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Jersey General Hospital Admission Register, 1873 - 1882. This register gives details of the person admitted, including date of entry, name, age, place of birth and cause of entry. The volume has been transcribed and can be viewed as a pdf by subscribers. Click on volume description to access the pdf.

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Reference D/AN/B11/4
Date 1 January 1873 - 28 November 1882
Names Jersey General Hospital
Health and Social Services Department
Abbott, Arthur
Abbott, Edward
Abbott, Eliza
Ackworthy, Fanny
Adams, Flora
Adams, Philip
Adrados, Juan
Agra, Jane
Aheron, Daniel
Ahier, Charles
Ahier, Esther
Ahier, John
Ahier, Mary
Ahier, Philippe
Ahier, Thomas
Airth, Isabella
Airth, Johannah
Alavoine, Adrien
Albo, Jacques
Aldridge, Spey
Alexander, Elie
Alexander, Elizabeth
Alexander, Mary
Alexandre, Elizabeth
Alexandre, Mary
Alexandre, Philippe Jean
Alexandre, Philippe
Alford, William
Allain, Julien
Allain, Marie
Allaire, Mary Ann
Allan, Dora
Allée, Rosalie Augustine
Allen, Charles
Allen, Edward
Allen, Emily
Allen, James
Allen, John
Allen, William
Allez, Marie
Allez, Rosalie Auguste
Allix, Alfred
Allo, Jean
Allo, Jean Marie
Allo, Mathurin François
Allon, Marie
Allot, Marie
Allot, Pierre Marie
Allpass, Harriet
Allport, Samuel
Allsop, Edward
Allsop, William
Amand, Yves Marie
Ames, Selina A M
Amicel, Prosper
Amio, Ursule
Amon, Marie
Amy, Charles
Amy, Elie
Amy, Eliza
Amy, Elizabeth
Amy, Esther
Amy, Frédéric
Amy, John
Amy, John Peter
Amy, Marie Louise
Amy, Philippe
Amy, Susanne
Anderson, Leopold
Andow, Joseph
Andow, Matilda
Andrews, Charles
Andrews, Charles Joseph
Andrews, John Isaac
Andrews, Matilda
Andrews, William
Angé, Pierre
Anley, Philippe
Anley, William
Annear, Eliza
Anquetil, Betsey
Anquetil, Betsy
Anthoine, Emilie
Anthony, Susan
Antrobus, David
Armstrong, Caroline
Armstrong, Caroline
Armstrong, Harriet
Arnold, Ann Delicia
Arscott, James
Arscott, John
Arscott, William
Arthur, Adelina Pinel
Arthur, Amelia
Arthur, Emilie
Arthur, Emily
Arthur, Philippe
Arthur, Victoria
Asplet, Charles Philippe
Asplet, James
Asplet, Jean
Astley, Francis Luckford
Attwood, Ellen
Attwood, Ida
Attwood, William
Aubert, Anne
Aubert, Arsène
Aubert, Nancy
Aubert, Rose
Aubin, Charles
Aubin, Elizabeth
Aubin, Etienne
Aubin, George
Aubin, Jane
Aubin, Philippe
Aubin, Thomas
Aubry, Rosalie
Audoire, Pierre
Averty, Eliza
Averty, George
Averty, Susan
Aveson, William Jean
Avoine, Louis
Avril, Charles William
Ayres, Mary Ann
Baal, Jean
Babot, Edwin
Babot, Edwin Reed
Badier, Charles
Bailey, Elizabeth
Bailey, Florence
Bailey, Henry Thomas
Bailey, Hercules
Bailey, John
Bailey, Laura
Bailiff, Elizabeth
Baily, Elizabeth
Baker, Charles
Baker, George
Baker, James
Baker, Mary Ann
Baker, Mary Ann Gertrude
Baker, Patrick George
Balcam, Adelina
Baldwin, Catherine
Ball, Edgar
Ball, John
Ball, Mary
Ballaine, Jeanne
Ballaine, Marie Jeanne
Baltus, Mary Jane
Banfield, Susan
Banier, François
Banks, George
Banner, Mary Ann
Banner, Thomas
Banner, William Thomas
Bannister, Edward
Banoit, Marie Adèle
Barber, Auguste
Barber, Auguste
Barette, Jean
Bargin, Patrick Edward
Barnes, Joseph
Barnes, Robert Thomas
Barnes, Thomas
Barrette, Jean
Barrow, John
Barrow, Joseph
Barry, Ellen
Barry, James
Barry, John
Barry, Michael
Barry, William
Bars, Caroline
Bartlett, Emma Jane
Bartlett, Mary
Barton, Antoine Marie-Victor
Baskerville, Charlotte
Basse, Marie
Basset, Elizabeth
Basset, George
Basset, Peter
Bassett, Richard
Basta, Charles
Basta, Marie Joseph
Basta, Yves Marie
Bastifell, Arthur, Captain
Bateman, Joshua
Bates, Ann
Bates, Ann Clara
Bates, Charles
Bates, John
Battam, Amelia
Battam, Elizabeth Emma
Battam, Emelia
Battam, Mary Jane
Battam, Susan
Baudains, Ernest
Baudains, George
Baudains, Josué
Baudains, Mary Ann
Baudains, Philippe
Baudains, Sophie
Baudouin, Jean-Marie
Baugan, Rosa
Bayston, Charles
Bazile, Alice Louise
Bazille, Alice Louise
Beacom, Ada
Beacom, Ada
Beacon, Ada-Maria
Beakbane, William
Beason, Thomas
Beaton, Eliza
Beatson, Charles
Beattie, George
Beattie, Jane
Beaucamp, John
Beaucamp, Mary Elizabeth
Beauchamp, Philippe
Beauchart, Marie Joseph
Beaugeard, Ferdinand
Beaugeard, Pierre
Beaugié, Jeanne
Beaumont, Percy
Beaupère, Anne-Marie
Beauregard, Jean
Beauviel, Jean Allain
Beauvier, Allain
Beauvir, Eva Marie
Bechemin, Hyacinte
Beck, Alice
Beckford, Isaac
Becquemain, Marie
Becquemin, Marie Fosset
Becquet, Annie
Becquet, Elizabeth
Becquet, Percy
Becquet, Philippe Raoul
Bedel, Jean
Bedlick, Embling
Bedlick, Embling
Beech, Ann
Behaut, Eliza
Beigné, Joseph
Beillard, Victor
Belford, Emily
Bell, Sophia
Bellais, Charles Victor
Bellais, Marie
Benest, George
Benest, Jane
Bennett, George
Bennetts, Christopher
Berger, Mary Ann
Bernard, Marie
Berry, Elizabeth
Berry, George Henry
Berry, Mary Ann
Berteau, Eleonore
Berteau, Marie
Berthelot, Marie
Berthelot, Pierre
Bertin, Victor
Bertram, Augustine
Bertram, Charles
Bertram, Elizabeth
Bertram, Jean
Bertrand, Adolphe
Bertrand, Ernest
Besley, Philip Elias Marett
Besnard, Louis
Besselièvre, Charles
Besselièvre, Elizabeth
Bethel, James
Bethel, Peter Francis
Bewey, Rebecca
Bewhey, Rebecca
Bewhy, Elizabeth
Bewhy, Rebecca
Bewhy, Rebecca
Bidau, Henri Louis
Bidon, Pierre
Biggs, Thomas
Biles, George
Billot, Elizabeth Ann
Billot, George
Billot, John
Billot, John
Billot, Susanna
Billot, Susanne
Bilton, James
Bindon, Elizabeth
Binet, George
Binet, Sophie
Bishop, E J
Bisson, Ada
Bisson, Edouard
Bisson, Edouard Philippe
Bisson, Elizabeth
Bisson, Jean
Bisson, Nicolas
Bisson, Peter
Bisson, Philippe
Bisson, Walter
Bisson, William
Bizen, Jean Baptiste
Blackler, Mary
Blackmore, Charles
Blaise, Anna
Blake, Eliza Ann
Blake, François
Blampied, Arthur
Blampied, Charles
Blampied, Ellen
Blampied, George
Blampied, Helen
Blampied, John
Blampied, Mary
Blampied, Philippe Charles
Blampied, Philippe
Blampied, Rachel
Blampied, Thomas
Blancdamour, François
Blanchard, John
Blanchard, Marie Jeanne
Blanchard, Mary Jane
Blanchard, Victorine
Blandamour, Auguste
Blandamour, Augustine Desirée
Bliard, Pierre
Bliaux, Philippe
Blivet, Josephine
Blivet, Marie Franse
Blondel, Jean
Boddington, George
Bodecot, Elizabeth
Bodicot, Elizabeth
Bodicott, Elizabeth Ann
Bodnaham, William
Bodnham, William
Boilet, Jeanne Marie
Boileval, Adele
Boissier, Jean
Boizard, Pierre
Bold, Edward
Bolt, Ann
Bond, John
Bond, Julia
Bond, Julia Georgina
Bond, Julia Rebecca
Bond, Philippe
Bond, Soucky
Bond, Susan
Bonnefond, Marie
Bonnel, Jane
Bonté, Victorine
Bordelette, Marguerite Jeanne
Bosdet, Jean
Bosher, Eliza
Bosley, William
Bosuston, Ann
Bott, Ann
Bottomley, Francis
Bottomley, Francis Hy
Bottomley, William James
Boudé, Rosalie
Boudier, Philippe
Bougeard, Yvonne
Bouget, Joséphine
Bouillon, Julie
Bourdick, Léopold
Bourdon, Mary
Bourel, Jean Louis
Bourinot, Mary Ann
Bourke, Eliza
Boussé, Alexandre
Boutillier, Julia Jane
Bouton, François
Bouvier, Robert Archibald
Bowden, Mary
Bowden, Rebecca
Bowditch, Sarah Ann
Bowditch, Daniel
Bowen, Edward
Bowles, Emily
Bowles, William
Bowyer, Hannah
Boyle, Mary
Bradbury, Albert
Bradford, Thomas
Brady, Ellen
Brady, Jeremiah
Brady, Mary
Brain, Marionnette
Braine, Jane
Brake, Eliza Ann
Brake, George
Brantonne, Alfred George Philip
Brantonne, Arsène Frédéric
Brassal, Daniel
Brayn, Mary Ann
Bredanchet, Marie
Brée, Betsey
Brée, Betsy
Brée, Elizabeth
Brée, Esther
Brée, Jane
Brée, John
Brée, Louis François
Brée, Philippe
Breen, Alice
Breeze, Mary
Bréghin, Louis
Bréguin, Jean Baptiste Louis
Breguin, Louis Jean Baptiste
Bréhaut, Alfred
Brett, Richard
Brett, Wallbridge
Brett, William
Brewer, William
Briand, Jean
Briant, Jean
Briant, Jean Pierre
Briard, Elizabeth
Briard, James
Briard, Mary Ann
Bridges, Alfred
Briggs, William
Brine, Catherine
Brire, Jean
Bris, Jeanne
Brisset, Frank
Brisson, Alfred
Britton, John
Broad, John
Brochet, George
Brochet, Mary Ann
Brochet, Mary Ann
Brooke, Arthur Vivan
Brooks, Ada
Brooks, Augustus
Brooks, Mary Florence Matilda
Brooks, Thomas
Brooks, Walter
Broome, George Augustus
Broomer, Jane
Broomer, William
Broomfield, Susan
Brown, Arthur Herbert
Brown, Charles
Brown, Charles Herbert
Brown, Emily
Brown, Emma
Brown, Frederick
Brown, George
Brown, John
Brown, Mary Ann
Brown, Samuel
Brown, Thomas
Browne, Arthur Herbert
Bruce, Samuel
Brummingham, Hannah
Brunet, Philippe
Brunker, Henry
Brusey, Mary Louisa
Bryan, Michael
Bryant, Alexander
Bryant, Alice
Bryant, Eliza
Bryant, Fanny
Bryant, Frank
Bryant, Frank
Bryant, Jane
Bryant, John
Bryant, Patrick
Bryant, Thomas
Bryant, William
Buckley, Mary
Budden, Jane
Budden, Mary
Buesnel, Jane
Buesnel, Jeanne
Buhey, Rebecca
Bunker, Jane
Bunt, Eliza
Bunter, Jeremiah
Buquet, Alphonse
Burel, Jeanne
Burgham, Charles
Burke, Ann
Burke, Anna
Burke, Anna
Burke, Ellen
Burke, Helvetia
Burke, Jane Catherine
Burke, Patrick
Burke, William Thomas
Burleigh, Emily Htt
Burnigh, Johannah
Burns, Ann Elizabeth
Burns, Benjamin
Burns, Betsey
Burns, Catherine
Burns, Mary
Burrard, William
Burrard, William Henry
Burt, Henry H
Burt, Richard
Burt, Sarah
Burton, Jane
Bush, Francis
Butel, Josephine
Butel, Pierre
Butler, Georgiana
Butler, Georgina
Butler, Hugh
Butler, Isabella
Butler, John
Butler, Mary Ann
Butler, Thomas
Butten, Mary Louisa
Buttery, Elizabeth
Byrne, Michael
Cabot, Ada Blanche
Cabot, George
Cabot, John
Cabot, John Edward
Cabot, Mary Ann
Cabot, Nancy
Cabot, Philippe
Cabot, Thomas
Cadeux, Marie
Cadoret, Esther
Cahill, Joseph Thomas
Cahill, Mary
Cahill, Nicolas
Cahill, Thomas
Cahill, Thomas Joseph
Cahill, William Jean
Cahill, William John
Caillot, Adolphe Jean
Cain, John
Calder, Annie
Callanan, Johannah
Callanan, John
Callighan, Richard
Calloway, Ann
Callwell, Joseph
Callwell, Judith
Callwell, Julia
Calvarie, Marie
Camaux, François
Camiot, François
Camp, Charles
Campbell, Ann
Camplin, Mary
Canivet, Alfred
Canivet, Elizabeth
Canning, Ada Caroline
Canning, Jane
Canning, Joseph
Canning, Joseph Titus
Canning, Philip
Canning, William Chevalier
Carcaud, David
Carcaud, Philippe
Carey, Johannah
Carey, Michael
Caria, Marie
Cariot, Marie
Carlton, Charlotte
Carnduff, Susan
Carnet, Jean Dominique
Carney, Kate Elizabeth
Carot, Jeanne Marie
Carpenter, Bridget Fitzpatrick
Carr, Ann
Carrel, Ann
Carrel, Anne
Carrel, Elizabeth
Carrel, François
Carrel, Henrietta Ann
Carrel, Henriette
Carrel, Henry
Carrel, Mary
Carrel, Walter John
Carrington, Sarah
Carrol, James
Carry, Mary Ann
Carson, Charles
Carson, Flora Ann
Carson, Matthew Robert
Carson, William
Carter, Charlotte
Carter, Charlotte Elizabeth
Carter, George
Carter, George Denisson
Carter, James
Carter, John
Carter, John James
Carter, Margaret
Carter, Maria
Carter, Maria Jane
Carter, Mary
Carter, Mary Jane
Carter, Thomas
Carter, Walter
Carter, William
Cary, Mary Ann
Cary, Michael
Case, John
Cashal, Marry Ann I
Cashal, Mary A Julie
Cashal, Mary Ann
Cassell, John
Cassell, William
Castel, Jeanne Marie
Castel, Pierre Marie
Castel, Roland
Castle, Henry
Catchpull, Alice
Catel, François
Catherwood, Clara
Catherwood, Grace
Caubriere, Jules
Caufield, Alice
Cavanagh, Jane
Cavanagh, Jane
Cave, George
Cave, William
Cavet, Albert
Cavet, Julia
Cavet, Marie
Cavet, Maxime
Cavey, Maximelien
Cawley, James
Cecil, Mary Ann
Chafe, William
Chalker, John
Chalker, William
Chambers, James
Champelle, Andrew
Champelle, Louisa
Champelle, Louise
Chaney, James
Chaney, Jonas
Channing, Emily
Channing, Martha Harriet
Channing, Wilfred
Chaperon, Jean
Chapman, Edmund
Chapman, Elizabeth
Chapman, Elizabeth Ann
Chapman, Robert
Chappel, Adelaide
Charre, Victor
Chastel, John Alexander
Chastel, Victoria
Chemin, Jean
Cheney, Henry
Cheney, William
Chenut, Jean Marie
Chesnel, Louis
Chevalier, Henry
Chevalier, Louis
Chibert, Jean
Chick, Jane
Chilard, Elizabeth Ann
Childs, Mary
Childs, Mary Harriet
Chillard, Elizabeth
Chillard, Elizabeth Ann
Ching, Ann
Ching, Elizabeth
Ching, Mary Ann
Ching, Peter
Ching, Richard
Ching, Susan
Choupeau, Marie
Chown, Robert
Chown, William
Chrétien, Jeanne Marie
Christian, Andrew
Christian, Robert
Christon, Robert
Chubb, Katherine
Churcher, Mary
Churchill, George
Churchill, Samuel
Churchill, Walter
Churchill, William
Churchward, James
Clancey, Daniel
Clancey, John
Clancey, Mary
Clann, Edward
Clark, Seth
Clarke, Agnes
Clarke, Henry
Clarke, Mary Ann
Clarke, Sarah
Clary, Bridget
Clasby, Louisa
Cleal, Walter
Cleale, John
Clegg, Thomas
Clegg, Thomas
Clement, Esther
Clement, Jane
Clement, Jean Marie
Clement, Thomas
Clements, Eliza
Click, Mary Ann
Clifford, Ann
Clisay, Joseph
Cochrane, Catherine
Cocking, Mary
Cocking, Susan
Cocklin, Mary
Cockling, Elizabeth
Cockling, Mary
Cockram, Catherine
Coffe, Michael
Coghlan, Catherine
Coghlan, Katherine
Cohen, Isabella
Colan, Louisa
Colaty, Thomas
Colback, George
Colbert, Thomas
Coleman, John
Coles, Elizabeth
Colin, Auguste Joseph
Collas, George
Collas, Philippe
Collin, James
Collings, Esther Emily
Collings, Tom
Collins, Esther Emily
Collins, Philip John
Collins, Sarah
Collins, Thomas
Collins, William
Collivet, Pierre
Colmar, William
Colombel, Florence
Colombo, James
Colville, Emily
Compton, William
Conan, Mathurin
Condon, James
Condon, Julia
Conerey, Michael
Congdon, William
Connell, Alice Elizabeth
Connell, Amelia
Connell, Amelia Hannah
Connell, James
Connell, Mary Ann
Connell, Patrick
Connell, William
Connor, Barnard
Connor, Ellen
Connor, James
Connor, Mary
Connor, William
Connors, Annie
Connors, Margaret
Cook, Ann
Cook, John, Reverend
Cooke, John
Cooke, Maria
Coombs, John
Cooney, John
Cooney, Katherine
Cooney, Timothy
Cooney, Walter William
Cooper, Elizabeth
Cooper, George
Cooper, Mary
Cooper, Susan
Cooth, Mary Ann
Cope, Henry
Copp, John
Corbel Emma
Corbel, Ada
Corbel, Amelia
Corbel, Emma
Corbet, Charles
Corbet, Jane
Corbet, Jean Baptiste
Corbett, Charles
Corbett, William Carpenter
Corbin, John
Corbyn, Ada Emma
Corday, Reine
Corday, Reine
Cordial, James
Cormick, Mary Ann
Cornick, Christopher
Cornick, Mary Ann
Cornick, William
Cornish, Albert
Cornish, Christopher
Cornish, William
Corrette, Marie
Cort, James Frederick
Corteen, William
Cory, Mary Ann
Cosby, John
Costello, Catherine
Cosuafoens, Louis
Cotton, James J
Coudray, Justin
Coudray, Thomas
Couillard, Eliza
Couillard, Rosalie Sidonie
Coulabin, Mary
Couls, Charles Robert
Couls, Elizabeth
Couls, James Thomas
Couls, John
Courcou, Marie
Courcou, Marie Francoise
Courcoux, Jean Francois
Courneau, Augustine
Courtel Family
Courtel, Marie
Courtis, Ann Elizabeth
Courtis, Elizabeth
Cousins, Caroline
Coutanche, Charles
Coutanche, Charles Philippe
Coutanche, Elizabeth
Coutanche, Frances
Coutanche, Francis
Coutanche, François
Coutanche, Jane Elizabeth
Coutanche, Jean William
Coutanche, Joshua
Coutanche, Josué
Coutanche, Philippe
Coutel, Pierre
Cox, Celia
Cox, Elizabeth Alice
Cox, Esther
Cox, Ethel
Cox, Grace
Cox, Patrick
Cox, Sarah
Cox, Susan
Cox, William
Coyen, Réné
Crabb, William
Craig, Ann
Craig, Anne
Craig, Mary Ann
Craig, Molly
Crapp, Ann
Crapp, Fanny
Crapp, Louisa
Crapp, Susanne
Crepel, Marie
Crepel, Marie
Crimmins, Mary Ann
Croad, Margaret
Croad, Margaret Esther
Croad, Marguerite
Crocker, Salomon
Cronin, Mary Josephine
Croquenic, Marie
Crosby, John
Cross, Emma
Crossley, William
Crowley, Ellen
Cudlipp, Moses Joshua
Cullan, Edward
Cullen, Edward
Cullen, Patrick
Cumming, Charlotte
Cumming, Harriet
Cummings, Jane
Cummings, Lilly
Cummins, Mary Ann
Cunning, Joseph
Cunningham, Alma
Cunningham, Andrew
Cunningham, Ann
Cunningham, Catherine
Cunningham, John
Cunningham, Julian
Cunningham, Mary
Cunningham, Mary Ann
Cunningham, Thomas
Curragh, Priscilla
Currah, Priscilla
Curreen, Emily
Curreen, James
Curtis, Catherine
Curtis, Charles Edward
Curwood, Hy Wm
Curwood, Abraham
Curwood, Bessie
Curwood, Eliza Jane
Cutlan, Clara Grace
Cutlan, John
Cutland, Clara Grace
d’Auberville, Betsey Anne Huquet
Dacam, Rachel
Daken, Catherine
Daken, John
Daken, Sarah
Dale, Abraham
Dallamount, Mary
Dallon, Jane
Dalton, Thomas
Daly, Ellen
Daly, Mary Ann
Daniel, Marie Joseph
Daniels, Elizabeth
Danlos, Alfred
Danto, Joseph
Danvieuq, Marie-Joseph
Danvieuq, Pierre Marie
Darcel, Jean
Dauphin, Pierre
Dauthereau, John James
Davey, Alfred
Davey, Thomas Lee
Davey, Thomas
Davis, Henry Martin
Davis, Jane
Davis, Jessie
Davis, Laura
Davis, Louisa
Davis, Mary Ann
Davis, Thomas
Daw, George
Daw, Grace
Daw, Thomas
Dawe, Sampson
Dawson, Ebenezer
Dawson, Frederick
Dawson, Mary
Day, George
Day, Judith
Day, Judith Mary Ann
de Bréard, Auguste
de Bréard, Nicolas Auguste
de Caen, Ada Maria
de Caen, Philippe
de Carteret, Emilie
de Carteret, Susan
de Gruchy, Adelaide
De Gruchy, Agnes
de Gruchy, Charles
de Gruchy, Jane
de Gruchy, Jane Mary
de Gruchy, Jean
de Gruchy, John
De Gruchy, Mary-Ann
de Gruchy, Philip John
de Gruchy, Pierre
de Jersey, David
de Jersey, George
de Jersey, Harriet
de Jersey, Henriette
de Jersey, Henriette Emilie Sohier
de Jersey, Jean Daniel
de Jersey, Jean David
de Jersey, John
de Jersey, Winter
de Jersey, Winter Pierre George Sohier
de la Cotte, Louis
de la Cour, François
de la Cour, Isabelle
de la Cour, Philippe
de La Cour, Walter François
De La Haye, John
De La Haye, Josué
de la Haye, Philippe
de la Lande, Jean
de la Mare, Caroline
de la Mare, Jane
de La Mare, Jane Margaret
de la Mare, Philippe
de la Mare, Sophie
de la Perelle, Jean
de La Perelle, Susanne Anne
de La Perrelle, Walter Hardelay
de La Pierre, Bien-Aimé
de la Pierre, Selina
de la Rue, Adolphus
de La Rue, Francis
de la Rue, Frederic
de Launé, Angelina
de Louche, Mary Jane Pepperell
de Nadée, Augustine
de Ste Croix, Charles
de Ste Croix, Eliza
de Ste Croix, George
de Ste Croix, John
de Ste Croix, Philippe
de Veulle, John
Deal, Eliza
Deal, Eliza
Dean, Alfred
Dean, Georgina
Dean, Hercules
Dean, Susan
Debley, Edmund
Delisle, François
Delisle, Mathurin
Dellamount, Mary Ann
Delouche, George
Delouche, Mary Ann
Demitre, Ann
Demoy, Lean Louis
Demoy, Louise Marie
Denis, Guillaume
Denis, Yves
Denize, Edwin
Denoul, Françoise
Derwin, Agnes
Derwin, Ann
Derwin, Frederick Joseph
Desborough, Louisa
Desborough, Louise
Desetables, Edmond
Deshaunaye, Mad dit Glatigny
Desheulles, Frédéricary Louis
Deslandes, Albert
Deslandes, Albert George
Deslandes, Anne Mary
Deslandes, Charles
Deslandes, Elie
Deslandes, Elizabeth
Deslandes, Elizabeth Esther
Deslandes, Louisa
Deslandes, Louisa
Deslandes, Lousia Jane
Deslandes, Mary Ann
Deslandes, Philippe
Deslandes, Susanne
Desprès, George
Devane, Ann
Develin, Ellen
Dever, Ann
Devidson, Elizabeth
Devin, Auguste
Devine, Ann
Devine, Elizabeth
Devine, John
Devine, William
Dewsnap, William
Dibley, Ann
Dibley, John
Dickinson, Sampson
Dinahet, Cathérine
Dingle, Edward
Dingle, Edwin
Dinley, Mary
Disqué, Marie
Distefano, Alexandre
Dixon, Francis Graham
Dodge, John
Dodge, Louisa Nellie
Dodsworth, Benjn
Dogherty, Charles
Dogherty, Joseph
Dole, Joséphine
Don, Matilda
Donald, Alice
Donald, Mary Ann Ellen
Donaldson, George
Donington, Thomas
Donnell, John
Donnell, Mary Ann
Donohue, Andrew
Doolan, Ellen
Doolan, James
Dooley, John
Dooley, Joseph
Dooley, Kate
Dooley, Maggie Rose Caroline
Dooley, Margaret
Doolie, Florence
Dorey, Alfred
Dorey, Elizabeth
Dorey, Francis H
Dorey, François
Dorey, Philippe
Dorlande, Augustine
Douglas, William
Dowding, Thomas
Dowling, Jane
Dowling, Mary Jane
Downer, Jane
Downer, Mary
Downer, Mary Jane
Downton, Emilia
Downton, Eva
Downton, James
Downton, Lizzie
Downton, Minnie
Doyle, Edward
Doyle, George
Drake, Anne
Drake, Annie
Drayton, William
Dreux, Victorine
Drien, Mathurin
Driscol, Mary
Driscol, William
Drouin, George Henri
Drummond, Ann
Drummond, Nancy
Drummond, Nancy emended Ann
du Bois, Marie
du Bois, Mary Ann
du Bois, Thomas
du Bois, Tom
du Bosq, Louis
du Bosq, Victoire
du Bosq, Victorine
Du Feu, Amice
du Feu, François
du Feu, Joe
du Feu, Joseph
du Fresne, Mary Ann
du Fresne, Philippe
du Gour, Armand
du Jardin, Adolphe
du Jardin, Frank
du Jardin, Henri
du Jardin, Henry
du Jardin, Paul
du Val, Francis John
Dubois, Jules
Dubois, Mary
Dubois, Thomas
Dubreuil, Louisa
Dubreuil, Louise
Dubreuil, Mary
Duchemin, Aimable
Duckworth, John
Ducy, Patrick
Duggin, Catherine
Duhamel, Elizabeth
Duheaume, Sophie
Dumaresq, Mary A
Dumaresq, Mary Ann
Dumaresq, Philippe
Dumaresq, Thomas
Dumoncel, Esther
Dumoncel, Laura
Dumoncel, Rosie
Dumont, Anatole
Dumphy, Joseph
Dumphy, Michael
Dungey, Sarah
Dungey, Sarah M
Dunn, Alfred
Dunn, Francis
Dunn, Thomas
Dunston, Henry
Dupont, Albert
Dupont, Marie
Dupont, Mary
Dupont, Pauline Françoise Marie
Dupré, Jane
Dupré, Maude
Durell, Francis George
Durell, Mary
Duval, Elizabeth
Duval, François
Duval, George
Dwyer, Ellen
Dwyer, Emily
Dwyer, John
Dwyer, Margaret
Dwyer, Mary
Dwyer, Pat
Dyer, Emma
Dyer, John
Dyer, Sarah
Dyer, William
Dyke, Mary Ann
Eade, Mary Ann
Eagan, Jane
Eagan, Jane
Easterbrook, Joseph
Eddies, Ann
Ede, Catherine
Edwards, Benjamin
Edwards, James
Egré, Caroline
Eli, Blanche
Ellein, François
Ellen, William
Ellett, William Davey
Elliott, Elizabeth
Ellis, Annie
Ellis, Charles
Ellis, Edward
Ellis, Edwin
Ellis, Hilda
Ellis, James
Ellis, Jane
Ellis, Mary Ann
Ellis, Mary Jane
Ellis, Philip John
Ellis, Philippe John
Ellis, Robert
Ellis, Samuel
Elms, George
Elms, John
Elms, William
Elock, Mary
Elsworth, Annie
English, Joseph
Ennis, Charles
Ennis, Charles Philip
Ennis, Elizabeth Ann
Ennis, Emily
Ennis, Emily
Ennis, James
Ennis, Joseph
Ennis, Josué
Ennis, Matilda Ann
Ennis, Thomas
Enright, Thomas
Enright, William
Enwright, William
Ereaut, Clément
Ereaux, Clément
Ernouf, Paul
Ervin, Marie
Esnault, Anna
Esnouf, Abraham
Esnouf, Ada
Esnouf, Ellen Elizabeth
Esnouf, Jane
Esnouf, Jean
Esnouf, Paul
Esnouf, Richard
Esnouf, Thomas
Esthur, Eliza Ann
Etasse, Napoléon Pierre
Eudelin, Emile
Eugène, Marguerite
Eva, Perrine
Evans, Thomas
Eve, Alice
Eve, Jean
Eve, Selina
Evenden, Thomas
Evil, Sarah
Evnot, Eliza
Evnot, Elizabeth
Evnot, Philippe
Ewell, Jane
Eyres, Mary Ann
Fairbridge, Frank Henry
Fallaize, Frédéric
Fallaize, Frederick
Fallaize, Margaret
Fallaize, Margte
Fallaize, Mary Jane
Fallaize, Thomas James
Fallaize, Thomas John
Falle, Amelia Alberta
Falle, Arthur Howard
Falle, Elie
Falle, Elizabeth
Falle, Jane Elizabeth
Fallin, Betsey
Farrel, Ellen
Farrell, Alfred Turner
Farrell, Ellen
Farrell, Ellen
Farrell, Louisa
Farrell, Marguérite
Farrell, Maude
Farrell, Nora
Farron, Emily
Faudemer, François Eugène
Fauney, Alice
Fauny, Simon
Fautier, Edouard
Fauvel, Alfred
Fauvel, Eliza
Fauvel, Harriet
Fauvel, Henriette
Fauvel, Jean
Fauvel, John
Fauvel, Philippe
Fearon, John
Fearon, John
Fennessey, Helen
Ferdand, Jean
Ferdand, Joséphine
Ferdand, Louise
Fergusson, Eliza
Fergusson, John
Fernando, Léonie Périne
Ferris, John
Filleul, Alfred
Filleul, George
Filleul, Jean
Filleul, John
Filleul, Philippe Winter
Fils de Elizabeth Mourant
Finch, Thomas
Finch, Thomas William
Finley, John
Finnie, Eliza
Finnie, John
Fisher, James
Fitzgerald, Ellen
Fitzgerald, Mary
Flamant, Auguste
Flanagan, Eliza
Flanagan, Elizabeth
Flanagan, Margaret
Flann, Martha
Flannagan, Margaret
Flannagan, Mary
Fleming, Henry
Fletcher, George
Fletcher, John
Fleury, Alexander
Fleury, Elizabeth
Fleury, Frederick
Fleury, Philippe
Flinn, Edmund
Florent, Jean
Florent, John
Florimond, Auguste
Flot, Anne
Flux, Mary Ann
Flynn, Ann
Flynn, James
Flynn, Mary
Foard, Alfred
Foard, Eber Kaines
Foard, George
Foard, John
Foard, Julia
Foard, Mary Ann
Fogarthy, William
Foggarty, Ellen
Fogherty, William
Foley, William
Folley, Mary
Foot, Charles
Foot, Edwin
Foot, George
Foote, George
Forbes, Eliza
Ford, Edward James
Ford, Jane
Ford, John
Ford, William John
Foreman, Henry
Forest, John
Forward, James
Fositer, Ann
Fosse, Albert
Fossé, Henry
Fosse, Jean
Fosse, Joseph
Foster, Ann
Fouché, Susanne
Foulkes, Frederick
Foulks, Frederick
Fox, Ann
Fox, John
Fox, Linda
Fox, Mary
Fox, Thomas
Foy, James
Francis, James
François, Richard
Frazie, Mary Josephine P
Freeman, Louisa
Freeman, Robert
Fremine, Alexandre
French, Jane
French, John
Frost, Alfred
Furlong, Bridget
Furlong, Johannah
Furlong, John
Furlong, Thomas
Furzer, William
Gabeldu, Francis
Gabeldu, François
Gabeldu, Louise
Gabeldu, Sydney
Gaillard, Guillaume
Gale, Ann
Gale, Arthur
Gale, Henry
Gallais, Jean
Gallichan, Anne
Gallichan, Arthur
Gallichan, Charles
Gallichan, Elizabeth
Gallichan, Emelie
Gallichan, Emily
Gallichan, Emma
Gallichan, George
Gallichan, Ludia
Gallichan, Mary
Gallichan, Mary A
Gallichan, Mary Ann
Gallichan, Mary Anne
Gallichan, Susan
Gallichan, Susanne
Gallichan, Thomas
Gallichan, William
Gallie, Alice Maude Mary
Gallie, Elvina
Gallie, Marie Elizabeth
Gallie, Mary Ann
Gallie, Sophie
Gallienne , Rosannah
Gallienne, Jean
Gallienne, Martha
Gallienne, Mary Ann
Gallienne, Rosanna
Gallienne, Rosannah
Gallois, Louis Jean
Gallop, Caroline
Gallop, Thomas
Galloway, Ann
Galloway, William
Ganler, Louisa
Gann, Louisa Elizabeth
Gardner, Jane
Garetty, Selina
Gartrell, John
Gasnier, Elias
Gasnion, Jean
Gates, Harriet
Gaudain, John
Gaudin, George
Gaudin, John
Gaudin, Louis Désiré
Gaudin, Nancy
Gaudion, Elizabeth Lydia
Gaudion, Mary
Gautier, Emelie
Gautier, Emily
Gautier, Helena
Gautier, Jean Marie
Gauvain, Philippe
Gauvin, Celestine
Gauvin, Marie
Gauvin, Victorine
Gauvray, Louis
Gauvry, Louis
Gavey, Eliza
Gavey, John
Gavey, Joseph
Gawler, Louisa
Gear, Robert
Geary, Margaret
Gecoul, Marie Joséphine
George, Ellen
George, Jeremiah
Gerard, Adolphus
Gerrard, Benjamin
Gibaut, Nancy
Gibbins, Andrew
Gibbs, Edwin
Gibert, Jean
Gibson, Eliza
Gilbert, Charles
Gilbert, Edward
Gilbert, Emma
Gilbert, Fanny
Gilbert, George
Gilbert, George James
Gilbert, Harriet
Gilbert, Jane
Gillam Eliza
Gillam, Elizabeth
Gillam, Selina Elizabeth
Gillard, Ann
Gillard, Mary
Gillet, Albert
Gilley, Elizabeth
Gillighan, Julia
Gillingham, Mrs
Gillman, Annie
Gillman, Caroline
Gillman, Mary
Gillott, Charles Hy
Gilman, Alice
Gilman, Caroline Newnham
Gilman, Eliza
Gilman, Eliza Adelina
Gilman, Elizabeth Ann Newnham
Gilman, Henry
Gilman, John
Gilman, Joseph
Gilmore, John
Gilpin, Thomas Brown
Ginovan, Bridget
Girard, Elizabeth
Girot, Amand
Gittins, John
Glackin, Charles
Glora, Sainte Francoise Marie
Glyde, Thomas Jean
Gobichon, Virginie
Godard, Louise
Goddard, Helen
Godeaux, Jean
Godefroy, Pierre
Godel, Francis
Godfray, Adelina
Godfray, Elizabeth
Godfray, Francis
Godfray, François
Godfray, Hugh
Godfray, Mary
Goff, Ann Jane
Goffini, Jean Marie
Goillon, Jacques
Golloher, Mary
Goman, Jane
Gomet, François
Gomet, Marie
Goodings, Harriet
Goodland, Simon
Gordon, Annie Eliza
Gorin, Marie Angelique
Goslin, Pierre
Gosney, Charles
Gosselin, Elizabeth
Gosselin, Elizabeth Mary Ann
Gosselin, Eugène
Gosselin, Jane Mary
Gosselin, John Peter
Gosselin, Mary Ann
Gosset, James
Gotterel, Alfred
Gotterel, Marie
Gottrell, Fanny
Goubichon, Verginie
Goudar, Marie Françoise
Goudrin, Peter
Gouel, Emile
Gough, Ann
Gough, Ann Jane
Gough, Eliza
Gould, Timothy
Gover, Godfrey
Gover, Stanley Godfrey
Govier, Edith
Graham, John
Grandais, Auguste Ange
Grandais, Augustine
Grandin, Thomas
Grant, James
Gray, Adelina
Gray, Andrew
Gray, Jane
Green, Jane
Green, John
Green, Mary
Green, William
Greenway, Frances Mary
Gregory, Ellen
Gregory, Mary Ann
Gregory, Samuel
Gribble, Caroline
Gribble, Mary
Griffin, Edmund
Griffin, Philip
Griffin, William
Griffin, William James
Griffin, William John
Griffiths, Ann
Griffiths, Edward
Griffiths, Eliza
Griffiths, John
Griffiths, John Johnny
Grimes, Mary
Grimshaw, Ann Elizabeth
Grimshaw, John
Grimshaw, Louisa
Grimshaw, William
Groizard, Caroline
Groizard, Jean
Groizard, John
Grou, Joséphine
Grout, William
Grove, Arabella
Grove, Charles
Groves, George
Grubb, Henry
Grubb, Julian
Gruchy, Julie
Gruchy, Julie Elizabeth
Guedard, Marie
Guérard, Jeanne Marie
Guilbert, Amanda
Guilbert, Jean
Guile, Anne
Guillaume, Pierre
Guille, Ann
Guille, Anne
Guille, Betsey
Guillerme, Helene
Guillot, John
Guillot, Joseph
Guillot, Yves M
Guiseppe, Orégizie
Gulliford, John Banks
Gulliford, Margaret
Gully, Edward
Gumbrell, John
Gunnille, Charles
Gunton, James
Guppy, George
Gutte, George
Gutte, Marguerite
Gutte, Pauline
Guy, Caroline
Hackney, Lucy
Hacquoil, Adelina Ann
Hacquoil, Annie
Hacquoil, Frédéric
Hacquoil, Jean
Hacquoil, John
Hacquoil, Pierre
Hadley, Thomas
Haffey, Thomas
Haffner, Ann
Haffner, Bridget
Haffner, Edwin
Haffner, James
Haffner, Wilfred
Hake, Frederick
Hake, William
Halard, Marie
Halard, William
Hale, Osmond James
Hale, William
Halfyard, Jane
Hall, Sarah
Hall, William
Hallard, William
Hallett, Henry
Hallett, Philip
Halliday, Margaret
Hallman, Alfred Francis
Hallman, William Richard
Halversen, Felep
Ham, James
Hamel, Edward Alfred
Hamel, François Aimable
Hamel, Helena
Hamel, Helena Ada
Hamel, Henry F
Hamel, John Henry Frances
Hamel, Leonore
Hamel, Mary
Hamel, Victoire
Hamelin, Anna
Hamilton, Matilda
Hamilton, Thomas
Hamon, Alfred
Hamon, Alice Ann
Hamon, Ann
Hamon, Ann Charlotte
Hamon, Anna
Hamon, Anna Louisa
Hamon, Anne Elizabeth
Hamon, Charles
Hamon, Charles Joseph
Hamon, Elizabeth
Hamon, François
Hamon, Jacques
Hamon, Jean
Hamon, John
Hamon, Joseph
Hamon, Julien
Hamon, Marie
Hamon, Mary
Hamon, Mary Ann
Hamon, Mathilde
Hamon, Matilda Htte
Hamon, Philippe
Hamon, Pierre Marie
Hamon, Rachel
Hamon, Sophie
Hamon, William
Hanaford, John
Hanaford, Richard
Handy, Jane
Handy, Mary
Hannaford, Elizabeth
Hannaford, Florence
Hannaford, Henry
Hannaford, Richard
Hannaford, William
Hansford, Henry
Hansford, James
Hansford, Mary Ann
Hardie, James John
Harding, Elizabeth
Harding, Georgina Caroline
Harding, Philip
Hardway, Mary
Hardy, Charlotte
Hardyway, Alfred
Hardyway, Mary Elizabeth
Harm, John
Harper, Ellen
Harris, Caroline
Harris, George
Harris, Henri Jules
Harris, Henri Jules
Harris, Joseph
Harris, Maria Jane
Hart, Charles
Hart, Clara Elizabeth
Hart, Elizabeth Susanna
Hart, James
Hartnett, Daniel
Harvey, Annie
Harvey, Ellen
Harvey, Esther
Harvey, Fanny
Harvey, Henry
Harvey, Louisa
Harwood, Joseph
Hassell, William Resistance
Hatherly, Dorothy
Haulin, Anastasie
Havard, Charles
Havard, Octavie
Haverill, Caroline Frances
Haverill, Percy George
Hawker, Sarah
Hay, Elizabeth
Hayden, Michael
Hayes, Ann
Hayes, Johannah
Hayes, Kate
Hayes, Lizzie
Hayler, William
Hayles, Harriet
Hayter, John E
Hazard, Alice
Heafey, Thomas
Healan, John
Healan, Mary Ann
Healey, Adolphus
Healey, James
Healey, John
Healey, Margaret
Healey, Mary
Healy, John
Hearn, Ellen
Hearn, John
Hearne, Ellen
Hearne, Kate
Hearne, Michael
Heaume, Bertha
Heaume, Bertha
Hebbert, Jane
Hedgeland, John
Hedger, Henry John Brand
Helan, John
Hellard, Samuel
Hellard, William
Helleine, François
Helleur, Jean
Hellyer, Henry Thomas
Hellyer, Susan A
Hellyer, Susan Ann
Helman, Bella
Helmotte, Anne Marie
Henault, Anna Maria
Henley, Agnes
Henley, Georgina
Henley, Linda
Henley, Richard
Henna, John
Hennessey, Bartholomew
Hennessey, Douglas
Hennessey, John
Hennessey, Mary
Hennessey, Thomas
Henri, Elise
Henri, Madeleine
Henri, Sophie
Henry, Elise
Henry, Jean
Henry, William
Hepburn, John
Herbert, Peter
Hérel, Emmanuel François
Hérel, Lemanuel
Hérel, Marie
Hériot, Victorine
Hérivel, Philippe
Hernest, Harriet
Hernest, Harriett
Heron, Ellen
Héron, Frédéric
Héron, Louis
Héron, Louisa
Heron, Victorine
Heron, William
Herrin, Ellen
Herron, Ellen
Hervé, Celestine
Hervé, Joseph
Hervé, Mélanie
Hervé, Pierre
Hervé, Victorine
Hery, Jeanne
Heskett, John
Hester, John
Heyland, John
Hicks, Emma
Hicks, Fanny
Hicks, Fanny
Hicks, Frederick
Hicks, George
Hicks, John
Higgins, Martin
Hill, Elizabeth
Hill, Mary Ann
Hill, Peter
Hill, Thomas Peter
Hill, William
Hillion, Jean
Hilrims, Mary Ann
Hinchliffe, Mary A
Hinchy, James
Hines, Abraham
Hiney, Thomas
Hinton, John
Hoare, Henry
Hobbs, Mary Ann
Hocking, William
Hodder, Charles
Hodder, Charles John
Hodder, Hannah
Hodder, Louisa
Hodge, William
Hodgson, Charles
Hodgson, William Arthur
Hogan, Bridget
Hogin, Maria
Holbrook, William
Hole, Frances
Holey, Pierre
Holion, Peter
Holland, Elizabeth Ann
Hollering, Jane
Holloway, William
Holmes, Henry
Holmes, Maria
Holmes, Richard
Holmes, Washington
Honeycombe, Annie
Honeycombe, Jane
Hooke, Eliza
Hooper, William
Hoppins, Matilda
Horman, Esther
Horman, Rachel
Horton, d’Auvergne
Hostingue, Jane Louisa
Hotton, Ann
Hotton, Charlotte
Hotton, Daniel
Hotton, Florence
Hotton, George Philip
Hotton, Jane
Hotton, Joseph
Hotton, Louisa
Hotton, Mathilda Jane
Houelbecq, John
Houguet, William
Houm, Marie
How, William
Howard, Mary
Howell, Francis James
Howes, Mary
Hoyles, Elizabeth
Hoyles, John
Hoyles, Sydney
Huard, Ann
Huard, Francois
Hubert, Ann
Hubert, Anne
Hubert, Caroline Fauvel
Hubert, Charles
Hubert, Eva
Hubert, Francis
Hubert, Harriet Mary
Hubert, Joshua Fauvel
Hubert, Marie
Hubert, Mary
Hudson, Nancy Catherine
Huelin, Alfred
Huelin, Clément
Huelin, Jean
Hues, Frederick
Huet, Thomas
Hugo, Ellen
Hulme, Henry
Humber, Ann
Humber, Mary Ann
Humby, Charlotte
Hunt, George
Hunt, Grace
Hunt, Joseph
Hurford, Emma
Huston, Benjamin
Hutchings, Charles Henry
Hutchings, John
Hutchings, Louisa
Hutchings, Tabitha
Hutchings, William
Huxham, Sarah
Huxham, Sarah Ann
Huxtable, Francis
Hyde, Michael
Inch, John
Inch, Thomas
Ingleby, William
Ironside, Mary
Ivy, John
Ivy, Thomas
Jackman, James
Jackman, Robert
Jackman, Samuel
Jackman, Thomas
Jackson, Jane E
Jackson, Mary Ann
Jacob, Louise
Jacobs, Elizabeth
Jacobs, William
Jacquelin, Louis
Jacqueline, Joséphine
James, Susanne
Jandrell, Henry
Jandron, Philippe
Janvrin, William Smith Cross
Jarvey, Alexander
Jarvis, Alfred
Jarvis, Louisa
Jarvis, Mary Ann
Jarvis, Samuel
Jarvis, William Charles
Jarvis, William Samuel
Jarviss, William
Jasper, Richard
Jean, Aimable
Jean, Charles
Jean, Jane
Jean, Mary Ann
Jean, Maxime
Jean, Philippe
Jean, Thomas
Jeandron, Josué
Jeannet, Elizabeth
Jeannet, Pierre
Jeffrey, Mary
Jeffreys, George
Jégou, Marguerite
Jenest, Thérèse M
Jenne, Elizabeth
Jenne, Philippe
Jennings, Annie
Jennings, Edward
Jennings, Henry J
Jennings, Walter
Jerrard, Benjamin
Jerrom, Alice
Jervey, Alexander
Jeune, Adelaide
Jeune, Alfred
Jeune, Ellen
Jeune, Esther
Jeune, Jane
Jeune, Mary Ann
Jeune, Philippe
Jeune, Thomas
Jeune, Yve
Jeune, Yves
Jewell, Ann
Jicquel, Jean Marie
Jicquel, Marie-Françoise
Johns, Ann
Johns, Elizabeth
Johns, Grace Elizabeth
Johnson, Amy
Johnson, Amy Margaret
Johnson, Amy Mary
Johnson, Daniel
Johnson, Eliza
Johnson, Elizabeth
Johnson, Elizabeth Ann
Jolin, Aaron
Jolin, Philippe
Jolin, Selina
Jones, Annie
Jones, Charles
Jones, Edwin
Jones, Igno
Jones, Jane
Jones, John
Jones, Mary
Jones, Myra
Jones, Sarah
Jones, William
Jorginson, William
Josephson, Joseph
Joslin, Selina
Josse, Marie
Jouan, Laurens M
Jouguet, James
Jouguet, Marguerite
Jouguet, Marguérite Frost
Jouguet, Rachel
Jourdain, Félix
Journeaux, Anne
Journeaux, Elie
Journeaux, George
Journeaux, George Charles
Journeaux, James
Journeaux, Jane
Journeaux, John
Journeaux, Philippe
Joy, Catherine
Julien, François
Julon, Louise
Jury, Mary Ann
Kail, Mary
Karey, John
Karey, John
Karl, Daniel
Keagan, Florence
Keagan, Selina
Keamish, Adolphus
Keamish, Benjamin
Keamish, Edward
Keamish, Elizabeth Ann
Keamish, Florence
Keamish, Maria
Keefe, Kate
Keefe, Margaret
Keefe, Mary
Keefe, Michael
Keefe, Patrick
Keefe, William
Keeling, Alfred
Keeping, Charles
Keeping, Emily
Keeping, Henry James
Keeping, John
Kelland, David
Kelleher, Matthew
Keller, Elizabeth
Kelley, Robert
Kelling, Alfred
Kelly, Catherine
Kelly, James
Kelly, Margaret
Kelly, Mary
Kelly, Mary Ann
Kelly, Michael
Kelly, Patrick
Kelly, Robert
Kemish, Adolphus
Kemish, Edward
Kemish, Florence
Kendra, Mary
Kennedy, Ellen
Kennedy, Michael
Kennedy, Patrick
Kenny, William
Kensington, Annie Emma
Kent, Elizabeth
Kent, Joseph
Keogh, Bridget
Keogh, Rebecca
Kerry, John
Kerslake, Agnes
Kerslake, Frederick
Kerslake, John
Kerslake, William
Kimber, Charles George
Kimber, Johannah Grace
King, Charles
King, Esther
King, John
King, Susan
King, William
Kingsley, Ann
Kingston, George
Kingston, John
Kingston, Matilda Jane
Kinnersley, George
Kinnersley, John George
Kinnersley, Joseph
Kirn, Julia
Knight, Elizabeth
Knight, Joseph
Knott, Arthur
Knott, Catherine Elizabeth
Knowles, Catherine
Kolbe, Amelia Ann
Kolbe, Emilia Ann
L’Amy, David
L’Enfant, Jane
L’Etoile, François Marie
L’Eveille, Augustine
La Cotte, Adolphe
La Croix, Jean
La Lande, Jean
La Niece, Henriette
La Rue, Augustine
Labey, Antoinette
Ladan, Françoise
Laffoley, Jane
Laffoley, Marie
Laffoley, Percy
Laffoley, Philippe
Lafont, Elizabeth
Lafosse, Ernest
Lafosse, Nicolas Isidore
Lainé, Emile
Lainé, Marie
Lair, Joseph
Lake, Louisa Susan
Lakeman, Philip
Lakin, John Henry
Lakin, Margaret
Lamb, Sarah
Lambert, Emma Jane
Lambert, John
Lambert, Michael
Lamour, Jules
Lamy, Louise
Lancashire, Louisa
Lancer, Pierre
Lanchon, François
Lancien, Adele
Lander, William
Landport, William
Lane, Amelia
Lane, Caroline
Lane, Charles
Lane, William
Lanford, Jane
Langan, Guillaume
Langan, Marie
Langan, William
Langford, Thomas Ed
Langlois, Anna
Langlois, Betsey
Langlois, Clémentine
Langlois, Francois
Langlois, Mary
Langton, William
Lanlo, Rose Marie
Laplace, Constance
Larcombe, Lucy
Larmette, Marie-Françoise
Laugee, Harriet
Laurens, Adolphe
Laurens, Frédéric Louis
Laurens, George
Laurens, James
Laurens, Jean
Laurens, Jean Charles
Laurens, Louisa Mary
Laurens, Susanne
Laurens, William
Laurent, Arnaud
Laveille, Manuel
Laventure, Jean
Laverty, Elise
Laverty, Jean
LaVieille, Emmanuel
Lavigne, Isabelle
Lawrence, Francis
Lawrence, Margaret
Lawton, James
Le Bailly, Philippe
Le Bas, Alexander
Le Bas, Marie
Le Bas, Philippe
Le Bescombe, Francoise
Le Besconte, Marie-Péric
Le Bidau, Marie
Le Biter, Adelina
Le Biter, Elsie
Le Blanc, Antoine
Le Blancq, Edouard Jnr
Le Blancq, Jane
Le Blancq, John
Le Blancq, Philippe
Le Blond, Jacques
Le Blond, Lucie
Le Borgle, Philomène
Le Boulanger, Anne
Le Boullot, Vincent
Le Bourdon, Mary Jane
Le Bourgeois, Marie
Le Bourgeois, Pierre
Le Boutillier, Anne
Le Boutillier, Charles
Le Boutillier, Eliza
Le Boutillier, Elizabeth
Le Boutillier, François
Le Boutillier, Héloise Jane
Le Boutillier, Jane
Le Boutillier, Jane Adelaide
Le Boutillier, Jean
Le Boutillier, Jeanne
Le Boutillier, Marguerite
Le Boutillier, Philip
Le Boutillier, Sydney George
Le Boutillier, Walter Charles
Le Breton, Ann Alice
Le Breton, Elizabeth
Le Breton, Eugenie
Le Breton, Eva
Le Breton, Jane
Le Breton, Jeanne Louise
Le Breton, Louisa
Le Breton, Marie
Le Breton, Mary
Le Breton, Mary Ann
Le Breton, Pierre
Le Breton, Rachel
Le Breton, Thomas
Le Breton, William
Le Brocq, Jean
Le Brocq, John
Le Brocq, William
Le Brun, Elizabeth Ann
Le Brun, Florence
Le Brun, Francis
Le Brun, François
Le Brun, Jean
Le Brun, John
Le Brun, Marie Elizabeth
Le Brun, Mary
Le Brun, Mary Ann
Le Brun, Matilda
Le Canu, Aimée
Le Canu, Eliza
Le Canu, Elize
Le Canu, Marie
Le Canu, Marie
Le Canu, Peter
Le Canu, Pierre
Le Canut, Pierre
Le Capelain, Augustus
Le Capelain, Julie
Le Capelain, Marie
Le Capelain, Pierre
Le Cappelain, Fred
Le Cappelain, Henry
Le Cappelain, Pierre
Le Carnec, Charles
Le Chasseur, John
Le Clair, Caroline
Le Clercq, Caroline
Le Clercq, Clara
Le Clercq, Francis
Le Clercq, Louisa
Le Clercq, Pierre
Le Cocq, Elizabeth
Le Cocq, James
Le Cocq, John
Le Cocq, Justine Marie Francoise
Le Cocq, Marguerita Albertina
Le Cocq, Marie
Le Cocq, Pierre
Le Cocq, Selina Jane
Le Cocq, Sophie Anne
Le Comte, Marie
Le Conte, Louis
Le Contour, Michel
Le Cornu, Charles
Le Cornu, George
Le Cornu, James John
Le Cornu, Jean
Le Couppé, Clémence
Le Couteur, Caroline
Le Couteur, John Watkins
Le Couteur, Mary
Le Coutour, Michel
Le Coutumier, Jean
Le Cras Bisson, Francis George
Le Cras, Abraham
Le Cras, Francis Walter
Le Cras, George
Le Cras, Henri
Le Cras, Henri
Le Cras, Jane
Le Cras, Nancy
Le Cras, Philippe
Le Dain, Betsey
Le Dain, David
Le Duc, Anne
Le Duc, Anne
Le Duc, John
Le Duc, Joseph
Le Duché, Yvonne
Le Dur, Louis M
Le Feuvre, Adele
Le Feuvre, Anne
Le Feuvre, Charles
Le Feuvre, Edouard
Le Feuvre, Elizabeth
Le Feuvre, Esther
Le Feuvre, Francis
Le Feuvre, François
Le Feuvre, Jacques
Le Feuvre, Jean
Le Feuvre, John
Le Feuvre, Jules
Le Feuvre, Laurence
Le Feuvre, Louis
Le Feuvre, Mary
Le Feuvre, Philip
Le Feuvre, Susanne
Le Feuvre, Susanne
Le Fevre, Anne
Le Fèvre, Jules
Le Fort, Cathérine
Le Gallais, Charles
Le Gallais, Elvina
Le Gallais, Nancy
Le Gendre, Bernadine
Le Gendre, Bernardine
Le Gendre, Marie
Le Geyt, Abraham
Le Geyt, George
Le Geyt, Henry
Le Geyt, Johannah
Le Geyt, Johannah Julia
Le Geyt, Matilda
Le Geyt, Philippe
Le Geyt, Philippe
Le Goubin, Julien
Le Goupy, Jacques
Le Grand, James
Le Grand, Susanne
Le Gresley, Edouard
Le Gresley, Francis Le Brocq
Le Gresley, Jane
Le Gresley, Jean
Le Gresley, John
Le Gresley, John Alfred Wesley
Le Gresley, Marie Charlotte
Le Gresley, Philippe
Le Gresley, Susanne
Le Gros, Alfred
Le Gros, Frédéric Thomas
Le Gros, George
Le Gros, Jane
Le Gros, Louisa Mary
Le Gros, Mary Ann M
Le Gros, Mary Jane
Le Gros, Nicolas
Le Gros, Walter
Le Guédart, Jean Mathurin
Le Guen, Marie
Le Guiadaire, Jean
Le Herissier, Jean
Le Hucquet, Clément
Le Huquet, Annie
Le Huquet, Clément
Le Huquet, Mary
Le Huquet, Mary Ann
Le Huquet, Mary Jane
Le Huquet, Nancy
Le Huquet, Philippe
Le Lanchon, François
Le Lay, Louis
Le Lievre, Albert
Le Lievre, Charles
Le Lièvre, Edouard
Le Lièvre, Marie
Le Long, Jane
Le Louarn, Jacques
Le Loup, Marie
Le Lubez, François
Le Maigat, Aline
Le Maistre, James
Le Maistre, James Raulin
Le Maistre, Jane
Le Maistre, Marie
Le Maistre, Mary Ann
Le Maistre, Philippe
Le Maistre, Sarah
Le Marchand, Jane
Le Marchant, Matthieu
Le Marinel, Charles
Le Marquand Pierre-Jacques
Le Marquand, Alexander
Le Marquand, James
Le Marquand, Mary Ann  
Le Marquand, Mary Jane
Le Marquand, Philippe
Le Marquand, Pierre Jacques
Le Marquand, Rachel Jane
Le Marquand, Rachel Jane
Le Marquand, Samuel
Le Marquand, Thomas
Le Martier, Marie Francoise
Le Masson, Guillaume
Le Masurier, Abraham
Le Masurier, Charles
Le Masurier, Edouard
Le Masurier, Elizabeth
Le Masurier, Ellen
Le Masurier, Emilie
Le Masurier, Jean
Le Masurier, John
Le Masurier, Mary
Le Masurier, Mary Durell
Le Masurier, Nancy
Le Masurier, Philippe
Le Masurier, Susanne
Le Ménager, Euphrasie
Le Mercier, Jeanne Françoise
Le Mesurier, Philippe
Le Metayer, Julien
Le Moignan, Philippe
Le Mollée, François
Le Monnier, François
Le Monnier, Mary
Le Monnier, Pierre
Le Monnier, Sophie
Le Montais, Alex
Le Montais, Alexander
Le Montais, Alexandre
Le Montais, Eliza
Le Montais, Mathilde de Jersey
Le Montais, Philippe
Le Mouton, Augustine Clementine
Le Noir, Eugène
Le Noury, Thomas
Le Page, Pierre
Le Pape, Jean Baptiste
Le Pelletier, Sophie
Le Perchois, Armand
Le Perrier, Eliza
Le Perrier, Maria
Le Petit, François
Le Petit, Louise
Le Petit, Mary
Le Piez, Josué
Le Planquez, Jean
Le Pleton, Marie Francoise
Le Prault, Rosalie
Le Quertier, Auguste
Le Quesne, Elizabeth
Le Quesne, Jean Helier
Le Quesne, Peter
Le Ray, Amelie Rose
Le Ray, John
Le Ray, John William
Budden, Jane
Le Réverend, Mary Ann
Le Riche, David
Le Riche, George
Le Riche, Mary
Le Riche, Philippe
Le Riche, Rachel
Le Riche, Tom
Le Roc, Jane
Le Roi, Jeanne
Le Rossignol, Jane
Le Rouet, Elizabeth
Le Rouet, Jean
Le Rouet, William
Le Roux, Célestin
Le Roy, Henriette
Le Roy, Jane
Le Roy, Jeanne
Le Roy, Marguerite
Le Roy, Selina
Le Ruez, Betsey
Le Ruez, Elizabeth
Le Ruez, Philippe
Le Ruez, Susan
Le Sauteur, Henry
Le Sauteur, Jane
Le Sauteur, John
Le Sauteur, William
Le Sauvage, Edith
Le Scelleur, Louisa Mary Elizabeth
Le Seelleur, Henry
Le Seelleur, Jane
Le Seelleur, John Allez
Le Sourre, Edouard
Le Sueur, Alice
Le Sueur, Alice Louise
Le Sueur, Ann Elizabeth
Le Sueur, Anne Elizabeth
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, Effie
Le Sueur, Elie
Le Sueur, Francis
Le Sueur, François
Le Sueur, François
Le Sueur, Jean
Le Sueur, Jérémie
Le Sueur, John François
Le Sueur, Josué
Le Sueur, Mary
Le Sueur, Susan
Le Sueur, Susanne
Le Sueur, Wilfred
Le Sueur, William
Le Templier, Alice
Le Templier, Esther
Le Ténou, Geo Joseph
Le Tenou, Joséphine
Le Terrier, Bienaimé
Le Terrier, Eliza
Le Terrier, Marie
Le Tourneur, Jane
Le Tublin, Henriette
Le Vaast, Jean
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Philippe
Le Vescie, Marie Hélène
Le Vesconte, Charlotte
Le Vesconte, Matilda
Le Vesconte, Philippe
Le Viennois, Pierre
Le Villers, Gilles
Le Voguère, Angélique
Lea, Thérèse
Léa, Thérèse
Leach, Eliza
Leach, Elizabeth
Lear, Edwin Francis
Leary, Ann
Leat, William
Le Breton, Edouard
Ledwich, Philip Hy
Lee, Catherine
Lee, John
Leese, Richard
Leferré, Marie
Lefevre, Charles
Lefevre, Eliza
Lefevre, John
Lefloc, Joseph
Legge, George
Legressu, Pauline
Leigh, George
Leigh, William
Lelarge, Marie Léonie
Lemarie, Anne
Lemettez, Pierre A
Lemeure, Perrine
Lennagan, Ellen
Lennard, Sophia
Lennard, Sophie
Lennard, Susan
Lennon, Bridget
Lennon, Catherine
Lenormand, Armand Arnaud
Léon, Fabien
Leon, Marie
Leonard, Alexander
Leopold, Lewis Leisman
Letcher, William
Leveille, Marie Francse
Leveillé, Marie-Frse
Lewis, Alice
Lewis, Frederick
Lewis, Jane
Lewis, Mary
Light, James John
Lihou, Adolphe
Lilicrap, Matilda
Lilley, Amelia
Lilley, Ethel
Lillicrap, Matilda
Lillicrap, William
Lilly, Eleanor
Lilly, Isabella
Lilly, Léonora
Lindsay, Sarah
Linneham Helen
Lloyd, Charles
Lloyd, Elizabeth
Lloyd, Florence
Lloyd, Thomas
Lobbe, John
Lock, Louisa
Lock, Margaret
Lock, Martha
Lock, Richard
Lock, Samuel
Lockwood, Louisa
Logan, Mary
Loisel, Marie
Loisel, Victor
Loné, Edmond
Lonf, James
Long, Alfred
Long, Elizabeth
Long, Mary Ann
Long, William
Longland, John
Loszouet, Marie
Louden, Thomas Richd
Louis, Jacques
Lovel, Daniel
Lovell, Daniel
Lovell, George
Loving, John
Lowe, Elizabeth
Lowe, Mary
Loyer, Pierre
Lucas, Constance
Lucas, Jane
Lucas, Jeanne
Lucas, Mathurin
Lucas, Thomas
Luce, Ann Jane
Luce, Jean
Luce, Marie
Lucock, Mary
Luff, Frederick Henry
Lugg, Martha
Lugg, Mary Ann
Lugg, Matthew
Luggard, Ann
Luscombe, Mary Ann
Lynch, Mary Ann
Lyons, Eliza
Lyons, Eliza
Lyons, Louisa
Macarthy, Mary Ann
MacDonald, Catherine
Macdonald, Randall
Mace, Elizabeth
Mace, Pierre
Machon, Clara
Machon, Elizabeth
Machon, John
Machon, Louise
Machon, Mary Elizabeth
Machon, Rachel Louise
Machon, Walter
Mackay, Hugh
Mackenzie, Ann Jane
Mackenzie, Mary
Mackenzie, Mary Louisa
Mackenzie, Thomas
Mackenzie, William
MacNally, Edward
Macnamara, Ellen
Macready, Ellen
Magrath, Elizabeth
Maguire, Archibald
Mahar, Mary
Mahé, Clara
Mahé, Joséphine
Mahier, Jean
Mahoney, Eliza
Mahoney, Patrick
Maide, John
Maighney, Eliza
Maillard, Jean
Maillard, Louis C H
Major, Annie
Male, Alfred
Male, Fanny
Male, Fanny
Male, James
Mallet, Amanda Johannah
Mallet, Elizabeth
Mallet, Frank
Mallet, Jane
Mallet, Maurice
Mallet, Philippe
Mallet, Rachel
Mallett, Amanda Johannah
Malo, Ange Ph
Malzard, Ann
Malzard, Anne
Malzard, Esther
Malzard, Jean
Malzard, Philippe
Mandelkov, Henry
Manley, John
Mann, Sarah
Manning, Albert
Manning, Henry
Manning, Johanna
Mannion, Mary
Manouri, Auguste
Manqueneau, Htte
Mara, Elizabeth
Mara, Johannah
Mara, Thomas
Marais, Jean
Marais, Jean François
Marcadet, Virginie
Marcel, Joseph
Marcoeur, Jeanne
Marett, Alfred
Marett, Alfred George
Marett, Alfred George
Marett, Charles
Marett, Elizabeth
Marett, Florence Mabel
Marett, Francis
Marett, François
Marett, Jean
Marett, Jeanneton
Marett, John
Marett, Mary Ann
Marett, Mary Ann Amelia
Marett, Philippe
Marett, Rachel
Marett, Rachel Ann
Marett, Sophie
Margeret, Thérèse
Margerie, Charles
Margrie, Louisa
Marie, Ada
Marie, Alice
Marie, Ann Louisa
Marie, Daniel Elie
Marie, Ellen
Marie, Jane
Marie, Jane
Marie, Philippe Charles
Marie, Sarah Winter
Mariette, Louise
Marks, James
Marqué, Françoise
Marquis, Mary Françoise
Marsden, Julia
Marsh, Jane Elizabeth
Marsh, Philippe
Marshall, Clara Florence
Marshall, Margaret
Marshall, Walter
Marsoin, Jean
Marsoin, Jean Jules Marie
Marsouin, Jean
Marsouin, Marie
Martel, Elizabeth
Martel, Mabel Alice
Martel, Mary Ann
Martin, Abraham
Martin, Amelia Mary
Martin, Anne
Martin, Caroline
Martin, Emma
Martin, Francis
Martin, Francis John
Martin, John
Martin, John Thomas
Martin, Marie
Martin, Marie Pierre
Martin, Marie Reine
Martin, Mary Ann
Martin, Matthieu
Martin, Victoria
Martin, Walter George
Mash, Harriet
Mason, Maria
Massey, James
Massey, John
Massis, Jean
Masters, Elizabeth
Masters, Elizabeth
Mather, George
Mathus, Charles
Matteface, James
Matteface, Joseph
Matteface, Thomas Clarke
Matthews, Ann
Matthews, Charles
Matthews, Jane
Matthews, Mary Ann
Matthews, William
Mauger, Amelia
Mauger, Ann
Mauger, Ann Esther
Mauger, Anne
Mauger, Edouard
Mauger, Edwin Alfred Elias
Mauger, Eva
Mauger, Evelyn Wright
Mauger, Henriette Louise
Mauger, Jane
Mauger, John
Mauger, Lydia
Mauger, Lydia Louise
Mauger, Margaret
Mauger, Marguerite
Mauger, Peter
Maunder, John
Maurice, Louise
Maurice, Melanie
Mauviel, Marie Thérèse
Mauvielle, Charles François
Maxwell, Elizabeth
May, Mary
May, William Peter
Mazian, Victorine Francse Joséphine Clarice
McAllen, Francis
McAllister, Daniel
McAnna, William
McAuliff, Mary Ann
McAuliffe, Margaret Cooley
McAuliffe, Mary
McAuliffe, Mary Ann
McBenn, John
McBride, Isabella
McCardell, Dennis
McCardell, James
McCart, Margaret
McCart, Mary Ann
McCarthy, Catherine
McCarthy, Michael
McCormick, John
McCoubrey, Hans
McCoubrey, Hans
McDermott, David
McDermott, Elizabeth Loveday
McDermott, Joseph
McDermott, William John
McDonald, Alice
McDonald, Rachel
McElligett, David
McFarlane, Mary
McFarlane, Mary Ann
McGee, Stephen
McGraham, Ann
McGrath, Emily
McGrath, Helena
McGrath, Nora
McGregor, Ellen M
McGuire, Archibald
McGuire, Owen
McGuire, Thomas
McIntosh, John
McIntyre, John
McKay, Hugh
McKee, William
McKeever, John
McKenzie, George Peter
McKenzie, Mary Louisa
McLeod, Alexander
McLeod, Henry
McLocklin, Joseph
McLocklin, Sarah
McNamara, James
McNeil, Michael
McNish, Sarah Eliza
McNulty, Eliza
McOulef, Mary
Mead, Minnie
Meech, Florence
Meech, Harriet
Meech, Jane Mary
Meech, John
Meech, Mary
Meek, Mary
Mélanie, Philippe
Melette, Jean Marie
Melville, James
Menard, François
Mercier, Jeanne
Merier, Emma
Mesnil, Henriette
Messervy, George
Messervy, Philippe
Messervy, Thomas Carlton
Messiah, Samuel
Metters, John Bickle
Meunier, François
Mevelle, Marie
Mew, Emma
Mew, Herbert
Mews, Charles
Michael, Joseph
Michael, Margaret
Michalowski, Jean
Michel, Alfred
Michel, Edwin
Michel, Elizabeth
Michel, Emile Jules
Michel, Esther
Michel, Jean
Michel, Jeanne
Michel, Marie
Middleton, Mary Ann
Milan, Jean
Mildron, Catherine
Mildron, Charles
Mildron, George Henry
Mildron, George Richard
Mildron, Henry
Mildron, John
Mildron, John George
Miles, Edward
Miles, Jane
Miles, Susan
Miles, Walter
Millard, Charles Henry
Miller, Eliza
Miller, Ellen Eliza
Miller, Helen Eliza
Miller, Walter
Mills, Alexander
Milne, David
Milond, James
Minchinton, James
Minchinton, James
Mintrom, William
Misson, David Thomas
Mitchel, Louisa
Mitchell, James
Mitchell, Louisa
Mogford, John
Moggbridge, Agnes
Mohan, Mary
Moignard, François
Moignard, George
Moignard, Jeanne
Moignard, William
Moisson, Anne
Moles, William
Mollet, Charles
Mollet, Daniel
Mollet, François
Mollet, Winter
Monamy, Thomas
Monconduit, François
Monnier, Charles
Moody, Charles
Moody, Edward
Moody, George
Moody, George William
Moody, James
Moody, John
Moore, Albert
Moore, Henry
Moore, Henry
Moore, John
Moore, Louisa
Moore, Mary Ann
Moore, Minnie
Moore, Susan
Morel, Elizabeth
Morel, Jean Baptiste
Morgan, Edward
Morgan, John
Morgan, Thomas
Morin, Desiré
Morin, Emmanuel
Morin, François
Morin, Jeanne
Morin, Louise
Morley, Charlotte
Morley, Clara Vivian
Morley, Ernest
Morley, Harriet
Morley, John
Morley, Napoléon
Morris, John
Morris, Moses
Morrison, Mary
Morrison, Mary Ann
Morrissey, John
Morrissey, Mary
Morrissey, Michael
Morrisson, Jane
Morrisson, Mary Ann
Mortimer, Jemima
Mortimer, Jemima
Mortimore, Elizabeth
Moses, Elizabeth
Moss, James
Motier, Désiré
Mott, Mary
Mouet, Jean
Moulin, Alice
Moulin, Jean
Mountain, Catherine
Mountain, Julia
Mountain, Michl
Mourant, Eliza
Mourant, Eliza Victoria
Mourant, Elizabeth
Mourant, Esther
Mourant, François
Mourant, George
Mourant, Jane
Mourant, Julie
Mourant, Louisa
Mourant, Mary
Mourant, Philippe
Mourant, William
Moy, Jean
Moyle, Urissa
Moyles, Urasa
Moyse, Ann
Moyse, Ann
Mucklow, Joseph
Mudford, Elizabeth
Mudford, Emily
Mudford, John
Mulcahy, Thomas
Mulligan, John
Mullins, Maria
Mulready, Michael
Mulready, Thomas
Murphy, Rebecca
Murray, Jane
Murray, Jane
Murtoch, Sarah
Musgrove, John
Mutford, Alice
Mynahon, Caroline Elizabeth
Nant, Jane
Neal, Jane
Neale, Edward
Neale, Jane
Neil, Thomas
Neumann, Robert
Neville, Eliza
Neville, Eliza Jane
Neville, William
Newbury, Julia Ellen
Newcomb, William
Newman, George
Newman, Henry
Newman, John
Newman, Mary Ann
Newnham, Caroline
Newnham, George
Nicholas, Mary Ann
Nicholson, John
Nicolle, Albert
Nicolle, Alfred Denis
Nicolle, Charles
Nicolle, Edgar
Nicolle, Jane
Nicolle, Jeanne
Nicolle, Mary
Nicolle, Peter John
Nicolle, Philippe
Nicolls, Johannah
Nobilet, Albertine
Nobilet, Elise
Nobilet, Peter
Nobilet, Valentin
Nobilet, Walter
Nobillet, Elizabeth
Nobillet, Valentin
Noble, Philippe
Noel, Ann
Noel, David George
Noel, Ernest Albert
Noel, George
Noel, Jane
Noel, Jeanne Marie
Noel, Louisa
Noel, Louisa Mary
Noel, Marguerite
Noel, Philippe
Nola, Rebecca
Noonan, Ann
Norman, Esther
Norman, Victoria
Norman, William Charles
North, Edwin
Northey, Elizabeth Ann
Northey, William
Northover, Mrs
Norton, Catherine
Norton, Elizabeth
Norton, Elizabeth Ann
Nother, Mary Ann
Nother, Thomas Walter
Novelle, Marie
Noverron, Yves
Nugent, Margaret
Nugent, Margaret
O’Brien, Bridget
O’Brien, Esther
O’Brien, Alice
O’Brien, Ann
O’Brien, Bridget
O’Brien, Dennis
O’Brien, James
O’Brien, John
O’Brien, Mary Ann
O’Brien, Michael
O’Brien, William
O’Connor, Barney
O’Connor, Bernard
O’Connor, Catherine
O’Connor, Mary
O’Connor, William
O’Donnell, Mary
O’Donnell, Mary Ann
O’Donnell, Thomas
O’Grady, Bridget
O’Grady, Michael
O’Hara, Mary
O’Hare, Alice
O’Keefe, William
O’Riley, Fanny
Oates, Henry
Ogier, Francois
Ogier, Mathurin
Olliver, Eliza
Olliver, Thomas
Ollivier, Annette
Ollivier, Françoise
Ollivier, Jean
Ollivier, Julien
Ollivier, Pierre
Omne, Yves
Orain, Marie
Orchard, Joseph
Orchard, Richard
Osborne, Charles
Osborne, Mary
Osborne, Mary Louisa
Osment, David
Osment, John A
Osmond, Edward
Osmont, Nancy
Osmont, Peter Charles
Ottaway, John
Owen, Ada
Ozanne, Frederick
Padmore, Joseph
Pallot, Charles
Pallot, Eliza Jane
Pallot, Emma Rachel
Pallot, Josué
Pallot, Joseph
Pallot, Mary Ann
Pallot, Nancy
Palmer, George
Palmer, Henry
Palmer, James
Palmer, Julia
Palmer, Maria
Palmer, Mary Ann
Pargiter, Emily
Parker, James Henry
Parker, Louisa
Parrott, Sarah
Parton, William Robert
Paskins, Charles
Paul, Abraham
Paull, Mary
Paye, François
Payn, Charles
Payn, Jane
Payn, Mary
Payne, William
Peacock, Aungier
Peacock, Peter
Peadon, Eliza
Pearce, Alice
Pearce, Charles
Pearce, Susan
Pearce, William
Pellé, Joséphine
Pellow, Ellen
Pellow, Emma Jane
Pellow, William
Penery, William
Pengelley, Mary
Pengelly, Mary
Pennery, William
Penny, Elizabeth Ann
Penny, Elizabeth Ann
Penny, Jane
Pension, Catherine
Pepin, Esther
Pepin, John
Pepin, Louisa
Perchard, Anne
Perchard, Jean
Perchard, Maria
Perchard, William
Perez, Barakiah
Periot, Catherine
Périot, Jean Francs
Périot, John
Périot, Joseph
Périot, Henriette
Perkins, Martha
Perkins, Mary Ann
Perodoux, Marie
Perreé, George
Perreé, Marie
Perrier, Plausine Victoria
Perrot, Clement John
Perrot, Marie Françoise
Perry, Ada
Perry, Eliza Emma
Perry, Henry
Perry, John
Perry, Martha
Pezeril, Jean
Pezet, Elvina
Pezet, Emma
Pezet, Francis
Pezet, Louis
Pezet, Thérèsa
Philippe, Jean
Philippe, Jean
Philippe, Marie-Louise
Philips, Charles
Philips, George
Philips, Jane
Philips, John William
Phillips, Ann
Phillips, Ann
Phillips, Edward
Phillips, George
Phillips, Mary
Phillips, Mary Louisa
Phinn, Charles
Piaceski, Adam
Picot, Alfred
Picot, Elizabeth
Picot, François
Picot, Jean
Picot, John Thomas
Picot, Joseph
Picot, Josué
Picot, Marguerite
Picot, Mary
Picot, Thomas
Picoys, Adolphe
Pigeon, Boinette
Pihan, Marie Angélique
Pike, Elizabeth
Pike, Francis
Pike, Hannah Maria
Pike, Mary
Pilkington, William
Pineau, Louis Théodore
Pinel, Charles
Pinel, Elie
Pinel, François
Pinel, Helier
Pinel, Jean
Pinel, Marie
Pinel, Mary
Pinel, Philippe
Pinneck, James
Pipon, Eliza
Pirouet, Francis George
Pirouet, Mary
Pirouet, Mary Ann
Pitcher, Charles
Pitman, Alfred
Pitman, Louisa
Playle, Joseph John
Plevan, Joseph
Plevan, Joseph
Plevin, Joseph
Plevna, Osman
Plowman, Emmeline
Poch, Anne
Pocket, Richard
Poidevin, Alfred
Poingdestre, Charles
Poingdestre, Eliza
Poingdestre, Elizabeth
Poingdestre, Francis
Poingdestre, Philippe
Poirier, François
Poirier, François
Poisson, Thomas
Poleman, James
Pollard, John William
Pomeret, Joseph
Pomeroy, Joseph
Poole, Robert
Pooley, Eliza
Pope, Mary
Pope, Mary
Pope, Mary
Pope, Walter John
Popinel, Pierre Paul
Poquelaye, Caroline Esther
Porter, Elizabeth
Porter, Georgina
Porter, Susan
Porter, William
Postel, Albert Jules
Postel, Harriet Victne
Potier, Alexander
Potter, Lilian
Pouclée, Henriette
Pouclée, Marguérite
Pound, George
Pow, Herbert
Pow, Laura
Pow, Robert
Pow, Thomas
Powell, Benjamin
Powell, John
Powell, John
Powell, Thomas
Power, Ellen
Prades, Emile Pierre
Près, Pierre
Preston, James
Price, Alfred
Priou, Alexandrine
Pritchard, Thomas
Prout, John
Prout, Thomas
Prout, William
Prunier, Ernest
Prunier, Lizzie
Puckett, Emily
Pullbrook, Edward William
Pullen, Selina
Purger, Ludwig
Purver, Richard
Quenault, Edward
Quenault, Elie
Quenault, Emilia Clementine
Quenault, Fanny
Quenault, John
Quenault, Marie
Quenault, Mary Jane Fanny
Quenault, Philippe
Quenault, Pierre
Querée, George
Quérée, Jane
Querée, John
Querée, Philippe
Quérée, Toussaint
Querée, Toussaint Marie
Quéripel, Mary Ann
Quérotré, Louis
Queruel, Vincent
Quesnel, Auguste
Quinlan, Mary
Quinland, Eliza
Quinland, Kate
Quinn, Isabella
Quinn, Kate
Quint, Thomas
Rabais, François
Rafferty, Adolphus William
Rafferty, Isabella
Rafferty, Philip
Rafferty, Philip
Ragin, Cornelius
Ramié, George
Ramier, Herbert
Ramisch, Albert
Randall, George
Ransome, Elizabeth
Rapsey, Peter
Ratel, Pierre
Rathbone, Eliza
Rathbone, Hilda Florence
Rattenburg, William
Raubant, Marie
Raux, Marie
Ray, Joseph
Raymond, Susan
Raymond, Susan
Raymond, Susannah
Reach, Johannah
Reading, Jeanne
Ready, John
Reagan, Ellen
Rearden, Ann
Rearden, Louisa
Reardon, Thomas
Redon, Marie
Reed, Alfred
Reed, Charlotte
Reed, Edwin
Reed, Henry
Reed, John
Reed, Richard
Reese, Edward
Refault, Anna
Regan, Ellen
Reid, Richard
Rémon, Marie
Remy, Mary
Remy, Mary Ann
Renault, Arsène
Renault, Mathurin
Renaut, Emile
Renaut, Eugene
Renaut, John
Rendle, Alice
Rendle, Henry
Renouf, Ada
Renouf, Alfred
Renouf, Ellen Mary
Renouf, François
Renouf, George
Renouf, Henriette
Renouf, John
Renouf, John Charles
Renouf, John George
Renouf, Matthieu
Renouf, Nicolas
Renouf, Paul
Renouf, Thomas
Repper, Alice
Repper, Louisa
Repper, Lydia
Repper, Wilfred
Reux, Marie
Reux, Susan
Rey, John
Reynolds, Alice Eliza
Reynolds, Edward
Reynolds, Herbert
Reynolds, James
Reynolds, John
Reynolds, Mary
Reynolds, Mary Ann
Reynolds, Michael
Ricard, Agnes Tabitha
Ricard, Philippa
Rich, Jane
Richard, Angèle Forestier
Richard, Elizabeth
Richard, François
Richard, Guilleaume François
Richard, Marie August
Richards, Eliza
Richards, Elizabeth Alexandre
Richards, Homer Alfred
Richards, John
Richardson, Abraham
Richardson, Emily
Richardson, Emma
Richardson, Esther
Richardson, Hugh
Richardson, Jane
Richardson, Jessie
Richardson, Philippe
Rickard, William
Ricou, Pierre
Riddalls, Mary
Rider, John
Rider, Margaret
Rifault, Anna
Rimaud, Marie
Rio, François
Rive, Anna
Rive, Charles
Roach, George
Roach, James
Roach, John
Roach, John William
Roach, Michael
Robert, François
Robert, Jane
Robert, Jeanne-Marie
Robert, John
Robert, John Elie
Robert, Marie Jeanne
Roberts, Ernest
Roberts, Jane
Roberts, William
Robin, Alexandrine
Robin, Anne
Robin, Eliza Julia
Robin, Pierre
Robins, Anna
Robins, Eliza
Robins, Elizabeth Julia
Robins, Hannah
Robinson, George
Robinson, John George
Robinson, Mary
Robinson, Mary Ann
Robinson, William
Roch, Arsène
Rochard, François
Rodda, Maria
Roddy, Jane
Roderick, Ann
Roderick, Anne
Rogan, Anne Marie
Roger, Henri
Rogers, Mary Jane
Roissier, Jean
Roix, Catherine
Roland, Elizabeth Marie
Roland, Jacques François
Roland, Marie
Rolston, Christopher John
Romeril, Charles
Romeril, Eliza
Romeril, Elizabeth
Romeril, Francois
Romeril, Jean
Romeril, John
Romeril, Philippe
Rondel, William
Rooks, Margaret
Ross, Georgina
Ross, Henrietta
Ross, James
Ross, Mary
Rosser, David
Rossi, Raphael
Rouard, Francois
Rouault, Jacques Jean
Rouellot, Joséphine
Rouland, Ernest
Rouland, Marie
Rouland, Paul Joseph
Rouland, Peter John
Rouland, Pierre
Rousall, John
Rousseau, Anna
Rousseau, Yves
Routier, Francoise
Routier, Marie
Roux, Marie
Rowcliffe, Sydney
Rowden, George
Rowe, Francis
Rowe, John Richard
Rowe, Mary
Rowland, Ada
Ruault, Auguste
Ruault, Charles François
Ruault, Jean Marie
Rudda, Maria
Ruellant, Alexandre
Rundell, Richard
Rush, Emma
Russell, John
Russell, Margaret
Ryall, Edwin
Ryan, Bridget
Ryan, Catherine
Ryan, Edmund
Ryan, Edward
Ryan, Elizabeth
Ryan, Johannah
Ryan, John
Ryan, Kate
Ryan, Katherine
Ryan, Mary
Ryan, Michael
Ryan, Patrick
Ryan, Rebecca
Ryan, Thomas
Ryan, William
Rye, Hannah Maria
Ryley, John
Sadler, Jane
Sadler, Susan
Sadot, Thérèse
Sage, Oliver
Saint, Clémence
Salisbury, William
Sallick, John
Salmon, Sarah Elizabeth
Salpain, Francoise
Salter, Susan
Saltern, Mary
Sampson, Alfred
Sampson, Mary
Sanders, Philippe
Sanford, Jane
Sangan, Marie
Sangan, Peter
Sangan, William
Sarre, Elizabeth
Satchwell, James
Satterfitt, Ann
Satterfitt, Betsey
Satterfitt, Nancy
Satterford, Betsey
Saunders, David
Saunders, Ellen
Saunders, George
Saunders, Isabella
Saunders, Lizzie
Saunders, Reginald
Savage, John
Savary, Clémentine
Savary, Clementine Desirée
Savouroux, Jean Louis
Sawlick, John
Sawlick, John
Scammell, Robert
Scandling, Alice
Scandling, Mary
Scandling, Mary Ann
Scanlin, Alice
Scardiglia, Ricardo
Schaffer, George
Schneider, Auguste
Scones, William Francis
Scott, Charles
Scott, Elizabeth
Screech, John
Scully, John
Scully, Mary Ann
Sebire, Helier
Selby, Frederick
Sergeant, Jane
Settle, Peter
Seward, Albert
Seward, George
Seyborn, Charles
Seymour, Henry
Shales, Alfred
Shales, John
Shales, Samuel
Sharland, Alice
Sharland, George
Sharland, Walter Lang
Sharp, George
Shay, Ellen
Shay, John
Shayes, John
Shea, Thomas
Shenton, Joseph
Sheridan, Ellen
Sheridan, Margaret
Sherring, Benjamin
Shiner, William
Shiner, William John
Short, Amelia
Short, James
Short, William
Showell, Joshua
Showell, William
Sibley, Elizabeth
Simmonds, Ellen
Simmons, Charles
Simmons, William
Simon, Alexander
Simon, Françoise
Simon, George Noé
Simon, John
Simpson, Robert
Simpson, Robert Guest
Sinclair, Robert
Sinel, Charles
Sinel, Henry John
Sinel, James
Sinel, John
Single, Edward
Sinnatt, William
Sinnatt, William Samuel
Siouville, Mary
Sivret, Francis
Skinner, Abraham
Skinner, Sarah
Skinner, William
Slade, George
Slader, Alexander
Slader, Emily
Slader, George
Slader, Robert
Slader, Robert
Slader, William
Slous, Marie
Smale, Elizabeth
Small, William
Smith, Harriet
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Clarke
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Frederick
Smith, Florence
Smith, George
Smith, Harriet
Smith, Henry
Smith, Henry James
Smith, James
Smith, Jessie Ellen
Smith, John Alexander
Smith, Mary
Smith, Priscilla
Smith, Rebecca
Smith, Thomas
Smith, William
Smith, William Samuel
Smythe, William
Snell, Emma
Snow, John
Sohier, Charles
Sohier, Eliza
Sohier, Eliza Jane
Sohier, Julia
Sohier, Sara
Sohier, Sarah
Sollick, John
Somers, Mary
Souder, Jean
Souley, William
Soupre, Alfred Durell
Southey, Emma
Souvé, Marie Louise
Spear, Jane
Spencer, James
Spencer, John Philip
Spencer, Mary Jane
Spencer, Sarah
Spencer, Sarah Ann
Spencer, Sarah Winter
Spicer, William
Spiller, Frederick
Spiller, James
Spradbrow, John
Spratt, Alfred
Spratt, Rosannah
Spratt, Rosannah
Spurr, Mary Ann
Spurr, Mary Ann
Squibb, George
Squibb, William
St George, Margaret
Stackhouse, Thomas
Stanaway, Louisa
Stanaway, William
Staple, Ellen
Staples, Ellen
Starck, Edward
Stark, Sarah
Steeple, Fanny
Steggell, Frederick
Stephens, Harriet Susan
Sterling, Elizabeth
Stevens, Caroline
Stevens, Elizabeth
Stewart, Alexander
Stewart, George Dudley
Stickland, George Bollen
Stivey, John
Stivey, Rosannah
Stock, Louisa
Stone, Elizabeth
Stoodley, Elizabeth
Stranger, Charles
Stratton, William
Strickland, Agnes
Stroutcorr Trout, William
Studley, Amos
Studley, Henry
Stych, Elvina
Stych, Lavinia
Sullivan, Clement
Sullivan, Ellen
Sullivan, Eugène
Sullivan, Helen
Sullivan, Henry
Sullivan, Honora
Sullivan, James
Sullivan, Michael
Sullivan, Richard
Sullivan, Thomas
Summers, Charles
Supple, Kate
Surcouf, Adele Marie
Surcouf, Alexander
Surcouf, Louisa
Surel, Elizabeth Anne
Suret, Philippe
Suret, Pierre
Sutherland, Mary
Sutherland, Thomas
Swanson, John
Sweeney, Alice
Symons, William
Syvret, Ann
Syvret, Anne
Syvret, Esther
Syvret, John
Syvret, Philippe
Tabb, Mary
Tabb, Mary
Tabb, William
Tall, Emma E
Tallin, Betsey
Tallin, Betsy
Tambini, Jean
Tangui, Anne Esther
Tangui, Louis
Tanguier, Jean
Tanguy, Ann
Tanguy, Ann Esther
Tanguy, Anne
Tanguy, Anne Esther
Tanguy, Jean
Tanguy, Joseph
Tanguy, Louis
Tanguy, Philippe Jean
Tanguy, Yves
Tanner, George
Tanner, Mary Ann
Tanner, Mary Ann Middleton
Tanser, James
Tanton, Angélique
Tardif, Athalie
Tardif, Edouard
Tatard, Léonie
Taton, Anne
Taylor, Francis
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Mary Ann
Taylor, Thomas
Taylor, William
Ternier, François
Terrard, Yves
Terrin, Pierre
Thatcher, Charles
Thérin, François
Thérin, Jeanne
Thiénault, Marie
Thomas, Alfred
Thomas, Constance
Thomas, Elise
Thomas, Ernest
Thomas, Florence
Thomas, Francois
Thomas, George
Thomas, Marie
Thomas, Wilfred
Thomas, William
Thompson, Charlotte
Thompson, Matilda
Thorburn, Johnson
Thorn, Charlotte Jane Ann
Thorne, Annie
Tibbles, Thomas
Tibot, James
Tidyman, Eliza
Tierney, Edward
Tierney, Jane
Tierney, Mary Ann
Tierney, Patrick
Tierny, Mary Ann
Tirel, Emile
Tirel, François Hubert
Tolmer, Fanny
Tombini, Jean
Tomkins, Catherine
Tomkins, David
Tomkins, Louisa Mary
Tomkins, Mary
Tomlinson, Samuel
Torode, Mary Ann
Touchard, Elise
Toulmain, Edward Olliver
Touloge, Pauline
Touloge, Thomas
Tourgis, George
Tout, Ada
Tout, Edward
Tout, Eliza
Tout, Florence
Tout, James
Tout, John
Tout, Walter
Tout, William
Touzel, Charles Danl
Touzel, Elizabeth Sophia
Touzel, Emblyn
Touzel, Francis
Touzel, George
Touzel, Philippe
Touzel, Thomas
Towls, Ann
Townsend, Elizabeth
Tozer, Mary
Trachy, Mary
Trachy, Maude
Traylen, Reginald
Trefroy, Emmeline
Trehen, Jean
Trehen, Marie
Tréhen, Mary
Trewhella, Caroline
Trident, Marie
Trident, Vincent
Trivett, George
Trolley, Florence
Trolley, John
Trolley, Julia
Trolley, Mary Ann Julia
Truscott, Joseph
Tucker, Henry
Tucker, John
Tucker, Richard
Tucker, William
Tuckerman, John
Tuffrey, William
Tulon, Philomene
Tulou, Philomene
Turbin, Marie Léon
Turl, William
Turner, Ann
Turner, Elizabeth
Turner, Elizabeth Mary
Turner, George
Turner, Isaac
Turner, Joseph
Turner, Michael
Turner, William
Turner, William
Turner, William George
Tyrell, Emile
Vale, John
Vale, John
Vallée, Alphonse
Vallée, François
Van Dougen, Nillielmus
Vardon, Thomas
Vardon, Thomas William
Vase, Francoise
Vase, Marceline
Vassa, Bienaimé
Vasselin, Ernestine
Vasselin, Eugène
Vasselin, Rosalie Francoise
Vaudin Charles
Vaudin, George
Vaudin, Jean
Vaudin, Jean Dumaresq
Vaudin, Mary Ann
Vaugère, Jean
Vautier, George Don
Vautier, John
Vautier, Matilda
Vautier, Philippe
Vautier, Soucky
Vautier, Soucky Jane
Veaupré, Celestin
Veneil, Adelaide
Venner, Pierre William
Verdel, Ernestine
Verger, Félicité
Verger, Louis
Verger, Marie
Veron, Auguste
Veron, Maria
Vescelet, Emelie
Vesley, Amelia
Vibert, John
Vibert, Marie
Vicq, Ann
Vicq, Anne
Vicq, Nancy
Viel, James
Vigers, Robert
Vigot, Marie
Vigouroux, Léon
Villette, Pierre
Villette, Pierre
Vincent, Pierre
Virgin, Salomon
Vitel, Anne Marie
Vivian, Marie Margaret
Voclé, Caroline
Voguere, Jean
Voisin, François
Voisin, John
Voisin, Pierre
Voison, Jean
Waar, Francoise Yvonne
Wadge, Flora
Wadge, Florence Maud Ann
Wadham, Eliza
Waghorn, William
Wakeham, Charles
Wakeham, James
Wakeham, John
Wakeham, Mary Ann
Waldie, Catherine
Walker, James
Walker, John
Walker, Susan
Walkey, Eliza Ann
Walkey, Louisa
Wall, William
Wallace, Alexander
Wallace, Susannah
Walling, Lydia
Wallis, Alice Mary
Wallis, Henry
Wallis, John
Wallis, Susannah
Wallis, Susannah Elizabeth
Wallis, Thomas
Wallis, Werter
Walmesley, Joseph
Walmesley, Josué
Walsh, Thomas
Walters, Mary
Ward, Dora
Ward, James
Ward, Jane
Ward, John
Ward, Sarah
Waring, Matilda
Warn, Emma
Warne, Elizabeth A
Warne, Emma
Warne, John
Warr, Fanny
Warr, John
Warren, Ann
Warren, Emma
Warren, Emmeline Emma
Warren, Jane
Warren, John
Warren, Walter
Warren, William
Waters, Ann
Waters, Ann Caroline
Waters, Caroline
Waters, Charlotte
Watts, Susan
Wavish, Cordelia
Way, Ann Louisa
Way, Charlotte
Way, Eliza
Way, Ellen Martha
Way, Emily
Way, Florence
Way, Martha
Way, Martha
Way, Thomas
Wayland, Alfred Abraham Philip
Weatherell, Robert
Weavish, Cordelia
Webb, Ann
Webb, Annie
Webb, Clara
Webb, William
Webber, Harriett Caroline
Webber, Simon
Weber, Susannah
Wedge, Florence
Wedge, Mary Ann
Weeks, Lydia
Welch, Alice
Welch, Amelia
Welch, Elizabeth
Wells, Amelia
Wells, Amelia Sarah
Wells, Elizabeth
Wells, Mary Jane
Welsh, Alice
Welsh, Dennis
Welsh, Mary
Welsh, Robert
Wescott, Sarah
Wesley, William
Wessel, Henry
West, Caroline
West, James
West, Mary Ann
West, Thomas
Westlake, William
Wetherell, Mary
Whaley, Mary
Wheadon, Harriet
Whealan, Kate
Whealan, William
Wheeler, Matilda
Whelan, Bridget
Whelan, Bridget
Whelan, David
Whelan, John
Whelan, Kate
Whelan, Marti
Wherry, Grace
White, Arthur
White, Caroline Ellen
White, Edward
White, Ellen
White, Elvina
White, James
White, Walter
White, William
Whiteman, Elizabeth
Whitley, Henry
Wilcocks, Harriet
Wilcox, Harriet
Wilkinson, Arthur
Willcox, Harriet
Williams, Absolom
Williams, Ann
Williams, Charles
Williams, Ellen
Williams, Emma
Williams, Francis
Williams, George
Williams, Maria
Williams, Mary
Williams, Mary Maude
Williams, Maude
Williams, Susan C
Williams, Susan Caroline
Willicott, Elizabeth
Wills, George
Wills, George
Wills, George
Wills, Mary Jane
Willsher, Soucky Jane
Wilmott, Mary Ann
Wilson, Emily Louisa
Wilson, Helena
Wilson, Mary Ann
Wilson, Rosina Olivier
Witt, Stephen
Wodham, Mary Ann
Woodberry, Jane
Woodbridge, Alice
Woodley, Emma
Woodlock, Jane
Woodman, Lizzie
Woods, Elizabeth
Woods, Harriet
Woods, Henry
Woods, Henry George
Woods, William
Woon, Thomas
Wright, Alfred
Wright, Mary Ann
Wright, Susannah
Wright, Thomas
Wrixen, John
Wrixen, John
Wyatt, Joseph
Yapsley, Silas
Yelland, Robert
Yeoman, John
Young, Alexander
Young, Ann Sophia
Young, Charles John
Young, Elizth Esther
Young, Jane
Young, John Thomas
Yves, Richard
Yvon, Marie Noel
Keywords admission registers | Hospitals | registers | social services | health
Dimensions 1 volume
Language French
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation - please consult transcription
Closed until 2100


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Jersey General Hospital Admission Register, 1873 - 1882. This register gives details of the person admitted, including date of entry, name, age, place of birth and cause of entry. The volume has been transcribed and can be viewed as a pdf by subscribers. Click on volume description to access the pdf.


A digital image is available to view online or this item is closed because it is exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Law. If you would like to make a request please email us.