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St Clement's Parochial School Log Book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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Reference D/J/N34/A/2
Date 7 September 1953 - 19 December 1973
Names St Clement's Parochial School
Abbot, Mrs
Ahier, K
Ahier, Miss
Akers, Mr
Alban, Miss
Albige’s, E
Allenet, Anita
Allenet, Melanie
Alner, Mr
American Dance Company
Amy, Ann E
Amy, Philip
Arthur, John
Arthur, Miss
Atkinson, Mrs
Aubin, Duret
Baggs, B
Baggs, Mrs
Ballet, Rambert
Barry, Ann
Barry, Cecilie
Barry, Gordon
Barry, Jane
Bateman, Miss
Baudains, Miss
Baudains, Richard
Baudains, Stanley
Beaugeard, Mr
Beazeley, Miss
Bell, Paul
Bellee, Graeme
Bergman, Mr
Berry, Mr
Besnard, Barry
Bevan, Anthony
Bevan, Huard
Bienuenu, J
Bienvenu, John
Bihet, D
Bihet, Margaret
Bisson, Peter
Blades, James
Blampied, Mr
Blandin, Kerry
Bodie, P Mrs
Bodkin, Miss
Bolton, Mr
Bolton, Roger
Bonney, Laurence
Bonney, Mrs
Bonney, Peter
Boudin, Robert
Bourgoise Bernard
Bouteloup, Suzanne
Bowden, G F
Bowden, G
Bowden, G F E
Bowden, Mr
Bowden, Patricia
Bowles, A
Boyer, Alexina
Bredonchell, Annette
Bredonchelle Annette
Bredonchelle, Ian
Bree, Mrs
Bree, Jacqueline
Brett, Richard J
Bridgeman, Mr
Bridgman, D
Broach, Mr
Broadhurst, Miss
Brochet, J
Brown, C H
Bruton, D O
Bruton, Mrs
Bullock, Jean
Burman, E Miss
Burman, I V
Burman, Miss
Burstall, Mr
Burton, Mr
Burville, J
Burville, Jennifer L
Burville, Miss
Butler, Mr
Butler, R
Cabot, E
Cabot, Ethel
Cabot, F E
Cabot, J
Cabot, J
Cabot, Miss
Cabot, Mr
Cabot, Mrs
Cabot, Nicholas
Cabot, P
Cabot, Sarah
Caldwell, Mr
Callec, Monique
Campbell, J
Campbell, Mr
Cardwell, Mr
Carpenter, F
Carter, B
Carter, Dorothy
Carter, Joan E
Cavanagh, Mr
Ceppi, Mr
Cetti, Y
Chamberlain, Mr
Channing, Suzette
Chesshire, Miss
Clark, Mr
Clarke, Sergeant
Clifford, Christine
Cloarec, Paul
Coad Miss
Code, Miss
Colback, Mr
Conway, Father
Cook, C
Cook, Miss
Cooper, Y
Corbel, G
Cornick, John
Cornick, Shirley
Costard, Jean
Coulson, Miss
Crabbe, M
Crick, S
Crill, Mrs
Crill, P Deputy
Crill, S G Mr
Crofts, Mary
Crofts, Miss
Cue, Mrs
Dabbs, Reverend
Dalton-Hill, Mrs
Danican, Mr
Daniell, Mr
Daniels, J
Dankworth, A
Dankworth, Avril Miss
Darling, Dr
David, Roger
Davison, Mrs
de Garis, Miss
de Gruchy, Mrs
de Ste Croix, B
de Ste Croix, Michael
de Ste Croix, Mrs
de Ste Croix, Terence
de Veulle, P, Deputy
Dear, Mr
Delano, Mrs
Denis, Mrs
Denis, Reverend
Derrien, Gilbert
de Ste Croix, David
Desborough, Brian G
Desmond, Dr
Dickenson, B
Doak, A I
Dobbs, J, Reverend
Dodds, Mr
Donoghue, Cynthia
Dorey, E
Dorey, J
Dorey, L
Dorey, Miss
Dorey, Mr
Dowden, Robert
Dower, A
Dower, Mrs
Downer, Mr
Ducreay, N
Dulake, Nurse
Dulake, Sister
Arnold and Son, E J
Edith, Evelyn
Edmondson, G
Edmondson, Mr
Ellis, John
Erskine, George, Sir
Etienne, John
Etienne, Mr
Etienne, Mrs
Etienne, R
Ewens, George
Ewens, William C
Quinn, Father
Faudemer, Mr
Filleul and Son
Filleul, Mandy
Findlay, Miss
Finlay, Miss
Fitter, Miss
Fitter, J E
Flear, Mrs
Forum Cinema
Fosse, T
Fox, Sandra
Franklin, Victor
Frost, M L
Gale Mr
Gale, L
Gale, L
Gale, Leslie
Gale, Mrs
Gallichan Mark
Gallichan, Rae
Garnier, May
Garnier, Miss
Garnier, Mr
Gasnier, Michael
Gaudin, J, Deputy
Giard, Janine
Gibaut, Mr
Gibbins, Mrs
Gibbins, Reverend
Giret, Danielle
Godfrey, Mrs
Godfrey, Reverend
Gokulsing, K
Goode, John
Goodey, Dr
Goodyear, Miss
Gorvel, Brian
Gorvin, Mr
Gosselin Suzanne
Gosselin, S
Goubert Gerald
Goubert John
Goubert, C
Goubert, Gerald
Goubert, Gladys
Gough, E
Gough, Edwin
Goupy, Lea
Grant, Mr
Gray, Barbara
Gray, P
Gready, Mrs
Green, Mrs, Deputy
Griffin, Cardinal
Griffiths, Mr
Grimshaw, Sergeant
Grove, Bruce
Gruchy, D
Gruchy, Dr
Guillou, Edward
Guillou, Graham
Gulliver, Mrs
Hacquoil, Mr
Hacquoil, R
Hadley, Anthea
Hadley, Keith
Haines, S
Haines, Sandra
Hambly, Francis
Hambly, Margaret
Hambly, Mr
Hamon, A
Hamon, Anthony
Hamon, Graeme
Hamon, John
Hamon, M J
Hamon, Michael
Hamon, Mrs
Hanford, Mrs
Hanley, E
Hanning, Mrs
Hansford, Clive
Harris, G
Harris, John
Harris, Miss
Harrison, Mrs
Harrison, P, Reverend
Harrison, Reverend
Hart, Mr
Harthan, Dr
Hebert, Annette
Hebert, Mrs
Herbert, F
Herbert, Mrs
Heritage, Mr
Hill, Kathleen
Hill, Dalton
Hill, Mr
Hine, Mr
Hodge, Lynn C
Hodge, Lynne
Holland, F
Holland, Mr
Hollywood, J
Hollywood, Mr
Holmes, E
Holmes, E R
Holmes, Mr
Honeycomb, Richard
Hooper, Nurse
Hornby, Mr
Hornby, R
Hornby, R, Reverend
Hornby, R S, Reverend
Horton, David J
Hovell, Euan
Hudson, Rosalind
Humby, Reverend
Humphreys, Nurse
Hunt, Miss
Husbands, Mr
Watson, Hyatt D
Inkster, Ian
Inkster, Linda
Jarvis, K G
Jarvis, Mr
Jeune, R, Deputy
Jones, D
Jones, David
Jones, Dawn
Jones, Miss
Jones, Mrs
Joshua, Dr
Josse, Anne
Jouan, Chantal
Jouan, D
Jouan, Danielle
Jouan, Jennifer S
Jouan, Michael
Jouan, Miss
Kempin, Mr
Kirby, Reverend
Kirk, Mrs
Knibbs, Mrs
Coutanche, Lady
Lagadu, D
Lagadu, Pamela
Lambert, Mr
Landick, Joyce
Lang, k
Langdon, Mr
Langley, Centenier
Langley, Mr
Laugeard, Douglas
Laugeard, Susan
Laurens, Richard
Laurent, Richard
Le Behan, Elizabeth
Le Blond, Doreen
Le Bocq, E H
Le Bourgeols, William
Le Breton, J
Le Breton, Mr
Le Breton, J L
Le Breton, Mrs
Le Clercq, K
Le Cocq, Frances
Le Cornu, Angela
Le Cornu, Constable
Le Couillard, Alan
Le Couteur, Tracey
Le Feuvre, E
Le Feuvre, Miss
Le Goueze, Raymond
Le Gros, Kay
Le Lievre, William
Le Maistre, Diana
Le Marquand, J Deputy
Le Marquand, J Senator
Le Marquand, John
Le Marquand, Mrs
Le Masurier, Centenier
Le Masurier, J P
Le Men, Felicien
Le Men, Jean
Le Men, Mrs
Le Plongeon, Mr
Le Quesne J P
Le Quesne, J
Le Quesne, J R
Le Quesne, Mrs
Le Riche, Miss
Le Rougetel, R
Le Rougetel, Ruth
Le Roux, Miss
Le Ruez, Deputy
Le Ruez, Mrs
Le Ruez, S, Deputy
Le Saint, Annick Y
Le Squez Estate
Le Sueur, Mr
Le Sueur, Mrs
Le Tourneur, Jane
Lecureuil, P
Legg, Mr
Lewis, Jacqueline
Lillicrap, D
Litler-Jones, Mr
Lobb, Jennifer
Lobb, John
Lobb, R
Lobb, Rosemary
Lombard, Andre
Long, David
Longmire, Mr
Longmire, Mrs
Lowry, Miss
Luce, Amy
Luce, Linda
Luce, P
Luce, Pamela
Lugg, M
Lynn Photographers Limited
Macfeeters, I
Machon, Miss
Maffi, Miss
Maguire, Alan W
Manning, John
Manning, Mr
Mansell, Mr
Marett, Elizabeth
McCallion, Karen
McLaughlin, Margaret
Messervy, M
Meyrick, Alice
Meyrick, Veronica
Michel, H
Michel, Mr
Miles, Miss
Milligan, Dr
Milligan, S M, Dr
Minkley, Charles Edward
Minkley, M
Minkley, Mr
Minkley, Mrs
Moore, A
Moore, Father
Moore, Harvey,
Moore, Miss
Moores, M
Morel, Alan
Morison, J P
Motto, Paul
Mourant, Leon
Mourant, Mrs
Muggeridge, Malcolm
Mulcahy, Miss
Mundy, Sally
Murdoch, Margaret Elspeth
Murphy, Dr
Myles, Miss
Neal, Miss
Nelson, Mrs
Nelson, P M
Nelson, R
New Era Cinema
Nicholson, Gresham, Admiral, Sir
Nicholson, Lady
Nowell, C, Reverend
Nutter, Gina
O’Connor, T
Obbard, Mr
Oliver, David
Oliver, Jane
Oliver, Miss
Oliver, Mr
Oliver, Mrs
Ozard, Sister
Ozouf, Miss
Ozouf, Mr
Ozouf, O
Ozouf, O T
Ozouf, O Z
Padoe, P
Park, I M
Park, I
Patten, Mr
Patterson, Nigel
Pearce, C
Pearce, Clive
Pearce, Mrs
Pearcy, Mr
Pederick, Colin
Pederick, Nigel
Pederick, Steven H
Pekins, Andrea
Perchard, D
Perkins, R
Perry, J
Perry, Mr
Perry, Mrs
Pike, Anne
Pike, Janet
Pipon, H
Pirouet, Geoffrey
Playfair, Miss
Podger, Mrs
Poingdestre, F H
Porteous, Gail
Postill Mr
Potts, E, Reverend
Priest, Miss
Prouse, Mr
Prouse, Mrs
Rabet, Chantal
Rabet, Ghislaine
Rabet, Jacqueline
Rabet, Mrs
Rankin, B
Rankin, Miss
Rebindaine, Rosemary
Redford, L K
Redmond, Mr
Remon, M
Remon, Miss
Renouf, H, Centenier
Renouf, Margaret R
Renouf, R
Renouf, Rosemary
Rhys, Miss
Richard, Miss
Ridley, P
Rive, Mrs
Rive R M
Rive, A
Rive, Mr
Rive, Mrs
Rive, R
Roberts, John
Robins, Peter
Rodhouse, Mr
Rogers, Monty
Rogers, Mrs
Romeril, Mrs
Romeril, Royston
Rose, Mr
Rothwell, J
Rowe, Janet
Rowe, Janet A
Russell, Angela
Russell, Ian
Russell, Mr
Russell, Veronica
Ryan, Reverend
Rye, Michael
Rye, P O
Rye, Peter
Sainsbury H W Langford
Sainsbury H W Langford, Reverend
Sainsbury, Mrs
Saunter, Mrs
Savage, Miss
Scott, Miss
Scriven, A J
Sewell, Heather
Shane, Mr
Sharp, Miss
Shaw, Pat
Shaw, R
Sheasby, Mrs
Shenton, R, Senator
Shepherd, A
Sherwood, Reverend
Shiers, Mrs
Smale, Miss
Smart, Eric
Smiter, Miss
Smith Donald
Smith, Barry
Smith, D
Smith, Judy
Smith, Miss
Smith, Mr
Smith, Mrs
Smith, R
Smith, Rosemary
Smithson, Miss
Smyth, Miss
Spicer, Mrs
Spoerry, Mr
St Patrick’s Church
Stephens, Mr
Stevens, L
Stevenson, Col
Stevenson, Noel Le Marinel, Lieutenant Colonel
Stewart, M
Stewart, Mrs
Strafford, C
Strafford, Charles
Strafford, M C
Strafford, Mr
Stuart, Miss
Stuart, Mrs
Such, Mr
Swain, A S
Swain, Mr
Swift, J A
Sylvester, Miss
Sylvester, Thomas
Symons, C
Symons, Sally
Syvret, Mr
Tapley, Mrs
Tapley, Nicholas
Tarver, Mr
Taylor, Dr
Taylor, H
Taylor, Miss
Taylor, T
Taylor, Tanyn
Thatcher, Mrs
Thatcher, Sister
Thompson, Mr
Thorne, Marjorie
Thurban, B
Thurburn, Mrs
Tirant, Mrs
Tirel, Tony
Tsoebebe, A
Turner, Ann
Turner, John
Turpin, G
Turpin, Graham
Turquet, Christopher
Vardon, Trudy
Voisin and Co
Walker, Miss
Walker, Mr
Walsh, D
Walsh, Janet M
Walsh, Nurse
Walsh, Odette J
Walsh, Sister
Walters, Mr
Ward, Pamela
Ward, Pamela J
Watkins, Mr
Watkins, Mrs
Watson, Centenier
Watson, E, Constable
Watson, Mr
Watts, Mrs
Webster, Mr
Whiston, P
White, L
White, Miss
White, Mrs
White, P
White, Patricia
Whittingham, Mrs
Whittingham, Patricia
Wilford, Derek
Wilford, Mrs
William, Mr
Williams, Dr
Willis, J
Wilson, Steven
Wimberley, H C A
Wimberley, H
Winter, Miss
Wood, C
Woodman, H
Woodward, C
Wooldridge, N, Reverend
Wright, David
Wright, Family
Wright, Malcolm
Wright, Mameena
Yeates, J
Keywords log books | Education | Schools
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File


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