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Sinnatt and Sons Funeral Directors Account Ledger [Indexed] Includes name, age and place of death of deceased as well as date of burial and details of the funeral expenses and payment. To find the name you are interested in please look at the index and then open the pdf with the relevant page number.

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Reference L/A/41/A1/5
Date 11 March 1864 - 8 August 1872
Names Sinnatt and Sons (Funeral Directors)
Abbott, Thomas
Adams, Florance
Adams, Thomas William
Adamson, Albina, née Lawrence
Alexander, Alfred Charles
Allen, Amy
Allen, Edward
Allen, Gerald Fitzgerald
Allen, Margaret , née Aynsley
Allen, Mary, née Egan
Allix, Sophie Jane, née Martinel
Anderson, Elizabeth, née Le Sueur
Andow, Alice Jane
Andow, Lucy, née Everdall
Andow, Rosina Hannah Averdall
Andrews, Ann, née Pitcher
Andrews, Eliza, née Revest
Andrews, Ella Kay
Andrews, Max Amelia Sophia
Andrews, Richard Lucien
Andrews, Sarah
Angel, Alice
Anley, Caroline
Ansell, Alice
Anthoine, John
Anthoine, John
Anthoine, Stephen
Anthoine, Susan, née Thorne
Anthoney, Eliza Page
Anwell, William Henry
Archbold, Ellen, née Pelham
Arnold, Child
Ashelford, Samuel Joseph
Ashley, Edward
Atkins, Emily
Atlee, Emma , née Wilson
Aubarte, Mrs
Aubin, Abraham
Aubin, Jane, née Collas
Aubin, Mary Ann, née Collas
Avery, Elizabeth
Babington, Jane, née Rennells
Babot, Charles Albert
Babot, Mary Bazin
Bailey, William Henry
Baillache, Child
Bailly, Family
Baker, Arabella Julian
Baker, David
Baker, G F
Baker, John Amy
Baker, Mary Barciello
Baker, Matilda Ann, née Valpy
Baker, Sophia Georgina
Baker, William
Baker, William George
Bakes, Mary, née Gruchy
Bakes, Robert
Balcom, Infant
Balsom, Silvanis Austin
Barber, James
Barling, William Henry
Barnes, Ellen
Barnes, Ernest Wells
Barnes, Susan Jane
Barratt, Amelia, née Bray
Bartley, Alfred
Bartley, George Septimus
Batty, Elizabeth Mary, née Ferguson
Baudains, Elizabeth
Baudains, Miss
Baxter, Thomas
Baylis, Francis, née Hooper
Beasland, Annie, née McGloug
Beatson, Davidson
Beattie, Louisa, née Keene
Beckford, Samuel Howard
Beer, John Shurlock
Bell, Charles Thomas Herbert
Bell, Frances Caroline
Bellizia, Marie Rose
Benest, Arthur Clement
Benest, Margaret
Bennett, Emmanuel
Bennett, Thomas
Benoist, Victor Joseph
Bertram, Anna Sophia
Bertram, Blanche Eloina
Bertram, Francis
Bertram, George
Bertram, Lydia Louisa
Bertram, William
Betts, Elizabeth, née Holt
Bews, James Hamilton
Birch, Wykeham
Bird, Eleanor, née Gray
Bisson, Nancy, née Deslandes
Bisson, Thomas
Bissoni, Ann, née Freeman
Blay, Mabel Elizabeth
Blenkinsop, James
Bloor, Sarah, née Hackett
Boase, Martha Mary
Boog, James
Bott, Arthur Lovell
Bott, Mary Marguerite, née Ree
Bott, Nicolas
Bott, Walter Francis
Bourinet, Elizabeth
Bourinot, Jane
Bourke, Ellen, née Hefferman
Bourke, Thomas Martin
Bowden, George Walter
Bowden, Mary Ann, née Le Cocq
Brady, Mary Ann
Bragg, Ann
Bragg, Ann, née Bartee
Bragg, Anna Eliza
Bragg, Joseph
Bragg, Marie, née Roberts
Bragg, Stephen
Braithwaite, William
Brandon, Thomas
Bray, Ann Hortense
Bray, Francis Hannah
Breadmore, Thomas
Brée, Elizabeth
Brett, D'arcy
Brewer, Georginia Esther
Brewer, Henry George
Bridges, Charles Collins
Bridges, Mr C
Bridgland, Mabel Lucy
Bridle, Laura
Bridle, Sophia, née Champ
Britel, Josephine Rose
Brooke, George
Brown, Eliza, née Smale
Brown, Florance Elise Mary
Brown, Frank Masters
Brown, Mary Louisa
Brown, Samuel
Brown, Threasa
Browne, Richard Lewis
Bryant, Emma Isabel
Bryant, Harriet, née Ash
Bryant, James
Bryant, William
Budgen, Captain
Budgen, Thomas
Budgen, Williamza Caroline
Buesnel, William Philip Vermont
Bullen, Susan Angelina
Bulley, Hannah, née Williams
Burch, Robert
Burleigh, James Francis
Burman, James Sidney
Burrell, Percy Edward
Burridge, Augustus William
Burridge, Margaret
Burton, Agnes Lydia
Butler, Jane Caroline, née Kingston
Butten, Edwin Rowe
Butten, Henry
Butten, Margurite, née Crimmins
Butter, William Henry
Byrne, Frances Amelia
Cabot, Jane, née Hambling
Cadell, Charles
Caderet, Mary Ann, née Thompson
Cadett, Master
Calvert, Esther, née Dand
Cameron Family
Campbell, Marth, née Massey
Card, Frederick Slade
Carrè, John
Carrel, Amelia Lydia
Carrel, William Francis
Carrol, child
Carter, Caroline
Carter, Eliza, née Ward
Carter, Elizabeth, née Bradford
Carter, Mary, née Keen
Case, Clara
Castro, Infant
Cawley, Clara Sophia
Cawley, Emily Sophia
Cawley, Jane, née Featherstone
Cecil, Smith
Champion, Ann, née Kendall
Channon, Abraham Bowden
Chanter, Mary, née Wistcott
Chapman, Elizabeth, née Hardy
Chapman, Rosalie
Charnney, William
Cheesmen, Joseph
Ching, Miss
Ching, Samuel Milton
Christopher, Charles Henry
Church, Jeannetta
Churchill, Sidney
Churchward, Charles Henry
Churchward, Phoebè
Clament, Sarah Lucy Selina
Clanalbin, Stephen Powell
Clare, William
Clayton, Ethel Phoebe
Clegg, James
Cliff, Walter
Cluney, Daniel
Cobbe, Charles Henry
Cole, William
Coleman, Henry Collins
Collas, John Jervaise Le Vesconte
Collens, Joseph
Collins, Susannah, née Gibbs
Combe, Charles William
Combe, Tamzen
Condon, Helen
Connell, Elvina, née Vaudin
Conway, Mary, née Mountain
Coombs, Louisa Mary Fontabel
Cooper, Edward Gibbons
Coote, Attile, née Anly
Cort, Edwin Thomas James
Cort, Mary Ann, née Daniel
Cort, Susanna Elizabeth Purkis
Cory, Caroline
Cory, Emile Frederic
Cory, Ernest James
Cory, James Edward
Costard, Edgar James
Costello, Michael
Cottrell, Harriet, née Ridley
Courtis, Herman Southwell
Coutanche, Mary Jane, née Boomer
Cowell, Florence Minnie
Cowell, George
Crane, Edward
Crimmins, Bridget Magrah
Crisp, Alfred
Croft, Agnes
Cronin, Catherine Ann
Cropp, William
Cruchley, Julia, née Jarrett
Cummings, James
Cummings, Margaretta, née Evans
Cummings, Mary Ann
Cunningham, Mrs
Curtis, Thurza
Dagger, Harriet, née Porter
Dalton, George Gulen
Dalton, John Bailey
Damer, Elizabeth Ann
Dare, Arthur John Montgomery
Dare, Robert
Dare, Tom
Dart, Mary Ann, née Knight
Davey, James Frank
Davies, Edward
Davies, Evan
de Faye, Frances
de Gruchy, Abraham
de Gruchy, Amy Jane, née Brée
de Gruchy, Earnest Albert
de Gruchy, Fanny, née Le Capelain
de Gruchy, Louisa, née Chapman
de Gruchy, Marie, née Le Brocq
de Gruchy, Matthew
de Gruchy, Murray Lawrence
de Gruchy, Rachel, née Journeaux
de Gruchy, Thomas
de la Mare, Jane, née Countel
de la Mare, Margaret, née Benest
de la Mare, Sophia Maleld Crusoc, née Porter
de la Mare, Thomas
de la Taste, Agnes
de le Rée, Judith
de St Croix, Nancy , née Luce
de Vaulle, Clement
de Vaulle, Mary Jane
De Veulle, Clement
de Veulle, John Francis
Dean, James
Deans, Elizabeth, née Halmers
Deans, James Alexander
Demaine, James
Dene, Henry Charles
Dennis, Alice Jane
Dennis, John William
Desborough, Laurence
Deslandes, Philip
Devisine, Frances
Dickson, Edward Thompson
Dickson, Graham Le Feuvre
Dickson, Mary, née Pierce
Dixon, Annie
Dixon, Jane, née Pringle
Dixon, Joseph
Dixon, Mary, née Warren
Dixon, Rebecca Jane, née Taylor
Dixon, Thomas Richardson
Dodd, Jemima Ann, née Cartes
Dolbel, infant
Donaldson, Mary Louisa
Dondon, Thomas
Donoldson, Clara
Dorey, Minnie Evelyn
Dorey, Philip
Douglas, Jane
Douglas, Jane, née Coulman
Down, William
Downer, Philip Jackson
d'Oyly, Sophia Lydia, née Davis
d'Oyly, Thomas
Driscoll, Timothy
Driver, George
Druce, Benjamin Nicholas
du Parcq, Esther, née Guilleaume
du Prè, Male Infant
Duchesne, August Denis
Duggan, Jane, née Norman
Duhamel, Esther, née Legg
Duhamel, Jean
Dumaresq, George
Dumaresq, Maria Julia, née Marett
Dumaresq, Philip
Dumaresq, Susan, née Le Cerf
Dumaresq, William Philip
Duncan, Ada Mary
Duncan, Frederick Augustus
Dunford, James
Dupont, Caroline, née Brie
Dupré, John William
Dyke, Jane, née Arnold
Dyne, Jane, née Maynard
Eagar, Catherine Esther
Eagar, John
Edgar, Herbert Henry
Edgar, Robert
Edwards, John
Edwards, Shephard
Ellenton, Ann
English, Alice
Ennis, Christiana, née Powell
Ennis, George
Esnouf, Edward
Esnouf, Jeanne Marie
Etheridge, Jane, née Smalrige
Eveleigh, James
Eyres, Moses
Fallaise, Ellen
Fallaise, Sarah, née Robertson
Fallaize, Peter
Falle, Ann, née Guille
Farley, John
Farley, William Flynes
Farrar, Luke
Fauvel, Charles Thomas
Fauvel, Mrs
Felling, Eliza Mary Ann
Ferguson, Daniel
Fetham, Henry Augustus Dalton
Finatchbull, Grace Mary
Fine, Maria, née Clarke
Fontaine, Mary Ann
Foot, Charles Papingham
Foot, Elizabeth Frances
Forbes, Mary, née Clasby
Forse, Alfred
Forsey, Elizabeth, née Burt
Forward, Ada Lizzie
Forward, William Thomas
Foure, Virginie, née Didier
Fowle, Mary Ann
Freeman, Charles Joseph
Fruing, Jane Elizabeth, née Alexandre
Fruing, William
Fuller, Emily
Fuller, Francis C B
Fuller, Mrs
Furber, James
Gabourel, Harriet
Gaillard, Jean Francois
Gailliard, Rose
Gale, Edith Emily
Gale, Elizabeth Rebeca
Gale, Marie Sophia
Gallichan, Jane Margaret, née Remon
Gallie, Ann
Gallie, Arthur Ames
Gallie, Ernest Hamilton
Gallie, Ernest Philip
Gallie, Herbert Ames
Gallienne, Abraham John
Galpin, Albert Charles
Galpin, Emma Louisa
Galpin, Walter John
Gardiner, Richard
Gardner, Flora
Gaudin, Charles Joseph
Gaudin, Ethel Anne
Gaudin, John
George, Thomas William
Georges, Julia Ann, née Tupper
Gibbs, Jane
Gibson, Emma Catherine
Gibson, John
Godfray, Edna Frances
Godfray, John
Godfray, Philip
Goodeve, Edward John William
Gordon, Joseph MacIntosh
Gorringe, Harry
Gosselin, Susan, née Coutanche
Grady, Annie Maria
Grandy, John Samuel William
Graves, Emily Georgina
Graves, Frances Charlotte
Graves, Lilian Harriet Rachel
Gray, Jane Maria
Gray, Mary Barratt
Gray, Robert
Gray, William James
Green, Jane, née Thompson
Gregory, Alfred
Gregory, Jane Prescott
Gregory, Jane, née Prescott
Gregory, Rosa
Griffin, Amy, née Farrant
Grocott, Thomas
Groizard, Blanche
Groizard, Charles Philip
Groizard, Jean Marie
Groizard, William Alfred
Grosjean Tricot, Joseph Ernest Franz Henry
Grugg, Mrs
Guiton, Oscar Henry
Guy, Gleivis Mary Ann
Guy, Thomas
Hacking, Earnest Albert
Haire, John Kell
Halbot, Rosalie Angelique
Hale, Anna Maria
Haley, William Alexander
Hall, Emma Elizabeth
Hall, Felicia Mabel
Hall, George
Hamling, Charlotte Ellen, née Allen
Hamling, George
Hamling, George John
Hammond, Anne
Hammond, Elizabeth Ann
Hamon, Alice
Hamon, Jane Elizabeth
Hamon, John Philip
Handscombe, Florence
Hansford, Lillian Maud
Hanstone, John
Hardie, Ann Susan Esther, née Hacquoil
Hardie, James
Hardie, Sophia, née Warne
Harding, Elizabeth Clara
Harding, John Abraham
Harding, Joseph William
Hardinge, George Harkma
Hardy, John Elias
Hardy, Thomas
Hardyway, Ann
Harris, Ann, née Baxter
Harris, Mary, née Hillman
Harris, Thomas Car
Harris, William
Harrison, John
Harrison, Sarah Elizabeth
Hart, Lydia Maria, née Cole
Hart, Margaret Elizabeth
Hartnatt, Margeret
Haskins, Sarah, née Dunderdale
Hay, Louisa
Hay, Rose
Hay, Victorine, née Kergoux
Haynes, Alfred
Hayward, William
Heal, Harriet
Hellmers, Amelia
Hennessey, Patrick
Henri, Georgina Louisa
Henry, William
Herbert, George Flower
Hergaux, Louise Adelphine
Hergaux, Victoire Hortense
Hervé, Amelia
Hicks, Jane, née Kinnessey
Hicks, Thomas
Higgins, Patrick Joseph
Higgins, William
Hill, Arabella, née Baker
Hill, Heal
Hine, Elizabeth, née Palmer
Hiscocks, Elijah Eston
Hobday, James Edward
Hocken, William
Hodder, John
Hodgens, Bride Teresa, née Galavin
Hogan, Elizabeth Mary Tamzen
Hogg, Stratford George
Holland, John
Holland, infant
Holloway, Edmund James
Hooker, Elizabeth
Horne, Amy Jane, née Huxham
Horne, Charles Sarkin
Houghton, Edward
Howe, Charles George
Howe, Hannah Maria, née Stevens
Howell, Child
Humby, Bessie Maria
Hunt, Mary, née Picot
Picot, Mary
Hurford, Mary Elizabeth
Huston, Henry Thomas
Hutchings, Mary
Hyde, Adelaide Elizabeth
Ingouville, Mary Ann, née Rossignol
Ingram, Julia, née Le Bailly
Isaacs, Sophia, née Levy
Ivy, Henry John James
Jackman, Harriet
Jackson, Alice Elizabeth
Jackson, Lucy
Jackson, Mary
Jackson, Mary Anne
Jackson, Mary, née Roche
Jackson, William Bayley
Jacobs, Samuel
Jarvis, William
Jeffary, Mary, née Salter
Jeffery, Bettey Gilbert, née Cornish
Jeffery, Jane
Jeffery, Mary Ann, née Loder
Jeffrey, James
Jellyman, Thomas
Jeremie, Catherine
Jerrard, William
Jerrom, William
Jeune, Elizabeth, née Picot
Jeune, Francis
Jeune, Francis George
John Roberts, Harris
Johnson, Betty, née Hore
Johnson, John Cottingham
Johnson, W
Johnston, Rebeca
Joll, Ellen Mary de Ste Croix
Joll, George Charles
Joll, John William Henry
Jones, Ada Marian
Jones, Charles
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Hannah, née Wilson
Jones, Mary Ann
Jones, William Henry
Joseph, Israel
Joslin, Eliza, née Hardyway
Joy, Sarah, née Baker
Kaill, Elizabeth Adelaid Augusta, née Tucker
Keaste, Prucilla Richard
Keiley, Mary, née Robinson
Kelland, Robert
Kelley, James
Kelley, Margret, née Hefferman
Kelly, Francis
Kelly, Sarah Ann, née Payne
Kerr, William Henry
Keyt, John Augustus
Kiine, Thomas
Kiine, Thomas James
Killing, Clara
Killminster, Bertha Dina
Kimber, Johanna, née Cox
Kine, Matilda Sarah, née Byrne
King, Charles
King, Richardson
King, Richardson
Kirk, James
Kitts, Maria Emma
Kitts, Peter Thomas
Knapp, Theresa, née Davies
Knapp, Thomas
Knife, Eliza, née Mumford
Knight, Nancy, née Collas
Knight, Rice
Knight, Richard
Krabbie, Harriet Maydalene
Labey, Thomas
Labey, Thomas
Laffolley, Walter
Lambert, Ann Elizabeth, née Stoneham
Lamière, Leouline Adele Pauline
Landick, Samuel James
Landick, William Henry
Lane, Charles John Greenslade
Lane, Emma Jane
Lane, John
Langford, Ayleph
Langford, John
Langford, Mary Ann, née Martin
Langford, Mary Ann, née Truman
Langtry, Jane Frances, née Price
Larbalestier, Harriet, née Smith
Larcombe, Bertha Matilda
Larcombe, Rusina Mary, née Calway
Lasserre, Jean Isidore
Laurence, Mr
Laurens, Mary Elizabeth, née Le Quesne
Layard, Mary Dora Georgina
Le Bailly, Eliza, née Sharpe
Le Blanc, infant
Le Brocq, William
Le Brun, Margaret, née de Beauchamp
Le Brun, Robert Augustus
Le Carie, John Richard
Le Cornu, Marie, née Le Geyt
Le Cornu, Philip
Le Cornu, Rose
Le Feuvre, Adolphus Henry
Le Gallais, Charles
Le Gallais, Esther
Le Geyt, Daniel
Le Gros, George
Le Gros, William
Le Maistre, Malvina
Le Maistre, Susan Mary
Le Masurier, Elizabeth
Le Masurier, John Percy
Le Masurier, William
Le Normand, Monsieur
Le Nourey, Frederick
Le Nourey, Mrs
Le Noury
Le Petit, Alice Melaneu
Le Peuteguain, infant
Le Quesne, Mary Ann
Le Quesne, William Philip
Le Rossignol, Mary Ann, née Gorman
Le Sauteur, Laura Emily
Le Sauteur, Male
Le Seeleur, Susannah, née Hill
Le Selleur, Amelia
Le Vieux, Charles
Leader, James
Leader, Mary, née Calvert
Lear, Richard
Lecarie, Perre
Lee, Mary Ann Mudge
Lee, Mary Lynn
Lee, Samuel
Lee, Samuel Tamlin
Lee, Walter
LeMasurier, Edward
Levy, Mary Sarah, née Leary
Lilley, Lydia Frances Barnicoat
Lister, Frederick
Lloyd, Mary Slater
Lobb, Ann, née Allen
Logan, Thomas
Long, John Charles
Lorè, Auguste Jean
Lover, Samuel
Lucas, Daniel
Lucas, Elizabeth Virginia
Lucas, Mr
Lucas, Mrs
Luce, Mr
Lucy, Henry
Lukins, Child
Lyne, Selina Lavina
Lyon, Louisa Charlotte, née Norton
Lysaght, Ann Elizabeth, née Longford
Lyte, Edric
Lyte, Female Child
Mabbot, Joseph
Macklin, Robert
Maguire, Emma Mary, née Wadman
Mahoney, Patrick Joslyn
Malin, Mr
Marell, Mary, née Horman
Marett, Alice Mary
Marett, Elias
Marett, John
Marett, Philip
Marrett, Elizabeth, née Simon
Martel, Nancy, née Robert
Martinet, Alexandre
Martyn, Walter
Mason, Eliza
Mason, Mr
Mathew, James
Mathew, William Henry
Matthews, Harriet Vagg
Mauger, George
Mauger, Thomas
Maule, Frances Amelia, née Jarvis
McAllen, Thomas
McCann, Henry
McCarthy, Edward
McCarthy, Eugenie
McClelland, Joseph
McDonald, William Winter
McFay, Donald
McGee, Emily Letitia Catherine
McKenney, Thomas William
McLaren, Lucy
McNeveny, Mrs, née Horan
Medleton, William Henry
Meech, Charlotte
Mends, Isabella Ann
Mercier, Bertha Mabel
Mercier, Emanuel Hippolyte
Mercier, Mabel Eckford
Messervy, Alfred John
Michel, Jacque Louis
Mill, Samuel
Mill, Samuel George
Miller, Isabella
Millman, Sarah
Mills, Edwin
Mills, Edwin John
Mills, Sarah, née Budden
Mintrom, Mary, née Turner
Monks, Daniel
Moody, Mary Clark
Moon, Harvey Henry Walter
Moon, Mary Ann
Morgan, Philip
Morley, Ann, née Larcher
Morris, Bernard William
Morris, Elizabeth
Morris, Elizabeth, née Page
Morris, Sarah Ann
Morrissey, Edward
Mourant, John
Moyes, Walter John
Moyse, Ann Elizabeth Burguyne Walters
Moyse, Ann, née Mathews
Moyse, William
Mulel, Monsieur
Murray, Amanda Malvina Caroline, née McKenzie
Musgrove, Hannah, née Leigh
Mutton, infant
Mutton, Thomas
Nairn, Adelaide
Napper, Thomas
Neal, Joseph
Neale, Fanny
Neale, Patience
Le Boutillier, Jane Elizabeth
Netherton, Elizabeth, Geach
Newber, Thomas Christian
Newman, Charles
Newnam, Lucy
Newnham, Henry
Newnham, John
Newton, Ann, née Pepin
Newton, William Henry
Nicholls, James John Bissinger
Nicholson, George Kerr
Nicholson, Mabel Grace
Nicholson, Robert Harvy
Nicholson, Thomas William
Nicklin, Emmanulla Mary
Nicolle, Elizabeth
Nicolle, Frances
Nicolle, John
Nicolle, Mr
Noel, Anne, née Vaudin
Noel, George
Noel, Hugh
Norman, Emma
Norman, James
Norman, Susanne, née Payne
Oakley, Eliza, née Underhill
O'Connor, Catherine, née Welsh
O'Donnell, John Walter
O'Keefe, Esther
Ollivier, Arthur
O'Toole, Mary, née Reily
Overend, Henry
Overing, John William
Oxford, Artimas Wiliam
Oxford, Christopher William
Paddock, Mrs
Padfield, Francis
Padley, Mary, née Bradel
Pargiter, Fanny, née Hunt
Park, William
Parris, Bridget, née Long
Parsons, Susan, née Collinge
Parsons, Thomas
Patterson, Fanny, née Talbot
Paul, Mary
Paul, Thomas William
Paull, Nicholas
Paull, Thomas
Payton, Arthur
Peagam, Edith Beatrice
Pearson, Mary, née Morrison
Perchard, John
Perchard, John
Perchard, Mary Ann
Perchard, Thomasine
Perée, John Thomas
Peregune, Eliza, née Ley
Perham, Mary Jane
Peters Robinson, William
Peterson, Charles Henry Milner
Phillps, William
Picot, Jane, née Slater
Pipon, Robert
Pirouet, Emily Rachel Rebecca
Pleace, John
Poignard, James
Poingdestre, Martha, née Ruding
Poorland, Aeneas
Potter, Alice Mary
Potter, Helier
Potter, Jane, Mathis
Powell, Elizabeth, née Smith
Power, Stephen Dixon
Powney, Richard Penyston Willie
Preston, Mary, née Short
Price, John
Price, John Lepper
Price, Miss
Purkess, George
Purkis, Charles Arthur
Purkiss, Sophie Sarah, née Lee
Querée, Alfred Ingram
Radford, George Robert
Raguin, Pierre Eugene
Ralph, Alfred Henry
Ralph, Selina Ann
Ralph, Selina Ellen, née Bartlett
Ranwell, Willam
Raper, Clara
Rattenbury, Robert Henry
Rayment, Maria, née Edwards
Reid, George Hume
Remy, Jane, née Pickstock
Remy, Mrs
Renard, Hippolyte Louis Pierre
Renouf, Mr W C
Rich, Elizabeth
Rich, William
Richards, James Walter
Rideout, Anne Young
Rimington, Effie Rose Lilian
Rive, Amelia Jane, née Fielding
Robert, Martha, née Jenkins
Roberts, Infant
Robilliard, Elizabeth, née Davies
Robin, Anne
Robinson, Catherine
Rocket, Jemima, née Brown
Roddis, George
Roddis, Mary Ann, née Appelby
Rondel, Ann
Ross, Bridget, née Monaghan
Round, Bengeman
Rowe, Alfred George
Rowe, Charlotte, née Handford
Rowe, Edward
Rowe, Esther Anne
Rowe, James
Rowe, William
Royal, Maria, née Saunders
Rudd, Eric
Russell, Emma, née Millward
Rutt, Jane, née Bridge
Saget, Emmanuel Julian Charles Marie
Sainthill, Louisa, née Corbett
Salter, Mary
Salter, Mrs
Sanders, Mary, née Dingley
Sandick, Samuel
Sandy, Susan Frances
Sanger, Mary, née Barbarey
Sarah, Parker
Sarre, Emily Augusta
Sarre, Jane
Saunders, Jane Elizabeth, née Dunell
Savage, Mary, née Randall
Savage, William Henry
Scholefields, Mary, née Tyner
Scott, Sarah
Scriven , Ann, née Nicholls
Scriven, Florence Esther Amelia
Scriven, William
Scrivens, Henry Alfred
Seagam, Eliza, née Andrews
Seager, Henry John Pool
Seale, Thomas
Seamer, Frederic Thomas
Seaward, Margaret, née Strain
Seymour, Bartholomew
Seymour, Margaret, née Lyons
Shales, Grace Parsons, née Parsons
Shales, Walter
Sharp, William
Sherard, Mary Elizabeth
Sherer, Margaret, née Knight
Sibbald, William Henry Boyd
Simmens, Daniel
Simmers, Anne, née Le Bree
Simon, Mary Susan, née Joslin
Simons, Emeley
Simpson, Eliza
Simpson, Frederick
Simpson, Honoria, née Landrigan
Sinel, Ann, née Sinel
Sinnatt, George
Sinnatt, Herbert Richard
Sinnatt, Maria
Sinnatt, Mary Ann, née Cosens
Sissmore, Edmund
Skelton, Benjamin
Slade, Caroline
Slater, William Joseph
Slee, William Oliver
Smale, Alfred
Smith, Anne
Smith, Anne, née Salt
Smith, Annie
Smith, Child
Smith, Elizabeth Adeline Dina, née Wellington
Smith, Emily
Smith, Emma Wills Grose
Smith, Henry Findlay
Smith, Herbert William
Smith, Jabez
Smith, Jane, née Godfray
Smith, John
Smith, John Louis
Smith, Louisa Maria, née Waters
Smith, Martha, née Guppy
Smith, William
Smith, William Henry
Smyth, Ann Mary, née Bellwood
Snell, Henrietta Elizabeth, née La Cloche
Snook, Thomas John Henry
Soll, Henry
Sorel, Sophie Louise
Spanner, Thomas
Spear, Thomas
Spiller, Henry
St Clair, Jean Pierre
Staight, Thomas
Stanley, Lucy
Stannus, Clotilda, née Bona
Stansbury, Elizabeth, née Groziard
Stansbury, James
Starck, Clement Kemble
Stedwell, Elizabeth
Stephens, Joseph
Stepney, Arthur George Herbert
Stevens, Ada Mary
Stevens, Catherine Elizabethh
Stevens, James Agnew
Stevens, Miss
Stevens, Susanna Esther
Stocker, William
Stone, Mary, née Langdon
Stonebridge, Hannah
Stoneman, Ann Sophia, née Fallaize
Strover, Thomas Roger
Style, Edward John
Styles, Alice Maud Mary
Summerhayes, Walter John
Susan, Power
Swain, Charles Oscar Robert
Swatman, Edward
Sweeney, Patrick
Sweet, Emily Maria
Synnot, Walter
Syvret, George
Syvret, John Charles
Tagny, Mary, née Moisin
Tanner, Marian
Tatlow, Anthony Tessington
Tautherleigh, Richard
Taylor, Charles Lane
Taylor, Charlotte Elizabeth
Taylor, Herbert
Taylor, Jane, née Twigg
Taylor, Mildred Avis
Theobald, James Edward
Thomas, Lloyd Henry
Thomas, William
Thompson, Charles Pelham
Thompson, Eliza
Thompson, Vincent
Tibbles, Thomas
Tibbles, Thomas Venner
Tibot, Harriet
Tibot, Mary, née Romeril
Tidyman, Jane
Tinckham, Elias
Tinckham, Henry Elias
Tonkin, Elizabeth Susan, née King
Topmson, Elizabeth, née Davies
Tostevin, Arthur George
Tostevin, George William
Tostevin, Girl
Tostevin, James Ernest
Tostevin, James Philip
Tostevin, Mary Eliza
Tostevin, Mary, née Lambswood
Tostevin, Peter
Touet, Esther
Touze, Thomas
Travers, Clara
Trebech, Charles
Tregeagle, Elizabeth
Tregeagle, Jessie Ada
Trendell, Thomas Baker
Trolley, John Augustus
Trout, John
Truefit, Thompson
Tucker, Caroline, née Miles
Tuckett, Susan Adeliza
Turner, Frederick Henry
Turner, Mary, née Cutland
Turnour, Francis Edward
Verheggen, Charles Louis
Vetier, Adolphe
Vickers, James
Vickers, Mary Ann, née Lambert
Vincent, Clara Eliza
Vincent, John Thomas
Vincent, Julia Mary
Vincent, Philip Frederick
Vint, John
Walker, Frederick Edward
Walker, James Edwin
Wallace, Michael
Wallis, Frederick
Walters, Henry William
Walters, John
Waters, Ann, née Loader
Watson, Infant
Watson, Samuel Key
Watson, William
Watts, Bart
Watts, Rachel Marie, née Shenton
Webb, Charles Joseph Harding
Webb, Henry Campbell
Wellman, Sarah, née Cooper
Werndly, Caroline, née Dunn
West, Sarah, née Cavill
Westlake, Ann, née Mackenny
Westlake, John
Whillier, Maud Elizabeth Julia
Whitcher, Ann Fiorde
Whitcroft, Elizabeth
White, Jessica
White, Martin
White, Susan Jane, née Perchard
Wickers, Henry
Wigley, Sarah Maria
Wilkins, Mary Ann, née Gush
Willcocks, Mary, née Dormer
Willcox, Amelia Jane Elizabeth
Williams, Alfred Absalom
Williams, Ann
Williams, Ann, née Romeril
Williams, Eliza
Williams, Octavius Edmund
Williams, Thomas
Willingham, Rose
Willmot, Mary Ann
Wills, John
Wilson, Robert Henry
Wimbleton, Sara
Wingate, Andrew
Winstanley, Christina, Speed
Winston, Elinor
Winter, William
Wood, Charles
Woods, Louisa Jane
Worden, Richard
Wright, Mahala Lewis, née Lewis
Wright, Robert
Wright, Thomas
Wyatt, John
Yeoman, Joseph
Yeoman, Julia, née Mann
Yeoman, Mary, nee Turpin
Le Brocq, Marie
Keywords funeral directors | funeral registers | Funerals | Accounts | undertakers | Burials
Category L/A-Businesses
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation purposes - please use the PDF copies instead.
Closed until 2100


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Sinnatt and Sons Funeral Directors Account Ledger [Indexed] Includes name, age and place of death of deceased as well as date of burial and details of the funeral expenses and payment. To find the name you are interested in please look at the index and then open the pdf with the relevant page number.


A digital image is available to view online or this item is closed because it is exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Law. If you would like to make a request please email us.