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Photocopy of Trinity School Log Books, files 4 to 7. These files record the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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Reference D/J/N35/A/3
Date 3 June 1932 - 23 May 1955
Names Trinity School
Acker, A
Acker, Angela
Acker, George
Acker, Maureen
Ahier, M
Ahier, Miss
Ahier, Mrs
Albany Ward Ltd
Allen, Mr
Allenet, Solange
Allo, B
Allo, Bernard
Amy, Deputy
Amy, J W, Deputy
Amy, James
Amy, Walter
Andre, Aimee
Andre, Marthe
Arthur, F E
Arthur, Miss
Aubert, Rozelle
Avery, G E
Avery, G r
Avery, Mr
Baal, Mr
Baldwin, Miss
Barette, Ella
Barette, Lawrence
Barette, Raymond
Barnes, Mr
Baudains, Betty
Baudains, Constable
Baudains, J
Baudains, J M, Jurat
Baudains, John
Baudains, Mr
Becquet, Edgar John
Becquet, W P
Bedborough, Arthur
Benest, A J, née Moore
Benest, Donald
Benest, Elson
Benest, Enid
Benest, Mrs
Benest, Mrs
Benest, Snowdon
Bennett, Jennifer
Berthou, Marcel
Bertram, Viola
Bertram, June
Biddle, Drexel, Colonel
Bihel, Loretta
Bihel, Pamela
Bihel, Yvonne
Billot, Constable
Binet, Charles
Binet, Thomas
Birchall, J
Birchall, M J
Birchall, Miss
Birchall, Mrs
Bishop of Southampton
Bonne, M
Bourne, Miss
Bouteloup, Miss
Bouteloup, P
Bree, Jurat
Bree, P E, Jurat
Bremner, Nurse
Brown, Detective
Brown, Mr
Buesnel, Geoffrey
Buesnel, Lewis
Burnham, Mary Ann
Burnham, Mrs
Burnouf, G
Burnouf, Solange
Butler, Mr
Catelinet, M
Cabot, Charles, Centenier
Cabot, J E
Cabot, John
Cabot, Mr
Cabot, Mrs
Cabot, R
Campbell, D D, Dr
Capitaine, Pere
Carpenter, F
Carre, Dr
Carter, A B
Carter, Mr
Catelinet, Mrs
Ceppi, M
Ceppi, Marc
Ceppi, Mons
Ceppi, Mr
Chegwyn, E A
Chegwyn, E A
Chegwyn, Elsie Alice, née Russell
Chegwyn, Mrs
Chevalier, John
Chuter Ede, J
Collins, Nurse
Cooper, M
Cooper, Milicent
Cooper, Miss
Corbel, C G
Corbel, Mr
Coutanche, A M
Coutanche, Arthur
Coutanche, Elsie
Coutanche, Reginald
Coutanche, Alexander M, Sir
Coutanche, Stanley
Cox, Mrs
Crill, Mr
Crill, S G
Crosier, J
Crosier, J W
Crosier, Lieutenant
Crosier, Mr
Cudlipp, J F
Cudlipp, Joan F
Cudlipp, Joan Florence
Cudlipp, Miss
Cunningham, Brigadier
Cutler, D E M
Cutler, Dorothy Elizabeth Marie
Cutler, Miss
D`Authreau, Charles
d’Authreau, W V
Daly, L B
Daly, Lucille Blanche
Daly, Lucille Mrs
Daly, Mrs
Darling, Dr
Dart, Marion
Dauvin, M A
Dauvin, Patricia
Davy, E A
Davy, E
Davy, Miss
Day and Son
de Caux, Allan
de Caux, Joyce
de Gruchy, Lawrence
de Gruchy, Enid May
de Gruchy, F
de Gruchy, Lawrence
de Gruchy, Mazel
de Gruchy, Miss
de La Cour, Valerie
de La Haye, H J
de la Haye, M
de La Haye, Mavis
De La Haye, William
de Louche, W J
Derouet, A
Derouet, Arthur
Derrien, Beryl
Derrien, D
Derrien, Denyse
Derrien, Desmond
Derrien, M
Derrien, Maurice
Derrien, Odette
Dewey, J E
Dewey, J E, née Moon
Dewey, J
Dewey, Mr
Dewey, Mrs
Donaldson, Mr
Dorey, E A
Dorey, E A, Jurat
Dorey, H F
Dorey, Hilda Frances
Dorey, Hilda
Dorey, Jurat
Dorey, Miss
Dorey, Mr
Dove, Miss
Du Feu, Mrs
du Feu, Alfred John, Deputy
du Feu, N
du Feu, Mr
Dugue, Mr
Dupre, Mr
Dupre, Royston
Durand, A, Father
Durand, A
Durand, Bernard
Durand, M
Durand, M M
Durand, Mary
Durand, Mary Margaret
Durand, Miss
Durand, Mr
Durand, Robert
Earl Haig Fund
Ecobichan, David
Ede, Chuter
Edmonston, Mr
Etiemble, D
Etiemble, Doris
Etiemble, Florence
Falle, Colleen
Falle, Colleen Sybil Vernon
Falle, Miss
Farley, Mr
Coty, Father
Ferey, George
Ferey, Philip
Feuillet, F
Feuillet, Francis
Findlay, Miss
Freeman, Mrs
Fromager, Michael
Fromager, Solange
Furzer, Heather
Furzer, Heather Suzette
Furzer, W, Captain
Gale, J O
Gallichan, M
Gallichan, Miss
Gallichan, Verena Mary
Gaudin, Mr
Gautier, E
Gautier, Miss
Gibaut, D
Gibaut, E, Deputy
Gibaut, E J, Deputy
Gibaut, E
Godeaux, Claude
Godeaux, Myra
Godefray, Marlene
Godefroy, Marlene
Goguelin, Lawrence
Gorin, Raymond
Gorin, Ronald
Gorin, Rozelle
Gosling, Mr
Gotel, John
Gotel, Maurice
Gotel, Yvonne
Goteld, Denis
Gough, M C
Gough, Miss
Gough, M
Gough, Marguerite C
Gough, Marguerite Corbel
Gough, Marguerite
Gough, Mr
Gough, W L G
Gough, W
Gow, Douglas J
Grasett, A E
Gray, Mr
Grayson, Nurse
Green, Deputy
Green, Mrs
Greenman, M
Greenman, Mrs
Griffin, Cardinal
Gruchy, D
Gruchy, Dorothy
Gruchy, Mrs
Guille, James
Guille, Nelson
Hairon, Alice
Hambly, Mr
Harper, C
Harper, G C
Harper, Mr
Harrison, Major General
Harvey, Mr
Hayes, Denis
Hayes, Roger
Hennequin, D
Hennequin, George
Hennequin, Rosemary
Henry, Daphne
Heuze, Dulcie
Hibbs, L, Reverend
Hibbs, L W, Reverend
Hibbs, Lawrence Winston, Reverend
Hibbs, Mr
Hibbs, Mrs
Hickling, H V
Hickling, Mr
Higginbotham, Audrey Mary
Higginbotham, Miss
Holloway, Dennis
Holloway, Gerald
Holloway, Margaret
Holloway, Vallona
Holmes, E
Holmes, E R
Holmes, Mr
Hornby, R S, Reverend
Houillebecq, H
Houillebecq, Hilda
Hoyles, C
Hoyles, Miss
Hulcoop, Mr
Hyland, Mr
Ing, Mr
Ingram, A V
Ingram, Elsie
Jepson, Mr
Jones, Jimmy
Jones, Percy
Jouan, Marcel
Jouan, Mrs
Jouan, Yves
Journeaux, H A J
Krichefski, Deputy
Krichefski, W, Deputy
Labou, M G Mrs
Labou, Marguerite Germaine, née Le Dez
Labou, Mrs
Laffoley, Ruth
Lancaster, D
Lancaster, Mr
Lancaster, T D
Langdon, Mr
Langdon, Mrs
Langdon, Norma
Langdon, R
Langdon, Raymond
Langford, Mr
Larose, Michel
Larose, Odette
Laurent, David
Laurent, K
Laurent, Marlene
Laurent, Pamela
Le Blond, Bernard
Le Borgne, J
Le Boutillier, F R
Le Breton, J L
Le Breton, John Langlois
Le Brun, Edith
Le Brun, R
Le Brun, Vernon
Le Chevalier Roy
Le Chevalier, Betty
Le Chevalier, Mrs
Le Chevalier, Pamela
Le Chevalier, R
Le Chevalier, Roy
Le Cocq, Elizabeth
Le Cocq, M
Le Cocq, Matilda
Le Cornu, Eric
Le Cras, Doreen
Le Druillenec, H O
Le Feuvre, Bernard
Le Feuvre, E M
Le Feuvre, Enid
Le Feuvre, Miss
Le Feuvre, N
Le Feuvre, Neville
Le Gallais, William
Le Grand, Arthur
Le Grand, Harold
Le Grand, Mrs
Le Gresley, E
Le Gresley, Edmund
Le Gresley, F
Le Herissier, A
Le Lerre, Doreen
Le Lerre, Yvonne
Le Lerre, Yvonne Anne
Le Main, Lilian Bertha
Le Main, Mrs
Le Marquand, Arthur
Le Marquand, Centenier
Le Marquand, J J, Deputy
Le Marquand, John, Deputy
Le Miere, E, née Gautier
Le Miere, Mrs
Le Monnier, I
Le Monnier, G
Le Monnier, Iris
Le Pavoux, Margaret
Le Poidevin, Michael
Le Poidevin, Mrs
Le Quesne, Mr
Le Quesne, Mrs
Le Quesne, Philip, Deputy
Le Quesne, Philip, Senator
Le Sueur, George
Le Sueur, John
Le Sueur, June
Le Sueur, Kathleen
Le Tourneur, Snowdon John
Le Turgeon, A
Le Turgeon, Alice
Le Turgeon, Clifford
Leadbetter, D H
LeTurgeon, Edith
Lewis, J E
Lewis, J E, Dr
Lidster, Miss
Lobb, J
Lobb, John Fry
Lovett, C M
Lovett, C, née Hoyles
Lovett, Miss
Lovett, Mrs
Low, J
Low, J S
Low, Miss
Low, Mrs
Lucas, Mrs
Luce, M
Lunt, Miss
MacGregor, Antony
Machon, Horace
Maitland, Dr
Marett, John
Marks, A F M
Marks, A
Marks, Arthur
Marks, Arthur Francis Michael
Marks, Mr
Masson, C
Mattas, Dr
Mayles, Miss
McFadyen, D
McKinstry, Dr
McKinstry, R H, Dr
McKinstry, R N, Dr
Meacock, Lieutenant
Meara, H O
Meara, O, Dr
Mee, Arthur
Meline, Reverend
Messervy, M M
Wedgewood and Hill
Meyrick, Yvonne
Milon, Louise
Misson, Collas
Morison, Ian
Morison, J P, Major
Morison, J P
Morison, Mr
Morison, Mrs
Morrison, Mr
Mourant, Edgar, Centenier
Murdoch, Miss
Neel, A T
Neel, Amy Tessier
Neel, Donald
Neel, Miss
Nerac, Francis
Nicholson, Graham,Admiral
Nicholson, Lady
Nicolle, Patricia
Noel, B
Noel, Barbara
Noel, L L
Noel, L
Noel, Linda
Noel, Miss
O’Keefe, Mary
Ottley, Guy, Captain
Owen, Mrs
Pace, Mrs
Painter, Mrs
Paisnel, Roselle
Pallot, Dorothy
Pallot, L
Pallot, Lyndon
Pallot, Norman
Pallot, V
Pallot, Vernon
Parmee, C C
Pen, Madeleine
Pepin, Mr
Perchard, Harold
Perchard, Mr
Perouet, Arthur
Phillips, C J
Picot, L
Picot, L Miss
Picot, Lucille
Picot, Miss
Pipon, Joan
Pipon, Roselle
Pipon, Roy
Poingdestre, F R
Poingdestre, H
Poingdestre, Mrs
Potier, K
Potter, Gillie
Price, Mr
Quenault, A
Quenault, Arthur
Quenault, Barbara
Quinquenel, Maurice
Rapson, Peter
Rath, M
Rath, Margaret
Rath, Miss
Rault, A
Rault, Donald
Rault, Joseph
Rault, S
Rault, Sheila
Rebindaine, H
Rebindaine, Hilda
Richard, E M
Richard, Miss
Richards, Mrs
Richards, M F A, née Boqueho
Richards, Marie Francoise Augustine
Richards, Mrs
Richardson, Dennis
Richardson, Marion
Richomme, Fay
Riley, C, Colonel
Riley, C J M, Colonel
Riley, Colonel
Rive, G
Robert, Erica
Robert, Irene
Robert, Marguerite
Robert, W M
Robinson, Group Captain
Robinson, Helier
Robinson, Raoul
Rondel, Doris
Ruderham, Ivy
Ryan, D W, Deputy
Ryan, Deputy
Ryan, Mr
Sammons, John
Sammons, Kenneth
Sauve, Creze John
Sauve, John
Shenton, Detective
Shone, Henry J
Simpson, Mr
Simpson, Mrs
Small, Dr
Smith Mr
Smith, R F
Smith, Ronald Francis
Stait, C
Stait, Christabel
Starck, Cyril
Starck, J
Starck, Kathleen
Starck, Mr
Steel, Clarence
Steel, Robert,
Stuart, Colonel
Surcouf, Lloyd
Surcouf, Norma
Syvret, Mr
Tabb, Gwendoline Mary
Tabb, Miss
Tabb, Reverend
Tabb, W G
Tabb, W J Reverend
Tabb, W, Reverend
Taffe, Father
Ruderhams Family
Walker Family
Thomas, Hilda
Thompson, Miss
Thompson, R
Thompson, Rose
Tipping, Nurse
Tostevin, Mr
Tostevin, R H
Tostevin, Raymond H
Touzel, D M s
Touzel, D
Touzel, Francis
Touzel, Miss
Trehorel, Therese
Turmel, Albert
Turmel, Francis
Turner, Kenneth Francis
Valpy, Reverend
Vautier, Centenier
Vautier, L
Vautier, Leslie
Vautier, Mr
Walkden, Harold,ain Capt
Walkden, Mrs
Walker, Philip
White, M
White, Miss
Whitechurch, Sergeant Major
Williams, E
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, Gwyneth
Williams, M E, Archdeacon of Uganda
Williams, Margaret Josepine
Williams, Miss
Wimberley, H C A
Wimberley, Mr
Woodsford, A G
Woodsford, Alfred Gerald
Woodsford, Mr
Wright, John
Young, J
Young, Miss
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Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Places Trinity
Dimensions 4 Files
Language English
Level of description File


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