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Bailiff's Official Correspondence. [Indexed]. Includes references to; Grande Anquette Beacon, Allegiance, the fire at the Town Arsenal, registration of architects, the oath of allegiance, the Assise d'Heritage, bills of parliament, Sunday playing by bands, Blanche Banques rifle range, permissions to transport and exhume bodies, complaints, movement of cattle, copyright, release and removal of convicts, the census, the Commission Rogatoire, Consuls, Defence, the death of Queen Victoria, permits, primary education, fishing boats, Gorey Regatta, gifts of guns, the Jersey Industrial School, the lunatic asylum, naturalisation, the prison, fishing and sale of fish, patronage, rembours de rentes, the theatre, telephones at Bonne Nuit and Victoria College Medals

Reference B/D/B1/5
Date 3 May 1899 - 1 November 1901
Names Andre, G M
Andrews, C T
Amy, Percy E
Allinson, H R
Aubin, Mr
Ashelford, Mr
Andre, Mr
Aubin, A J
Abadie, Henry Richard, Major General, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey 1900 - 1904
Blower, Mark
Bigge, Sir A
Bellis, John E
Belk, O
Brady, A
Balleine, A E
Bergne, F A
Bircham and Company
Baudains, Philippe, Constable of St Helier
Belford, Mr
Burrows, Mr
Balleine, C F
Briard, P, Jurat
Berteau, Mr
Barbre, H J W
Baker, Baker and Hawes
Boisgard, Debours
Coutanche, John
Cooper, S
Crofts, Jane
Carey, Sir Godfrey
Clinton, Lord E P, Colonel
Cunyngham, Mr
Cooper, T S
de Quetteville, W, Reverend
Dart, R
Dove, Colonel
de Gruchy, P J
A de Gruchy and Company Limited
de Caux, G, Vice Consul
Digby, Sir Kenelm
Dennis, Mr
du Heaume, Reverend
de Gruchy, W L
Dodgin, Miss
du Parcq, C P
de Caen, John
Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, 1837-1901
de Quetteville, P W
Elves, Captain
Elliott, T H
Ereaut, James John, Constable of St Saviour
Evans, P F
Early Closing Association
Fitzroy, A W
Findlay, D
Falle, J G
Fullarton, Colonel
Falle, Edward
Jersey Teachers Fund
Goschen, J
Godfrey, Colonel
Guiliana, Mr
Gaudin, Mr
Gallichan, Mr
Giffard, H W
Godfray, H S
Hawksford, Francis
Hamon, Francis
Hopton, General
Hamling, Sergeant
Boys Brigade
Hatton, G R
de Havilland, J T R
Earl of Halsbury
Hooper, F J
Hamon, G A
Harrison, J
Hill, C H, Doctor
Hocart, Mr
Horman, T C
Hamling, Sergeant
Jersey Industrial School
Knott, Mrs
Kenelin, Sir Digby
Knollys, Sir F
Kilgour, Miss
Kay, W W
Lester, L V
Laumonday, Master
Luce, Reverend
Labey, J W
Lambert, Captain
Marquess of Lansdowne
Lester, Mr
Le Maistre, J Le R
Lyte, T A
Le Feuvre dit Filliastre, F
Lester, Mr
Lyndon and Mason
Le Sueur, Mrs
Le Marquand, Miss
Lindley, Colonel
Lester, Mr
Le Cornu, Colonel
Le Sueur, R, Reverend
Mourant, E L
Moore, A M
Mollet, Mrs
Mallet, Mrs
Morrisson, Major
Moat, Reverend
Meldrum, Captain
Martindell, E W
Mountsteven, Colonel
Messervy, A
McDonnel, Miss
Marquand, H E
Nuttall, W M
Nicolle, E T
Owens, Charles
Oldridge, J J
Ozanne, Mr
Ouless, C P
Passmore, William
Pallot, Philippe
Payn, T
Palk, Colonel
Payne, A F
de Quetteville, F V
Robin, C M
Ridley, Sir M W
Renouf, W
Robertson, A
Ridley, Sir M W
Renouf, E B
Renard, Hippolyte
Sinnatt and Sons (Funeral Directors)
Spencer, H
Staeger, C
Simpson, Colonel
Sheridan, Paul
Sykes, Mrs
Turner, Adolphus Hilgrove
Trefuses, Colonel
Le Vacon, Reverend
Vickers, J
Vautier, T
Vatcher, Mrs
Voisin, E A, Doctor
Victoria College
Wade, Miss
Wilson, Mrs
Wilkinson, J A
Wheeler, W
Wright, Colonel
Wilkinson, J A
Winstow, Doctor
Wormald and Atkinson
Keywords Bailiffs | Fishing | prison boards | rembours de rente | Theatres | telephones | Medals | architects | bands | exhumations | complaints | Cattle | Copyright | convicts | Prisoners | censuses | defence | Education | Boats | Guns | asylums | lunatics | Beacons | Fires | Correspondence | legislation | judiciary
Places Grand Anquette Beacon, Town Arsenal, Blanche Banques Rifle Range, Bonne Nuit
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File


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