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Resignation between John Edwin Peter Davey, William Valpy Gaudin, John Francis Giffard of the first party, James Joslin Dupré, Charles Spargo, William Thomas Jackman, Walter Eveleigh Colebrook, James Henry Dart Potter, Thomas Ernest Le Cornu, James Adolphus Pearce, the said John Edwin peter Davey, and Frank Walker trustees and nominated appointees of the Quarterly Circuit Meetings of the association known as the Jersey English Methodist Society of the second party and the Reverend John Appleby Barrow-Clough Minister and Superintendant of the said association of the third party. Records the transfer from 1 to 2 with the consent of 3 of a certain piece of land situated in the Parish of St Clement on the Fief de Crapedoit for the sum of £50 and the payment of all rentes and seigneurial rights due on the land. Registered Livre 337 folio 11


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