisa, née Matthews
Salisbury, Susan
Salisbury, Susanna
Salisbury, Susannah
Sallwood, James
Salmon, Elizabeth, née de la Cour
Salmon, Esther
Salmon, June
Salmon, Pierre
Salter, Amos
Salter, Caroline
Salter, Francis
Salter, Frederick
Salter, James
Sampson, Henry
Sampson, James
Sampson, Mary Ann
Sampson, William
Samson, James
Samson, William
Sandrell, Philip
Sansom, Henry
Sansom, William
Sarre, Eizabeth, née Dorey
Sarre, Elizabeth, née Dorey
Sarre, Henry
Saunders, Ann, née Best
Saunders, James
Saunders, Jane
Saunders, Jane Ann
Saunders, Joseph
Saunders, Mary
Saunders, Mary Ann
Saunders, Mary, alias O’Rook
Saunders, Philip John
Saunders, Philippe
Saunders, Philppe
Saunders, Sophie, née La Gouge
Saunders, Susan Mary
Saunders, William
Sauvarain, Ann, née Colbach
Sauvarain, Ann, née Colback
Savage, Betsey
Scales, Amelia
Scales, Eliza
Scales, Ella Rosa
Scales, Henry
Scales, John
Scales, Mary Jane
Scales, Mary, née Couling
Scammell, Ann
Scandlen, Ellen
Scandlen, James
Scandlen, Mary
Scandling, Ann
Scandling, James
Scandling, Mary Ann
Scandling, Nancy
Scandlon, Edward
Scandlon, Ellen
Scandlon, Ellen, née Murphy
Scandlon, James
Scandlon, Mary
Scandlon, Mary, née Liddye
Sceeney, Jane
Scieney, Jane
Scot, John Henry
Scotlock, Samuel
Scott, Ann, née Antill
Scott, Edmund
Scott, Frederick
Scott, Margaret
Scott, Sarah
Scout, Robert
Screech, James
Seajer, James
Sealer, Ann, née Witter
Sealing, James
Seamus (dit James), Leon
Seaward, Adelaide
Sebire, Arthur Théophile
Sebire, Charles
Sebire, Charles
Sebire, Mary, née McAllen
Sech, Hannah, née Carter
Seeny, Jane
Séguin, Pauline, née Langais
Selby, Elizabeth, née Rosekelley
Selby, Louisa
Selby, Maria
Selby, Mary
Selby, Thomas
Selby, William
Séléke, Henry
Sellay, Catherine
Selway, Matthew
Semmonier, Anne, née Pelpaud
Septembre, Elizabeth Ann
Sergeants, Adolphus
Sevaffield, Richard
Sevry, Mary Ann
Seward, Joseph
Seward, Joseph
Seymour, William
Shackler, James
Shacklesby, Marie, née Le Brun
Shaklesby, Marie, née Le Brun
Shalloway, Margaret
Shappick, Jonas
Sharland, Emma
Sharland, Emma
Sharland, John
Sharp, William
Sharpe, Ann
Shaw, Jessey
Shaw, Jessey
Shaw, Jessy
Shay, John
Shay, Honora, née Horne
Shay, John
Shay, Mary Ann
Shea, Edward
Shea, James
Shea, John
Shea, Mary
Shea, Thomas
Sheady, Michael
Shean, John
Shean, Margaret
Shean, Mary
Shean, Patrick
Shearlock, Albert Spencer
Shearlock, Albert William
Sheeham, Timothy
Sheehan, Timothy
Sheen, Peggy
Sheperd, Henry
Shephard, Catherine, née Barrett
Shepherd, David
Shepherd, George
Shepherd, Georgina
Shepherd, William
Shepperd, James
Shepperd, Robert
Sheppherd, Catherine, née Barrett
Sheridan, Ellen
Sheridan, Margaret
Sherpon, Henry
Sherry, Emily, née Quinn
Sherwood, Charlotte, née Cussle
Shield, Elizabeth, née Nowlan
Shiels, Elizabeth, née Nowlan
Shiels, James
Shinar, John
Short, Catherine, née Shay
Short, Edmund
Short, Edward
Short, John
Short, Mary Ann
Shutler, James
Sibley, Samuel
Sidney, Jane, née Morston
Sidoli, Angelo
Silby, Thomas
Simon, David
Simon, Pierre
Simon, Virginie
Simons, William
Sims, Joseph
Sims, Sarah, née Manning
Sindon, Elizabeth
Singleton, Caroline
Sinnatt, John
Sinnel, Philippe
Skelton, John
Skilton, John
Skinner, Thomas
Slate, Sarah
Slater, Ana, née Witter
Slater, Ann, née Webber
Slater, Ann, née Wilters
Slater, Ann, née Wither
Slater, Ann, née Witter
Slater, Elizabeth
Slater, George
Slater, Matilda Jane
Sleep, Orlando
Sloggatt, John
Slotted, Elizabeth
Slyfield, Eliza, née Hawkins
Smale, John
Small, Mary, née Shacker
Smith, Allix
Smith, Amelia Sophia
Smith, Amelia Sophia, née Stickland
Smith, Amias
Smith, Ann
Smith, Ann, née Pouclée
Smith, Anne, née Pouclée
Smith, Bernard
Smith, Biddy
Smith, Biddy
Smith, Bridget
Smith, Bridget, née Smith
Smith, Charles
Smith, Charles
Smith, Charles William
Smith, Charlotte, née Dickson
Smith, Eliza
Smith, Elizabeth, née Cocklan
Smith, Ellen
Smith, Henry
Smith, James
Smith, Jane
Smith, John
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Mary
Smith, Rachel Précille, née Le Maistre
Smith, Richard
Smith, Rosanna, née McLaughlin
Smith, Sudan
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Thomas John
Smith, William
Smoker, Louias
Smoker, William
Smythe, Charlotte
Snelgrove, John
Snelling, John
Snookes, Mary
Snow, John
Soar, Jane
Sohier, Arthur
Sohier, George
Sohier, Jean
Sohier, Jean
Solman, Pierre
Sommers, Annah
Sommers, Annah, née Harr
Sommers, Elizabeth
Sommers, George
Sommers, Mary
Sommers, Selina
Soper, Amélia
Soper, Elizabeth Jane
Soper, Elizabeth, née Hosking
Soper, George
Soper, Henry
Soper, William
Sorsoleil, Marguerite
Sorsoleil, Marguerite Sophie
Sorsoleil, Mary Sophie
South, Rachel, née McDonald
South, William
Spargo, James
Spargo, William
Spargon, James
Spence, Jane, née Clark
Spence, William
Spence, William James
Spence, Ann
Spencer, Biddy, née Williams
Spencer, Edward
Spencer, Elizabeth
Spencer, Jane, née Clarke
Spencer, Margaret, née Welsh
Spencer, Mary Ann, née Davis
Splatt, Hannah
Spooner, Maria
Spragatt, Robert
Spry, Priscilla
Squire, George
Sreeney, Jane
Stainer, Martha, née Stevens
Standbury, David
Standbury, Sarah, née Branivele
Standbury, Sarah, née Branwell
Standbury, Sarah, née Browlow
Standford, William
Stanlake, William
Stanton, Mary, née Ching
Stapleton, Barbara
Starck, Jane
Stephens, John
Stevens, Christopher
Stevens, Elizabeth
Stevens, George
Stevens, Henry
Stevens, Henry, alias Howard, William
Stevens, John
Stevens, Martha
Stevens, Mary
Stevens, Mary Ann, née Downing
Stewart, Mary
Stewart, Mary, née Forcey
Stewart, William
Stibby, Stephen
Stokes, Eliza
Stokes, John
Stokes, Richard
Stone, Anne, née De Caen
Stone, Edward
Stone, Hannah, née Baker
Stone, Henry
Stone, John
Stone, Maria, née Cook
Stone, Mary, née Amy
Stoneman, Charles
Stoneman, Elizabeth
Stoneman, Harriet, née Baker
Stoneman, William
Stoyle, Sophia
Strack, Jane
Strafford, John
Strange, William
Stranger, Charles
Stransom, Eliza
Street, Catherine, née Johnson
Street, Elizabeth, née Goble
Street, Ellen
Street, James
Strike, Mary
Strong, Rebecca
Stroud, Mary Ann, née Delouches
Stroud, William
Strout, Jane
Strout, Mary Ann, née Delouches
Stubbs, John
Stuckey, Peter
Styles, Ann
Suanders, William
Sullivan, Ann
Sullivan, Barny
Sullivan, Barry
Sullivan, Bridget
Sullivan, Catherine
Sullivan, Elizabeth
Sullivan, Ellen
Sullivan, Esther
Sullivan, Henry
Sullivan, James
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, Lawrence
Sullivan, Margaret
Sullivan, Mary Ann, née Barlow
Sullivan, Thomas
Sully, Marie Augustine
Summer, James
Summers, George
Summers, Isaac James
Summers, James
Summington, Samuel
Sumner, Francis
Sundercomb, William
Sundercombe, Harriet, née Syma
Supple, Mary
Supple, Mary Ann
Suttenfield, Betsey
Sweetapple, Ann, née Searle
Sweetapple, Harriet
Sweetapple, Richard
Sweetapple, Robert David
Sweetapple, William
Sweeting, Frederick
Sweetland, Robert
Swiggins, Marie Anne, née Bettremieux
Syborne, Esther, née Langlois
Sykes, Edward
Sykes, Edward
Sylvestre, Hélène
Symons, Jane
Syvret, Charles
Syvret, Eliza
Syvret, Ellen
Syvret, Ellen, née Poole
Syvret, Esther
Syvret, Jane
Syvret, Mary Ann
Tabau, Angelique
Tabb, Charles
Tabb, George
Tabb, John
Tackaberry, Edward
Tackaberry, John
Tackaberry, Richard
Tackberry, Edward
Tackerberry, Edward
Tagney , Jane, née Esnouf
Tagney, William Francis
Tagney, William Henry
Taguey, Jane, née Esnouf
Talbot, Rachel, née Buesnel
Talent, Nancy, née Carthy
Tall, William
Tall, Henry
Tall, William
Tall, William George
Tallm Henry James
Tambini, Marie, née Duchène
Tancher, Sarah, née Carr
Tanner, Charles
Tanner, Louisa Pitman
Tansley, Isaac
Tansley, William
Tarten, Elizabeth
Taylor, Alice, née Higgins
Taylor, Angelina
Taylor, Angeline
Taylor, Ann, née Talbot
Taylor, Caroline Elizabeth
Taylor, Catherine, née McDonald
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Edmund
Taylor, Ellen
Taylor, James
Taylor, John
Taylor, John Charles
Taylor, Kate, née Fyland
Taylor, Margaret
Taylor, Mary, née Tucker
Taylor, Matthew Nelson
Taylor, Michael
Taylor, Patrick
Taylor, Paul
Taylor, Sarah, née Laughlin
Taylor, Thomas
Taylor, William
Telford, Eliza
Teller, John
Temple, Michael
Terney, Edward
Terney, Patrick
Terneys, Edward
Terneys, Patrick
Terry, Ann, née Dillon
Tewint, John
Thaout, Pierre
Thoburn, David
Thomas, Alexander
Thomas, George
Thomas, James
Thomas, Jean Pierre
Thomas, John
Thomas, Margaret, née Duffy
Thomas, Maria, née Mill
Thomas, Mary Ann
Thomas, Richard
Thomas, Stephen
Thomas, William
Thompson, Elizabeth
Thompson, James
Thompson, John
Thompson, William
Thomson, William
Thorn, John
Thorne, Ann, née Cowell
Thorne, Thomas
Thornton, Clara
Thornton, Maria Ann
Thornton, Marie Ann
Thornton, Marie Anne
Thornton, Mary Ann
Thurston, Louisa
Tidiman, Lewis
Tidiman, Louis
Tidiman, Susannah, née Hutchings
Tidyman, Jane, née Kneeshaw
Tiedy, Johannah
Tierney, Edward
Tierney, Elizabeth
Tierney, Frederick
Tierney, James
Tierney, Joseph
Tierney, Patrick
Tinckam, John
Tinckam, Samuel
Tippet, William
Tissel, Pierre
Tobin, Edmund
Tobin, Mary
Tomlinson, Molly, née Le Dain
Toms, Amelia
Tonar, Elizabeth
Toner, Mary Ann
Tonkins, Mary
Tonor, Elizabeth
Tooks, John
Toole, Charles
Toole, Elizabeth
Toopy, John
Top, Elizabeth, née Johns
Tope, Elizabeth, née Johns
Torgow, Robert
Torpy, John
Tosteven, Mary
Tostevin, Peter
Tough, Thomas
Tough, Thomas
Touissaint, Victor
Touzel, Charles Philip
Touzel, Ann Harvey, née Defries
Touzel, François
Touzel, Ann Henriette
Touzel, Charles Philip
Touzel, Charles Philippe
Touzel, François
Touzel, François Giles
Touzel, Heloise Emelie
Touzel, Jane Susan Defries
Touzel, Jeanneton, née Ponssin
Touzel, John David
Touzel, Peter
Townend, Maria
Towsend, Elizabeth
Trach, Caroline
Trahy, Mary
Trainer, Catherine
Tranter, George
Travers, Pierre
Treadwin, George
Trehen, Mary, née Vidamour
Trehen, Pierre
Trevethan, Sarah
Trigal, John
Trigg, Arthur
Trigg, George
Trigg, Henry
Trigg, Susan
Trigg, Thomas Edwin
Triggs, Ann, née Dorey
Triggs, Susannah, née Dorey
Triplet, George
Tropp, John
Troy, Michael
Trush, Caroline
Trush, Elizabeth, née Porter
Trush, Henry
Trush, Jane
Trush, Joanna
Trush, Richard
Tucker, Henrietta
Tucker, John
Tucker, William
Tuffan, Ann, née Doswell
Tuffan, Charles
Tuffan, Elizabeth
Tuffan, Ellen
Tuffan, James
Tuillers, Albertine
Tuiseau, née Aimable
Turber, Louise
Turner, Ann
Turner, Elizabeth, née Warkinan
Turner, James
Turner, John
Turner, Lucy
Turner, Margaret
Turner, Margaret
Turner, Mary
Turner, Michael
Turner, Rachel, née Le Brun
Turner, William
Turney, Edward
Turney, John
Tweedle, Margaret Anna
Tweedle, Mary Jane
Tweedle, Mary, née Brodie
Tweedle, William
Udal, Gas
Une femme inconnue
Uren, Joseph
Vaclé, Jean
Valentin, James
Valentin, Mark
Vallon, Daniel
Vanbrook, Elizabeth
Vanbrooke, Ann
Vance, George Charles
Vardon, Henry
Vardon, Mary Ann
Vardon, Mary, née Legg
Vasselen, Joseph
Vasselet, Catherine, née Corsonnel
Vasselet, Joseph
Vasselin, François
Vaudin, Elizabeth
Vaudin, George
Vautier, Abraham
Vautier, François
Vautier, Jane
Vautier, Jean
Vautier, Jean Louis
Vautier, John
Vautier, Louise
Vautier, Mary
Vautier, Priscilla
Veal, Thomas
Veich, Clara
Venice, Louis
Vennall, Ann, née Brine
Vennall, Henry
Verney, Richard William
Vernon, Ann
Vernon, Ann, née Banks
Vernon, Elizabeth
Vernon, Selina
Vibert, Charles
Vibert, Elie
Vibert, Jean
Vibert, John
Vichery, John
Vickers, Joseph
Vickery, John
Vicq, Anne Elizabeth
Vicq, Nancy Elizabeth
Vidamour, Mary, née Renouf
Vivian, Henry
Vivian, Henry Henwood
Vivian, Thomas
Voclé, Caroline
Voclé, Jean
Voisin, John
Voisin, Marie, née Lempriere
Voisin, Peter
Vosper, Benjamin
Vosper, John
Vosper, Mary
Waddle, John
Wakeham, Edward
Wakeham, William
Wakeham, William Henry
Wales, Joseph
Wales, Mary Ann, née Fowler
Walker, Thomas Henry
Walker, Elizabeth
Walker, Ellen, née Gale
Walker, Henry
Walker, James
Walker, John
Walker, Philip Henry
Walker, Priscilla
Walker, Sarah Ann
Walker, Sarah, née Pengelly
Walker, Thomas Henry
Wall, Ann
Wall, Jane, née Ereaut
Wall, John Thomas
Wallace, Alexander
Wallace, Edwin John
Wallace, Emily
Wallace, Harriet
Wallace, Selina Catherine
Wallen, Biddy
Walling, Mary Ann
Wallis, Elizabeth
Wallis, Emily Rhoda
Wallis, Frederick
Wallis, Harriett
Wallis, John
Wallis, Joseph
Wallis, Lucy
Wallis, Mary Ann, née Hambly
Wallis, Mary Ann, née Stanbury
Wallis, Michael
Wallis, Susannah, née Bickham
Walsh, Betsey Fanny, née Huard
Walsh, George
Walsh, John
Walsh, Mary, née Dunley
Walsh, Peter
Walsh, Rosella
Walton, Michael
Wanstone, Edward
Warburton, George Thomas
Warburton, Selina Esther
Ward, Henry
Ward, Henry
Ward, John
Wareham, George
Wareham, Louisa
Warne, Ann
Warne, Ann, née Shammill
Warner, Susanne, née Davis
Warren, Charlotte
Warren, Frank
Warren, John
Washington, James
Water, Charlotte