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Sinnatt and Sons Funeral Directors Account Ledger [Indexed] Includes name, age and place of death of deceased as well as date of burial and details of the funeral expenses and payment. To find the name you are interested in please look at the index and then open the pdf with the relevant page number.

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Reference L/A/41/A1/4
Date 3 July 1854 - 9 March 1864
Names Sinnatt and Sons (Funeral Directors)
Abel, Maria
Adams, Charlotte
Ahier, Mary
Ahier, Judith, née Fauvel
Aldred, Mrs
Aldred, Mary,
Alexander, Elizabeth
Alexander, Mrs
Alexander, Adolphus
Alexander, Charles
Alexander, Elizabeth
Allcock, Leonora
Allcock, John Martin
Allen, Margaret
Allen, William Edward
Ames, Thomas
Amiraux, Mrs
Amy, Frances Elizabeth, née Messervy
Anderson, Charles Grant
Angel, John
Anley, Ellen Jane
Anley, Fanny, née Mitchel
Anthoine, William Richard Fisher
Anthoine, Elizabeth, née Payn
Armstrong, Josephine Térése
Arnold, Child
Arnold, Marian Matilda
Arnold, Edwin
Ashelford, Stephen William
Ashley, Sarah Jane
Ashwell, John Caddell
Asplet, George
Asplit, Jules Cesar Auguste
Atkinson, John
Atkinson, Charles
Aubert, Jane
Aubin, Georgena
Aubin, Elizabeth
Aubin, John
Aubin, Ernest William
Aubin, Alice
Aubin, Charles
Aubin, Abraham
Aubin, Philip
Austin, Ralph John
Austin, Susan
Avignon, Guillaum François
Bailey, Mr
Bailey, Mary Ann, née Bold
Bailey, Stephen Charles
Bailey, Anna Maria
Bailhache, Mrs
Bailhache, Frederick
Baker, George Alexander
Baker, Mary Ann, née Northey
Baker, George Frederick
Baker, James
Baker, Infant
Baker, William Henry
Bakes, John Gruchy
Ballaine, Miss
Balsom, Elizabeth Jane, née Taylor
Balsom, Mary, née Austin
Banks, Robert
Banks, Female
Banks, Elizabeth Jane
Banks, Isabelle Ludby
Banks, John Edward
Banks, Henry
Barbenson, John
Barber, Mary, née Le Masurier
Barbier, John
Barbuson, Child
Barker, Marian, née Carrington
Barnard, Joseph
Barnes, Mary Hannah
Barnes, Henry Havilland
Barnes, Jane, née O'Brian
Barrett, James
Bartlett, William George
Bartlett, Hariet Selina
Bartlett, John Thomas George
Bartlett, Anna , née Burt
Bartlett Long, Alfred James
Bartley, Mrs
Bartley, Robert
Bartley, George
Barton, George
Bastin, Henry George
Bates, Frederick Charles
Batt, Isabel
Battam, William
Battam, Esther Deborah, née Ahier
Battam, Henry James
Battam, John
Battam, Elizabeth, née Le Gros
Baxter, Edward
Beart, John
Beasland, Zillah
Beasland, Edwin Joseph Harris
Beaucire, Theodore
Beauvais, Mary Letitia, née Stafford
Beauvais, Freedom Stafford
Becher, Florence Frances
Bedwell, Edward Parker
Belford, John George
Belli, Walter Forbes
Bendle, James
Benest, Marguerite
Benest, Amelia Martha
Bennett, Sarah
Bennett, Edward Hooper
Bennett, Annie
Benoist, Infant
Benoist, Victor Joseph
Bentley, Ann, née Shepard
Berington, Frances Ann
Berkeley, Georges Augustus
Berks, Jane, née Fox
Bermester, Catherine Ann, née Cavanagh
Berry, Anne Priscilla
Berry, Mrs
Berry, Henry
Bertam, Elizabeth
Bertram, Charles
Bertram, Madame, née du Parcq
Bertram, Florence Francis Esther
Bertram, Infant
Bertram, William Charles
Beswick, John
Bidard, Constant
Biddlecombe, A W
Biddlecombe, Mrs
Biddlecombe, Mr
Bigley, Hannah
Billot, Jane, née Vautier
Binet, Marie, née Nicolle
Nicolle, Marie
Bird, James
Bishop, Ann
Bishop, Walter
Bishop, Jemima, née Smith
Bishop, Charles Edmund
Bisson, John
Bisson, Mary Madeleine
Bissoni, Ann Sarah
Blackford, Thomas Ingram
Blampied, Eliza
Blampied, Eliza Barnett
Blandy, Edward
Blaunt, Lydia
Bly, Ann, née Muggridge
Boase, John William
Boddie, Georgina
Boddie, Emma Isabella
Bodilly, Ann
Bold, Mary Ann, née Riddle
Bolton, James
Bonamy, Martha
Bond, Horatio George
Bony, Jacques Felix
Boomer, Virginia Fergusson
Boomer, infant
Bott, John Thomas
Bouchard, Child
Bourke, Ellen, née White
Bourke, Margaret
Bourke, Thomas
Bouton, Child
Bowden, Sarah, née Hepp
Bowerman, Caroline, née Sheene
Bowling, Olivia Lovelace
Bowring, Ann Stuart
Boxall, George
Boyd, Elizabeth
Bragg, Stephen
Bragg, Mary
Bragg, Joseph Horwill
Bramhall, Thomas
Bray, Child
Breadmore, Mary, née Ingram
Bree, John
Brenton, William
Brettel, Harriet Adèle
Brewis, Matthew
Bridges, Mrs
Bridges, Lavinia Louisa
Bridges, Isaac
Brooke, Miss
Brosse, Jean Baptiste
Brown, John
Brown, Edgar
Brown, James
Brown, Hannah, née Bailey
Brown, Brian
Brownsea, Fanny, née Patch
Bruce, Elizabeth
Brunet, Susan
Bryant, Child
Bryant, Eliza Ann
Bryant, Julia Jemima
Bryant, William
Bryant, William John
Bryant, Helena Lucy
Buckland, Samuel
Budd, Peter
Budd, Edward James
Bullen, Adelaid Ann
Bulley, Henrietta Coton
Bulley, Infant
Bulley, child
Bunny, Samuel
Burch, Grace, née Cock
Burch, John
Burlton, Elizabeth, née Tregurtha
Burney, Ernest Henry
Burney, Charles William Duncan
Burnman, Octavius Herbert
Burns, Richard
Burridge, Amelia
Bursell, John
Burton, Mary, née Melville
Burton, William
Butcher, Henry
Butler, Thomas
Butten, Philippa
Butterworth, James
Buxton, James Baker
Bynam, John James
Cadett, Jane Gregory
Cairncross, James
Callender, Timothy
Calton, Mariann
Campbell, Arthur Le Neveu
Camps, Sarah, née Kennedy
Cannon, Mary
Carlin, William Henry
Carlton, Elizabeth
Carrell, Marie, née Hocquard
Carroll, Margaret, née Comfort
Carter, Ann, Bradford
Carter, John
Carter, Colonel
Carter, Mrs
Carter, Douglas
Carter, Edward Barrett
Carver, Martha, née Waters
Catherwood, Child
Caurel, William Francis
Cawley, Elizabeth
Cawley, John Featherstone
Cawley, Thomas
Chamberlain, William
Champion, John
Champion, Anna Susannah
Champion, Thomas James
Champion, Abraham
Champion, John
Champion, Rebeca, née Stones
Champion, John
Champion, Martha
Channon, John
Chanter, Mr
Chapman, Child
Chapman, Sarah, née Cowley
Chapman, Richard Will
Chapman, Alicia Selina, née Skelton
Chappell, William Frank
Charleton, Alice Louisa
Charlton, Infant
Charlton, Eva Mary
Chatterton, Margaret
Chester, Arthur St John
Chester, Granado
Chevalier, Marie
Chrismas, Mr
Christmas, Thomas
Christmas, Male
Chubb, Mary, née Taylor
Clanalbin, Horatio Walter Powell
Clanalbin, Miss
Clanalbin, Elizabeth, née Le Brocq
Clarke, Stewart McBride
Clarke, Richard Howard
Clarke, Alfred Thomas
Clarke, Mary Ann, née Lombard
Clarke, Helen Margaret
Clements, Mrs
Clifton, Mrs
Clothier, Thomas Augustus
Cobb, Charles Thomas
Cochrane, Mrs
Cochrane, Thomas
Cochrane, Alice
Coker, James
Cole, Frances, née Williams
Coleman, William
Coles, Augusta Frances
Collas, Ann, née Clack
Colley, Henrietta, née Browne
Colley, Eliza, née Sharman
Collier, Alexander
Colquhoun, Harriet
Comerford, Richard
Coningham, Edith Louisa
Connolly, Mrs
Connor, Mrs
Cook, Joanna, née Williams
Coombs, Leah, née Perrimen
Coope, George
Cooper, Miss
Cooper, Edward Alexander
Cornish, Mrs
Cornish, Henry Colebrooke
Cornish, Charles
Cory, Elizabeth
Cory, John
Cory, Robert
Cotton, Miss
Coutanche, John
Cradock, Sheldon
Crawford, Miss
Crawley, Catherine
Creagh, Cecilia Teresa
Creagh, Mrs
Creek, Miss
Creighton, George
Cresse, Sarah, née Spencer
Crish, George
Crocker, Emily Frances, née Gouch
Crossley, Charlotte
Cullen, John
Cuming, Elizabeth, née Stickland
Curtis, Samuel
Curwood, James
Cutland, William
Cutland, James
Dallaine, John
Dallian, Mrs, née Asplet
Dalton, Augustus
Damer, John
Danford, Frank Stanley
Daniel, Emma Sarah
Dansey, Henry Roger
Darcy, Richard W
D'Arcy, Isaac Roberteau
Dare, Levi
Darling, Felix Horace
Darling, Felix John
Dauvergne, male child
Davey, Thomas Degaris
Davey, William
Davey, Mary Jane
Davies, Rees Thomas
Davies, Elizabeth
Davies, Eliza Grace
Davies, Sophia, née Paddock
Daw, Mrs
Daw, Edwin William
Daw, William Henry
Daw, Ann Hobbs, née Fry
Daw, Thomas
Dawe, Walter
de Carteret, Mrs
de Carteret, Matilda Jane, née La Cloche
de Carteret, Charles Montgomery
de Gruchy, Mrs
de Gruchy, Francis Charles
de La Mare, Jane Susan
De La Mare, Percy Walter
de la Taste, Edward
de Quetteville, Clement
De St Croix, Charles
de Vaulle, Mary, née Dumaresq
de Villiers, Mary Grace Susanna, née De Corbally
de Vismes, Infant
de Vismes, Harriet, née Sullivan
de Vismes, Nathard Valery
Dean, Henry
Dean, Thomas Henry
Deane, William
Delafosse, Charles Walpole
Delapine, Child
Delepine, Alexandre Louis Desire
Délépine, John Baptiste
Dempster, Susan Clara Longman, née Anderson
Dennis, Ann, née Lang
Dennis, Caroline, née Ferbrache
Densham, John
Desages, Piere Vincent
Desages, Catherine Elise
Desalliona, Frances, née Blandford
Desallioud, Child
Desborough, Infant
Desborough, James
Devall, Jane
Dinnis, Child
Dixon, Laura Jane
Dixon, Thomas Shuckforth
Dobing, Emma Elvina
Dobson, Infant
Donaghue, Mary Ann
Donaldson, James
Doras, Ann, née Booth
Dorey, Susan
Doughty, Mary
Douglas, William
Dowden, William
Downer, George
Downing, Ann
Doyle, Eliza, née Leggett
Drake, Frances
Drake, William John Edward
Drevet, Pierre
Drew, Mr
Dromgoole, Nicholas Fleming
Druce, Mary Ann
Drungold, Henry George
du Boscq, Jujian François
du Punt, Francois
Dubreuil, Eliza Angelica
Dubrieul, Mr
Dubruiel, Hortense, née Goubé
Dumaresq, Walter Fruing
Dumaresq, Florinae Susan
Dumaresq, Amelia
Dumaresq, Annie Lucy
Dunford, Margaret
Dunford, Margaret, née Bragg
Dunford, John
Dupont, Ann, née Dupont
Dupré, Ann, née Nicolle
Dupré, Francis Josiah William
Dupré, Francois Joseph
Dupree, Elvina Priscilla
Durell, Francis
Durell, Madame
Durell, Elizabeth, née Simons
Dutheir, Maria, née Pougcol
Eastley, Emily Elizabeth
Edgar, Anne, née Lund
Edmondston, William
Edwards, Aubina Matilda
Egerton, Frederick Arthur
Ekin, Sarah Jane
Eldridge, Amy
Elliott, Willian Henry
Elliott, John
Ellis, Thomas
Ellis, Mary, née Harding
Elmes, Susanna , née Williams
Engelson, Waldemar
Ereaut, Mary Ann, née Norman
Etchells, James
Eveleigh, Mary Jane
Evelyn, William Edgar
Evelyn, Charlotte
Evenden, Susannna
Evendon, Thomas
Evens, Anne, née Journeaux
Everett, Elizabeth
Ewart, Thomas Henry
Eyre, Elizabeth, née Hudson
Falle, Douce
Falle, Child
Falle, Elizabeth, née Bertram
Falle, Edward
Falle, John
Farley, Ellen
Farquason, infant
Farquharson, Matthew Ramsay
Faulkner, Frances
Faure, Philippe
Fauvel, Charles
Filleul, James Abraham
Finnimore, Mary Ann
Fisher, Margaret, née Miller
Fitzpatrick, Ann, née McMann
Fixott, Florance Emily
Fixott, James
Fixott, Charles
Fletcher, Maurice
Flood, Francis Henry
Flood, Thomas Ashford
Foard, Eber
Foard, Walter Edwin
Foard, Mary, née Cox
Fontaine, Monsiuer
Fontaine, Peter Joseph
Foot, Simon
Foott, Infant
Formby, John
Forse, Frederick
Forse, Harriet May , née Darling
Forse, Marcia Augusta Renée
Forse, William Alfred
Fortescue, Bertha
Fortescue, Hugh Henry
Fossett, Elizabeth, née Cole
Fowler, William
Fowler, Elizabeth, née Walker
Fowler, John Seymour
Fox, William Carter
Francis, Mrs
Franks, James
Fraser, infant
French, Thomas
Frost, Rebeca, née Shillibeer
Fry, Mary Rosa
Fudge, Mary
Fuller, Henry
Furber, Elizabeth, née Brooks
Fyvie, William
Gabourel, John Joshua
Gabourel, Mary Anne
Gaillard, Henrietta Maria
Gallen, Mrs
Gallichan, Mrs
Gallichan, Joseph
Gallie, Phillipe
Gallie, Matilda
Gallie, Florence Ann
Gallienne, Daniel
Gallop, Amilia Reams
Gardiner, Charles
Gardner, Ann, née Gallichan
Gardner, John
Garland, William
Garland, Phillippa, née Jacobs
Garnier, Maria
Gauden, George
Gaudin, Mrs
Gaudin, Jane, née Monamy
Gauntlett, George
Geary, John Stephenson
Gee, George Charles
Gelender, Philip Augustus
George, James
Gevaudan, Eliza Ann
Gibaut, Mrs
Gibbons, Mary
Gibson, Mrs
Gibson, Alice Matilda
Giffard, Juliana
Gillham, Mrs
Gillham, Amy Sterling
Giraudot, Mary, née Renouf
Glazebrook, Mary Ann, née Lamley
Goddard, Elizabeth, née Philips
Godfray, Rebecca Wicker, née Bolt
Godfray, John
Godfray, William
Godfray, John
Godfray, Master
Godfray, George
Godfray, Thomas
Godfrey, Robert
Goertz, Henry Lewis
Goldie, Annabella Frances
Goldsworthy, Elizabeth, née Tuckfield
Goodfellow, Ann, née Tallant
Goodfellow, Peter
Goodfellow, John Booth
Gore, Charlotte
Gouger, Robert Sibley
Gould, George
Gould, Jane, née Hubert
Govier, John Colman
Graham, James
Graham, Jane
Grant, Alexander
Graves, Marie Victore, née Black
Graves, Thomas
Gray, Elizabeth, née Daniels
Gray, William Henry
Greaves, Julia
Green, Ann
Gregery, William
Griffith, Thomas
Grigg, Elizabeth, née Harris
Grindin, Esther, née de Gruchy
Grindin, Nancy, née Le Gros
Grindin, Therese
Groizard, Louis
Groombridge, Frances Elizabeth, née Cotterell
Growdon, George
Grubb, Jane Maria
Grubbs, Emeline
Guibé, Jacque Charles Edward
Guille, Nancy, née Grigrig
Guiton, Edwin Charles
Gullienne, John
Gun, George
Guppy, George
Gurd, Elizabeth
Guy, Thomas
Guy, Child
Guy, Caroline, née Head
Hacking, Sarah, née Fowler
Hacquoil, Philip Aaron
Hadow, Harriet Sophia
Haire, Hannah, née Kell
Hake, Sampson James
Hake, Lydia Susanna
Halkett, Dr
Hall, Mary, née Doughty
Hall , Miss
Halse, Jane
Hamelton, William Claude
Hamilton, Richard
Hamling, Mary Ann
Hammond, Emily Jane
Hamon, Charles Edward
Hanbury, Unknown
Hanham, Charles Edward
Hannan, Michael
Hansford, female child
Hansford, Philip
Hansford, John James
Hanson, William Henry
Hardie, infant
Hardie, Sophia Ann Higgs, née Waldron
Hardie, Mary Ann Sophia
Hardie, Maria, née Cleaber
Harding, Joseph
Hardy, Eliza, née Philips
Hardy, Amelia, née Andos
Hardy, Catherine
Hardy, John
Hardy, Philip
Hardy, John Dunford
Hardy, Sarah, née Barter
Harris, Margaret Louisa
Harris, William Britford
Harris, George
Harrison, Carolina Antonia, née de Menzies
Harting, Carl Heinrick
Haskett, Louisa
Hatch, Sampson
Hatch, William
Hayes, Nicolas George
Heale, Edward
Healey, Matilda, née Power
Healey, John Edward
Healley, Thomas
Healy, Catherine Grace
Hearndon, Shem
Hedley, Florance May
Hedley, Bulmer
Helleur, Philip
Helyer, Emily
Henderson, Catherine
Henderson, Thomas
Henesy, Edward
Hennessy, John
Hennessy, Ann, née Healy
Henwood, William
Herivel, Elizabeth, née de Gruchy
Herivel, Edward Charles
Hertel, Charles William
Hicks, Lucy
Higgins, Robert
Hills, Anne Elizabeth Charlotte, née Durell
Hinchcliff, Francis
Hinchey, Catherine Ann
Hoare, John James
Hobday, Phoebe
Hockey, Elizabeth, née Wheeler
Hodder, George
Hodgson, Rebecca
Hogarth, Jane
Hooker, Dinah
Hooker, John
Hooper, Eliza
Hooper, Mary
Hope, Ann
Hore, Gerald Edward
Horton, Thomas
Horton, Kevia, Muggridge
Hoskin, Mr
Hoskyn, Selina Adelaide
Howat, Robert Kirkpatrick
Howe, John
Hubbard, Henry
Hubert, Mrs
Hubert, Elizabeth, née Syvret
Syvret, Elizabeth
Humbey, William Henry
Humby, Henry
Hume, Archibald Travers Bennett
Hume, John
Hunt, Richard
Hunt, Frank
Hurley, William
Hurst, Richard
Hussey, Arthur
Hussey, Caroline Elizabeth, née Le Montais
Huston, David Melville
Hutching, Mary E
Hutchings, Mrs
Hutton, Mrs
Hutton, George
Hutton, Henry
Hyslop, Lovelace Graham
Ick, Helen, née Goldson
Ilderton, Sanderson
Ingerson, Jane
Ingerson, Susan
Ingerson, Frances
Ingram, Thomas Godfray
Ingram, Mrs
Ingram, Charles
Ingram, George
Ingram, Ann, née Aslett
Inman, Walter
Innes, Emma Mary
Irving, infant
Isaac, Thomas Robert Bunbury, Doctor (MD)
Isaac, Robert
Jackson, Michael
Jackson, Dr
Jackson, Cecilia
Jacobs, Rebeca Philippa
Jacobs, Amelia Guy
Jacobs, William Charles Samuel
James, John
James, Rosa Jessie
James, Howard
Jane, Richard
Jane, William
Jarvis, Mrs
Jauncey, Frances
Jean, Francis Edward
Jeffries, Samuel Barton
Jenkens, Amelia
Jenkins, M A
Jenkins, William
Jerden, Henry Frederick
Jeune, Philip
Jeune, Mrs
Jewett, Joseph
John, Charles Frederick
Johns, Martha, née Allen
Johns, Elizabeth
Jole, William George
Jones, Mrs
Jones, Henry Thomas
Jones, Child
Jones, William Charles
Jones, John
Jones, Mary Ann, née Holland
Jones, Harriet, née Bertram
Jones, John
Jones, William
Joslin, William Albert
Joslin, John
Jouault, Berenia Desiree
Jouault, Child
Journeaux, Infant
Journeaux, Elizabeth
Joyce, Ann, née Green
Julian, Samuel Landick
Kay, Henry
Keagan, Charles Warren
Kelley, Frances
Kelling, Jane, née Joslin
Kelling, Elise Caroline
Kelling, Allice Mary Maud Nicolle
Kelly, Dennis
Kelly, Honoria, née Carrel
Kemm, William Henry
Kempe, Elizabeth Catherine
Kernot, Charles
Kimber, Esther, née Le Sueur
Kine, Mary Ann, née Jennez
King, Ann, née Bolton
King, Samuel
King, Mrs
King, George
King, Delicia
King, Mary Ann
King, Allicia Margaret
Kingdon, John
Kirk, Mrs
Kitts, Victoria Ellen
Knight, Elizabeth Mary
Knott, George
Knowles, Frances, née Chapple
Krug, child
La Cloche, George
La Cloche, Julia Mary
La Cloche, Mary, née Le Montais
La Gerche, John Josua
Laffolley, Fanny
Lambard, Eliza Ann
Lancaster, Mary, née Bridge
Lancaster, Louisa Ann
Lancaster, Kathleen Annie
Lancaster, Henry John
Landon, Sarah, née Jeune
Lane, Thomas
Lane, Jane, née Mansbridge
Lang, John
Lang, Agnes, née Austin
Langlois, Helier
Langworthy, Dorothy, née Philips
Laraman, infant
Larbelestier, William
Larsonneur, Hortense
Laurans, Madame
Laurans, Mrs
Laurence, infant
Laurence, Philip
Laurent, Gustave Emile
Laurent, Henri Charles
Laverty, Eugenie Keppel
Lawrance, James
Lawrance, Charles
Le Bailley, John
Le Bailley, Josue
Le Bailley, Infant
Le Bailly, Henrietta
Le Bailly, Susanne Harivel, née Perrot
Le Bailly, Cecil Perrot
Le Bailly, Madeline, née Durell
Le Bailly, John
Le Bas, Peter
Le Boeuf, Eleonor Clara Gertrude
Le Boeuf, Thomas Frederick George
Le Boutillier, David
Le Boutillier, Victoria, née Sutton
Le Breton, Thomas
Le Breton, Mrs
Le Brocq, Madame
Le Brun, Mary Augustine
Le Brun, Mrs
Le Brun, Elizabeth Margaret, née Le Norman
Le Brun, Mary Ann
Le Brun, Susannah, née Bolt
Le Brun, Mary, née Beauchamp
Le Cocq, George
Le Cronier, Madam, née Le Brocq
Le Feuvre, John Francis
Le Feuvre, Philip
Le Feuvre, Mrs
Le Feuvre, Winifred, Norish
Le Feuvre, George
Le Gallais, Elizabeth Ann
Le Gendre, Celeste, née Fouchard
Le Geyt, George
Le Gresley, Elizabeth, née de La Mare
de la Mare, Elizabeth
Le Gresley, Albert William Whitley
Le Hodey, Madam
Le Long, Infant
Le Lubez, Francoise, née Le Brun
Le Brun, Francoise
Le Maistre, Elizabeth
Le Marchant, Cassandra
Le Marquand, Ann Elizabeth, née Dunell
Le Masurier, John
Le Masurier, Robert
Le Mercier, Thomas
Le Moignan, John Charles
Le Prénót, Charles John
Le Quesne, Male
Le Quesne, William V
Le Quesne, Elizabeth, née Le Gallais
Le Quesne, Emand Edmund William
Le Quesne, Robert
Le Quesne, Charles James
Le Quesne, Julius Philip
Le Rossignol, Ann Harriet, née Reeks
Le Rossignol, Matthew
Le Selleur, John
Le Sueur, John
Le Veslet, Elias
Le Viscount, Jane, née Malzard
Leach, Charles
Leake, Richard Barugh
Lean, John Gunnis
Leat, Infant
Leaver, Edmund
Lebert, Sarah, née Bidwell
Lempriere, Margaret
Lesberel, Edmund
Lesserre, Madam
Levesque, Emma
Lewis, George Edward Pryer
Lewis, Harry Lennard
Lewis, Diana, née Dixon
Ley, Elizabeth
Liddy, Mary, née Allez
Lidstone, Mary Ann, née Tibett
Lidstone, Miss
Lillicrap, Amelia Georgina Matilda, née Treeve
Lind, Edward Pritchard
Lindly, Augustus Frederick
Linscott, Maria, née Endicott
Littré, Jacque Julian
Livermore, Edward John
Lloyd, John
Lock, Ann, née Lane
Long, Mary Tinley, née Wright
Longelier, Rene Marius
Louis, Bellefield Townsend
Luce, Madame
Lumbard, Charles
Lumbard, Abigail, née Clarke
Lund, Henry
Lutman, Charles William
Luscombe, Nicholas
Lutman, Ann Maria
Luxmoore, Robert
Lyne, Margaret Louisa
Lys, Jane Susannah
Lys, Anne
Macready, Ann, née Mathew
Macreight, Daniel Chamber
Maddocks, Mary
Mahoney, David
Mainwaring, Alice Therese
Mainwaring, Frederick Jemmett
Mainwaring, John
Mallet, Mrs
Mallet, John
Mandeville, Georgina Clara
Manly, William James
Marett, James Francis
Marett, Ann, née Mauger
Marett, Mr
Marsh, Elizabeth, née Guy
Marshall, Mary
Martin, John Henry
Foot, Mary Rose Maria
Masson, Louis
Mataface, Mary Ann
Matters, Ellen Margaret
Matthews, Andrewetta Hervey Peacock Maxton
Matthews, Victoria
Matthews, Charlotte
Mattin, James
Maubant, Marie Louisa, née Crepin
Maude, Jane, née Greenway
Mauger, Elizabeth, née Neel
May, Harriet, née Allen
May, George Cooke
Mayne, Helen Elphinstone
McAllen, Philip
McAllen, Edward
McAvoy, Infant
McCartney, Owen
McCreight, David
McGowan, Joseph
McKay, John Matthew
McKenney, Elizabeth
McKenzie, Thomas
McLarren, Elizabeth, née Donaldson
McLeod, Frances Jane
McLeod, Robert John
Meech, Mary Ann
Mesnne, Alexandre
Messervey, Elizabeth, née Gaudin
Messervey, Ernest
Messervey, Marie Louise
Messervy, Eliza, née de Garis
Messervy, Frances
Messervy, Philip Nicole
Messervy, Elizabeth, née Nicolle
Messiter, Augustus Howard
Metivier, James
Metters, Annie, née Hay
Middleton, Mary
Mill, Alfred William
Miller, Sarah
Miller, Ann, née Murray
Miller, Mary Ann
Milling, Nathaniel
Mills, James
Mills, Sarah, née Parsons
Mince, Elizabeth
Minchington, William
Minors, infant
Moore, Henry
Moore, Thomas Frederick
Moore, John
Moore, Robert Alexander
Morley, John
Morris, John Carnac
Morris, Mary
Morrison, Isaac
Morrison, Louisa Adams, née Smith
Morrison, Susan
Moseley, William
Moseley, Mrs
Moses, John William
Moss, John
Moss, Jane
Moubray, Mary
Mourant, Miss
Mourant, Marie
Mowbray, Eliza
Moyse, Rebeca
Moyse, Elizabeth, née Walter
Moyse, Emily, née Leech
Murry, Carterette, née Le Gresley
Mutford, John
Mutton, Eliz, née Wise
Mutton, Alfred Cory
Mutton, Louisa Mary
Mutton, Alice
Mutton, Louisa Cory
Mutton, Ann Cory
Mutton, Alice Cory
Myddelton, Phillip Price
Napper, Sarah, née Russell
Nash, Lucy Anne, née Norton
Neel, Mrs
Neel, Elias
Newman, John
Newman, Mary Anne Sarah
Newnham, George
Neyland, Mary, née Bywater
Nicholson, Cicely
Nickson, Major
Nicolay, Ann Sophia, née Hickey
Nicolle, Esther, née Payn
Nicolle, Ann, née Petters
Nicolle, Philippe
Noake, William Bartlett
Noble, Mrs
Nod, infant
Noel, Clement
Noel, Elizabeth
Noel, Elizabeth, née Bishop
Noel, Jeanne, née Godfray
Godfray, Jeanne
Nonberg, Human
Norman, Elias
Norman, Alfred
Norman, John
Nott, John
Oak, George
O'Brien, Matthew Mease
O'Brien, Mrs
Ogle, Nathaniel
Oldridge, Mary Elizabeth
Olliver, Elizabeth
Osborn, Deborah Margaret, née Warner
Ottley, Brook Taylor
Overbury, Edward
Owen, Georgina
Oxford, John
Pace, Mrs
Padmore, Rebeca
Pallot, John Francis
Palmer, Samuel
Parker, Mary
Parres, Jock
Parrott, Jane
Parson , Honora
Parsons, Susan Collings
Patterson, Adam
Patterson, David
Paul, Mrs
Paul, George Holland
Payn, Philip
Payn, Mrs
Payn , James
Payne, Elizabeth, née de Ste Croix
Payne, George
Peacock, Arabella, née Simpson
Peagam, Mary, née Cole
Pearce, Catherine
Pearse, Susan, née Joslin
Pearson, Herbert
Pearson, Jane Elizabeth
Pearson, George
Pearson, John
Peart, Matilda Jane
Peck, Richard
Pelgue, Mrs
Penton, Gertrude
Perchard, Elvina Jane
Perchard, Jane, née Guiton
Perchard, Clement
Percival, Henry Norman
Peregrine, John Pryor
Perren, James William
Perrot, Madam
Perry, Henry
Perry, John
Perry, Elizabeth, née Runnalls
Phepoe, Mrs
Philips, Infant
Phillips, William
Philton, Harrison
Piercy, Harriet, née Calder
Pinel, Mary, née Boyd
Piper, Hugh
Pipon, Jane
Pipon, Ann
Pirouet, Sarah Ann, née Taylor
Pitcher, Daniel
Pitcher, Margaret
Piton, Louisa Jane
Podger, John Wallis
Podger, Amelia Fanny, née Wallis
Podger, Thomas Wallis
Poignand, Lewis
Poingdestre, infant
Pointon, Louisa
Pope, Eliza Jane
Pope, Elizabeth, née Williams
Potter, Infant
Powell, Philip Lewis
Pratt, James
Preston, William
Price, Albert
Prig, John William
Prigg, Wesley James
Prigg, Eliza Sarah
Pritchard, Elizabeth, née Jeun
Prout, Edwin
Prout, Ann, née Cann
Pryce, James
Pulfer, Ann, née Worsley
Pyhus, Isabel Frances
Quirk, Joseph Bennett
Radford, Harriet
Raincock, Sarah, née Strong
Ramie, Charles Francois
Ramsey, Mrs
Rannells, John
Rapsey, Mrs
Rattenbury, William
Rawling, Thomas
Rawling, John
Rawlings, Henry
Rayment, Francis
Raymond, Thomas
Redmond, Alice
Reed, Mary Ann, née Ayling
Reeks, Caroline Maria
Reid, Amy Caroline
Remington, Frederick Henry
Remnant, Frederick Charles
Remy, Amelia Jane
Remy, George John
Rendle, Infant
Rendle, Eliza Marien, née Pulman
Rendle, Mr
Revest, Catherine
Ricard, Godwin Crofton
Ricards, Richard
Richards, Mary Ann, née Cozens
Richards, John Gallichan
Richardson, Sarah Eliza
Ridalls, Rhoda
Riddall, Jessie
Rideout, Georgeiana, née Whitcher
Rive, Francis
Robins, Mary
Robinson, Benjamin
Robinson, Dora, née Chancellor
Robinson, William
Roche, Charlotte, née Blood
Roe, James
Rogers, Elizabeth Mary
Rose, Frederick Ernest
Rosen, Emma Mary, née Goldie
Ross, Adelaid Lucy, née Davidson
Rossiter, George William
Rostan, Hélène Marie
Rowe, Arthur Mills
Rowe, Sophia Adelaide
Rowe, Miss
Rowe, Thomas William
Rowland, John
Royal, Robert Stewart
Rudd, Maria Catherine
Rudd, Thomas Headen
Rudd, infant
Ruddach, Jemima Hannah
Ruddach, Robert Stuart
Russell, Caroliine André, née Taylor
Rutford, Mrs
Sainthill, Richard Tilledge
Salter, Heloise, née Corluard
Salter, Patrick
Samuel, Samuel
Sandeman, Edward
Sanders, Francis William John
Sangelier, Thomas William
Sarre, Emma
Saunders, Selina Emma
Saunders, Ensign Richard
Saunders, B
Sayer, Ann
Scammel, Lucy
Scammel, Mrs
Scatliff, Arthur
Schramm, Conrad
Scott, George Frederick Cooper
Searle, Edward
Searle, Child
Searle, John Richard Impey Thomas
Seaton, Matthew Mease
Seeney, infant
Selby, John Strangeways Donaldson
Seward, William
Seward, Edward
Seymour, Mrs, née Watson
Shales, Samuel
Shales, Walter
Shales, Mary
Shane, Julia Fanny
Shane, Mrs
Sharland, Charlotte Cabould, née Webber
Shave, John
Shave, Henry William Parker
Shave, Rosetta Adelisa Monicy
Shaw, Isabella Ross, née Macoicar
Shaw, Samuel
Shaw, Harry Hay
Shean, Mrs
Shepard, Robert Stewart
Shepard, Henry Thomas
Sherrard, Robert Castel
Shilvock, Catherine Elizabeth
Short, infant
Short, Eliza Gracce
Shuckburgh, William Pigott
Siggins, Mary
Silby, Walter Frances
Simmonds, George
Simmons, Amelia Ann
Simon, John
Simons, Ann Joyce
Simons, Mrs
Simpson, John
Simpson, Sushanna
Simpson, Ann Jane
Simpson, Ann, née Wilcocks
Sims, Mary Ann, née Terry
Sindon, infant
Siney, Grace, née Sutherland
Single, Elvina
Sinnatt, Joseph
Sinnatt, John
Sinnatt, Edwin
Sinnatt, Mary, née Baker
Sinnatt, Sarah, née Fry
Skinner, William
Skinner, Frances, née Sherwell
Skinner, Elizabeth
Skipwith, Henry Briston Benson
Slack, Mrs
Slacke, Agnes, née Gray
Slade, Mary, née Woodland
Slater, Lillie Ann
Slater, Catherine, née Walcott
Sloggett, Perry William
Sloggett, Francis John
Slugett, Jane Louisa
Slugett, Anna Maria
Sluggett, Thomas
Smith, Thomas Arthur
Smith, Maria Pauline
Smith, Jessie
Smith, Charles
Smith, Thomas Arthur
Smith, Charles Herbert
Smith, Richard Catcott
Smith, Henry
Smith, Mary Ann, née Grigg
Smith, Henrietta, née Ravenil
Smith, Charles
Smith, Ernest Rodulphus
Smithson, Elizath Dorothy, née Thompson
Snell, Alfred La Cloche
Snell, Julia
Snell, Thomas
Snow, Thomas
St John, Catherine, née McGrath
Stabback, Thomas
Stannus, Robert
Stephens, Robert
Stephens, Elizabeth
Stephenson, Frederick
Sterne, Elizabeth, née Herring
Stevens, Clara Adelina
Stevens, Elizabeth Ann, née Cavan
Stevens, Frederick George
Stevens, Algernon Kingston
Stewart, Christian
Stickland, Joseph Augustus
Stint, Mary, née King
Stoneman, née Bradby
Stratton, Samuel William
Strechly, Mary
Style, Jobe
Suckling, Alfred Inigo
Sullivan, Mrs, née Brouard
Sullivan, Charles
Sumerville, Hannah Maria, née Robinson
Summers, Harriet
Summerville, Mrs
Sundercombe, Sarah Hariet
Swaffield, William
Swietoslawski, Infant
Syvret, George Le Breton
Taylor, Mr
Taylor, John Charles
Taylor, Jane, née Hill
Taylor, Catherine
Taylor, William
Taylor, Richard
Tellot, John Corinthien
Thaout, Charles
Thomas, Henrietta Dorathea
Thompson, Charlotte
Thompson, Ernest William
Thomson, Margaret
Thoreau, Philippe
Thoreau, Sophia Catherine, née Lerriez
Thorne, Weston
Thorne, Maria
Thorner, Henry
Tibbles, Mary Ann
Tibbles, Sarah Mason, née Pitcher
Tideman, William
Tidiman, Louis
Tillett, Edward Ambrose
Tinckham, Eleanor, née Barter
Tom, James
Tooze, Thomas
Tranchell, John Thomas
Travers, Eliza Jane, née De La Cour
Treeves, John
Treeves, Richard
Tregear, Elizabeth, née Adams
Trimby, Ann, née Spanner
Tuckett, John
Turnbull, Gaven
Turncliff, Thomas
Turner, Alfred John
Turner, Caroline
Turner, Mrs
Turner, Esther
Tutton, John
Underhill, Hugh
Underhill, Grace, née Blight
Usher, John
Valpy, Francis
Vance, Margaret Mary Julia
Vanstone, James
Vanstone, Ann, née Bates
Vasselin, Maria
Vaudin, John
Venner, Zebre
Vinecombe, Susanna, née Mauger
Vonburg, Ann Elizabeth
Voules, William James
Wade, Caroline Louisa Henrietta, née Davidson
Wakeham, Louisa Mary
Wakeham, Eliza Jane, née Richards
Waldron, Mary, née Fowler
Waldron, George Arthur
Waldron, Frederick William
Walford, William Thomas
Walker, Benvenuta
Walker, Child
Walker, Julia
Walling, Amelia, née Drews
Wallis, James
Wallis, Sampson
Wallis, Robert
Walsh, Anne, née Macpherson
Walsh, infant
Walters, William Henry
Walters, William
Walters, Emma Elizabeth
Warner, William
Warrington, William Henry
Waterman, Mary Ann
Watson, Walter
Watson, Catherine
Watts, Maria, née Rivers
Way , George
Waye, Mrs
Webb, Ann Elizabeth
Webb, Jane Caroline, née Hardy
Wellington, Peter
West, John
Westaway, Ann, née Guillet
Westaway, Maria
Westaway, Ann
Western, James
Westlake, John
Weston, Elizabeth Sarah, née Hales
Weston, Eliza, née Perryman
Weymouth, Henry
Wheatley, Mary Ann
Whettingstall, Hannah Maria
White, Joseph
White, Henrietta Patricia, née Burnett
White, Esther Jane
White, Russell Herbert
White, Sarah, née Wakeham
White, Eleanor, née Egan
Whittard, Edith Gabrielle
Wilcocks, Edward
Wiliams, Child
Wilkens, Sarah Jane
Wilkenson, Margaret
Wilkey, Josiah Morris
Wilkins, Child
Wilkins, Sarah, née Hawkins
Wilkinson, Elizabeth
Willcox, Mrs
Williams, Elinor
Williams, Elizabeth, née Hale
Williams, George Henry
Williams, John
Williams, Harriet Sophia, née Lambert
Williams, Hester, née Aylward
Willims, Florence Annie
Wilmot, Annie Henrietta
Wilson, Charles Carus
Wilson, James
Wilson, William
Wilson, Mary Jane, née Paley
Windsor, Mary, née Whitfield
Woodford, Maria Margarette
Woods, Thomas
Woods, Elizabeth, née Hewett
Wraith, John
Wright, Sarah
Wright, Maria, née Thompson
Wyatt, Ann
Wyatt, Charles John
Wyllie, Janet
Wynne, Edmund Henry
Yardley, Elizabeth
Youl, William
Youl, Amelia Jane, née Ellis
Youl, William Robert
Youlton, Harriet, née Hocquard
Nicolle, Marie
Keywords funeral directors | funeral registers | Funerals | Accounts | undertakers | Burials
Category L/A-Businesses
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation purposes - please use the PDF copies instead.
Closed until 2100


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Sinnatt and Sons Funeral Directors Account Ledger [Indexed] Includes name, age and place of death of deceased as well as date of burial and details of the funeral expenses and payment. To find the name you are interested in please look at the index and then open the pdf with the relevant page number.


A digital image is available to view online or this item is closed because it is exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Law. If you would like to make a request please email us.