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Sinnatt and Sons Funeral Directors Account Ledger [Indexed] There are limited details of the funerals in this early volume and no page numbers so the index is by name and date. The dates are not in always in order so it may be necessary to look through the whole PDF for the volume to find an entry.

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Reference L/A/41/A1/1
Date 27 July 1820 - 23 January 1830
Names Sinnatt and Sons (Funeral Directors)
Aberdour, Mary Allen
Adams, Mrs
Addison, Robin
Ahier, Mrs
Aitkins, Archibald
Aldersey, Joseph
Alez, Jane
Anderson, Mrs
Andow, John
Anley, Child
Anly, Charles Frederick
Anquital, Mrs
Ansford, Infant
Anthoine, Mrs
Anthoine, Jane
Antoine, Infant
Archdale, Richard, Colonel
Atkins, George
Aubin, Madam
Austin, Mary Ann
Bailey, Ann
Baker, Elizabeth
Baker, Child
Barnatt, George
Barnes, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Bartley, Ann
Batterick, Female
Bazen, George Charles
Beacon, Samuel
Bearman, Mr
Beaumont, Mary Ann
Beck, Hannah Sarah
Beebey, Mrs
Beer, Ann
Belford, Jane
Benest, Mr
Bertram, George, Reverend
Bessin, Sara
Bessin, Mrs
Bessin, John
Bishop, William
Bishop, Abraham
Bishop, Captain
Bisson, Child
Bocal, Mr
Bolton, Child
Bolton, Catherine
Bolton, Louisa Margaret
Bott, infant
Bottomley, Mrs
Bouton, Louisa
Bowden, Patrick, Lieutenant
Bowden, Mrs
Bowden, Catherine
Brady, Amelia
Brake, Female
Brake, Male
Brawley, Peter
Brice, Female
Bridges, Child
Briggs, Margaret
Brown, John Henry
Brown, Nancy
Buckingham, Joshua
Bunter, Elizabeth
Bunter, Martha
Burdish, Child
Burnett, Helena
Burnett, Mary Ann
Burns, child
Burredge, Elias, Sergeant
Burridge, Ann
Burton, James
Burton, Charlotte
Burton, Elenora
Button, Child
Camaron, John
Cameron, James
Campbell, Mrs
Carshaw, James
Carter, Child
Casey, Mary
Catt, Girl
Catt, Boy
Cavanaugh, Harriott
Cavlers, Child
Cerruthers, Walter
Cewerd, Child
Chaff, Thomas
Chainey, John Henry
Champion, Thomas
Charlton, Mrs
Chawn, John
Cheney, Mary Ann
Cheney, Mary
Cheney, John
Cheneys, Mr
Chinn, Mary Elizabeth
Christey, Child
Clark, Caroline
Clark, Edward
Cleark, John
Collins, Mr
Colmer, Child
Cols, infant
Congdon, John Edwin
Coombs, Mr
Coopers, Child
Cotton, Female
Croome, Mr
Currey, Thomas
Curtis, Thomas Ralph
Daly, Mr
Dart, Henry
Dart, Elizabeth
Davidson, Alexander
Davis, Richard
Davis, W
Day, Mr
de Carteret, Eliza Jane
de Cartrite, Havilland
de Gruchy, Anne Rosdew
de Joux, Alfred Charles Renè
de la Haye, Rachel
de Samarez, Madam
de St Croix, Mr
Deal, John Samuel
Deslaurie, Infant
Desloriere, Mrs
Dewel, Child
Dickson, Richard
Donlap, D
Doyle, Margaret
Drew, Mrs
Druce, Richard
Du Val, Mr
Dugging, Child
Duheaume, Charles
Duheaume, Mrs
Dumaresq, Philip
Duning, Mary
Dunnings, Mary
Dunscomb, Robert
Durell, Thomas
Durell, William
Durell, Mrs
Durell, Thomas
Dwyer, Mary
Ebdon, Child
Edwards, Child
Edwards, George
Ehn, Julia Eliza
Elliot, William, Colonel
Elliott, Robert Pering
Elliott, Sofiah
Elwin, John
Estur, Elizabeth
Falle, Thomas
Falle, Thomas Charles
Falle, Mrs
Falle, Marie
Falle, G
Fallen, infant
Farazyn, Harriott
Fargeson, Mrs
Farrele, Pat
Faulkner, Jonathan
Fitzgerald, Mrs
Fitzgerald, Terence
Follinja, Frazer, Major
Foot, Augustus Frederick
Forbes, John
Ford, Amelia
Ford, Joseph
Forsyth, Alexander
Fowler, Child
Frazer, Mr
French, W H E
Frost, John
Frost, Child
Fuszard, Twins
Gale, Mary
Gale, Child
Gallie, Jacque
Gallon, Child
Garland, Lucas
Garland, Mrs
Gibbs, Thomas
Giffard, Mrs
Gill, Michael
Gillard, Eliza Bailhache
Gluyas, Mary Ann
Godfray, Child
Godfray, Mrs
Gordon, Mrs
Gorge, Samuel William
Gossett, Nicholas
Gotterel, John
Gougeon, Margaret
Grace, Christopher Datton
Gray, George Wiskin
Gray, Bridget
Gray, Child
Green, Mr
Green, William
Greenway, Mrs
Greenwood, John
Griffin, Jane
Griffiths, Female
Grigery, Abraham
Guilleaume, Mrs
Guiton, John Marrett
Guiton, Mrs
Gunton, Mrs
Gunton, George
Haines, Thomas
Hake, Child
Haley, James
Hamilton, Mrs
Hamling, Margaret
Hanley, John
Hanly, Catherine
Hardy, Nancy
Harris, John
Hartley, Catherine
Harwood, Mary
Hatch, Maria
Hawkins, Child
Hawkins, Caroline
Hawkins, Ann
Hawkins, James
Hays, Rich
Heffron, Mary Morris
Hellyer, Mary Ann
Hemery, Elias Durell
Hepburn, Mrs
Hepleman, Captain R N
Herrell, Mary
Herron, James
Heyden, Amelia
Hingston, Mrs
Hodges, Elizabeth
Holder, Mr
Holland, John, Sergeant
Holland, John
Homes, Michael
Howe, George
Howe, Edouard Hooper
Hunt, Joseph
Ivey, John
Ivey, Child
Ivey, Isabella
Jacobs, Ann Mary
Jacobs, Child
James, John
James, Thomas Dyer
Janvrin, Mrs
Jarvice, Esther
Jenkins, Alexander
John Mark, Livy
Johns, Child
Johns, Thomas Quin
Johns, Edwin
Johns, William
Jolin, Philip
Keays, Isabella
Kellow, William
Kelly, Joseph
Kelly, Mrs
Kenlock, John Smyth
Kesser, Mr
Killaly, John
King, Mr
King, Jona
King, Jane
Kinton, Samuel
La Cloche, Mr
La Croix, Female
La Hague, John Pipon
Labey, Male
Lang, Margery
Laurance, Mrs
Le Breton, Mrs
Le Brun, Betty
Le Caplin, Child
Le Feuvre, Joseph
Le Feuvre, Child
Le Geyt, Mr
Le Geyt, Charles William
Le Geyt, Mrs
Le Greley, Child
Le Gros, Mrs
Le Lievre, William, Reverend
Le Selleur, John
Leacey, Mr
Lemon, Mr
Lepine, Child
Lepine, Female
Lepine, John William
L'hier, Mrs
Liddy, Mary
Loosey, Grace
Lotherington, Samuel Wyatt
Lows, Child
Lydia, James
Lynch, Thomas
Lys, Mrs
Madden, Patt
Main, Miss
Mallet, Mrs
Mallet, Male
Marrett, Thomas, Captain
Marrett, Mr
Martin, Eliza
Masters, Francas
Matson, Elizabeth
Matson, Peter
Mauger, Mrs
McAleer, John
McFoslin, William
McKee, Margaret
McNeice, Child
McNiece, John
McSteer, Barnard
Mildrum, James Breevinne
Millard, George Frederick
Mille, Mrs
Miller, Samuel, Lieutenant
Miller, Female
Miller, James
Mills, Henry Langton
Mitchel, Mr
Mitchell, Robert
Montgomery, Child
Moon, Male
Moore, Child
Moulson, Richard Percival
Mouncher, William
Mourant, Child
Mudford, James
Mullett, Benjamin, Corporal
Munroe, Mrs
Murphy, Francis
Narrowmore, Mr
Nicholls, Elizabeth
Nicholls, George Chisten
Nicolle, Mrs
Nicolle, Child
Nobbs, Louisa
Noel, George
Norman, Mr
Norman, William
Norman, Rachel
Norris, John
Norris, Henrietta
Nuttall, Mr
Ocio, Mrs
O'Connor, William
Old, male
O'Sullevan, Mrs
Oxenham, Mr
Page, Sarah Ellinor
Paramore, Wm
Parker, James Oliver
Parramore, Ann
Parsons, William
Paton, John
Patriarche, Mr
Pearse, Female
Peney, Thomas
Petersdove, Child
Phillips, Matthew
Pierre, George
Pipon, Catherine
Pipon, Philip
Plowman, Mrs
Plowman, Mariane
Pomeroy, Johana Leah
Prankard, Margaret
Prankard, William
Price, child
Pritchard, Mrs
Proctor, Benjamin
Quinn, Ann
Quirk, Susan Ann
Raissier, Child
Randal, Elizabeth
Rapper, Mr
Rapsey, Child
Rawcliffe, R H
Raymond, Ann Maria
Raynold, Child
Regal, Joseph
Remon, Ann Rachel
Reynolds, Joseph
Richards, John
Riddle, Mrs
Riddle, Martha
Rippen, infant
Roberts, Ann Rachel
Robin, Charles
Robin, Mrs
Robin, Elizabeth
Robin , John
Robinson, John George
Roissier, Ann Rose
Romeril, child
Rosden, William
Rutherford, H T
Ryves, Frances
Sabourn, Elizabeth
Sage, Charlotte
Sage, infant
Salmon, Mr
Salmon, John
Salmon, Frederick
Sampson, Thomas
Sanders, John James
Scott, Mr
Seaward, Elizabeth
Seddon, Thomas
Segar, Mary
Seil, Ann
Sevens, Jane
Sharland, Mary
Shave, Eliza Alice
Shayer, Child
Shier, Female
Shire, Charles
Short, Male
Short, Lewis
Simens, Mary Ann
Simmonite, Madam
Sinnett, Edward
Slater, Major
Slatery, Ellen
Small, infant
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Ann
Smith, Child
Sousso, Baroness 
Spawforth, Colonel
Spawling, Lenard
Spencer, George
Stayner, Mr
Steele, William
Stephenson, Susan
Stevens, Harriet
Steward, Eliza
Stritch, Mrs
Stych, Mary Ann
Stych, Male
Suett, Charles William
Suett, Edwin
Sutcliffe, Child
Swinden, Martha
Tapson, Mary
Taroney, Mrs
Tarr, Samuel
Teed, John
Thomas, Child
Tilly, Marchioness
Tonkin, H
Treadwell, Mrs
Treeves, Edward
Tucker, Henry James Godard
Tuckfield, Caroline
Tuckfield, Mrs
Vasey, Thomas
Vaudin, Ann
Vaudin, Phillip
Vaudin, Elvinia
Vaudins, Male
Veasey, Mr
Vinecame, Mary Ann
Vocley, Jean
Voudin, Henry
Wadkin, William
Waide, Laurence
Waldron, Mr
Wallas, Child  
Warburton, Edwin Grant
Masling, Child 
Weary, William
Webb, Child
Webber, Male
Wellman, Susan
Werrey, Richard
West, Charles, Lieutenant
White, Patrick
White, Mrs
Willard, Ann
Williams, James
Williams, John Watkin
Williams, Dinah
Wilson, Child
Withall, Elizabeth Langlois
Woods, Thomas
Wright, Ensign
Wright, Mary Kezia
Wright, Child
Wright, Peter
Wyvele, Mrs
Wyvill, Eliza
Wyvill, Rich Augustus
Young, Doctor
Keywords funeral directors | funeral registers | Funerals | Accounts | undertakers | Burials
Category L/A-Businesses
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation purposes - please use the PDF copy instead.
Closed until 2100


L/A/41/A1/1This item»

Sinnatt and Sons Funeral Directors Account Ledger [Indexed] There are limited details of the funerals in this early volume and no page numbers so the index is by name and date. The dates are not in always in order so it may be necessary to look through the whole PDF for the volume to find an entry.


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