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Photograph album of buildings of historical significance in St Helier taken by Planning and Building Services [no date]

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Reference D/W/E1/6
Names Planning and Environment Committee
Planning and Building Services
Hotel Santa Monica
St Andrew's Church
First Tower Methodist Church
Harvest Barn (Public House)
Keywords development | Buildings | planning | Photographs | photograph albums | Architecture
Places St Helier, Elizabeth Castle, First Tower, Ville ès Nouaux Dolmen, Animal Cemetery, Dunedin Farm, St Helier, Croydon Terrace, Millbrook House, Millbrook, La Retraite, St Helier, Mont Cochon Farm, Old Farm, St Helier, White Lodge, Mont Cochon, High Park, Mont Cochon, Beauvoir, Mont Cochon, St Anne's, St Helier, Moss Nook, Mont à l'Abbé, Bellozanne Abbey, Mont à l'Abbé, Fern Hill, Mont à l'Abbé, Mont à l'Abbé House, St Helier, Chestnut Lea, Mont à l'Abbé, The Olde House, St Helier, St Claire House, St Helier, The Limes, Mont a l'Abbé, Les Ruettes Pinel, Mont a L'Abbé, Surville Farm, St Helier, Surville, St Helier, St Helier House, St Helier, Mon Sejour, St Helier, The Mount, St Helier, Mont à l'Abbé Cemetery, Uplands Farm, St Helier, Chestnut Farm, St Helier, Almorah Cemetery, Richmond Villas, Villa Villetrie, Vallée des Vaux, Rossmore, Vallée des Vaux, Monkton Farleigh, Linden Hall, St Helier, Oaklands, Trinity Hill, de la Rocque, St Helier, Bel Respiro, Mont au Prêtre, Domaine de Maitland, St Helier, La Maison du Mont au Prêtre, St Helier, Haut du Mont au Prêtre, Oaklands Farm, St Helier, La Ville Mars, Mont au Prêtre, Belmont Farm, Mont au Prêtre, Belmont, Mont au Prêtre, Stirling Castle Farm, Grands Vaux, Stirling Castle, Mont Neron, St Helier, Stafford Lane, St Helier, Les Ruisseaux Villas, Grands Vaux, Augrès House, Grands Vaux
Dimensions 1 Photograph Album
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Photograph in cold storage for long-term preservation. High resolution copies can be ordered.


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