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P J Conery, Funeral Director. Accounts Ledgers - includes details of the person being buried, place of burial, the name of the person paying for the funeral and the funeral expenses. To find the name you are interested in please click on the PDF index document, find the name and the funeral date, then open the PDF that covers the relevant date range.

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Reference L/A/41/E1/12
Date 3 February 1953 - 22 April 1956
Names Conery, P J
Ahearn, Daniel Arthur
Ahearn, Blanche Amelia, nee Simmons
Ashcroft, Thomas Baker
Attenborough, Gabrielle du Mesnil, nee Hayart
Birch, Francis Gabriel
Buckley, Thomas
Buckley, Mary Ann
Campbell, Rebecca Craigie, nee Gunn
Carer, Marguerite
Clark, Kathleen Louise, nee Reynolds
Cocher, Anne Marie
Cronin, Denis
Crowley, John Francis
Daly, Daniel
Dreux, Virginie Eugenie
Ewens, George Leonard
Gaskell, Sydney Harris
Gould, Agnes Rose, nee Hall
Guyoncourt, Joseph Louis
Harper, William Charles
Harper, Marie Ann
Hayn, Stephen John
Healey, Harold Maurice
Honeycombe, Elsie Ellen, nee de la Mare
Hughes, Dorothy Muriel, nee Burden
Johnston, Marion, nee Jamieson
Jones, Sheelagh Doreen Elizabeth Deirdre
Le Chasseur, Philip George Francis
Le Guyader, Joseph Marie
Le Riche, John Valentine
Luce, Paul Louis Jean Batiste
McFadden, Patrick
Moignard, Mary Jane, nee Huelin
Montana, Alexander
Morin, Ellen Mary, nee Chaffe
Nolais, Peter Louis Daniel
Potigny, Tranquille Paul
Quintaire, Bernard Charles
Renouf, Margaret Agnes, nee Carey
Sampson, Henry William
Shearer, David John
Smith, Francis William
Sohier, Florence Hope, nee Kellaway
Thomas, Mary, nee Gallagher
Turner, Joseph William
Verini, Alton, nee Telford
Adams, Arthur
Adams, Marie Victoria, née Rebel
Ahearne, Joanna
Ahearne, Margaret
Andrews, Jenifer Elizabeth
Arbuthnot, Florence Annie, née Jones
Atkinson, Florence, née Newton
Aubert, Maurice Samson
Barker, Emily Caroline, née Bailey
Barnes, Alice
Beaudouin, Paul Fleurimond
Bedfert, Helen Margaret, née Wilkins
Bellego, Eleonore Anne, née Hamon
Bennett, James
Besnard, Jeanne, née Rogan
Beuzeval, Albert Eugene
Bidan, Francois Jean
Biddle, Gladys Ada
Bradley, Thomas
Bretel, Augustine Marie, née Simon
Bretel, Marguerite Marie
Buckmaster, Sidney James
Byrne, Patrick Pius
Carre, Anne, née Herbert
Cartwright, Henry
Cassley, Annie
Chandler, Frank Duncan
Chimier, Marie Eugenie, née Barthe
Clozier, Marie Henriette, née Mahaut
Connor, John
Cooper, Samuel
Corbin, Harriet
Coutanche, Anne Denise
Coutanche, Lilian Maud, née Le Gros
Crees, Mary Louise, née Harris
Crézé, Sidney John Francis
Crowley, Zaide Mary
Cullinane, Kate, née Ryan
Dargan, Patrick Arthur
Davies, Arthur Alfred
de Caux, Clementine Berthe Augustine, née Le Breuilly
Derrien, Marie Francine, née Le Pape
Dorius, Jeanne Charlotte
Drouin, Emily, née Battrick
Du Feu, Anne Marie, née Ruelland
Etienne, Josephine Jeanne Marie, née Bienvenu
Evans, Thomas Charles
Eyston, Charles John
Faucon, Emile George
Ferey, Jean Auguste Leopold
Fitzgerald, Anne
Fosse, Pierre Francois
Fraydon, Albert Louis
Gaine, Patricia Jude
Goodman, William Arthur
Gouedard, Elizabeth Cynthia
Gray, Louisa Florence, née Blanchard
Gray, Louisa, née Lambert
Greenwood, Marguerite Helene, née Juste
Greier, Helen Lucy, née Peace
Guernier, Louise Augustine, née Bion
Hamon, Margaret Theresa
Hannam, Edwin Walter
Henry, Maria, née Le Sage
Hervieu, George Alfred
Hingston, Frederick James
Hopkins, Lily Clara Ann, née Tibbles
Howie, Susan Lesley
Huet, Joseph Marie
Illien, Heloise Julienne Augustine, née Louis
Jeanne, Adolph Alfred Bienaime
Jeanne, Albert Auguste
Kelly, Arthur William
King, Wilhelmina
Kinnard, William Henry
Knolles, Edith Louisa Le Champion
Lageat, Anne Marie, née Mignot
Lalor, Germaine
Latter, Herbert William
Laurens, John William
Laurent, René Alfred
Le Ber, Infant
Le Breuilly, Jeanne Marie, née Bellee
Le Calvez, Mary Monica, née White
Le Chasseur, Philip
Le Conte, Anna Henriette
Le Cornu, Edith Jane
Le Cornu, Elsie May
Le Cuirot, Henry James
Le Dain, Annie, née Ainsley
Le Fevre, Alfred Charles
Le Fondre, Angeline Emelie Francoise, née Le Capon
Le Galle, Louise Marie Elizabeth, née Mahy
Le Leizour, Marie, née Le Gall
Le Lere, Marguerite Jeanne, née Geofroy
Le Masurier, John George Hammond
Le Monnier, Julia Mary, née Tibot
Le Rue, John Andrew
Le Saux, Pierre Marie
Le Seelleur, Gladys Irene Blanche
Le Var, Raymond Louis
Le Vey, Jeanne Marie, née Lancien
Le Voguer, Pierre Marie
Ledo, Joseph Léon
Ledo, Louis Constant
Leprevost, Marie Louise, née Leruez
Lewis, Frederick Henry
Macdonald, Anne Jane
Marinel, Eugene
Martin, Charles
Martin, Margaret Frances, née Le Jeune
McDermott, Infant
Meagher, Jack
Medder, George Leonard
Mills, Richard William
Moignard, Edward Francis Vibert
Morcel, Edwin Albert
Mortimer, Frederick William
Murphy, Anne
Nicolle, John Le Ruez
O'Brien, William Terence
O'Flanagan, Catherine
O'Flanagan, Lena
Ordish, Anna Josephine, née Routier
Pain, Henry Mesney John
Pallot, Philip Charles
Pearce, Charles Albert
Perchard, Philip Charles
Perchard, Philip Edward
Petra, John Alfred
Ricordeau, Louise Cecile, née Novert
Rivoallan, Marie Jeanne, née Therezien
Rogers, Mabel Louisa, née Finch
Romeril, Martha Mary, née Coom
Rondel, Desiree
Ropars, Marie Louise, née Le Dren
Russell, Gladys Kathleen, née Morin
Ryan, Edward James
Simonne, Eliza Maria A
Sinclair, Grace Lilian, née Wilson
Sorel, Francis Peter
Sormany, Charles Amedee
Sormany, Jane, née Stoodley
Stafford, Stanley Anthony Bruckshaw
Statt, Albert Edward
Stevens, Julia May, née Peace
Strang, Ethel Maud, née Gosling
Sullivan, Patrick
Symons, Elizabeth Julia, née Husband
Symons, Walter
Tank, Ernest James
Terry, Joseph William
Therin, Pierre Marie Francois
Thomas, Azelia Augustine, née Paisnel
Thomas, Frederick Ernest Manning
Thomas, Mabel Ann Violet, née Le Cornu
Thorpe, Marie Teresa
Tibot, James Walter
Trauffer, Betty John, née Pennison
Trigg, Ida Eva
Troy, Robin
Troy, Sally Ann
Turquet, David Eugene
Vezier, Pierre Joseph
Villalard, Edward John
Walsh, Edward
Webb, Bridget, née Troy
Whitaker, Percy
Whitfield, Edith Emily, née Dingley
Wickham, Martin
Willmett, Ellen, née Fitzgerald
Wilson, Harriet, née Gough
Woods, John Patrick
Keywords funeral directors | funeral registers | Funerals | Accounts | undertakers | Burials
Category L/A-Businesses
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Unusable - Closed for preservation purposes - please use the PDF copies instead.
Closed until 2100


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P J Conery, Funeral Director. Accounts Ledgers - includes details of the person being buried, place of burial, the name of the person paying for the funeral and the funeral expenses. To find the name you are interested in please click on the PDF index document, find the name and the funeral date, then open the PDF that covers the relevant date range.


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