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Jersey General Hospital Admission Register, 1855 - 1863. This register gives details of the person admitted, including date of entry, name, age, place of birth and cause of entry. The volume has been transcribed and can be viewed as a pdf by subscribers. (Please note all of the entries for D/AN/B11/2 are also in this register, so it has not been transcribed). Click on volume description to access the pdf.

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Reference D/AN/B11/3
Date 1 October 1855 - 1 December 1863
Names Jersey General Hospital
Abbott, William
Aubin, P, Jurat
Health and Social Services Department
Abbott, Jane Eliza
Abbott, Richard
Abbott, John Richard
Abbott, William
Abbott, William George
Acourt, Fanny Elizabeth
Adam, Augustine Julie, née Le Bourg
Adams, Mary Ann
Adné, Edouard
Agnew, Fanny
Agnew, Fanny, née Knight
Agnew, James William
Ahier, Charles
Albo, John Joseph
Aldred, Edward
Alexandre, Ann
Alexandre, Jane Elizabeth
Alexandre, Jean Victor
Alexandre, John
Alexandre, Mary
Alexandre, Mary Susanne
Alexandre, Sophie
Alexandre, William
Alford, James
Alford, William
Alicette, John
Allain, Louis
Allen, Alfred
Allen, Edward
Allen, George
Allen, James
Allen, Joseph George Sibley
Allen, Julia, née Masters
Allen, Nancy
Allen, Peter
Allen, Susanne, née Giffard
Allen, William
Allère, Jean
Allez, Rachel
Allez, Robert
Allicette, John
Allix, Adolphe
Allix, Alice Maud
Allix, Ann
Allix, George
Allix, James George
Allix, Jules
Allix, Samuel George
Allo, Jane Marie
Allo, John Joseph
Alton, Ann
Ambrose, Alfred
Ambrose, Edward
Ambrose, George
Ambrose, Henry
Ambrose, Henry Jeanne
Ambrose, John
Ambrose, Maria
Ambrose, Maria, née Bridgeland
Ambrose, Sarah Ann
Ambrose, William
Amy, Ann
Amy, Daniel
Amy, Elizabeth
Amy, Esther
Amy, Francis
Amy, François
Amy, George John
Amy, Godfray
Amy, Jean
Amy, Louisa
Amy, Marie
Amy, Philippe
Amy, Philippe
Amy, Rachel, née Henry
Amy, Susanne
Amy, Thomas George
Amyot, Maria Aimée
Anderson, Betsey
Anderson, Elizabeth
Anderson, Jane, née West
Anderson, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Anderson, Nicholas
Angles, Patrick
Anley, James
Anquetil, Betsey
Anquetil, Jane
Anquetil, John
Anquetil, John
Anquetil, Marie
Anquetil, Mary A
Anquetil, Mary Ann
Anson, Clara
Anson, Jane
Anson, Jane
Anstoch, John
Anthoine, Amelia
Armstrong, Charlotte
Arrow, Hodges
Arthur, François
Arthur, Frank
Arthur, Noé
Ash, Harriet
Ashelford, Charlotte
Asher, Henry
Asplet, Auguste
Asplet, James Adolphe Peter
Asplet, Mary
Asplet, Philippe
Asplet, Rose Caroline, née Pinel
Atkins, Thomas
Aubin, Elie
Aubin, George
Aubin, Henriette, née Le Tublin
Augustin, John
Averey, Alfred
Averey, Virginia
Avery, Elizabeth
Avery, Virginia
Avery, Virginie
Baal, George
Babstock, Fanny, née Beaton
Badier, Abraham
Badier, George
Bagwell, Anne, née Le Boeuf
Bailey, Daniel
Bailey, George
Bailey, John
Bailey, Louisa
Bailey, Mary Ann
Bailey, Patrick William
Bailey, Sarah
Bailly, Ann, née Sullivan
Bainger, Elizabeth
Baker, Louisa
Baker, William
Baker, William Francis
Ball, Amos
Ball, Joseph
Ballatti, J
Balleine, Elizabeth
Barber, William
Barbet, Louis
Barkshire, William
Barlow, Mary, née Le Masurier
Barnard, Amelia
Barnes, Harriet
Barnes, James
Barrett, Elizabeth
Barrette, Helier
Barrette, Henry
Barrette, Philippe
Barry, John
Barry, William
Bartlett, Elizabeth
Bartlett, Henry
Bartlett, Henry Joseph
Bartlett, Jane
Bartlett, Margaret
Bartlett, Maria
Bartlett, Mary Ann
Bartlett, Sarah
Bartlett, Susan
Bartolomi, Mato
Barton, John
Basset, Jane
Basten, William
Bates, Alfred
Bates, Ann
Bates, Charles
Bates, John
Bath, George
Bath, Sarah
Battam, Edward
Battam, Francis James
Battam, François
Battam, Francoise
Battam, Jane
Battam, Mary
Batters, William
Batters, William Arthur
Batterson, John
Baubigne, Françoise
Bauché, Marie Louisa
Baudains, Carlotte, née Lemprière
Baudains, Carterette, née Lemprière
Baudains, Cartrelle, née Lemprière
Baudains, George
Baudains, Jean
Baudains, Josué
Baudains, Mary
Baudains, Philippe
Baudins, Francis
Baumgartner, Ferdinand
Bavage, Jane
Baxter, Adelaide
Baxter, Adeline
Bayler, Thomas
Bayley, Thomas
Bazil, Pierre
Beach, Edward
Beams, Michael
Bean, John
Beaton, Henry
Beattie, George
Beaucamp, Jean
Beaucousin, Philip
Beaugie, Josué
Beaugié, Mary Ann
Beauvrier, Allain
Bechelet, Elizabeth
Bechelet, Françoise, née Pléton
Bechelet, Joseph
Bechelet, Philip
Bechelet, Philippe
Bechelet, William
Beck, Amelia, née Christy
Beckford, Samuel
Becquet, Charles
Bediford, John
Beech, William
Been, Mary
Beene, Ellen
Belford, Kate Eliza
Belford, Mary Ann
Belin, John
Belize, Esther, née Amy
Bell, John
Bell, Phoebe
Bemmet, John
Benest, Anne
Benest, Eliza
Benest, Elizabeth
Benest, Selina
Benest, Victor
Benger, H Smith
Benham Philip
Bennett, Frances
Bennett, Henry
Bennett, Jane
Bennett, Mary Ann
Bennett, Walter
Bennett, William
Benney, Victore
Benoit, Eugene
Benoit, Florence
Bentley, William
Berg, Frederick Charles
Berg, Rosetta E Charity
Bernacke, Julian
Bernacki, Julian
Bernacki, Julien
Berry, John
Berry, Thomas
Bertaud, J Thomas
Bertaut, Frazie Augustin
Bertaut, James Thomas
Berthelot, Alfred
Bertout, Prosper
Bertram, Anne, née Rouland
Bertram, Anne, née Rowland
Bertram, June, née Rouland
Beslièvre, Jeanne
Besnou, Jean
Bessin, Henriette
Bessin, Marguerite
Best, Jane
Best, John
Best, Mary
Beven, Mary, née Fowen
Bickford, Thomas
Biddiscombe, Ann
Bienaimé, Marie
Biggins, William
Biglay, James
Bihet, Marie
Billet, Elizabeth
Billot, Elizabeth
Billot, George
Billot, John
Billot, Mary
Billot, Philippe
Billot, Suzanne
Binet, Frederick George
Binet, George Frederick
Bird, Louisa
Bishop, Catherine
Bishop, Charles
Bishop, James
Bishop, Mary, née Scarborough
Bisson Le Gros, John
Bisson Le Gros, Philip
Bisson, Charles Le Gros
Bisson, Daniel
Bisson, Jane Le Gros
Bisson, John
Bisson, Mary, née Gallichan
Bisson, Nicholas
Bisson, William Henry
Bittlecombe, Robert
Blachford, William
Blackman, Frederick
Blake, Peter
Blake, William
Blampied, Ann
Blampied, Anne
Blampied, Annie
Blampied, Elizabeth
Blampied, Emelie, née Pinwell
Blampied, George
Blampied, George Josué
Blampied, Josué
Blampied, Marie
Blanchard, George
Blanchard, Joseph
Blanchard, Mary Ann
Blanchard, William
Blanchard, William Charles
Blashford, Edward
Blatchford, William
Blondel, John
Blondel, Peter
Blow, Harriet
Blow, Henry
Blow, Jane
Bluett, John
Boielle, Ann, née Conner
Boielle, Charles
Boiëlle, Elizabeth Ann
Boielle, Elizabeth Anne
Boielle, Elizabeth Annie
Boielle, George Andrew
Boielle, James
Boielle, John
Boielle, John Young
Boiverlang, George
Boland, John
Bolland, John
Bolt, Mark
Bond, Selina Jane
Bonnenuit, Louisa
Bonning, Elizabeth
Boog, John
Boot, John
Borginham, Olive
Boswell, Charles
Boswell, Ellen
Bottomley, Alvin
Bottomley, Eduard
Bottomley, Elizabeth, née Taylor
Bottomley, Elizabeth
Bottomley, John
Bottomley, Mary Ann Elizabeth, née Anderson
Bottomley, William
Bottomly, Elizabeth, née Taylor
Bottomly, Elizabeth, née West
Bottomly, John
Bottomly, Samuel
Bottomly, William
Boubard, André
Boudet, Louis
Boudier, Marie, née Amy
Boudier, Philip
Boudier, Thomas
Boullanger, Elizabeth
Bourdic, Alexander
Bourinot, George
Bourke, Catherine
Bourke, Ellen, née White
Bourke, Peter
Boutemy, Pierre
Bouton, Soucky
Bouton, Sucky
Bouttier, Charles Francis
Bowden, Henry
Bowden, John
Bowden, Louisa
Bowdidge, Emily
Bowditch, Robert
Bradbury, William George
Bradley, Mary A
Bradley, Sarah
Braing, David
Brake, Ellen Jane
Brake, Henry
Brake, Louisa Eliza
Brake, Robert
Brake, Robert Warren
Brake, Robert William
Brake, William Robert
Brasford, Elizabeth
Braunnaun, Hans
Brée, Esther
Brenen, James
Brenson, William
Bresling, Bridget
Brett, Mary Elizabeth, née Gregg
Briard, Philippe
Brice, William
Bridges, Alfred
Bridges, John
Bridle, Henry
Brien, Catherine, née Cohen
Brightman, Elizabeth
Brimyghan, Margueritte
Brint, Prudence
Brister, Mary
Brochet, Betsey, née Savage
Brochet, George
Brogan, Margaret
Bromer, Jane
Brooks, Amelia
Brooks, Elizabeth Ann
Brooks, Mary
Brooks, Susan
Brooks, Susannah
Brooks, Thomas
Brooks, William
Broomer, Jane
Broomer, Mary Ann, née Plowman
Broomer, Sarah
Brophy, Alvina
Brophy, Charles
Brophy, Frederick
Brouard, Pierre
Broughton, Mary
Broutir, Félix
Brown, Ann, née Barnicoat
Brown, Bridget
Brown, Ellen
Brown, Emma
Brown, Hannah
Brown, Henry
Brown, James
Brown, James Alfred
Brown, John
Brown, Joseph Frederick
Brown, Margaret
Brown, Mary Ann
Brown, Philip
Brown, Theresa
Brown, Thomas
Brown, William George
Bruch, Philippe
Brunet, Philippe
Bryan, Daniel
Bryan, Eliza
Bryan, Johanna
Bryan, Martin
Bryant, Eliza Ann
Bryant, Grace
Bryant, John
Bryant, Susan Ann
Buckingham, Henry
Buckingham, Mary
Buckland, Louisa
Buckler, Martha
Buckley, Honora
Buckley, John
Buckley, Mary, née Donovan
Buckley, Timothy
Budden, George
Budden, Sarah
Budge, Amelia
Budge, Ellen
Buesnel, Fanny, née Le Sueur
Buesnel, Mary Ann
Buesnel, Philip
Buesnel, Rachel
Buhey, John
Bulger, James
Bulled, Mary
Bullet, Mary
Bunce, George
Bunting, Ann
Burge, Mary Ann
Burk, James
Burke, Anna
Burke, Hannah
Burke, Margaret, née Harrop
Burke, Mary
Burmeister, William
Burns, Alice
Burns, Hannah
Burns, Mary
Burrows, Elizabeth
Burt, Harriet
Burt, William
Bushe, Anna
Bushey, John
Butcher, Mary Ann, née Campbell
Butler, Ellen
Butler, Georgiana
Butler, Georgina
Butler, Isabella, née McBride
Butler, William
Butt, Richard
Butters, Susannah
Butterworth, Ann
Buzzell, Thomas
Cabot, Anne
Cabot, Elizabeth
Cabot, Jean
Cabot, Philippe Jean
Cabot, Philippe John
Cabot, Philippe
Cabot, Thomas
Cahill, Catherine
Cahill, Emily
Cahill, Thomas
Cain, George
Cain, Mary
Calan, Denis
Callal, Ann
Callanan, Patrick
Callanan, William
Callio, Jane Esther
Calliot, Adolphe
Campbell, Clarissa
Campble, William
Canivet, Mary
Canu, Pierre
Carawen, Margaret
Carbin, Francis Philip George
Cardin, Stephanie
Cardinal, Sarah
Cardy, Eudora
Carlile, Thomas
Carline, Grace
Carpenter, Bridget
Carpenter, John
Carr, James
Carré, Elie
Carrigan, Ann
Carroll, James
Carroll, Margaret
Carroll, Patrick
Carson, Julia
Carson, Mary, née Simpson
Carson, Rosanna
Carter, Ann
Carter, Jane
Carter, John
Carter, Mary, née Rork
Carter, Sarah
Carter, Walter
Carter, William
Carthy, James
Carthy, Patrick
Carty, Michael
Cashil, Jane, née Coates
Castello, Catherine
Cator, Margaret, née Hector
Cattel, Jane Elizabeth
Cavanagh, Edward
Cavanagh, Henry
Cavanagh, Jane
Cavanagh, Rebecca
Cavanagh, Susan
Cayzer, Mary, née Holland
Chalds, John
Chalet, Jean
Chalker, Elizabeth, née Shelly
Challis, Joseph
Chambers, Matilda
Champion, Margaret
Chandler, Jane
Chandler, Jeremiah
Chant, George
Chapman, Edmund
Chapman, Edward
Chessdore, Jean
Chesterman, Christopher
Cheton, Yves Alphonse
Chevalier, Charles
Chevalier, Elizabeth
Chevalier, Laurent
Chevalier, Louis
Ching, Elizabeth
Ching, Elizabeth Fanny
Ching, Mary
Ching, Peter
Choisy, Emile
Choubeau, Marie
Christian, Henry
Churchill, John
Churchill, Charles
Churchill, Edward
Churchill, John
Churchill, Mary
Churchill, Mary Ann
Churchill, Mary Jane
Churchill, Sophia
Churchill, Sophie
Churchill, William
Churchill, William Henry
Claal, Joseph
Clail, Mary
Clancey, Michael Thomas
Clare, Elizabeth, née Gee
Clarke, Agnes
Clarke, Ann
Clarke, Anna
Clarke, Caroline
Clarke, Charles
Clarke, Charles Francis
Clarke, Edward
Clarke, Henry
Clarke, James
Clarke, Margaret Jane
Clarke, Marie, née Malzard
Clarke, Molly, née Malzard
Clarke, Sarah
Clarke, Walter Charles
Clavell, Charles Benjamin
Clavell, Edward Charles
Clavell, Eliza Ann
Clavell, Harry Charles
Clavell, Henry Charles
Cleal, Charlotte
Cleaves, William
Clement, Jane
Clément, Thomas
Clément, Thomas
Clements, Charlotte
Coan, Isabella
Coates, Daniel
Coates, Jane Rachel
Coates, Jane Rachel
Coates, Philip
Coates, Philippe
Coath, Mary Ann
Cochram, Catherine
Cochrane, Hubert
Cochrane, Louisa
Cockerton, Alice
Cocking, Susan
Cocklin, John
Cocklin, Sarah
Cockram, Catherine
Cockram, Jane
Cockrame, Catherine
Cockrane, Hubert
Coghlan, Catherine
Cohen, Catherine
Cole, Mary, née Malcolm
Cole, William
Coleback, Ann
Coleback, Jean
Coleman, Edward
Coleman, William
Colen, William
Coles, Edwin
Coles, Henry
Coleville, George
Coleville, Suranne
Coleville, Susan
Coleville, Susanne
Coleville, William
Coleville, William
Coleville, William
Coleville, William
Collas, Edouard John
Collas, Edward John
Collas, George
Collas, Joan
Collas, Mary
Collas, Sarah Ann
Collas, Sarah, née Waterman
Collins, Elizabeth Ann
Collins, Elizabeth, née Jones
Collins, Esther Emily
Collins, George
Collins, John
Collins, Mary Jane
Colville, George
Colville, Susan
Colville, Susanna
Colville, Susanne
Colville, Thomas
Colville, William
Condon, Alice
Condon, Patrick
Condon, Susan
Conly, Mary
Conly, Mary Ann
Conner, Bernard
Conner, Elizabeth Catherine
Conner, Francis
Conner, Mary
Connolly, Mary Ann, née Woods
Connor, Henry George
Connor, Joseph
Connor, Mary
Connor, Richard
Connor, William
Conway, Timothy
Cook, James
Cook, John
Cook, Jonah
Cook, Maria
Cook, Marie
Cook, Thomas Wilks
Cooney, Ellen
Cooper, Alfred
Cooper, E Eleonor, née Moss
Cooper, George
Cooper, Henry
Cooper, John
Cooper, Odessa
Corbel, Philippe
Corbel, Sophie, née Dumaresq
Corner, Henry Rich
Corner, Mary Ann
Cornick, Charles
Cornick, Eliza
Cornick, Elizabeth
Cornick, George
Cornick, Jane
Cornick, Louisa
Cornick, Mary, née Cocking
Cornick, Thomas
Cornick, Thomas Edwin
Cornick, William
Cornish, Aaron
Coster, Margaret
Cotson, Rosanna
Cottell, Ernest Oliver
Cotterell, Jane, née Devenport
Couard, Caroline Sarah, Curtis
Coulland, Marie Noël
Coulton, Henry
Courtin, Octave
Courtnay, Harriet, née Graves
Courtney, Harriet, née Graves
Cousins, Elizabeth
Coutance, Charles
Coutanche, Ann
Coutanche, Charles
Coutanche, Eliza
Coutanche, Esther
Coutanche, Francis
Coutanche, Frederick
Coutanche, Jeanne
Coutanche, Mary
Coutanche, Mary Ann
Coutanche, Nancy
Coutanche, Nancy
Coutanche, Philip
Coutanche, Rosa
Coutanches, Nancy
Coward, Elizabeth
Cowley, Thomas
Cowling, Mary
Cowly, Thomas
Cox, George
Cox, Robert
Coyne, Charles
Craig, Ann
Craig, Anna, née Burke
Craig, Catherine
Craig, Hannah, née Burke
Craig, Mary
Craig, Mary Ann
Crespinel, Jacques
Crew, Charles
Crich, H Jacob
Croker, Michael
Cromer, Henry
Crooks, Martin
Cross, Emma
Cross, James
Cross, Mary
Crossberry, James
Crowley, Eliza
Crowley, Michael
Crowley, Patrick
Croyty, Ellen
Cumming, Rose
Cundy, Thomas
Cunnan, Eugène
Cunningham, Andrew
Cunningham, Margaret
Cunningham, Mary
Curphy, Henry
Curran, Bridget
Curran, John
Curran, Robert
Curry, Ann
Curry, James
Curry, John
Curtis, Stephen
Cuthbert, Mary
D’Avoine, Julia
D’Epagne, Fauchon
D’Orleans, Aimée
Dalton, Jane
Daly, Andrew
Daly, John James
Daly, Mary
Daly, Mary Ann
Daly, Sarah
Daniels, Emma
Dare, Charles Edward
Dare, Geo John
Dare, George John
Dare, Levi Francis
Dare, Susan
Darton, Ann
Darwood, Caroline
Davey, Mary Jane
Davey, William
David, Clémentine
Davidge, William
Davies, Thomas
Davis, Ann [alias Hind]
Davis, Caroline
Davis, Eliza
Davis, John
Davis, Louisa
Davis, Mary Ann
Davis, Richard
Davis, Rosa
Davis, Selina
Davit, Johannah
Davius, John
Davy, Susan
Daw, Frances, née Edwards
Daw, James
Daw, Sampson
Dawe, Frances, née Edwards
Dawson, John
de Caen, Jean
de Carteret, Anne
de Carteret, Nancy
de Carteret, Philip
de Carteret, William
de Carteret, William Henry
de Garis, Ann
de Garis, John
de Gruchy, Angelina Elizabeth
de Gruchy, Anne
de Gruchy, Clara
de Gruchy, Douce
de Gruchy, Jane
de Gruchy, Philippe
de Gruchy, Philippe Jean
de Gruchy, Pierre
de Gruchy, Rosa
de Gruchy, Selina Mary Ann
de Gruchy, Thomas
de Jersey, Henry
de Jersey, Jeanne Joseph
De Jersey, Mary Jane
de Jersey, Mary, née Sohier
de Jersey, Walter Jeanne
de Jersey, Winter George
de La Cour, Abraham
de La Cour, Anne Elizabeth, née Salmon
de La Cour, Elizabeth Anne, née Young
de La Cour, Emma Caroline
de la Haye, Phil
de la Mare, Caroline
de La Perrelle Francis
de La Perrelle, Ace
de la Perrelle, Francis
de La Rue, Emilie
de La Tour, Harriet, née Brewer
de La Tour, Thomas
de Louches, Philip
De Lundi, Lucile
de Pâgues, Henriette
de Quetteville, Philippe Charles
de St Croix, Jane
de St Croix, Marie
de Ste Croix, Agnès
de Ste Croix, Charles
de Ste Croix, Eliza
de Ste Croix, Elizabeth
de Ste Croix, Elizabeth, née Le Dain
de Ste Croix, Jane
de Ste Croix, Marie
de Ste Croix, Marie, née Roussel
de Ste Croix, Mary, née Handy
de Ste Croix, John
de Vaux, Jane
de Veulle, Francis
de Veulle, François
Deal, Eliza
Dean, Richard
Decie, Alfred
Dellar, Jeremiah
Delmott, Mary Ann
Delouches, Ann, née Nichols
Delouches, George
Delouches, Philip
Denis, Maria
Denize, Jean
Denize, Pierre
Dennis, Edward
Denshan, John
Denyer, Sarah
Dermondy, William
Derwin, Agnes
Derwin, Ann
Derwin, Harriet
Derwin, Harriette Caroline
Derwin, John
Derwin, Mary
Derwin, Sophia
Desborough, Louisa
Deslandes, Albert George
Deslandes, Ann, née Bisson
Deslandes, Charles
Deslandes, Charles George
Deslandes, Clément
Deslandes, E John
Deslandes, Elie
Deslandes, Elizabeth
Deslandes, Gordon
Deslandes, John
Deslandes, Louisa
Deslandes, Mary Jane
Deslandes, Philip
Deslandes, Susanne
Desperches, George
Detroz, Peter
Devaux, Jane
Devenish, Charles
Devlin, Jane
Devlin, Sarah
Dewlin, Catherine
Dillon, Andrew
Dillon, Ann
Dillon, Louisa
Dinney, George
Dinney, Susannah
Direvin, Agnes
Direvin, Harriet
Direvin, Mary
Direvin, Sophia
Dirwin, Agnes
Dirwin, Ann
Dirwin, Harriet
Dirwin, John
Dirwin, Mary
Dirwin, Sophia
Dison, Frances, née Gootes
Dixon, Elizabeth
Dixon, Frances, née Gootes
Dixon, Jane
Dixon, Mary Jane
Dixon, William
Dobbin, George
Dobson, Ellen
Dobson, Phoebe, née Bell
Dobson, Sarah Elizabeth
Dockett, Robert
Dodge, Ernest
Dodge, Hannah, née Bridges
Dodge, Thomas
Dogherty, Hannah
Dogherty, Richard
Doherty, James
Doherty, John
Doherty, Richard
Dolbel, Jane Elizabeth
Dolbel, Jean
Donald, Ellen
Donio, Marguerite
Donncelt, Elizabeth, née Bonning
Donneluy, Jacques
Donoghue, Ann
Donoghue, Ellen
Donoghue, John
Donoghue, Mary
Donoghue, Robert
Donovan, Ann Theresa
Dooston, Thoma
Doran, Richard
Dorey, Elizabeth
Dorstan, Thomas
Doswell, Eliza
Doswell, Ellen
Doswell, James
Douclin, Augustine
Doucy, Mary
Doud, Catherine
Douglas, Donald
Dow, Ellen
Dow, James
Dow, Louisa
Dowden, Francis George
Dowling, Henry
Dowling, Jane Margaret
Dowling, John
Downer, George
Downer, George Elias
Downer, Philip
Downer, Philippe
Downes, J Henry
Downey, Elizabeth
Downey, Mary Ann
Downton, Joseph
Dowson, John
Doyle, Catherine
Doyle, Johana, née Sullivan
Doyle, Johanna, née Sullivan
Dreiver, Mary
Drew, Richard N
Drillon, Mary
Druce, Amelia
Druce, Martha
Drummond, James
Drummond, Mary A
Drummond, Mary Ann
Drummond, N
Drummond, S
Drummond, Susan
Drury, George
Drury, Mary Ann
du Bois, George
du Bois, Mary
du Bois, Mary Ann
du Bois, Pauline
du Bois, Thomas
du Fort, Alexandre
du Fresne, Marie, née Le Gros
du Heaume, Edward
du Jardin, Abraham
Du Jardin, William
Du Tot, Thomas
du Val, Adeline
du Verges, Mary Ann Julie, née Cashal
du Virges, Mary Ann Julie, née Cashal
Dubois, George
Dubreuil, Jane
Dubreuil, Josephine
Duchemin, Honorée
Ducy, Ann
Duffy, Margaret
Duffy, Patrick
Duhamel, Elizabeth
Duhamel, Esther
Duhamel, Maria, née Picot
Duheaume, George
Dumaresq, Gordon
Dumaresq, Mary
Dumaresq, Sophie
Duncan, Jane
Dunlop, Mary, née Tonkins
Dunn, Eliza
Dunn, Elizabeth
Dunn, Ellen
Dunne, Charles
Dunne, Ellen, née Reardon
Dunne, George
Dunstan, Henry
Dupré, Anne
Dupré, Francis Joseph
Dupré, Frederick Joseph
Dupré, Joseph
Durand, Adèle
Durand, Aimée
Durand, Edmund
Durell, Esther Judith
Durell, François
Durell, Jeanne
Durell, John
Durell, Mary
Durley, William
Dutertre, Yves Marie
Dutot, Thomas
Dwyer, Mary
Dyer, David Charles
Dyer, Elizabeth
Dyer, Jane
Dyer, Louisa
Dyer, Louise
Dyer, Mary Sarah
Dyer, Thomas
Easall, Henry
Easall, James
Eastman, William
Ede, James
Edge, William
Edmunds, Sarah
Edsall, George
Edsall, Henry
Edsall, James
Edwards, Elizabeth
Edwards, John
Egan, Daniel
Egré, Jean
Ellen, William
Ellena, Joseph
Ellensworth, Elizabeth, née Ollivier
Ellett, William
Elliott, John
Elliott, Samuel
Elms, John
Elsworth, George
Emblyn, Treffry
End, Edwin
English, Alice
English, Ellen
English, John
Ennis, Elizabeth Ann
Ennis, Elizabeth Anne
Ennis, George
Ennis, Jacques
Ennis, Joshua George
Ennis, Louisa
Ennis, Louisa Ann
Ennis, Louisa Mary
Ennis, Louise Ann
Ennis, Mary Ann, née Horn
Ennis, Mary Ann, née Horne
Ennis, Matilda Ann
Ennis, Philip Abraham
Ennis, Philippe
Eno, Edwin
Eno, Mrs
Eno, Thomas
Enwright, John
Enwright, Mary Ann
Enwright, Michael
Enwright, Timothy
Epsom, Mary
Ereaut, David
Ereaut, Molly, née Romeril
Escott, George
Escott, John
Esmond, Mary Ann
Esnouf, Carterette
Esnouf, Charlotte
Esnouf, Elizabeth
Esnouf, Jane
Esnouf, Jane, née Falle
Esnouf, Jean
Esnouf, Matthew
Esnouf, Philippe
Esnouf, Richard
Etard, Jean
Eustache, Elizabeth
Evans, Mary Ann, née Penthom
Eves, Ann
Eyres, Mary Ann
Eyres, Virginia
Fagg, Adolphus
Fagg, Frances May
Fagg, Margaret, née Davies
Fagg, Rebecca Kate
Fairbairn, John
Fairburn, John
Fallaize, Agnes
Fallaize, David
Fallaize, François
Fallaize, Hanah, née Brown
Fallaize, Philippe
Fallaize, Robert
Fallaize, Thomas
Fallaize, Walter
Fallaize, William
Falle, Alfred Edmund
Falle, Edward
Falle, George
Falle, Jane
Fantoues, Marie
Farley, Thomas
Farley, William
Farmer, George
Farrell, Lucy
Farrell, Margaret
Farrell, Richard
Farrell, Thomas
Farrow, Jane
Fatout, Honoré
Fauvel, Charles
Fauvel, Harriet
Fauvel, Henriette
Fauvel, Jean
Fauvel, Maria, née Payne
Fauvel, Mary
Fauvel, Philip George
Fauvel, Philippe
Fayter, Richard
Feeney, James
Felford, Eliza
Feney, John
Fennell, Catherine
Fennell, Susan
Fenwick, Lizzie
Ferey, Clementine
Ferey, Jacques
Ferey, John
Fergusson, Eliza
Fergusson, Margaret
Feucher, J Marie
Field, Henry
Fielding, Philip
Filleul, Ann F
Filleul, Francis
Filleul, Francis William
Filleul, Francois
Filleul, Marie
Finckham, John
Finley, John
Finney, Margaret Sarah
Fitzgerald, Anna
Fitzgerald, Thomas
Fitzgeralde, Michael
Fitzmorris, J
Fitzpatrick, Anna Maria
Fitzpatrick, Anne Maria
Fitzpatrick, Catherine
Fitzpatrick, David
Fitzpatrick, Johanna
Fitzpatrick, Mary, née Ryan
Fitzpatrick, Michael John
Flanaghan, William
Fleming, Adelaide
Flemming, George
Flen, John
Fletcher, Jane
Fletcher, Margaret, née Allen
Flinch, Norry
Flood, Ann
Florence, Charles
Florent, Alexis
Florent, J W
Flot, Maria Anne
Flynn, David
Flynn, Honora
Foisson, Louise
Foley, Kate
Foot, Mary, née Asplet
Forbes, Charles
Forbes, David
Forbes, Emma Jane
Forbes, Mary Harriet
Forbes, Mary, née Jeune
Forbjornsen, Arnold
Ford, Elizabeth
Ford, Isaac
Ford, James
Ford, William
Fordham, John
Foreman, Henry
Forse, Alfred
Forusen, Alex
Forward, Clara
Foster, John
Fouchard, Eliza
Fouchet, Louise
Fox, Thomas
Fox, William
Foyle, Catherine
Frampton, John
Frampton, Peter
Frazeo, Matthew George Hubert
Frazer, Hugh
Frazer, Moore
Frecker, Caroline
Fremine, Anna
Fremine, Rosalie
French, Henriette
French, James
French, Jane
Frigout, Marcéline
Frobes, Mary, née Jeune
Frost, James
Frost, Thomas
Frost, William
Fry, Ann
Fry, Thomas
Furguson, Margaret
Furgusson, Margaret
Furgusson, Mary
Futhey, George
Futhey, Henry
Futhey, Hugh
Futhey, Sarah
Gagnon, Thomas
Gailliard, John
Gale, Mary née Malcolm
Gale, Mary, née Alexandre
Galienne, John
Gallicham, John
Gallichan Abraham
Gallichan, Catherine
Gallichan, Elizabeth
Gallichan, Elizabeth Rachel
Gallichan, Elizabeth, née Robinson
Gallichan, Francis
Gallichan, Frederick
Gallichan, George
Gallichan, Jean
Gallichan, Margaret Ellen
Gallichan, Mary A
Gallichan, Mary Ann
Gallichan, Mary Ann, née Robinson
Gallichan, Philip
Gallichan, Sussane
Gallichan, Thomas
Gallie, Clara
Gallie, Clare
Gallie, Elizabeth, née Le Maistre
Gallie, Mary, née Ennis
Gallienne, Mary
Gallop, James
Gamm, Louisa
Gammon, Alice
Gammon, Charlotte
Gann, Louisa
Ganning, John
Ganning, John
Gardi, Andrea
Gardner, Mary Ann, née Gorman
Garetty, Selina
Garland, Richard
Garnier, Betsey, née Marett
Garnier, Pierre
Garratt, Rosa, née Belford
Garrett, Alice
Garrett, Arthur
Garrett, Henry George
Garrett, Mary Ann
Garrett, Rosa
Garrett, Walter
Garrety, William
Garskin, William
Gaskin, Maria
Gaskin, William
Gasnies, Betsey, née Marett
Gasnion, John
Gasnion, Thomas
Gaudin, Charles
Gaudin, Marie, née Journeaux
Gaudin, Mary
Gaudin, Philippe
Gaudion, Betsey
Gaudion, Elizabeth, née Renier
Gaudion, Mary
Gaudion, Sarah
Gaunion, Thomas
Gaunion, John
Gaunion, Thomas Henry
Gauntlet, Ebenezer
Gauntlett, Ebenezer
Gauvain, Marie, née Ménage
Gauvain, Philip
Gauvrey, Louis
Gavey, Edouard
Gavy, John
Gear, Anna
Gear, Mary
Geigon, Marie
Gelender, Thomas
Gellender, Thomas
Genovese, John
George, Henriette
George, Henry
Germain, Elizth
Gibbons, Elizabeth
Giffard, Jean
Giffard, Rachel, née Hocquard
Giffard, Susanna
Giffard, Susanne
Gilbert, Elizabeth
Gilbert, Elizabeth, née Ching
Gilbert, Jane
Gilbert, Jules
Gilbert, Marie
Gilbert, Mary Ann
Gilbert, Thomas
Giles, James
Giles, Jones
Gilham, Charles
Gillard, Alfred
Gillman, Henry
Gillman, Mary
Gillmore, Elizabeth
Gillmore, William
Gillott, Mary
Gilpin, Henry
Girard, Elizabeth, née Hayson
Girard, Jean
Girgory, Charlotte
Gladdis, Betsey, née Marett
Gladdis, Elizabeth
Gleeson, Ann
Gleeson, Edward
Gleeson, Jane Amelia
Godard, John
Godeaux, Marie, née De Gruchy
Godel, Henri
Godel, Henry
Godel, Marie
Godel, Nancy
Godel, Philippe
Godel, Rachel Marguerite
Godel, Rachel Mary
Godfray, Francis
Godfray, François
Godfray, Jean
Godfray, Josué
Godfray, Maria, née Lair
Godfray, Marie
Godfray, Philippe
Godfray, Rachel
Godfrey, Ann, née Vanbrook
Godin, Sifroy
Golding, Patrick
Goldring, Stephen
Goldsmith, Margaret
Goldsmith, William
Goldsmith, Willm
Goldsworthy, Elizabeth
Goldsworthy, Samuel
Goodall, James
Goodenough, Jane
Goodwin, Ann
Goodwin, George N
Gootes, Frances
Gootes, Francis
Gordon, Alice
Gordon, Clementina
Gordon, Elizabeth
Gordon, Henry Robert
Gordon, Isabelle Susan
Gordon, J
Gordon, Mary Ann
Gordon, Susan
Gorin, Louisa
Gorin, Louise
Gorman, Mary Ann
Goss, Emma
Gosset, Philippe
Gotterel, Alfred
Gotterel, Elizabeth
Gotterel, Esther
Gotterel, Mary Ann
Gouilliarde, Jeanne
Goupil, Jacques
Goupillot, Frédéric
Gouzerch, J Marie
Gover, Louisa
Gover, Stanley Godfray
Govier, Richard
Gracey, Anthony
Grady, Michael
Graham, Robert
Grand, James
Grande, Selina
Grandin, Jean
Grandin, Philippe
Grant, Catherine, née Barry
Grant, John
Grard, James
Grarde, Elizabeth
Grarde, Selina
Graves, Harriet
Gray, Ann
Gray, Charles
Gray, Esther, née Pope
Gray, Henry
Gray, Joseph
Gray, Mary Ann
Gray, Moses
Green, Ellen
Green, Maria, née Selby
Green, Mary
Green, William
Greenwood, William
Gregg, Charles
Gregg, Mary Ann
Gregory, A
Gregory, Catherine
Gregory, Charlotte
Gregory, Laura
Gregory, Louisa
Gregory, Selina
Grey, George
Grieu, Rose Esther
Griffin, William
Griffith, William
Griffiths, Eliza, née Job
Griffiths, Maria
Griffiths, Mary
Grigory, Charlotte
Grimmett, Ann, née Mutter, alias Bell
Grimshaw, Ann
Grimshaw, Henry
Grimshaw, Joseph
Grimshaw, Louisa
Grimshaw, William
Grindin, Eliza
Grindin, Jane, née Le Feuvre
Grindin, Philip
Grogan, Mary
Groizard, Caroline
Groizard, Mary
Groizard, Pierre
Gronden, George
Grosperrin, Antoine
Grouden, Mary, née Strong
Growden, George
Growden, Mary , née Strong
Grubb, Julian
Gruchy, John Elias
Gruchy, Lavinia
Gruchy, Susanne
Guerrier, Jean
Guilhouet, Louis
Guille, Alice
Guille, Ann
Guille, Anne
Guille, Mary Ann
Guilmette, Francis
Gulleck, William
Gumbrell, Mary Ann, née Heywood
Gumpel, Jeanne Henry
Guppy, George
Guy, Mary Ann
Guy, Eliza
Guy, Elizabeth
Guy, Mary Ann
Guy, Mary Ann Susan
Guyon, Jean
Hacworthy, Fanny
Haffner, Michael
Haines, John
Halbout, Louis
Haldren, John
Halfyard, Kate
Halfyard, Robert
Halfyard, Selina
Hall, Christopher
Hall, Ellen
Hallett, Jane
Hallman, Henry
Hallman, Louisa
Hambling, Elizabeth
Hamel, Esther
Hamling, Catherine
Hamon, Elizabeth
Hamon, Elizabeth, née Bailey
Hamon, George
Hamon, Jacques
Hamon, Jean
Hamon, Marguerite
Hamon, Mary
Hamon, Philippe
Hamon, Samuel
Hamon, Sophie
Hampton, Charlotte, née Phillips
Hanafan, Ann Jane
Hand, John
Hand, Joseph
Hand, Richard
Handsford, James George
Handy, Jane
Handy, Mary
Hane, Elizabeth, née Crapp
Haney, Ann, née Eves
Hann, Caroline
Hannafan, Ann Jane
Hannaford, Elizthabeth
Hannaford, Henry
Hannaford, John
Hannaford, Richard
Hannaford, William
Hansford, Grace
Hanson, Hans
Hanty, Richard
Harden, Eliza
Harding, Mary
Hardy, Charlotte
Hardy, Elizabeth Selina
Hardy, Jane
Hardy, Jane, née Le Huquet
Hardy, Jeanne Elias
Hardy, John Elias
Harny, Catherine
Harris, Caroline
Harris, Elizabeth
Harris, James
Harris, John
Harris, Mary
Hart, James
Hart, Jane, née Foster
Hart, Marie, née Picot
Hart, Thomas
Hartnell, William
Harvey, Anna Wade
Harvey, Elizabeth Ann
Harvey, Esther
Harvey, John
Harvey, Richard
Harwood, Henry
Haskal, Charles
Haskal, Louisa
Hatch, Charlotte
Hatch, John
Hatch, William
Hawke, Emily Jane
Hawke, Susan
Hawker, Hannah, née Comley
Hawkins, Henry
Hawkins, Mary Ann
Hawtry, John
Hay, William
Hayley, David
Hayley, William
Hayson, Elizabeth
Haywood, Thomas
Haywood, William
Heath, Emma Jane
Hector, Margaret
Heden, Dianah
Heibyerg, Louise
Hellard, William
Helleur, Elizabeth
Hellier, Samuel
Helloco, Jeanne
Hellyer, Harriet
Help, John
Hemery, George
Hemley, Elizabeth
Hemmings, Henry
Henky, Catherine, née Le Ray
Henky, Richard
Henley, Bridget
Henly, Joséphine
Henly, Josephine Stoyle
Henly, Richard
Hennesey, George
Hennessey, Thomas
Henno, M F
Henny, Jean
Heno, Thomas
Henry, Jean
Henry, Rachel
Henry, Thérèse
Herbert, John
Hergaux, Julie
Herglan, Ellen
Herivel, Elizabeth
Herivel, Mary Ann
Herl, Henry
Heron, Auguste
Herrivel, Mary Ann
Hester, Martin
Hewett, Thomas
Hewitson, Sarah
Hewlett, Sarah
Hewlett, Sarah Elizabeth
Hext, William
Heyden, Elizabeth
Heydon, Dianah Susan
Heydon, Elizabeth
Heydon, Mary
Heydon, Mary Ann
Heylan, Ellen
Heywood, Mary A
Heywood, Mary Ann
Hickson, Sophia, née Allchin
Higgins, William
Hilford, John Kier
Hill, Elizabeth
Hill, Henry
Hill, James
Hill, Selina
Hinchcliffe, Mary A
Hinchcliffe, Mary Ann
Hiscott, Rhoda
Hitchen, John
Hoare, George
Hoare, John
Hobson, John
Hocken, William
Hockey, Caroline
Hockey, George
Hocquard, Betsey
Hocquard, Charles
Hocquard, Rachel
Hocquard, Rachel Elizabeth
Hodder, Charles
Hodder, Henry
Hodder, Susan Mary
Hodgkinston, Mary Ann
Hodgston, Ann
Hoff, Margaret
Hogan, Agnes Mary
Hogan, Ann
Hogan, Charles
Hogan, Denis
Hogan, John
Hogin, Charles
Holland, Mary Ann
Holland, Thomas
Holley, George
Holloway, Amelia
Holloway, Henry
Holloway, Joseph
Holloway, Mary Ann
Holloway, Sarah
Holmes, George
Holsey, Joseph
Honeycombe, S
Honeycombe, Samuel
Hooper, George Henry
Hooper, Margaret
Hooper, Mary Ann
Hoovernsen, Anton
Horman, Anne, née Le Roux
Horn, Mary Ann
Horsley, John
Hottom Marie
Hotton, Marie
Houebecq, Jane
Houelbecq, Jane
Houelbecque, Adele
Houelbecque, Jane
Houivet, Alfred
Houivet, Azelie
House, Ann
House, Joseph
Hove, Kate Eten
Howe, Arthur
Howe, Charles George
Howe, Elizabeth
Hoydon, Elizabeth Jane
Huard, Betsey
Huard, Betsy Fanny
Huart, Felix
Hubert, Ferdinand
Hubert, George
Hubert, Joseph
Hubert, Philippe
Huelin, Anne, née Jean
Huelin, George
Huelin, John
Huelin, Philippe
Hughes, Emma
Hughes, John
Hughes, Peter
Hughson, Thomas
Hunt, Arthur
Hunt, John
Hunt, Maria
Hunt, Walter
Hurbin, Ann
Huse, Jane
Husk, George
Hussey, Eliza
Hutchings, Susan
Hutton, Charles
Hutton, Mary, née Gladden
Hyam, Mary
Hyatt, Benjamin
Hyde, Florence
Hynes, Margaret
Ichet, Jean Baptiste
Imy, William
Ingeson, Grace, née Bryant
Inglis, Alice
Inglis, Ellen
Inglis, John
Ingram, Ann
Ingram, Ann
Ingram, Julie, née Le Bailly
Inman, Alice
Inman, Julia
Isaksen, Niels
Isham, Joseph
Ivy, Eliza, née Bryant
Ivy, James
Ivy, Mary Ann, née Burton
Ivy, Thomas
Ivy, William
Jackman, Mary, née Lee
Jackman, William
Jackson, Elizabeth, née Hunt
Jacobs, Alfred
Jacobs, Amelia, née Guy
Jacobs, William
Jaffray, François
Jaffray, Maria, née Langlois
James, Amelia
James, Charles
James, Rosa
James, Sarah
James, Sarah Ann
Jancewicq, Charles
Jandrell, John
Jandrell, Michael
Jandrell, Nancy
Jandrell, Samuel
Jandron, Ann, née Craig
Jandron, Anne, née Craig
Jandron, Elizabeth
Jandron, Philip
Jandron, Philippe
Janes, Amelia
Janné, Francoise
Janvin, Thomas
Janvrin, Anne
Janway, William
Jarkett, Susan
Jarvis, Elizabeth
Jarvis, John
Jarvis, John
Jarvis, Walter
Jasper, Mary
Jean, Anne
Jean, Frederick
Jean, Jacques
Jean, Jean
Jean, Marie
Jean, Mary Ann
Jean, Philippe
Jeandron, Ann, née Craig
Jeandron, Philip
Jeanné, Frédéric
Jeffreys, Elizabeth
Jenkins, David
Jenkins, Jeanne, née Le Feuvre
Jenkins, John
Jenkins, Mark
Jerome, James
Jerome, Sarah
Jeune, Charles
Jeune, Jane
Jeune, Mary
John, Elizabeth
John, Philippe
John, Renouf
Johns, Elizabeth
Johns, Elizabeth Jane
Johns, Mary Sarah
Johns, W J Gartrell
Johnsen, Ivan
Johnson, Amy
Johnson, Edward
Johnson, Elizabeth
Johnson, Emma
Johnson, James L
Johnson, Maria
Johnson, Mary, née Mahier
Johnson, Thomas
Johnson, William George
Johnston, Amy
Johnston, Elizabeth, née Mulready
Jolin, Philippe
Jonan, Yvonne
Jones, Anna
Jones, Eliza
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Elizabeth Harriet
Jones, John
Jones, Louisa
Jones, Maria
Jones, Mary Ann
Jones, Percy
Jones, Susan
Jones, William
Jones, William Edmund
Jones, William Edward
Jones, William Henry
Jory, Elizabeth Jane
Jory, Jane Emily
Jory, Rose Isabella
Joselin, Elizabeth
Joseph, Charles
Joseph, James
Joslin, Ann
Joste, John Fleuri
Jourdan, Clementine
Journeaux, Ann
Journeaux, Francis
Journeaux, Frederick
Journeaux, M A
Journeaux, Marie
Journeaux, Philip
Joyce, William
Joyce, William Henry
Joyles, James
Julian, Thomas
Jury, Mary Ann
Kahall, Alice
Kail, Ellen
Kailey, Roger
Kaine, Johanna
Kaines, Harriet
Kaines, Johannah
Kaines, Louisa
Kaines, Thomas
Kallow, Alice
Kallow, Michael
Keating, Andrew
Keating, Ann
Keating, Ellen
Keating, Frances
Keating, Francis
Keaves, William
Keefe, Patrick
Keep, Hannah
Keeping, Emma
Keeping, John
Kelland, Ann
Kellond, Elizabeth
Kellond, Sarah
Kellond, Saria
Kelly, George
Kelly, John
Kelly, Michael
Kennedy, Ann
Kennedy, Daniel
Kennedy, James
Kennedy, Julia
Kennedy, William
Kenney, Mary Ann
Kenny, Edward
Kenny, Mary
Kensey, Elizabeth
Kerslake, Frederick
Kilford, Thomas
Kilroy, John
Kilroy, John
King, Amelia
King, Ann
King, David
King, Henry
King, John
King, Mary
Kingsler, Mary Ann
Kingston, John
Kingston, William
Kinnard, Mary Ann
Kirowin, Margaret
Kneeshaw, Charles
Kneeshaw, John
Kneeshaw, Louisa
Kneeshaw, Louisa Georgiana
Kneeshaw, Louisa Georgina
Kneeshaw, Louise G
Kneeshaw, Mary
Kneeshaw, William
Knight, Ann
Knight, George
Knight, Henry
Knight, Samuel
Knowles, John
Knox, John
Kruger, Christiana
L’Amour, Marie
L’Amy, Nancy
L’Arrivel, Françoise
La Couvée, Marie, née Follio
La Croix, Maria Louise, née Bauche
La Fage, Leger
La Maistre, Edward
La Maistre, Mary Ann
La Tour, Dora Rosina
La Tour, Dora Rosine
La Tour, Elia
La Tour, Harriet
La Tour, Harriet, née Brewer
La Tour, Orange
La Tour, Thomas
La Tour, Virginia
Laby, Julia, née Mannion
Ladyman, Elizabeth
Laffoley, Ann, née Joslin
Laffoley, Arnaud
Laffoley, Elie
Laffoley, Eliza Jane
Laffoley, Hugh
Laffoley, Jane
Laffoley, Josué
Laffoley, Marie Françoise, née Godin
Laffoley, Philippe de Ste Croix
Laffoley, Philippe
Laffoley, Rosanna
Lair, Ann
Lair, Marie
Lakin, Henry
Lakin, John Henry
Lambert, Henry
Lambert, Thomas
Lamy, Nancy
Lamy, William
Lane, Elizabeth
Lane, Joseph
Langlois, Anne
Langlois, Christiana, née Krüger
Langlois, Jane, née Le Rossignol
Langlois, Maria Anne
Langlois, Marie
Langrish, Ann
Langrish, Louisa
Langston, James
Langworthy, Catherine
Lanos, Louise
Larbalastier, Marie
Larbalestier, Charles
Larbalestier, Marie
Larbalestier, Michael
Larbalestier, Rachel, née Nicolle
Larbelestier, Marie
Larcombia, Richard
Larder, Edward
Larkman, Elizabeth, née Ayton
Latham, William
Laurens, Alfred
Laurens, Elizabeth Jane
Laurens, George
Laurens, Jean
Laurens, John
Laurens, Thomas
Laurent, Adelina
Laurent, Hector
Laver, Amelia
Laver, Edward
Laver, Elizabeth
Laver, Frances
Laver, Lucy
Laverty, John
Lavis, William
Lawes, Richard
Lawler, Catherine
Lawrence, John
Lawrence, William
Le Bailly, John
Le Bailly, Julie
Le Bailly, Philip
Le Bailly, Philippe
Le Bailly, Rachel
Le Bailly, Rachel Mary, née Howard
Le Bas, James John
Le Bas, John
Le Berre, Jean Louis
Le Blanc, Michael
Le Boeuf, Anne
Le Boulanger, Ann
Le Boulanger, Anne
Le Boulanger, Marie
Le Boutillier, Elizabeth
Le Boutillier, Georgina
Le Boutillier, Josué
Le Boutillier, Margaret
Le Breton, Alice
Le Breton, Charles
Le Breton, Douce, née de Gruchy
Le Breton, Jean
Le Breton, John
Le Breton, Louisa
Le Breton, Marie
Le Breton, Mary A
Le Breton, Mary Ann
Le Breton, Rachel
Le Breton, Sarah Jane
Le Breton, Susanne, née Gallichan
Le Brocq, Edouard
Le Brocq, Elizabeth, née Le Feuvre
Le Brocq, Margaret
Le Brocq, Mary A
Le Brocq, Mary Ann
Le Brocq, Philip
Le Brocq, Philippe
Le Brun, Ann
Le Brun, Edouard
Le Brun, Elizabeth
Le Brun, George
Le Brun, Jean
Le Brun, Nancy
Le Brun, Peter
Le Brun, Rachel
Le Cam, Ellen
Le Cam, Jeanne
Le Cam, Joseph Marie
Le Canelier, Jacques Francis
Le Canu, Julie Victoire, née Albert
Le Canu, Louis François
Le Canu, Marie Elizabeth
Le Canu, Pierre George
Le Cappelain, Philippe
Le Cheminant, Thomas
Le Clercq, Augustine
Le Clercq, Clementine
Le Clercq, Helier
Le Cocq, Caroline
Le Cocq, Elizabeth
Le Cocq, François
Le Cocq, Isabel
Le Cocq, Isabelle
Le Cocq, John
Le Cocq, Mary Jane
Le Cocq, Nicolas
Le Cocq, Priscilla
Le Cocq, Selina
Le Cocq, William Francis
Le Cocq, William Frederick
Le Conte, Jane
Le Cornu, Jeanne
Le Cornu, John Philip
Le Cornu, John
Le Cornu, Philip John
Le Cornu, Philippe
Le Couillard, Philippe
Le Couteur, Caroline
Le Couteur, Frances
Le Couteur, Francis
Le Couteur, Jane
Le Couteur, Jeanne
Le Couteur, John
Le Couteur, Nancy
Le Couteur, Robert
Le Cras, Francis
Le Cras, Henry
Le Cras, John Thomas
Le Cras, Philippe
Le Cras, Pierre
Le Dain, Elizabeth
Le Dain, Jean
Le Dain, Molly
Le Dain, Nancy
Le Duc, Ann
Le Feuvre, Charlotte, née Gammon
Le Feuvre, Elizabeth
Le Feuvre, Esther
Le Feuvre, Jane
Le Feuvre, Jeanne
Le Feuvre, Marie Jeanne
Le Feuvre, Mary
Le Feuvre, M J
Le Feuvre, Nancy
Le Feuvre, Philip
Le Feuvre, Susanne
Le Four, Marie
Le Gallais, Auguste
Le Gallais, Mary, née Webber
Le Gallez, Mary Ann
Le Geyt, Peter
Le Geyt, Philip
Le Gigan, Paul
Le Goubin, Céleste
Le Granad, Jean
Le Grand, Jean
Le Grand, Matthew
Le Gras, Aimable
Le Gresley, Charles
Le Gresley, Emily
Le Gresley, Francis
Le Gresley, George
Le Gresley, Jane
Le Gresley, Josué
Le Gresley, Marie Charlotte
Le Gresley, Michael Charles
Le Gresley, Philip
Le Gresley, Philippe
Le Griffon, Valerie
Le Gros, Anne
Le Gros, Charles
Le Gros, Elie
Le Gros, George
Le Gros, James Francis Joseph
Le Gros, James Thomas Joseph
Le Gros, Jane
Le Gros, Jean
Le Gros, Jeanne
Le Gros, John Edward
Le Gros, John
Le Gros, John Edwin
Le Gros, Laurens
Le Gros, Laurent
Le Gros, Marie
Le Gros, Mary
Le Gros, May
Le Gros, Nicolas
Le Gros, Noé
Le Gros, Philippe
Le Gros, Susanne, née Le Feuvre
Le Hardy, Matilda
Le Hucquet, Douce
Le Hucquet, Elizabeth
Le Hucquet, Marie
Le Huquet, Jane
Le Lainey, Matthew
Le Lievre, Elie
Le Lièvre, Maria A
Le Lievre, Marie Ann
Le Lievre, Marie Anne
Le Loup, Frédéric
Le Main, Alexandre
Le Maistre, Charles
Le Maistre, Edouard
Le Maistre, Edward
Le Maistre, Elizabeth
Le Maistre, Francis
Le Maistre, Mary A
Le Maistre, Mary Ann
Le Maistre, Philippe
Le Maistre, Sarah
Le Marchand, Anne
Le Marinel, Henrietta
Le Marinel, Henriette
Le Marinel, M
Le Marinel, Mary A
Le Marinel, Mary Ann
Le Marquand, Mary Jane
Le Marquand, P
Le Marquand, Philip
Le Marquand, Sophia
Le Marquand, Sophie
Le Masurier, Alfred
Le Masurier, Alfred William
Le Masurier, Elizabeth
Le Masurier, Esther Jane
Le Masurier, Henry
Le Masurier, Jane, née Le Sauteur
Le Masurier, Josué
Le Masurier, Josué Jean
Le Masurier, Marie
Le Masurier, Rachel
Le Masurier, Ronald Greenway
Le Masurier, Sophia, née Mourant
Le Masurier, Thomas
Le Merchant, Matthew
Le Mercier, Jane F
Le Miere, Felix
Le Montais, Susanne
Le Mouton, Bon
Le Noble, Henry
Le Noble, Jean
Le Noble, Nicolas
Le Noir, Elizabeth
Le Page, Sarah
Le Page, Thomas
Le Petit, Auguste
Le Pied, Adele
Le Quesne, Ann
Le Quesne, Anne
Le Quesne, Jean
Le Ray, Abraham
Le Ray, Ann Louisa Victoria
Le Ray, Ellen
Le Ray, George
Le Ray, Helena Louisa
Le Ray, Helène
Le Ray, Jane Esther
Le Ray, John
Le Ray, John Albert
Le Ray, Philippe
Le Ray, William
Le Riche, Betsey
Le Riche, Mary Ann
Le Riche, Philippe
Le Riche, Thomas
Le Rossignol, P N
Le Rossignol, Elizabeth Sophie
Le Rossignol, Jane
Le Rossignol, Jean
Le Rossignol, Pierre Nicolas
Le Roux, Alfred
Le Roux, Anne
Le Roux, Charles
Le Roux, Elie
Le Roux, Louis
Le Roux, Marie Anne
Le Sauteur, Jane
Le Sauteur, Julia
Le Sauteur, William
Le Scelleur, James
Le Scelleur, Jane Elizabeth
Le Scelleur, John
Le Seelleur, Jane
Le Seelleur, Jeanne
Le Seelleur, M A
Le Seelleur, Mary
Le Seelleur, Mary A
Le Seelleur, Mary Ann
Le Selleur, Ann
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, Esther
Le Sueur, Fanny
Le Sueur, Frances
Le Sueur, François
Le Sueur, Francois John
Le Sueur, Jane
Le Sueur, Jean
Le Sueur, Jeanne
Le Sueur, John
Le Sueur, Julie
Le Sueur, Marie
Le Sueur, Mary
Le Sueur, Mary A
Le Sueur, Peter
Le Sueur, Philip
Le Sueur, Philippe
Le Tellier, Jean
Le Templier, Clement
Le Touzel, Frances
Le Touzel, François
Le Tubelin, Elizabeth
Le Tubelin, Marguerite
Le Tublin, Henriette
Le Turquie, Jeanne
Le Vavasseur, Anastalie
Le Vavasseur, Valérie, née Le Griffon
Le Vesconte, Mary Ann, née Ahier
Leahy, Julia, née Mangen
Lebonnec, Julien Louis
Ledwich, William Philip
Lee, Caroline Emma
Lee, Elizabeth, née Boreham
Lee, Margaret
Lee, Samuel
Leeds, Jane
Legg, Mary, née Mullett
Lehey, Mary
Leigh, Elizabeth
Leigh, Joseph
Leigh, Mary Ann, née Skipwards
Leigh, Philip George
Leigh, Philippe
Lempriere, Carterette
Lempriere, Elizabeth
Lempriere, George
Lemprière, Jeanne
Lempriere, Maria
Lempriere, Marie
Lemprière, Thomas
Lempriere, Jeanne
Lennard, Maria, née Smith
Lennard, Sophie
Lennard, Susan
Leo, John
Leod, Alexander
Leonard, Mary, née Cain
Letto, William
Level, James
Levens, George
Lilicrap, Elizabeth
Lilicrap, Elizabeth Mary, née Huelin
Lilicrap, John
Lilicrap, Mary Ann
Lilicrap, Thomas
Lilicrap, William John
Lindon, Elizabeth, née Roberts
Lindon, George
Linen, Bridget
Liston, Elizabeth
Lloyd, William
Llya, Vincenza
Lobb, Susannah
Lock, Mary
Long, John
Long, Mary Ann
Longland, John
Longman, Margaret
Lorenza, Eleonora
Lorum, John
Louisa, Ptiman
Louth, Rachel, née McDonald
Louzow, Otto
Lovejoy, Thomas
Lovelace, Charles
Lovelace, Jane
Lovelace, John
Lovelace, William
Loving, Elizabeth
Lowden, Thomas
Lowe, John
Lucas, Auguste
Lucas, Bridget
Lucas, George
Lucas, Jane
Lucas, Susanne Esther
Luce, Ann
Luce, Betsey, née Gaudion
Luce, Fanny
Luce, Frederick J David
Luce, George
Luce, James David Frederick
Luce, Jean David Frederick
Luce, John David Frederick
Luce, Malvina
Luce, Mary Ann
Luce, Philip
Lugand, Mélanie
Luggard, Ann
Lukis, Mary Catherine
Luscombe, Nicholas
Lush, Ann, née Biddiscombe
Lynch, Cornelius
Lyonds, Louisa
Lyons, Anne
Lyons, Louisa
Lys, Fanny
Lyte, Charles
Lyte, Thomas
Machon, Henri
Machon, Henry
Machon, Josué
Maddock, Randle
Maddocks, Mary Anne
Madighan, Jeremiah
Magaor, Jane
Magloire, Gilles
Magrath, Kate
Maher, James
Maher, Michael
Mahier, Jeanne
Mahier, Mary
Mahoney, Eliza
Mahoney, Patrick
Mahy, Ann
Mahy, Ann Elizabeth
Mahy, James
Main, Rachel, née Allez
Major, Ann
Major, Louisa
Major, Mathilda
Major, Mathilde
Major, Matilda
Malcolm, Thomas
Malherbe, Marie Stephanie
Malicet, Baptiste
Mallet, Elizabeth
Mallet, Jane
Mallet, Mary Ann
Mallet, Mary Jane
Mallet, Philippe
Malloy, Catherine
Maltby, George
Malzard, Alfred frank
Malzard, Alfred Frederick
Malzard, Anne
Malzard, Charles Philip
Malzard, James George
Malzard, Joseph
Malzard, Mary
Malzard, Molly
Malzard, Philippe
Mandess, Adelaide
Mangan, Catherine
Mangnar, Bridget
Manley, Ann Maria
Manley, Augusta
Manley, William
Manley, William Charles
Mann, Eliza
Mann, Elizabeth
Mann, John
Mannion, Johanna
Mannion, Mary
Manuel, Thomas
Mara, Jeremiah
March, Hannah
March, Joseph
Marett, Betsey
Marett, Charles Jean
Marett, Elizabeth
Marett, Esther, née Le Sueur
Marett, François
Marett, George
Marett, Jane
Marett, Jane Esther
Marett, Jean
Marett, Joan
Marett, Marie, née Mauger
Marett, Pierre
Marett, Susanne
Marett, William
Marie, Emma
Marie, Jean
Marie, Philip
Marie, Philippe
Marin, Mary, née Le Gros
Marmah, Michael
Marquand, James
Marsden, Julia
Marsh, Hannah
Marsh, James
Marshall, Ann Elizabeth
Marshall, Margaret
Martin, Elizabeth
Martin, Frederick
Martin, Francois Louis
Martin, Jane
Martin, Louis
Martin, Richard
Martin, Stephen
Masin, Mary, née Le Gros
Maskell, William
Mason, James
Masters, Elizabeth
Masters, Julia
Masters, Martha
Masters, William
Matteface, T Clarke
Matteface, Thomas Charles
Matteface, Thomas Clark
Matteface, Thomas Clarke
Matthews, Charles
Matthews, Henry
Matthews, James
Matthews, Joseph
Matthews, Louisa
Matthews, Louise
Matthews, Margaret
Matthews, Sarah
Matthews, William
Mauduit, Julien
Mauger, Adolphus
Mauger, Anne, née Bameul
Mauger, Charlotte
Mauger, Jeanne
Mauger, Laura
Mauger, Louisa
Mauger, Louise
Mauger, Marie
Mauger, Matilda
Mauger, Rachel
Mauger, Thomas
Maune, Jennet, née Hoswell
Maxwell, Albert
Maxwell, Charles
Maxwell, Elizabeth
Maxwell, George
Maxwell, Jane
Maxwell, Robert
Mayrs, Catherine
Mayrs, Mary Ann
Mayrs, Sarah
McAlister, Daniel
McAllister, John
McAteer, Elizabeth, née Goldsworthy
McAteer, John
McAteer, Louis Jane
McAteer, Louis Jean
McAteer, Louis John
McAteer, Louisa Jane
McAvey, Arthur
McAvoy, Charles Patrick
McAvoy, Mary
McAvoy, Mary A
McAvoy, Mary Ann
McCabe, Joseph
McCarthy, Ellen
McCarthy, Eugene
McCarthy, Honora
McCarthy, John
McCarthy, Louisa
McCarthy, Margaret
McCarthy, Morris
McClean, Francis George
McCloughlin, Ellen
McDonald, John
McDonald, Patrick
McDonald, Rachel
McFarlane, Joseph
McFarlane, Julia
McFarlane, Margaret
McFarlane, Mary
McGill, Margaret
McGlynn, Michael
McGrath, Kate
McGrath, Lucy
McGuiness, William
McGuire, Mary, née Taylor
McHale, Eliza
McHale, Ellen
McKenney, Mary
McKensie, Ann
McKenzie, George
McKew, Ann
McLaren, Eliza
McLeod, Alexander
McLoughlin, Ellen
McLoughlin, Mary
McLoughlin, Sarah Ann
McMahon, Catherine
McMahon, John
McManus, Bridget
McNamara, Johana
McNeel, Alexander
McNulty, Hugh
McQueen, Caroline
McQueen, Catherine, née McKay
McQueen, John
McQueen, Mary
McQuire, Daniel
Meader, John
Meek, Alfred
Meek, Thomas
Meiner, Jean
Melin, Francois
Mélingues, Eugenie
Messervy, Ann
Messervy, Anna, née Parret
Messervy, Anne
Messervy, Anne, née Parret
Messervy, George
Messervy, Jane
Messervy, Louisa
Messervy, Matthew
Metters, Ann
Mew, Emma
Mew, Henry
Mew, John
Michel, François
Miles, Caroline
Milford, James
Millard, Charles Henry
Millard, Henry
Miller, John
Miller, Mary
Miller, Robert
Miller, Sophia
Miller, Sophie
Miller, Thomas
Millington, William
Mills, Alfred
Mills, Ann
Mills, Ann, née Hodgson
Mills, Helena
Mills, Helena, née Dunn
Mills, Jane
Mills, John
Mincheneer, James
Minchineer, Rosanne
Mitchell, David
Mitchell, Fanny
Mitchell, Sophia, née Woods
Mitchell, Timothy
Mitchener, Eliza
Mitchener, Susan
Mitford, James
Moddy, Harriet
Moignard, Edwin
Moignard, Elie
Moignard, Jane
Moignard, Marie
Moignard, Mary
Moignard, Mary Jane
Moignard, Philip
Moignard, Sarah, née Scott
Moignard, Susanne
Moine, Julie
Moisson, Frosile
Molder, Ann
Moldone, Charles Thomas
Moldone, Elvina Ann
Moldone, John
Moldone, William
Moles, William
Molesch, Henry
Mollet, Albert Alfred
Mollet, Alfred Albert
Mollet, Esther
Mollet, Henriette, née Bessin
Mollet, John
Mollet, Mary D
Mollet, Mary H D
Mollot, John
Monamy, Jean
Monck, J Francis
Monnamy, Jean
Moody, George
Moody, Harriet
Moody, Mary
Moody, Mary Jane
Moody, Margaret
Moon, Henry
Moon, Sophia
Mooney, John
Mooney, Peter
Moore, Francis
Moore, Mary Ann
Moore, Rachel
Morangue, Pierre
Morel, John
Moressey, John
Morgan, George
Morgan, Margaret
Morgan, Mary
Morgan, Susan
Morin, Louis
Morley, Oliver
Mormon, Francis
Morrey, Augustus
Morris, Martha
Morrisson, James
Morrisson, Samuel
Morrisson, William
Mott, Ann
Mouchel, Jacques
Mouchelle, Joseph
Mourant, Ann
Mourant, Edouard
Mourant, Esther Susan
Mourant, Esther
Mourant, George
Mourant, Jane
Mourant, Jane, née Perchard
Mourant, Jean
Mourant, Julia
Mourant, Mary Ann, née Gallichan
Mourant, Philip
Mourant, Sophie
Mouton, Alfred
Mouton, Emilia
Mouton, Emilie
Moyse, John
Mullins, George
Mulumpy, Margaret, née Murphy
Munt, Catherine Ellen
Munt, Clara Ann
Munt, Mark
Munt, William John
Murley, William
Murnane, James
Murphy, Eliza
Murphy, Mary
Murphy, Timothy
Murray, Mary
Murray, Patrick
Murray, Thomas
Mutch, Sarah
Myhan, Catherine
Nantes, Marie, née Filleul
Neal, Frederick
Neale, Mary
Neel, Charles
Neho, Susanne
Neil, Michael
Neill, George
Nelson, Nicholas
Nelson, Peter
Netting, Margaret Golding
Neville, Eliza
Newham, George
Newland, Bridget
Newland, Jane
Newman, George
Newman, William
Newnham, Margaret
Newnham, Mary
Newry, John Thomas
Nicolle, Charles
Nicolle, Elizabeth
Nicolle, Jean
Nicolle, John
Nicolle, Marie
Nicolle, Mary
Nicolle, Rachel
Nicolle, Thomas
Nipo, Mary
Nixon, Thomas
Noake, Bartlett
Noake, William Bartlett
Noble, Elizabeth
Noble, Henry
Noel, Anne, née Coutanche
Noel, Augustine
Noel, Elizabeth
Noel, Francis
Noel, François
Noel, George
Noel, Jane, née Skinner
Skinner, Jane
Noel, Jean
Noel, John
Noel, Molly, née Le Masurier
Noel, Nancy
Nokes, Richard
Nolais, Mary Ann
Norman, Clement
Norman, Jane
Norman, Jane
Norman, Philip
Norman, Philippe
Norman, Sophie
Norris, James
Norris, Jean
Norris, Simeon
Northover, Charles
Northton, Henry
Norton, David
Nowlan, Joseph
O Rooke, Martin
O’ Neil, Catherine
O’Brien, Bridget
O’Brien, Thomas
O’Connor, Mary Ann
O’Donnell, Elizabeth
O’Donold, Elizabeth
O’Hara, Margaret
O’Keif, Margaret
O’Neil, Edward
O’Neil, Mary
O’Toole, Philip
Oclé, Catherine
Odoire, Peter
Odoure, Peter
Ogilvee, George
Ogilvie, George
Oldridge, Sophie, née Le Brun
Olliver, Thomas
Ollivier, Jean
Ollivier, Louis
Olsen, Berthel
Olsen, Ole
Osborne, Alfred George
Osborne, Amelia
Osborne, Georgina
Osborne, James
Osborne, Maria Ann
Osborne, Mary Ann, née Delmott
Osborne, Matthew William
Osborne, Richard
Osborne, Selina
Osborne, William Henry
Osouf, Marie
Owen, Margaret Emma
Owen, Simon
Ozard, Mary Jane
Ozard, Mary, née Jean
Padmore, Augustus
Pagney, Jane, née Esnouf
Pallot, Charles
Pallot, Jane
Palmer, Ann
Palmer, Elizabeth
Palmer, George
Palmer, John
Palmer, Julie
Palmer, Louisa
Palmer, Mary
Paraton, John
Parett, George
Park, Sarah
Parker, James
Parker, Jane, née Perris
Parker, Sarah
Parker, William
Parre, Elizabeth, née Dorey
Parret, Alfred
Parret, Ann
Parret, Anne
Parret, Jane
Parret, Mary Ann
Parret, Samuel
Parret, Sarah
Parret, Sarah, née Scandling
Parrett, Elizabeth, née Scandling
Parrot, George
Parson, Arthur
Passow, Hermann
Patch, Edward
Patchings, Thomas
Patson, Jeanne
Patten, John
Patten, Robert
Pattison, William
Pauley, Alfred
Paully, Marguerite, née Victoire
Payn, Anne, née de La Cour
Payn, Thomas
Payne, Edward
Payne, Mary
Paynton, Joseph
Peacock, George
Peadon, Charles
Peadon, Eliza
Peadon, Mary Ann, née Hawkins
Pearce, Alfred
Pearce, Ann, née Foster
Pearce, Anne, née Foster
Pearce, Charles
Pearce, Harriet
Pehan, Auguste
Pélé, Hypolite
Pelit, François
Pellow, John
Pellow, Thomas
Penery, Jane
Pennerey, Jane
Pennerey, Mary Ann
Pennerey, Thomas
Pennerey, William
Penney, John
Penrose, Mary
Pepin, George
Pepin, Mary
Pepin, William
Percevaux, Pierre
Perchard, Charles
Perchard, Elias
Perchard, Elie
Perchard, Elizabeth, née Joslin
Perchard, Jane
Perchard, Jean
Perchard, John
Perchard, Mary
Perchard, Susan
Perchard, Susanne
Perchard, Thomas
Peret, Melanie
Perin, Millet
Perkins, Ann, née Cantall
Perkins, Martha
Perrée, Marie
Perrin, Henry
Perris, Jane
Perry, Eliza
Perry, Emma
Perry, James
Peters, Mary Ann
Petit, Edward Eugéne
Phelan, David
Pheland, Denis
Phelepes, Mary
Philippe, George
Philippe, Mary
Philippe, Mary Ann
Philippe, William
Philips, Mary
Phillipe, George
Phillips, Ellen
Phillips, Mary
Pickford, Mary Jane, née Toogood
Pickford, Thomas
Picot, Elie
Picot, Esther, née Le Feuvre
Picot, Jean
Picot, Jeanne, née Le Podevin
Picot, Joseph
Picot, Josué
Picot, Marguerite
Picot, William Francis
Picot, Marguerite
Picover, George
Picquet, Thomas
Pigeard, Jean Victor
Pike, Ellen
Pincemain, Rosalie
Pinel, Ann Caroline
Pinel, Clément
Pinel, George
Pinel, Rose Caroline
Pinson, Catherine
Pinwell, John
Pipon, Esther, née Mourant
Pipon, Louisa
Pipon, Shilton
Pironet, Jean
Pironnet, Jean
Pirouet, Francis George
Pirouet, Jacques
Pirouet, Jean
Pirouet, Thomas
Pitman, Isaac
Pitman, Louisa
Pitman, Louise
Piton, Philippe
Plank, Elizabeth, née Turner
Le Planquet , Victor
Pléton, Francoise
Plowman, Mary Ann, née Taylor
Podesta, Elizabeth, née de Ste Croix
Poidevin, James
Poingdestre, Adelaide
Poingdestre, Adelina
Poingdestre, Adelina Martha Saleze
Poingdestre, Adeline
Poingdestre, Alfred
Poingdestre, James
Poingdestre, Jane
Poingdestre, Philip
Poingdestre, Thomas Alfred
Poirier, Adelaïde
Poisson, Maud
Polec, John
Pommier, Marie
Pool, Louisa
Pool, Louise
Pool, Mary Ann
Poole, Charles
Poole, Louisa
Pope, Esther
Porter, William
Pouclée, Anne
Poucleé, Jean
Pouclée, Marguerite
Pouillie, Francois
Pouillie, Henriette
Powell, Ann
Powell, Elizabeth, née Elliott
Powell, Richard
Powell, Thomas
Power, John
Powley, Benjamin
Praisley, Charles
Prall, John William
Pralt, John William
Premmer, Louisa
Prévôt, Yves
Priaulx, Nicolas
Priestley, Thomas
Priestly, Thomas
Primat, Yves
Primmer, Elizabeth
Primmer, Henry
Primmer, Jane
Primmer, Louisa
Primmer, Louise
Primmer, Mary Ann
Primmer, Susan
Prince, John
Purkis, George
Pyle, Jane
Quamar, Louis
Quarm, Robert
Queen, Selina
Quenault, Edward
Quenault, Elias
Quenault, Elizabeth
Quenault, Francoise
Quenault, Henry
Quenault, Jane
Quenault, John
Quenault, Rachel
Quenault, Sarah Emma
Quenault, Sarah J
Quenault, Sarah Jane
Quenault, Sophie, née Martin
Queré, Yves
Querée, George
Queree, Jean Charles
Queree, James Charles
Querée, Philip
Querée, Philippe
Quéripel, William
Quesnel, Betsey
Quinn, Robert William
Quinn, Rosana
Quinry, William
Quint, Thomas
Rabasse, James
Rafferty, Ann, née Stevens
Rafferty, Philip
Rainer, Joseph
Rainey, Elizabeth
Rainey, George Elizabeth
Rainey, Mary Ann
Ralph, William
Rapsey, Julia Maria
Rapsey, Thomas
Rattigan, Jane
Raydez, Eugene
Raymond, Francis Henry
Raymond, Rebecca
Raymond, Thomas
Raymont, Francis
Rayner, Charles
Rayner, Elizabeth
Rayner, Joseph
Rayner, William
Reader, Herbert
Reaghan, Samuel
Rearden, Selina
Reardon, Ann, née McKenzie
Reardon, Selina
Rebillard, Francis
Rebourt, Louise
Redding, Mary
Reed, Amelia
Reed, Arthur Jeanne
Reegan, Michael
Regnier, Francois
Reid, Mary
Remington, Mary
Remon, Elizabeth
Remy, George
Remy, Jean
Renaud, Jeanne Marie
Renault, Jane
Renier, Elizabeth
Rennick, Margaret
Renouf, Anne, née Picot
Renouf, Charles
Renouf, Louisa Jane
Renouf, Mary
Rerington, Margaret
Retalick, Mary Ann
Rettalick, Clara Jane
Revington, Mary
Reyment, Francis Henry
Reynolds, Elizabeth
Reynolds, Jane
Reynolds, Louisa
Reynolds, Martha
Ricard, Sarah
Rice, Jane
Rice, Thomas
Richards, Ann
Richards, Eliza
Richards, George
Richardson, Hugh
Richecoeur, Susanne
Richenbach, Anthoine
Richmond, James
Rickett, Jane
Ricou, Pierre
Ricourt, Célestin
Rider, Marguerite
Riggs, Mary Ann
Riley, Mary
Rimmer, Jane
Riordan, William
Rive, Jean
Rivett, Esther, née Baudains
Rivrent, Marie Adèle
Rivrent, Mary Ann
Robert, David
Robert, William Henry
Roberts, Catherine
Roberts, David
Roberts, Ellen
Roberts, Rebecca
Roberts, Richard
Roberts, William
Roberts, William Henry
Robidou, Marie
Robillard, Henry james
Robilliard, Francis Jean
Robilliard, Martha, née Wright
Robins, Edward
Robins, Jane, née Cavanagh
Robins, Mary
Robins, Victoria
Rogers, Charles
Rogers, Elizabeth
Rogers, George
Rogers, John
Rogers, Mary Ann
Rogers, William
Rogerson, David
Roland, Selina
Rollings, John
Rolls, Susan Jane, née de Ste Croix
Romeril, Abraham
Romeril, Ann, née Le Bas
Romeril, Charles
Romeril, Edmond
Romeril, Edouard
Romeril, Eliza
Romeril, Elizabeth
Romeril, George
Romeril, Philippe
Romeril, Samuel
Rootes, Mary
Rosby, Philip
Ross, James
Rossignol, Eliz Sophia
Rosusto, Charles
Rouault, Marie
Rouland, Jean
Rouzé, Jean
Rowe, Ann Elizabeth
Rowe, Elizabeth
Rowe, Elizabeth Ann
Rowe, James
Rowe, John
Rowe, Robert
Rowland, Anne
Ruchkamp, Andrew
Ruhrdanz, Gustof
Rusden, Francis
Russell, Elizabeth
Russell, James
Ryan, Bridget
Ryan, Honora
Ryan, Kitty
Ryan, Mary
Ryan, Mary Ann
Ryan, Olive
Ryan, Patrick
Ryder, Margaret
Rye, Anna Maria
Rye, Hannah Maria
Rye, Hannah Marie
Sale, Michael
Salisbury, Benjamin
Salisbury, Louisa
Salsbury, Benjamin
Salsbury, John
Salsbury, Louisa
Salsbury, Louisa, née Matthews
Salter, Amos
Salter, Rebecca
Sampson, Edward
Sampson, James
Sanders, Clément
Sandicock, David
Sandicock, John
Sandiford, Jean Henry
Sandon, Elizabeth, née Roberts
Sandracombe, William
Sangers, James
Sardin, Jean Baptiste
Sarre, Elizabeth, née Dorey
Sarre, Philippe
Saunders, James
Saunders, Joseph
Saunders, Margaret Evans
Saunders, William
Le Sauteur, Jane
Savage, James
Savin, Jean
Scagell, Rachel
Scales, Amelia
Scales, Jane
Scammell, Robert
Scandling, Ellen
Scandling, James
Scandling, M A
Scandling, M Ann
Scandling, Mary
Scandling, Mary Ann
Scandling, Sarah
Scandlon, Ellen
Scanlon, Ellen
Schubbe, Frederick
Scoones, John
Scott, Elizabeth
Scott, Frederick
Scott, Jane
Scott, John
Scott, Lavinia
Scott, Margaret
Scott, Nelly
Scott, Sarah
Scott, Thomas
Screech, John
Scully, Owen
Scully, Patrick
Searle, Samuel
Sebire, Ann
Sebire, Arthur Theo
Sebire, Arthur Théophile
Sebire, Charles
Sebire, Ernest Napoléon
Sebire, Jane Marie, née Tremel
Seeney, Jane
Seeny, Jane
Sellier, Maria
Senior, Elizabeth
Sensem, James
Sercumb, George
Sevistoslawski, Feno
Seward, Adelaide
Seyborn, Jean
Seymour, William
Shalew, Patrick
Shanks, James
Shannon, John
Shapcott, Charles Jean
Sharland, Emma
Shaw, John
Shawe, Merrick Corcellis
Shea, Edward
Shea, John
Shean, John
Shephard, George, Major
Shepherd, Robert
Shepperd, Elizthabeth
Shepperd, Robert
Sheridan, Ellen
Sheridan, Margaret
Sheridan, Marguerite
Shilvock, Charles
Shiner, Julia
Shirlock, Mary Ann
Shopland, Caroline, née Shanden
Short, Edmund
Showell, Henry
Showell, Joseph
Showell, Joshua
Sill, Catherine
Simmons, Samuel
Simon, Nancy
Simons, James
Simpson, Archibald
Simpson, James
Sims, Emelia, née Le Ray
Sinel, Eliza
Sinel, Philip
Sinel, Philip George
Sinel, Selina
Single, Mary
Siples, John
Skinner, Thomas Edwin
Slade, Mary
Slader, Jane
Slaney, Francis
Slater, Matilda Jane
Slowcam, Robert
Slowcam, William
Slowman, James
Smale, Sarah
Small, Esther
Small, James
Smallacombe, Hugh
Smith, Alexandrina
Smith, Amelia, née Stickland
Smith, Anne, née Pouclée
Smith, Betsey
Smith, Charles
Smith, John
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Louisa
Smith, Marie
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary, née Hurley
Smith, Matthew
Smith, Rosa
Smith, Samuel
Smith, William
Smoker, William
Snell, Harriet
Snow John
Snow, Ann
Snow, Ann, née Godel
Snow, Clara
Snow, Elizabeth
Snow, George
Snow, John
Snow, Joseph
Snow, Louisa
Sohier, George
Sohier, Jean
Sohier, John
Somerville, Thomas
Sorsoleil, Marguerite Sophie
Soupre, Adolphe
Soupre, Alfred Amy
Special, Ellen, née McCarthy
Special, Helen, née McCarthy
Special, William
Spencer, Elizabeth
Spencer, Elizabeth Mary Ann
Spencer, Frederick
Spencer, George
Spillard, Frederick
Spilling, Frederick
Spilsburg, Martha, née Watson
Splatt, Hannah
Spratt, Francis
Spurring, Charles
Squibb, John
St Clair, William
Stag, Charlotte
Stainer, Martha, née Stevens
Standon, Mary
Stanley, John
Stanson, James
Stanton, Mary, née Ching
Stapleton, Mary
Starck, Robert
Stark, Jemima
Stead, James
Stephens, Mary
Stephenson, Patrick
Sterlingot, Rosana
Stevens, Charles
Stevens, Elizabeth
Stevens, John
Stevens, Mary
Stewart, Andrew
Stewart, Charles
Stewart, Clementina
Stewart, Ellen
Stewart, Mary
Stickland, Amelia
Stickland, John
Stockhouse, Henry Thomas
Stockhouse, Thomas Henry
Stokes, John
Stokes, Martha
Stone, Maria, née Cook
Stone, William Thomas
Stoneman, Charles
Stoneman, Francis
Stoneman, William
Strong, John
Strongy, Henry
Strout, William
Strudley, Henry
Stuart, Charles
Sturney, John
Suanders, James
Sullivan, Andrew
Sullivan, Ann
Sullivan, Bridget
Sullivan, Florence
Sullivan, Henry
Sullivan, Johana
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, M Ann
Sullivan, Margaret
Sullivan, Mary
Sullivan, Patrick
Sullivan, Thomas
Summerhayes, George
Summerhayes, George Walter
Summerhayes, Mary, née Hall
Summerhays, Mary, née Hall
Summers, Elizabeth Ann
Summers, Elizabeth Mary
Summers, George
Summers, Mary
Summers, Mary Alice
Summerville, Frances
Summerville, Françoise
Supple, Bridget
Supple, Bridget, née McManus
Supple, Catherine
Supple, John
Supple, Mary Ann
Sury, Mary Ann
Sweeney, Bridget
Sweetapple, George
Sweetapple, Robert
Sykes, Edward
Symonds, Henry
Symons, Samuel
Syvret, Eliza
Syvret, Esther
Syvret, Harriet, née Sinclair
Syvret, Mary Ann
Syvret, Philippe
Tab, Joseph
Taguey, Jane, née Esnouf
Talbot, Rachel, née Buesnel
Tanner, Louisa
Tapner, Elizabeth
Tarry, Thomas
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Eliza
Taylor, Elizabeth
Taylor, John
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Mary Ann
Taylor, Mary Ann, née Ramsen
Taylor, Matthew Nelson
Taylor, Paul
Taylor, Richard
Taylor, William
Tellefsen, Tellef
Terrier, Alexandrina
Terry, Ann, née Dillon
Thereze, Emilie
Thereze, Lea
Thereze, Leon
Thomas, John
Thomas, Margaret
Thompson, George
Thompson, James
Thompson, Covill
Thompson, T G
Thorn, Elizabeth
Thorn, John
Thorn, Louisa
Thorne, Ellen
Thornton, Mary A
Thornton, Mary Ann
Thruston, Louisa
Tidy, Jane
Tidyman, Susan, née Hutchings
Tierney, Jane
Tierney, Mary Ann
Tierney, Thomas
Tilley, Sarah
Tobin, John
Tobin, Mary
Tocque, Pierre
Tomlinson, Molly, née Le Dain
Toms, John
Tonkins, Mary
Toogood, Mary Jane
Toole, Henry Charles
Tope, Elizabeth, née Johns
Torevell, Thomas
Torjuoin, Helvor
Tosdevin, David
Tosdevin, Elizabeth
Tostevin, Elizabeth
Tostevin, George
Tostevin, Pierre
Touroude, John
Touroude, Léontine
Toussaint, Victor
Le Touzel, Charles Philip
Touzel, Betsey, née Fallaize
Touzel, Charles
Touzel, George
Touzel, Mary
Tramain, Elizabeth
Travers, John
Travers, Philippe
Travers, Pierre
Travers, Véronique, née Devillère
Treffry, Emblyn
Tregear, Henry
Tregear, William
Trembath, Edward
Trevet, George
Trigall, Mary Ann
Triggs, John
Tuberty, Cornelius
Tucker, Elias
Tuckerman, John
Tuffin, Elizabeth
Tunkar, Peter
Turner, Ann
Turner, Cecil
Turner, Elizabeth, née Workman
Turner, Henry
Turner, James
Turner, Lucy
Turner, Mary Ann
Turner, Rachel, née Le Brun
Turner, William
Turnour, Charles
Tynan, Michael Anthony
Underhill, Madame
Upward, Mary Ann
Usk, William
Usson, Charles
Valentine, James
Valentine, Mark
Vallette, Pauline
Vallot, Daniel
Vallot, David
Valogues, Emilie
Vanbrook, Edwin
Vanbrook, Eliza
Vanbrook, Elizabeth
Vardon, Henry
Vardon, Jean Thomas
Vardon, Mary Ann
Varnham Selina
Varnham, Ann
Vasse, Martial
Vater, Caroline, née Fish
Vaudin, Ann
Vaudin, Julia, née Moine
Vautier, George Don
Vautier, George Donald
Vautier, Jane
Vautier, Jean
Vautier, Marie
Vautier, Matilda
Veach, Clara
Veech, Sarah
Venables, Harriet
Vernom Ann
Vernon, Elizabeth
Vernon, Elizabeth Julia Ann
Vernon, Emma, née Hardy
Vernon, Hela M
Vernon, Jane
Verran, Thomas
Vesley, Emelie
Vesselet, Amelia
Vickers, G Jacobs
Vickers, William
Vickery, John
Vicq, Anne
Victor, Henry
Viel, Betsey, née Scarborough
Vincent, Mary Ann
Viner, Alice
Viner, Catherine
Viner, Charles
Viner, Elizabeth, née Avery
Viner, Kate
Vivian, Thomas
Vivier, Marie
Vivier, Mary
Voclé, Caroline
Voclé, Cathérine
Voclé, Jean
Voisin, Anne
Voisin, Jean Philip
Voisin, Jean Philippe
Voisin, Marie, née Amy
Voisin, Marie, née Lemprière
Voisin, Mary
Voisin, P
Voisin, Peter
Vontom, Alice George
Vontom, Mary Ann
Vosper, Benjamin
Vosper, John
Vosper, Mary
Vugg, Harriet
Waburton, William
Wadman, Harriet
Wadman, Henriette
Wakeham James
Wakeham, Edward
Wakeham, Eliza Jane, née Richards
Wakeham, James
Wakeham, Richard
Wakeham, William
Walden, Henry
Walden, Mary A
Walden, William John
Wales, Martha
Walker, James
Wall, William
Walling, John
Walling, Laura
Walling, Louisa
Walling, Mary Ann
Wallis, Ann Elizabeth
Wallis, Emily
Wallis, Lucy
Wallis, Mary Ann, née Stanbury
Wallis, Selina
Walls, Hannah
Walsh, Catherine
Walsh, Rosella
Walsh, Theresa
Walton, Alice
Warburton, Charlotte
Warburton, George Thomas
Warburton, Georgiana Mary Ann
Warburton, Susanne
Warburton, Thomas
Warburton, William
Ward, Abraham
Ward, Ellen, née Sullivan
Ward, Frances
Ward, James
Ward, Patrick
Ward, Sarah
Ward, Thomas
Ward, William
Wareham, Henry
Warne, Ann
Warne, Ann Elizabeth
Warne, Anne
Warne, Mary Louise
Warren, Charles
Warren, Daniel
Warren, Edwin
Warren, Ernest
Warren, James
Warren, Susan
Warwick, Sarah
Waterman, Sarah
Waterman, Thomas
Waters, Charlotte
Watson, John
Watts, Alexander
Watts, Hannah
Watts, Thomas
Way, Lydia
Way, Philipa
Webb, Elizabeth, née Bainger
Webb, Mary E
Webb, Mary Elizabeth
Webb, Nancy
Webb, Sarah
Webber, Betsey
Webber, Edward
Webber, Elizabeth
Webber, Simon
Weeks, George Samuel Murray
Welch, Denis
Wellman, Charles
Wellman, Charles Henry
Wellman, Mary Ann
Wellman, Robert
Wellman, Sarah
Wellman, William
Wells, Ann
Wells, David
Wells, James
Wells, Jane
Wells, Martha
Wells, Thomas
Wells, William
Welsh, Ann
Welsh, Betsey Fanny, née Huard
Welsh, Betsey, née Huard
Welsh, Caroline
Welsh, Elizabeth
Welsh, Margaret
Welsh, Michael
Wescott, Sarah
Weslybaft, Frederick
West, Elizabeth
West, Jane
West, Mary, née Cuthbert
West, Robert
Westlake, George, alias Chapman
Weston, John
Wheelan, William
Wheeler, Richard
Whelan, James
White, Charles
White, Edward
White, Ellen
White, George
White, Mary
White, Mary Ann
Whitehouse, Ann
Whitfield, Lucy
Whitford, John
Whittaker, Ann
Whittaker, Ann, née Cosgrove
Whittaker, Diana
Whittaker, Harriet
Whittaker, Joseph
Whittaker, Parcey
Wiggatt, Elizabeth
Wilcox, William
Wilde, Henry
Wildren, Sarah
Wilford, James
Wilkinson, Walter
Willcocks, Mary Jane
Willcox, Harriet
Willcox, Jane
Willcox, Mary
Willcox, Philip
Willcox, Thomas
Williams, Adam
Williams, Alice
Williams, Amelia
Williams, Ann
Williams, Aurelia
Williams, David
Williams, John
Williams, Robert
Williams, Sarah
Willington, William
Willis, John N
Willmot, Anne
Willmot, Dianah, née Sergeant
Willmot, Henry
Willmott, Emma
Willmott, Henry
Willoby, Mary
Wills, Elizabeth
Wills, Fanny
Wills, George T
Wills, Louisa Matilda
Wilson, George
Wilson, Thomas
Wincey, Harriet
Winter, Susan Elizabeth
Winwood, Julia
Winwood, Sophia
Wise, William
Wiston, Elizabeth
Witcher, Arthur
Wood, George
Wood, Henry
Wood, Margaret
Woodhead, William
Woods, Charles
Woods, Elizabeth
Woods, Francis
Woods, Margaret
Woods, Mary Ann
Woods, Sophia
Woolfrey, Elizabeth
Woolfries, George
Workman, Elizabeth
Wright, Emma
Wright, James
Wright, Joshua
Wright, Martha
Wright, Thomas
Wroblewski, Adam
Wyatt, George
Yabsley, Emma
Yandell, John
Yeoman, Robert
Young, Elizabeth Ann, née Boille
Young, Elizabeth Anne, née Boille
Young, Elizth
Young, George
Young, Susan
Young, William Becroft
Zuint, Thomas
Le Feuvre, Elizabeth
Le Feuvre, Esther
Keywords admission registers | Hospitals | registers | social services | health | employment
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Dimensions 1 volume
6 papers
1 Photograph
Language French
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation - please consult transcription
Closed until 2100


D/AN/B11/3This item»

Jersey General Hospital Admission Register, 1855 - 1863. This register gives details of the person admitted, including date of entry, name, age, place of birth and cause of entry. The volume has been transcribed and can be viewed as a pdf by subscribers. (Please note all of the entries for D/AN/B11/2 are also in this register, so it has not been transcribed). Click on volume description to access the pdf.


A digital image is available to view online or this item is closed because it is exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Law. If you would like to make a request please email us.