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Sinnatt and Sons Funeral Directors Account Ledger [Indexed] Includes name, age and place of death of deceased as well as date of burial and details of the funeral expenses and payment. To find the name you are interested in please look at the index and then open the pdf with the relevant page number.

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Reference L/A/41/A1/6
Date 14 August 1872 - 15 November 1879
Names Sinnatt and Sons (Funeral Directors)
Ahier, Françoise, née Poingdestre
Ainge, Juliana, née Pitcher
Alavoine, Eugène Guillaume
Allan, Frederick
Almond, James
Alves, Emily Elizabeth Eleanor, née Greaves
Alves, Nathaniel
Amy, Frances Susan
Amy, Mary, née Michel
Andrews, Charles Herbert
Andrews, John Isaac
Andrews, Mary, née Dujardin
Anjuère, Théodore Adolphe
Anley, Mary, née Hocquard
Anthony, Bernard James
Anthony, Eliza, née Ellis
Anthony, Florence Elizabeth
Arnold, Joseph James
Arnold, Mary
Arthur, Ellen Eliza
Arthur, Francois
Ashby, Susanne, née Ozane
Atkins, Margaret
Aubin, Alfred
Aubin, Harriet, née Vonberg
Aubin, John
Aubin, Thomas
Babot, Mary
Backwell, Emma
Baddeley, Frederick Henry
Bain, Mary
Bainbridge, Henry
Baker, Mary, née Lucook
Baker, Mr G F
Baker, Thomas Robert
Balcomb, Edith Margaret
Baldwin, Fenton
Ball, John Thomas
Banbery, Richard
Banks, Sophia, née Bell
Barbenson, Marie Delia
Barnes, Amelia Sophia, née Clift
Barnes, George Adam
Barnett, Rosina
Barnewall, Robert
Barry, Ann, née Fennell
Baudains, Jane, née Gaudin
Baudains, Thomas
Baudet, Augustiine Marie
Baudoux, Jean Baptiste Joseph Antoine
Beaucamp, Charles
Beaucamp, Selina
Beaucamp, William John
Beer, John Cradic
Bell, William
Bellingham, Jane, née Elliott
Bennett, Alice Maud
Bennett, Ann Florence
Bennett, Edward Francis
Bennett, Elizabeth
Bennett, George William
Bentley, Mary Midwinter
Berridge, Sarah, née Castle
Bertram, Adolphus Alexander
Bertram, Edwin Alexander
Bertram, Francis
Bertram, Nancy Ann, née Delival
Bichard, Elie
Bichard, Susanne
Bihet, Lizzie Matilda
Binet, Charles
Binet, Mary Jane, née Premery
Birmingham, William
Bisson, Elizabeth, née Thomas
Bisson, William
Blampied, Adele Florence
Blampied, Adele Florence
Blay, Frederick St John Damer
Blayedes, Caroline Martha, née Jackson
Blood, Margaret, née Stirling
Blood, Michael
Boielle, Hope Ellesson
Bolt, James
Bolt, Susan, née Parsons
Bond, Benjamin
Boswell, Unity, née Parsons
Bouchere, Anne
Boullier, Eliza Jane
Boullier, Ernest Philip
Bourinot , Mary Elizabeth, née Bridges
Bourke, Margaret, née Walsh
Bowden, Ann, née Collings
Bowler, Charlotte, née Daw
Bown, William
Brander, Jean
Bray, John
Brée, Ellvina Ann
Brett, Ann, née Falle
Briggs, Henry
Brock, Jeffry
Brohier, Robert John
Brooke, James
Brown, Ebenezer
Brown, Henry Beltran Durant
Brown, James Carnac
Brown, Margaret
Brown, Nicholas
Brown, Roland
Brown, Samuel William
Brown, William George
Browne, Mary Christian, née Blagdon
Bryant, Robert
Buchanan, Thomas John
Buhot, Jean Baptiste
Bulbeck, Emily Alice
Bull, Martin Meggison
Bulson, Sarah Elizabeth, née Evil
Burch, George Wardeu
Burch, Grace, née Worden
Burleigh, Infant
Burley, John Percival
Burnett, William John
Burridge, John
Burroughs, Annie, née Smith
Butten, Mary, née Rowe
Cabeldu, Jeanne, née Sebire
Callanan, John Joseph
Calmels, Francois Germain Georges Fortuné
Campbell, Sarah
Canning, David John
Canning, Jane, née Le Gros
Canning, Philip
Canning, Thomas
Card, Charles James
Carré, Jacques Eugene Emile
Carruthers, William
Carter, Alfred Edward
Carter, Clara, née Forbes
Carter, Emily Florence
Carter, Frederick Herbert
Carter, George
Carter, John
Cass, Samuel Kennedy
Cavey, Mary Esther
Champion, Jane, née Manning
Chapman, John
Cheney, Jonas
Cheney, Maria, néé Hampton
Ching, James
Churchward, Maria Elizabeth
Clapperton, Alexander
Clark, Ernest Walter Charles
Clarke, James
Claston, Pierre Louis Edmund
Cleave, Frances Oke, née Edye
Clifford, Arthur John
Clift, Frederick John
Cobb, Eliza
Cobb, Flora Power
Cockram, Ann
Colbrook, Mary Anne, née McLang
Cole, Charles
Cole, Emma Kate
Cole, John
Coleman, Edward
Coleman, Herbert
Coleman, Mary Ann, née West
Coles, Charles
Collas, Adolphus Elias James
Collas, Elvina Isabella, née Groizard
Colley, Honor Elizabeth
Collie, Alice, née Collings
Collings, Ann, née Carcaud
Collings, Henry
Collings, Judith, née Nelson
Collings, William
Colmer, William
Colwell, Hannah Elizabeth
Conery, Margaret
Cooke/Cook, Matthew
Coombs, Charles
Coombs, Harry Singer
Cooms, Frances, née Hole
Cooms, Susanne, née Le Page
Corben, William
Cory, Alice, née French
Cory, Grace, née Budge
Costard, Florence Caroline
Costello, Ann, née Whitesides
Coulson, Ann Scott, née Black
Cousins, Elizabeth, née Battam
Coutanche, Ann, née Henri
Coutanche, Charles
Coutanche, Philip
Cowley, Richard John
Cox, Alberta
Crawfurd, William John
Cronin, Peter James
Cropp, Louisa, née Griffin
Crussell, James William
Cummings, Thomas Bolton
Curtis, Sarah Maria
Curwood, James Charles
Cutmore, Matilda, née de la Haye
Cutmore, Richard
Dalzell, Emma May Eliza, née Bolton
Damer, John
Daniel, Elizabeth, née Dewstowe
Danniels, Harriet, née Eaton
D'Auvergne, Laura Jane
D'Auvergne, Philip
Davey, Leigh
Davis, Alice Amelia
Davis, Lydia Esther
Davison, Elizabeth, née Daniel
Daw, Ann, née Banablee
de Bréard, Elizabeth Sarah, née Salmon
de Bréard, Nicolas Auguste
de Carteret, Sophia , née Guille
de Carteret, Susanne, née de Carteret
de Faye, Infant
de Gruchy, Elizabeth Eales, née Frankum
de Gruchy, Elizabeth, née De Gruchy
de Guelle, Jean Baptiste
de Guelle, Mary Delphine, née de la Mare
de La Mare, Elizabeth, née Mattain
de La Mare, Harriet Charlotte Jane
de La Mare, Rosa, née Gray
de La Taste, Jane, née Hooper
de La Taste, Lerrier
de La Taste, Thomas Eugene
de Quetteville, Frederick Winter
de Quetteville, Mary Ann, née Buesnel
de Visme, George Robert Sulivan
Delapine, Infant
Dene, Eliza Ada
Dennis, Ada
Dennis, Charles Ambrose
Dennys, Anna Byron, née Proctor
Denziloe, Alfred
Derwin, Henry Duhamel
Desdoity, Therese Marie
Devlin, Henry
Dibley, John
Dillon, John
Donovan, Webster Douglas
Doran, Michael
Doran, Richard
Doras, James
D'Orellana, Claudia Blanche
Dorey, Alfred William
Dorey, Ann, née Le Gros
Dorey, Eliza Ann, née Gaudin
Dorey, Mary
Dott, Henry
Dowden, Henry
Dowden, Mary Ann, née Ellet
Dowden, Richard
Downer, Elizabeth
Draper, Frank Ryley
Draper, Mary Ann, née Price
Drayton, Mary Ann, née Pearce
Pearce, Mary Ann
Drelaud, John
Drew, Rachel
Driver, Richard
Druce, Caroline
Druce, Mary Maria
du Feu, Mabel Laura
du Fresne, Maria, née Remon
du Fresne, Mary Ann
du Heaume , Elizabeth Sarah, née Smith
du Parcq, Mary Esther
du Parq, Richard
du Ruffo, George Richard
Dujardin, Anne, née Martin
Dujardin, Henry
Dumaresq, Henry
Dumaresq, Philippe
Dunford, Alice
Dunn, Catherine, née O'Reilly
Dunscombe, Elizabeth, née Gallichan
Duppa, Ellen Pincke, née Faunce
Durell, Mary Le Vavasseur dit Durell
Dymond, James
Dyson, Henry Marsden
Eckford, Robert King
Eckford, William James
Egland, Thomas
Elliott, William
English, Ann
Esnouf, Sophie Louisa, née Collings
Evans, Ernest Thompson Raimback
Evans, Samual Patterson
Evans, Walter Journeaux
Eveleigh, Thomas William Grafton
Evely, John
Facey, Edward Isaac
Fais, Albertine
Fallaize, Margaret
Falle, Clarissa
Falle, Esther, née Bertram
Falle, George
Falle, Mary Elizabeth, née Matthews
Falle, Thomas
Farley, Emma Jane
Fauvel, Celina Esther
Fauvel, John
Fawcett, John
Felling, Charles Thomas
Feltham, Emily Maud
Fenten, Julia Ann, née Day
Ferbrache, Elizabeth, née Marshall
Ferguson, Eliza Harriet Louisa
Filleul, Mary Ann Amelia
Finlay, Washington
Finley, Robert
Finnamore, Elizabeth
Fisher, Ann, née Ruck
Fitzgerald, Crofton Hamilton
Fitzgerald, Ellen
Fitzgibbon, Mary, née Clancy
Florant, Emma, née Martin
Flower, Helen Maud Mary
Fogertey, William
Folley, Albina
Folley, John Henry
Folley, William Thomas
Foord, Charlotte, née Wheeler
Foord, Harriet Morgan, née Smith
Foord, Samuel
Foord, Zipporah
Forbes, Francis, née Burns
Fowler, Mr
Francis, Charlotte, née Thompson
Fridlington, David Anderson Massey
Fry, Jane, née Reid
Gabeldu, Alfred Francis
Gaillard, Henry Joseph
Gale, Arthur
Gale, George
Gale, Louisa, née Barnes
Gale, Priscilla
Gale, Susan, née Gerrard
Gale, William Alfred
Gallie, Charles
Gardner, Alexander Forbes
Gardner, Henry Dyote
Gardner, Walter
Garland, Ada Florence
Garnols, Catherine
Garrick, Mary Caroline
Gates, Mary, née Hammersley
Gaudin, Ann Elizabeth, née Le Huquet
Gaudin, Elizabeth Janne
Gaudin, Fanny, née Hackworthy
Gaudin, Francis
Gaudin, Thomas
Gavey, Infant
Geard, Mary, née Patch
Gerrard, William Alfred Charles
Gibaut, Ann Elizabeth, née de Ste Croix
Gibaut, Edward
Gibaut, Elizabeth, née Langlois
Gibaut, Elizabeth, née Perchard
Gibaut, Mr
Gibbs, Robert
Gibson, Joseph Henry
Gill, Caroline Maude
Gilley, Infant
Girard, Alexandre
Gladdis, Jane, née Brownsea
Glascock, Annie, née Bradford
Goate, Edward
Godfray, Ann, née Ingram
Godfray, Anne, née Gibaut
Godfray, Eliza, née Le Quesne
Godfray, Jane, née Bertram
Godfray, John
Godfray, Martha, née Mintern
Godfray, Mary
Godfray, Reginald Stanley
Godfray, Thomas
Goldie, Charlotte, née Clark
Goodfellow, John
Gordon, Joseph Seaford
Gornet, Louis
Gosselin, Peter
Govier, Richard
Grafton, William
Grandin, Mary, née Parrott
Grard, Jane Catherine
Gray, John
Greaves, Charles Howard
Green, Charles
Green, Emma Maria
Green, Richard
Gregg, Joseph
Gregory, Mrs
Grey, Alice Laura
Griffiths, Eliza
Griffiths, Henrietta, née Thompson
Grimmond, Mary, née Price
Guedalla, Moses
Guille, Rachel
Guiton, Oscar Charles
Guiton, Peter
Gulland, Olivia Jessie, née Dernoche
Gulliford, Esther Letitia
Gulliver, Elizabeth Anne, née Hampton
Guppy, John Bisson
Hacking, Edith Alice Louise
Hacking, John Thomas
Hacking, William Ernest
Hacquel, John
Haire, John Fiell
Hake, Anna Maria, née Every
Hale, Georgina Jane
Hall, Rosa Frances Ann
Hall, William
Hamilton, Elizabeth Mary Valentine, née Brooks
Hammond, Charles Robin
Hamon, Ada Louisa
Hamon, Esther
Hamon, George
Hamon, Jean
Hamon, Lydia
Hamon, Marie, née Blampied
Hamon, Martha Selina, née Sutcliffe
Hardey, Amelia Ann
Harding, George
Harding, Louisa Elvina, née Isherwood
Harding, Robert
Hardy, Sarah Elizabeth, née Salmon
Harker, William Stephen
Harral, Frances Griffith, née Williams
Harrington, Fanny Sarah Caroline, née Surtees
Harris, Edward
Harris, Israel
Harvey, Sarah Ann, née Barnard
Hawkins, George
Hayes, Joseph
Hedley, Mary, née Bulmer
Hemery, Clement
Hemery, Peter
Henry, Anne, née Aldworth
Henwood, Francis
Henwood, William
Hicks, Emma, née Smith
Hicks, Jane, née Hooper
Hicks, Maria, née Sheppard
Higginson, Charles
Hill, Caroline, née Lee
Hill, Elizabeth
Hinchy, James
Hine, James John
Hobbs, James
Hocquard, Esther, née Laurens
Hodges, James
Hodgkinson, William
Hodgson, John Edward
Hogan, Ann
Hogan, Catherine, née McCarthy
Hogarth, Alfred
Holding, Alfred Edward
Holding, Maud Mary
Holloway, James Edward
Honey, Samuel
Honeycombe, Jennifer, née Crapp
Honeycombe, Maria Ann, née Warren
Hooper, George Symes
Hooper, Samuel
Horman, George Hélier
Horner, Elijah
Hosking, Adolphus Charles
Howard, Caroline
Howard, Sarah, née Falle
Howell, Anne, née Le Gros
Le Gros, Anne
Howitt, John
Huault, Jean Baptiste
Hughes, Robert
Hulme, Henry Edward
Hunt, Joseph
Hunt, William
Huntley, Henry Ferrers
Hurley, William Walter
Hussey, Lydia Hooper
Huston, Leonora Beatrice
Hutchings, James
Hynd, Leighton
Ibbs, Joseph Cope
Ilderton, Elizabeth Marie, née Le Vavasseur dit Durell
Inglis, Emma Agnes, née Morgan
Inglis, James Gordon
Ingouville, Eliza Maria, née French
Ingram, Jane
Isherwood, Florence Emily
Isherwood, Thomas William
Jacks, Walter Henry
Jackson, Bridget
Jackson, Catherine, née Cecil
Jackson, John
Jackson, Mary Ann Clotilda
James, Louisa Rich, née Singleton
Jean, Marie Joseph
Jeffery, Anna, née Dare
Jeffery, Caroline Sarah Eliza
Jeffery, Richard
Jenne, François
Jerrom, Mary, née Boyle
Jersey, John Joseph Burnham
Jeune, Charlotte Eliza
Jeune, Philip
Jickling, Henry
Johnson, James
Johnstone, Gustavus
Joll, Amelia Martha
Jones, Edward
Jones, Emily, née Capes
Jones, John
Jones, Mary, née Messinger
Joslin, Ida Lilian
Journeaux, Elias
Juene, Henry Cecil
Keene, James Allan Walter
Keily, Frank Hifferman
Kelson, Ann, née Weatherstone
Kemm, Henry Caesar
Kendall, Mark Horace
Kennedy, Margaret, née Lawless
Kenney, George
Kennington, George Richard
Keogh, James Smith Mitchell
Kessell, Emily Louisa Mabel
King, Esther Genevieve
Knight, Clara
Knight, Edwin Lloyd
Knight, James Martin
Knight, Jane, née Carrel
Knight, Margaret Jane, née Sinclair
Knight, Thomas
Knight, William McDonald
La Cloche, Jane, née Laugée
La Roche, René
La Sauce, Josephine, née Dubreuil
Labey, Thomas
Lambert, Laure, née Regnier
Lamble, Elizabeth, née Mudge
Lamble, Thomas
Lamerton, William John
L'Amy, Anne Rachel
L'Amy, Elizabeth
L'Amy, Susan, née Gallichan
Landick, Charles
Landick, Fanny
Landick, Fanny, née Tarrant
Landick, Rosa Emma
Landick, Sidney Curtis
Lane, Frederick Coghlan
Langlois, Marguerite, née Gasnier
Langlois, Infant
Larbalastier, Anne
Larbalestier, Charles Thomas
L'Archer, Auguste
Larcombe, George
Larcombe, Sarah Ann, née Single
Launder, William Henry
Laurens, Betsy, née Le Boutillier
Laurens, François
Laurens, George
Laurens, George Jean
Laurens, Mr
Laurens, Mr Sen
Lavan, Matilda Susan, née Le Maistre
Laverty, Ann Facy, née Le Gros
Law, John Samuel
Lawrell, Digby Henry
Lawson, Edwin
Lawson, Ethel Taylor
Lawson, Henry
Le Boutillier, Miss
Le Breton, Julia Charlotte
Le Breton, Monseur
Le Breton, Reginald
Le Brocq, Elizabeth, née Mauger
Le Brocq, Frederick John
Le Brocq, Teresine, née Brown
Le Brun, Alice Florence
Le Brun, Philip
Le Cornu, Jean
Le Cornu, Mary
Le Couteur, John
Le Couteur, John Halkett
Le Cras, John
Le Cuirot, Mary Jane
Le Dain, William Charles Alfred
Le Duigou, Joseph Mathurie
Le Feuvre, Ann, née Pinel
Le Feuvre, Florence
Le Gentil, Rose, née Briant
Le Gresley, Ann
Le Gresley, Frederick William
Le Gresley, Maud Margaret
Le Gros, Alfred
Le Houx, Julia, née L'Ainé
Le Huquet, Esther, née Aubin
Le Long, Auguste
Le Maistre, Frederick Arthur
Le Maistre, Philip
Le Maistre, Infant
Le Marchant, Stephen
Le Masurier, John
Le Masurier, Thomas
Le Quesne, Charles
Le Quesne, Charles John
Le Quesne, Giffard Nicholas
Le Quesne, Maria, née Le Quesne
Le Quesne, Philippe
Le Quesne, Phillip
Le Riche, Mabel Florence
Le Sueur, Clarence Ernest
Le Sueur, Elizabeth
Le Sueur, Emily
Le Sueur, Philip Joshua
Le Sueur, Philippe
Le Vavasseur dit Noel, Ann
Leat, John Charles
Leaver, Mary Ann, née Ridalls
Lee, Laura Truebody
Leeson, Elizabeth, née Marshall
Leigh, Ann Jane, née Du Chemin
Leigh, John Studdy
Leroy, Philip Alfred
Lerue, Sarah Ann
Lesbirel, Emelie Augustine, née Renette
Letcher, William James
Lewis, Martha, née Foot
Lindley, Harriette Charlotte
Lindo, Abraham
Lindsey, Ernest Albert
Lindsey, Selina Amelia
Little, Elizabeth Jane
Little, James Cornelius
Lobb, Elizabeth Margaret, née Le Brun
Lobb, William Henry
L'Oste, Edward Alphonsus
Louis Marie, Jickell/Gickell
Loving, John
Loving, Mary, née Jeffrey
Low, Alexander William
Lucas, Jean Francois
Luce, Athenaise, née Le Montais
Luckarift, Esther Margaret, née Holmes
Luke, Francis Vyvyan
Lumbard, Richard
Lurienne, Arthur Francis Adolphus
Lye, Robert
Lynch, Lewis James
Macdonell, Cassandra Eliza, née Macdonald
Malet, Maria Octavia
Mallet, Elias
Malzard, Charles Fauvel
Malzard, Philip John
Marett, Charles Durell
Marett, Esther Elizabeth, née Janvrin
Marett, George
Marett, Jenny
Marett, Letitia Helen
Marett, Mary Anne
Marrie, Grace Adelaide
Martin, Ellen Jane
Martin, Henry
Martin, Mary Ann, née Brewer
Mashford, John
Mason, Clara, née Gordon
Massey, Rosa Matilda Elizabeth
Mathews, Catherine, née Heron
Mauger, Edouard
Mauger, Elizabeth
Maule, James
Maund, Amelia, née Gray
Maund, William Herbert
Maxime Alexis, Jicquel/Gickell
McCabe, Mary, née Bowes
McCann, Thomas
McDonald, Allan Robinson
McMahon, Catherine, née Connoly
McPherson, Ernest Henry James
Mecham, Harriet, née Hardy
Mends, James Delamain
Messervy, John Touzel
Messinger, Cecilia, née De Silva
Mew, Herbert
Miller, David
Miller, Emma Beatrice
Miller, John Leonard
Mills, Jane, née Gunton
Minchinton, Elizabeth, née Salisbury
Minchinton, Jane
Moggridge, Adelaide Caroline
Moignard, Albert Edward
Montgomery, Elizabeth
Moody, Bridget, née O'Brien
Moore, Edwin Hayes
Moore, Thomas Hamilton
Morgan, Samuel
Morison, Matilda Milligan, née Hogg
Morley, Caroline Amelia
Morris, Caroline Dorcas
Morris, George Ernest
Morris, Mabel Helen
Mortimer, Mary Eliza
Mourant, Abraham
Mourant, Anne, née Mourant
Mourant, Elizabeth Susan, née Le Boutil
Moyes, William John
Moyse, Louisa Ann
Moyse, Richard William Walter
Moyse, Walter Edward
Mullins, Richard
Murphy, Edward Peter
Murphy, Michael
Mutton, Alfred George
Mutton, Rebecca
Mutton, William
Myers, Hannah, née Chappman
Myers, Thomas
Myhill, Anna Maria, née Shaw
Nash, Mark
Neill, Fanny Ellizabeth, née Hoskins
Newberg, John White
Newbery, John Thomas
Newbery, Mary Ann
Newington, Amelia Ann
Newington, Amelia, née Blyton
Newman, William John
Nichols, Edward
Nicolle, Clara Jane
Nicolle, Elizabeth
Nicolle, Jeanne, née Pallot
Nicolle, Mary Margaret
Nicolle, Susan, née Matthews
Nicolle, Susanne, née Du Pont
Nobbs, Maria, née Spanner
Noel, Ann Dollin, nee Wheeler
Noel, Elizabeth
Noël, Jane Esther
Noel, Jean
Noel, Mary Ann
Norman, Charles Thomas
Norman, Elizabeth
Norman, Mr
Norman, Selina, née Bottomley
O'Brien, Arthur
Ockenden, Jessie Millicent
O'Connor, John, Father
Oldridge, William
Olerenshaw, James
Ormiston, Mary, née Knight
O'Rorke, Maria, née Sweetman
Osmont, Eugene Edouard
Owen, Ellis Anwyl
Owen, Thomas
Ozouf, Adolphe Alfred Auguste
Pallot, Henrietta Maud Elizabeth
Palmer, Elizabeth, née Jackson
Park, William John Samuel
Partridge, Sylvanus Roger
Patrickson, John
Paul, George
Payn, Betsy, née Richardson
Payn, Elizabeth
Payn, Elizabeth, née Alexandre
Payn, Jeanne, née Le Geyt
Payn, Rachel
Payn, Selina
Peacock, William Arthur
Pearson, William
Pennett, Elizabeth Susannah, née Searle
Peprell, George Joseph
Perchard, Jeanne, née Machon
Perchard, John
Peregrine, Eliza
Perkess, George
Perry, Jane Ann, née Champion
Peters, Anna Maria Isabella, née Stewart
Phillips, Thomas
Pinel, Mary, née Jolin
Pinel, Philip
Pipon, George Thomas Le Breton
Pipon, Maria
Pitcher, Elizabeth, néé Pitfield
Pitcher, Levi
Plowman, Ann, née Cleal
Plunkett, John Joseph
Poignand, Cecilia, née Willoughby
Poignand, Frederick
Poingdestre, Emma Margaret
Poingdestre, William Wilson
Poirier, Charles
Poley, Mary Ann, née Mieville
Poorland, Joseph
Popham, Harcourt Francis Pauncefote
Potocki, Albert Victor Julian
Potter, Joseph
Potter, Mary Ann Sophia, née Breadmore
Pounce, John
Powell, Mary Anne, née White
Premery, John
Premery, Martha King, née Kemp
Preston, Albert Henry
Price, John Henry
Pridmore, Louisa Mary, née De St Croix
Pullen, Esther Ann, née Howe
Pullin, Charles
Purefoy, Matilda/Martha
Purkess, William
Purkis, Sidney Bertram
Purkiss, Harriet
Puttick, John
Quenault, Harriet Emma
Quenault, Harriet Jane, née de la Mare
Ralph, Gordon Laurence
Ramie, Adelphenia Esnouf
Ranwell, Sarah Elizabeth, née Champion
Raphael, Thomas
Rattenbury, Alice Susan
Rattenbury, Henry Robert
Rattenbury, John
Rattenbury, Mary Elizabeth Hannah
Rawlins, Mary Elizabeth
Reddington, Mary
Remon, Jane, née Amy
Remon, Susan
Remy, Philip
Renouf, Elias
Renouf, Mr
Rice, Francis Ford Hill
Richards, George Frederick
Richardson, Esther, née Gaudin
Richardson, Lional Thomas
Richardson, Mary Ann, née Gallie
Rickitt, Rubacella Harriet Jane
Ridalls, William
Rideout, Winifred, née Whitcher
Rider, James
Rimington, Frederick William
Rive, Charles
Robin, Charles William
Robin, Jane, née Hammond
Robins, Alice
Robinson, Mary
Rock, Joseph Sargant
Rocke, Frederic
Rogers, Elizabeth, née Davey
Rogers, Robert Loveless
Rogers, Sidney George
Romeril, Mary Ann, née Le Grand
Rous, Sarah
Rowe, Mary, née Hunt
Rugg, William
Russell, William Thomas
Salmon, Jean Guille
Sanger, William Edward
Sanquer, Jeanne, née Danvadic
Sante, The Chevalier Carlo Alessander
Sargent, John Laugton
Saunders, Alice Ann, née Leigh
Saunders, Ann
Saunders, Lucy, née Burton
Scarborough, Jane, née Drew
Searle, John Underwood
Searle, Marian
Sebire, Francoise, née Journeaux
Sérignac, Louise, née Quernel
Shalders, Edmund
Shales, George
Shales, Hosanna, née Boswell
Shaw, Emily Pederson, née Gay
Sherer, Joseph
Sherer, Sarah, née Blake
Sheridan, Annie
Sheridan, John
Sherry, Ann, née Odvier
Sherry, Henry George
Sherry, Louisa
Short, Elizabeth Ann
Simms, Georgina, née Skinner
Simon, David
Simon, Hélier
Simon, John
Simon, Peter John
Simonet, Hannnah, née Purefoy
Simpson, Frances Addison
Single, Edwin Charles
Single, John Edward Henry
Sinnatt, Jacob
Sinnatt, Nelly Le Gros
Slake, Helen
Slater, Elizabeth, née Holland
Slater, Henry Francis
Slater, William Henry
Smale, Sarah Ann, née Smale
Smith Wyatt, Frank Hargreave
Smith, Alfred Walter Preston
Smith, Ann, née Spilsbury
Smith, Charlotte, née Williams
Smith, Eliza, née Broadbent
Smith, George Edward
Smith, George Henry
Smith, Hannah Elizabeth
Smith, Henry
Smith, Henry Wyatt
Smith, Joseph
Smith, William
Smith, William Henry
Smith, William John
Smyth, Sydney
Smyth, William
Snooke, Hargood Bettesworth
Soady, Jane Adele
Soady, Jane Adele, née Wheeler
Sohier, Elizabeth
Sohier, Jeanne
Soppett, Ada Laura
Sorel, Marianne Catherine, née Duboscq
Southwood, Thomas
Sowman, John
Spain, Rody
Sparks, Norah Ann
Spilbury, Infant
Sprackling, Elizabeth
Sprake, Eliza Maria, née Bowden
Stanmore, Frederick
Stephens, Laura
Stepney, Herbert
Stevens, Thomas
Stewart, Marjory
Stirling, Edward Hamilton
Stone, Ann, née Lamb
Stoneman, Charles Henry
Sturgeon, Mary, née Crawley
Styles, Ann, née Evans
Sullivan, Ann
Sullivan, John Lackford
Swietaslawski, Raphael Thomas
Swietoslawski, Zeno Boleslaus
Symonds, James
Symons, William Spencer Hart
Syvret, Jane Antionette
Syvret, John Charles Pickstock
Talbert, Eleanor, née Thomas
Tanner, Sarah Ann
Taroni, Emilie, née Sicaut
Tatlow, Catherine Bridget, née Reade
Taylor, Ann, née Lamble
Taylor, Charlotte, née Bridges
Taylor, Isabella, née Purkess
Tessier, Charlotte Hausey, née George
Thanot, Edith Julia
Thatcher, Hannah Jane
Thomas, Emma Louisa, née Brewer
Thomas, Francis Edward
Thomas, Mabel Maud Maria
Thorn, Frederick
Thorne, James
Threshie, David Scott
Tibot, Peter
Tierney, Cecilia Ann Elizabeth
Tomkins, Caroline Mary
Torpy, Catherine, née Serey
Townsend, Edward
Tregeagle, Hedley Richard
Trolley, Antoinette, née L'Abbe
Trolley, Placide
Tunny, William
Tuohy, Mary Ann, née de Carteret
Turner, Edwin James
Turner, William George
Vagg, Richard
Valpy, Clara
Valpy, Julie, née Nicolle
Vardon, Mary Ann, née Messervy
Vardon, Infant
Vaudin, George
Venables, Mr
Verheggen, Louisa Mary
Veron, Susannah
Veynacker, Pierre
Vickery, Ann
Villette, Anna
Vincent, George
Vowles, Jane
Wagner, Melchior George
Waldbott, Infant
Waldron, John
Waldron, Sophia, née Thompson
Walker, John
Wall, Ann, née Hunt
Wallace, Alexander
Wallace, Margaret
Wallis, Ernest
Wallis, Milton Charles
Wallis, Robert
Wallis, Infant
Watts, William
Way, Martha, née Cooper
Wayland, Alfred Abraham Philipson
Wayland, Louise Marie, née Barbier
Wayman, George
Webb, William James
Webber, Cecilia Louise
Webber, Charlotte, née Lang
Webber, Mary Jane, née Machon
Welch, Edward Thomas
Wellman, John
West, Alexander George
Westaway, John Nathaniel
Wetherell, Ada Maria
Wetherell, Margaret, née Dane
Wheeldon, Eliza, née Leaver
White, Mary Ann
White, Mary Ann, née La Folley
Whittingstall, William John
Whitton, Robert
Whitty, Eliza Jane
Whyte, Catherine Theresa, née Valpy
Wilhelm, James Godfrey
Wilkins, Ebenezer
Willcox, Elizabeth Ann, née Dower
Willett, Robert Smith
William Ludlow, Alves
Williams, Charlotte Sarah
Willicott, Albert Edward
Willmets, Mary Ann, née Stokes
Willoughby, Katherine Fanny
Wilson, Richard Goodwin
Wingate, Bessie, née Turner
Winter, Sylvia Marion
Wirtz, George
Wolson, Mary, née Haysome
Wood, Caroline
Woodford, Henry Langham
Woodley, Emma
Woods, James Alfred
Woods, Sophia Marguerite, née Norman
Woonton, Sarah, née Hawker
Wright, Edward
Wright, George Augustus
Wright, Samuel Pirkins
Yelland, Elizabeth
Young, James
Keywords funeral directors | funeral registers | Funerals | Accounts | undertakers | Burials
Category L/A-Businesses
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation purposes - please use the PDF copies instead.
Closed until 2100


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Sinnatt and Sons Funeral Directors Account Ledger [Indexed] Includes name, age and place of death of deceased as well as date of burial and details of the funeral expenses and payment. To find the name you are interested in please look at the index and then open the pdf with the relevant page number.


A digital image is available to view online or this item is closed because it is exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Law. If you would like to make a request please email us.