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Philippe Picot Funeral Director.Livre de Remarques [Indexed].Contains the details of the person buried, including date of death and place of burial.To find the name you are interested in please look at the index and then open the pdf with the relevant page number.

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Reference L/A/41/C1/9
Date 13 May 1869 - 19 August 1876
Names Picot, Philippe
Aanenson, John
Ackland, Frederick Charles
Ackland, Joseph
Adams, Jane, née Toussaint
Adamson, Agnes
Addison, Mary Ann, née Kentworth
Ahier, Aaron
Ahier, Charles
Ahier, Clement
Ahier, Elizabeth, née Amy
Ahier, Fanny Eliza
Ahier, Francis
Ahier, Harriet, née Reed
Ahier, Jane, née Rondel
Ahier, Jeanne, née Ahier
Ahier, John
Albert, Jane, née Fewins
Alexander, Ann, née O'Callaghan
Alexander, Charlotte, née Matthews
Alexandre, Eliza, née Picot
Alexandre, Florence Elize
Alexandre, George, Captain
Alexandre, James
Alexandre, Jane, née Godel
Alexandre, Philippe John
Alford, George
Alford, William
Aliicette, Madeleine, née Huard
Allain, Sophie, née Kimbée
Allen, Alfred Prout
Allen, Eleonore Valerie Jacqueline, née Laffoley
Allen, Peter
Allenet, William George
Allicette, William Frank
Allix, Agnes Sophia
Allix, Temperance Ann
Allix, Winter
Amand, Rosa Augusta
Amy, Alfred Victor
Amy, Alice Lavenia
Amy, Betsey, née Gallichan
Amy, Betsey, née Vardon
Amy, Charles Frederic
Amy, Eliza Mary, née Davis
Amy, Laura Mabel
Amy, Rachel, née Le Quesne
Amy, Rachel, née Le Sueur
Amy, Sarah Jane
Anderson, Betsey, née Turner
Anderson, Charles Thomas
Anderson, William, Captain
Andrews, Harriet, née Webb
Angel, John
Angel, Maria Sarah
Anger, Blanche Marie Louise
Anley, Elizabeth Mary, née Becquet
Anley, Marguerite, née Journeaux
Anley, Mary, née Le Cornu
Anthony, Mary, née Robinson
Anthony, Mary Ann, née Rattenbury
Archer, Ann, née Graham
Armstrong, William Henry
Arrowsmith, Florence Ada
Arthur, Ann Elizabeth, née Le Montais
Arthur, Charles William
Arthur, Elizabeth, née Le Cornu
Arthur, George
Arthur, Philippe
Asher, Henry
Asher, Pamelia, née Dodge
Attwoood, Harriet, née Tout
Aubin, Ann Day, née Luce
Aubin, Anne, née du Bois
Aubin, Elizabeth
Aubin, Elizabeth, née Le Gros
Aubin, Francois
Aubin, Françoise, née Valpy
Aubin, Jeanne, née Le Maistre
Aubin, Mary, née Gavey
Aubin, Mary, née Ogier
Aubin, Nancy, née Le Templier
Aubin, Philippe, Captain
Audoin, Léonie Leonarde
Augé, Sidonie, née Le Midou
Austin, Elizabeth Mary, née Reade
Aynsley, Maria
Ayres, James Lewis Oswald
Bailey, George
Bailhache, Alfred
Bailhache, Jeanne, née Vibert
Vibert, Jeanne
Bailhache, Philippe
Baker, Adolphus
Baker, Alfred James
Baker, Alice Maud
Baker, Anna, née Cocks
Baker, James
Baker, Jane, née Laffoley
Baker, Thomas Kingston
Balcam, Alexander John
Balcam, Elizabeth Mary, née Oliver
Ball, Caroline, née Gann
Ball, Jane, née Woodberry
Balliene, James, Captain
Bamber, Arthur Godfray
Barber, Auguste
Barnett, Elizabeth Ann, née Prout
Barnett, Elizabeth Jane
Barrett, Ann
Barroche, Pierre Jules
Barry, Margaret
Barton, Eliza, née MacChean
Bashford, Helen Jane, née Marsh
Bates, Henry John
Batten, William Richard
Battrick, Mary Jane, née May
May, Mary Jane
Baudains, Rachel Marie, née Le Sueur
Baudains, Thomas
Baxter, Joseph Hunt
Bazire, Jeanne, née Garnier
Beach, Elizabeth, née Picot
Beaton, Walter Joseph
Beattie, George
Beaucamp, Mary Ann
Beaufils, Jeanne Desirée Marie
Bechelet, Philippe Edouard
Beck, Nathan
Becquet, Ellen, née Hughes
Becquet, Jane, née Roissier
Begley, Bridget, née Jackson
Begley, John
Beilvert, Angelina Elvina
Bell, Amelia
Bellot, Nancy, née Billot
Benest, Albert Francis
Benest, Helena
Benest, Jeanne, née Picot
Benest, Louisa Ann
Benest, Philippe
Bengefield, Elizabeth, née Rider
Bennet, Ralph Chreistopher
Bennett, James Lawrence John
Benoit, Françoise
Bentley, Mary Ann, née Knight
Bernstaff, Antoine, Lieutenant
Berry, Elizabeth, née Satchwell
Berry, John
Berry, William Samuel
Berthelot, Mary Ann Rachel
Berthelot, Thomas
Bertram, Deborah Elizabeth, née Venement
Bertram, Philippe, Captain
Bertram, Virginie, née Bonnissent
Besselièvre, Louis
Best, Ethel Maud
Bettison, Albert
Bevan, Alfred
Bevan, Jane, née Carrel
Bewhay, Eleoonore, née Ramble
Bewhay, Harriet, née Hodge
Bews, Thomas
Bichard, Elizabeth, née Robert
Bichard, Rachel, née Le Gallais
Biddle, George James
Biddlecombe, Alice
Bidois, Josephine Amelie
Bidois, Jules Albert
Bidois, Rosalie, née Martiné
Biggs, Alma Caroline
Bigrel, George, Captain
Billot, Matilda, née Higgott
Binet, Ann, née Starck
Binet, Clara Esther
Binet, Marie Louise
Bison, Philippe
Bisson, Daniel Emanuel
Bisson, Elizabeth, née de Ste Croix
Bisson, Ellen
Bisson, George
Bisson, Jane, née Hamon
Hamon, Jane
Bisson, Marie, née de Gruchy
Bisson, Philippe Bassermin
Bisson, Philippe Henry
Bisson, Winter Philip
Blackford, Sarah, née Darcey
Blampied, Betsey, née Le Vesconte
Le Vesconte, Betsey
Blampied, Jeanne, née Laffoley
Blampied, Josué
Blampied, Marie, née de Gruchy
Blampied, Mary Ann, née Rondel
Blampied, Sydney
Blampied, Thomas George
Blanchard, Jane Elizabeth, née Warms
Bland, James, Captain
Blee, Eliza Ann
Blenkinsop, Mary, née Pittman
Blight, Elizabeth Jane, née Haskett
Boielle, Elizabeth, née Le Boeuf
Bois, Mary Ann
Boisnet, Marguerite Henriette, née Lelauge
Bold, Elizabeth, née Cross
Bolton, Hugh
Bond, Elizabeth Weymouth Hurrell, née Williams
Bond, Frederick Augustus
Bosher, Mary Ann, née Reynolds
Bottomley, Edward Moses
Bottomley, Louisa Charlotte, née Crouch
Bouillon, Attal Auguste
Bouquerel, Rosalee Melanie, née Grimuilt dit David
Bourne, Thomas Quirk
Bouton, Francois
Bowdidge, John
Bowhill, Mary Jane, née Le Montais
Bowra, Henry Goodeke
Boyd, Thomas Brown, Lieutenant Colonel
Brady, Jeremiah
Brady, Margaret
Braine, James Williams
Brandon, John
Brandt, Emma, née Milner
Brandt, Frederick Charles Peter
Brantonne, Alphonse Jean Baptiste François
Brantonne, Maria Ann, née Jasson
Brayn, Elizabeth Victoria
Brayn, Ellen
Bree, George Elias
Bree, Susanne, née Coutanche
Brée, Aimée, née Drieu
Breen, Mary, née Grother
Breen, Mary Ann
Breen, Michael
Brennan, Edward Fitzgerald, Colonel
Brennan, Joseph
Brewer, William
Briard, Marie, née Le Gresley
Briard, Philippe Guillaume
Bridle, William Henry
Brien, John
Britton, Herbert John
Bromley, Elizabeth, née Davis
Bromley, Richard William
Brook, George
Broomer, Francis Edward
Brown, Anne Elizabeth, née Barrot
Brown, Francis
Brown, George
Brown, John Suffield
Brown, Mary Ellen Elizabeth, née Nelson
Brown, Titus
Browning, Frederick
Brunet, Ellen, née Wey
Brunker, Henry William
Bryan, Joseph Henry
Bryant, Margaret Ann, née Tolcher
Bryen, Catherine, née Deal
Budden, Sarah Ann
Buesnel, Jeanne, née Le Brun
Buesnel, John
Bunter, William
Burge, Martha, née Barry
Burgess, Joshua
Burke, Kate
Burke, Richard
Burke, William Francis Lionel
Burnell, Ann
Burns, Ann
Burns, Ellen
Burrard, Ada Amelia
Burt, Henry George
Burton, Emma, née Nicholls
Butel, Richard Parfait
Butler, James
Butler, James
Butler, John Charles Huard
Butters, Mary, née Gallichan
Buxton, Sarah Chamberlin
Cabot, Elie
Cabot, Elizabeth, née Machon
Cabot, Jane
Cabot, Jane, née Le Ruez
Cabot, Philippe
Cahill, Thomas
Calf, Henry William
Call, John
Campbell, Alfred Torriano Gilbert
Campbell, John Francis Glencairn, Lieutenant General
Candelot, Eugenie Josephine, née Houry
Canning, David Adolphus
Canning, Jane, née Rowsell
Canning, Rachel, née Chevalier
Carcaud, Philippe John Albert
Carden, Bienaimé
Carpenter, George
Carpenter, James
Carr, Frederick Cornelius
Carré, Edmund Théodore Philip
Carrel, Anna Briard
Carrel, Betsey Molly, née Carrel
Carrel, Gordon de Caen
Carrel, Jean
Carrel, Mary Jane
Carrel, Sophie
Carrel, William
Carrigan, Margaret, née Daveran
Carroll, Elizabeth
Carroll, Josephine, née Buckley
Carroll, Thomas
Carslake, John
Carson, Amelia Florence
Carson, James Matthew
Carter, Agnes Rose
Carter, Arthur
Carter, Julia
Carter, Susanne, née Coutanche
Case, Ann, née Vivian
Catherwood, William
Cauchard, Marie
Cauchois, Antoine
Cauchois, George
Cauchois, Marie Sophie, née Le Monnier
Cavallo, Eliza, née Le Cornu
Cavanagh, John Henry
Cavanagh, Mary Ann Rachel
Cave, Catherine, née Clavelicom
Cave, Susanne, née Le Quesne
Cave, William
Chaffey, Robert
Chambers, James Stephen
Champion, Charles
Chanter, Margaret, née Brown
Chapman, John
Charmel, Marie
Charmel, Rose
Chevalier, Elizabeth, née Renouf
Renouf, Elizabeth
Chevalier, Esther Marguerite
Chevalier, Marie
Chilard, Philippe Elie
Ching, George
Ching, Jane Mary, née Briard
Ching, Janet Susa
Ching, John
Ching, John Edward
Ching, Madeleine Jeanne, née Hamon
Christie, James
Church, Ann, née Church
Churchill, Samuel
Claireaux, Paul Alexandre
Clancy, Edith
Clarisse, Mary Ann, née Croome
Clark, John Edward George
Clark, Mary Ann
Clark, Samuel Thomas
Clarke, George Alfred Henry
Clarke, Hannah, née Perkins
Clarke, William
Clement, Elizabeth Marie, née Le Feuvre
Clément, Julie, née Guiyon
Cocking, Thomas
Cole, Charles
Cole, Thomas
Collas, Charles William
Collas, George
Collas, Melanie Clementine, née Jasson
Collas, Rodney Hardeley
Colleville, George
Colley, Christiana, née Martin
Collings, Esther Ann, née Hamptonne
Collings, Joseph
Collings, Philip John
Collins, Jane, née de Ste Croix
Collum, Bridget, née Moore
Collyer, John
Colville, Nancy
Comben, Robert
Compére, Jean Charles Marie, Reverend
Condon, Mary
Connell, John
Connell, Margaret
Connell, William
Conners, Bridget, née Ryan
Connor, Catherine, née McGrath
Connors, Margaret, née Hunt
Conway, Mary, née Fahy
Cook, William
Coom, Elizabeth Ellen
Cooper, Charlotte Elizabeth
Coppin, Ellen, née Neal
Cornick, Charles Henry Thomas
Cornick, Emma
Cornish, Louisa Elizabeth
Cornwall, Arthur William Victor
Cornwall, Henry
Costard, Caroline, née Vincent
Cotton, Ann Elizabeth
Cotton, Rebecca Ann
Couillard, Pierre Marin
Courtenay, Alice
Coutanche, Ann Susan
Coutanche, Arthur Philip
Coutanche, Charles
Coutanche, John
Coutanche, John
Coutanche, Louisa
Coutanche, Mary, née Querée
Coutanche, Mary Ann, née Marie
Coutanche, Maud Mary
Coutanche, Nancy
Cowley, Edward
Cox, Amelia Deselly, née Trill
Cox, Florence Mary Elizabeth
Creese, Elizabeth, née Baudains
Crocher, Louisa
Crocker, Louisa
Croker, Jane, née Thoreau
Croker, John
Cronin, Nora, née Farrell
Crout, William
Crowley, James
Crump, Joseph
Cullinane, Catherine
Cundle, John
Curphy, William Thomas, Reverend
Curtin, Michael
Curtis, Alfred Charles
Curtis, John, Reverend
Cuthbert, Jane, née Phillips
Cuthbert, John Charles
Cutland, John
Dalton, Harriet
Danguy, René Alfred
Daniel, Mary Ann, née Pirouet
Pirouet, Mary Ann
Dare, Jane, née Scott
Dare, Samuel
Darragh, Thomas
D'arthenay, Philip Thomas
D'Auberville, Anne Chuquet
Daveren, John
Davern, Michael
Davern, William
Davey, Annie Amelia
Davey, Ellen, née Murphy
Davey, Mary Elizabeth, née Le Brun
Davey, Matilda Ann
Davey, Thomas
Davey, William
Davies, Thomas
Davinton, Julia, née Noel
Dawe, Elizabeth Mary Ann
de Caen, Jean
de Caen, Jean
de Carteret, Francis John
de Carteret, Susanne
de Gruchy, Elizabeth Adelaide, née Guiyer
de Gruchy, Jeanne, née Mourant
de Gruchy, Marie, née Gallichan
de Gruchy, Molly, née Coutanche
de Gruchy, Philippe
de Gruchy, Philippe
De Gruchy, Walter
de La Cour, Elizabeth Ann, née Young
de La Croix, Jean
de La Haye, Esther Jane, née Martin
de la Haye, George
de La Haye, Jane, née Le Cras
de La Haye, Mary, née Journeaux
de la Haye, Philippe
de la Haye, Thomas
de La Huliniere, Antoinette Marie Caroline Clotilde, née de Calonne
de La Hulinière, Clotilde Ann
de La Lande, John Daniel
de La Mare, Ann Elizabeth
de La Mare, Jean Francois
de la Mare, Joseph
de La Perrelle, Amelia de Jersey, née Le Montais
de La Perrelle, Ernest Albert
de la Perrelle, François
de La Perrelle, Henriette
de La Perrelle, Jane Marguerite, née Le Lievre
de la Perrelle, Jean
de la Perrelle, Jean
de La Perrelle, Marguerite
de La Perrelle, Mary, née de La Perrelle
de St George, Thomas Joseph
de Ste Croix, Alice
de Ste Croix, Caatherine
de Ste Croix, Daniel
de Ste Croix, David Abraham
de Ste Croix, Emma Frances Louisa
de Ste Croix, Francois
de Ste Croix, George William
de Ste Croix, Jean
de Ste Croix, Julie Catherine, née Voisin
de Ste Croix, Louisa Jane, née Renouf
de Ste Croix, Mary Ann, née Pipon
de Ste Croix, Philippe
de Ste Croix, Rachel Elizabeth, née Marton
de Ste Croix, Sophie, née Valpy
de Than, Edmond Amand
de Than, Elvina Jane
de Than, Matilda Blanche
de Viry, Montagu
Deal, James William
Débréard, Susanne, née Bertaut
Delalonde, Gustave Edouard
Delouche, Philippe
Delpoch, Henriette Matilda
Demitre, Ellen Victoria B
Denise, Judith, née Domaille
Denman, Francis
Denman, Martha Ann, née Caplin
Denman, Nancy, née Jeune
Dennis, Annie Maria
Dennis, Eliza Maud
Denroche, Arthur John Edward
Denton, Jane, née Le Masurier
Deslandes, Anna Maria
Deslandes, Charles
Deslandes, Clement François
Deslandes, Elizabeth, née Huard
Deslandes, Elizabeth Anne
Deslandes, Marie, née Godel
Deslandes, Sally
Despard, Florence Margaret
Despard, Frederic Streatfield
Devey, Adam
Devine, Mary Martha
Devitt, Alfred Patrick
Dingle, Amelia, née Reed
Dingle, Harriet, née Kerslake
Dixon, Anna Maria Mary Emily, née Church
Dixon, Joseph
Dodge, Richard
Dolbel, Marie, née Le Ray
Dolbel, Philippe
Dolen, Patrick
Donnelly, Thomas
Donoghue, Edward
Doran, Alice, née Laughlin
Dorey, Edith
Dorey, Thomas
Dorey, Thomas Eustace Ethelwolf
Dorward, Caroline
Downer, Alfred
Downer, Philippe
Downing, Emma Maria
Doyle, Marcella, née Fennell
Doyle, Sarah, née Stamp
Drake, William Edward
Draper, James Finucane
Du Feu, Charles
du Feu, Emma
du Feu, Jean
Du Feu, Laura Matilda
du Feu, Marie Heloise, née Avril
du Feu, Sophia, née Martin
du Fresne, Peter Charles
du Heaume, Elizabeth
du Heaume, Jane Susan, née Brayn
du Heaume, John
Du Jardin, George Edwin
du Val, Elizabeth
du Val, François
du Val, Jane, née de La Perrelle
Duchemin, Jeanne, née Thoreau
Dugan, John
Duhamel, Philippe
Dumaresq, Jean
Dumaresq, Mary Ann, née Le Couteur
Dunbar, Elizabeth
Dunford, Elizabeth Ann, née McLeod
Dunley, Ellen, née Bryan
Dunn, Maria, née Dennis
Dunn, Robert Henry Graham
Dunphy, John
Dupré, Eliza
Dupré, John, Captain
Dupré, Tom
Durell, Jane Ann
Durell, Marie, née Olivier
Durell, Marie, née Anthoine
Dustin, Clara Louisa
Duval, Pierre Joseph
Duval, Pierre Victor
Dwyer, William
Earle, William Hill
Eason, Samuel
Ebdon, Alfred Ernest
Edwards, Eliza, née Whimpey
Edwards, Guy Melville
Elie, Francois Felix
Elie, François Felix
Elie, Julia Celestine
Ellett, Alfred Herbert
Ellett, Ernest Webb
Ellett, George Henry
Ellett, John Blanchard
Elliott, Frederick Rueben
Ellis, James
Ennis, Annie Louisa
Ennis, Elizabeth, née Le Ray
Ennis, Elizabeth
Ennis, Nancy, née Lomas
Eon, Cecille, née Cevestre
Eon, Julien
Ereaut, Jane, née de Gruchy
Ereaux, Esther
Ereaux, Harriet, née Johnson
Ereaux, Jane Susannah, née Wooldridge
Ereaux, Josué
Ereaux, Sarah, née Jerrett
Esmond, Ernest James
Esnouf, Edouard, Captain
Esnouf, Jeanne, née Laffoley
Esnouf, Letitia
Esnouf, Marie, née Perrée
Esthur, Richard
Eudes, Elvina Désirée
Eudes, Henry Manuel
Eudes, Jeanne Marie Francoise, née Avril
Eudes, Marie Françoise
Eve, Eugenie, née Mélingue
Fallaize, Frederick William
Fallaize, Julia Ann
Fallaize, William Tramp
Falle, Anne, née Renouf
Falle, Harriet, née Lamb
Falle, Josué
Falle, Mary, née Hyde
Falle, Thomas Vernon
Farquhar, Eleanor, née Horner
Faulkner, Fanny
Fauvel, Cecilia
Fauvel, Charles
Fauvel, Eliza, née Reynolds
Fauvel, Francois
Fauvel, Rachel, née Le Cras
Fauvel, Sophie
Feront, Marie Francoise, née Savary
Feuilloley, Rosa Georgette Désirée, née Demarquet
Fielding, Jane
Fielding, Philippe
Fill, Amelia, née Short
Filleul, Catherine Elizabeth Blanche, née Valpy
Filleul, Philippe, Reverend
Filleul, Rachel, née Touzel
Findlay, Janet
Fitzgerald, John
Fitzgibbon, David
Fleming, John, Captain 
Fleury, Jane, née Thomas
Fleury, John
Flinn, Esther, née Screaton
Flynn, Maria, née Hennessey
Fontaine, Théodore
Foot, Harriet, née Taylor
Forbes, Ellen
Ford, Joseph
Forder, Edwin
Fordham, John
Forsyth, John
Foster, Hannah
Foster, Mary, née Jackson
Fouchet, Mary, née Picot
Fowler, James Samuel
Fowler, Joseph
Fowler, Sarah Alice
Fowler, William
Fowler, William James
Fox, Mary, née Murphy
Fox, Thomas
Francis, Francis
Francis, James
Francis, James
Franklin, Henry
Freeman, Elizabeth Jane
Freeman, Harry Sydney
Friend, George Everey
Fry, Mary, née Thompson
Furlong, Margaret Julia
Furzer, Elizabeth Ann, née Paul
Furzer, William
Fuszard, Charles Ruben
Gale, Mary Susanna, née Alexander
Gale, Walter Alexander
Gallichan, Angelina Amelia
Gallichan, Betsey, née Fauvel
Gallichan, Charlotte Mary, née Chambers
Gallichan, Eliza Jane
Gallichan, Elizabeth, née Touzel
Gallichan, Elizabeth Ann
Gallichan, Elizabeth Rachel
Gallichan, Flora, née Adams
Gallichan, Jane, née Farbeck
Gallichan, Jean
Gallichan, Jeanne, née Battam
Gallichan, Nancy, née Renouf
Gallichan, Peter Du Heaume
Gallichan, Pierre
Gallichan, Rosalie Ann
Gallichan, Sophia, née Neal
Gallichan, Sydney Peter
Gallichan, Thomas
Gallichan, Walter Thomas
Gallie, Charles
Gallie, Francis Edward
Gallie, Philippe
Gallie, Sarah, née Appleby
Gallie, Walter
Gallienne, Abraham
Gannon, Elizabeth Mary
Gard, Harriet, née Taylor
Gard, John Snowden
Garner, All Elizabeth, née Le Breton
Garnier, Ann, née Egens
Garnier, Ann Elizabeth
Garnier, Jane Marguerite
Garnier, Louisa
Garnier, Pierre Zacharie
Gasnier, Rachel
Gasnier, Thomas Philip
Gaudens, Alfred George Marie
Gaudiche, René Jacques
Gaudin, David
Gaudin, Elias Philip, Captain 
Gaudin, Jane Esther, née de La Perrelle
Gaudin, John
Gaudin, John, Captain
Gaudin, William, Jurat
Gautier, Thomas
Gavey, Catherine, née Jaffray
Gavey, Edgar Ferdinand
Gavey, Esther, née Esnouf
Gavey, Jean Thomas
Gavey, Philip
Gawley, Francis Edward
Gee, Caroline Eliza Palmer
Gee, Elizabeth, née Grimshaw
Gee, Henry Vint
Gelender, Charles
Gelender, Frederick William
Gelender, George David
Gellender, Charles Frederick
Gellender, Charles Sydney
Gennesson, Albert Joseph
Germain, Antoine Joseph
Germain, Emma Louisa, née Roswell
Germain, William Frederick John
Gibaut, Anne, née Poingdestre
Gibbs, Edwin Thomas Sufield
Gibson, Wilhelmina Augustine
Giffard, Mary Ann Patty, née Bott
Giffard, Mourant
Giffard, Samuel
Gilbert, Emma Harriet Julia
Gillam, Ellen
Gillam, Henrietta Edith Susan
Gillam, Jane, née Craissard
Gillam, Mary Ann, née James
Gillingham, Samuel
Gillon, James Herbert
Girardeau, Mary, née Le Seelleur
Giraudot, François Noel
Glinchy, Catherine, née Coffe
Godel, Jeanne, née Picot
Godel, Nancy, née Romeril
Godfray, Adelaide Esther, née Le Boutillier
Godfray, Betsey Esther, née Machon
Godfray, Elie
Godfray, Elizabeth, née Lerrier
Godfray, Elizabeth
Godfray, Elizabeth Mary, née Terry
Godfray, François Amiraux
Godfray, Frederick Thomas
Godfray, Hugh
Godfray, John Philippe
Godfray, Laura Clara
Gold, Catherine Ruth
Gold, John Francis
Goldney, Philip
Gomm, Frances Ann
Goodman, John Frederick
Goodried, John Edwin
Gorman, Mary, née Fitzgibbons
Gorman, Mary, née Crockford
Gosselin, Elizabeth Marie, née Syvret
Gosselin, George
Gosselin, Walter
Gosset, John Noah, Major
Gosset, Marie, née Horman
Gothard, Elvina, née Comboué
Gothard, Josephine Marcelline Elvina
Gougeou, François Louis
Gough, Elvina Beatrice
Gough, Joseph James
Gough, Richard
Govan, John
Grady, Eliza Jane, née Anthony
Grady, Selina
Grandin, Charles Alfred
Grandin, Francis John
Grandin, Francis John
Grandin, Léon Emile
Grandin, Olivier, née Young
Grandin, Sophie, née Gallie
Grant, Jane Elizabeth, née Mauger
Graverand dit Le Roy, Jean Francois
Gray, Alice Ada
Gray, John
Gray, Maria
Gray, William
Green, Charles
Greenslade, William
Grellier, François Jacques
Griffin, John
Griffin, Patrick
Griffith, Eliza, née Job
Griffiths, Richard Charles
Grigg, Hannah, née Parsons
Grigriy, Jane
Grigriy, Matthew
Grimes, Esther, née Doran
Grimes, Thomas
Grimshaw, John
Grout, William
Gruchy, Francois
Gruchy, Jean
Gruchy, John Elie
Gruchy, Mary Ann
Gruchy, Mary Madeleine, née Collabé
Guilbert, Léa Maria
Guille, William John
Gunnill, Janet, née Harold
Gunston, Elizabeth, née Murdock
Gunton, Charles
Gunton, Frederick
Gunton, Mary Ann, née Milne
Guppy, Ernest Edward
Guppy, Florence Mary Ann
Guppy, Samuel Kingdon
Haack, Florentine Regine, née Gutseit
Hacking, Amelia, née Toms
Haffner, Kate
Haffner, Mary Ann
Haffner, William
Hagemann, Agnes Jane Eliza
Hagemann, Ernest Johan Anton
Hake, Elizabeth, née Humby
Hale, Joanne, née Welch
Haley, Daniel
Haley, William
Hall, John
Hall, Sarah, née Dennis
Hallett, Martha, née Restorick
Hallman, Angeline Louise
Hallman, Edward George
Hallman, Matilde Alphonsine
Hallman, William
Hambly, William
Hamel, Desire Aimable
Hamel, Euphrasie, née Le Petit
Hamilton, Eliza Selina, née Fowler
Hamon, Anne, née Blampied
Blampied, Anne
Hamon, Charles, Captain
Hamon, George William
Hamon, Lilian Gertrude Ahier
Hamon, Marie, née Huard
Hamon, Mary, née Turner
Hamon, Mary Ann, née Hamon
Hamon, Peter, Captain
Hamon, Philippe
Hamon, Philippe
Hamon, Sophie
Hamon, Susanne Rachel, née Ereaut
Handy, Philip
Handy, Philip
Hanigan, Kitty, née Landhatherland
Hansford, Mark Frederick
Hansford, Olief, née Taylor
Harben, Isabella
Harben, Matilda, née Atkinson
Harben, Matilda Gertrude
Harben, Thomas
Harbutt, Wilfred Jennings
Hardey, Henriette Madeliene Violette
Harding, Arthur James Vincent
Harding, Florence Edith
Harding, Frederick Charles Milson
Harding, Jane, née March
Hardy, Elizabeth, née Brightman
Harradence, William Joseph
Harring, Paul Harro
Harris, Margaret, née McCarthy
Harris, Mary, née Cox
Harrison, Jane
Hart, John
Harvey, Maria, née Kemish
Harwood, Elizabeth, née Sheppard
Harwood, Florence
Hawkins, Rebecca, née Wheeler
Hay, George Brown
Hayley, Hannah, née Thatcher
Hayter, Rachel, née Le Boulanger
Heale, Edward, Reverend
Healey, Catherine
Heeland, John
Heleine, Jean Baptiste Louis
Hempthorn, George Bolase, Captain
Henderson, James
Henly, Esther, née Pepin
Hepburn, Charles Lancelot William
Hepburn, Emma Florence
Hepburn, Herbert John
Hepburn, Nelly
Herault, Lydia Jane
Hérault, James George
Herbert, Peter Nathaniel
Hescott, William
Heskett, Elizabeth Ann
Hicks, John
Hill, John
Hill, John Webber
Hill, William Henry
Hoare, Martha, née Barrette
Hocken, Augustus Frederic
Hocking, William Thomas
Hocquard, Alice Caroline Elizabeth
Hocquard, Ann Jane, née Le Brun
Hocquard, Augustine Alexandrine
Hocquard, Elizabeth Jane
Hocquard, Sophie Charlotte, née Le Boutillier
Hodder, Ann, née Dupuy
Hodder, Henry
Hoffmann, Elvina, née Weeks
Hoffmann, John Philip
Holl, Jane Emma, née Holl
Holl, Joseph
Hollingsworth, Selina Maria
Holman, Mary Ann
Holmes, Ann Sophia, née Moignard
Honeycombe, Julia Eleanor
Hooper, Mary Elizabeth
Hopin, Frederick Thomas
Horman, Josué
Horner, Martha, née Bridle
Horton, Rachel, née Hacquoil
Horwill, Ann
Hosking, Sarah, née Kingdon
Hotton, Jeanne, née Le Grand
Hotton, Léonore, née Benest
Houillebecq, Julie
How, Madeleine Angelique Victoire, née Lenicolais
Huard, Elizabeth Marie, née Deslandes
Huard, Jeanne Elizabeth, née Hamon
Hubert, Ann, née Eraut
Hubert, Ann Jane
Hubert, Edith Adelphina
Hubert, John
Hubert, Matilda Florence
Hubert, Michel
Hue, Mary, née Le Sueur
Huelin, Rachel, née Sauvage
Huet, Jane Fanny, née Deslandes
Humber, Thomas William
Hungs, Antoinette
Hunt, John Frederick
Hunt, Stephen Widles
Hurd, Robert Elihu John
Hurley, Alice Maud
Husk, Alice
Hussey, Thomas
Hyde, Bridget
Hyde, Catherine, née Graham
Hyde, John Henry
Ichel, Jean Baptiste
Ingouville, George
Ingouville, Jane
Ingram, George Amice
Ingram, George Amice
Ingram, Rachel, née de Carteret
Inman, Amyas
Innes, Samuel
Innis, Ellen, née Alwell
Ireland, John
Jackman, Catherine Jane, née Macaboy
Jacqueline, Celestine Marie
Jacquet, Marie Louise
James, Mary Ann, née Romeril
Jameson, Jane Milne
Janes, Daniel
Janes, Percival Edwin
Janvrin, Elizabeth, née Le Brun
Le Brun, Elizabeth
Jarvis, Samuel
Jarvy, Frederick
Jean, Elizabeth
Jean, Richard
Jean dit Siouville, François
Jeandron, James
Jeandron, Jean
Jennings, Thomas Jones
Jerome, Joseph
Jerram, Joseph
Jeune, Jane Mary Ann, née Wall
Johns, William Henry
Johnson, Sturton Hargate
Jones, Annie Jane
Jones, Esther Louisa, née Voisin
Jones, Jane, née Laurens
Laurens, Jane
Jones, Jane Mary, née Rogers
Jones, William Francis
Jones, William Philippe
Joslin, Philippe
Josse, Marie, née Lucas
Jouan, Toussaint Francois
Jouault, Colin
Jouault, Frederick François
Jouault, Marie Pauline Claire
Journeaux, John
Journeaux, Marie Lucie
Jouvel de Colomby, Marie Clémentine, née Guyon de Vauloger
Joy, James
Kark, John
Kelland, George
Kelland, Louisa Jane
Kelly, Mary
Kemish, Albert William
Kemish, Emily Matilda Sarah
Kemish, Helena Clara
Kemp, Mary, née Winter
Kenchington, Jane, née Bailey
Kene, Ann, née Connell
Kennedy, Daniel
Kennedy, Walter Craufurd, Colonel
Kennelly, John
Kennersley, Ellen Elvina
Kennersley, William Richard
Kerslake, Ann, née Picot
Kerslake, William
Kilminton, Mary, née Jones
Kimble, Alfred Salter
Kimble, Benjamin
King, Dinana, née Black
Kingston, Elizabeth, née Allen
Kitley, George
Knight, Jessie
Knight, Joseph
Knight, Sarah
Kreps, Susanne, née Le Masurier
La Cloche, Henrietta Jane, née de La Taste
La Cloche, Thomas
La Farge, Marie Constance, née Le Goubin
La Marche, John Emile
Labby, Aimé Constant
Labby, Mary, née Cabot
Labey, Jean
Laffoley, Douce, née Le Brocq
L'Amy, Charlotte Louisa
L'Amy, George Alphonse
Lane, Lavenia Amelia
Langelier, Alice Maud
Langford, John Charles
Langlois, Anne, née Mourant
Langlois, Betsey Lihou
Langlois, Jeanne, née Le Rossignol
Langlois, Marguerite, née Ahier
Langlois, Mary, née Baudry
Langlois, Wilhelmine, née Krüger
Larbalestier, Charles
Larbalestier, Esther
Larbalestier, John George
Larbalestier, Mary Ann Mauger, née Tourgis
Larbalestier, William Edwin Walter
L'Archer, Anne, née Dupre
Lasy, Mary, née Corbel
Laugée, John Edward
Laumaillé, Ernestine Marie Albertine
Laurens, Elie Jean
Laurens, George
Laurens, Jean
Laurens, Marie
Laurens, Mary, née Morel
Laurens, Mary Ann, née Falle
Laurens, Thomas John George
Laurens, Walter Philip
Laurens, William
Laverny, Marie Marguerite Claire Emma
Lawrence, Sarah Jane, née Neal
Le Bailly, Elizabeth Sophie
Le Bailly, Jane
Le Bailly, Joshua
Le Bailly, Philippe
Le Bas, Francois
Le Bas, John, Captain
Le Bas, Mary Ann, née Hamon
Le Bedelle, Paul Jules
Le Ber, Thomas Edward
Le Blancq, James
Le Blond, Marie
Le Boeuf, Charles
Le Boeuf, Elizabeth, née Moisson
Le Boulanger, Ann, née Picot
Le Boulanger, Nancy
Le Boutillier, Amy
Le Boutillier, Charles Henry
Le Boutillier, Elizabeth Anne, née Le Masurier
Le Boutillier, James Francis
Le Boutillier, Mary Caroline, née de La Cour
Le Boutillier, Walter James
Le Bredonchel, Louis Emanuel Francois
Le Breton, Ann, née Grandin
Le Breton, Arthur James
Le Breton, Charles
Le Breton, Clemence Léotine
Le Breton, Edouard Louis
Le Breton, Elizabeth Jane
Le Breton, Emelie Marie
Le Breton, Francis Leat
Le Breton, François
Le Breton, François Andre
Le Breton, Georgina
Le Breton, James Elias Philip
Le Breton, Jane, née Delouche
Le Breton, Lizzie
Le Breton, Mary Elizabeth
Le Breton, Mary Gavey
Le Breton, Mary Jane Esther
Le Breton, Philippe Joseph
Le Breton, Susan Ann
Le Brocq, Alice Maud
Le Brocq, Jane
Le Brocq, John
Le Brocq, Philip Walter
Le Brocq, Philippe
Le Brocq, William Du Heaume
Le Brun, Elizabeth
Le Brun, Elizabeth Charlotte
Le Brun, Elizabeth Esther, née Arthur
Le Brun, Frances Charlotte
Le Brun, Jean
Le Brun, John
Le Brun, Pierre
Le Brun, Pierre
Le Brun, Sara, née Le Bailly
Le Brun, Susan
Le Capelain, Augustus
Le Capelain, Jane Marguerite, née Le Boutillier
Le Cauchois, Emile Léon
Le Chasseur, Harriet, née Mourant
Le Cocq, Ann, née Clancey
Le Cocq, Elvina
Le Cocq, James
Le Cocq, Kate
Le Cocq, Louisa Margaret
Le Cocq, Lydia
Le Cocq, Mary Elizabeth
Le Cornu, Elizabeth, née Le Gros
Le Gros, Elizabeth
Le Cornu, Harriet, née Rodney
Le Cornu, Jean
Le Couteur, Anne, née Malzard
Le Couteur, Caroline
Le Couteur, Edouard George, Colonel
Le Couteur, Edward
Le Couteur, Elizabeth Mary Jane, née Stevens
Le Couteur, George John, Captain
Le Couteur, Laura Ethel
Le Couteur, Nicolas
Le Cras, Abraham
Le Cras, Amelia Louisa
Le Cras, Ann, née Sohier
Le Cras, Eva Annie
Le Cras, Jane
Le Cras, Marie, née Le Sueur
Le Cras, Philip Charles
Le Dain, Jane Le Maistre
Le Feuvre, Albert
Le Feuvre, Caroline, née Churchill
Le Feuvre, Emma Louisa
Le Feuvre, Francis John
Le Feuvre, Francis Walter
Le Feuvre, George Peter
Le Feuvre, George Thomas
Le Feuvre, John Hacquoil
Le Feuvre, Louisa
Le Feuvre, Marie Louise Eugenie
Le Feuvre, Philip Joshua
Le Feuvre, Thomas
Le Feuvre, Walter
Le François, Désiré
Le Gallais, Alfred, Colonel
Le Gallais, Ann, née Romeril
Le Gallais, Jean
Le Gallais, Jean
Le Gallais, Jeanne, née Nicolle
Le Gallais, Jeanne, née Tourey
Le Gallais, Nicolas
Le Gallais, Richard
Le Geyt, Henry George
Le Geyt, Henry Samuel
Le Geyt, Jane Catherine, née Remon
Le Geyt, John
Le Geyt, Mary Elizabeth
Le Geyt, Mary Susan
Le Geyt, Rachel, née Le Couteur
Le Geyt, Victoria Jane, née du Heaume
Le Goubert, Virginie, née La Trouite
Le Goupillot, Adelina Delphine, née Germain
Le Grand, Susanah, née Dorey
Le Gresley, Anne, née Mauger
Le Gresley, Elizabeth, née Robinson
Le Gresley, Philip John
Le Gros, Alice Mary
Le Gros, Annie Mary
Le Gros, Charles
Le Gros, Elizabeth Mary
Le Gros, Harriet
Le Gros, Jeanne, née Pallot
Le Gros, John
Le Gros, Mary Ann, née Bottomley
Le Gros, Stephen Philip Alfred
Le Hardy, Marguerite, née Le Roy
Le Houx, Julie Adèle
Le Jeune, Sophie Jane
Le Lievre, Mary Elizabeth
Le Maistre, Ann
Le Maistre, Elizabeth
Le Maistre, Francoise Marie, née Le Vavasseur dit Durell
Le Maistre, Isabella Ann
Le Marchand, Betsey
Le Marchand, Clara Alice Violet
Le Marchant, Ann
Le Marquand, Albert
Le Marquand, Alice Louisa
Le Marquand, Edouard
Le Marquand, Elizabeth, née Mourant
Le Marquand, Elizabeth, née Nant
Le Marquand, Frances
Le Marquand, François
Le Marquand, Henriette
Le Marquand, John
Le Marquand, John Francis
Le Marquand, Mary Elizabeth, née Mockridge
Le Marquand, William
Le Masurier, Abraham
Le Masurier, Alfred Elias
Le Masurier, Elizabeth, née Pirouet
Le Masurier, Marie
Le Masurier, Mary, née Machon
Le Masurier, Mary Ann
Le Masurier, Thomas
Le Mettais, Philippe Nicolas
Le Monnier, Eliza, née Matthews
Le Monnier, James
Le Montais, Annie
Le Montais, Jean
Le Montais, Mary, née Nicolle
Nicolle, Mary
Le Mottée, Frederic
Le Neveu, Ann, née Godfray
Le Neveu, Ellen Maria
Le Noir, Marie Francoise, née Le Noir
Le Pesant, Elie
Le Pésant, John Edward
Le Pésant, Mary
Le Petit, Alfred James Auguste
Le Piez, Elizabeth, née Langlois
Le Quesne, Jane Judith, née Ahier
Le Quesne, Jean
Le Quesne, Melrose Hilda
Le Ray, Philippe
Le Ray, William
Le Riche, Edward George
Le Riche, George
Le Riche, Harriet Elizabeth
Le Riche, Harriet Matilda
Le Riche, Jane, née Boielle
Le Riche, Jane, née Le Cras
Le Riche, Jean
Le Riche, John
Le Riche, John Francis
Le Riche, Susan
Le Rossignol, Eliza Ann
Le Rossignol, Jeanne, née Mauger
Le Rossignol, Mabel
Le Rossignol, Sydney Alfred
Le Roy, James
Le Sauvage, Annie Elizabeth
Le Sauvage, Edith Mary Ann
Le Sauvage, Mary Ann Marguerite, née Turner
Le Seelleur, Eliza
Le Seelleur, Francoise, née Sohier
Le Seelleur, Frederick James
Le Seelleur, George
Le Seelleur, Louisa
Le Seelleur, Susanne, née Le Geyt
Le Sueur, Ada Therasa
Le Sueur, Anne, née de Caen
Le Sueur, Augusta Barbara
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, Elizabeth Ann, née Northey
Le Sueur, Ernest
Le Sueur, Ernest Arthur
Le Sueur, Florence Jane
Le Sueur, George Philip
Le Sueur, George Philippe
Le Sueur, Gussy Rhoda
Le Sueur, Herbert
Le Sueur, Jeanne, née Collas
Le Sueur, John Charles
Le Sueur, Joshua Robert, Captain
Le Sueur, Joshua William
Le Sueur, Mary Rachel, née Colin
Le Sueur, Philip John
Le Sueur, Philippe
Le Sueur, Sophie
Le Sueur, Susan
Le Sueur, Walter Bichard
Le Templier, Jane Rachel, née Le Geyt
Le Touchais, Isabel Augustine Maarie
Le Vaillant, Eliza Rachel, née Moignard
Le Vesconte, John
Lean, John
Leat, Charlotte, née Smith
Leat, Jane
Leat, William
Leblanc, Eliza Constance Julia
Ledo, Guillaume Charles
Ledo, Guillaume Eugene
Ledo, Héloise Josephine
Ledo, Prosper Emmanuel
LeFeuvre, Peter
Leigh, Alexander
Lemoyne, Jacques Hippolyte
Lempriere, Betty Rachel, née de Gruchy
Lemprière, Mary
Lemprière, Arthur George
Lemprière, Philip John de Ste Croix
Lemprière, Philippe
Leonard, Henry James
Lerrier, Durell
Lerrier, Josué
Levet, Amélie Honorine, née Butel
Levet, Gustave Ernest
Lévét, Eva Amélie
Lewis, Abraham Isaac
Lewis, Mary Eliza, née Aubrey
Light, Agnes Ann
Light, Charlotte Ethel
Lihou, Angeline Mary
Lihou, Frederick Adolphus
Lihou, Sophia Louisa
Lilicrap, Amelia Jane
Lindon, William
Linthern, Thomas Barrett
Lintot, Mary Sophia, née Jennings
Lipscombe, Eliza
Lipscombe, Reginald John
Lock, Melanie, née Hodges
Lock, Samuel Nicolas
Logan, Richard
Lomer, Walter
Long, Jane
Longland, Jane, née Belot
Lord, David
Love, John George Griffiths
Lowe, William Henry
Lucas, Alfred George
Lucas, France, née Beale
Lucas, John
Lucas, John
Lucas, Philip
Lucas, Philip James
Lucas, Sarah, née Carrington
Lucas, Thomas
Luce, Ann
Luce, Anne, née Blampied
Luce, Anne Marie, née de La Haye
Luce, Edouard
Luce, François
Luce, François Jean
Luce, Jane Mary, née Alexandre
Luce, John
Luce, Matilda
Luce, Susan Jane
Luce, Thomas
Luckarift, Louisa Augusta
Lumley, David William Barry
Luxton, Elizabeth Ellen
Luxton, Mary Ann
Lynch, Daniel
Lyon, Grace, née Bryant
Lyons, Ann, née Moore
Mabey, Henry Charles
MacGregor, Frances Emily
Machon, Caroline, née Plunknett
Machon, George
Machon, Mary
Machon, Philippe
Mackenzie, Louisa
Macready, Alfred Malcolm
Macready, Henriette Blanche
Mahault, Pierre François
Mahol, Sophie, née Germain
Mahoney, Hannah
Main, Jean
Major, Agatha Harriot
Major, Edward Marcus
Major, Elizabeth Mary, née Sarel
Malawski, Charles
Male, Elizabeth, née Single
Male, Ruth
Male, Susan, née Mallet
Malet, Anne Elizabeth
Mallet, Anne, née Anthoine
Mallet, Elizabeth
Mallet, Elizabeth, née Le Sauteur
Mallet, Esther Elizabeth, née de Veulle
Mallet, Philippe
Manley, Louisa Jane, née Parker
Manley, William Barrington
Manning, Mary Ann, née Noel
Noel, Mary Ann
Manuel, Henry Luce
Marett, Ann, née Fielding
Marett, Cecilia Elizabth Harriss
Marett, Charles
Marett, Edwin Francis
Marett, Elie Jean
Marett, Marie Sara, née Godel
Marguerite dit Fontaine, Charles Francois
Marie, Ada
Marie, Elizabeth, née Ahier
Marin, Jane, née Le Gros
Maroney, Michael
Marquand, Susanne
Marquis, Susanne, née Ogier
Martel, Louisa Ann
Martin, Henriette
Martin, John
Martin, Lucie
Mash, Florentine
Mason, Emma, née Horne
Mason, Herbert
Matson, Adelina Louisa Jane
Matson, Florence Maud
Matson, Lavinia Rebecca
Matson, William Philip George
Matthews, Elizabeth, née Harvey
Matthews, Florence Emily
Matthews, Mary
Mauger, Agnes Louisa
Mauger, Ann, née Le Seelleur
Mauger, Charles
Mauger, Elizabeth
Mauger, Elizabeth Marie
Mauger, Elvina Mary
Mauger, Florence Agnes
Mauger, John Peter
Mauger, Julia Georgina
Mauger, Louisa, née Le Geyt
Mauger, Marie, née Trachy
Mauger, Mary, née McLeod
Mauger, Mary Elvina
Mauger, Mary Susan, née L'Amy
Mauger, Philippe
Mauger, Sophie, née Le Sueur
Mauviel, Angelique, née Le Mesle
Mauviel, Celestin
Mauviel, Celestin
Maxwell, Ellen Henrietta, née Hooper
May, Bridget, née Kelly
May, George Frederick
May, John Willis
Mayes, James
Maynard, Elizabeth, née du Val
Maynard, Nancy, née Mills
McAllen, Elizabeth
McCarthy, Bartholomew
McCormick, Margaret, née Reardon
McCoubrey, Hans
McDermott, Ann Rachel
McDermott, William
McGee, George
McGlinchy, Francis
McGrath, Thomas
McHale, Eliza
McKenzie, Cecelia, née McDonald
McManus, William
McQueen, Adelina
McQueen, Jane, née George
Meads, Margaret, née Shea
Mearcey, Harriet, née Davis
Medland, Joseph
Medland, William Henry
Meech, Julia Eliza Jane
Meech, Susan, née Small
Melekin, John
Melikin, Mary Ann, née Grady
Mellish, William George
Menage, Bathilde, née Chatelan
Mérier, Arthur Eugène
Merrell, Susanna, née Walkey
Merrier, Alice Maud
Merrier, Alice Maude
Merritt, Eliza, née Annier
Messervy, Alice
Messervy, Elizabeth, née Beaugié
Messervy, Elizabeth, née Landhatherland
Messervy, Jane
Messervy, Susanne
Michalowski, Jean
Miller, George Lowe
Miller, Susan, née Le Masurier
Miller, Thomas, Colonel
Mills, Adelia Emily
Minchinton, Eliza, née de Fries
Mitchelmore, Blanche Matilda
Mitchelmore, George Henry
Mitchelmore, Harriet Rosaline
Mitchelmore, Louisa, née Annear
Moare, Jane, née Lucas
Moffatt, Grace Ellen
Moignard, Elias
Moignard, Susanne, née Amy
Moison, Louisa Marie
Moison, Marie Francoise, née Sangan
Moisson, Jean
Moisson, Susanne Chevalier
Mollet, Ann Mary, née Colin
Mollet, Charles
Mollet, Charles Carter
Mollet, Elizabeth, née Hotton
Monamy, Alfred Philippe
Monamy, Elizabeth, née Norman
Monamy, Sophie, née Duchesne
Monamy, Thomas
Mondehard, Charles
Monet, Jacques
Money, Mary, née Gray
Moody, Augusta
Moon, Elizabeth, née Smeeth
Moore, Catherine
Moore, Elizabeth Mary
Moors, Ann, née Follett
Moors, John Aleel
Morin, Jeanne Marie, née Perrot
Morris, Catherine, née Brennan
Morris, Marie Marguerite, née Querée
Morris, Rosa Dunbar
Morris, Sarah, née White
Moses, Mary Ann
Moulin, Susanne, née Luce
Luce, Susanne
Mourant, Alfred Joseph
Mourant, Anne Marie, née Filleul
Mourant, Charles
Mourant, Edouard
Mourant, Eliza Ann, née Joste
Mourant, Elizabeth
Mourant, George
Mourant, Jean
Mourant, John
Mourant, John Arthur
Mourant, Josué
Mourant, Philippe
Mourant, Pierre Charles
Mudford, James George
Mudford, John
Muels, Edward Jeffrey
Muels, Lewis Edward
Muldoon, Elizabeth, née Le Noble
Mullins, Ellen, née Madden
Mulot, François Seraphin
Murphy, Grace, née Pierce
Murphy, John
Murphy, Michael
Murray, Catherine
Murray, Frederick
Murray, Julia Ann
Murray, William
Nairn, George
Napper, Nancy, née Bisson
Bisson, Nancy
Navarre, Julien Francois
Neel, Elias Andrew
Neel, Jean
Neil, Catherine, no maiden name given
Neil, Michael George
Neville, Mary Ellen
Neville, Michael
Newbegin, William
Newman, William
Nias, Mary, née Odgers
Nicholas, Mary Esther, née Le Feuvre
Nicholls, Annie
Nicholls, John
Nicholson, Robert William George
Nicklin, William
Nicolle, Elizabeth, née Saumier
Nicolle, Marguerite, née Cabot
Nicolle, Mary
Nicolle, Mary Ann, née Filleul
Nicolle, William
Noble, Henry Joseph
Noble, Henry Penny
Noel, Elizabeth, née Malzard
Noel, Esther, née Badier
Norman, Albert Walter
Norman, Amelia
Norman, Caroline, née Brewer
Norman, Edouard
Norris, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Northey, William
Nother, Alice Maud
Nother, Ellen, née Vigers
Nother, Florence
Nother, George Walter
Nother, Mabel Ellen
Oatley, Arthur Charles Break
O'Brien, Johanna, née McDonall
O'Brien, Susanna Rebeca, née O'Brien
O'Connor, Bridget, née Leahey
Odgers, Rosanna, née Blackler
O'Donnell, Ellen, née Karen
Ogier, Elsie Amy
Orange, George
Orsato, Edmund William
Page, Rebecca Catherine, née Young
Paint, Alice Mary
Pallot, Esther, née Marett
Pallot, Jean
Pallot, Jeanneton
Palmer, Alice Maud
Palmer, Elizabeth, née Duhamel
Palmer, James Schooling
Palmer, John
Palmer, Julia
Palmer, Susanne, née Marett
Palmer, William
Parker, George
Parker, George Henry
Parker, Henry James
Parker, Jessie Margaritta
Parnette, Charles
Parry, Madeliene Susanna
Patterson, Ann, née Garton
Paul, Leotine Eugenie
Payn, Amice
Payn, Anne, née de La Cour
Payn, Charles Raymond
Payn, Elizabeth
Payn, Laura Jane
Payn, Susanne Anne, née Picot
Payne, Mary
Peacock, Susan Rebecca
Peacocke, Hannah, née Stratton
Peake, Joseph
Pearpoint, Edward Dale
Pearson, George
Pelgue, Marie, née Nicolle
Pellier, William Charles
Pellow, Edwin
Pellow, Harry Douglas
Pellow, Henry
Penney, Grace, née Mary
Penney, Jane Leo, née Johns
Penney, Mary Ann, née Blampied
Pepin, Anne
Pepin, Philippe
Perchard, George William
Perchard, Jane, née Perchard
Perchard, Mabel Alexandre Victoria
Perchard, Nicolas
Perchard, Rachel
Perchard, Thomas
Perchard, Thomazine Daymond, née Saunders
Pereira, Henrietta Louisa
Pereira, Jeremiah
Perrot, Marie Georgette
Perrot, Sydney
Peterson, Marianne
Pezet, Edward Peter
Pezet, James
Phillips, George
Phillips, Rachel, née Mauger
Pickering, Florence Elizabeth Mary, née Le Couteur
Pickering, Florence Napier
Picot, Anne, née Poingdestre
Picot, Annette, née Rousseau
Picot, Catherine, née Ryan
Picot, Elie
Picot, Elizabeth
Picot, Henriette, née Fauvel
Picot, Jessie Louisa
Picot, Josué
Picot, Louisa Georgina
Picot, Mary, née Cristin
Picot, Mary Ann Sarah Roxina
Picot, Philippe
Picot, William Philip
Pierce, Alice Augusta
Pigeon, Elizabeth, née Rival
Pike, Louisa Emily
Pilditch, Elizabeth May, née Phelps
Pincom, John
Pinel, Jeanne, née Blampied
Pinel, Susanne
Pinney, Jane, née Smallacombe
Pinney, Louis Jane
Pinney, Mary Jane
Pinwill, Henry William
Pinwill, Selina Maria, née Cox
Piquet, Eliza Jane
Pirouet, Elizabeth, née Vibert
Vibert, Elizabeth
Pirouet, Elizabeth Marie, née Pallot
Pitcher, Arthur James
Pitman, Isaac William
Pitman, William
Pixley, Edward
Pixley, James
Pixley, Marie, née Guiton
Pixley, Mary Ann, née Thompson
Poch, Antonio
Poch, George
Poch, Nancy Esther, née de Gruchy
Poey, Francois
Poëy, Charles François
Poignand, Louisa Elizabeth
Poigndestre, Elizabeth
Poindgestre, Catherine Ann, née Lesbirel
Poingdestre, Emma Eliza
Poingdestre, Esther
Poingdestre, George
Poingdestre, Henriette
Poingdestre, John
Poingdestre, Louisa Ada
Poingdestre, Nancy, née Poingdestre
Poingdestre, William
Pointer, Mary Ann, née Ussell
Poole, Mary
Poole, Robert
Porrée, Adolphe Jean
Potter, Benjamin Archer
Pourtier, Louisa Aimee
Pow, Lilian Annie
Prador, Marie
Prall, Henry
Pratten, Ann
Preston, Victoria Adelaide
Prevel, Frederick George
Priaulx, Ann Jane
Priaulx, Marie, née Maillard
Priest, Edward Charles
Prince, Elizabeth, née du Heaume
Provost, Adelina
Quarterman, George William
Queen, Edwin Thomas Sufield
Queen, Elizabeth, née Tuckfield
Quenault, André Pierre
Queree, Frederick Joseph
Queree, Philippe
Querée, Elizabeth, née Benest
Querée, Louisa
Querée, Marguerite, née Romeril
Quérée, Florence Louisa
Quérée, Johannah, née Treff
Quesnel, Julie
Quirot, Mary Susan, née Martin
Raffray, Charles Edward
Raffray, Jean
Ramie, Jeanne, née Ozanne
Randall, Elizabeth Dean
Rapsey, Ada
Ravens, Catherine
Raymond, George William
Raymond, Mary, née Banks
Rebillet, Ann, née Dolbel
Reese, Edward
Regnaut, Josephine de La Croix, née Louvrais
Reignolds, Scott, Major General
Remon, Jean Philippe
Remon, Mary Marguerite, née Neel
Remon, Philippe
Remon, Rachel, née Mauger
Mauger, Rachel
Remy, Ellen, née Vibert
Renaut, Philippe
Rendle, John
Renfrey, William
Renouf, Anna Maria
Renouf, Anne, née Dupré
Renouf, Caroline Ann
Renouf, George Edward
Renouf, Jane
Renouf, Jeanne, née Liott
Renouf, John
Renouf, John
Renouf, John
Renouf, Mary Ann, née Le Marchand
Le Marchand, Mary Ann
Renouf, Nancy Catherine, née Remon
Renouf, Peggy
Restorick, George White
Restorick, John
Revington, William
Reynolds, Ann
Reynolds, Helen, née Underwood
Reynolds, Henry Bolan
Reynolds, John
Reynolds, Margaret, née Barry
Reynolds, Mary
Reynolds, Sarah, née James
Reynolds, Sophia, née Baker
Reynolds, William Cook
Reynolds, Zechariah
Ribis, Jean
Rice, Edward William
Richard, Marie Louise, née Jean
Richards, Edith
Ricou, Thomas
Riddell, Robert
Riddell, Sarah Ann, née Fryers
Rider, George
Rider, Nancy, née Le Quesne
Rider, William George
Risbecq, Eleonore Valerie Jacqueline,
Rive, Eliza Jane
Rive, James William, Captain
Rive, Susan
Robert, Marie, née Barrette
Robert, Rachel, née Hocquard
Roberts, Mary Ann, née Avril
Roberts, Rachel Catherine, née Pierée
Roberts, Samuel
Robertson, Mary Ann, née Geraud
Robilliard, Thomas Edwin
Robine, Victor
Robins, Ernestine Mary Ann
Robins, John
Robinson, Emma, née Smith
Robinson, Julia Mary Ann
Rockett, Susan, née Collins
Rodger, James Edward
Roe, Maud Elizabeth
Rogan, Daniel
Rogers, John Thomas
Rogers, Mary Jane
Rogers, Thomas
Rogers, Thomas
Rohrs, Florence Susan Ashwell
Roissier, John
Romeril, Charles
Romeril, Charlotte Brehaut
Romeril, Ellen Elvina Victoria
Romeril, Elvina
Romeril, Esther, née MacLocklin
Romeril, George
Romeril, Henry John
Romeril, Jeanne
Romeril, John Philip
Romeril, Marie, née Amy
Romeril, Nancy, née Robin
Romeril, Winter Hardy
Rondel, Ann
Rowcliffe, Ann Jane Ahier
Rowe, Hannah, née Crook
Roy, Eva Selina
Roys, George
Russell, Thomas
Ryan, Ann
Ryan, Catherine
Ryan, Charles
Ryan, Charles
Ryan, James
Ryan, James
Ryan, Jane, née Shelley
Ryan, John
Ryan, Margaret, née Haffner
Ryan, Mary, née Ryan
Saint, Françoise, née Hubert
Saint, Henri Arthur
Sampson, Mary, née Bean
Sarchet, Benjamin Walter Henry
Sarre, Elizabeth, née Mauger
Savic, Francis
Scammell, Elizabeth, née Clement
Scanlon, Michael
Scanlon, Thomas
Scoones, Jane, née Boulanger
Scott, Herbert Edgar
Scott, Laura Constance
Seale, Ann, née Gillman
Searle, Henry Crocker
Searle, John Philip
Searle, William
Sebire, Elizabeth Ann
Sebire, John Frederick
Selwood, John Tucker
Shaffner, Mary
Shapcott, Mary Ellen
Sharlock, Jane, née Neuman
Shaw, John
Sheehy, Richard
Sherry, Thomas
Sherwood, Charles Harwood
Shields, John
Shillabeer, Sally, née Willing
Short, Charlotte Ann, née Toogood
Silly, Charles William Paskins
Silly, Mary Ann Ellen Caroline
Simon, Henri
Simon, John
Simon, Marguerite
Simon, Matilda Jane, née Giraudot
Sims, Alexander William
Sims, Mary, née Wilmott
Sinehan, Michael
Sinel, Ann Esther, née Le Huquet
Sinel, Charles Edwin
Sinel, Charlotte, née Babot
Sinel, Jane, née Roberts
Siouville, Elize Zelie Eugenie
Sleep, Francis
Smelling, John
Smith, Alice
Smith, Ambroise, Reverend
Smith, Catherine, née Dowd
Smith, Elizabeth, née Baron
Smith, Ellen
Smith, Emily Ada
Smith, George
Smith, Henry Richard
Smith, John
Smith, John Sidney
Smith, Maria
Smith, Mary Louisa, née Warr
Smith, Sarah, née Foster
Smith, Thomas Francis
Snell, Charles
Snell, John
Snook, Annie May Effie Hutton
Sohier, Anne, née Gallie
Sohier, Elizabeth, née Voisin
Sohier, Elizabeth Ada
Sohier, Florence Mary
Sohier, Mary
Somers, Sarah Jane
Sorel, Elizabeth, née Nicolle
Sormany, Alfred Auguste
Southwood, Ann, née Milton
Speer, Richard
Spencer, Edwin
Staddon, Helena Henriette
Stancombe, Mary Tucker, née Couch
Starck, Elizabeth, née Perchard
Statt, Mary, née Hoidge
Steel, Eliza Mary Ann
Steel, Jane, née Gallichan
Steen, Marguerite, née Le Sueur
Stent, Jane, née Le Marquand
Stephens, Ann, née Square
Stephens, Joseph
Stericker, Emily Blanche
Stevens, Amelia Jane
Stevens, John
Stewart, Martha Mogg, née Allen
Stewart, Mary Allen
Stokes, Anora, née Crawley
Stokes, Lilian Elizabeth
Stone, Catherine, née Martin
Stone, Elizabeth
Stone, Elizabeth, née de Ste Croix
Stone, Elizabeth, née Saint
Stoodley, Isabella
Storey, George, Major
Stranger, Annie
Stych, James Augustus
Stych, Julia Ann, née Le Geyt
Styck, William John Richard
Sullivan, Charles George
Sullivan, Charles Perrot
Sullivan, Clement
Sullivan, Cornelius
Sullivan, Isabella
Sullivan, Joseph Victor
Sunny, John
Surcouf, Adelaide Harriet, née Quenault
Sutcliff, Ann, née Baitley
Sutton, Charles Thomas
Swaffield, George
Swaffield, George Gibbs
Sweeney, Mary, née Kearns
Swinson, Ellen Charlotte
Syborn, Louisa Jane
Symonds, Susan Campbell, née Kennedy
Symons, William
Symons, William Henry
Syvret, Charles
Syvret, Eliza Mary
Syvret, Elizabeth, née Misson
Syvret, George Walter Charles
Syvret, Jean
Syvret, Jeanne Carterette
Syvret, Louisa Jane
Szymanowski, Stanislas
Tall, George
Taylor, Alice Jane
Taylor, Amanda
Taylor, Catherine, née Sullivan
Taylor, Charlotte, née Schmidt
Taylor, Mary, née Mara
Taylor, Thomas Richard
Taylor, William Henry
Tencé, Jean
Terry, Mary, née Le Marchand
Thackaberry, Edward
Thatcher, Thomas
Thoburn, Johnson
Thomas, Alfred George
Thomas, Sarah
Thomazie, Elizabeth Adelaide, née Stewart
Thomazie, Guillaume
Thomazie, Louis Charles
Thompson, John Joseph
Thompson, Louise Jeanne, née Clouet
Thompson, Marie, née Le Sueur
Thompson, Sophia
Thompson, William
Thompson, William
Thomson, Samuel
Thoreau, Durell Lerier
Thoreau, Edouard Jean
Thoreau, Jeanne
Thoreau, Julie
Thoreau, William Henry
Tibot, Alfred
Tickell, Mary Emily
Tocque, Jean
Tocque, Marguerite, née Brache
Tolcher, Robert
Toogood, Jane Dover, née Beaton
Torode, Maria Lucy, née Vidamour
Tourgis, George
Touzel, David
Touzel, Mary Elizabeth, née Le Masurier
Trachy, Alice Mary
Trachy, Elizabeth
Trachy, George
Traisnel, Pauline, née Godfroy
Tregartha, Ellen
Tregaskis, Emily Ann
Tregoning, Emma
Tregoning, Hugh
Tregoning, Mary Jane
Trehen, Emma
Trehen, Mary, née Vidamour
Treloar, Mary
Trewin, Harry Reginald
Trigell, Lydia Priscilla
Trigell, Walter Henry
Trihamon, Jane Elizabeth
Trowbridge, Charles
Tubervill, Theresa Ellen, née Fearnon
Tuckerman, Ann, née Jackman
Turner, Charlotte Marianne, née Perrot
Turner, Clifton James
Turner, Harriet
Turner, Louisa, née Nation
Twynam, Charles
Twynam, Frank Ernest Salmadge
Tyler, Margaret Helen
Valpy, Alfred
Valpy, Henry
Valpy, Jane, née Renouf
Renouf, Jane
Valpy, John Francis
Valtern, Francis
Vardon, Eliza, née Le Vavasseur dit Durell
Vardon, Marie, née Vardon
Vardon, Thomas
Varel, John
Vasse, Celeste Aimable, née Le Poidevin
Vaudin, Julie, née Le Moine
Vaudin, Lilian Eugenia
Vaudin, Philippe Joseph
Vautier, John Francis
Vautier, Mary Emelie
Vautier, Mary Jane
Vautier, Sarah, née Langmead
Vibert, Ann Mathilde, née Le Touzel
Vibert, Elizabeth Mary, née Barbier
Vibert, Henriette
Vibert, James
Vibert, Mary Elizabeth, née Cheminant
Vibert, Peter
Vibert, Peter
Vibert, Philippe Daniel
Vibert, Philippe Peter
Vibert, Susanne Madeleine, née Barber
Vickers, James
Viel, Elie Moses
Viel, James Edward
Vigers, George
Vigers, Robert
Vilby, Mary Ann
Vincent, Ann Jane
Vincent, Florence Ada
Vincent, Louisa Mary
Viney, Henry Elder
Vivian, Marie, née Filleul
Vivian, Philippe
Voisin, Annie Alice
Voisin, Elizabeth Jane
Voisin, Nancy, née Hocquard
Voisin, Thomas John
Waddell, Joseph
Waddington, Elizabeth Esther
Waddington, Robert Peter
Wade, Thomas
Wakeham, James Peter
Wakeham, Mary Ann, née Eade
Walden, Amelia
Walker, Bridget
Walker, Charles
Walker, Mary, née Burns
Walker, Matilda Mary
Wall, George James Charles
Walling, Sophia, née Clift
Walsh, Mary, née Keating
Walsh, Mary, née Heron
Walters, Maria Elizabeth, née Ingram
Wareham, Henry
Wareham, Peter
Warr, John Philip
Warr, Mary Louisa, née Osborne
Warren, Ann Jane, née Norman
Warren, Charlotte
Warren, Eliza Jane Stride
Warren, Florence Ada
Warren, Louisa
Warren, Mary Ann, née Dare
Warren, Thomas
Warren, Thomas Henry
Warrin, Jessie, née Maples
Watts, Betsey, née Pierce
Watts, Mary
Watts, William
Webber, Mary Ann
Welch, George
Welch, John
Welch, Margaret, née Brennan
Welch, Thomas
West, Thomas
Westlake, Mary, née Woodley
Wheeler, Ann Susanna, née Smith
White, Ann, née Prall
White, Charles
White, Charles Frederick
White, Elizabeth, née Roper
Whitley, Henry Elias
Whittle, Charles
Whittle, Elizabeth Taylor
Whittle, Theresa Jane
Williams, Angelina Louisa
Williams, Elizabeth, née Swanson
Williams, John James
Williams, Mary Magdalen, née Fiddess
Williamshurst, John
Wills, Emily, née Croad
Wills, George
Wilson, Thomas
Wood, Alison Catherine
Woodcock, Alice Maud Mary, née Hamon
Woods, Amelia, née Newman
Woods, George
Woods, Sarah, née Holman
Wright, Elizabeth, née Gallichan
Yealland, Alfred James
Yeatman, Johana, née Guy
Young, Alfred
Young, Catherine, née Waldie
Young, Charles Edward
Young, Jane, née Dennis
Young, Joseph
Young, Mary Ann
Yvon, Alice Marie Françoise
Yvon, Anastasie Julie Leonie
Churchill, Caroline
Keywords funeral directors | funeral registers | Funerals | undertakers | Burials
Category L/A-Businesses
Dimensions 1 volume
Language French
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation purposes. Please use the PDF copies instead.
Closed until 2100


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Philippe Picot Funeral Director.Livre de Remarques [Indexed].Contains the details of the person buried, including date of death and place of burial.To find the name you are interested in please look at the index and then open the pdf with the relevant page number.


A digital image is available to view online or this item is closed because it is exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Law. If you would like to make a request please email us.