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Draft register of deaths in St Helier part of volume 9 and all of volume 10. These records provided the information for the Superintendent Registrar to compile the official death registers. They include name, age, date, cause of death, address, doctor and undertaker. Please refer to the pdf name index attached to obtain a date or entry number and then search the pdf file/s. Dates are not always in chronological order.

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Reference E/D/A1/4
Date 26 February 1853 - 21 December 1854
Names Abel, Maria Jane
Adcock, John
Agnew, John
Ahern, Ellen
Ahier, Elizabeth Mary
Ahier, Elizabeth, nee Ahier
Ahier, François
Ahier, Jane Hardy
Ahier, John François
Ahier, Marie, nee Le Sueur
Ahier, Philippe
Albert, Eliza
Albert, Louisa
Albert, Thomas Alfred
Alexandre, Alfred James
Alexandre, Elizabeth
Alexandre, John
Allaire, Leon
Allan, Andrew
Allen, Anne, nee Le Boulanger
Allen, Elizabeth Jane Prout
Allen, Francis
Allen, Margaret
Allix, George
Almond, Susanne, nee Romeril
Amy, Eliza, nee Coombes
Amy, Esther, nee Le Sueur
Amy, Frederick
Amy, Jean
Amy, John
Amy, Philippe
Anderson, Charles Grand
Anderson, Mary Jane
Andrews, Adelaide
Andrews, Edwin
Andrews, John
Ahearn, Daniel
Angel, Anne
Angell, John
Anley, Charlotte
Anley, George
Anley, Philippe
Anquetil, Ann, nee Rider
Anquetil, Esther
Anquetil, Judith de Fraise
Anson, William
Anthoine , William Richard Fisher
Arthur, Frédéric John
Arthur, James
Arundel, Henry
Asplet, Melvina Mary
Asplet, Nancy, nee Ennis
Astruck, Louise Anselme, nee d’Altaide
Atkins, Esther Eliza
Atwell, John Thomas
Aubert, Jeanne
Aubin, Elizabeth
Aubin, Elizabeth, nee Delouche
Aubry, Philippe Victoire
Avenal, Rachel Marie Louise
Babot, Caroline,nee Gould
Bagot, Edouard Victor
Bagwell, Charlotte
Bailey, Catherine
Bailey, James
Bailey, Joseph
Baker, Harriet Kitty, nee Flanagan
Baker, Jane Ellis
Baker, Joseph Abraham
Baker, Mary Ann Helenor, nee Walkey
Baker, William Ellis
Baldwin, Catherine
Ball, William Henry Jenning
Banks, Fanny Champion
Bannister, Edmund William
Bannister, Sarah, nee Buttifant
Bannister, Susan Harriet
Barbey, Sophie Marie
Barlow, James
Barnard, Georgina, nee Reynolds
Barnes, Blanche
Barnes, John
Barnes, Mary Helena
Barnet, Matilda Andrews
Barrett, William
Barry, Frederick Charles
Barry, Mary, nee Butler
Barry, Sarah, nee Barry
Bartlett, Albert Frederick
Bartlett, Frances Harriet
Bartlett, William
Basset, Francis Henry
Basset, Marie, nee de St Croix
Bate, Frederick Charles
Bate, James Sampson
Bate, Mary Elizabeth
Bates, Alfred Ernest
Bates, Eliza, nee Screech
Batty, Edward
Bayler, Jeanne, nee Le Vesconte
Beacousin, Marie Jean
Beasland, Percy
Beaugard, Jules Joseph
Beaugie, Jeanneton, nee Noel
Beaujard, Alexandre Frederic
Beaujard, Paul Louis
Beauvais, Freedom Stafford
Beauvais, Mary Letitia, nee Stafford
Beck, Samuel
Bedwell, Edward Parker
Bee, Marguerite Lempriere
Beins, George
Belford, James
Bellée, Jeanne Françoise
Bellis, Alice Anne
Bellot, Frederick
Belot, George William
Benest, Jean
Beni, Marguerite
Beni, Marie Louise
Bennett, Jane, nee Austin
Bennett, John
Bennett, Joseph Richard
Berg, Elizabeth McCarthy
Berington, Frances Anne, nee Hamilton
Berry, Ann Elizabeth
Berry, Elizabeth Ann
Berry, Amelia Ann
Berryman, Elizabeth Celia, nee Grove
Berryman, John James
Berthault, Eugénie
Bertram, Charles
Bertram, Emilie
Bichard, Thomas
Billot, Elvina Louisa
Binet, Clement
Binet, Emmiline Augusta
Binet, Ernest Wadsworth
Binet, Jane Ann, nee Matthews
Bird, James
Bishop, Alfred Frederick
Bishop, Ann, nee Woods
Bisson, Elizabeth, nee Grigriy
Bisson, Frederick
Bisson, Jane, nee de St Croix
Bisson, John William
Bisson, Mary Louisa
Bisson, Susan Nancy
Bisson, Walter
Blackford, Thomas Ingram
Blake, Ann Elizabeth
Blampied, Louisa Mary
Blampied, Marie, nee Le Conte
Blampied, Nicolas
Blanc, Casimir Alexandre Joseph
Blanchard, Maria
Blandy, Edward
Blin, Eliza Esther
Blon, George
Bobzin, Alfred Charles Albert
Boddie, Georgina
Bodecot, Louisa Sarah
Boielle, Helen Emily
Boiëlle, Susanne
Bold, Mary Ann, nee Riddle
Bolt, Mary Ann Eliza
Bond, Bathsheba, nee Allen
Bond, Catherine
Booth, Henry
Boreham, Elizabeth, nee Jeune
Borgey, Christiana
Bouillet, Pierre
Boulley, Susannah Jane
Boundy, Mary Jane
Bousquet, Jean
Boutemy, Anne Elizabeth, nee Grassin
Bowden, Elizabeth
Bowden, Elizabeth Jane
Bowden, Sarah, nee Hepp
Bowditch, Thomas
Bowling, Sophia Lovelace
Bramhall, Thomas
Bray, James
Brée, Anne, nee du Jardin
Brennan, George
Briard, Betsey, nee Le Feuvre
Briard, John Peter
Briard, Philippe
Briard, William Elias
Britton, Robert
Broghan, William
Brooks, Elizabeth, nee Stagoll
Broomer, Jane
Brown, Barnabas
Brown, John
Brown, John Thomas
Brown, William Nicolas Davey
Browne, Susanna, nee Dickins
Brunet, Susanne
Bryan, Mary, nee Ryan
Bryant, Eliza Ann
Bryant, Mary Jane
Bryant, Matilda Louisa
Buckrell, Agnes Fay
Buckrell, John
Budd, William Balhetchet
Buesnel, Anne, nee Gavey
Bunbury, George Thomas Frederick
Bunting, Edward
Burlton, Elizabeth, nee Tregurtha
Burman, Mark
Burridge, Arthur Clarke
Burt, Mary Louise
Burton, Arthur Tom
Burton, Jane
Butters, Alice, nee Williams
Bynam, Emily Jane
Cabot, Thomas
Cabot, Winter
Campbel, Matilda Mary Susannna, nee Oliver
Canese, Mary Susan
Canivet, Clement
Cannon, Charles Martin
Cannon, William Joseph
Cantin, Margaret
Capuron, Charles Edward
Cardin, Jean
Carlton, Elizabeth
Carrel, Mary Ann
Carroll, William
Carson, Jane Marguerite, nee Audoire
Carter, Amelia
Carter, Ann, nee Noble
Carter, Benjamin
Carter, Bridget, nee McNulty
Carter, Catherine
Carter, Charles William
Carter, Edward John
Carter, George
Carver, James George
Case, Jane Caroline
Case, John James
Case, Robert William
Cauvet, Théobald Felix Francis
Cayzer, Jane Anna
Cayzer, John
Chamberlain, Sarah, nee Walker
Chaney, Mary Jane
Chappel, James
Chappell, William Foard
Charlton, Peter
Chedore, Catherine Clastique, nee Le Breton
Cheer, Amelia Ann
Chevalier, Marie, nee Le Boutillier
Chevalier, Mary Ann
Chick, Mary Jane
Chiles, Elizabeth
Christie, John
Christmas, Edward
Clarendon, Eliza
Clark, Mary Ann Matilda
Clarke, Frances Jane
Clarke, Mary Ann
Clarke, Mary Ann, nee Conway
Clavell, Alfred Joseph
Cleeter, George
Clegg, Frederick James
Clement, Georgina Ellen
Clement, Rowena Ann
Clements, James
Clements, Susannah Fabin, nee Gellett
Clift, John
Clostre, Henri
Cobb, Charles Thomas
Cochrane, Rachel Ann, nee Allan
Cockerton, Claude
Colbert, Amelia
Colbert, Mary
Cole, Mary Ann March, nee Jeune
Collard, Eliza Maud
Collas, James
Colley, Agnes
Collins, Jane Philippa Jeffrey
Collins, Mary Ann, nee Venard
Collis, Sarah, nee Manzell
Collvil, Josué
Compton, William
Connell, Elizabeth Elvina
Connelly, Elizabeth
Connor, Josephine Maria
Connor, Michael
Connors, John
Coombes, William
Cooper, Catherine, nee Butler
Cooper, James
Copp, Elkanah
Copp, Sarah
Corbel, John
Corbet, Charles Pierre
Corbet, Jane
Corbett, William
Cornick, Fanny
Cornish, Ann Elizabeth Rondel
Cornish, Elizabeth
Couch, Joanna
Coulomb, Jean
Court, Elizabeth, nee Diprose
Court, Joseph
Courtés, Armand
Coutanche, Alfred Mansell
Coutanche, Caroline
Coutanche, Elie
Coutanche, Eliza, nee Vatcher
Coutanche, Josué
Coutanche, Mary Ann
Cox, Gregory
Cox, Henry
Crabb, Henry Francis Hugh
Crawford, Jane
Creagh, Cecilia Teresa
Creagh, Elizabeth, nee O`Moore
Creagh, Emma
Creegan, John
Crespinel, Charles Simon
Cribbin, Laurance
Crocker, Agnes
Crocker, Emily Frances, nee Gough
Croissard, David
Cross, George Thomas
Crossley, Charlotte
Crosson, Priscilla, nee Gill
Crout, Mary Ann
Crowley, Catherine
Crowley, Margaret, nee McDonnell
Crowley, Michael
Cullen, John
Cunning, Selina Mary
Cunynghame, David, Sir
Curl, William
Curran, Michael
Curwood, James Philip
Da Costa, Anthony
Dacombe, Finlay James
Dallain, Jane Louisa
Dampier, William
Danford, Frank Stanley
Darling, Felix Horace
Darling, Felix John
Davern, Thomas
Davey, Charlotte Ann, nee Cooper
Davey, Elizabeth Ann, nee Greenwood
Davis, Ann, nee de Gruchy
Davis, Ernest
Davis, Frederick Christopher
Davis, Lucy
Daw, Edwin William
Daw, William Henry
Dawson, Jane Charlotte
Dawson, Mary
Dawson, Mary, nee Doyle
Dawson, Reymes King
Day, Hannah Bertha, nee Finch
de Carteret, Ann nee Le Feuvre
de Faye, Sophie
de Faye, Thomas
De Gruchy Philip Elias
de Gruchy, Adolphus
de Gruchy, Esther, nee Mauger
de Gruchy, Françoise
de Gruchy, Jane
de Gruchy, Jane, nee Bradley
de Gruchy, Jean
de Gruchy, Marie, née Cabot
Cabot, Marie
de Gruchy, Noemi
de Gruchy, Thomas
de la Cour, François
de la Cour, Jeanne, nee Le Lievre
de la Cour, John Thomas
de La Haye, Eva Rachel
de La Lande, Ellen Jane
de La Mare, Elizabeth, nee Clement
de La Mare, Esther Anne
de La Mare, John George
de La Perrelle, Anne, nee Le Sueur
de La Rue, Jean Nicolas
de la Taste, Edward
de la Taste, Frederick Henry
de La Taste, Giffard
de La Ville, Elizabeth, nee Le Roux
de Mirtre, Elizabeth, nee Le Geyt
de Putron, Mary Elizabeth
de Quetteville, Clement
de Quetteville, Jean David
De St Croix, Elizabeth
de St Croix, Emily
de St Croix, Mary Jemima
De St Croix, Eliza Jane
De St Croix, Elizabeth Ann
de Ste Croix, Anne, nee Esnouf
De Ste Croix, Charles Philip
de Ste Croix, Elizabeth Ann
Dean, Alice
Dean, George Edwin
Deasy, Mary Ann, nee Coter
Delecourt, Paul Antoine
Delecourt, Paul Frederic
Derry, George Henry
Desages, Pierre Vincent
Deslandes, Esther, nee Le Vesconte
Deslands, Marie Françoise, nee Remon
Dillon, Patrick Michael
Dixon, Elizabeth
Dobing, Emma Elvina
Dobing, James
Dodd, Edward Prior
Dodd, Olive, nee Eardley
Dodge, George Henry
Dolbel, Ann Mary, nee Babot
Donaldson, James
Donaldson, Martha
Donaldson, Martha Emilia
Donnell, Patrick
Donoghue, Mary
Donoghue, Mary Ann
Dorey, Selina, nee Gollicker
Dougherty, Fanny, nee Carney
Doughty, Mary, nee Towner
Dowden, William Henry
Dowinton, Loveday, nee Apps
Downer, George
Downer, Francis
Downton, George
Doyle, Anna
Doyle, Dennis
Doyle, Mary
Drake, Sidney
Draper, Charles
Draper, Fanny, nee Territ
Drelaud, Nancy Marie
Drew, Rachel, nee Messervy
Driver, Mary Eliza
du Feu, Elizabeth Ann
du Feu, Jane Alice
du Feu, Nicolas
du Fresne, Philippe
du Jardin, Thomas Angot
Duchemin, Jeanne, nee Anley
Duhamel, Mary Ann
Duheaume, Jeanne Elizabeth, nee Baal
Dumphy, Mary Ann
Dunn, Ellen
Dunn, Victoria Jane
Dunphy, Margaret
Dupont, Jeanne, nee Nicolle
Dupré, William Henry
Durand, Armand Marie
Durand, Josephine
Durant, Priscilla Lydia
Durell, Jane, nee Coutanche
Dutaillis, Louis Helin
Duval, Léonie Célénie Lefebvre
Dwyer, Bridget
Dwyer, Judith, nee Wilde
Dwyer, Margaret
Dwyer, Mary Ann
Dyer, Mary Ann
Ealand, Margaret
Eastywood, George
Eayrs, Henry
Edgecumbe, John Thomas
Edmonston, William
Edsall, John
Elleford, Margaret, nee Crowe
Ellenton, Ann, nee Chester
Ellis, John Phillip
Ellis, Mary Ann
Ellis, Thomas
Eltenton, Ann, nee Chester
England, Elvina Elizabeth
Ennis, Isabel Anne
Ennis, James
Ereaut, Charles
Ereaut, Edwin
Eskett, Ann, nee Trevetham
Esnouf, Elizabeth, nee Viel
Esnouf, Matthieu
Esnouf, Philip Alfred
Esthur, Louisa Ann
Etasse, Josephine Marie Louise
Etasse, Pierre Joseph André
Eve, John Pearce
Evelyn, William Edgar
Evenden, Richard
Everett, Arthur Hart
Evill, Sarah, nee Morris
Ewing, Charles Paul
Eyre, Louisa, nee Le Quesne
Fairchild, Ann, nee Blakeman
Fallaize, Agnes
Falle, Douce, nee Bailliau
Falle, George
Farley, Ellen
Farrel, Henriette Ann
Farrell, Christopher
Farrell, Elizabeth, nee Grandin
Faulkner, Frances
Fauvel, Jean Elie
Fauvel, Louisa Amelia
Fauvel, Marguerite, nee Le Gallais
Fauvel, Mary Rosamund
Fauvel, Rachel, nee Phillips
Fennell, Mary
Fenton, Maria
Fentum, Arthur John
Fentum, Charles Boykett
Ferett, Auguste
Ferrant, Mary Ann
Fewins, Albert John
Field, Adolphus
Field, Caroline Jane
Field, Selina Emily
Filleul, Mary Ann, nee Gates
Filleul, Philippe
Fitzgerald, John
Fitzgerald, Michael
Fitzpatrick, Ann, nee McMann
Fixott, Florence Emily
Flaherty, Sarah Jane
Fletcher, Adolphus William
Fletcher, Emily Jane
Flinn, Esther Louisa
Flower, Charlote, nee Crofts
Flynn, Catherine
Flynn, Thomas
Foard, Richard
Forbes, Charles
Forbes, Elizabeth
Ford, Francis
Ford, Mary Maria
Fortescue, Bertha Clifton
Fortescue, Hugh Henry
Fowler, William
Fox, Catherine, nee Lynch
Fox, James
Fox, Phoebe, nee Bridle
Franklin, John
French, Eliza Matilda, nee da Rocha
French, Thomas
Frost, Charles
Frost, Edith Eliza
Frost, Mary, nee Rice
Frost, Rebecca, nee Shillibeer
Fry, Elizabeth
Fry, Ellen
Fry, George
Fry, Robert
Furcey, Job
Gabourel, John Joshua
Gaffeney, François, Georges
Gale, Frederick
Gallichan, Ann
Gallichan, Edwin d’Arthenay
Gallichan, Elizabeth Mary, nee Ereaux
Gallichan, Jane Elizabeth
Gallichan, Julie Jane
Gallichan, Susan
Gallie, Elisée,
Gallie, Elizabeth, nee Bisson
Gallie, Jean
Gallie, Samuel
Gallienne, Thomas
Gange, George
Ganley, Margaret, nee Connors
Gardener, Robert
Garland, Frances
Garland, Lucy
Gauchet, Arsène Charles Marie
Gauchet, Denise Joséphine
Gaudin, Daniel
Gaudin, Elie
Gaudin, Jeanne, nee Boutillier
Gaudin, Philippe
Gaudion, Elizabeth, nee Le Dain
Gaudion, Selina Elizabeth
Gauntlett, George
Gautier, Elizabeth Rosalie Augustine
Gautier, Emélie
Gavey, Elizabeth Jane
Gavey, Emily Jane
Gayley, Charles Maitland
Geary, John Stevenson
Geary, Laurence
Gelender, Eliza
George, James
Giffard, Selina Ann
Gillard, Jemima
Gillard, Josiah
Gillingham, Elizabeth
Gillman, Jonathon
Gillman, Susanne, nee Nicolle
Ginestet, Suzanne Victorine, nee Martineau
Girard, Melvina Marguerite
Giraudot, Marie, nee Renouf
Glazebrooke, Mary Ann, nee Lumley
Gleeson, Orlando
Glugas, Rachel, nee Bisson
Goate, Edward
Goddard, Elizabeth, nee Phillips
Godel, Jane
Godfray, Anne, nee Le Vavasseur dit Durell
Godfray, Clementina Rachel
Godfray, Jenny, nee Le Brocq
Godfray, Rebecca Wiker, nee Bolt
Goff, Mary Ann, nee Fontaine
Goodfellow, Mary Ann
Goodfellow, Thomas
Goodyear, Jane
Goodyear, Jane
Gordon, Henry Passley Gabriel David
Gorman, Catherine
Gorman, Margaret
Gosling, George John
Gosset, Isaac
Gosset, Philippe
Goubert, Aimée Louise
Goubert, Julie
Goubert, Virginie
Govier, John Colman
Graham, James
Graham, John
Grandin, Anne Rachel, nee Remy
Grandin, Daniel
Grandin, Henry Philippe
Grard, Esther Jeanne, nee Le Ruez
Graves, Marie Victoire, nee Black
Green, Cornelius
Green, George
Green, Hannah
Green, James
Green, Selina
Greenslade, Harriet
Gregory, John Thomas
Gregory, Louisa
Gregory, Mary Ann
Griffin, Alfred Philip
Grigg, William Hiram
Grimley, William
Grinley, Augustus
Groves, Charles James
Growdon, Maria, nee Thompson
Gruaz, Henry Thomas
Grubb, Ellen Florida
Grubb, Emeline Howard
Guerin, Fanny Selina
Guille Marie Alexandrina
Guille, Jane Louise
Guille, Nancy, nee Grigiry
Guilliard, Louisa Ann
Guiton, Sally, nee Le Maistre
Gumbrell, William
Gush, John Robert
Guy, George Bridges
Guy, George Thomas
Hacker, Martha Nash, nee Hiscocks
Hacquoil, Philip Aaron Godfray
Hafner, Mary Ann
Hafner, William
Hake, Sampson James
Haley, Edmund
Hall, Clement
Hall, Francis, nee Strodhard
Hall, Maria, nee Doughty
Hall, Thomas
Hallett, Eliza
Hallman, Susanna Victoria
Hambley, Mary Ann, nee Bartlett
Hambley, Samuel
Hammond, Charles Frederick
Hammond, James
Hammond, Walter Dudley
Hamon, Adolph Josué
Hamon, George
Hamon, James
Hamon, Jean Charles
Hamon, Susanne Elizabeth
Handy, Martha,nee Stacey
Hannan, Michael
Hannan, Samuel Richard Moyle
Hansbury, Maria nee Hone
Hardeley, John
Hardey, Ann
Hardy, Albert Henry
Hardy, Elizabeth, nee Parkins
Hardy, Esther, nee Syvret
Harradence, Thomas Woodley
Harris, Mary Esther
Hart, Eliza
Harte, Philip
Harvey, Angel Hart
Hasket, Alice Selina
Hatch, Sampson
Haverfield, Isabella Frances
Hayes, Ann
Hazell, William
Headley, William
Heal, Mary Agnes
Heale, Edward
Healey, John Edward
Healy, Matilda, nee Power
Hearn, Michael
Hearnden, Shem
Hearnes, William
Hearns, Patrick
Helleur, Mary Ann Susanne
Hellyer, Alfred
Hellyer, Elizabeth, nee Knight
Helyer, James
Henderson, Catherine
Henry, Ann Elizabeth, nee Le Clercq
Hens, William George
Henwood, William
Hepburn, Charles
Hérivel, Jane
Hertel, Charles William
Heudy, Louis
Hezell, Richard
Hibbard, Jane Ann, nee Jenkins
Hicks, Alfred Joshua
Hicks, Louisa
Hicks, Mary Ann
Hill, James
Hill, John
Hinchey, Charles William
Hinchey, George
Hinchey, Henry William
Hinchey, James
Hockey, Elizabeth, nee Wheeler
Hockey, Mary Ann
Hocquard, Catherine Jane, nee Forster
Hocquard, Mary Ann
Hodge, Robert
Hogan, Bridget, nee O`Brien
Hogan, John
Holding, Charles
Holiwell, George Marshall
Holland, Charles
Holman, Margaret
Holman, Mary
Hone, Stephen
Hood, James
Hooper, Eliza, nee Miles
Horman, Eliza, nee Cook
Horn, Anthony
Hoskyn, Selina Adelaide
Hotton, John Fleming
Howard, John
Howard, Joseph
Howard, William Albert
Howell, William
Hubbard, Henry
Hubert, Georgiana Eliza
Hubert, Georgina, nee du Jardin
Hubert, Guillaume Jean
Hubert, Jane, nee Ahier
Hubert, Jeanne, nee Le Riche
Hubert, Rosalie, nee Ozouf
Humphries, Sarah Jane
Hurne, Robert
Husk, Catherine, nee McLean
Husk, William
Husson, Jane Ann
Hutchings, Charles
Hutchings, Henry William
Hutchings, Jane nee Panter
Hutchings, Mary nee Evans
Hutchings, Montague
Hutton, Letitia nee Greene
Hyatt, Sarah nee Giffard
Ingerson, Frances
Ingerson, Jane
Ingerson, Susan
Ingram, Martha Eliza
Ingram, Mary Eliza
Irvine, Robert Hamilton
Isherwood Francis Ash
Ivey, Elizabeth Ann nee Coombs
Jackosn, Joseph
Jackson, Benjamin
Jackson, Ellen
Jackson, Michael
Jacobs, John
Jacobs, Louisa
Jacobs, Rebecca Phillipa
Jamard, Mary Cavillou
Jandron, Elizabeth, nee Le Seelleur
Jane, Caroline
Jane, Richard
Janvrin Eliza Ann
Jarvis, Anne, nee Nicolle
Jauncey, Francis
Jean, Eleonore Elizabeth
Jean, François
Jeandron, James Philippe
Jenkins, Amelia
Jenner, Edward
Jeune, Jane, nee Le Gallais
Jeune, Philippe
Jeune, Thomas
Jewell, Amelia
Johnson, A
Johnson, David England
Johnson, John
Johnson, John Vernon
Johnson, Mary Ann Theresa, nee McAvoy
Johnson, Mary Elizabeth, nee Jarvis
Johnston, Thomas
Jones, Barnard
Jones, Edward Matthew
Jones, Godiva
Jones, Grace
Jones, Henry Percy
Jouault, Auguste Edouard
Jouault, Bérénice Désirée, nee Morel
Journeaux, Marie, nee Alexandre
Journeaux, Philippe
Judge, William
Keeping, Harriet Jane
Kelley, James
Kennedy, Francis
Kennedy, George
Kennedy, Margaret
Kennedy, Mary Sarah
Kennedy, Sarah
Kenny, Bartholomew
Kernot, Charles Middleton
Kibble, Amos
Kilvert, Mary Ann, nee Davey
King, Elizabeth, nee King
King, George Frederick
King, Isabella Louisa, nee Maitland
Kingsley, Eliza, nee Barry
Knee, Edward
Knott, Catherine Harriet
La Cloche, George
La Cloche, Mary
La Gerche, Alfred John
Labey, Anna Amelia
Laffoley, Philippe
Laffoley, Susan
Laffolley, Fanny
Lakin, Jemima
Lambert, Elizabeth Clarisse
Lambert, Jeanne, nee Paquet
Lancaster, William Thomas
Lane , Francis Charles Osborne
Lane, Elizabeth Mary
Lang, John
Langelier, Thomas William
Langford, George Henry
Langlois, John
Larbalestier, William
Laren, Elizabeth, nee Donaldson
Larsonneur, Hortense
Laurens, Elizabeth Matilda
Laurens, Francis
Laurens, Jean
Laurens, Lydia Mary
Laurens, Sophie, nee Fearon
Laventure, Ann, nee Luce
Lawler, Roger
Lawrence, Ann, nee Webber
Lawrence, Henry Edwin
Lawrence, James
Le Bailly, Josué
Le Bailly, Mary Elizabeth, nee Sanders
Le Bas, Eliza Phillips
Le Blancq, Elizabeth, née Malzard
Malzard, Elizabeth
Le Blanq, Marguerite, nee Nicolle
Le Blond, Victor Armand
Le Boutillier, Jeanne, nee Binet
Le Boutillier, John
Le Boutillier, Philip Francis
Le Breton, Eliza Mary
Le Breton, Elizabeth
Le Breton, Etienne
Le Brun, Delphina Elizabeth
Le Brun, Elias
Le Brun, Elizabeth, nee Friend
Friend, Elizabeth
Le Brun, Frederick George
Le Brun, Marie Augustine
Le Brun, William Charles
Le Chaudelier de Pierreville, Philbert
Le Chevalier, Victoire Rosalie
Le Cloche, Alfred
Le Cocq, George
Le Cocq, Thomas
Le Conte, Louis Joseph
Le Cornu, Philippe
Le Cras, Charles
Le Cras, Maria Jane
Le Cras, Nicholas
Le Feuvre, Agnes
Le Feuvre, Ann Elizabeth
Le Feuvre, Arthur
Le Feuvre, Charles George
Le Feuvre, Eliza
Le Feuvre, Elvina
Le Feuvre, George
Le Feuvre, Jean
Le Feuvre, Jean François
Le Feuvre, Jeanne, nee Palot
Le Feuvre, Louisa
Le Feuvre, Louisa Alice
Le Feuvre, Marguerite Elizabeth, nee Le Sueur
Le Feuvre, Marie Esther, nee Amy
Le Feuvre, Marie, nee Le Sueur
Le Feuvre, Marie, nee Dumaresq
Le Feuvre, Mary Ann, née Blampied
Blampied, Mary Ann
Le Feuvre, Rachel
Le Fortier, Sidonné Julie
Le Gallais, Clement
Le Gallais, Elizabeth, nee Magenis
Le Gallais, Jane Alma
Le Geyt, Aabraham James
Le Geyt, Catherine
Le Goupillot, Jean François
Le Gresley, Eliza Mary, nee Fauvel
Le Gresley, Elizabeth Mary
Le Gros, Abraham
Le Gros, Alfred
Le Gros, Elizabeth, nee Amy
Le Gros, George
Le Gros, George Charles
Le Gros, George John
Le Gros, Jacques
Le Gros, James
Le Gros, Jean
Le Gros, Susan Maria
Le Huquet, Mary Ann
Le Huray, Bonamy
Le Lievre, Francois
Le Liévre, Mary
Le Lievre, Richard
Le Lion, Louis
Le Long, Auguste
Le Lubez, Nicolas
Le Maistre, Anne, nee Mourant
Le Maistre, Charles François
Le Maistre, Elizabeth Marguerite
Le Maistre, Jane Mary, nee Le Sueur
Le Maistre, Mary Ann
Le Maistre, Rachel Elizabeth, nee Hampton
Le Maistre, Thomas
Le Maistrer, Philippe
Le Manquais, Josué
Le Marquand, Marie Jeanne, nee Le Cras
Le Masurier, Jean
Le Masurier, John
Le Masurier, Josué
Le Masurier, Robert
Le Mercier, Thomas
Le Moignan, Charles John
Le Montays, Judith
Le Mottee, Fanny, nee Le Sueur
Le Noury, Ann Louise Perrine, nee Le Bourget
Le Petevin dit Le Roux, Mary Ann
Le Petevin, Amelia
Le Prieur, Louis Adrien Salomon
Le Quesne, Cecil
Le Ray, Alfred John
Le Ray, François
Le Ray, Sophia Sarah
Le Riche, Elizabeth, nee Binet
Le Riche, Jeanne, nee Le Masurier
Le Riche, Jeanne, nee Nicolle
Le Riche, Thomas Peter
Le Rossignol, Ann Harriet, nee Reeks
Le Rossignol, Anne Elizabeth, nee Renouf
Le Ruez, Susanne, nee Le Feuvre
Le Selleur, Mary
Le Sueur, Elizabeth
Le Sueur, Elizabeth, née Le Sueur
Le Sueur, Françoise, nee Le Feuvre
Le Sueur, Jean Matthieu
Le Sueur, Louisa Agnes
Le Sueur, Melvina Mary
Le Sueur, Nancy, nee Pinel
Le Sueur, Philip
Le Sueur, Philippe
Le Sueur, Susanne, nee Jolin
Le Templier, John Filleul
Le Vesconte, Amelia
Le Vesconte, John Frederic
Le Vesconte, Philippe Dolbel
Le Vesley, Elie
Lean, Ann, nee Marett
Lean, John Gunnis
Leat, Thomas Maunder
Leat, William Maunder
Leaver, Louisa Ann
Leaviss, Anne, nee Le Cras
Lee, Ann Mary
Lee, Henry Lewis
Lee, James John William
Legg, Thomas
Leigh, Elizabeth
Leigh, George Philip
Leonard, Clara
Leonard, Elizabeth
Leopold, Mariane Hart, nee Harvey
Letto, Marguerite, nee Riquet
Letto, Mary Louisa
Levis, George Joseph
Lidstone, Joseph Henry
Line, Joseph
Lines, Henry
Linscott, Maria, nee Endicott
Livermore, Edward John
Lloyd, Elizabeth, nee McNamara
Lockwood, Madeline, nee Boyes
Lointier, Annette
Louis, Belfield Townsend
Louis, Charles Matthew
Luce, Alfred John
Luce, Elie
Luce, Elizabeth
Luce, Francis
Luce, Frederick
Lyddon, John
Lyons, Mary
Mabbott, George
MacGowan, Jane
MacGowan, Joseph Henderson
Machon, Elizabeth Rosamond
Machon, Philippe
MacKay, John Matthew
MacLocklin, Marie, nee Nicolle
Madden, James
Mahoney, Ellen
Main, James
Main, Jane Margaret
Male, John
Malguerin, Charles Jacques
Mallet, Eliza Jane
Mallet, Jane, nee Jeune
Mallett, Louisa Ellen
Malley, Robert
Malony, Henriette Urbaine
Malzard, Marie Susanne, nee Fauvel
Malzard, Rachel, nee Corbel
Mander, John
Mara, Alice Hansford
Marett, Esther, nee Bisson
Marett, François
Marett, George
Marett, Jean
Marett, John
Marett, Marie, nee Le Seelleur
Margitson, Maria, nee Ladbrook
Marie, George Edward
Marie, Mary, nee Le Cocq
Marie, Thomas Helier
Marquis, Emily Alice
Marquis, William
Marquis, William Henry
Marsh, Eliza, nee Guy
Marsh, Elizabeth, nee Legg
Marshall, Edmund Charles
Marshall, Elizaeth, nee Ramsay
Martin, Eliza
Martin, Elizabeth, nee Blenkinson
Martin, Mary
Martin, Mary, nee Bichard
Martin, Robert Wylie
Mary, Marie, nee Duhamel
Mason, Eliza Lucy
Masson, Julie Léonie
Masters, Mary Ann
Matson, Georgina
Matthews, John
Matthews, Marie
Matthews, Victoria Wilson Clarke
Matthews, William
Mauduit, Etienne Jean
Mauger, George
Mauger, John George
Mauger, Pierre
Mauviel, Marie, nee Vente
Maxwell, Mary Jane
May, Harriet, nee Allen
McAllan, Harriet
McAteer, Ephraim
McAuliff, Honora
McAvoy, Michael Cornelius
McBrine, John Thomas
McCabe, Nicholas
McCarney, Thomas
McCleod, Donald Bannington
McConvill, John
McCormick, Ann Eliza
McCormick, Catherine
McCormick, Patrick Francis
McCreit, Mary Ann, nee Dunn
McDermot, Mary Jane
McDermott, William
McDonald, Alexander
McDonald, John
McEvoy, Elizabeth, nee Jean
McKeale, Thomas
McKenna, Catherine, nee McVeigh
McKenney, Elizabeth
McKenzie, Elizabeth Rachel, nee Kerby
McKenzie, John
McKenzie, John
McKernon, James
McKown, James
McLeod, Fanny Jane
McLeod, Robert John
McNulty, Denis James
Meader, George Chitty
Medland, Charles
Meech, Mary Ann, nee Abrahams
Melikin, John Thomas Henry
Mercer, Elizabeth
Meriet, Victorine
Mesney, Elizabeth, nee Deslandes
Messervy, Eliza, nee de Garis
Messervy, Françoise
Messervy, James
Metherell, Charles Payn
Métivier, Elizabeth, nee Syvret
Metters, Ellen Margaret
Mew, James
Middleton, Mary
Mildrum, Mary Ann
Mill, James
Millais, Jean
Miller, Catherine Eliza, nee Adams
Miller, Elizabeth, nee Penhall
Miller, Mary
Miller, Peter
Millman, Amelia, nee Hellyer
Mills, James
Mills, John
Minchinton, William
Mitchel, Stephen George
Mitchell, Daniel
Mitchell, Walter Alexander William Edmund
Mockridge, Marie, nee Le Cras
Moignard, Jean Thomas
Moignard, Mary Jane
Mollet Henriette, nee Demick
Mollet, Jane, nee de Ste Croix
Moody, Ann, nee Sanson
Moon, Charles John
Mooney, Catherine, nee Norton
Moore, Charles
Moore, Henry
Moore, Nicholas Chope
Morehead, Ellen
Morgan, Jean Edouard
Morison, Maria Hawkins, nee Higham
Morris, Anne Le Bourdon
Morris, François
Morris, Thomas
Mosely, William
Moss, Ann
Moss, George
Moss, Jane
Moss, William Henry
Mourant, Anne, nee Amy
Mourant, Eliza, nee Reeks
Mourant, Elizabeth, nee Amy
Mourant, Philippe
Mousselet, Célest, nee Viet
Mudge, Samuel Tamlin
Muldoon, Francis Philip
Mulholland, Amelia, nee Ormston
Muller, Virginie
Mullett, Georgina
Murphy, Jane
Murphy, Margaret, nee Daley
Murray, Michael John Freethy
Mutton, Alfred Cory
Mutton, Elizabeth
Mutton, Jane Cory
Neal, Margaret
Neal, Thomas
Neale, Margaret
Neill, James
Nepo, Marie Joséphine, nee Deslandes
Newbery, Georgina Caroline, nee Westoby
Newbery, Ottywell
Newbyn, Richard Bolton
Newman, John
Newman, Richard
Nicholson, Emma Mack
Nicolle, Charles
Nicolle, Jane Georgina
Nicolle, John
Nicolle, Rachel
Noble, Charles
Noel, Clement
Noel, Edouard Jean
Noel, Francis Winter
Noel, Jean
Noel, John Edward
Noel, Marie Rachel, nee Bertram
Noel, Philippe
Noel, Philippe Clément
Norman, Alfred
Norman, Charlotte, nee Snell
Norman, Daniel
Norman, Elias
Norman, Elizabeth
Norman, Mary Elizabeth
Norton, Matthew
Nowell, Julia Adela
Nowell, William
O Farrell, Daniel
O`Brien, Emily, nee Robin
O`Farrell, Johana
O’Connor, Ann
O’Donnell, John
O’Neill, Catherine
Odon, Charles
Oke, George
Oldridge, Lucina
Oldridge, Robert
Oliver, Emily Catherine
Oliver, William Charles
Orin, Thomasse, nee Pécaud
Overett, William
Owen, William
Padmore, Rebecca
Page, Jeremiah George
Palmer, Mary Ann
Palot, Josué
Paris, Alexander John
Parker, James
Parrot, Jane
Parsons, Ellen
Parsons, Grace nee Cole
Parsons, Susannah Fabin Bogard Gellet
Partridge, Elizabeth
Partridge, Frances, nee Peach
Patry, Susanne, nee Picot
Patterson, Sarah Eliza
Payn Emilie
Payn, Elizabeth, née de Ste Croix
de Ste Croix, Elizabeth
Payn, Jeanne, nee Le Grand
Payne, Francis
Payne, George Francis
Pearce, Ann, nee Clampill
Pearce, Elizabeth Ann
Pearce, Francis
Pearse, Caroline
Peek, Richard
Pelham, Henry Clinton
Pellow, Alfred
Pellow, Elizabeth, nee Barnes
Pellow, William
Pengelly, Amanda Sophia
Penison, Richard
Pepin, Marie, nee Messervy
Perchard, Charles
Perchard, Elvina Jane
Perchard, Nicolas
Percival, Charles Albert
Percival, Elizabeth, nee Hart
Percival, Ellen Jane
Percival, Mary Jane
Perkins, Jane, nee Wells
Perkins, Thomas Drew
Perrison, Elizabeth Jane
Perry, Henry
Phillips, Henry John
Phillips, John
Picot, Betsey, nee Le Ray
Picot, Charles John
Picot, Elizabeth, nee de St Croix
Picot, George
Pigeon, John William
Pigeon, Mary Ann, nee Stone
Piloger, Albert Pierre
Pinkay, Mary Ann
Piper, Hugh
Pirouet, Ellizabeth, nee Pinel
Pitcher, Daniel
Pitman, John
Pitman, Mary Ann
Pitt, Laura Matilda, nee Ryves
Plank, Victoria
Plint, Ann, nee Payn
Plymen, Henrietta
Poch, William
Poignand, Elizabeth
Poigndestre, Mary, nee Apline
Poingdestre, Elizabeth
Poingdestre, Mary Ann
Pol, Alfred Pierre Cyprien
Pope, Eliza Jane
Porée, Anastasie Louise Léonie
Portland, Alfred
Powell, Ann Sibbella
Powell, Harriet Ann, nee Wynne
Powell, Louisa
Power, Mary, nee Brine
Pralle, Henry John
Préveraud, Jeanne Julie Josephine
Price, Benjamin
Price, Thomas
Priddle, William Henry
Prigg, John Edward
Prigg, John William
Prim, Maria Sophia
Prince, Mary, nee Webb
Pugsley, Eliza Jane
Pulfer, Ann, nee Worsley
Purchase, John
Quenault, Jean Baptiste
Radford, Harriet Cox
Rainey, Emily Julia Sophia
Rainey, James
Ramier, Mary Ann
Randall, John
Rapsey, Mary, nee Burns
Rathenbury, William
Rawling, Henry
Raymond, Sarah Dowddey, nee Allen
Raymond, Thomas
Rayner, Edward
Rea, William
Redmond, Alice
Redmond, John
Redmond, Julia, nee Hartwell
Reeks, Caroline Maria
Regan, Daniel
Remy, Amelia Jane
Remy, James
Rendall, William John
Rendle, John
Renier, Elizabeth Judith, nee Gaudion
Renouf dit Bessen, Denis
Renouf, Louisa
Renouf, Mary Ann
Renouf, Philippe
Renouf, Servan
Repper, Elizabeth, nee Manning
Revest, Benjamin Benedict
Revest, Catherine, nee Simms
Reynolds, Catherine, nee Shanley
Reynolds, William
Ribaut, Charles
Richard, Godwin Crofton
Richardson, James Robert
Ricketts, Ephraim
Rider, Louisa
Rider, Sarah, nee Austin
Rive, Edouard
Rive, François
Rive, Helier
Rive, Marie Sarah
Robbins, Frances
Robert, Louise
Robert, Marguerite, nee Binet
Robert, Marie, nee de La Cour
Roberts, Mary, nee Winter
Robson, Catherine, nee Elford
Roby, Mary, nee Lindo
Roe, James
Rogers, Mary Ann, nee Le Seelleur
Rollings, Mary, nee Robinson
Romeril, Ann, nee Le Bas
Romeril, Esther, née de La Haye
de la Haye, Esther
Romeril, Francis
Romeril, Jane Esther
Romeril, John
Rondel, Mary Ann
Rous, Eliza
Rousseau Jean Joseph
Rowe, Jane
Royal, Robert
Rudd, Maria Catherine
Rudd, Thomas Headen
Russel, Charlotte
Russell, Georgina
Ryan, Ann
Ryan, Bridget
Ryan, James
Ryan, Joanna, nee Shanahan
Ryan, John
Ryan, Margaret
Ryan, Mary
Ryan, Michael
Ryley, Edward
Ryley, John
Sabot, Constant Jean Marie
Salter, Mary, nee Cooper
Samson, George Alfred
Sandercock, John
Sanson, Thomas
Sarre, Susanne, nee Bisson
Saunders, Ellen, nee Maher
Sayer, Ann, nee Wyborn
Scagell, Hals Martin
Schroder, Julius Ludolphus
Scriven, George Albert
Seaaton, Matthew Mease
Searle, Charles Edwin
Searle, Edward John
Selwood, Ann, nee West
Setree, Edward Lynch
Seward, Emma
Seward, Louisa
Shaw, Hannah Louisa
Shean, Patrick
Shean, Peggy, nee Bryan
Shepherd, Robert Stewart
Sheppard, Mary, nee Godfray
Sheridan, Amelia Catherine
Sherwood, George William
Shore, Francis
Shore, Jane, nee Chapman
Simon, Anne, nee Baudains
Simon, Charlotte
Simon, Pierre
Sinclair, Frederick
Sinclair, Mary Ann, nee de La Haye
Sinel, Alfred James Collins
Sinel, Anne Ashdon
Sinel, Edwin Thomas
Sinnatt, Joseph
Sinnatt, Samuel John Smith
Slairn, Thomas William
Sleevin, Catherine
Sloggett, Jane
Small, Elizabeth, nee Green
Smith, Elizabeth, nee Molloy
Smith, Elvina Jane
Smith, James John
Smith, Mary A
Smith, Mary Ann Eliza
Smith, Michael
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Thomas Augustus
Smith, Thomas John
Smith, William
Snelling, William Jacob
Sohier, Susanna Mary, nee Boyne
Solomon, Joel
Special, Mary, nee Burgess
Spence, Ann
Spencer, Elizabeth Rachel, nee Le Cornu
Square, Harriet Louisa
Squibb, John Cox
Squibb, Albert
Squibb, Charles Robert
Squire, Edwin Charles
Squire, Frederick Charles
Squires, Harriet Beavus, nee Barrett
St Stanage, John
Stanbury, William Henry
Standford, Lucy, nee Fieldhouse
Starck, Caroline
Stark, Mary Ann
Ste Croix, Charles
Stevens, George Robert
Steward, William
Stewart, Hugh
Stone, Ann, nee de Caen
Stoneman, Georgina
Stretchley, Charlotte, nee Martin
Studley, Matthew
Sturges, Edward
Sullivan, Charlotte, nee Waters
Sullivan, Esther
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, Mary Ann
Sweetapple, James
Sweetapple, Richard
Swietoslawski, Helier Eutace
Syvret, George
Syvret, George Le Breton
Taff, George
Tasks, Susanna Williams
Taylor, James
Taylor, Maria
Taylor, Susan
Teague, Adolphus William
Thelot, Marie
Thomas, Isabella Louisa
Thomas, Maria Mary
Thomas, Mary nee Bell
Thompson, William Thomas
Thoreau, Rachel, nee Hubert
Thorne, John
Thorne, Weston
Thorner, Ann Elizabeth
Tibbles, Mary Ann
Tibot, Louisa
Tidiman, Louis
Tinckam, Eleanor Barter
Tinckam, Elias
Toole, James
Torpy, Henry
Toutain, Louis Denis
Touzel, Jean
Touzel, Mary, nee Dupré
Touzel, Philippe Richard
Touzel, Thomas
Trachy, Daniel
Tranchell, John Thomas
Tregear, John
Tregenna, Frederick Edward
Trehen, George Charles
Treseder, Emily
Treseder, Emma Mackey
Tripp, Alfred John
Trow, Sarah, nee Harvey
Troy, George
Tuberville, Duncan Bruce
Tucker, William
Turbervill, Jervis Powell
Turberville, Flora Ophelia
Turnbull, Gavin
Turnclift, Thomas
Turner, Alfred John
Turner, Caroline Elizabeth
Turner, Grace, nee Tragou
Turner, John
Turner, Martha Matilda
Umphelby, Ann
Underhill, Hugh
Underwood, Betsey Rachel, nee Lempriere
Usher, Mary, nee Hill
Vallée, Emile
Valpy, Alfred George
Valpy, Melvina Felicia
Vandervynckel, Louis François
Vanstone, Henry James
Vardon, Ann Elizabeth
Vardon, George
Vaudin, Mary, nee Le Quesne
Vautier, Amelia Susan
Vautier, Emilie Susanne
Vautier, Philippe
Vautier, Thomas Ebenezer
Vibert, Edouard
Vibert, Elizabeth
Vibert, Louisa Vlictoria Marguerite
Vibert, Rosa Eliza
Vickery, James Frederick
Vickery, Mary, nee Coutanche
Vidamour, Mary, nee Renouf
Viel, Elizabeth Fanny
Voisin, Pierre Richard
Vontom, Jane Harriet
Vontom, Peter
Voules, William James
Wadsworth, Mary Betsey, nee Giraudot
Wales, Mary Ann, nee Berthelot
Walker, Ann
Walker, Benvenuta, nee Fêlêné
Walker, Emily
Walker, George William
Walker, Helen
Wallis, John
Walsh, George
Warfield, Mary Maria
Warr, Josiah
Warr, William George
Warren, Louise Emily
Warren, Mary Ann
Warren, Robert
Waterman, Mary Ann, nee Willement
Watson, Walter
Watts, Ellen Dyer
Watts, Sarah Ann
Way, Emily Ann
Webb, Charity, nee Sargeant
Webster, John
Welch, Ann
Welch, Mary Ann
Welch, Richard
Wellman, Elizabeth, nee Wellman
Wellman, William
Werrin, Francis Harvey
West, Agnes
Westlake, Mary Jane
White, Frederick Henry
White, George
White, Jane Ann
White, Jane, nee Vaudin
White, William
Wiggins, Francis
Wilcocks, Harriet
Wilding, George Burgess
Wilkey, Charles George
Wilkey, Jonah Morris
Wilkins, Edward Charles
Wilkins, Elizabeth Jane Balcombe, nee Nagle
Wilkins, Nagle
Willcox, Joseph
Willcox, Mary, nee Cook
Willcox, William Henry
Williams, John
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Mary Ann, nee Caillet
Williams, Philip
Willington, Peter
Willis, Adolphus Nathan
Willis, Albert Lewis
Willis, Edwin George
Willis, Emma Jane
Willis, Jane, nee Lavers
Wilson, Charles Carus
Wilson, John Francis
Wilson, Louisa Susan
Wilson, Sarah
Windsor, Jane
Winship, Lionel
Witham, Mary
Witsey, William
Wood, Anne, nee Wade
Woods, Charles Henry
Woods, Charles Weston
Woods, Hannah
Woods, Mary Ann
Woods, Mary Ann, nee Williams
Woollett, Charles
Woonton, William
Worsfold, Thomas
Wright, Maria Thompson
Wright, Sarah
Wyatt, David
Wyatt, Emma Harriet
Wyatt, James
Wyatt, William
Young, Charles John
Young, Elizabeth, nee Black
Young, James John
Young, Susan Jane
Yvon, Louis Jacques
Yvon, Sidonie Marie
Le Feuvre, Eliza
Luce, Elizabeth
Le Feuvre, Françoise
Le Feuvre, Rachel
Keywords Registrars | deaths | registration | doctors | undertakers
Category E-Parish Registrars
Places St Helier
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English, French
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation purposes - please consult attached PDF
Closed until 2100


E/D/A1/4This item»

Draft register of deaths in St Helier part of volume 9 and all of volume 10. These records provided the information for the Superintendent Registrar to compile the official death registers. They include name, age, date, cause of death, address, doctor and undertaker. Please refer to the pdf name index attached to obtain a date or entry number and then search the pdf file/s. Dates are not always in chronological order.


A digital image is available to view online or this item is closed because it is exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Law. If you would like to make a request please email us.