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Index to the criminal section of the Royal Court called the Poursuites Criminelles - includes an index of inquests in the back of book. Click to view names, volume number and page number of the relevant case. Consult D/Y /G1 volumes for case details. Le, de and du names are all indexed under the second part of the name (Le Brun will be in the B section of the index)

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Reference D/Y/G2/3
Date 6 August 1834 - 11 April 1880
Names Judicial Greffe
Royal Court
Adams, William
Addam, William
Aglin, William
Agnew, Fanny, née Knight
Ahier, Francis Charles
Ahier, Jean
Ahier, Susanne
Albert, Louis
Albo, Emmanuel Maria
Aldhurst, J
Alexandre, James
Alexandre, Jean
Allain, Robert
Allen, Edouard
Allen, William Charles
Allez, Pierre
Aman, Alexandra, née Robin
Ames, Abraham
Amiraux, Mathieu, Receiver General
Amy, Charles
Amy, D
Amy, Jean
Anderson, Abraham
Anderson, Martin
Andre, Francois
Andrew, William
Andrews, J
Anion, Catherine, née Jacobs
Anion, John
Anley, Jean
Anley, Josué
Anquetil, Edouard
Anty, Caroline
Argo, Auguste
Arm, Benjamin
Armstrong, Edward
Armstrong, Robert
Arrowsmith, C
Arrowsmith, John
Art, J
Arthur, Jean
Asplet, Jean
Asplet, John
Atkinson, J
Atkinson, John
Aubin, Charles
Aubin, Elie
Aubin, Francis
Aubin, George
Aubin, Joseph
Aubin, Josué
Aubré, Mathurine
Avison, Mary Ann, née Kenven
Ayton, Jacob
Bailey, Ellen, née Ward
Baillie, Catherine, née Leary
Bailly, Mary Ann, née Webb
Ball, Thomas
Bassett, Jane, née Syvret
Bataille, Clemence, née Sehier
Bennett, Hariette, née Harness
Berthelot, Marie, née Redon
Bower, Elizabeth, née Porter
Bowers, née Trath
Brennan, James
Brown, Flora
Brown, John
Brown, May Ann, née Munroe
Burke, Martha, née Prince
Cambridge, Mary, née Ward
Carver, John
Caston, Pierre
Clark, Molly, née Malzard
Cockerton, Harriet, née Hayward
Collette, Josephine, née Michel
Coony, Cornelius
Copps, Ann, née Wite
Cormick, Mary, née Ireton
Cox, Elizabeth, née Lock
Crevel, Marie, née Lozac
Cruchon, Thérèse
de Gruchy, Helier
de Gruchy, Helier
de Gruchy, Lilian
de Gruchy, Philippe
de Jersey, Ann
de Jersey, Elizabeth, née Joseph
de Jersey, Henry
de Jersey, Joseph Alexandre
de Jersey, William
de la Gaudiniere, Albert A
de la Haye, Gedeon
de la Haye, Lucie A
de la Lande, Elie Josué
de la Mare, Abraham Philippe
de la Mare, Francois Thomas
de la Mare, Jean
de la Mare, Joseph
de la Mare, Philippe
de la Perrelle, Daniel
de la Perrelle, François
de la Rue, Matilde Emelie
de La Rue, Nicholas
de Louche
de Louche, Edouard
de Louche, George
de Louches, George Henry
de Than, Edmond
Delouche, Jane, née Nicholas
Delouches, Ann, née Nichols
Desforges, Louis
D'Irwin, John
du Perrouzel, Jacques Denis
du Pré, Philippe
du Putron, Julie
du Tot, Daniel
du Val, François
du Val, Paul Alexandre
Dwyre, Anne, née Matthews
Enwright, Marie, née Holmes
Farley, Elizabeth Ann, née Roberts
Farley, Mary Ann, née Roberts
Ferey, Verginie, née Hérout
Fielding, Mary, née Torode
Fierney, Maria, née Watts
Fitz Patrick
Gabeldu, John
Gagnon, John
Gagnon, Thomas
Gaillard, Eugene
Gallais, Jacques
Gallais, Jousaint
Gallavan, John
Gallavan, Julia, née Sweeney
Gallichan, Abraham
Gallichan, Charles
Gallichan, Marie, née Thomas
Gallichan, Mary
Gallois, Louis
Gamble, William
Gardner, William
Gare, J
Garetty, Thomas
Garland, Mary Ann
Garland, Ro
Garland, William Edward
Garnier, Pierre
Garretty, Thomas
Garth, Charles
Gaudin, John Abraham
Gaudin, Philippe
Gaudion, Thomasse, née Simon
Gauntlett, Elizabeth
Gauvin, Victorine
Gavey, John
Gavey, John Thomas
General Hospital
Germain, Alexis
Germain, Caroline
Giard, Auguste
Gibaut, John
Gibbins, Mary
Gicquel, Louis
Gilbert, Auguste Theophile
Gilbert, George
Gilbert, Jane
Gildeas, James
Gillard, Mary
Gilles, Pierre
Gilmore, Pat
Giot, John
Glacken, Charles
Gladdis, George
Goddard, Jane
Godfray, Ann
Godfray, Aron
Godfray, Auguste
Godfray, Charles
Godfray, Eliza
Godfray, J
Godfray, Thomas
Goldings, Pat
Goodenough, Jane
Goodman, Fred
Goodman, Mary Ann
Gordon, Mary
Gordon, Susan
Gorman, Mary Ann
Gorton, Susan
Gorvan, Patrick
Gorvan, Thomas
Gosset, Philippe
Gotterel, Elizabeth Jane, née Laughlin
Gotterel, Thomas
Gould, William
Gourdain, Peter
Grady, John
Grady, John
Granite Company
Grant, James L
Gray, Edward
Gray, Elizabeth
Gray, William
Gray, William Charles
Grégory, Charles
Gregory, Fanny
Gresley, Jane
Griffiths, Angela
Grimmet, Ann, née Whitter
Grimmett, George
Grimshaw, Ann, née Janvrin
Gros, Daniel
Grove, George
Grubb, Julien
Gruchy, Philippe
Gruchy, Rachel
Guédras, Théophile
Guerault, Pierre
Guillaume, Jule
Guille, Ann
Guille, Charles
Guille, Mary
Guillemette, Pierre
Guillot, Ros
Gullick, William
Guy, Mary Ann
Hacking, John
Hacquoil, Billy
Hacquoil, Francis
Hacquoil, John
Hacquoil, Philippe
Hafner, John
Hafner, Thomas
Haggey, R
Hailey, Daniel
Hainault, Hannah
Haines, Thomas
Hake, William
Halday, Henry
Hale, Catherine
Halford, Margaret
Halfyard, Robert
Hall, Benjamin
Hall, Henry
Hall, James
Hall, Joseph
Hall, Mary
Hall, Mary Ann
Hall, Pat
Hall, William
Hall, William James
Hallman, Elth
Hallman, Henry
Hallman, Mary Ann
Hallman, William
Hallman, William Peter
Hallmen, Henry
Halvent, Charles
Hambling, Thomas
Hambling, Thomas
Hamel, Francois
Hamel, James
Hamelin, Emily
Hamelton, Nicolas
Hammond, John
Hamon, Charles
Hamon, Charles Joseph
Hamon, Clement
Hamon, Clement
Hamon, G Charles
Hamon, George
Hamon, Jean
Hamon, John Edouard
Hamon, John Edward
Hamon, Joseph
Hamon, Joseph
Hamon, Philippe
Hamon, Philippe Thomas
Hamon, R
Hamon, Thomas
Hamptonne, Charles
Hanaghan, Owen
Hancock, Harriet Caroline, née Webber
Hand, Richard
Hand, William
Hands, Esther
Handy, Charlotte
Hanequin, Basile
Hanguin, Auguste
Hannaford, William
Hannaford, William
Hansford, Esther
Hansford, John
Hansford, John Peter
Hansford, William
Hansford, William
Hanty, Caroline
Hard, Philip
Hardie, Philip
Harding, F
Harding, Frederick
Harding, John
Harding, Joseph
Hardy, Ann
Hardy, Emma
Hardy, F
Hardy, George
Hardy, James
Hardy, John
Hardy, John
Hardy, Philip
Hardy, Samuel
Harltey, George
Harper, Mr
Harrel, Julien
Harrell, Julien
Harren, Patsy
Harris, George
Harris, Helena
Harris, J
Harris, John
Harris, John
Harris, M
Harris, Mary
Harris, Rachel, née Soloman
Harris, Robert
Harris, William
Harrison, Elizabeth
Harrison, Mary Jane
Harrison, Soldier
Hart, Edward
Hart, John
Hart, Philip
Hart, William
Hartry, Hannah
Harvey, Elizabeth
Harvey, Ely
Harvey, Esther
Harvey, G
Harvey, John Frederick
Harvey, Robert
Harvey, William
Harvy, Richard
Hautehany, Anthoinette
Hauvel, Auguste
Hawkins, Jane
Hay, Catherine
Hayes, Ellen
Haysom, Emma
Hayward, Mary
Hazlewood, William
Hborogan, Jeremiah
Head, Henry
Head, Henry
Heads, Mary Ann, née Sweeney
Heal, John
Healan, James
Heale, M
Healey, Patrick
Healy, James
Healy, John
Healy, John
Heardon, Eliza, née McLaren
Heathershaw, Ann
Heaume, John
Hebert, Frederick
Hebert, Julie
Hedgeland, James
Hedger, James Thomas
Hedges, James
Hedgethorn, James
Heeley, Robert
Heibyerg, Louise
Helier, P
Hellard, Elizabeth, née Perry
Hellard, Samuel
Hellyer, Robert
Helou, Marie Jane
Henky, Richard
Henly, James
Hennessey, Thomas
Henri, Henriette
Henri, John
Henright, William
Henry, Charles
Henry, John
Henry, John
Henry, Louis A
Henry, Michael
Henry, Thomas
Henry, William
Henry, Yvonne Jeanne, née Marie
Henty, Richard
Herbert, Dennis
Hereford, Richard
Heron, Auguste
Herring, Michael
Herve, Marie
Heryat, Julie
Hester, Barney
Hester, Barney
Hewitson, Sarah
Hewitt, Eliza
Hewlett, Sara Elizabeth
Hext, William
Hibbs, Thomas
Hicks, Ann
Hicks, Elizabeth
Hicks, George
Hicks, James
Hicks, John
Hiegg, Mary
Higgins, James
Higgins, John
Higginson, Edward
Hill, George
Hill, James
Hill, Mary
Hill, William
Hilll, Samuel
Hinds, Thomas
Hines, George
Hines, Thomas
Hoar, Thomas
Hoare, John
Hobbs, Thomas
Hobbs, William
Hocquard, Ann
Hocquard, Philippe
Hodder, Charles
Hodder, J R
Hodder, R
Hogan, Daniel
Hogan, Nora
Holland, William
Holloway, George
Holmes, Henry George
Holmes, James
Home, Ellen
Homfray, P F
Homles, Maria
Honeywell, Henry
Honfray, Marguerite Louise
Hoopin, Thomas
Hopin, Thomas
Hopkins, John
Horman, George
Horman, George H, Advocate
Horman, Pierre
Horogan, Jeremiah
Horregan, Jerry
Horrigan, Jeremiah
Horsham, Alfred John
Horsham, Ann
Hoskins, Thomas
Hoskins, William
Hotton, Elizabeth
Hotton, Louisa
Hotton, Matilda
Hotton, Mie Jme Laurens
Hotton, Pierre
Houelbeck, Jane
House, Anna
Hovivet, Azelie
Howard, Charles
Howard, James
Howard, William
Howe, Arthur
Howe, George
Howe, Samuel
Howke, Caroline, née Isle
Hubbard, Banjamin
Hubert, Edward
Hubert, Francois
Hubert, George
Hubert, J
Hubert, John
Hubert, Michel
Hucquel, Marie
Hue, Daniel
Huelin, John
Huelin, Philippe
Huelin, Pierre
Hueston, John
Hughes, Emma
Humber, Charles
Hunt, Arthur
Hunt, Arthur
Hunt, Jane, née Morris
Hunt, John
Hunt, Michael
Hunt, Robert
Hunt, William
Hunter, John
Hunting, Jane R
Husk, Charles
Huston, Uriah
Hustre, Josephine
Hutchings, Henry
Hutchinson, Henry
Huxham, Samuel
Huysman, Cornelius
Hyde, Caroline
Hyne, Celia
Hynes, Thomas
Igo, Honoria, née Sullivan
Igo, Mary Ann
Igo, Michail
Inglis, Alice, née Reardon
Inglis, Pat
Ingram, Ann
Ingram, George
Ireland, Robert
Ironside, Thomas
Ivy, Benjamin
Ivy, Philippe
Jackman, James
Jackson, William
Jacobs, William
Jacquelaine, Honorine Valerie
Jacquelin, Eléonore Honorine
Jacquelin, Louis
Jacqueline, Honorine Valerie
Jacques, William
Jaffray, Marei Louise Yvonne
Jamé, Françoise
Jameison, George
James, Bill
James, Felix
James, William
Jamet, François Marie
Jandrell, Ellen Mary, née Renouf
Jandrell, Henry
Jandrell, John
Jandrell, Michael Thomas
Jandrell, Philippe
Jandrell, Samuel
Jandrew, Michael
Jane, Stephen
Janet, Julie, née Moisson
Janner, Henry
Janvrin, Mary
Janvrin, Samuel
Jarvis, Betsey
Jarvis, John
Jasper, Mr
Jasper, Richard
Jeandron, Jean
Jeanes, Isaac
Jeanne, Virginie Marie
Jeannes, Leon
Jeffrey, James
Jéhan, Jean
Jenkins, Michael Robert
Jenkins, Samuel
Jenne, François
Jessler, Frederick
Jessler, George
Jeune, Francois
Jeune, John
Jeune, Philippe
Jewell, Amelia
Jocelyn, Frederick
Johns, James
Johns, William
Johnson, Catherine
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, James
Johnston, Henry
Johnston, John
Joice, Patrick
Joice, William Henry
Jolin, James
Jones, Ann, née Morris
Jones, David
Jones, Eliza
Jones, Fielding
Jones, Jane
Jones, Jeanne, née Messervy
Jones, John
Jones, Louisa
Jones, Mary
Jones, Mary Ann
Jones, Robert
Jones, Samuel
Jones, Susan
Jones, Thomas
Jones, William
Jordon, James
Josephs, Maria, née Levi
Joslin, Frederick
Josline, Jeanne
Jouaux, Marie
Joubeau, Marie
Jouenne, Désiré
Jourdain, Julie
Jourdon, Pierre
Journeaux, Philippe
Journeaux, Philippe Thomas
Journeaux, Richard
Journeaux, Thomas
Juillet, Leontine
Julien, Louisa
Junet, François
Jurd, Edward
Jurd, William
Kaifer, Joseph
Kailtmonster, John
Kannaly, John
Kavanagh, Jane
Keamish, James
Kearns, John
Keating, Francis
Keays, Mary
Keefe, William
Keegan, Owen
Keen, John
Keimes, Ellen
Keith, Thomas
Kelland, Sara
Kelly, C
Kelly, C A
Kelly, Denis
Kelly, Eliza
Kelly, James
Kelly, Johanna, née Mara
Kelly, John
Kelly, Robert
Kenchington, Henry
Kendle, William
Kennan, John
Kenneday, John
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, Patrick
Kennick, Jane
Kenny, Margaret
Kenny, Thomas
Kensington, Henry
Kent, Robert
Kent, Samuel
Kerr, James
Kerrier, Anne Marie
Kerrier, Marie Louise
Kerslake, Frederick
Kerslake, Joseph
Kerslake, William
Kevill, Mary
Keys, John
Kidd, John
Kilford, Thomas
Killaway, James
Killick, Charles
Killick, Samuel
Kilvington, John
Kilvinton, Pierson
Kimber, John
King, Amelia
King, Charles
King, James
King, Owen
King, Richardson
Kingston, John
Kinnan, Michael
Kinnersley, Alfred
Kintzell, J H
Kirby, Ann
Kirby, James
Kitchener, Doctor
Kitchener, Thomas
Kitt, William
Kitts, William
Knapman, James
Knaresborough, George Michael
Knight, Henry
Knight, Tabiah
Knott, John
Knowles, Charles
Kommer, Charles Emile
La Rue, Andre
La Sauce, Marie Jeanne
La Source, Marie
La Touche, Jean Marie
Labal, Philippe
Labey, Philippe
Labey, Thomas
Lafarge, Jean Auguste
Lafarge, Jean Louis
Laffoley, John
Laffoley, Moise
Laffoley, Thomas
Lafonton, Rosalie, née Semetel
Lainé, John
Laire, Casimir
Lake, Ann
Lally, Jane Elizabeth
Lally, John
Lally, Rosana
Lally, William
Lamb, Thomas
Lambert, Charles
Lambert, Mary Ann
Lamble, Henry
Lambswell, Sara
Lamour, Charles Francois
Lamy, Francois
Landick, Andrew
Landon, William
Lane, Frederick Coghlan
Lane, Richard Osborne
Lane, Samuel
Lane, Sara
Lane, William
Langford, William
Langley, Emma
Langlois, Elizabeth
Langlois, François Jacquet
Langlois, Jean
Langlois, John
Langlois, Philippe
Langlois, Samuel
Langshaw, George
Laniesse, Alexandre
Laray, Charles
Larbalestier, Edouard Abraham
Larbalestier, John
Larbalestier, Marie
Larbalestier, Thomas
Larcombe, Richard
Laren, Eliza
Larfargue, Jean auguste
Larkman, Margaret
Latour, Thomas
Launey, Ferdinand
Laurens, Eliza
Laurens, Frederick Coghlan
Laurens, George
Laurens, Jane
Laurens, John
Laurens, Philiippe
Laurent, Anais
Laval, Francis
Lawler, Kate
Lawlor, Daniel
Lawrence, Ernest
Lawrence, George
Lawrence, Mary Ann
Lawrence, Stephen
Lawton, Dennis
Lawton, James
Lawton, John
Lazell, James
Le Feuvre, Caroline, née de la Mare
Le Feuvre, James
Le Gallais, Fred
Le Gendre, Bernard
Le Gendre, Charles
Le Gendré, John
Le Gendre, Marie
Le Gendre, Marie Anne, Le Noble
Le Gendre, Marie, née le Noble
Le Geyt, Charles
Le Geyt, Clement
Le Geyt, George
Le Geyt, Sarah
Le Grand, James
Le Grand, Mary
Le Grant, John
Le Graud, John
Le Gresley, F
Le Gresley, Francoise, née Robertson
Le Gresley, George
Le Gresley, John
Le Gresley, Josué
Le Gresley, Philippe
Le Gresut, Pauline
Le Gros, Charles
Le Gros, Daniel
Le Gros, Esther
Le Gros, George
Le Gros, John
Le Gros, Laurens
Le Gros, Philippe
Le Hèrel, Emmanuel
Le Houquet, John
Le Hucquet, Mary
Le Huquet, Jane
Le Huquet, Marie
Le Huquet, Mary Ann
Le Huray, Elizabeth
Le Jean, Marie Louise
Le Jean, Marie Louise
Le Lievre, Amelia
Le Lievre, Elie
Le Lievre, François
Le Lièvre, George
Le Lievre, John
Le Lievre, Judith
Le Liévre, Richard
Le Long, Auguste
Le Long, Jane, née Le Huquet
Le Luyer, François
Le Maistre, Charles
Le Maistre, Edouard
Le Maistre, Francois
Le Maistre, George
Le Maistre, John
Le Maistre, Philippe
Le Manquais, Jean
Le Marchand, Louise
Le Marchand, Théophile
Le Mare, Josephine
Le Marquand, Anne
Le Marquand, Charles
Le Marquand, Edouard
Le Marquand, Philippe
Le Masson, Henri
Le Masurier, Abraham
Le Masurier, Alfred
Le Masurier, George
Le Masurier, Jean
Le Masurier, John
Le Masurier, John Filleul
Le Masurier, Mary Jane
Le Masurier, Philippe
Le Moine, Auguste
Le Moine, George
Le Monnier, Charles
Le Monnier, François
Le Monnier, Jean
Le Monnier, Pierre
Le Montais, Francois John
Le Mortrier, Hortende
Le Neveu, Jane
Le Noble, Franocis
Le Noble, Marie Anne
Le Noir, Emile
Le Noirci, Guillaume
Le Normand, Joseph
Le Page, Daniel
Le Page, Thomas
Le Perchois, Francois
Le Peticart, François
Le Petit, Jane
Le Petit, Marie
Le Petit, Pierre
Le Poidevin, François
Le Poidevin, John
Le Poidevin, Joseph
Le Prunier, Aimable
Le Quesne, Charles
Le Quesne, Marguerite
Le Quesne, Mary Jane Fanny
Le Quesne, Nicholas
Le Quesne, Thomas
Le Ray, Catherine
Le Ray, John
Le Ray, William
Le Riche, Elizabeth
Le Riche, Philippe
Le Riche, Thomas
Le Rougetel, Debora
Le Rougetel, George Elie
Le Roux, Louis
Le Roux, Prosper
Le Roy, Marie
Le Ruez, Abraham
Le Ruez, Pierre
Le Sauteur, Philippe
Le Sauteur, Thomas
Le Savouroux, Joseph
Le Seelleur, Jacques
Le Seelleur, Jane
Le Seelleur, John Allez
Le Souhaitier, Auguste
Le Sucur, Francois
Le Sueur, Abraham, Reverend
Le Sueur, Cecilda Cecilia
Le Sueur, Elie
Le Sueur, Esther
Le Sueur, François
Le Sueur, Jean
Le Sueur, Jean George
Le Sueur, John
Le Sueur, Josué
Le Sueur, Marie
Le Sueur, Philippe
Le Tarouilly
Le Tarouilly, John
Le Tellier
Le Templier, Clement
Le Templier, Jane Marie, née Tangue
Le Terrier, Bienaimé
Le Tourain, François
Le Touzel, Charles Philippe
Le Touzel, Josue John
Le Vast, Jean
Le Vesconte, Philippe
Le Vezelier, Pierre
Lead, Robert
Ledford, George
Lediard, Richard
Ledoux, Constant
Ledwich, Philip
Lee, Benjamin William
Lee, Charlotte, née Smyth
Lee, Elizabeth
Lee, George
Lee, Mary
Lee, Thomas
Lees, Peter
Legg, Edouard
Leigh, Jean
Leigh, Mary
Lemon, Charles
Lemon, John
Lempriere, Charles
Lempriére, Dominique
Lemprière, Edouard
Lemprière, Edouard Abraham
Lempriere, Josué Abraham
Lempriere, Josué Abraham
Lemprière, Mary
Lempriere, Philippe
Lempriere, William, Reverend
Lennard, Jane
Lennard, Susan
Lennard, Thomas
Lennard, William
Leon, Marie
Lerne, Theophile
Lesbirel, John
Lesbirel, Marie
Lesbirel, Mary
Lesser, Maximilien
Letertre, Jeanne
Letto, William
Leventout, Julien
Lewis, Alexander
Lewis, Alfred
Lewis, George
Lewis, Henry James
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, William
Lihou, Pierre
Limmin, John
Limon, John
Linaham, Silvester
Liston, Sara
Litford, James
Lloyd, Charles
Lloyd, John
Lloyds, Charles
Lock, Edwin
Lock, John
Locke, Auguste
Locke, Morris
Locke, William
Loison, Rosalie
Long, Daniel
Longland, Thomas
Lor, Giles
Lorain, Francois
Loughlin, Patrick
Loughma, Nicholas
Louis, John
Louth, William
Loveless, John
Lovell, Daniel
Lovell, Henry
Lowe, George
Lowe, Hannah
Loy, Jules
Loyd, James
Loydd, William
Loyer, Pierre
Lozonet, William
Luard, Robert D
Lucas, Alexandrine
Lucas, Jane
Lucas, Thomas
Luce, Philippe
Luen, William
Luscomb, William
Luxon, Charles
Lydiard, Adeline
Lynch, Mary, née McSweeney
Lyndon, Elizabeth
Lynn, George
Lyons, Mary
Lyons, William
Lyte, Thomas
Mabienne, Marie
Mac Mahon, Dennis
Mac Mahon, John
MacAllis, Archibald
Mace, Louis Marie
Machin, James
Machon, Henri
Machon, Henri Louis Victor
Machon, Henry
Mack, Emma Jane
Mack, Mary
Mackay, Hugh
MacKenzie, John
Macklin, Marguerite
Macridge, Philippe
Madden, James
Maddick, William
Maddock, Mary Ann
Maggor, Adolphus
Maguire, James
Maher, David
Maher, James
Mahier, James
Mahoney, Denis
Mahoney, Jean Patrick
Mahoney, Matthew
Mahoney, Timothy
Mahony, William
Male, John
Male, Priscilla
Mallet, Henry
Mallet, Mary Ann
Mallet, Philippe John
Mallet, Thomas John
Mallet, William
Mallett, George
Mallon, James
Maloney, David
Maloney, John
Maloney, Thomas
Malzard, Henry
Malzard, Jean
Malzard, Marie
Malzard, Molly
Malzard, Philippe
Malzard, Thomas
Mana, James
Manlaw, Eliza
Manley, Patrick
Mann, James
Manning, Dennis
Manning, John
Mannion, Mary
Manouri, François
Mansell, Mary Ann
Mansfield, James
Marden, William
Mardon, S
Marett, Abraham
Marett, Francois
Marett, Jane
Marett, Jean
Marett, Jean George
Marett, Jean Philippe
Marett, Philippe
Marett, Pierre
Marett, Richard
Marett, Theodore
Margrie, Theodore
Marguerite, Louis
Marie, Yves
Mariette, Louise Mary
Mariette, Marie
Marin, Louis
Marion, Virginie, née Voisin
Marks, William
Marret, Francois
Marret, William
Marshall, George
Martel, Joseph
Martin, Catherine
Martin, George
Martin, James
Martin, John
Martin, Pierre
Martin, Shadrack
Martin, Sophia
Martin, Steven
Martin, Victor
Martin, William James
MartinHenry Wills
Martyn, Philippe
Mash, Philippe
Mason, Francois
Mason, James
Mason, Mary
Massey, John
Massey, Thomas
Masters, Ellen
Masters, George
Masters, Henry
Masters, Mary
Mataface, James
Mathers, Frederick
Mathews, James
Matthews, Eliza
Matthews, Henry
Matthews, James
Matthews, Joseph
Matthews, Louisa
Matthews, Thomas
Matthews, William
Matthias, Cesaire
Maudit, Auguste Guillaume
Mauger, Adolphus
Mauger, Catherine
Mauger, Edouard
Mauger, Elie
Mauger, Francois
Mauger, Jane
Mauger, Jean
Mauger, Philippe
Mauger, Thomas
May, Amelia, née Rodder
May, George
May, John
Mayer, Catherine
Mayer, Charles
McAllen, J
McArthy, D
McAvoy, William
McGee, John
McKee, Mary, née Jobe
McKee, Patrick
McKemmie, Henry
McKen, James
McKenzie, Charles John Alexander Somerset
McKenzie, David
McKenzie, John
McKenzie, Thomas Robert
McKenzie, William
McKeon, James
McLaren, Eliza
McLaughlin, Elizabeth
McLaughlin, Henry
McLaughlin, James
McLaughlin, Mary
McLaughlin, Patrick
McLean, James
McLinchy, Jane
McLocklin, Michael
McLocklin, Thomas
McLoud, Charles
McMahon, Catherine
McMahon, John
McManus, Bridget
McNally, Patrick
McNamara, Johanna
McNamara, John
McNamara, Thomas
McNamara, William
McNulty, Bridget
McNulty, James
McNulty, William
McQueen, Philippe
Medhurst, William
Meech, Nathaniel
Meek, Delilah
Meeres, James
Mehu, Alexander
Meleard, Francois
Merbeller, W
Mercer, Henry George
Mercer, Henry George Balcam
Merci, Pierre
Mesnil, Victoire
Messenham, Richard
Messervy, Jean
Messervy, Philippe
Messervy, Thomas
Messervy, Thomas Carlton
Messervy, Thomas Carlyton
Metherell, William
Metivier, Clement
Metters, John Bickle
Michel, Nicholas
Mignot, Paul
Miles, Daniel
Miles, George
Miles, John
Miles, Richard
Miles, Thomas
Mill, Samuel
Miller, Clement Alexandre
Miller, George
Miller, Joseph
Milson, Mark
Minguy, Marie Josephine
Misson, Francois
Mitchel, Charles
Mitchell, Fanny
Mitchell, Flora
Mitchell, Stephen
Mitchell, William
Mogg, Eliza, née Randall
Moignard, John
Moir, Richard
Moldoon, Thomas
Moles, William
Mollet, Jean
Mollett, John
Molloy, Thomas
Molpy, Marguerite
Monamy, Thomas
Monamy, Thomas Philippe
Monck, John
Monet, Philippe
Monk, George
Monk, John
Monk, John Francis
Monkey, James
Monnamy, George
Monnan, John
Moody, James
Moody, Mary
Mooney, Catherine, née McKenny
Mooney, Edward
Mooney, Peter
Moore, George
Moore, Hugh
Moore, Jane
Moore, Michael
Moore, Rachel
Moore, William
Moran, James
Moreman, Jacob
Morgan, Amelia
Morgan, George
Morgan, John
Morgieux, Michael
Moriarty, James
Moriarty, Michael
Morier, Jean
Moris, Toussaint
Morley, John
Morris, François
Morris, John
Morris, Martin
Morris, Thomas
Morris, William
Morrison, James
Morrison, William
Morrissey, Michael
Mortimore, Eliza
Mortimore, John
Morvan, Francois Ives
Moses, James
Mosquet, Marie
Moss, Elizabeth
Moss, Elizabeth, née Oliver
Moulain, Jules
Moulin, Jean
Mourant, Abraham
Mourant, Jane
Mourant, Jean
Mourant, Josué
Mourant, Philippe
Mourant, Pierre Charles
Mousquet, Pierre
Mouton, Henriette
Moyse, James
Mulchay, Mary
Mulchay, Thomas
Mullet, James
Mullet, William
Mulready, Eliza
Mulready, Michael
Mulready, William
Mure, John
Murhoff, L F
Murley, John
Murphy, Catherine
Murray, George
Murray, James
Murray, Julia
Murray, Thomas
Murry, Murphy
Murry, Thomas
Musgrove, James
Mutton, Richard
Mutton, William
Myham, Hannah
Nancarrow, William
Napman, Ann
Nathan, Hyam
Nathan, Joseph
Neal, Mary
Nee, Michael
Neel, Elie
Neill, George
Nelso, Elizabeth
Neray, Jeanne Marie
Neville, Ellen
New, Harriet
New, John
Newbery, Samuel
Newham, John
Newlan, John
Newlan, Richard
Newlin, George Henry Byet
Newlyn, Edward
Newlyn, George H Byatt
Newman, Elizabeth
Newman, Henry
Newman, Robert
Newman, William
Newnham, John
Newton, Beadon
Nicholls, Joseph
Nickles, Elizabeth, née Lind
Nicolas, Louisa
Nicolle, Edouard
Nicolle, Jean
Nicolle, Philippe
Nicolle, Pierre John
Nicolle, Susanne
Nicolle, Thomas
Nicolle, William
Nilson, Jorgen
Nipot, Jane, née Payne
Noble, Henry
Noble, Philippe
Noel, Francois
Noel, Francois Philippe
Noel, George
Noel, Hugh
Noel, Jeanne Marie
Noel, Philippe
Noon, John
Noris, William
Norman, Charles
Norman, George
Norman, James
Norman, Jean
Norman, Philippe George
Norman, Susanne
Norman, William
Northy, Harriet, née Packer
Northy, Henry
Norton, Henry
Norton, James
Norton, John
Notton, Joan
Nowlan, Matthew
Nutton, John
Ocquard, Joseph
Odoire, Pierre
Oger, Francois
Ogier, Celisha
Oglevey, George
O'Grady, Michael
O'Keefe, William
Olivier, Adel, néeLoire
Olivier, Adelaide, née Loire
Ollivier, Julie
Ollivier, Peter
Ollivier, Thomas
Omont, Pierre
O'Neil, Catherine
O'Neil, John
Onger, Jane
Opey, James
Orchard, Daniel
Ormsby, George Francois
O'Rourke, Henry
Orrell, Mary
Orvin, Julien
Osborn, Henry
Osborne, Henry Eudy
Osouf, Pierre Louis
O'Sullivan, Cornelius
O'Toole, Philippe
O'Toole, William
Owen, John
Owen, Margaret Emma
Oxenham, Richard
Ozanne, James
Ozanne, Jean
Ozard, Philippe
Ozon, Pierre
Paddock, John
Padley, Robert
Page, Edward
Paignon, Pierre Jacques
Paignon, Pierre James
Pain, Francis Hattat
Pallard, Clothide
Pallot, Jean
Pallot, John
Pallot, Nicholas
Pallot, Philip
Pallot, Philippe
Palmer, Eliza
Palmer, Julia
Parish of St Jean
Parish of St Laurens
Parish of St Martin
Parish of St Martin
Parish of St Ouen
Parish of St Sauveur
Parish of Trinity
Parkes, William
Parkins, William
Parpoint, Thomas
Parrett, George
Parrott, Alfred
Parrott, Charles
Parrott, George
Parsons, James
Partridge, Mary Jane
Pascal, Pierre
Pasturel, Maurice
Patching, Thomas
Patin, Alice
Patin, Louis
Patterson, William
Pattindall, John
Patton, John
Paul, Daniel
Paul, Eliza
Pavey, William
Payn, Ann
Payn, Jane
Payn, Joseph
Payn, Richard
Payn, Thomas
Payne, George
Payne, George B
Peacock, Ponsomby
Peake, Charles
Pearce, Charles
Pearce, Mary
Pearce, William
Peart, Thomas
Pedon, Mary Ann, née Hawkins
Peek, Charles
Peerless, James
Peglar, Charlotte
Pelgue, George
Pellier, Philippe
Pelvey, James
Penery, Thomas
Pengelly, Edward
Pengelly, Mary
Pengelly, Rebecca
Pennick, John
Penny, Georgina
Penny, Henry
Penny, John
Penny, William
Penrey, Thomas
Pepin, Henry
Pepin, Jean
Pepin, Louisa
Pepin, Mary
Pepperel, Elizabeth
Perceval, William
Perchard, Charles
Perchard, George
Perchard, James
Perchard, Jean
Perchard, Jean
Perchard, Nicholas
Perchard, Thomas
Percy, Edouard
Perkins, William
Perring, William
Perrodoux, Marie, née de la Haye
Perron, Ange Marie
Perrot, Maria
Perrot, Pierre
Perrow, Julie
Perry, John
Pêtel, François
Peterson, John
Pezet, François
Philippe, François
Philipps, Jean
Philips, George
Phillips, Jean
Phillips, Mary
Pickman, William
Picot, Alfred
Picot, Elie
Picot, George
Picot, James
Picot, Jean
Picot, John
Picot, Josue
Picot, Margaret
Picot, Matthew
Picot, Matthieu
Picot, William
Pierce, Charles
Piercy, James
Pierre, Jean
Pigeon, Daniel Elie
Pignon, Pierre Jacques
Pike, Charles
Pike, Frederick
Pike, George
Pike, John
Pike, Thomas
Pike, William
Pinceman, Marie Louise
Pinel , Clement
Pinel, Clement
Pinel, Helier
Pinel, Jean
Pingelly, Edouard
Pinney, Fanny, née Male
Pinney, William
Pinwell, John
Pipet, William
Pipon, Eliza de Valle
Piquot, Jacques Bienaimé
Pirouet, Jean
Pitcher, Jane, née Rogers
Pitcher, Mary Ann
Pitcher, Susan
Pitman, Albert
Pitman, Isaac
Pitman, Louisa
Pitman, Louisa
Piton, Jane Elizabeth
Pitters, John
Pitters, Pedro
Plesse, Elie
Plummer, Samuel
Poal, Henry Ward
Pogsley, James
Poignand, Frederick
Poignand, George Ingouville
Poilpeau, Marie
Poilpot, Marie
Poilvé dit Gustave, Celestine
Poingdestre, Jean
Poingdestre, Philippe
Point, Peter
Poiret, Pierre
Poirier, François
Poisson, John
Pollard, Henry Ward
Poole, George
Poole, Henry
Porter, James
Potter, Richard
Pouclee, Ann
Pouclée, Anne
Pouclee, Jean
Poulain, Louis
Poulain, Thomas
Powell, Anne
Powell, Thomas
Power, Bridget
Power, John
Pratt, James
Pratt, Joseph
Predick, Elizabeth
Preet, Elizabeth
Preston, William
Prevet, Adèle
Prevot, Jean
Prevot, Laurens
Prigeante, Matthew Joseph
Prigent, Matthew Joseph
Prince, Martha
Prior, Ann
Proctor, Richard William
Prophy, John
Prosser, Francois
Prosser, Joseph
Prout, William
Prows, Thomas
Pugsley, Isabella, née Johnson
Pullbrock, Edward
Purkis, Thomas
Putron, Julie
Puttock, Henry Ward
Pyle, Jane
Pyne, James
Quarm, Sarah, née Little John
Queen, William
Quenault, Caroline
Quenault, Edouard
Quenault, Edouard
Quenault, Jean
Quenault, John
Quenault, John Helier
Quenault, Sophie, née Martin
Quenault, Thomas
Quenault, William
Quenault, William John
Queree, George
Queree, Jean
Querée, Richard
Queree, William
Queripel, Rachel
Queron, David
Quick, William
Quin, William
Quinn, George
Quinn, William Vesconte
Quint, Philippe
Quinton, Elizabeth
Raddican, James
Raddit, George
Radigan, James
Rae, Thomas
Rafferty, Eliza
Raffle, John
Railey, James
Rainel, Louis
Rainey, James
Ralph, Francois John
Ramarre, Constant Pierre
Ramie, Jeanne, née Ozanne
Ramsey, James
Randall, Jonathan
Randall, William
Ranwell, John Perceval
Rault, Guillaume
Rault, Jacques
Rault, Sainte
Ray, Thomas
Rayner, Elizabeth
Rayney, James
Rays, Thomas
Read, John
Ready, Jean Thomas
Reagan, Michel
Reagan, Thomas
Reardon, Michael
Rebindaine, Francois
Rebindaine, Yves
Redman, Richard
Reed, James
Reed, Mary, née Rorks
Reed, William
Reese, John
Regan, Timothy
Regnier, Francois
Reid dit Babot, Edwin
Remon, George
Remon, James
Remon, Jean
Rémon, Marie
Remy, George
Remy, Philippe Alfred
Renard, Joseph
Renaud, Jeanne Marie
Renault, Joseph
Renaut, François
Rendle, Alice
Renouf, Betsy
Renouf, Clement
Renouf, Francois G, Captain
Renouf, Jean
Renouf, Philippe
Renouf, Thomas
Renouf, Zacharie
Restorick, Matthew
Retigan, Jane
Revell, Louisa, née Lamborn
Reynolds, John
Ribel, William
Ribet, William
Rice, Eliza
Rice, John
Rice, William
Richard, Nicholas
Richards, Eliza
Richards, Frederick
Richards, Harriet
Richards, James
Richards, John
Richardson, Jean
Richardson, Thomas
Richardson, William
Richot, Marie Jeanne
Ricou, Alfred
Ricou, Edouard
Rider, Hannah
Rider, Margaret
Rider, Marguerite
Riley, Thomas
Rive, Jean
Rive, Pierre
Rivière, Modeste
Robert, Louisa
Roberts, David Ambrose
Roberts, Elizabeth
Roberts, Henry
Roberts, John
Roberts, Kate
Roberts, Richard
Roberts, Richard Reuben
Roberts, Rueben
Roberts, Thomas
Roberts, William
Roberts, William Henry
Robertson, James
Robertson, Richard
Robertson, William James Johnston
Robin, Edouard
Robin, Edward
Robin, George
Robin, Samson Marie
Robins, Walter
Robinson, Thomas William
Robrough, Caroline
Robrough, George
Rocqueton, Francoise Marguerite
Roegan, John
Rogers, Charles
Rogers, George
Rogers, James
Rogers, John
Rogers, William
Roland, Marie Joséphine, née Jécout
Romeril, Abraham
Romeril, Charles
Romeril, George
Romeril, Jean
Romeril, Philippe
Romeril, Samuel
Rondeau, Marie
Rookes, Charles
Rooks, George
Rooks, Mary
Rooney, Martin
Ropasse, Pierre
Roper, David
Rosser, John
Rougetel, George
Rourden, John
Roussel, Francois James
Roussel, James
Rouy, Zelia
Row, George
Rowden, John
Rowe, Christianna
Rowe, Elizabeth Ann
Rowe, George
Rowe, James
Rowe, Samuel
Rowe, William
Rowland, John
Royle, Celina
Ruault, Jacques
Ruel, Auguste
Rusden, Francois
Russell, Charles
Russell, Daniel
Russell, Elizabeth Susan
Russell, William
Ryan, Bridget
Ryan, Daniel
Ryan, Denis
Ryan, Edmund
Ryan, Ellen
Ryan, John
Ryan, Kate
Ryan, Margaret
Ryan, Martin
Ryan, Matthew
Ryan, Michael
Ryan, Patrick
Ryan, Thomas
Ryan, William
Rye, Hannah Maria Courtenay
Rye, Hannah Marie
Ryne, John
Saddler, Jane
Sadler, George
Sado, Jeanne Marie
Salisbury, Benjamin
Salley dit la Côte, Pierre Louis Arsène
Salmon, Jean
Salmon, John
Salmon, Pierre
Salph, Edwin
Salter, Rebecca
Salthill, Thomas
Sampson, Ann
Sampson, James
Sampson, Mary
Sampson, William
Sampson, William John
Sams, James
Sams, Joseph
Samson, William
Sanders, James George
Sanders, Philippe
Sandicock, David
Sandy, Eliza
Saney, William
Saph, Edwin
Sarre, Elizabeth
Sarre, Jean
Satterley, Patrick
Saunders, David
Saunders, Jacques
Saunders, James George
Saunders, John
Sauvage, Hanna
Sauvage, Philippe
Sauvage, Pierre
Sauvarin, Pierre
Savage, John
Savage, William
Scamel, James
Scandlin, James
Scandlin, Joseph
Scandling, James
Scandling, Mary Ann
Scandling, Thomas
Scanlon, Ellen, née Keefe
Scanlon, James
Scelles, Jean François Nicolas
Scholard, Nicholas
Scott, Alice, née Rea
Scott, Edmund
Scott, John
Scott, Susan, née Picher
Screaton, Esther
Screaton, Thomas
Screaton, Thomas William
Scully, Ellen
Scully, William
Seall, John
Sealy, Richard Edward
Searal, William
Searl, John
Searle, George
Seaward, John
Seaward, Jonas
Sebire, Jean
Sebire, Manuel
Seeney, William
Segouin, Pierre
Seguin, Louis Gabriel
Seguoin, Leonore
Selden, Ann
Sergent, George
Serson, Pierre
Seward, John
Seward, Jonas
Sexey, Elizabeth, née Laing
Seymour, Hedley
Shae, Thomas
Shardon, Thomas
Sharland, George
Sharland, John
Sharp, William Laurence
Shave, Joseph John
Shearman, Catherine
Shearman, John
Shellady, William
Shepstone, Charles
Sheridan, George
Sherlock, Edouard
Shippeck, William
Short, John
Showell, Joshua
Shutler, James
Shutley, James
Silbert, Josephine
Silby, Thomas
Silsbury, Stephen
Simmonds, Samuel
Simmons, Daniel
Simms, Henry
Simon, Charles
Simon, David
Simon, Elie Josué
Simon, Helier
Simon, Henry
Simon, Jean
Simon, Pierre
Simon, Tomasse
Simons, William
Simpson, Charles
Simpson, James
Sims, Albert
Sinel, George
Sinel, James
Single, Leon
Singleton, John
Sinnatt, Thomas W
Sinnatt, William
Sinnatt, William Samuel
Slader, Charles
Slader, Marcus
Slater, George
Slater, William
Small, James
Small, John
Small, William
Smallicombe, Hugh
Smedley, James
Smith, Alice
Smith, Benjamin
Smith, Catherine
Smith, Charles
Smith, Edward
Smith, Florence
Smith, George
Smith, George Robert
Smith, Henry
Smith, J H
Smith, James
Smith, John
Smith, Kate, née Morris
Smith, Mary
Smith, Matthew
Smith, Priscilla
Smith, Richard
Smith, Richard Hartley
Smith, Robert
Smith, Rosanna
Smith, Rosanna, née Laughlin
Smith, Rosanna, née McCochlan
Smith, Rosanne, née McLocklin
Smith, Sarah
Smith, William
Smyth, Ann, née Pouclee
Snell, Edwin
Snell, George
Snell, William
Snellgrove, George
Snook, John
Snow, John
Soady, Henrietta Mary Ann
Soaper, Charles
Sohier, Jean
Sollick, John
Soper, Henry
Sopper, Elizabeth
Sorel, James
Sorel, Jean
Sorsoleil, Mrs, née Mahier
Sorsoleil, Philippe
Sowell, Joshua
Spencer, Alexander
Spencer, Amelia
Spencer, Edouard
Spencer, Edward
Spiller, Ellen, née Tamlingson
Spiller, Henry
Spiller, William
Splatt, Joseph
Sproud, Thomas
Square, Edouard Thomas George
Srivins, John
Stampford, Jonas
Standford, Willima
Staneford, Jonas
Stanley, James
Stanson, Elizabeth
Stapleton, Mary
Star, Joseph
Starck, Philippe
Statt, William
Steed, James
Steel, George
Steel, James
Steel, Robert
Steen, John
Steer, Ann
Steer, Javis
Steiger, Joseph
Stent, Edouard
Stephen, David
Stephens, Edward
Stephens, Jacob
Stephenson, John
Stephenson, William
Sterlingo, Jean Baptiste
Stevens, Edwin
Stevens, George
Stevens, Harry
Stevens, James
Stevens, John
Stevens, Mary Ann
Stevens, Thomas
Stewart, Ann
Stewart, Archibald
Stirling, Edward Hamilton
Stokes, Elizabeth
Stone, Anne
Stone, John
Stone, Richard Winter
Stone, Shadrack
Stone, Thomas
Stonebridge, John
Stopher, Charles
Storey, Edward
Stratten, William
Stratton, Eliza, née Richards
Street, James
Stroom, Marie
Stuckey, William
Suddery, Nathaniel
Sullivan, Andrew
Sullivan, Cornelius
Sullivan, Elizabeth, née Patson
Sullivan, Eugene
Sullivan, George
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, Laurence
Sullivan, Michael
Suluvan, Margaret
Summers, Isaac
Sumner, Francis
Supple, John
Supple, Julia
Supple, Mary Ann
Surcouf, John
Surege, Frederic
Suret, Pierre
Swafield, George
Sweeney, Catherine
Sweeney, Eliza
Sweeney, Jean
Sweeney, Patrick
Sweeny, Francis
Sweet, Elizabeth
Sweetapple, Richard
Symes, Albert
Symonds, William
Symons, John
Syvret, Edouard
Syvret, Esther
Syvret, George
Syvret, George Elie
Syvret, Jane
Syvret, Jean
Syvret, Jean Francois
Syvret, Olive, née Lozac
Syvret, Philippe
Tackaberry, Richard
Tackberry, Edward
Tackberry, Richard
Tackenbury, Edward
Tackerberry, Edward
Tackerberry, Richard
Tacquemel, Jean
Tadle, Samuel
Taivl, Benjamin
Tallepied, Michael
Tanguy, Eugenie, née Lozac
Tanner, Charles
Tanner, Louisa Pitman
Tannsley, John
Tapin, Pierre
Tardivel, François
Tardivel, John
Taroni, Charles François
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Edward
Taylor, Elizabeth
Taylor, John
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Richard
Teer, John
Temple, Charles
Templier, Philippe
Terraway, James Edward
Thelot, Julie, née Biscornette
Thélot, Julie, née Hebert
Thiebot, Louis
Thomas, Charles
Thomas, Isaac
Thomas, Issac John
Thomas, John
Thomas, Joseph
Thomas, Marie
Thomas, Richard
Thomas, Stephen
Thomas, Steven
Thomas, Susan
Thomas, Thomas
Thomas, William
Thompson, Andrew
Thompson, James
Thompson, Robert
Thompson, William
Thomson, James
Thomson, William
Thorel, Alfred
Thorn, Charles Thomas
Thorn, John
Thorn, Mary
Thorn, William
Thorne, Elizabeth
Thornhill, Jane, née Wilson
Thornton, Mary Ann
Thoumine, Jean Louis
Thrift, Charles
Thwaites, Thomas William
Tidiman, Lewis
Tidyman, Lewis
Tierney, Andrew
Tierney, Mary Ann
Tierney, Thomas
Tierny, Edward
Tilly, Thomas
Tinckam, Samuel
Tirel, Louis
Tobin, Mary
Toele, J P H
Tolmere, Honorine
Tomalin, Michael
Tompson, George Alfred
Toms, James
Toogood, Mary Jane
Toomy, John
Torode, James
Torode, Mary
Torpy, John
Torvington, Mary Ann
Tosevin, Mary
Tostain, Pascal
Touloge, Thomas
Toutain, Marie Rose
Touzeau, Frederic
Touzel, Auguste
Touzel, Edouard
Touzel, François
Touzel, Helier, Receiver General
Touzel, John
Touzel, Thomas
Townsend, William
Toy, John Matthew
Trachy, Daniel
Tracy, Robert
Tranchard, James Edward
Travers, Jacques
Trawartha, Paul
Treadway, George Alfred
Tregasgis, William
Tregaskis, William
Trench, William
Trezise, James
Trigalet, Fritz
Triggs, John
Troake, John
Trochet, Pierre
Trott, Thomas
Truffaut, Alexandrine
Trumey, Jane
Trump, Emmanuel
Truney, Jane
Trush, John
Tubb, Matthew
Tuberty, Cornelius
Tucker, James
Tucker, William
Tuer, Thomas
Tull, Ralph
Turbor, Marie Josephine
Turner, Ann
Turner, Charles
Turner, Henry
Turner, Issac
Turner, James
Turner, Lucy
Turner, Mary Ann
Turner, Thomas
Turner, William
Turner, William Henry
Twyford, Charles Edward Dehamy
Tynan, Michael Anthony
Ulmer, Auguste
Ulmer, Francois
Ulmer, Fulgence
Underwood, John
Usher, William
Valais, Francois
Vallance, Eliza, née Holman
Valois, Mary Ann
Valot, Marie, née Simon
Valpy, Francois
Vasselin, Francoise
Vaugrant, Adolphe
Vautier, Jean
Vauvier, Marie
Verbeyonze, Marie
Verder, Armand
Véron, Mélanie, née Hue
Vettier, Toussaint
Victor, Alfred
Vigoureux, Constance, née Royer
Vigoureux, Julien
Vincent, Edouard
Vinecombe, James
Vitas, Guillaume
Vitte, Marie
Wade, General
Wakeham, Edward
Wakeham, James
Wakeham, William
Wakeman, Edward
Wakeman, William
Walch, Pierre
Walden, Henry
Walden, Henry
Walford, Ambrose
Walker, Charles
Walker, George Churchill
Walker, Henry
Walker, James
Wallace, Archibald
Wallen, Bidy
Waller, Julia
Wallis, John
Wallis, Joseph
Wallis, Thomas
Wallis, Werter
Walsh, Francois
Walsh, John
Walsh, Peter
Walters, Robert
Walters, Thomas
Walton, William
Warburton, William
Ward, Mary
Ward, Mary Ann
Ward, Patrick
Ward, William
Wardley, William
Ware, Joseph
Ware, Joseph
Wareham, Francis
Warham, Ellen
Warne, John
Warne, Priscilla
Warner, Ellen
Warner, Robert
Warren, Bill
Warren, Charles
Warren, George
Warren, John
Warren, Mary Jane, née Suret
Warren, Timothy
Warren, William
Warry, Henry
Warwick, Sara
Watson, Henry
Watson, James
Watson, Mary
Watton, James
Watts, Bartholomew
Watts, jJames
Way, Henry
Way, James
Way, John
Way, Tom
Way, William
Webb, Ann
Webb, James
Webber, Elizabeth
Webber, Richard
Wedge, William George
Weeble, Ann
Weir, Matthew
Welch, Joseph
Welch, Matthew
Welch, Michael
Wellman, David
Wellman, John
Wellman, Mary
Wellman, Robert
Wellman, William
Wells, Arthur
Wells, Charles
Wells, James
Wells, Joseph
Wells, Thomas
Wells, William
Welsh, Patrick
Welsh, Peter
Werndly, Frederick
West, Amry Ann
West, Francis
West, Thomas
West, William
Westaway, Nathaniel
Westlake, Caroline
Wetherell, George
Whale, Charles
Whealan, James
Whelan, John
Whidel, John
Whipps, Edward Johnson
Whistle, Richard
White, Cornelius
White, Edward
White, James
White, Joshua
White, Mary
White, Richard
White, Walter
Whiteman, David
Whitfield, George
Whitfield, Lucy
Whitford, Richard
Whitter, Ann
Whittle, Mary
Wibert, Felix
Wight, Edward
Wight, Henry
Wilcock, Henry
Wilkins, Susanne
Willand, Thomas Frost
Willcock, Henry
Willcocks, Edward
Willcox, Thomas
William, Edward
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, George
Williams, Henry
Williams, James
Williams, John
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Margaret
Williams, Richard
Williams, Samuel
Williams, Thomas
Williams, William
Williamson, Richard
Willis, Thomas
Willmett, William Henry Read
Wills, Benjamin
Wills, Emily
Wills, Fanny
Wills, George
Wilocott, Eliza
Wilson, Alex
Wilson, Charles Carns
Wilson, Elizabeth, née Newel
Wilson, Francois
Wilson, George
Wilson, John
Wilson, Mary Ann
Wilson, Thomas
Wilson, William
Wincey, James Peter
Winchipp, George
Winn, Mary
Winter, Mary
Winterbank, George
Winwood, Francis
Winwood, John
Witcher, Francois
Withy, William
Wolf, Charles
Wolf, James
Wood, Ann
Wood, Francis
Wood, John
Wood, Margaret
Woodberry, Harriet, née Lovern
Woodbury, William
Woodey, Charles Richard
Woodford, Charles
Woodley, Elizabeth Ann, née Sauvage
Woodley, Emma
Woodley, Robert
Woodlock, Ann
Woodlock, William John
Woodnut, Henry
Woods, Ann
Woods, Francis
Woods, George
Woods, John
Woods, Margaret
Woods, Patrick
Woodward, William
Woolvett, Samuel
Worthey, Osborne
Wotton, Eliza
Wran, Charles
Wright, Joseph
Wright, Joshua
Wright, Mrs
Wrixen, Thomas
Wyatt, Elizabeth, née Williams
Yealland, George
Yeatman, James
Yeo, Henry
Yorkenney, Henry
Young, Caroline
Young, John
Young, Joseph
Young, William
Younge, W J
Yves, Pierre
Zion, François Marie
Amy, Pierre
Aché, Xavier
Ackland, Jane, nee Powell
Adair, Jane, née Conneley
Adair, Eliza
Addison, Mary Ann, née Wentworth
Ahier, Thomas
Ahier, Jean
Alexander, Catherine
Alexander, Elizabeth
Alexandre, Mathieu
Alexandre, Mary
Alexandre, Mary, née Sohier
Alicett, Betsey, née Manning
Allen, McAdelaide
Allen, Jane Susan, née French
Allix, James
Allix, Francois
Allix, Jane, née West
Allot, Yves
Allot, Pierre Marie
Allwork, William
Alves, William Ludlow
Amy, Jean
Amy, Philippe
Amy, James
Anderson, David
Anderson, Betsey
Andrews, Isaac
Anley, Francis
Annissay, Joseph
Anquetil, Pierre
Anquetil, Walter
Anstey, Agnes, née Joy
Anthoine, Françoise, née Luce
Armstrong, Mary
Arscott, Emma
Arthur, Nicolas
Arthur, Charles
Arthur, Jean
Arthur, Jane
Arthur, Elizabeth, née Hamon
Arthur, Ann, née White
Ashelford, Samuel Joseph
Ashley, Sophia
Atkins, John
Aubert, Jean
Aubin, Abraham
Aubin, Frederick
Aubin, Henriette, née Le Tublin
Avary, Silas
Aymar, John P
Baal, Thomas
Baal, Jean
Babe, James
Badier, George
Badier, James
Bailey, Jacob
Bailey, James
Bailhache, Alfred
Baker, George Alex
Balch, Henry
Balsam, Elizabeth J, née Taylor
Bankes, John Francis
Barber, Julie, née Le Vesconte
Barge, Henry
Barnard, William Alfred
Barnard, Georgina, nee Reynolds
Barradall, John
Barrett, James
Barrett, Joseph Samuel
Barrett, Elizabeth, née Edgar
Bartlett, Henry
Bassan, I H
Basset, Jane, Clarke
Bassett, Mary Ann
Bastard, Guilleaume
Bates, Thomas
Baudains, François
Baudains, Ann
Baudains, John
Baudains, Jean
Baudains, Philip
Baudoivin, Pierre
Baxter, Thomas
Beaton, John
Beaton, Elizabeth, née Kerslake
Beattie, George
Beatty, George
Beaucamp, Josué
Beaugiè, François
Bechelet, Elizabeth
Belhôte, Julien
Belin, Olymphe, née Billault
Bellowes, Albert
Belot, Henry V
Bemmet, John
Benest, Jean
Benest, Pierre
Benest, Peter
Benest, John
Benham, Francis
Bennetts, Christopher
Benoit, Eugene
Berchel, Pierre P A
Berry, Jean
Berry, John
Berthault, Louis D
Bethell, Mary Ann
Bezard, Eugene Jean
Biard, Charles
Bienvenu, Pierre
Bigley, Hannah
Bignel, Jane
Bigrell, George
Billing, C E
Billot, E
Binet, Thomas
Binet, Esther, née Bichard
Binet, Jean
Binet, George
Bishop, Thomas Edward
Bishop, Pierre
Bisson, Philippe
Bisson, Philippe Jean
Bisson, Elie Philippe
Bisson, Jean
Blackburn, Thomas
Blampied, Amice
Blampied, Philippe
Blampied, Charles William
Blampied, Richard Josué
Blanchard, George
Blanchard, Marie Anne, née Cauvin
Blandamour, Auguste
Blinn, John Elie
Boag, John
Bolton, Mary Ann
Bond, Emily
Bond, Mary Ann
Bott, Philip
Bottomley, Charlotte L, née Couch
Boucher, John
Boudier, Jean
Bouget, Louis
Bourget, James
Bourke, Peter
Bourke, Mary
Bourne, Thomas Quirk
Bowden, William
Boyde, John
Brake, Frederick
Brandt, Fred Ch.Peter
Bray, Margery
Bray, Henry John
Brée, Elie
Breen, Jeremiah
Bremontier, Cyrile
Brenen, Caroline Margaret
Brewer, John
Brewer, Henry
Briard, Victor
Bridgman, John E
Brochard, John Augustus
Brock, Mary Ann
Brosse, Jean B
Brown, William
Brown, Mary
Brown, Thomas
Brown, George
Brown, Elizabeth Betsey, née Davey
Browning, Frederick
Bryan, Jeremiah
Bryant, Francis
Bryant, Jane, née Callaway
Bugg, Samuel
Bunter, Jessie
Burleigh, Leair Louisa, née Alexander
Burman, James Sydney
Burns, George
Burr, George Richard Simpson
Bursell, John
Butel, Louis
Butler, Edward
Byrne, Michael
Cabot, Philip
Calder, Thomas
Campbell, Thomas
Canaillet, James
Canivet, Benjamin
Canning, David
Cantall, John
Cardew, Susan
Carlton, Mary, née McDonald
Carré, Henry
Carroll, Thomas
Carter, Joseph
Carter, Jane, née Le Ray
Cartwright, George
Carty, Patrick
Cascadden, Hugh
Cauchois, Marie Sophie, née Le Monnier
Caughlin, Patrick
Caunan, Francois
Cavanagh, Thomas
Chadwick, Richard
Chancoigne, Charles
Chanthers, Thomas
Chapman, Roger
Chapman, Richard
Charles, George Ambrose
Chessman, William
Chetwin, James
Chevalier, John
Chevalier, Jean
Childs, Mark
Christo, John
Clancey, Maria, née Horn
Clark, Richard
Clarke, Ann
Clarke, James
Clements, Mrs, née Catherine
Clements, Mary
Clerk, William
Cobb, Eliza
Cockburn, Caroline, née Hartley
Cole, Ann Elizabeth
Coleback, Mary Ann
Collas, Edward
Colley, Eliza, née Neville
Collins, William
Collins, Philip John
Collins, Elizabeth, née Jones
Collins, Esther, née Nicolle
Condon, John
Connell, James
Connor, Elizabeth
Cook, Mary, née Mary
Cook, John
Coombs, Henry Singer
Cooper, Robert
Cooper, Edward Gibbons
Copp, Elkanah
Corbet, Jean
Corner, Henry Richard
Corrigan, Stephen
Corron, Ferdinand
Cotillard, Marie Françoise
Cotterel, Betsey, née McLocklin
Courtenay, Henry John Colson
Courtney, Harriet
Coutanche, Josué
Coutanche, Esther
Coutanche, Charles
Coutanche, Jeanneton, née Le Sueur
Cowdall, George
Cox, Mary, née Fox
Crabb, Samuel
Crany, Jean
Crawford, Robert
Crisp, Ann
Crisp, Alfred
Cristin, Joseph
Croker, Michael George, Reverend
Crowley, Timothey
Crowther, John
Curl, William
Curtis, John
Custance, William
Cutland, Clara Grace
Cuttmore, William
Dalrymple, John
Dankley, Charles
Danoy, François
Dart, John
D'Aubert, Jean
D'Auvergne, Charles Adolphe
Davey, Tom
Davey, Jane
Davey, William
Davey, Thomas B
Davidson, D
Davis, Hariette, née Duffy
Davis, John Jefferson
Davis, Sussanah
Daw, Sarah
Daw, Samuel
Dawson, Robert
de Caën, Jean
de Caen, Marie, née Dean
de Caln, Susane
de Ceaux, Jean
de Gruchy, Margaret
De Gruchy, Philip
de Gruchy, Sophie
De Gruchy, Philip
de la Cour, Rachel, née Hamon
de la Fosse, Charles
de la Haye, Philippe
De La Haye, Maria
de la Haye, John Thomas
De La Haye, Josué
de La Mare, Pierre
de la Rue, Edward Philip
de la Rue, Nicolas
de la Taste, Mellish
de la Taste, Edward
De Lundi, Lucille
de Putron, John
de Putron, Julie
de St Croix, Jean
de Ste Croix, Thomas
De Ste Croix, Nicholas
de Ste Croix, Jean
de Ste Croix, William
de Ste Croix, Jean
Dean, John
Dean, Henry
Delouche, Helen, née Ceris
Demain, Elizabeth, née Lambell
Demasur, Albert
Denis, John
Derbyshire, Frederick William
Desfonds, Pierre
Deshogues, Pierre Paul
Deslandes, Clement
Deslandes, Denis
Desperques, Mr
Devaux, Rachel, née Brehaut
Devot, Philip
Diamond, John
Dickson, Arthur
Dickson, D R
Dillon, John
Dixon, Joseph
Dodge, Ernest
Dofour, Charles Henry
Dolan, James
Dollo, Marie
Domeny, Henry
Donoghue, Anne
Donohoe, John
Dott, Henry
Douglas, Betsey, née Phillips
Dowington, Adelaide
Downey, John
Downey, James
Downs, Joseph Henry
Drean, Robert
Drew, Richard Neel
du Bois, Jean Edouard
du Fief, Armand Casimir Gouin
du Four, Julie , née Robin
du Four, née Robin
du Fresne, Pierre Charles
du Fresne, Marie
Du Heaume, Philip
du Heaume, Marie
du Heaume, Jeanne
du Heaume, Rachel
du Heaume, Anne
du Tot, Peter
Duchemin, Aimée
Duffy, Mary Ann
Duffy, Charlotte, née Long
Dufresne, Pierre
Duhli, Axel
Dumoy, Jean
Dun Levie, Catherine, née Gun
Duncan, Frederick August
Dunk, Thomas
Dunn, Mary Ann
Durand, Jean Marie
Durell, Jean Francois
Durell, Philip
Durell, John Charles
Durell, Thomas
Durham, George Henry
Durrant, George
Duval, Jane
Dwyer, Margaret, née Misell
Dyer, Thomas
Dyer, Jane
Dyson, Arthur William
Eagan, James
Ecobichon, Pierre
Eden, John
Edom, Henry
Edwards, Mary, née Bright
Edwards, Daniel
Ekin, Sarah J
Elis, John
Ellett, George
Enwright , Agnes W C
Ereaut, George Philip
Ereaut, Ann, née Studeley
Ereaux, Jean
Esnol, Jacques Paul
Esnouf, Edouard
Esnouf, Jane
Esnouf, Anne
Est, Henry
Eyles, Henry
Fallaize, Thomas
Fallaize, George Edward
Falle, Richard
Falle, Ann Elizabeth
Falle, Thomas
Falle, George
Falle, Philippe
Falle, Marie
Falle, Jean Philippe
Falle, Jane Catherine
Farrel, Thomas
Farrell, John H
Faton, Honoré
Fauvel, Thomas
Fauvel, Charles
Fenton, John
Filleul, James Abraham
Filleul, Philippe
Filleul, Marie, née Touzel
Finley, William
Finney, William Henry
Fisher, Abigail, née Kirk
Fitzgibbon, David
Flagelet, Joseph
Flanaghan, William
Fleming, John
Flinn, Mr
Flynn, Daniel
Foard, John
Foley, Maurice
Foot, Mary Ann
Forbes, John
Ford, John
Fosse, Auguste
Fowler, Samuel
Fox, Thomas
Fraser, George
Fredwen, Henry
French, Joseph
Fudge, Charles
Full, John
Gage, Thomas
Gale, Arthur
Gallichan, Jean
Gallichan, Philippe
Gallichan, Charles Henry
Gallichan, Thomas
Gallichan, Francis
Gallichan, Jean
Gallichan, Henry William
Gallie, John George
Gallie, Elizabeth
Gallie, Susanne, née Hellyer
Gannallif, Thomas
Gardiner, Ann
Gardner, James
Garet, Joseph
Garnier, Philip John
Gasnier, Thomas
Gaudin, G
Gaudin, Edouard Jean
Gaudin, Raulin
Gaudin, Philip
Gaudin, Francis
Gaudin, William
Gaultier, Jean
Gee, Jane H
Gee, Caroline E Palmer
Geldart, John
George, William
Gervais, Emile
Gibaut, Jane
Gibbs, Edward
Gibbs, John
Giffard, Philip
Gilbert, Harriet
Gilbert, Emelinda, née Searle
Gillam, Robert
Gillard, Fanny
Gillman, John
Gillouet, James
Gilpin, James
Glover, Andrew
Godfray, Betsey, née Aubin
Godfray, James
Godfray, Elie
Gohegan, Mr
Goillon, James Mathurin
Going, John
Golding, Stephen
Gonfroy, Manuel Florentin
Good, Patrick
Goodfellow, John
Goodwin, William
Gorman, Ellen
Gorman, Mary Ann
Gosset, J H
Gosset, Julie, née Nicholle
Gouger, Robert
Gough, Mary Ann, née Holman
Gould, George
Gourdin, Francis Antoine
Graham, John
Grandin, Aaron
Grandin, Jean
Grandin, Thomas
Granger, John
Gray, Ellison
Gray, Ann Eliza
Greaves, Mr
Green, Jane, née Byatt
Green, George
Greenwood, William McGregor
Griffin, Patrick
Griffiths, Robert
Grigg, James
Grigg, Mary, née Le Gros
Grosutt, William Lawrence
Groves, Robert
Groves, Charles
Guiton, Jean
Gunny, Francis
Gunston, Helen
Gunton, William
Guny, Thomas
Guppy, James
Guy, Richard
Hacquoil, Edward
Haffner, Ellen
Hake, Eli
Hall, Bridget, née Cooney
Hallett, Giles
Hallman, Henrietta
Hambly, John
Hamet, Jean
Hamford, William
Hamon, Charles
Hamon, George
Hamon, Philippe
Hamon, Philip
Hamon, Philippe
Hamon, John Edward
Hamon, Pierre Edouard
Hamon, Ann Mary
Hampton, Robert
Handley, James
Hansford, Philip
Hanson, Flesher
Harben, Matilda, née Atkinson
Hardy, Elizabeth, née Brightman
Hardy, Jane, née Le Huquet
Harper, Thomas
Harring, Paul Harro
Harris, Susan, née Granger
Harris, James
Harris, Mary Jane
Harris, W D
Harris, William
Harris, John Dewdney
Harrison, William Thomas H
Hart, Patrick
Harvey, Elizabeth
Harvey, Charles
Hawkins, Mr
Hay, Robert
Hayes, George Nicolas
Heale, Edward
Healey, Eliza, née Ryan
Hearne, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Heath, William
Heatrell, Elizabeth
Hellgren, Charles Pierre
Help, John
Help, Philip
Henley, John
Heno, Elizabeth, née Crapp
Hérel, Jean
Herivel, Jane, née Lucas
Heron, Jacques
Hester, Mary Ann
Hewett, John
Hewings, Bridget, née Kearney
Hibbs, John
Hicks, Robert
Hill, Elizabeth, née Smith
Hindley, Elizabeth
Hoare, John James
Hobbs, Thomas
Hocquard, Esther
Hodder, Richard
Hodder, Henry
Hodge, Thomas
Hodge, Robert
Hodge, Harcourt
Hogan, Jeremiah
Holloway, Henry
Holloway, Catherine, née McManus
Hoogner, James
Hotton, Charles
Houelbecq, Jean
Houseman, George
Howard, Henry
Howard, John
Howe, James
Huard, Francois
Huard, Betsey, née Pallot
Hubert, Molly
Hubert, Philippe
Hubert, Susanne
Huelin, Francis
Hughes, Mary Ann, née Berry
Hughes, James
Hughes, Robert
Hunt, William
Hurley, James
Hurst, William
Hurst, James
Hurst, Sarah, née Naylor
Husk, William
Hutchings, Thomas
Jackson, David
Jackson, John
Jacobs, Richard
Jacquet, Peter
Jacquet, Jules E A
Jandrell, R, née de St Croix
Jandron, Marie, née Hocquard
Jasbey, Thomas
Jean, François
Jean, Philip
Jennings, Anna, née Pierce
Johnson, Sturton
Johnston, Ann
Johnstone, Richard Thomas
Jolin, William
Jones, Jane, née Hooper
Jones, Esther, née Le Rouet
Jordan, George Comb
Jossiet, Marie, née Obrella
Joste, Stephen
Joudain, Jeanne Marie, née Bossard
Journeaux, Philippe
Journeaux, Edward
Joy, A, née Anstey
Kark, John
Keagan, Eliza Ann, née Brake
Kean, J J
Keaton, John
Kelly, John Charles
Kempthorne, Jane, née Hornbrook
Kennedy, William
Kennedy, George
Kenny, Joseph
Kenrick, Hannah, née Edwards
Kersauson, Edward
Kerslake, William
Kerslake, Daniel
Kidson, John Pexall
Kielick, Samuel
Kimber, John
Kimber, Thomas
Kiney, Bernard
King, Ann
King, William
Kinnersley, George
Kinnon, Thomas
Kirk, Thomas
Kitchener, Ann, née Baldwyn
Knott, William D
Knowles, Annie
La Croix, Charles
La Roche, Honore
La Rue, Civerain
Labbey, Ainé Constant
Labey, Elizabeth, née Bertram
Laffoley, J Mary
Laffoley, Elie Charles
Lambert, Bridget
Lamble, Sarah, née Best
Lancaster, Edward
Lane, John
Laneau, Philippe
Langdon, Joseph Charles
L'Angley, William
Langlois, John Philip
Larbalestier, Jane, née Gallichan
Larbalestier, Mary, nee Touzel
Larkin, Louisa, née Newton
Launey, Amand
Laurens, Nancy, née Le Brun
Laurens, Marie Jane
Laurens, Philippe
Laurens, Edward
Laurens, Philip
Laurens, Amand
Laventure, John
Lawrence, William
Lawrence, William
Le Bailly, Jean
Le Bas, Eugène
Le Bas, Ann
Le Bas, Edouard Francis
Le Blancq, Pierre
Le Boeuf, George
Le Bon, Jane, née Le Ray
Le Boulanger, Frederick
Le Boutillier, Charles
Le Boutillier, Thomas
Le Boutillier, Elie
Le Boutillier, Jean
Le Breton, Joseph Walter
Le Breton, Philip William
Le Breton, John
Le Breton, Stephen
Le Brocq, John
Le Brocq, Jean
Le Brun, Francis
Le Brun, Philippe
Le Brun, R, nee Billot
Le Caneiller, Eugène
Le Cappelain, Jean
Le Carié, Jean Richard
Le Chasseur, Thomas
Le Cocq, Marthe, née Bourgaize
Le Cocq, William Francis
Le Cocq, Philippe
Le Cocq, Peter Philip
Le Cocq, Charles
Le Cocq, John
Le Conte, Pierre
Le Cornu, Edouard
Le Cornu, Nancy, née Hamon
Le Couteur, Philip
Le Couteur dit Bechelet, John Philip
Le Cras, Pierre
Le Cromier, George
Le Dain, John George
Le Dran, Adolphe
Le Duc, William
Le Feuvre, Pierre
Le Feuvre, Philippe
Le Feuvre, Noel J
Le Feuvre, Samuel
Le Feuvre, George
Le Feuvre, Philippe
Le Fevre, Louis
Le Françoise, Alphonse
Le Gallais, Nicolas
Le Gallais, Ann
Le Gan, Augustine E M
Le Geyt, A, née Anstey
Le Gonidec, Françoise, née Le Feuvre
Le Goubé, Auguste Victor
Le Grand, Matthieu
Le Gresley, Hariette, née Le Feuvre dit Filliastre
Le Gresley, Marie
Le Gresley, John Philip
Le Gresley, Josué
Le Gros, Edward
Le Gros, George
Le Gros, Charles Samuel
Le Houzan, Ive
Le Hucquet, William
Le Lievre, M
Le Lievre, John
Le Lyan, Jacques
Le Maistre, Charles
Le Maistre, Edward
Le Maistre, George Philip
Le Marquand, Edward
Le Marquand, Francis
Le Marquand, Mr
Le Masson, Rachel, née Hamon
Le Masurier, Thomas
Le Masurier, Josué
Le Masurier, Henry Thomas
Le Masurier, Sophie, née Mourant
Le Masurier, Charles
Le Masurier, John
Le Masurier, Marguerite, née Noel
Le Mercier, Walter
Le Moignan, Philip
Le Monnier, Pauline
Le Monnier, Anne, née Pepaud
Le Moucheux, Aimable
Le Page, Marie
Le Page, Francis Edward
Le Petevin dit Le Roux, Elie
Le Piez, Josué
Le Quesne, Philip
Le Ray, Mary Ann Jane
Le Ray, Helier
Le Reverend, John
Le Riche, Philip
Le Riche, Betsey
Le Rossignol, Nicolas
Le Rouet, Alfred Philip
Le Rougetel, Philip
Le Rougetel, George
Le Rouley, John Elie
Le Roy, James
Le Roy, Auguste Victor
Le Ruez, Pierre
Le Sueur, Mary Rachel, née Colin
Le Sueur, Nancy, née Gallie
Le Sueur, Edward
Le Sueur, Jean
Le Sueur, John
Le Sueur, Joseph
Le Tarouilly, Florens Victor
Le Trachy, Jean Baptiste
Le Vesconte, Nicolas
Le Vesconte, Jean
Le Vesconte, John
Le Veslet, James Peter
Le Vieux, Charles T
Lee, Thomas
Lee, Agnes Alice
Leet, Alex
Legg, Thomas
Legg, Robert
Legué, Jean
Leigh, François
Lemprère, Marie Jane, née Collas
Lempriere, Jane, née Romeril
L'Enfant, François
Lester, Esther, née O'Fallen
Levet, Anthoine
Levy, Samuel
Lewis, Elizabeth, née Clements
L'Hotellier, Jane, née Quenault
L'Hôtellier, Noel
Lilly, John
Lisbon, Mary, née Dunn
Livermore, William
Lloyd, Henry
Locke, Samuel
Long, Ellen, née Jones
Long, John
Losti, Olivier
Loughlin, James
Lovett, Elizabeth, née Sims
Lowden, Robert
Lucas, Susanne
Lucas, Pierre
Lucas, Philip
Lucas, Auguste
Lucas, Eliza
Lucas, Elizabeth, née Nicholls
Luce, Thomas
Luce, Elie
Lycklama, Durk
Lynch, William
Lynch, Lewis
Lyons, Mr
Macé, Pierre Marin
Machon, Charles
Mackleveney, George
Mahault, Barthelmy
Mahier, Nancy, née Le Cras
Mahoney, Daniel
Mallard, Mary, née Curtis
Mallet, Thomas
Mallet, William
Mallet, Charles
Maloret, Marie, née Bretel
Malzard, Thomas
Malzard, Edwin
Malzard, Philip Jean
Maney, William
Manley, William
Manniss, Samuel
Mansell, Mary
Marais, Pierre
March, Thomas
Marett, John
Marett, Mary Ann
Marett, Philip George
Marett, Josué
Marett, Philip William
Marett, Jean
Marett, Charles
Marett, John Charles
Marett, Jean
Marett, Elizabeth, née Marett
Marguerie, Mary, née Stratford
Marie, John
Marks, William
Marquis, Nicolas
Marshall, Mary, née Porrequer
Marshalsay, Martha
Martel, Jean
Martin, John
Martin, James
Martin, Robert
Martin, Thomas
Martin, John
Martin, Thomas
Martin, Philip
Martin, Michael
Martin, Matthieu
Mason, Mary, née Murcott
Mason, W W
Mason, Charles August
Massey, John
Master, Elizabeth
Masters, Henry
Matthews, James
Mauger, Jeanne, née Le Gallais
Mauger, Francois
Mauger, John
Mauger, Elize
Maxwell, John
May, Robert
Mayer, Carel
McAvoy, Mary, née McNally
McCarthy, Daniel
McClelland, John
McConkey, James
McDermot, Mr
McDermott, Elizabeth Loveday
McDowall, A G, née Raymond
McGill, Elizabeth
McGullicut, Roger
McKee, George
McKeown, William
McKeown, John
McKernon, Owen
McLean, Alexander
McNally, Edward
McNamara, Stephen
McQueen, Jean
Meek, Thomas
Menard, Charles
Mercier, Louis
Merrill, Susannah, née Walkey
Mesnard, John J
Mesney, John
Messervy, Edward
Messervy, George
Miles, William
Miles, Philip John
Miles, Walter
Miliken, Sophie
Mill, Samuel
Millard, Henry Mosses
Millikin, John
Mills, Alice Louisa
Mitch, Joseph
Mitchell, Simon
Mitchell, Adam
Mitchell, Robert
Moignard, Marie, née Gibaut
Mollet, Anne
Mollet, Jean
Monamy, Anne, née Cabot
Monck, Elizabeth, née Chevalier
Monet, Ellen R
Moore, James
Moore, George Hugh
Moret, Pierre
Morgan, William
Morgan, Mary, née Supple
Morin, Emmanuel
Morley, James
Morris, William
Morrisey, Emily E, née Eiver
Morrison, James
Mott, Samuel
Mouchet, Jacques
Mourant, Philip
Mourant, Jane
Mourant, Philip
Mourant, Mary
Mourant, Edward
Mourant, Elizabeth, née Nicolle
Moyse, H N, née Reynolds
Mucklow, Jeanne Marie, née Gerard
Mules, Martha Jane
Mulready, Catherine, née Colgni
Murray, James
Murray, Richard
Murray, Frederick
Mutinglan, George
Nash, Charles
Neale, Maria Louisa
Neale, Mary Ann, née White
Nelson, Pierre
Nerou, Edmond Napolean
Nicholson, Richard D
Nicolle, Jane
Nicolle, Thomas
Nicolle, Jean
Nicolle, Elie John
Nicolle, Edward
Nicolle, Francis
Nicolle, Joseph
Nicolle, Philip
Ninnim, Jame William
Noel, Clement
Noel, Philip
Noel, Nancy, née Renouf
Nolais, Louis Pierre
Nolan, Matthew
Noonan, William
Norman, Susanne
Norman, Mary
Norman, Jean
Norris, William
Northcott, William
Norther, William
Northover, Elizabeth
Norton, Robert
Nowell, Josiah
O'Donoghue, William
Oldridge, William
Ollivier, Thomas
Ollivier, François Marie
Olson, Louis
Olsone, Angelique
Olszewski, Jean
O'Neil, Michael
Opie, Eliza, née Toomey
Orman, William
Otté, Joachim
Padmore, Augustin
Paezold, Thomas Charles E
Paint, Alice Mary
Pairy, Francis
Pallett, Charlotte
Pallot, Douce, née Nicolle
Pallot, Josué
Pallot, Elizabeth
Pallot, Francis
Pallot, Philip
Pallot, Nicolas
Palmer, Samuel
Pamwarden, Mary Jane, née Cressard
Parker, Michael
Parker, James William Mullet
Parker, James Henry
Parkinson, William
Parsons, Ann, née Ford
Pashley, Mary Ann, née Hill
Pasley, Thomas Henry
Patchet, Christopher
Patrix, Marcel
Patten, John
Paul, George
Paviott, Maria, née Parsons
Payn, Francis
Pearce, William
Pearce, George
Pearson, William
Peart, Thomas
Pell, Thomas
Pengelley, Philip
Perchard, Pierre
Perchard, Marie
Perchard, Jean
Perchard, Charles
Perchard, Clement
Perkins, Thomas
Perrée, Philip
Perrin, James
Petevin dit le Roux, See Le Roux
Petitbon, Constance
Phillips, Helena H, née Clark
Phillips, Thomas
Phillips, Frances, née Turner
Picot, Elie
Picquet, Thomas
Pike, Mary Ann
Pike, Henry
Pike, Francis
Pile, John
Pillon, Jean Baptiste
Pincemain, Joseph
Pinel, John
Pinel, George
Piprell, George Joseph
Piquet, Jane Elizabeth, née Burke
Pirouet, Mr
Pitman, Isaac William
Piton, Joseph Thomas
Pividal, Juan
Pixley, Henry Guiton
Poey, Francisca
Poidevin, Amice
Poingdestre, Jean
Poingdestre, Thomas
Poingdestre, Philippe
Poingdestre, Matthieu
Poingdestre, Josué
Pollard, Jesse
Popel, Charles
Potter, Beryl Archer
Potts, William Richard
Powell, Catherine, née Dowling
Power, John
Price, Thomas
Prinning, Denis
Prout, Thomas
Pumfrey, James
Purkis, James
Queillec, Mathurin
Quenault, Jean
Quenault, Esther
Quenault, Sophie Harriet
Quérée, Charles
Queripel, Jean
Quesnel, Louise
Quinlivan, George
Quinn, John
Rabion, Mr
Radford, George Robert
Rafferty, Philip
Rainay, Jeanne
Ramond, Thomas
Ramsey, Samuel
Randall, Lewis Jones
Rapson, Richard
Rattenbury, Richard
Raymond, Thaddeus
Rayner, Edward
Reardon, Susan, née Dawson
Reardon, Elizabeth, née Stone
Reese, Edward
Remy, William
Renault, James
Renouf, Matthieu
Renouf, Francis
Renouf, John
Renouf, George
Renouf, John Amice
Rerden, Philip W
Rice, Edward William
Richard, Clement
Richards, James
Richards, Charles
Richards, James
Richards, Henry John Colson
Ricou, Thomas
Rillon, Louis
Robert, Anne
Robert, Rachel
Robert, Pierre
Roberts, Rachel Catherine, née Pierce
Roberts, Robert Richard
Roberts, Mr
Roberts, Thomas
Robins, Ann
Robins, Henry
Robins, Thomas
Robins, Hannah
Rock, Joseph
Rogers, Mr
Rogers, John
Romeril, Philip
Romeril, Edward
Romeril, George
Romeril, Charles
Rondel, Philip
Rosset, Ernest
Rouglais, Pierre
Rouland, Pierre
Round, Benjamin
Roussel, Ives Jean
Rowcliff, H A
Rowcliffe, Edwin
Rowe, James
Rowe, Henry
Rowe, Alfred William
Rowed, Richard
Ruchkamp, Andrew
Russell, Ann
Russell, Thomas
Ruttroski, Ignace
Ryan, Catherine, née Cavanagh
Ryan, John
Ryan, Johanne
Ryan, Johannah
Ryan, Mary
Ryan, John
Saachi, Mary Ann
Sale, Michael
Samson, William
Samson, Isaac
Samuel, George
Sarre, Pierre
Sausteen, John
Scarborough, Robert Frester
Scoazec, Mr
Scott, George John
Scutching, William
Searle, John Philip
Selby, James
Sellen, Edward
Seron, Leon Adrien
Servent, Samuel
Shakey, John
Shapcott, Charles John
Sharland, John
Shaw, Samuel
Sheal, Patrick
Sheeky, Catherine, née Higgins
Sheppard, William
Sheppard, Francis John
Sherry, Frederick
Shirlock, Edward
Shoneveld, Gerret
Siewert, John C F W
Simon, Pierre
Simon, Henri
Simon, Jacques François
Sims, Alice Caroline
Sinclair, William
Singleton, Thomas James
Sinnett, Marie
Sinnett, Caroline
Siouville, Jean
Skelly, Edwin
Slade, Richard
Slader, Alex
Slater, Mary
Slattery, John
Small, Mary
Small, Mary, Tucker
Smith, James
Smith, John
Smith, Emma Margaret
Smith, George
Smith, William
Smith, William Oscar
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, Emma
Snowell, Henry
Southwood, William
Squibb, John
Stansbury, James
Starckie, William
Stephens, Catherine, née Flynn
Stevenson, James
Stockham, John
Stonebridge, Mary Ann
Stoodeley, Emma, née Wilce
Straw, John
Strike, Mr
Strout, William
Sullivan, Jean
Sullivan, Denis
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, Clement
Supple, James
Suret, Marie
Swain, James
Sweeney, Bridget
Sweeney, James Patrick
Symonds, William
Symonds, William Spencer Hartley
Syvret, Francis
Syvret, Jane
Syvret, Philip
Syvret, Edward
Syvret, Jean
Syvret, Charles
Syvret, Philip
Taffe, Marguerite
Tagney, Jane, née Esnouf
Tapper, Charles Francis
Tardivel, Anne Marie, née Courtel
Taylor, Paul
Taylor, John
Taylor, Patrick
Tesson, Auguste
Thomas, Elizabeth, née Ford
Thomas, John Pierre
Thompson, Edward
Thompson, Hannah
Thompson, William
Thorner, Henry
Thoume, Richard
Tidiman, Susan, née Hutchings
Tirel, Louis Hersné
Tizzard, Henry H
Toll, Robert
Tonkin, George
Took, John
Torpy, Catherine, née Seary
Tourgis, Edward
Tourgis, Philip
Tourgis, Jean
Tourgis, Walter Philip Mauger
Tourgis, Philip James Mauger
Tout, William Henry
Touzel, Thomas
Touzel, George William
Trachy, George
Tragagle, Richard
Trapp, John
Travers, Jean Louis
Tregaskis, William
Tregeagle, Thomas
Trehansen, Charles
Truby, John
Truman, William Thomas
Turner, Elizabeth
Turner, William
Turner, Henry
Turner, John
Turpin, William John
Tyrel, George
Underhill, George
Ungless, Athaling
Vallée , Sophie, née Marie
Valois, François Marie
Valpy, Josué
Vardon, George
Vardon, John Edward
Vaudenberg, Charles
Vautier, Jane Elizabeth Mary
Verning, William
Verstolk, Pieter
Vibert, Mary, nee Le Boutillier
Vibert, Jean
Vicq, Jeanneton
Vicq, Jean
Vidal, Anthoine
Vidamour, Abraham Pierre
Viel, Edward
Villeneuve, Jean B
Vincent, Louisa Jane
Viney, Robert
Volcley, Sukey
von Kummer, Adolphus
Vonbert, Daniel
Voy, Jane
Wakeham, John
Walker, John
Wallis, Elizabeth F
Wallis, Edward Albert
Wallis, John
Wallis, Thomas
Wallis, Alex
Wannel, John
Ward, Eliza, née Merryweather
Ward, Michael
Wareham, Peter
Wareham, Henry Charles Francis
Warren, Sarah, née Cooper
Warren, Hugh White
Waters, John Jones
Watson, Eliza, née Waldegrave
Watts, Betsey, née Pearce
Way, George E Gregory
Webb, Seth
Wellman, Robert
Wells, Marie
West, Henry
West, Alexander George
Wheeler, Alfred
White, William
White, John
White, Martha
Whiting, William
Wild, Alfred Arthur
Wilde, Henry
Wilkes, Anne, née Laurens
Wilkinson, Mary Ann, née Le Grand
Willers, Robert
Willett, James
Williams, Mary Jane
Williams, Abraham
Williams, Charles
Williams, George
Willis, Robert
Wills, John North
Wilson, John
Wilson, Rosina Olivia
Winsford, Mary Guille
Winter, Ellen Maria V
Wise, Margaret, née Wise
Wood, John
Wood, Catherine Jane
Wood, Charles
Woods, Caroline
Woon, Richard
Wright, James
Wyatt, Jane, née Hodder
Young, Catherine, née Waldy
Young, John
Young, Henry
Young, Harriet
Young, Alexander
Young, Ann Sophia
 Tucker, Sarah
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation. Please view digital copy.
Closed until 2100


D/Y/G2/3This item»

Index to the criminal section of the Royal Court called the Poursuites Criminelles - includes an index of inquests in the back of book. Click to view names, volume number and page number of the relevant case. Consult D/Y /G1 volumes for case details. Le, de and du names are all indexed under the second part of the name (Le Brun will be in the B section of the index)


A digital image is available to view online or this item is closed because it is exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Law. If you would like to make a request please email us.