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Croad and Sons Funeral Director -Livre de Remarques [Indexed]. Includes burial number, name of person buried, relatives, age, date of death, address, date and place of burial.To find the name you are interested in please look at the index and then open the pdf with the relevant entry number.

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Reference L/A/41/B1/7
Date November 27th 1907 - June 15th 1914
Names Croad and Sons (Funeral directors)
Adolphe, Elizabeth, née Webb
Agnes, Elizabeth, née Balleine
Agnes, Mabel Le Brocq
Ahearne, Mary, née Murry
Ahier, Elizabeth Caroline
Ahier, Esther Elizabeth, née Le Cras
Ahier, Helena Alberta, née Opie
Ahier, James John
Ahier, John Frederick
Ahier, Laurence Charles Edward
Ahier, Mary Ann
Ahier, Mary Ann, née Vennement
Ahier, Philip William
Ahier, Philippe
Ahier, Sarah
Ahier, Susan, née Marett
Ahier, Thomas
Ahier, Thomas
Alaire, Clarisse, née Delaveau
Albert, Françoise, née Vallet
Albert, Mary
Alderson, Frank Alexander
Alexander, Marie, née Gallienne
Alexandre, John
Alexandre, Mabel Matilda, née Bisson
Alexandre, Mary Ann, née D'Avoine
Alexandre, Philip John
Allan, James Roger
Allchin, Frederick Charles
Allen, Edward George Prout
Allen, Letitia Annie, née Stedman
Allen, Michael
Allen, William
Aman, Yves Marie
Amiot, Peter Bienaimé
Amy, Albert Henry
Amy, Ann Rachel, née Vincent
Amy, Elizabeth, née Amy
Amy, Elizabeth Ann, née Crill
Amy, Elizabeth Hughes, née Pique
Amy, Esther
Amy, Esther, née Mourant
Amy, Eva Letitia
Amy, George Albert
Amy, Jane, née Colpus
Amy, John
Amy, Mary Ann Bossy
Amy, Selina Isabella, née Cooper
Cooper, Selina Isabella
Anderson, John
Angell, Ann, née Jackman
Jackman, Ann
Angell, Louisa Mary
Anley, Ann Susan
Anley, Caleb Francis
Anthoine, Mary Ann, née Godfray
Godfray, Mary Ann
Godfray, Mary Ann
Archenoul, Jean Marie
Archet, Marie Jeanne, née Surcaud
Surcaud, Marie Jeanne
Arnold, John Francis
Arscott, Mary, née Burke
Burke, Mary
Arthur, Alfred George
Arthur, Elizabeth Jane, née Poole
Poole, Elizabeth Jane
Arthur, Emily, née Job
Job, Emily
Arthur, Marguerite Esther, née Arthur
Arthur, Marguerite Esther
Atkins, Alfred
Atkins, Lavinia, née Thomas
Aubert, Kathleen Marjorie
Aubert, Marie, née Ville
Aubin, Elise Esther, née Le Jeune
Aubin, Jane, née Stone
Aubin, Marie Anne, née Gruchy
Aubin, Mary Ann, née Le Sueur
Auffray, Louise Marie, née Courtel
Auffret, Francis Lambert
Averty, Frank
Averty, Mary Ann, née Laurens
Averty, Rodney Alfred
Baal, Ann, née Roissier
Badier, Dora Eliza, née Le Clercq
Badier, George Robert
Bailey, Donald James
Bailey, Sarah, née Milbourne
Bailhache, Marie Louise
Baker, Catherine, née Machen
Baker, George Frederick
Baker, Lucy, née L'Evesque
Baker, Robert
Bakewell, Alfred Gretton
Balcam, Emily Ethel
Balleine, Charles Abraham
Balleine, Elise, née Le Brocq
Blampied, Caroline
Balleine, Helena Mary, née Binet
Banks, James Manning
Bans, Marie Florentine, née Le Goubin
Barbier, Emélie Caroline, née Ereaut
Barter, Sarah, née King
Bartlett, Charles Edward
Bartlett, Cyril Charles
Barton, Kenneth George
Baseley, Catherine Elizabeth Adams, née Hall
Basford, Jane Esther, née Quenault
Basford, Mary Jane Elizabeth
Bass, Ada Louisa
Bastide, Joseph William Benjamin Bienvenue
Bastin, James
Bataille, Elizabeth Matilda, née Wyatt
Bate, Charles
Bates, Alfred
Bates, Esther Ann, née Kimber
Batho, Emma, née Quick
Batters, John Mauger
Batty, Harry
Baudains, Ann Elizabeth, née Le Blancq
Baudains, Cyril Claude
Baudains, Emma, née de La Haye
Beach, Esther, née Le Sueur
Le Sueur, Esther
Beach, Joseph John
Beaugie, Bruce
Béchu, Mathurin Francois
Beck, Mary Ann, née Yealland
Becquet, Francois
Bellée, Victor
Bellot, Ann, née Nicolle
Benest, Frederick Jean
Benest, Harriett Mary
Benest, Nancy
Benest, Percival Francis
Benest, Sydney John
Bennett, Benjamin Alfred
Bennett, George Gregory
Bernard, Isabelle, née Jarmet
Beroche, Pierre
Berrows, Charlotte, née Fuller
Bertram, Elizabeth, née Le Neveu
Best, Edmund
Beuzeval, Julie Marie
Bichard, John Matthew
Biddlecomb, John Francis
Biddlecomb, John Philip
Biddlecomb, Joseph Charles
Biddlecomb, Madeliene Alice
Biddlecomb, Ernest James
Biddlecombe, Alfred Joseph
Bigwood, Henry William
Billot, Ann Elizabeth, née Langlois
Billot, Beryl Eline
Billot, Harriet Frances, née Godeaux
Billot, Philippe
Billot, Stanley Robert
Binet, Ann, née Le Rossignol
Binet, Harriet, née Luce
Binet, Herbert William
Binet, Lillie Caroline
Binet, Marie Esther, née Le Quesne
Binet, Philip
Bird, Harriet, née Salter
Bird, John George
Bird, Mary Ann, née Mallet
Bisson, Anna Louisa
Bisson, Charles
Bisson, Clement
Bisson, Elizabeth, née Mollet
Bisson, Elizabeth, née Pirouet
Pirouet, Elizabeth
Bisson, Ellen, née Henry
Bisson, Esther Marie Ann, née Florant
Bisson, Honoretta, née Moore
Bisson, John Chevalier
Bisson, John Parkinson
Bisson, Mary Ann, née Le Sueur
Bisson, Ruth Watts, née Wakeham
Bitot, Adolphe Clément
Blacklin, Rose Violet
Blake, Joseph Thomas
Blampied, Anne
Blampied, Eliza Sally, née Amy
Amy, Eliza Sally
Blampied, Elizabeth
Blampied, Jane
Blampied, Lillian Florence
Blampied, Louisa Amelia, née Davey
Blampied, Mary
Blampied, Percy Francis
Blampied, Philip
Bliault, Arthur William Sylvian
Bliault, Henrietta Eliza, née Dolbel
Bliault, Lawrence
Bliaux, Charles Samuel
Bois, Peter
Boisadan, Mathurin François
Boivin, Marie
Boivin, Marie Augustine, née Blondel
Boizard, Anne Marie, née Quers
Bolton, Eliza Elizabeth, née Hallman
Bonnemer, Antonia Maria
Boobyer, Lydia Charlotte, née Wareham
Boobyer, William
Booth, John William
Bosdet, Julia Marion, née Reece
Bossy, Francis
Boucher, Marie
Boudier, Anna Esther
Bouget, Jean Marie
Bouillon, Auguste
Bouillon, Mary Ann, née Le Breton
Le Breton, Mary Ann
Bourdon, Nicholas Francis Charles
Bouteloup, Alexis François Bienaimé
Bowdidge, Eliza
Bowen, George Mountain
Bowman, Ann, née Turnbull
Bowring, Ann, née Godfray
Box, Elizabeth Marie, née Gaudin
Bragg, Richard
Brailey, Susan, née de Gruchy
Brashaw, Elizabeth, née Brown
Brashaw, Joseph
Breadmore, Esther, née Jouquet
Breé, Elizabeth, née Brée
Brée, George Philip
Brée, Mary
Brée, Sophie
Breen, Mary, néé Kerns
Brennan, Patrick
Bretel, Marie Francoise, née Le Coq
Bretel, Marie Jeanne, née Riviouel
Brewer, Elizabeth, née Harvey
Briant, Pierre Marie
Briard, Agnes, née Ahier
Briard, Célina
Briard, Clifford
Bridle, Giffard Henry
Brock-Hollinshead, Henry Clifford
Brogan, Edward Terence
Brogan, William
Brookes, Frederick Ronald
Broomer, Jane, née Cummings
Brown, Agnes, née Craigen
Brown, Ann, née Dupe
Brown, Isabella, née Brown
Brown, John
Brown, Mary Ann, née Reed
Brown, Sarah, née Elliott
Brownsea, George Henry
Bruant, Jean Louis
Bryant, Florence Ellen, née Edgecombe
Buckingham, Thomas Le Sueur
Buckland, Ann Watts, née Budd
Buckley, Bernard Michel
Buckley, James Thomas
Buckley, Sam
Buckrell, Georgina Josephine, née Mauger
Buesnel, Eliza Mary
Bulley, Kate, née McCombe
Bulson, Eliza, née Dale
Burch, Jane, née Worden
Burger, George William Charles
Burgham, Victoria, née Goodfellow
Burke, Adeline Honorine, née du Fresne
Burman, Theodore
Burt, Adolphus Blackford
Burt, Edgar Walter
Burt, Edward
Burt, William
Burton, Charles
Burvingt, Francis Henry
Cabot, Anna, née Bisson
Bisson, Anna
Cabot, Charles
Cabot, Charles Le Rossignol
Cabot, Esther
Cabot, Francois
Cabot, Helena Jane, née Du Heaume
Cabot, Irene Gladys
Cabot, John Hélier
Cabot, Marie
Cabot, Nancy, née Bisson
Bisson, Nancy
Cabot, Sarah Ann, née Downey
Cadiou, Yves
Cagney, John
Caillot, Pauline, née Dubous
Campbell, John Alexander Dewar
Cantell, George Gillis
Carcaud, Albert
Carpenter, James John
Carpenter, John Dustan
Carpenter, Margaret, née Le Cornu
Carre, Susan, née Minchineer
Carroll, John
Carroll, Nora, née Tracy
Carter, Elizabeth Mary, née Sullivan
Carter, Eric Francis
Carter, Mary, née Forward
Carter, Mary, née Landick
Carter, Mary Elizabeth, née Guyon
Carter, William James
Carver, George Dunell
Carver, George Sidney
Carver, Gertrude Maud
Carver, Kate Joan
Cash, Elvina, née du Heaume
Cassidy, Eleanor Laura
Câtet, Emma, née du Heaume
Catt, Hannah, née Hardey
Cauvain, Kathleen May
Cauvin, Charles Paul Jean
Cauvin, Marie Modeste, née Poisson
Cavanagh, Mary Elizabeth, née Bear
Cavey, Marguerite Agathe Rose
Cavey, Martha Rachel, née Lester
Cawfield, Mary Ann, née Jasper
Cawley, Madeline Florence
Chalker, Marie
Chambers, Margaret
Chambers, Peter
Chambers, Susan, née Skelton
Chamon, Jacques Marie
Champion, Arnold Marmaduke
Chandler, Ann, née Counter
Chandler, George
Chant, Caroline, née Reynolds
Chappel, Julia Charlotte Victoria, née Chatel
Chapple, Richard John
Chauvel, Jean Marie
Cheek, Mary Ann, née Law
Chesneau, Georgette
Chevalier, Louisa Mary, née Musgrove
Child, John Marsden
Chillingsworth, Emily Mary Ann, née Noel
Ching, Eleanor Carolina, née Miller
Ching, Richard
Chottin, Prosper Francois
Churchill, Ada Florence, née Tucker
Churchill, Beatrice Emma
Churchill, Emma, née Journeaux
Churchill, Thomas William
Clark, Henry James
Clark, John
Clarke, Emélie, née Boucheré
Clarke, Letitia Webber
Clarke, Richard James
Clement, Gustave
Cliff, Elizabeth, née Farley
Clift, Elizabeth, née Harding
Cobden, George James
Cobden, Harriet
Cobden, Harriet Jane, née Gilbert
Cobden, William
Coen, Eliza Mary
Coffey, Mary Ann, née Fitzgerald
Coffin, Francois Alfred Charles
Colback, Laura Alice, née Le Marquand
Collas, Jane, née Vibert
Colley, Robert Browne
Collins, John
Collis, George Laurens
Compton, Jane Edith
Cooper, William Henry Trafalgar
Coppin, John William
Coquet, Prosper
Corbel, Edward Philip
Corbel, Elizabeth, née Le Cornu
Corbel, Emile Paul
Corbin, Thomas
Corlay, Jean Baptiste
Cornu, Marie Anne, née Suzanne
Cory, Anne, née Blampied
Costly, John Worsley
Couilliard, Pierre Ambroise Michel
Courbarobn, Edward
Courtel, Jeanne Marie
Cousins, Philip
Coutanche, Anne
Coutanche, Elizabeth Ann, née Le Maistre
Coutanche, Jane Ellen, née De Faye
Cox, Arabella Louisa, née Cavallo
Coxhead, Susan Emily
Cozannet, Marie
Cracknell, Eliza, née Hamon
Crespel, Pierre Marie
Croad, Izett Louisa, née Le Grand
Croad, Margaret Esther
Cronshaw, Ernest James
Cullen, Stuart James
Cutland, Francis
Dacam, Catherine, née South
Dairou, Joséphine, née Hédon
Daisy, Mary, née Le Page
Daisy, Pierre
Dalley, Emma May, née Pittman
Dalley, William John
Daly, Eleanor Jane, née Messervy
Dart, Clarence Eric
Dart, Ethel Ada
D'Arthenay, Ann, née Queree
Daumaille, Virgile Donatieu
Dauny, Herbert Charles
Dauny, Hilda Marie
Davenport, Emily
Davey, Alfred
Davey, Elizabeth
Davey, George Robert
Davey, Harriet, née Le Quesne
Davey, James Edward
Davey, Walter Clifford
David, François Michel
David, Michel François
Davidson, Alexander
Davies, Griffith Noel
Davis, John
Davis, John Edward
D'Avoine, George
Day, Eleanor, née Ching
Day, Peter Thomas
de Caen, Jane, née Huelin
de Caen, Mary Ann, née Durell
de Caen, Mary Jane
de Carteret, Esther
de Carteret, Mary Ann
de Carteret, Sophie
de Faye, Jane
de Faye, Jane Mary
de Faye, Sarah Cicilia, née Brown
de Gruchy, Betsey, née Cabot
de Gruchy, Caroline Jane
de Gruchy, Charles
de Gruchy, Edouard
de Gruchy, Elizabeth, née Ahier
de Gruchy, Elizabeth (nee Blampied)
de Gruchy, Frances Margaret
de Gruchy, Francis
de Gruchy, Jane
de Gruchy, John
de Gruchy, John Romeril
de Gruchy, Joshua
de Gruchy, Julia
de Gruchy, Mary Esther, née De Gruchy
de Gruchy, Nellie Violet, née Hodges
De Gruchy, Philip
de Gruchy, Rachel, née Renouf
de Gruchy, Thomas
De Gruchy, Vera
de Gruchy, Walter Alfred
de Jersey, Emily Jane, née Le Neveu
de La Cour, Peter John
de la Cour, Walter Philip
de la Haye, Alfred Charles
de La Haye, Delicia Georgina
de La Haye, Ellen Jane
de la Haye, George William
de La Haye, Hilda Blanche
de La Haye, John Josué
de la Haye, John Philip
de La Haye, Philip Alexandre
de La Haye, Vivian Huelin
de La Houge, Francoise Clothilda Mary, née Hélo
de La Mare, Elizabeth, née De La Mare
de la Mare, Elizabeth
de la Mare, John
de la Mare, Louisa Jane, Waddington
de la Mare, William Charles
de La Mothe, Emma Jane, née De Caen
de La Perrelle, Alice Jane, née Le Boutillier
de La Perrelle, Ann, née Le Couteur
de La Perrelle, Emile James
de la Perrelle, Jane, née Huelin
De La Perrelle, John Philip
de La Perrelle, Selina, née Le Marquand
de La Perrelle, Susanne
de la Rue, Auguste Florentin
de Lecq Le Montais, Jessie Maud
de Quetteville, Alice, née Morrisey
de Quetteville, Dorothy Irene
de Quetteville, Fréderic Emile
de Quetteville, James
de Salis, Eloisa Ina
de Sarcus, Henry Marie Joseph Louis
de St George, Charles
de Ste Croix, Jane Ellen, née Riddle
de Ste Croix, Louisa Emma, née Hodgeson
de Ste Croix, Marie Esther, née Le Clercq
de Ste Croix, Mary Ann, née Deslandes
Deslandes, Mary Ann
de Ste Croix, Matilda Price, née Grimmond
De Ste Croix, Violet Maud
de Ste Croix, Winifred Louisa
de Veulle, Philip Thomas
Dene, John
Denis, Henriette, née Lemprière
Deslandes, Albert Louis Auguste
Deslandes, Ann Elizabeth
Deslandes, Anne, née Mourant
Deslandes, Elizabeth
Desmares, Lydie Esther
Desvallées, Anne Marie
Devenport, John Henry
Dickson, Isabella Dobbie
Dickson, William George
Diment, Tom Christopher
Dinsford, Ada
Dolon, Honorah, née Dillon
Donaldson, George
Donaldson, Georgina, née Macready
Donaldson, Louisa Ann, née Tagny
Donoghue, Ann Jane, née Chandler
Donovan, Cornelius
Doré, Elizabeth, née Le Couteur
Dorey, Adelina Beatrice
Dorey, Blanche Victoria
Dorey, Charles Francis
Dorey, Fanny Jane, née Blampied
Blampied, Fanny Jane
Dorey, John George
Dorey, Mary Ann
Dorkins, Edward
D'Orléans, Pierre Ferdinand
Down, Beryl Maud
Doyle, Francis Thomas
Drieu, Eugène Paul
Drieu, Julie Victorie, née Truffert
Driver, James
Drouet, Henri
Drouet, Marianne, née Cadiou
Dryden, George
Du Bois, Sophie Tilly
Du Feu, Bertie Sydney
Du Feu, Peggie, née Falle
du Four, John Wesley
Du Four, Lilian Maud
du Heaume, Charles
Du Heaume, Hannah Maria, née Vautier
Du Jardin, Adolphe Desiré
Du Jardin, Emma Amelia Violet
du Val, John
Dubras, Jeanne Marie
Duchemin, Pierre Henri
Dujardin, Francois
Dumond, Francois Victor
Dumond, Marie Louise, née Jourdan
Dunell, Elias
Dunell, Elizabeth Ann, née Giles
Dunk, Henry William
Dunn, Thomas
Dunstan, Frances Cecilia Ruth, née Kent
Dupérouzel, Marie Antoinette, née Poulain
Dupré, Edouard
Dupré, Elise Balleine, née Martin
Dupré, Jane Adelaide, née Collas
Dupré, Tom
Dupuis, Sarah Charlotte, née Sinnett
Durell, Charles
Durell, Elizabeth, née Touzel
Durell, Hannah, née Renouf
Durell, Maria, née Lyte
Durham, Mary, née Barry
Dutertie, Auguste Désiré
Duvey, Francis William
Dwyer, Thomas
Dyer, Queenie Chillingworth
Eager, Robert
Ebeoglou, Mary Ann, née Duffey
Ecolivet, Marie, née Abraham
Edgar, Florence Maud
Edmond, Annie Amelia
Egland, Jane Maria, née Perrin
Egré, Percy Harold
Elie, Emmanuel Francis
Ellett, Sarah Mary, née Webb
Elliott, Elizabeth Maria
Elliott, Iris
Ellis, Charles Conway
Ellis, John Harry
Ellis, Philip John
Emery, Edwin Victor
Emery, William James
English, Amanda, née Curnow
Eon, Emélie Julie
Ereaut, James John
Ereaut, John
Ereaux, Richard Wooldridge
Esnouf, Francis Philip
Esnouf, Henriette Elizabeth
Esnouf, Jane, née Battam
Esnouf, Louisa May, née Ennis
Esnouf, Majorie Blanche
Esnouf, Susan Blanche, née Bassett
Esqueree, Leontine Paule Julie, née Descazeaux
Etasse, Napolen Peter
Eve, Gertrude Eliza Blanche
Eveleigh, James Edward
Eveleigh, John James
Fallaize, Frances Harriet, née Weston
Falle, Ann Jane
Falle, Anne Mary
Falle, Elizabeth Harriet
Falle, Esther Ann
Falle, John
Falle, Marie Betsy
Farrell, Michael
Faulknor, Arthur Malcolm Maude
Fautrel, Marie Eugenie, née Voisin
Fautrel, Olivier Pierre Arsene
Fauvel, Amelia, née Buckland
Fauvel, Clara
Fauvel, Elizabeth
Fauvel, Francis Philip
Fauvel, Jane, née Jeune
Fauvel, John Nicolle
Fauvel, Philip
Fauvel, Rachel, née Grellier
Feltham, Matilda
Fennessey, Thomas William
Fichou, Germaine Victoria Marie Rose
Figgures, Edward
Filleul, Alice Mary, née Gabeldu
Filleul, Richard
Findlay, Marian, née McLachlen
Fisher, Marguerite, née Neel
Flynn, James
Fontaine, Alfred
Fontaine, Donald Philip
Ford, Michael
Forder, Cyril Ernest
Forsey, Arsemeth
Fowler, Caroline, née Saunders
Fox, Grace Edith
Frackelton, William Scott
Fraser, Raymond Eric
Fraylen, Percival Bernet
Frecker, Susanna Louise
Fry, Emma
Fuller, Harriet Mary
Furmedge, James Lasham
Furmedge, Mary Ann, née Cox
Furmedge, Sarah Elizabeth
Furnival, Frances Elizabeth, née Thorpe
Gabeldu, Francis
Gaillard, Emily
Gale, Emelie Caroline, née Laurens
Gale, Robert
Galliard, Mary Ann, née Turpin
Gallichan, Anna Susan
Gallichan, Clara Louisa Jane, née Le Dain
Gallichan, Effie Mary
Gallichan, Jane Le Gros, née Bisson
Gallichan, Louisa
Gallichan, Mabel Irene
Gallichan, Mary, née Touzel
Gallichan, Mary Ann, née De Quetteville
Gallichan, Percival Eric
Gallichan, Peter
Gallichan, Philip
Gallichan, Philip Charles
Gallichan, Rachel, née Bichard
Gallichan, Raymond Charles
Gallie, Ann Mary, née Guyon
Gallie, Henrietta Marie, née Bennett
Gallie, Mary Ann
Gallie, Mary Eliza, née Brown
Gallienne, Anne Julia
Gallois, Marie Louise, née Bidel
Galot, Hortense, née Godefroid
Gard, Frederick
Garnier, Frederick
Garnier, Josué Jean
Garnier, Philip Charles
Garnier, Pierre
Garnier, Sophie, née Allain
Garnier, Victorine Augustine, née Le Hot
Garnier, William Wimbée
Gaudin, Denis Carlyon
Gaudin, Elizabeth Jane, née Hounsell
Gaudin, Esther, née Payn
Gaudin, Jane, née Hocquard
Gaudin, Philippe
Gaudin, Philippe Mauger
Gaudion, Edward
Gauron, Eugenie, née Mederic
Gautier, Alphonse Julien
Gautier, Eunice Josephine Marie
Gavey, Alfred Eugene
Geary, Madeline May Cecilia
Gellen, Emily Grace, née Williams
Gerard, Louisa Mary, née De La Mare
Gibaut, Adelaide Emma, née Leach
Gibaut, Annie Ellen, née Reardon
Gibaut, Charles Marcel
Gibaut, Thomas Philip
Gibbs, Jane, née Collins
Gibson, Caroline Letitiia, née Drake
Gibsone, Hugh Francis Hacket
Gicquel, Jean Pierre Marie
Gicquel, Louis Etienne
Giffard, Reginald Albert
Giffard, William George
Gilbert, Adolphus James
Gilbert, Elizabeth Ann
Gill, Kathleen Annie
Gill, Emma
Gilles, Arthur Henri
Gillham, Helena Mary Howard
Gilliard, Thomas
Gillman, Charles
Girardeau, Marie Anne
Godeaux, Charles Frederick
Godeaux, Philip
Godel, Reginald
Godfray, Alfred Louis Ernest
Godfray, Elizabeth Fanny, née Gruchy
Godfray, Francois
Godfray, Henry John
Godfray, Josué
Godfray, Kathleen Ledstone
Godfray, Lerrier
Godfray, Mary Jane, née Burch
Godfray, Nancy, née Beaugie
Godfray, Rachel Jane
Gold, Gemima, née Rusden
Golding, Violet Elsie May
Goode, Elizabeth Jane, née Machon
Goodenough, Lilian Jessie
Gosline, Augustus John
Gosline, Prudence Lily Louise
Gosselin, Ada
Gosset, Philip
Gossett, Ann Olive, née Trachy
Gottard, John Michel
Gottrel, Clara Florence
Gottrell, Louisa Georgina, née Groizard
Gottrell, Walter
Goubert, Louis Bon
Gould, Bertha Annie, née Coom
Goutté, Henry George Edward
Grady, Winter
Grandin, Aimable Francois
Grandin, Frederick Henry
Grandin, George Francis
Grant, Anne
Green, Julie Victorie, née Le Lanchon
Green, Mary Ann, née Hamlin
Grigg, John
Grigg, Mary Ann Sophia
Grimmond, James
Grimshaw, William John
Grouvel, Marie
Gruchy, Douglas Stanley
Gruchy, Henry
Gruchy, John
Gruchy, Mary Ann, née Noel
Noel, Mary Ann
Guernier, Pascallane Marie
Guillaume, Pierre Victor
Gulley, Edward
Guppy, Emily Alice, née Cabot
Guppy, John
Guyomard, Francoise Clothilda Mary
Hacking, John
Hacquoil, Susanne
Haley, Sophia Jane, née Benney
Hamon, Adèle
Hamon, Ann Marceline, née Mahaut
Hamon, Annie May
Hamon, Charles
Hamon, Esther, née Denize
Hamon, Florence Maud
Hamon, James Thomas Henry
Hamon, Jane, née Norman
Hamon, John Edward
Hamon, Philip
Hamon, Pierre
Hamptonne, Mary
Hansford, Mary, née Le Long
Harben, John William
Harben, Thomas Edward
Harbord, Ralph Assheton
Hardey, Anna Hue, née Dorey
Hardey, John
Harding, Alexander Giles Hogg
Harding, George William
Harding, Gladys Lilian May
Harding, Mabel Lilian
Hardy, Florence Maud
Hardy, Henriette Alexandrine
Harfield, Mary Ann
Harper, Annie Maud, née Lane
Harris, Elizabeth, née Barrow
Harris, Elizabeth, née Matson
Harris, Meleny Maud, née Eveleigh
Harris, Thomas Charles
Harrison, Albert Richard
Harrison, Brian
Hartell, Mary Ann, née Roach
Harvey, Lester
Harwood, Henry
Haynes, Charles Henry
Haynes, Rachel, née Duchemin
Healey, William
Hélie, Auguste Ange
Hemery, Julia Jane
Henderson, Rose Ellen
Hennessey, Thomas Daniel
Henry, Caroline, née Blampied
Henry, Harriet Jane
Henry, Jane Ann
Henry, John Philip
Hepburn, Thomas
Herivel, Gwendoline
Herivel, Helena Susan
Hérout, Hyacinthe Hortense
Herve, Joseph Marie Francois
Hervé, Albert Philip
Hervé, Jeanne Adeline
Hervé, Julia Ann
Hervieu, Joseph
Heurteaux, Celeste Constance
Heyden, Thomas George
Hill, Amelia, née Collas
Hill, Selina Mary Ann, née Ahier
Hillien, Theophile Marie
Hine, Arthur Leonard
Hine, Harold Arthur
Hine, John
Hine, Thomas
Hocquard, John
Hocquard, John
Hocquard, Susan Elizabeth
Hodder, Frederic William Lloyd
Hodge, Robert John
Hoffe, Fitz Roy Dillon
Holley, Adèle Eugenie, née Le Moigne
Holley, Pierre Marie
Holloway, Anne Lily
Holmes, John
Honeycombe, Ann, née Ellis
Hooper, Julia, née Grestock
Hopkins, Ada
Hopkins, Agnes Mary, née Whettingstall
Horman, John
Horner, Charles
Horton, William John
Hosking, Catherine Elizabeth, née Wakfer
Hostingue, Jean Ernest
Hotton, Marguerite, née Esnouf
Houguet, Francis John
Houguet, John De Lecq
Houguet, Mary, née Le Gresley
Houssin, Beatrice Rachel
Howlett, Lydia Eva, née Noel
Noel, Lydia Eva
Huard, Charlotte Jane, née Sevalle
Sevalle, Charlotte Jane
Huard, John
Huaux, Charles Francis
Hubert, Alfred
Hubert, Carterette Susan, née Baudains
Baudains, Carterette Susan
Hubert, Esther, née Le Riche
Le Riche, Esther
Hubert, Genevieve Marie Augustine, née Moitie
Moitie, Genevieve Marie Augustine
Hubert, John Henry
Huelin, Anne Marie, née Le Brun
Le Brun, Anne Marie
Huelin, Ellen Lydia, née Le Feuvre
Le Feuvre, Ellen Lydia
Huelin, Francis Charles
Huelin, John
Huelin, Mary Jane, née Blampied
Blampied, Mary Jane
Huelin, Mélanie, née Renouf
Renouf, Melanie
Humber, John
Hurel, Armand Aimable Auguste
Hurel, Marie Josephine, née Aubert
Hurley, William Henry
Husey, Arthur Montague
Hutchings, George William Amos
Huxford, Catherine Nelson
Isabel, John Francis
Jacklin, Emelie, née La Colley
Jacklin, Louis
Jackman, Jane, née Gardner
Jaffrey, Marie, née Morvan
Jagot, Hortense Albertine
Jagot, Thomas Philippe
Jean, Anne, née Pinel
Jean, Eugéne
Jeandron, Eileen May
Jeandron, Jane Mary, née Bosdet
Jeandron, Rachel Elizabeth
Jeanne dit James, Marie, née Legendre
Jefferies, Eliza Sophia, née Amy
Jenne, Helier Fauvel
Jenne, Susan, née Fauvel
Jerrard, Elizabeth, née Green
Jeune, Ada, née Dryden
Jeune, Ann, née Godeaux
Jeune, Beatrice May
Jeune, Edwin Francis
Jeune, Elizabeth Handyde, née Popplewell
Jeune, Esther, née Salthill
Jeune, Helier Herbert
Jeune, Helier Philip
Jeune, Herbert Popplewell
Jeune, Mary Jane, née Marie
Jeune, Philip George
Jeune, Walter Francis
Jocquet, Albert
Johns, George
Johnson, Frank Noton
Johnson, Madeleine Helen
Jolin, Anne Julia
Jones, Amelie Lucy, née Le Sauteur
Jordan, Rose Annie, née McGugan
Josse, Anne Marie, née Préderge
Jouan, Laurent Joseph
Jouanny, Marie Louise, née Carmot
Jourdan, Florence May
Jourdan, John Désiré
Journeaux, Alice Jane, née Carrel
Journeaux, Ann, née Germain
Journeaux, George Francis
Journeaux, Harriet Elizabeth, née Benest
Journeaux, John
Journeaux, John
Kark, Mary, née Retallick
Kelling, William Charles
Kelling, William John
Kemish, John William
Kendra, Clement
Kenealy, Michael
Kentrick, Guilleaume
Keough, Elizabeth, née Wilson
Kerslake, Jane
Kierman, John
Kilgour, Mary Janet, née Mackenzie
Kilpack, Ann
Kiney, Caroline, née McHale
Kingston, Alice Ellen
Kirk, James
Knight, Elizabeth
Knight, George
Konigs, Henrietta, née Unknown
Labbé, Jean Baptiste
Labey, Ann, née Mallet
Labey, Esther, née Le Vavasseur dit Durell
Laffoley, George
Laffoley, Percy George
Laffoley, Ruby Maud
Laffoley, William
Laidlaw, Walter Laidlaw
Lair, Joseph Victor
Laloé, Ernest Alexandre
L'Amy, Emma Godfray
Lander, Emily, née Rule
Landick, Edwin
Landick, Linda Winifred
Landick, William
Landry, Rose Louise Victoire
Lange, Elise Marie Joseph
Langler, Alfred Hanibal
Langler, Ann Tucker, née Lane
Langlois, Arabella Mary, née Hutchings
Langlois, Ferdinand Edouard
Langlois, Harriet Elizabeth
Langlois, Philip
Langlois, Philip Charles
Laraman, George William
Larbalestier, Mary Ann, née Clement
Larbalestier, Mary Rachel, née Jaffray
Larke, John Richard
Larkins, John
Laugeard, George
Laugeard, Violet
Laugée, Mary Ann, née Henry
Laurens, Alexandre Leon
Laurens, Alice Jane, née Morel
Laurens, Ann Amelia, née Baillache
Laurens, Anne, née Rider
Laurens, Elise, née Hamon
Masters, Emily
Laurens, Georgina Matilda, née Robinson
Laurens, Jane, née Arthur
Arthur, Jane
Laurens, John Stanley
Laurens, Matilda, née Farr
Laurens, Philip de Caen
Laventure, Frances Harriet, née Journeaux
Lawless, Sarah, née Welch
Lawrence, Albert Bolton
Lawrence, Henry James
Le Barbier, Jules
Le Blancq, Esther Elizabeth, née Pallot
Le Boutillier, Adolphus
Le Boutillier, Ann, née Jouquet
Le Boutillier, Everard John
Le Boutillier, Francis
Le Boutillier, John
Le Boutillier, Leonard Victor
Le Boutillier, Mary Elise, née Abraham
Le Breton, Albert
Le Breton, Alfred James
Le Breton, George
Le Breton, Jane
Le Breton, Vera Doris
Le Breton, Violet May
Le Brocq, Ann Sophia, née Le Quesne
Le Brocq, Arthur
Le Brocq, Arthur Gaudin
Le Brocq, Elizabeth, née Bree
Le Brocq, Frances
Le Brocq, Margery, née Moss
Le Brocq, Philip
Le Brocq, Sophie, née de Gruchy
Le Brocq, William
Le Brun, Dorothy May
Le Brun, Edith May
Le Brun, Elizabeth, née Le Cornu
Le Brun, Francois Thomas
Le Brun, Frank Joseph
Le Brun, Jane, née Canning
Le Brun, John
Le Brun, Peter
Le Brun, Philip Renouf
Le Brun, Rosalie Margaret, née Nicolle
Le Brun, William George
Le Cappelain, Eugene Louis
Le Cappelain, Frederick James
Le Cappelain, Jane, née Buesnel
Le Cappelain, William John
Le Carpentier, Louis Albert
Le Chevalier, Albert Jean Casimir
Le Clercq, Jane Elizabeth, née Hamon
Le Clercq, Mary, née Buesnel
Le Clercq, William John
Le Cocq, Alfred Amy
Le Cocq, Amy
Le Cocq, George Bisson
Le Cocq, Janet Mary
Le Comte, Florence Mary Saint, née Renouf
Le Conte, Francis Peter
Le Cornu, Ann, née Henry
Le Cornu, Bert William
Le Cornu, Cecil Bertram
Le Cornu, Clarence George
Le Cornu, Eliza, née Le Cornu
Le Cornu, Eliza Anna, née Lugg
Le Cornu, Elizabeth
Le Cornu, Eunice Janet
Le Cornu, Lily Violet
Le Cornu, Marie Sarah, née Renouf
Le Cornu, Queenie Amelia
Le Couilliard, Marjorie Mabel
Le Couteur, Elsie Esther, née Cornish
Le Couteur, Florence Mary, née Nicolle
Le Couteur, Jane, née du Bois
Le Cras, Cyril Bernard
Le Cras, Mary Ann, née Facey
Le Cras, Phyliss Edith
Le Cuirot, Adele, née Huet
Le Dain, Ann, née Renouf
Le Dain, Jane, née Fleming
Le Feuvre, Amelia, née Le Ruez
Le Feuvre, Edward Edgar
Le Feuvre, Elizabeth, née Blampied
Le Feuvre, Esther, née Dumaresq
Le Feuvre, Frances May
Le Feuvre, Helier
Le Feuvre, Henriette Jane, née Huelin
Le Feuvre, Jeanneton, née Pallot
Le Feuvre, John
Le Feuvre, Lydia Ann
Le Feuvre, Marie Francoise, née Routier
Le Feuvre, Mary, née Le Maistre
Le Feuvre, Mary, née Nicolle
Nicolle, Mary
Le Feuvre, Philip
Le Feuvre, Philip Francis
Le Feuvre, Rachel
Le Feuvre, Rachel, née Gruchy
Gruchy, Rachel
Le Feuvre, William John
Le Gallais, Neville Le Vavasseur
Le Galle, Louis Bon
Le Geyt, John Thomas
Le Goff, Charles Marie
Le Goubin, Julien
Le Grand, Elizabeth
Le Grand, Jane
Le Gresley, Charles Alfred
Le Gresley, Elizabeth Elise, née Le Gresley
Le Gresley, Frederick
Le Gresley, Harold
Le Gresley, Jane Elizabeth, née Journeaux
Le Gresley, John Francis
Le Gresley, Mary Ann, née Trigg
Le Gresley, Phyliss Maud
Le Gresley, Stanley John
Le Gros, Alfred John
Le Gros, Annie Adelina
Le Gros, Clement
Le Gros, Elie George
Le Gros, Elise
Le Gros, John Arthur
Le Gros, Lily Ivy
Le Gros, Peter Esnouf
Le Guerrier, Charles
Le Hayée, Virginie, née Le Neveu
Le Huquet, Caroline Rachel, née Jeune
Le Huquet, Frederic Nicolle
Le Huquet, George Jean
Le Huquet, John William
Le Huquet, Philip
Le Jeune, Elsie Laura
Le Journeur, Bon Emanuel
Le Lièvre, Elizabeth, née Messervy
Le Lievre, John
Le Lion, John Charles
Le Long, Emile Frederick
Le Long, Jean Philippe
Le Loup, Augustine Marie, née Regnier
Le Maistre, Clarence Roy
Le Maistre, Elizabeth Ann
Le Maistre, Jane Elizabeth Sarah, née Touzel
Le Maistre, Mary, née Le Brocq
Le Brocq, Mary
Le Maistre, Mary
Le Maistre, Mary Ann, née Dorey
Dorey, Mary Ann
Le Marchand, Florence Annie
Le Marchand, George
Le Marquand, Edward Francis
Le Marquand, Francois Nicolas
Le Marquand, John Edward
Le Marquand, Margaret, née Geary
Le Marquand, Mary
Le Marquand, Mary Elizabeth, née Le Marquand
Le Masurier, Ada
Le Masurier, Anne Marie
Le Masurier, Elizabeth, née Le Page
Le Masurier, Jeanne Marie, née Prevost
Le Masurier, Louisa Jane, née Le Ray
Le Masurier, Thomas Jean
Le Mauviot, Francis Alfred
Le Maux, Jeanne Marie, née Le Cardinal
Le Mercier, Pierre
Le Moine, François George
Le Moine, Jean Baptiste
Le Moine, Madeleine, née Rault
Le Monnier, Anna Jane, née Quintaine
Le Monnier, Irene Francoise Louise
Le Mottée, Elise Jane
Le Moucheux, Ceneric
Le Noel, Cecil Charles
Le Pavoux, Jeanne, née Rault
Le Petevin, Louisa, née de Faye
Le Poidevin, Alfred Francis
Le Poidevin, John Henry
Le Quesne, Frederick Bradenberg
Le Quesne, Giffard Charles
Le Quesne, Marguerite, née Hamon
Le Ray, Nancy, née Romeril
Le Rendu, Frank
Le Riche, Rita
Le Riche, Evelyn Frances
Le Riche, Jane Alice
Le Riches, Maria Mary Ann, née English
Le Riverend, Marie Adele
Le Rossignol, Esther
Le Rossignol, John Mauger
Le Rouge, Aimée
Le Rougetel, Marie, née Bertram
Le Roy, Susannah, née Paisley
Le Ruez, Mary Ann Jane, née Gruchy
Le Ruez, Nellie
Le Ruez, Rowland John
Le Sauteur, Léonore, née Le Sueur
Le Sauteur, Philippe George
Le Sauteur, Winter Thomas
Le Sauvage, John Philip
Le Scelleur, Frederick Mauger
Le Seelleur, Catherine, née Hannan
Le Seelleur, Elizabeth Ann, née Renouf
Le Seelleur, Frederick
Le Seelleur, Jane
Le Seelleur, Thomas
Le Squéren, Jeanne
Le Sueur, Ann Eliza, née Garnier
Le Sueur, Ann Elizabeth, née Le Bailly
Le Bailly, Ann Elizabeth
Le Sueur, Cacilda Cecilia
Le Sueur, Dora Agnes Kent, née Smith
Smith, Dora Agnes Kent
Le Sueur, Edward
Le Sueur, Elizabeth, née Le Quesne
Le Quesne, Elizabeth
Le Sueur, Elizabeth, née Bichard
Bichard, Elizabeth
Le Sueur, Elsie Vera
Le Sueur, Frederick
Le Sueur, Jane Esther, née Noël
Le Sueur, John
Le Sueur, John Oliver
Le Sueur, Leonard George
Le Sueur, Marie, née Renouf
Le Sueur, Mary Sophie, née Luce
Le Sueur, Philip
Le Sueur, Souky
Le Tourneur, Aimable Louis Eugène
Le Touzé, Anne Susanne, née Renouf
Le Touzé, George John
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Hannah, née Lomas
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Jeanne Freyre, née Mossuz
Le Vavasseur dit Durell, Louisa
Le Verdier, Elvina Mary
Le Vesconte, Alfred George
Le Vesconte, Eliza Sophie
Le Vesconte, Joyce Wotton
Lear, Edwin Francis
Leat, Jane Julia, née Ramie
Lebedel, Françoise, née Le Cappelain
Leboutillier, Auguste Bienaimé Adolphe
Ledo, Guilleaume Jean
Ledo, Ronald Alexander Gaston
Ledu, Marie Anne, née Teffant
Ledwich, William Cowen
Ledwick, Margaret
Lee, Doris Gertrude
Lee, Edward
Lee, Elizabeth, née Burnel
Lefebvre, George
Legalle, Helene Louise, née Legalle
Legalle, Louisa Marie Aimée
Legg, Laura Gwendoline
Legg, William
Lemonnnier, Charles
Lempriere, Abraham
Lempriere, Edward
Lempriere, Elizabeth Julia, née Touzel
Lenouval, Anne
Lesbirel, Matilda
Lescouarch, Anne Marie Yvonne
Leslie, James Orlando
Lewis, John
Libby, John Edward
Libby, Rosina, née Crocker
Lidstone, John Louis
Lihou, Lilian Mary
Lindsay, Margaret, née Malone
Lindsay, Robert Lockhart
Lite, Winter John Samuel
Little, Caroline, née Hayes
Little, Jessie
Livermore, James
Lloyd, William John
Lobb, James John
Lock, John
Lock, Louisa, née Walker
Lopes, Mary Ann Eliza, née Chaplin
Louis, Marie Elise, née Poisson
Lovejoy, Henry
Lowden, Caroline Sophia, née Gillam
Lucas, Peter
Lucas, Sam
Lucas, Susanne, née Le Marquand
Luce, Eliza Rachel, née Le Sueur
Luce, Esther, née Le Masurier
Luce, Jane Fanny, née Kelling
Luce, John Francis
Luce, Jules Leonard Francois
Luce, Malvina
Luce, Moses
Luce, Philip
Luce, Reginald
Lurienne, Marie Rosalie, née Aubry
Luxton, Elizabeth Lilian Maud
Macé, Blanche Emélie
Macey, George Francis
Macfarlane, Arthur Francis
Macfarling, Ann, née Christin
Machon, Mary Ann, née Trehen
Mackenney, John Wesley
Macready, Edmund Charles
Mahieu, Irene Mary
Mahieu, Marie, née Le Roux
Mahieu, Marie, née Le Roux
Mahieu, Mildred Florence Georgina
Malherbe, Esther, née Le Breton
Mallet, Alfred Frederick
Mallet, Charles
Mallet, Harold
Mallet, Hélier
Mallet, Henriette Elizabeth, née Le Quesne
Mallet, John Prosper
Mallet, John William
Mallet, Louisa Maria, née Kerslake
Mallet, Mary, née Le Gros
Mallet, William
Malorey, Isidore Jean Francois
Malzard, Edith Lilian, née Le Cappelain
Malzard, John
Malzard, Louisa, née Ballaine
Malzard, Mary Ann
Mangan, Julia
Manley, Francis Samuel
Marett, Charles Philip
Marett, Elie Philip
Marett, Esther, née Le Revérand
Marett, Francoise Sophie
Marett, Herbert John
Marett, John
Marett, John Alfred
Marett, Justine, née Huelin
Marett, Louisa Victoria, née Le Rossignol
Marett, Marguerite, née Durell
Marett, Mary Gertrude
Marett, Mary Winifred
Marett, Morris Alfred
Marett, Thomas
Marett, Thomas William
Marguerie, Alfred Charles
Marie, Elizabeth
Marie, Esther
Marin, Betsy Elizabeth, née Le Page
Marks, Charles
Marquand, Albert John
Marquand, Jean
Marquand, John
Marshall, Elsie Louisa
Marsouin, Marie, née Allo
Martin, Charles Henry
Martin, Eliza, née Hasted
Martin, Harriet
Martin, James McWhirter
Martin, William James
Mash, Gladys Violet Rose
Masters, Vera May
Mauger, Caroline, née Starck
Mauger, Helena Carterette, née Nicolle
Mauger, Lydia Georgina
Mauger, Mary
Mauger, Maude Wilmot
Mauger, Sydney Philip
Mauger, Thomas
May, Georgina, née Sone
Sone, Georgina
May, Georgina, née Sones
Sones, Georgina
Mayne, John Theophilus Bolton
Mc Crum, William Henry
Mc Farling, Elizabeth, née Geary
McAllen, Florence
McAteer, Francis
McGowan, Jane Elizabeth
McKenna, Ellen, née Murphy
McKennay, Janet
McKeown, Louisa Margaret
McLeod, Alexander Thomas
Mcleod, Harry
McManus, Charles
Mead, Patrick
Melin, Frederick Francis
Mellor, Sarah Ann, née Armitage
Mercier, Anne Marie, née Plevin
Meredith, Lucinda, née Sim
Messervy, Ann Fanny
Messervy, Elizabeth Sophia, née Le Sueur
Messervy, George
Messervy, Henry
Messervy, Jane Mary, née Amy
Messervy, Philip
Metherell, William
Metivier, Edith Harriet
Miall, Jane, née Le Boutillier
Midgley, John Richard
Mignot, Jean Marie
Miles, Eliza, née Miles
Miles, Louisa, née Godel
Milgrove, Henry
Miller, Susanne, née Le Vesconte
Milne, Helen Pope, née Milman
Milne, William Henry
Milon, Charles Marie
Milon, Philomene, née Tynevé
Mitchell, Henrietta Anna, née Nicolle
Mitchell, Henry George
Moignard, Clement
Moignard, Susan Eleanor, née Gosselin
Mollet, Jane, née Pinel
Mollet, Sophie Jane, née Warren
Molliere, Charles Aimé
Monet, Rachel, née Neel
Monsec, Berthe Ada
Moody, Winifred Louisa
Moon, Florence Helena
Moore, Joan Sybil
Morcel, Joseph John
Morel, Lucien Albert Marie
Morel, Marie Louise
Morel, Rene Lucien
Morgan, Susan Warren, née Hurley
Morin, Louis François Pierre
Morris, Cécile Emily
Morris, Sarah, née Bickett
Morvan, Ollivier
Moses, Charles
Moss, Jane Emma
Moss, Mary Ann
Moss, Matilda, née English
Mourant, Elias
Mourant, Elise Torode, née Touzel
Mourant, Francis
Mourant, George
Mourant, Harriet Susan, née de La Haye
Mourant, Jane Elizabeth, née Bisson
Mourant, John
Mourant, Olive
Mourant, Philip
Mourant, Sarah Mary, née Mourant
Moyse, Reginald John
Muelenz, Gunther Ernest Ludwig
Mulock, John Henry
Mutton, Philip Thomas
Neville, Clarence George
Newman, Arthur Herbert
Newman, Charles
Newman, Charles
Newman, Eliza Maria, née West
Newman, Mary Ann, née Le Gresley
Newman, Thomas George
Nicholson, Isaiah Birt
Nicolle, Amy Jane, née Collas
Nicolle, Charles
Nicolle, Elizabeth
Nicolle, Henrietta, née Furzer
Nicolle, John Edward
Nicolle, Lennard Stanley
Nicolle, Mary Ann Jane
Noel, Ann Susan, née Minchinton
Minchinton, Ann Susan
Noel, Donald
Noel, Edward
Noel, Edward Charles
Noel, Eliza Jane, née Arthur
Arthur, Eliza Jane
Noel, Elizabeth Ann, née Boreham
Noel, Elizabeth Jane, née Kingston
Boreham, Elizabeth Ann
Kingston, Elizabeth Jane
Noel, Jeanne, née Beaugie
Beaugié, Jeanne
Noel, Josué
Noel, Mary Ann, née Gallichan
Gallichan, Mary Ann
Noel, Sophie, née Blampied
Blampied, Sophie
Norman, Elizabeth Jane, née Nicholson
Norman, Lily Maud
Norris, Sarah, née Hansford
Nortier, Paul Julien
Nudds, William John
Nunan, Edmund Victor
Nutbeem, George William
Odell, Violet
Oldknow, Alfred
Oldridge, Albert
Oldridge, Edwin
Oldridge, Henry John
Oldridge, Jeanne, née Le Sueur
Olivier, Pierre
Olley, Isaac
Ollivier, Elizabeth, née Le Feuvre
Orange, Walter
Ordinaire, Pauline, née Migard
Orhand, Marie Ange, née Malenfant
O'Rourke, Amelia Margaret
Orsato, Jane, née Germain
Orton, Harry
Ouram, Elizabeth
Ozouf, John Peter
Pallot, Abraham
Pallot, Arthur
Pallot, Caroline Jane
Pallot, Charles
Pallot, Eliza, née Henry
Pallot, Elizabeth, née Hamon
Hamon, Elizabeth
Pallot, John George
Pallot, Josue Quéree
Pallot, Mary Ann, née Laffoley
Pallot, Nancy, née Le Gros
Pallot, Violet Mary
Palmer, Ellen, née Cheney
Palmer, Stephen Henry
Parbury, Lettice Sylvia
Parker, Ellen Charity, née Pooley
Parker, Leonard George
Parker, Leonora Mabel
Parker, Reginald Bertie
Parlett, Eliza, née Malzard
Parsons, George William
Parsons, William Philip
Partridge, William A M
Pascoe, Mary Ann, née Le Gros
Pascow, Mary Ann, née Le Gros
Le Gros, Mary Ann
Pashley, Robert
Patch, Ann Mary, née Pickett
Patch, Caroline, née Churchill
Paturel, Paul Joseph
Paul, Clement
Pay, Lucy Mary, née Bradley
Payn, John
Payn, Sophie, née Allez
Payne, John Charles
Pearce, James Richard
Pellem, Pierre Yves Marie
Pelletier, Eugène Jean
Pellow, John
Pensom, Mary Ann, née Champion
Pepprell, Florence, née Horman
Perchard, Charles
Perchard, Edwin Charles
Perchard, Elise, née Gallichan
Gallichan, Elise
Perchard, Jane Elizabeth
Perée, Mary Ann, née Ahier
Peren, Robert Henry
Perrenoud, Laura Victoria
Pérrenoud, Victor Jean Baptiste
Perring, John Smith
Perrot, Clement John
Petit, Peter Frs
Phillips, Mary
Picoron, Jean Charles
Picot, Alice Jane, née Mourant
Picot, Ann Mary
Picot, Elizabeth
Picot, Francis William
Picot, Gladys Ann Violet, née Picot
Picot, James
Picot, Joshua
Picot, Josué
Picot, Olive
Picot, Philip John
Picquet, John
Pierce, Kathleen Mary
Pigeon, François Jean
Pigeon, Jane Elizabeth, née Gallichan
Pigeon, John
Pihan, Victor Jean
Pike, Elizabeth
Pike, Julia
Pike, Samuel Francis
Pinel, Mary Ann, née Luce
Pipet, Marie, née Bourgaize
Pirouet, Alice, née Vibert
Vibert, Alice
Pirouet, Charles Geffrard
Pirouet, Jane
Pitel, Victor Maurice
Planque, Margaret, née Turner
Poidevin, Laura
Poignand, Guilleaume Zacharie
Poingdestre, Ellen Richardson
Poingdestre, Mary Ann Jane
Poingdestre-Gerrard, Gladys Mary
Poirier, Thomas Francis
Pollitt, Hilda
Pool, James
Porter, William
Potter, Joseph Saphire
Poulain, Armand Constant
Power, Madeleine May
Power, Margaret, née Cooney
Preston, Henry
Price, Samuel
Prigent, Francis
Prigg, Catherine, née Martin
Prigg, Catherine Mary, née Tregear
Prigg, John
Pritchard, Mary Jane
Pritchard, Raymond Vidal Loft
Proper, Philip Charles
Pugsley, Ethel Maud
Pullen, Alice Clara, née Hopkins
Pullen, Mona Joyce
Quedard, Noélie Mathurine, née Audrain
Queddeville, Aline Helen
Queddeville, Marie Rose, née Richeux
Quedeville, Arsene
Quentin, Suzanne Marthe
Queree, Julia, née Turner
Querée, Elise Marguerite
Querée, Eliza Jane
Querée, Hervé
Quérée, Ada Mary
Quintard, François
Rabasse, Clemence Désirée Felicitée, née des Chateaux
Rabasse, Pierre Francois
Rafferty, Maud Mary
Raffrey, Elizabeth
Rattenbury, Walter Millar
Rault, Guilleaume Marie
Rault, Victor Felix
Rawson, Anna Maria
Rebillard, Pierre Marie
Redfren, Nancy, née Nolais
Reed, Ann Victoria, née Lempriere
Reed, George
Reed, Josephine Marie, née Thomas
Reed, Thomas
Reid, Thomas
Remy, Emma Jane, née Collings
Renault, Jeanne
Renée, Percy Daniel
Renouf, Albina, née Touzel
Renouf, Alfred William
Renouf, Alice Knott, née Paye
Renouf, Ann Victoria, née Gavey
Renouf, Arthur George
Renouf, Charles George
Renouf, Charles Philip
Renouf, Clement Charles
Renouf, Cyril Francis
Renouf, Dorothy Maud
Renouf, Edward
Renouf, Eliza, née Le Vesconte
Le Vesconte, Eliza
Renouf, Elizabeth
Renouf, Emily Frances
Renouf, Esmée Della
Renouf, Henry Thomas
Renouf, Jane, née Arthur
Arthur, Jane
Renouf, Jane Elizabeth, née Marett
Renouf, Jean
Renouf, Julia Jane, née Noel
Renouf, Marguerite, née Hotton
Renouf, Maria Sophia, née Benest
Renouf, Mary Ann, née De La Haye
Renouf, Mary Ann
Renouf, Philip George
Renouf, Philippe
Renouf, William Henry Journeaux
Renow de Ballon, Jeanne Marie Louise, née Delos
Repper, Jeanne Emily Selina, née Le Tourneur
Rerdon, Elizabeth, née Baker
Revoyre, Jeanne Rose
Ribis, John Edmond
Ribis, Justine A, née Menuret
Richardson, Ada, née Giffard
Richardson, Caroline Ridgeway, née Johnson
Richardson, Julie
Richardson, Lilian May
Richens, Ellen
Ricou, Maria Catherine
Ridgway, Anna Chase, née Kelly
Ridout, Florence Rachel
Ridout, Matilda, née Ahier
Rioux, Anne Marie, née Lemoi
Rising, Eleanor Harriet Anne
Rive, Charlotte, née Trachy
Rive, Edwin
Rive, Ellen, née Barrett
Rive, Henry Thomas
Rive, Susan, née Bichard
Rive, Thomas
Rive, Walter Thomas
Rivers, Christina Ada
Robert, Adolphus Charles
Robert, Philip
Robert, Rosa Edwina Jane, née de Ste Croix
Roberts, Edith Violet
Robins, Louisa Anne
Robinson, Doris Ada
Robinson, Ellen, née Kilvinton
Robinson, Jane, née Carrel
Robinson, Thomas William
Robinson, William Lewis
Roden, Louisa Carterette, née Dumaresq
Rogers, Annie
Rogers, James
Rogers, John
Rogers, Susannah, née Champion
Roissier, Francis Philip
Roissier, Jane Edmonds, née Esnouf
Rolland, Francois Philippe
Rolland, John Oliver
Rolland, John Olivier
Rolland, Victor Edouard
Romeril, Ann, née Vaudin
Romeril, Georgina, née Osborne
Romeril, Mary Ann, née Deslandes
Deslandes, Mary Ann
Rondel, Edmund John
Root, Ann, née Le Sueur
Rose, George Charles
Rose, Mary Eliza
Ross, Mabel
Roudillon, Andre Charles Marie
Roudot, Jean Marie
Rouland, Marie Francoise, née Soyer
Roussel, Marie, née Le Hello
Rouxin, Jean Baptiste
Rowan, Jane, née Le Noble
Rowe, Henry
Rowe, Jane, née Laurens
Laurens, Jane
Rowe, Mary, née Johnson
Rowe, William
Rowland, Henrietta, née Blackmore
Roy, George
Rumsey, John Henry
Ryan, Elizabeth, née Belford
Ryan, Elizabeth Gertrude, née Belford
Ryan, John Richard
Ryan, Michael
Saillant, Victor Emile Marie
Salter, Charles
Sampson, Matilda, née Whale
Samson, Arthur Joseph
Samson, Mary Ann, née Baldwin
Sarchet, Jane, née Huard
Sarre, Louisa Rachel, née Le Vavasseur dit Durell
Sarre, Pierre
Saunders, James
Saunders, Jane Elizabeth, née Fowler
Saunders, Thomas Joseph
Sawyer, Winifred May
Sayer, Clementine Gladys
S'bire, Isabella Frances, née Fowler
Scarborough, Charles Henry
Scelle, Adèle
Scriven, Mary Emma, née Tuckett
Scriven, William
Seath, Alexander John
Seigneuret, Rachel, née Alexandre
Shambrook, Henry
Shambrook, Nancy, née Gallie
Sharnbrook, Mary Jane
Shaw, Alfred Abraham
Sheridan, Ellen
Shuckburgh, Charles James
Silvester, Louisa
Simmons, Arthur Henry
Simon, Marie Anne Cosnard
Simons, Sophia, née de Carteret
Simpson, John Norman
Sims, Thomas
Single, Charles Henry
Single, Edwin Arthur
Single, Harriet, Hickman
Single, Louisa Mary, née Laurens
Skelton, Isabella Esther, née Robinson
Sleep, John
Sleep, Mary Ann, née Hepburn
Smith, Alice Rosamund
Smith, Irvin John
Smith, Robert
Smith, Sophia, née Ahier
Smith, William
Smith, William James
Snellgrove, Julia, née Morris
Sohier, Henriette, née Pinel
Soper, Thomas
Sormany, Amédée
Spalding, Andrew
Sparkes, Charles Brohier
Sparkes, George Board
Spenceley, Ernest
Stahl, William Ferdinand Hermann
Stanbury, Alfred Edward
Starck, Edith Annie
Starck, Elie
Starck, John
Starck, Mary Ann Jane, née Binet
Starck, Philippe Mauger
Stear, Harriet, née Rouget
Stedman, Rhoda
Steele, Renée Elizabeth
Stevens, Juliet, née Ereaux
Stieger, Espasie Jeanne Marie Françoise, née Le Herissier
Stone, John Thomas
Stonelake, Charlotte Elizabeth, née Labey
Stoodley, Cordelia Annie Amelia
Stoodley, William Henry
Strange, Gertrude Lilian, née Marquis
Strange, Lilian Gertrude
Stranger, Philip
Sty, George Jules
Sullivan, John Francis
Sullivan, Mary, née Le Cras
Surcouf, Susan Noel, née Cabot
Suret, Philip John
Syborn, Thomas Phillip
Sylvester, Frederick Charles
Syvret, Herbert
Syvret, Mary Louisa, née Le Messurier
Tallec, Pierre
Tanguy, Louis Marie Charles
Taquet, Marie Antoinette, née Laugeois
Taylor, Ann, née Penney
Taylor, Henry
Taylor, William
Tebb, Jack
Tebb, William
Terry, Harriet Margaret, née Renoug
Tessier, John
Thaine, Robert
Thatcher, Elizabeth, née Cooke
Théon, Miriam Lin, née Woodroff
Thérese, Jean Francois
Théresse, Albert Louis Auguste
Therin, Alfred
Thomas, Alfred Stapleton Allix
Thomas, Elsie Evelyn
Thómas, Emma, née Renouf
Thompson, Joseph Frederick
Thorelle, Eugéne
Thorne, Robert Samuel
Tirel, Léon Emile
Tirel, Pierre
Tisson, Lydia Elizabeth, née Abraham
Tobin, Mary, née Walsh
Tocque, Elsie Gertrude
Tondu, Francois Alexis
Tonkin, Frances Mary, née Mallard
Torode, Iris
Torpy, William
Touzel, Ann, née Anthoine
Touzel, Charles George
Touzel, Christiana
Touzel, Francis John
Touzel, Huram
Touzel, Mary Fixott, née Pike
Trachy, George Alphonse
Trachy, Laurence Alexander
Travers, Rosalie, née Ondumer
Tredant, Louisa
Trehen, Ann Elizabeth, née Colback
Trehen, Elizabeth Grace, née Dockett
Trehen, Frederick
Trewartha, Martha
Trianon, John
Troalic, Emelie Francoise, née Quinquenel
Troy, Edward John
Tuck, Arabella
Tulloch, Arthur
Turner, Blanche Emily, née Kemish
Turner, Florence, née Sullivan
Turner, Henry Ernest
Turner, Henry John
Vale, Patrick
Vallois, Frank Laurens
Valpy, Ann
Valpy, Edouard Elie
Valpy, George Clement
Valpy, John
Vann, Edith Gwendoline
Vardon, Dorothy Florence
Vardon, George James
Vardon, Philip George
Varin, Jean Francois
Varin, Susan Ann, née Picot
Varney, William Oude
Vaudin, William Lyndon Venmore
Vautier, May Gladys
Vennement, Thomas John Nelson
Verou, Rose Augustine, née d'Orleans
Verron, Peter
Vetier, Clara, née Mahier
Vibert, Philip
Viel, Nancy, née Blampied
Blampied, Nancy
Vilton, Philip
Vincent, Esther Elizabeth, née Kelling
Vincent, Hélier
Vinson, Charles Guilleaume
Vivian, Anne Jeanne
Vivian, Mary Ann
Vizard, William George
Voisin, Eugenie Ange, née Novert
Wadsworth, John
Waite, John
Wakeham, William Henry
Walden, Mary
Walker, Ann Coutanche, née Pryor
Walker, Jane Iris
Wallace, Winifred Mabel Ann
Wallbridge, Gladys Eva Maria
Wallis, George
Walmesley, Alice Mary, née Jeune
Walmesley, Harry William
Warr, Thomas
Warren, Alfred Charles
Warren, Elizabeth Jane, née Hingston
Warren, Harriet Jane, née Romeril
Warren, John
Warren, William
Watts, Sybil Evelyn Lucy
Wavell, Ernest Frederick
Weary, John
Weay, Frederick Thomas
Weay, Thomas
Webb, Henry Nicholas
Webb, James
Webb, James Francis
Webber, Adeline Bosdel, née Le Roy
Webber, Byron
Webber, Sarah Ann
Welch, Alice Elda Lilian
Wellman, Florence Teresa, née Edgar
West, Henry James Rodger
Weston, Eliza Margaret
Wetherall, Edwin
Whaits, Anna Harriet, née Cox
Wheeler, Greta Mary
Wheeler, Henry Eli
Whelan, Mary, née Ryan
Wherry, Charles
Wherry, Robert Leonard
White, Annie, née Wakeham
White, Mary Jane, née Bluett
Whitel, Henry Thomas
Whitley, Caroline, née Buesnel
Whittle, Tom Augustus
Williams, Ann, née Bates
Willmett, Rita Phyllis
Wilson, Anthony
Wilson, George Silvester
Wilson, James Henry
Wilson, Mary Ann, née Wood
Wilson, Thomas
Wiltshire, Emily, née Doidge
Wiltshire, Henry
Witts, Olive Daisy
Wood, William Courtenay
Woods, Theodore
Woodsford, Madeline Lilian
Woodsford, Sarah Ann, née Donaldson
Wulff, Jane Dora
Wulff, Jane Mary, née Ereaux
Young, Elizabeth, née Moxey
Churchill, Caroline
Le Feuvre, Elizabeth
Vibert, Jane
Pallot, Jeanneton
Bisson, Jane Elizabeth
Gruchy, Rachel
Keywords funeral directors | funeral registers | Funerals | undertakers | Burials
Category L/A-Businesses
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation purposes - please use the PDF copies instead.
Closed until 2100


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Croad and Sons Funeral Director -Livre de Remarques [Indexed]. Includes burial number, name of person buried, relatives, age, date of death, address, date and place of burial.To find the name you are interested in please look at the index and then open the pdf with the relevant entry number.


A digital image is available to view online or this item is closed because it is exempt from public access under the Freedom of Information Law. If you would like to make a request please email us.