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Analysis Register of Alcohol. This register includes the names and addresses of license holders of all public houses in the Island between the named dates and details of any samples of alcohol bought and results of the test. An index has been created by name of publican and public house and the volume digitised and attached

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Reference D/H/H5/1
Date 1884 - 1889
Names Customs and Excise Department
Adams, John
Adderson, Abraham
Adderson, Betsey Jane
Addison, Betsey Jane, née Dowden
Addison, Betsy Jane, née Dowden
Ahier, Susan
Ainsley, Anne Maria
Ainsley, Thomas John
Ainsley, Thomas
Alexander, Eliza
Alexandre, Eliza
Alger, Henry Robert
Alger, Henry
Alger, Mary Ann
Allen, John
Allen, Mary
Allen, McPhilip
Anning, Albert H
Arthur, Alfred Frederick
Arthur, Charles Thomas
Arthur, Nicolas
Atkins, James
Aubin, John
Auvray, George Paul
Badier, George
Baker, Sophia, née Fairweather
Bartlett, H M
Bartlett, H
Bartlett, Maria
Bartlett, Marie
Baudains, Elias George
Baudains, Elie George
Beaucamp, Elizabeth
Bennett, Francis Alfred
Bennett, Francis
Bennett, H W G
Bennett, Hugh William George
Bernard, François Fidele
Bernard, François
Berrow, John
Bevis, John
Biles, E W
Biles, I W
Biles, John William
Biles, John
Billinghurst, John
Bisson, Daniel
Bisson, Elizabeth
Blake, M A
Blake, Marian
Blampied, Thomas John
Blanc, Victorine Hortense
Blanchard, Clara
Blanchard, Leon
Bonit, Louis
Boobyer, Charles
Boudier, John
Bouilly, Gustave
Bower, William
Box, Henry
Boyce, H J
Boyce, Henry John
Boyce, Henry
Brandy, Pierre
Brée, Elie
Bretel, Alfred
Brett, G S
Brett, R I
Brett, Richard Joshua
Brooking, Mary
Broomers, Ellen, née Warne
Brown, Charles
Brown, F
Brownsea, George H
Budden, Ann
Burnham, Charles
Burridge, Henriette Elizabeth
Burton, Walter I
Cantell, Francis John
Carter, William
Chapman, James William
Chapman, James
Chapman, William Henry
Chase, S A
Ching, Walter George
Christopher, Smart
Colivet, Nicolas
Collings, Ellen
Collivet, Nicolas
Coombs, F G
Coombs, Thomas Griffin
Copp, Jacob
Coppin, William
Coquet, Prosper
Cornish, Richard Alfred
Courbebaisse, André Jean
Coutanche, Henri
Coutanche, Henry
Daly, Dennis
Damer, William H
Davey, Isaac William
Davey, William
d'Avoine, John
De Caen, Elizabeth
de Carteret, Amice
de Gruchy, Eliza, née Quenault
de Gruchy, Elizabeth, née Quenault
de Gruchy, Rachel, née Luce
de la Cour, Francis
de la Cour, François
de la Mare, Singleton
de Quetteville, Mr
Dèlépine, Therese, née Chagrot
Deslandes, Elias Jean
Deslandes, G A
Deslandes, G N
Downey, Ann Marie
Downey, Ann
Downey, James
Downing, John
Drelaud, Peter
Drelaud, Thomas
Dumaresq, W P
Dumaresq, William
Durand, Auguste
Dutheil, Octave
Entwistle, John
Ereaut, George
Eudes, Henriette, née Le Masurier
Falle, Elias
Falle, Elie
Falle, Jane Elizabeth, née Lempriere
Falle, Jean Elie
Falle, Thomas
Falle, William
Felton, James William
Felton, James
Flinn, James John
Flinn, John James
Gallichan, Mary
Gasnier, John
Gaudin, Philip
Gaudin, Philippe
Gaudin, William Charles
Gawley, Francis
Germain, Auguste
Germain, George
Gibaut, Thomas Philippe
Gibaut, Thomas
Giles, William Joseph
Giles, William
Gilley, George
Gray, Amelia
Gray, Ann
Gray, E F
Green, James
Green, C A
Green, Christopher
Green, Victor
Gron, Victor
Guibert, Alexandre
Gull, Margaret
Hacquoil, Philip
Hacquoil, Philippe
Hake, Eliza
Hake, Rose Elizabeth, née Smith
Hamel, John George
Harden, Allan Brewster
Harden, Allen Webster
Harnel, John George
Harris, George
Hayden, Thomas George
Hayden, Thomas
Helie, Peter
Henri, Adolphus
Henry, Adolphus
Henwood, Philip
Henwood, Philippe
Heyden, Thomas G
Heyden, Thomas George
Hine, William
Holden, Thomas
Hotton, Charles
Hotton, Eliza Jane, née Falle
Hotton, Frédéric
Hotton, Frederick
Houelbecq, François
Houelbecq, Frank
Hubert, Adolphe
Hubert, Adolphus
Hunter, William
Hyde, William
Jennings, Ellen
Jennings, Henry John
Jeune, Thomas Elie
Jeune, Thomas
Jewell, Joseph
Jewell, S
Jewell, Simeon
Jones, E C
Jones, Edward
Jones, G E
Jones, George E
Jones, John Richard
Jourdan, Louis
Jourdan, Louis Philippe
Kine, William
Lamare, Auguste
Langan, Jeanne Marie, née Allo
Langshaw, R H
Larbalestier, George John
Larbalestier, George
Larbalestier, John
Larcombe, John
Laurens, Alfred Josué
Le Blancq, Elie Nicolle
Le Blancq, Elie
Le Boutillier, John
Le Breton, Sophie
Le Brun, William Charles
Le Cappelain, Philip
Le Cavalier, Maurice
Le Cornu, Edouard
Le Cornu, Edward
Le Cornu, Emelie Jane, née Pirouet
Le Cornu, Francis Philip
Le Couillard, George
Le Couteur, Francis
Le Couteur, Thomas
Le Cras, Mary Ann
Le Cras, Mary
Le Dain, William
Le Feuvre, Joseph
Le Feuvre, Thomas R
Le Feuvre, Thomas Richard
Le Feuvre, Thomas
Le Four, George
Le Gallais, Nicolas
Le Geyt, J J
Le Geyt, John Thomas
Le Gresley, John
Le Gresley, Rachel, née Luce
Le Huby, Charles Amadée
Le Huby, Charles
Le Marchand, Mathieu
Le Marchand, Matthew
Le Marquand, Alexandre
Le Marquand, James
Le Mettez, Charles
Le Miere, Emilie, née Le Blond
Le Monnier, Charles
Le Mottais, O J
Le Petit, Betsy , née Esnouf
Le Petit, Jean
Le Petit, Mary Ann, née Boutillier
Le Riche, Thomas
Le Scelleur, Francis
Le Seelleur, Philippe
Le Vesconte, Charles
Le Vesconte, Francis
Le Vesconte, François
LeMaître, Hilaire
Lewis, Eliza
Lewis, Elizabeth
Lewis, Sophie, née Le Breton
Lilmant, Louis M
Luce, Mr
Mallet, John Charles
Mallet, John
Manley, Richard
Manly, Richard
Marie, Ann Marie
Marie, Eugène
Martyn, Elizabeth
Matthews, Mary Ann
Mauger, George
Mauger, Jean
McAllen, Philip
McIntosh, John
McKee, Adolphus
Messervy, Ann, née Buhts
Messervy, Edward
Messervy, John
Metherell, William
Meuniers, Honoré Jean Joseph
Midgley, John
Minors, Ellen
Misson, George Frederick
Mitchell, Thomas
Mitchelmore, G H
Mitchelmore, George
Mitchelmore, James
Moison, François
Moisson, François
Monamy, Winter
Morgan, William
Morley, David
Morrissey, Michael
Morse, Hannah
Mourant, Leon
Mourant, Marie
Mouraud, Léon
Myers, Joseph
Newbegin, Rosa Mary
Newbegin, Sophia
Nicolle, John Richard
Nixon, A E
Nixon, Mary Ann, née Le Ray
Norton, Henry
Nursey, Elizabeth, née Roach
Nursey, Elizabeth, née Roche
Nursey, Philip
Pallot, Charles
Palmer, John
Parker, Samuel
Parkinson, George
Parris, Tom
Payn, James
Payne, George
Pearce, James Richard
Penney, John
Penny, John
Perrée, Thomas
Petit, Betsey Jane
Phillips, Sarah Lydia
Picot, Philippe
Pinney, John Richard
Pluck, James
Ponsford, George
Pooley, Henry
Pooley, R
Powell, Arthur Henry
Prunier, Francois
Prunier, Marie Rose, née Vignet
Prunier, Marie, née Vigné
Pulman, Joseph
Quérée, Thomas
Quesnel, Agathe A, née Anlais
Ratcliff, Ellen
Ratcliffe, Ellen
Reed, Robert
Rendall, William
Rendell, William
Rendle, E W
Rendle, William
Renouf, Francis
Renouf, John Charles
Renouf, John
Richardson, Clement
Riche, Henri
Richer, Henri
Richers, Henri
Roche, Caroline, née Selous
Roche, Caroline, née Slous
Roche, Michael French
Rondel, Clement Henry
Rouet, Philip
Rouet, Philippe
Salmon, Henri
Sangan, Jeanne Marie, née Allo
Saunders, Edmund Alfred
Seelleur, Philippe
Sercombe, George
Sharland, John
Sherring, Benjamin
Simon, F W M
Simon, Frederick
Simon, J W M
Simon, Philip
Simon, W P
Simon, W T
Simon, William Philippe
Simon, William
Sinel, John
Smith, John
Snook, John
Squibb, Daniel Cox
Stoodley, Frank
Sullivan, James
Sweeney, Eliza
Taylor, F H
Taylor, Francis Herman
Taylor, Francis
Thiebault, Ann
Thiébot, Ann Elizabeth, née Payn
Thiebot, Anne Elizabeth, née Payn
Toneri, Peter John
Torevell, John
Touzel, Edouard
Touzel, Edward John
Touzel, Edward
Trachy, Philip John
Trachy, Philippe
Trenchard, Elizabeth
Trenchard, Frances Elizabeth
Tytherleigh, Lydia Jane
Vade, William Ashton
Vade, William
Vardon, Winter
Vaussy, Edmond
Vautier, John
Vigot, Edouard Auguste
Vigot, Edouard
Vigot, Jean
Vincent, E
Vincent, Edward John
Vincent, Frederick
Walters, George
Warne, John
Weymouth, Henry
Whale, George
Whetton, Jessie
Wickers, George Frederick
Williams, E
Wyatt, James Joseph
Albion Hotel
Alnwick Hotel
Aurora Hotel
Aurora Inn
Bagot Inn
Belmere Hotel
Berkshire Inn
Birmingham Hotel
Bouley Bay Hotel
Bristol Hotel
Britannia Bar
Britannia Hotel
British Hotel
British Star Hotel
British Union Hotel
Brittania Bars
Brittania Hotel
Caesarean Hotel
Café de Normandie
Café de Paris
Café Francais
Café Restaurant des Bons Amis
Cambridge Bars
Candour Tavern
Cannon Inn
Carrefour Selous Hotel
Carter's Inn
Central Hotel
Clarence Bar
Clarendon Hotel
Coffee Rooms
Colomberie Hotel
Commercial House
Commercial Inn
Convent Inn
Corbière Hotel
Couvent Inn
Cricketer's Arms
Crown Hotel
Crystal Palace Hotel
Customs Hotel
de Fraise Hotel
de Fraize Hotel
Devonshire Hotel
Devonshire Inn
Dorset and Somerset Hotel
Dover Castle Inn
Eastern Railway Hotel
Elfine Hotel
Esplanade Tavern
Exeter Hotel
Faldouet Hotel
Faldouet Inn
Farmers Hotel
Farmers Inn
Farmers Rest
Fauvic Inn
First and Last Hotel
First Tower Hotel
Foresters Arms
Foresters Inn
Fountain Hotel
Freemasons Arms
Freemasons Tavern
Garrison Inn
Gas Tavern
George the Third
Globe Hotel
Globe Tavern
Gloucester Vaults
Golden Anchor
Golf Inn
Grande Hotel de L'Europe
Grasshopper Hotel
Great Eastern Hotel
Great Union Bar
Green Island
Greve de L'Ecq Hotel
Grouville Central Hotel
Guernsey Arms
Half Way Hotel
Halkett Hotel
Holborn Bar
Hotel de Bretagne
Hotel de Calvados
Hotel de France
Hotel de la Boule d'Or
Hotel de la Pomme d'Or
Hotel de l'Europe
Hotel du Calvados
Hotel du Calvados
Hotel du Havre
Imperial Inn
Jersey and Guernsey Hotel
Jersey Commercial Association
Jolly Old Waggoner
La Chasse Arms
La Folie
La Rocque Inn
Le Soleil Levant
L'Etaq Hotel
Lion Hotel
Marine Hotel
Mariners Inn
Market Inn
Mercantile Bar
Minden Hotel
Minors Hotel
Mitre Hotel
Navy and Friends Inn
Navy Hotel
New Longueville Inn
New Park Hotel
New Park Tavern
New Pontac Hotel
New Road Hotel
New Sailors Home
Oddfellows Arms
Old Britannia Hotel
Old England Hotel
Pavillion Hotel
Percy Bar
Petit Port Hotel
Pierson Hotel
Plémont Hotel
Pomme D'Or Hotel
Pontac Hotel
Prince of Wales Hotel
Prince's Hotel
Princes Tavern Hotel
Princes Tower Hotel
Prospect House Hotel
Queens Hotel
Red Lamp Inn
Red Lion Inn
Restaurant du Cote du Nord 
Restaurant Francais
Richmond Hotel
Robin Hood Inn
Royal George Inn
Royal Hall Luncheon Bar
Royal Hotel
Royal Square Tavern
Royal Square Tavern
Royal Square Vaults
Royal Yacht Club Hotel
Royal Yacht Hotel
Rozel Bay Hotel
Sailors Home
Sea View Inn
Seaforth Inn
Simon Place Inn
Soleil Levant
Sommerville Hotel
South Western Hotel
Southampton Hotel
Spirit Vaults
St Brelade’s Bay Hotel
St Mary’s Hotel
St Mary’s Inn
St Saviour’s Hotel
Stags Head Hotel
Star and Garter
Star Hotel
Stopford Hotel
Summerville Hotel
Temperance Hotel
Terminus Hotel
Terminus Restaurant
The Bank Hotel
The Crown Hotel
The Eagle Inn
The Englishman Inn
The Globe Tavern
The Green Shades inn
The Jolly Old Waggoner
The Mitre Hotel
The Oxford
The Percy Bar
The Red Lamp
The Seaforth
The Steps
The Vaults Hotel
Trafalgar Hotel
True Blue hotel
Union Hotel
Union Inn
Union Jack Tavern
United Service Hotel
Unity Bar
Val Plaisant Inn
Valley View Hotel
Vauxhall Inn
Victoria Hotel
Victoria Inn
Victoria Tavern
Volunteers Inn
Waterloo Store
Weighbridge Hotel
Welcome Home Inn
West End Bar
West End Hotel 
Wimbledon Hotel
York Hotel
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File


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