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Photograph of the Governor, Bailiff, Jurats and Members of the States to the Miniquiers. Pictured are: J G Pepin, P J Gibaut, H N Godfray, E Le Sueur, P A Roissier, P Aubin, W J Ogier, G P Crill, R R Lempriere, T Le Gallais, Dr Falla, C G Renouf, P Le Vesconte, Mr Lloyd. Middle row: P Le Feuvre, T Dorey, J J Ereaut, P Briard, W Nicolle, Sir George Bertram, Sir E Hopton, E Luce. Bottom row: A Messervy, J Collas, Edouard Le Feuvre, Philippe Baudains, G Q Larbalestier, S Malet, Colonel Buxton


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