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Photocopy of Trinity School Log Books, files 2 and 3. These files record the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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Reference D/J/N35/A/2
Date 17 March 1926 - 23 December 1936
Names Trinity School
Aimee, Beatrice
Andrews, J C M
Andrews, J
Andrews, Jack Cecil Miles
Aubert, J N
Aubert, John
Avbert, Doris
Avery, G
Avery, Mr
Baal, Lloyd
Baal, Richard
Bannier, Aline
Bannier, Eunice
Bartley, E
Bartley, Ellen
Bartley, Miss
Baudains, Beryl
Baudains, Joyce
Baudains, P, Jurat
Baudains, P M
Becquet, D
Becquet, Donald
Becquet, J M
Becquet, Joy
Becquet, Wilfred
Bellego, Florence
Benest, John
Benest, Mr
Benest, Mrs
Benest, Snowdon
Benest, Stanley
Benest, Stanley E
Billot, Gordon
Binet, Denis
Bishop, L
Bisson, Harold
Bisson, Madeleine
Bisson, Madeline
Blampied, Beatrice
Blampied, Edwin
Blampied, Ena
Blampied, Eunice
Breban, Joyce
Brown, Elise
Buesnel, Cyril
Buesnel, Gerald
Burman, Eline Gertrude
Burman, Eline
Burman, Miss
Cabot, Florence
Cabot, Philip
Cabot, Philip Roy
Carter, D
Castets, Honore
Ceppi, M
Ceppi, Marc
Cherrill, Mr
Ching, Betty
Ching, Winnie
Coburg and Sion
Colback, Cyril
Cooper, M
Cooper, Millicent
Cooper, Miss
Corbel, Mr
Coutanche, A
Coutanche, A M
Coutanche, Annie
Coutanche, Elizabeth
Coutanche, Miss
Coutanche, V
Cule, C P
Cule, Cyril Prichard
Cule, Mr
Dauvin, M
Dauvin, Maurice
Dauvin, Patricia
Davey, Miss
Davis, T B F
Davy, E
Davy, Ethel Albina
Davy, Miss
de Carteret, Jurat
de Gruchy, Edward
de Gruchy, Marjorie
de la Haye, Mrs
de la Haye, Harold
de Louche, Walter
Derrien, Denyse
Derrien, Maurice
Derrien, Odette
Deslandes, John
du Feu, Dorothy
du Feu, John
Dupre, Ruby
Ebenezer and Sion
Eloury, Violet
Etiemble, Doris
Etiemble, Florence
Evans, Dr
Falle, Reverend
Falle, Dean
Francis, E
Francis, Miss
Freeman, Herbert Albert
Furzer, Donald
Furzer, Iris
Furzer, Reginald
Gallichan, Charles
Gavey, Yoma
Gill, S
Goodman, Hilda
Grist, Miss
Gruchy, Alice W
Gruchy, E J
Gruchy, Ernest J
Gruchy, Ernest John
Gruchy, F
Gruchy, Reverend
Gruchy, S J, Reverend
Guerin, Annie
Hairon, Alice
Hamelin, Douglas
Hamelin, Dulcie
Hamon, Elsie
Hamon, Lucille
Hamon, Yolande L
Hampton, Lord
Heuze, Dulcie
Hewlett, C
Hewlett, C N W
Hewlett, Clement Noel Ward
Hewlett, Mr
Hill, William David
Holt, C
Houillebecq Phyllis
Huchet, Peter
Huchet, Peter E
Ing, Mr
Jouny, Gladys
L`Homme, G
L`Homme, George
Larbalastier, Annie
Larbalastier, Eileen
Larbalastier, Phyllis
Le Blanc, F
Le Blanc, Mrs
Le Breton, Hilda
Le Brocq, C N, Dr
Le Brun, Alfred Gresley
Le Brun, Raymond
Le Couteur, Simone
Le Cras, Eric
Le Feuvre, Eliza Mary
Le Galle, Claire
Le Herissier, Charles
Le Herissier, Madeline
Le Herissier, Mrs
Le Herissier, Myrtle
Le Liard, Raymond
Le Marquand, Bryan
Le Marquand, John
Le Marquand, Jurat
Le Monnier, Alfred
Le Provost, Lucille
Le Tourneur, Cyril
Le Tourneur, John
Le Tourneur, John P
Le Tourneur, Snowdon
Lewis, Dr
Lobb, J F
Lobb, John Fry
Luce, Joyce
Luce, M E
Luce, M
Luce, Marguerite Eva
Luce, May
Luce, Miss
Marett, Nellie
Marett, Olive
Martret, Annie
Martret, Mary
Martret, Mary L
McKinstry, Dr
McKinstry, R N, Dr
Melville, Donald
Melville, Eric J
Michel, Agnes
Michel, Helene
Milon, Doris
Misson, Philip
Misson, Philip F
Money, Mr
Morel, Edith
Morel, Stanley
Mourant, Deputy
Mourant, Mary Ann
Mourant, Mr
Newbegin, A
Newbegin, Agnes L
Newbegin, Miss
Nicolle, Mr
Nicolle, Mr
Nicolle, W
Noel, Ada
Noel, Barbara
Noel, Beryl
Noel, Henry
Norman, Reginald
Pallot, Vernon
Parkers Family
Patterson, C E, Reverend
Perchard, Amy
Perchard, Anna
Perchard, Harold
Perchard, John
Perchard, Margaret
Perchard, Mildred
Perchard, Norman
Perchard, Robert
Perrier, Cyril
Perrin, Raymond
Picot, L
Picot, Miss
Poch, E
Poch, E M
Poch, E
Poch, Miss
Poingdestre, F R
Poingdestre, F
Poingdestre, Frank
Poingdestre, Mr
Price, Mr
Queree, Hazel
Rabet, Cyril
Renouf, Florence Mary
Renouf, Judge
Renouf, M
Renouf, Madeleine L
Renouf, Miss
Rice, Mr
Richard, E
Richard, Elsie
Richard, Miss
Richardson, P L, Deputy
Rondel, Desiree
Rondel, Desiree A
Sexton, Dr
Sexton, Florence E
Simpson, Mr
Small, Mr
Snell, Reverend
Syvret, Edward T
Tabb, Mrs
Tabb, Reverend
Tabb, W G
Tadier, R
Tadier, Roger
Thomas, Elise
Thomas, Hilda
Thompson, F W
Toms, F W
Toms, Mr
Vibert, Helier
Waterhouse, Miss
Waterhouse, O
Wests Cinema
Williams, Wynn E
Williams, Wynn
Williams, Mrs
Wood, Miss
Keywords teaching | teachers | headmasters | classrooms | punishments | pupils | diaries | log books | Education | Schools
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Places Trinity
Dimensions 2 Files
Language English
Level of description File


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