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Photograph album of buildings of historical significance in St Helier taken by Planning and Building Services. Includes many images of Hue Street and Old Street

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Reference D/W/E1/2
Date 1967 - 1997
Names Planning and Building Services
Planning and Environment Committee
W F Filleul (Stationer)
Bygones (Shop)
Le Mart (Hardware)
The Carpet Shop
The Antique Shop
Sewing Machine Centre
Chantelle's Boutique
P J Jameson (Welding Engineers)
Artiques (Antiques Shop)
Goldielocks (Clothes Shop)
Rusticana (Antiques Shop)
C T Maine Limited (Jewellers)
Ommaroo Hotel
Jersey Tourism Office
Harvey Monument
Westaway Memorial
Barclays Bank Limited
Bel Royal Radio
Wesley Grove Methodist Church
Lloyds Bank Limited
William A Bull and Company
Pat's Corner
Channel Blind Company
Castle Private Hotel
Au Connaisseur (Shop)
Plumbley's Hair Stylists
Le Sueur Monument
Post Office
Beresford Library Limited
Keywords development | Buildings | planning | Photographs | photograph albums | Architecture
Places 31, Union Street, 20, Charing Cross, 19, Charing Cross, 9, Sand Street, 7, Sand Street, 5, Sand Street, 3, Sand Street, 1, Sand Street, 6, Castle Street, 4, Castle Street, 2, Castle Street, 40, Union Street, 13, Sand Street, 11, Sand Street, 37, Union Street, 35, Union Street, 33, Union Street, 29, Union Street, 27, Union Street, 25, Union Street, 23, Union Street, 21, Union Street, Lister House, The Parade, 35½, The Parade, 35, The Parade, 34, The Parade, 33, The Parade, 20a, Old Street, 18, Old Street, 16, Old Street, 21, Union Street, Ann Street, 6, Le Geyt Street, 13½, Old Street, 14, Old Street, 13, Old Street, 12, Old Street, 10, Old Street, 11, Old Street, 9, Old Street, 8, Old Street, 6, Old Street, 4, Old Street, 4, Le Geyt Street, 31, Hue Street, 29, Hue Street, 27, Hue Street, 25, Hue Street, 24, Hue Street, 23, Hue Street, 20, Hue Street, 22, Hue Street, 15, Hue Street, 21, Hue Street, 19, Hue Street, South Cottages, 18, Hue Street, 17, Hue Street, 16, Hue Street, 15, Hue Street Cottages, 27, Broad Street, 12, Hue Street, Mayfield Cottages, Hue Cottages, 14, Hue Street, 11, Hue Street, 10, Hue Street, 9, Hue Street, 8a, Hue Street, 8, Hue Street, 2, Hue Street, 1, Hue Street, 15, Dumaresq Street, 31½, Dumaresq Street, 13, Dumaresq Street, 12, Dumaresq Street, 10, Dumaresq Street, 9, Dumaresq Street, 4, Dumaresq Street, 2, Dumaresq Street, 19, Charing Cross, Clare Street, Devonshire Place, Victoria Road, Pomona House, Pomona Road, 73, Great Union Road, Rouge Bouillon, Vauxhall Street, Val Plaisant Terrace, Great Union Road, 26, Pomona Road, 88, Great Union Road, 86, Great Union Road, 84, Great Union Road, William Place, Vincent Villas, Trafalgar Villas, Hilgrove Street, Havre des Pas, Jersey Tourism, St Helier Harbour, Halkett Place, 28, Halkett Place, Central Market, Torquay House, Halkett Place, Grosvenor Street, Green Street Cemetery, 71, Great Union Road, 104, Great Union Road, 27, Duhamel Place, 25, Duhamel Place, 23, Duhamel Place, 16, Duhamel Place, 15, Duhamel Place, 14, Duhamel Place, Dorset Street, 46, David Place, 44, David Place, Conway Street, La Collette, Colomberie, Tranquil Place, Clearview Street, Clare Villas, 4, Clare Street, 5, Clare Street, Charles Street, 16, Charing Cross, Castle Street, Broad Street, 18, Beresford Street, Beach Road, Beresford Street, St Saviour, St Helier
Dimensions 3 Photograph Album
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Photograph in cold storage for long-term preservation. High resolution copies can be ordered.


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