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Admission Register for St Lawrence Primary School. This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF for entries.

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Reference F/N/R2/1
Date 2 November 1903 - 21 May 1929
Names St Lawrence School
Abbot, Phyllis May
Amette, Kathleen
André, Ada
Anne, Adeline
Arthur, Barbara
Arthur, Barbara Pearl
Arthur, Donald
Arthur, Lorraine Pauline
Balston, Adelaide
Balston, Elizabeth
Balston, Ethel
Balston, Lydia
Balston, Thomas
Barbier, Ada
Barbier, Florence May
Barbier, Francis
Barbier, Laura Blanche
Barbier, Walter
Barnet, Edward Ronald
Barnet, Eileen
Barnet, George Edward Cecil
Barnet, Thomas Henry Reginald
Barnett, Stanley James
Baudains, Lilian Marett
Baudains, Philip
Baudains, Philip Rondel
Beaugeard, Bernard Lewis
Beaugeard, Donald
Bienvènu, Annie Marie
Bienvènu, Lily
Bienvènu, Lucie Dorine
Bignel, James
Bisson, Edward
Bisson, Edward Charles
Bisson, Francis Edward
Bisson, Francis John
Bisson, Jessie
Bisson, Leonard Philip
Bisson, Stanley
Blampied, Denis Edward
Blampied, Edna
Blampied, George Martin
Blampied, Madge
Boudin, Alfred
Boudin, Eva
Boudin, Philip
Bouette, Alice
Boullier, Lilian
Boullier, Stanley
Bouvier, Dorothy Maud
Bouvier, Emile Hilary
Brewer, Clara
Brown, Gladys
Brown, Winifred
Butel, Louisa Gertrude
Butel, Olive
Butel, Rita Ruby Clara
Butel, Thomas Clarence
Cabot, Marie B
Carre, Elsie
Carrec, Henri Albert
Carter, Alfred
Chapron, Dorothy
Collas, Cecile
Collas, Elsie
Collas, Eric John
Collas, Gordon
Collas, Harold Frederick
Collas, Hedley John
Collas, Henry John
Collas, Jane
Collas, John
Collas, Reginald Walter
Collet, François
Coram, Amelia Jane
Coram, Beatrice Dorothy
Coram, Wilfred John
Corley, Anna
Corson, Edward Yves
Cotard, Alice
Cotard, Florence
Cotillard, Alexandre
Cotillard, Alfred
Cotillard, Amelie
Cotillard, Blanche Adeline
Cotillard, Doris Maud
Cotillard, Madeleine Marie
Courcoux, Albert
Courcoux, Dora Mildred
Courcoux, Florence
Courcoux, Jean
Coutanche, Aubrey
Coutanche, Doris
Coutanche, Ena May
Coutanche, Gladys
Coutanche, Joan Marie
Coutanche, Lydia
Coutanche, Marjorie
Coutanche, Philip
Coutanche, Philip Bichard
Coutanche, Phyllis
Criddle, Gwendolin
Criddle, Kathleen
Criddle, Muriel D H
Cross, Dorothy
Cross, Dorothy Mabel
Cross, Elsie
Cross, Elsie May
Cross, Harry
Cross, May Elsie
Daghorn, Francis Ernest
Daghorn, Stanley George
Davey, Ernest
Davis, Cecil George
de Gruchy, Arthur
de Gruchy, Mabel
De Gruchy, Myrtle Janet
De Gruchy, Walter
de Gruchy, Winter Chevalier
de la Haye, Buesnel Robert
de la Haye, Lily
de la Haye, Nelson
de la Perrelle, Snowdon
Deffains, Cyril
Denis, John Alfred
Derrien, Adeline
Derrien, Alice Jeanne
Deslandes, Harold Stanley
Deslandes, Madeline Mauger
Deslandes, Nellie Rose
Després, Bernard
Desprès, George
Desprès, Harvey
Despres, Reginald
Dolbeau, Joseph
Dowden, Albert George
Dowden, Gladys Maud
Dowden, Richard George
du Feu, Alfred
du Feu, Doris
du Feu, Edward Syvret
du Feu, Maud
du Feu, Pearl
du Feu, Phyllis
Du Feu, Ronald
du Pays, Hélène Maud
Duchemin, Florence
Dupré, Edmund
Dupré, James
Dupre, John Philip
Dupre, Philip
Dupré, Sidney Philip
Durham, Christine
Durham, Eileen
Durham, May
Dutot, Norman John
Ellis, Frederick William Norman
Emmanuel, Adeline Marie
Emmanuel, Jean
Emmanuel, Lucille
Emmanuel, Réné
Eouzan, Alec
Esnouf, Hazel Lilian Denize
Falle, Mavis
Feron, Albert
Feron, Amelia
Feron, Blanche
Feron, Charles
Féron, Charles Louis
Feron, Ernest
Feron, Francis
Feron, Henri
Feron, Marie
Fontaine, Edmund
Fontaine, George
Fontaine, Léon Joffre
Furzer, Dorothy Emily
Furzer, Edmund
Garrett, Edna Jane
Garrett, Frances May
Garrett, Rose Ellinor
Gegou, Euphrasine
Gègou, Jules
Gegou, Theophile
Genee, Cyril Peter
Gibaut, Clarence
Gibaut, Edmund
Gibaut, Lilian
Gibaut, Percy
Gibaut, Philip Edmond
Gibaut, Redvers
Gicquel, John
Gigien, John
Gilley, Lilian
Glendewar, Edward
Godefroi, Florence Margaret
Godel, Alice
Godel, Dora E
Godel, Elie
Godel, Hedley
Godel, Herbert
Godel, John
Godel, Linda
Godel, Lucille May
Godel, Snowdon Francis
Godel, Vera
Goodfellow, Annie
Goodfellow, Laurina
Goubert, Elizabeth
Gouèze, Emma
Gouèze, Francis
Gourio, Jean
Gourio, Louise
Grew, Eric Ashford
Grew, Guy Bernard
Grihault, Alain
Grihault, André
Grihault, Charles
Grihault, Louis
Grihault, Maria
Guérin, Violet Lorraine
Hacquoil, Elizabeth
Hacquoil, Madeleine
Hacquoil, Madeline
Hacquoil, Philip Peter
Hamon, Ada Florence Kathleen
Hamon, Amy Ruth
Hamon, Daniel
Hamon, Daniel Philip
Hamon, Eleanor
Hamon, James
Hamon, John
Hamon, Lily
Hamon, Sidney
Hamon, Snowdon
Hamon, Snowdon James
Hamon, William J L M
Helleur, Clarence
Helleur, Eunice
Helleur, Gladys Maud
Helleur, Sydney
Hello, Alexandre
Henri, Albert
Henri, Flory
Henstridge, Linda
Henstridge, William Ernest
Henwood, Beryl Joyce
Herve, Albert Jean
Herve, Beatrice
Herve, Horace
Herve, Jean
Hibbs, Clement
Hibbs, Joseph Charles Bower
Hickman, Frances
Hidrio, Alice
Hidrio, Jean
Hidrio, Marie
Hidrio, Yves
Hilton, Jessie Winifred
Hinault, Ada
Hinault, Francis John
Hinault, Glayds Maud
Hinault, John George
Hodgetts, Douglas Spencer
Holley, Paul Emile Francis
Hostingue, Alfred Edmund
Hostingue, Elsie Elizabethe
Hostingue, Vera Maud
Huchet, Berthe
Huchet, Yolande
Jacquet, Albert
Jarnet, Dorothy Alice
Jarnet, Ethel Florence
Jarnet, Herbert William
Jarnet, Ivy
Jarnet, Raymond Charles
Jarnet, Reginald
Jehan, Florence Doris
Jennings, Ralph
Jennings, Wilfred
Jeune, Ruby May
Jézéquel, Jeanne
Jouanny, Adeline
Jouanny, Francis
Jouanny, Lilian
Jouanny, Louis
Jouanny, Roselle Marie
Jouanny, Stephen Walter
Jouanny, Violet Marguerite
Journeaux, Gladys Vinia
Kergal, Juliette Luciene
Kezourec, Marie Ange
Lagadou, Helene Emma
Lagadou, Marie
Lagadou, Mavis Denise
Lagoguee, Marguerite
Laisney, Blanche Augustine
Laisney, Emile Philippe
Lane, Minnie
Langeard, Elise Alice Maud
Langlois, Alice Clara
Langlois, Arthur
Langlois, Charles
Langlois, Dorothy Bella
Langlois, Elsie
Langlois, Herbert
Langlois, Marie Margaret
Langlois, Nancy Marguerite
Laurens, Clarence
Lavenant, Emelie
Le Bailly, Alice Marie Louise
Le Blond, Annie A M
Le Blond, Berthe J M
Le Blond, Charles Hélie
Le Bon, Alec
Le Bon, Edmund
Le Borgne, Augustine
Le Borgne, Francis
Le Borgne, François
Le Borgne, Helene
Le Borgne, Jean Marie
Le Borgne, Louisa
Le Borgne, Rene
Le Borne, Eugenie
Le Boutillier, Edmund
Le Boutillier, Lilian
Le Boutillier, Olive
Le Breton, William
Le Brun, Eten
Le Brun, Harold John
Le Brun, Lloyd
Le Brun, Lorraine
Le Brun, Stanley Elias
Le Brun, Vernon
Le Chevalier, Adèle Rose
Le Chevalier, Albert Auguste
Le Chevalier, Albertine Henriette
Le Cocq, Beatrice
Le Cocq, Clifford George
Le Cocq, Lucille
Le Cocq, Peter James
Le Cocq, Violet May
Le Cornec, Clarence
Le Cornec, Edward
Le Cornier, Jane Elvina
Le Cornu, Alfred
Le Cornu, Alice Collas
Le Cornu, Arthur
Le Cornu, Clifford Lawrence
Le Cornu, Doris
Le Cornu, Edmund Philip
Le Cornu, Eileen Florence
Le Cornu, Elsie May
Le Cornu, Eva
Le Cornu, Gordon John
Le Cornu, Hilda Maud
Le Cornu, Ivy
Le Cornu, John Pinel
Le Cornu, Joshua
Le Cornu, Judith
Le Cornu, Lucille Arthur
Le Cornu, Mabel
Le Cornu, Mavis Jane
Le Cornu, May
Le Cornu, Mayzell Marie
Le Cornu, Percy
Le Cornu, Philip David Le Brun
Le Cornu, Rita Mary
Le Cornu, Stanley Charles
Le Cornu, Vera Maud
Le Cornu, Walter Philip
Le Cornu, Winter Peter
Le Couteur, Florence Maud
Le Cozannec, Emma Mary J
Le Cozannet, Alice
Le Cozannet, Florence
Le Cozannet, Jules
Le Cozannet, Jules
Le Cras, Cyril
Le Cuirot, Alice Irene
Le Cuirot, Charles Arthur
Le Cuirot, Gladys Maud
Le Cuirot, Irene Loddy
Le Cuirot, James Charles
Le Cuirot, Leonard Tom
Le Cuirot, Loddy Irene
Le Cuirot, Maud Gladys
Le Feuvre, Christine
Le Garignan, Cyril
Le Garignan, Joyce Lorraine
Le Garignan, Marie Adeline
Le Gresley, Ethel
Le Gros, Francis George
Le Gros, Hedley
Le Louarne, Marcelle Marguerite
Le Maistre, Beryl Maud
Le Maistre, Clifford
Le Maistre, Cyril
Le Maistre, Gerald Verdun
Le Maistre, Oswald
Le Maistre, Peter Edward
Le Marquand, Bulstrode
Le Marquand, Edward
Le Marquand, Harold George
Le Marquand, Hilda
Le Marquand, Milicent
Le Marquand, Peter
Le Marquand, Peter John
Le Marquand, Philip
Le Marquand, Phyllis
Le Marquand, Raymond
Le Marquand, Stanley
Le Marquand, William Peter
Le Masson, Cecile
Le Mercier, Doris Maud
Le Mercier, Lilian Maud
Le Mercier, Rita May
Le Mettée, Francis John
Le Monnier, Albert John
Le Monnier, Alfred
Le Monnier, Cecile
Le Monnier, Clara
Le Monnier, Clemente
Le Monnier, Edna Ruth
Le Monnier, Florence
Le Monnier, Gladys
Le Monnier, Iris May
Le Monnier, Lewis
Le Monnier, Maude
Le Monnier, Sidney
Le Monnier, Una Marjorie
Le Peuch, François
Le Peurian, John
Le Quesne, Nelson
Le Quesne, Philip
Le Rendu, Doris May
Le Rendu, Frank
Le Rendu, Jessie
Le Rendu, John
Le Sech, François
Le Souder, Adolph
Le Souder, John Peter
Le Souder, Matilda
Le Soudère, Matilda
Le Sueur, Alfred Pinel
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, Clarence
Le Sueur, Elsie Ada
Le Sueur, Ena May
Le Sueur, Ethel Annie
Le Sueur, George Herbert
Le Sueur, Hilda
Le Sueur, Hilda Jane
Le Sueur, Iris Lilian
Le Sueur, Lilian
Le Sueur, Mabel
Le Sueur, Maud May
Le Sueur, Stanley
Le Veler, Florentine Yvonne
Le Veler, John
Le Veler, Joseph
Le Veler, Louise
Le Vey, Ronald Stanley
Lempriere, Arnold Philip
Lock, Walter
Louis, Gladys Louisa
Louis, Stanley
Lozach, Frank
Lozach, Yvonne
Lucas, John
Lucas, Stanley
Luce, Charlotte
Luce, Francis Philip
Luce, Léonie May
Maillard, Delphine Florence
Maillard, Hedley James
Mallet, Eleonore
Mallet, John
Malzard, Francis
Malzard, Philip
Marett, Clifford Raymond
Marett, Francis George
Marett, John Francis
Marett, John Trachy
Marett, Walter
Marett, William
Marett, Winifred
Martel, Marie
Martin, Georgina
Martin, Joseph
Martin, Mary
Masterman, Alfred William
Masterman, Maisie Maud
Masters, Ralph
Mauger, Aline
Mauger, Clarence Philip
Mauger, Cyril Adolphus
Mauger, Elsie
Mauger, Eric Oswald
Mauger, Henry Alexandre
Mauger, Hilda
Mauger, Jack Victor
Mauger, Philip
Méheux, Germaine Angeline
Meleter, Lucienne
Michel, Arthur
Michel, Gladys May
Michel, Joseph Hedley
Milon, Arthur
Milon, Donald Eugene
Milon, Doris
Milon, Madeleine Annie
Minier, Blanche
Minier, Ernest
Minier, John
Moignard, Alfred
Moignard, Dorothy
Moisan, Alfred Francis
Moisan, Edith
Moisan, Leslie Charles
Morel, Adele Marie
Morel, Alice
Morel, Emilié Marie
Morel, Francis
Morel, John Alfred
Morel, Joseph
Morel, Louis François
Morin, Adèle Marie
Morin, Albert Yves
Morin, Alfred
Morin, Eugene
Morin, François
Moris, Francis
Morris, Charles
Morris, Lilian
Mourant, Maurice Wilfred
Norman, George William
Omnès, Francis
Omnes, Natalie
Orange, Dorothy
Paisnel, Emile John Louis
Paisnel, George Isador
Paisnel, Isidore
Pallot, Mabel
Paranthoen, Marie
Parenthoen, Maurice
Parry, Baylis William
Parry, Roy Albert
Pearmain, Edith Elizabeth
Pearmain, George Albert
Perron, Arthur
Perron, Cyril Ernest
Perron, Josephine
Philippe, Peter
Pincemin, Francis
Pinel, Alice Le Quesne
Pipon, Ada
Pipon, Alfred
Pipon, Doris
Pipon, Edward
Pipon, Hedley Arnold
Pipon, Hilda
Pipon, Ida
Pipon, Leonard
Pipon, Lily
Pipon, Marie Adele
Pipon, Maud
Pipon, Wilfred
Pipon, Winter Edward
Poignand, Charles
Poignand, John Francis
Poignand, Mabel
Potier, Alfred John
Potier, John Charles
Potier, Olive
Potier, Reginald Francis
Potier, Robin
Quemard, Alfred Francis
Quémard, Francis
Quemard, Joseph
Quémard, Marie
Quémard, Rosa
Querée, Adelina
Queree, Cecilia
Querée, Philip
Quérée, Sidney
Querée, Stanley
Quérée, Walter John
Quesnel, Elsie
Quesnel, Gladys
Quesnel, Percy
Quesnel, Reginald
Quesnel, William
Rabasse, John Alfred
Rabasse, Lucy
Rabasse, Mabel
Rabasse, Sarah
Rabasté, Aline
Rabaste, Amelie
Rabaste, Constance Adeline
Rabasté, Eugène
Rabaste, Francis Peter
Rasin, John
Rault, Adeline Françoise
Rault, Anne Marie
Remon, Annie
Remon, Ernest
Remon, Vera
Renault, Edward
Renault, Elsie
Renault, Elsie Jane
Renault, Phyllis
Renault, Thomas
Renouf, Elsie
Renyard, Anna
Renyard, Doris
Renyard, Florence
Richard, Peter Henry
Richard, Alice Jane
Riou, Alice
Riou, John Louis
Roach, Cyril Le Feuvre
Roach, Valery Eva
Robins, Arthur
Robins, Ethel
Robins, George William
Rolland, Raymond Francis
Romeril, Donald
Romeril, John William
Rondel, Agnes M
Rondel, Anna Pinel
Rondel, Cécile Marie
Rondel, Clement
Rondel, Elsie
Rondel, Elvina
Rondel, Emma Marett
Rondel, Florence
Rondel, Hedley Clement
Rondel, John A
Rondel, Philip Marett
Rondel, Wevna
Rouxin, Bienaimé
Rouxin, Thomas
Ruderham, Harry Arthur
Sangan, Gladys
Sangan, Rosie Emily
Shales, Charles Robert
Shales, Eliza Margaret
Shales, Kathleen Jane
Silver, Louis Myrtle Bernard
Sioux, Albert Francis
Starck, Elsie
Starck, Janet
Storey, Margaret Clapperton
Sullivan, Evelyn Mary
Sullivan, William John
Surcouf, Alfred
Surcouf, Arthur
Surcouf, Dorothy May
Surcouf, Edward John
Surcouf, Ernest
Surcouf, Gertrude Lorraine
Surcouf, John Edward
Surcouf, Lizzie
Surcouf, Louisa
Surcouf, Louisa Jane
Surel, Gladys
Tadier, Florence
Tadier, Louis
Tadier, Peter
Talibard, Francis
Talibard, Jean
Talibard, Marie Alexandrine Olive
Talibart, Blanche
Talibart, Lily
Tardivel, Alfred
Tardivel, Alice Frances
Tardivel, Edward
Tardivel, Francis
Tardivel, Gladys May
Tardivel, John
Thomas, Louise
Thomas, Renée
Tirel, Beryl
Tirel, Louisa
Touzel, Alice
Touzel, Annie
Touzel, Arthur George
Touzel, Bella
Touzel, Blanche
Touzel, Dorothy Grace
Touzel, Edmund
Touzel, Eva
Touzel, Francis
Touzel, Harold
Touzel, Hedley
Touzel, Marguerite Louisa
Touzel, Percy
Touzel, Phyllis
Touzel, Violet Maud
Touzel, Wilfred
Toy, Cecil
Toy, Constance
Toy, Florence Sarah
Toy, Francesca Faith
Toy, Frederick Edgar
Toy, Frederick Edgar Finch Tonkin
Toy, Rose Sarah
Toy, Royston
Toy, William
Trachy, Annie Louisa
Tucker, Bertha
Turgeon, Violet Ivy
Turmel, Celine Marie
Urvoy, Adolphus
Urvoy, Douglas
Urvoy, Emile
Urvoy, Gladys
Vallois, Cyril Archie
Vallois, Elsie May
Vallois, Gladys Jane
Vallois, Lydia
Vallois, Nellie Maud
Valois, Alice Maud
Valois, Emma
Valois, Florence
Valois, Percy
Valois, Stanley
Valois, Stephen
Vasselin, George Francis
Vautier, Nellie Lydia
Veler, Florentine Yvonne
Vibert, Agnes Lydia
Vibert, Clarence John
Vibert, Emma
Vibert, Gladys Mary
Vibert, Hilda Maud
Vibert, John Philip
Vibert, Mabel Nora
Vibert, Mélie Dorothy
Vibert, Philip John
Vibert, Suzanne May
Vibert, Violet
Vincent, Ada
Vincent, Lilian Ada
Vincent, Philip John
Walters, Charles
Walters, George
Weary, Cyril
Weary, Harold George
Weary, Hilda
Wightman, Thomas
Willows, Henry Royston
Woodnutt, Albert
Woodnutt, Gladys
Woodnutt, Phyllis
Woodnutt, Raymond
Woodnutt, Reginald
Keywords Parishes | Schools | admission registers
Category F-Civil Parishes
Places St Lawrence
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for 100 years
Closed until 2038


F/N/R2/1This item»

Admission Register for St Lawrence Primary School. This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF for entries.


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