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A A Pitcher Funeral Director Accounts Ledgers - includes name, age and address of the person being buried, place of burial, the name of the person paying for the funeral and the funeral expenses. Please note the volume has been indexed by name of deceased only. To find the name you are interested in please click on the PDF Index document to find the name and then open the PDF with the relevant page/entry number.

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Reference L/A/41/F1/4
Date 21 December 1960 - 15 April 1966
Names A A Pitcher Limited
Abbot-Young, Edric Charles
Abraham, Albert Charles
Adams, James
Ahier, Nicolas Glenn
Ahier, William Edward
Aicardi, Giovanni
Airey, Christine Matilda, née Bonniface
Allenet, Nigel Nelson
Allo, Alfred Alec
Allo, Infant
Angell, Dorothy May, née Jocelyn
Anthony, Florence, née Le Gros
Aster, Evelyn Lydia Jane, née Ogier
Atack, Paul John
Atherton, Margaret Sanderson, née Mair
Aubert, Cecilia Emily
Aubin, Harold Edward
Baal, Amy Elizabeth, née Mollet
Baal, Herbert John
Bailey, Sidney Charles
Baker, Thomas Henry
Banton, Charlotte, née Young
Barney, Raymond Henry
Barrett, Caroline, née Northwood
Barrett, Robert Louis
Bateman, Fred
Baudains, Arthur Thomas Claude
Bayes, Mary Ann, née Bull
Beckford, Cindy Lou
Béghin, Louis Charles
Begley, John Patrick
Bendell, Olive May, née Petra
Benest, Alice Jane, née Jeune
Bent, Esme Tierney Amy, née Thomas
Berezai, Eugene Nicholas
Bettell, Peter James
Beuzeval, Rosa Anne Elizabeth, née Le Bris
Biddlecombe, Leslie Bernard
Biles, Elizabeth Marett, née Le Cocq
Binnington, Richard
Bisson, Edwin Sutton
Blackmore, Helene Lucy, née Hubert
Blake, Alfred George
Blampied, Adelaide Mary
Blampied, Clinton Philip
Blandin, Bernard James
Boa, Ivy, née Skillington
Bolitho, Richard John Bruce
Bonhomme, Robert
Borny, Maria Clemence, née Tirel
Boudot, Francois Marie
Bower, Leonard
Brabec, Franz
Bradbeer, Wilfred George
Brasford, Mabel Gertrude, née Taroni
Bready, Norman
Bree, Lizzie Maud, née Boullier
Breuilly, George Courtman
Briard, Florence Mary, née Le Brun
Brown, Thomas William
Brown, Cyril Arthur
Buesnel, William John
Buxton, Edward Percy
Caine, Stella Frances
Campbell-Clarke, Cecil
Carr, Nora, née McLoughlin
Carrier, William Sebastian
Carrol, Infant
Carter, Frederick Reginald
Carter, Arthur James
Carter, Louise Emily, née Bertram
Carter, Edmond
Casey, Maurice
Casey, Joyce Florence, née Ferrand
Catchpole, Mary Ann, née Baines
Catney, Sean James
Cauvain, Alfred Henry John
Chalker, Eleanor Winifred Daisy, née Tiltman
Challoner, Arthur
Chapman, Ellen Louise, née Bradford
Chappell, Ronald James
Cholin, Rene Roger Gaston
Cholin, Jeanne
Clarke, Madge irene, née Stewart
Clarke, John Hermon
Clayden, Doreen Grace, née Girard
Clifford, Ruth Elizabeth, née Grant
Cocking, Muriel, née Hewitt
Colley, Helene Maud, née Harden
Colley, Robert Harden
Collins, James Thomas
Colquhoun, Jane Kerr
Conery, Patrick John
Congreve, Phillida Mary, née O'Gowan Wanless
Conway, Grace
Cook, Beatrice Levada Muriel, née Tindall
Cooper, Elsie Maud, née Sweeney
Corbin, Arthur Edward
Corcoran, Elsie, née Newell
Cordial, William Sidney
Cornish, Alfred Thomas
Cornish, Louisa Jeanne, née Syvret
Cornwall, Horace
Coster, Index
Coutanche, Harriet louisa Mathilda
Coutanche, Albina Carolina Mary
Cowley, Charles
Crow, Charles William
Cullinane, Bryan William
Cummings, Thomas
Da Grato, Angelo
Da Silva, Joas Teixeira
D'Allain, Ann, née de Gruchy
d'Authreau, Frederick Powell
d'Authreau, Adele Elizabeth
Davis, Harold
de Carteret, Michael David Allez
de Gruchy, John Clarke
de la Cour, James Alfred
de la Cour, Geoffrey Gallard
de la Croix, Edwin John
de la Haye, Marion Alberta
de la Haye, Herbert Alfred
de la Haye, Stephen Terence
de Quincey, May, née Hartley
de Ste Croix, Sydney Garnet
De Ste Croix, Arthur Edward
de Ste Croix, Florence Bertha, née Haydon
Dene, Maud, née Woods
Dickson, Thomas William
Drelaud, Elsie May, née Blampied
Blampied, Elsie May
Drew, Maurice Henry
du Feu, Philip
du Feu, Mabel , née Fenton
du Val, Emily Sophia, née Blampied
Blampied, Emily Sophia
Dubras, Leontine Louise, née Le Maitre
Dunn, John Edward
Dupre, Alice Isabella, née Sheppherd
Edmondson, Mary Ellen, née Whalles
Edwards, Rhoda Mary Enid, née Puddicombe
Egré, Florrie Myra, née Blampied
Elliott, Amos
Ellis, Percy Woodford
Fairbanks, Alice, née Turner
Falle, Dorothy Marie, née Le Vallon
Faramus, Hedley Francois Maturine
Farryon, Emily, née Boutems
Faulkner, William
Fearon, Ada Forster, née Elliott
Fenten, Violet May, née Renouf
Renouf, Violet May
Filippin, Italo
Filsell, Michael Francis
Fisher, Ernest Frank
Fitch, Alwyn Horace
Fitzgerald, Edward
Fitzgerald, Robert Geoffrey
FitzPatrick, Marguerite Myrtle, née Allies
Flambard, Ada Florence, née Histead
Flaws, Leslie Rayner
Forgeard, John Francis
Forlani, Adriano
Forryan, John Robert
Fortun, Vincent Arthur
Francis, Ernest
Fraser, James Mackenzie
Fraser, Doris Jane, née Douglas
Fraser, James Mackenzie
Fraser, Doris Jane, née Douglas
Freeman, Mabel Ada, née Boniface
Freeman, Alfred Basil
Fry, Rosina Isobel, née Dennis
Fuhrmann, Irmgard Emma Anna
Fuller, Jane Doris, née Murdoch
Gaine, Maria Ann
Gale, Charles Frederick
Gallichan, Alfred George
Gallie, Charlotte, née Tostevin
Gallie, Ethel Rose, née Day
Gaudin, Gertrude Florence
Gautier, Marie, née La Fosse
Geary, Arthur Clarence
Geary, Henry Charles
Gibson, George Mourard
Giffard, Margaret Linton, née Hind
Gilmore, Leonard
Gleeson, Margaret
Gormley, John
Gosling, Emma Jane, née Jeune
Gotel, Yves Marie
Gould, Mary Jane, née Fennessey
Gray, Mary Ann, née Parker
Gray, Stanley Johnson
Greene, Vera Marjorie, née Green
Greene, Thomas Joseph
Greenway, Howard Christopher Clark
Grenelli, Luigi
Grieve, Eleanor Mary
Griffin, Charles Edward
Griffin, Ellen Cecilia
Grimshaw, Albert Ernest
Guest, Henry Victor
Guignier, Roland Auguste
Guille, Armandine Emma Evangeline, née Le Breton
Guy, Annie Emma, née Heath
Halden, Winnie, née Pickin
Hall, William Alfred
Hallam, Ross Dudley
Hallam, Evelyn Barbara
Hammond, Albert Ernest George
Hannaford, Percival Thomas
Harben, Raymond Sylvester
Harben, Raymond Leopold Duncan
Hardey, Eunice Ann, née Querée
Harding, James Henry
Hardy, Thomas James
Harris, John Muir
Harrison, Winifred Mabel, née Bowles
Hart, George Herbert
Hartopp, Stanley Frederick
Heath, Margaret Winnie, née Bennett
Heppenstall, Christopher
Hilton, John Aston
Hodgskin, Thomas Edward
Holland, George Reginald
Holland, Derek
Holland, Jean, née Mann
Holloway, Harry
Honey, John Henry Wyatt
Hopper, James Henry
Horman, Walter Charles
Horsfall, Florence Helen Gertrude, née Hodgeson
Hotton, Clarence
Howarth, Ellen, née McFarleane
Howe, Ernest
Howe, Edith, née Buxton
Huchet, Pierre Ernest
Hudson, George William
Huet, Paula Margaret
Hughes, Vivian Arthur
Hughes, Leslie
Hughes, Stanley Adamson
Humphreys, Samuel Lawrence
Hunt, Margaret Constance, née Low
Husband, Hannah
Hutchings, Jessie, née Carter
Ingram, Jeanne Julie, née Doublet
Jackson, Marie Helene, née Beghin
Jackson, Elizabeth Anne
James, Patricia Mary, née Lawrence
Jennings, Louis Bontems
Johnson, Laura Lilian, née Comboué
Jolley, Arthur
Jones, Catherine Evans, née Bennett
Journeaux, Raymond
Joyner, Elsie Emma, née Perkins
Julien, Franc Odilia
Kemble, Infant
Kensole, William Douglas
Kent, Christine Marie, née Le Clercq
Kent, Joseph Philip
Kerley, John Charles
Kermarec, Alice, née Nicolas
Kerry, Theodora Violet, née Haines
King, Edith lilian, née Bisson
King, Michelle Andre
Knight, Hilda Florence, née Aubert
Knowles, Wilfred Loy
Lane, Timothy
Lane, Maurice William
Lane, Blodwen, née Brooks
Langham, William George
Last, Francine Marie Jose, née Genoud
Laurens, Francis Walter
Lawrence, Infant
Le Behan, John Baptiste
Le Breton, Adrian Hector
Le Breton, Elaine Jane, née Cabot
Le Breton, Lydia Elizabeth, née Le Monnier
Le Brocq, Edward John
Le Brun, Alec
Le Brun, Frederick Alexander
Le Calvez, Francis Gabriel
Le Cocq, Maria Louisa Appeline
Le Cornu, Philip Richard
Le Feuvre, Louisa
Le Feuvre, John
Le Feuvre, Emma Jane, née Le Brocq
Le Brocq, Emma Jane
Le Folhic, Albert Joseph
Le Geyt, Elsie Maud, née Freeman
Le Goubin, Alfred George
Le Gros, Norman
Le Lerre, Josephine, née Le Moal
Le Liard, Lilian Mary, née Gouyette
Le Liard, George Noel
Le Liard, Emma Elizabeth, née Pritchard
Le Moignan, Emma Annie, née Donoghue
Le Monnier, John Edward
Le Monnier, Francis Alfred
Le Neveu, Alice Germaine, née Du Pays
Le Neveu, Edward James
Le Pleurian, John Joseph
Le Plongeon, Joseph Albert
Le Riche, Mary Elizabeth, née Le Sueur
Le Riche, Louisa Ann, née Aubert
Le Rossignol, Sydney John
Le Rossignol, Marguerite Emma
Le Rossignol, Millicent, née Marett
Le Sauteur, Arthur John
Le Seelleur, Alfred Walter James
Le Seelleur, John Allez
Le Veller, Joseph Marie
Le Vesconte, Florence Elvina Henrietta, née Voisin
Lebacle, Blanche Augustine, née L'Homme
Lebacle, Pierre Marie
Legg, Alfred Charles
Lewis, Alfred Barrett
Lightbody, William Arthur
Lihou, Maud Gladys, Chevalier
Lines, Edith Alice, née Doran
Liron, Charles Thomas Henri
Little, Lillie Annie, née White
Little, Cecile Marie, née Jezequel
Locke, William Arthur
Lockhart-Mure, James Edward
Loughlin, Richard Francis
Luxon, Iris Lilian, née Lambotte
Luxton, Rhoda , née Symonds
Machin, Albert
Mackie, John William
Mallet, Dolphus
Manley, Edward Lovell
Marie, Paul Louis
Marlow, Harriett
Marquis, George Edward Stevens
Marsh, Infant
Martin, Robert
Martinengo, Romano Giovanni
Martinengo, Leonard
Matthews, William Henry Newton
Matthews, Maud, née Le Corderie
Maulini, Fausto
May, George Alfred
May, Matthew
McFarling, Clive Briard
McGuckin, Leo Barton Hume
McLennan, John Patterson
McLeod, Donald
McLinton, Christopher Paul
Mercuriali, Guiseppe
Meredith, Karen Anne
Michel, Lucile Emelie Marie, née Barré
Minchington, Infant
Misson, Albert
Monamy, Raymond Dennis
Monamy, Eliza Jane, née Oliver
Moody, Clemence Walter
Moore, Annie Maria
Morrison, William Leslie
Morrissey, David Francis
Morvan, Louis Henri
Motié, Violet Ruby, née Le Neveu
Mougne, George Felman
Moultrie, Stewart Bullon
Mountford, Barbara Elizabeth, née Salkend
Muff, Emma, née Winter
Mulliner, Madge, née Unknown
Murly, Herbert Sydney
Myles, Christopher John Barry
Nagle, Esther
Nash, Frank Wilson
Naylor, May Jessie, née Jarman
née Maloney, Lucy Green
Nérou, Louis Reginald
Nerou, Alma Hilda Emelie, née Tynan
Newbery, William John
Newman, Grace Lydia, née Stemp
Newman, Harry
Nicholson, Edward Percy
Nicolle, Adelaide Mary, née Blampied
Nicolle, Charlotte louise, née Sims
Nicolle, Albert Henry
Noble, Dorothy Grace, née Gaudin
Noel, John Elizée Thomas Francis
Norris, William Percy
Norris, Francis Benedict Vincent
Novak, Jaroslav
O'Connor, Patrick
O'Donoghue, Irene Margaret
O'Driscoll, John Michael
Ogier, Nellie Beatrice
Ollivier, Joseph Ernest
Ollivier, Celestine Marie, née Michel
Parker, William Alfred
Pearce, Paul Murray
Penwell, Henry George
Perchard, Alice Louisa, née Rodda
Perrée, Pauline, née Bisroux
Perry, Charlotte Elizabeth, née Bottomley
Peters, Florence Joyce
Petra, Bertha Marie, née Auffret
Phillips, Coningsby Wilde
Picot, Ernest Francis
Pigou, John Clarence
Placé, Henriette Adelaide, née Mouchard
Podger, Jack Stanley
Poingdestre, Percy James
Potier, Charles Arthur
Pratt, Jeffrey Ernest
Probert, Walter George
Quenault, Laura Georgina Jane
Queyrat, Josette Francois
Quinn, Patrick
Rabellino, Lucienne Paula, née Gouzien
Rames, Infant
Rault, John Mathurin
Rawlinson, Herbert
Rees-Willaims, Anthony August
Renouf, Walter Charles
Renouf, Keith Anthony
Renouf, Gertrude Florence, née Wetherell
Richard, Aileen, née Nicolas
Richard, Ernest Albert
Rider, Helena, née Field
Roberts, Arthur Stanley
Romeril, Annie, née Starck
Romeril, Hilda May, née Bell
Rossi, Lilian Maud, née Baker
Ruellan, Aimee Marie, née Le Brun
Rushton-Lewis, Alfred Edward
Russel, Donald Oscar
Russell, Arthur
Samson, Phyllis Catherine, née Maguire
Sangan, Louis Jules
Schofied, Nigel James
Schofield, Stuart Askwith
Schofield, Barbara d'Auvergne, née Collings
Schofield, Richard Adrien
Schreiber, Rolf Dieter
Scolefield, John
Scoponi, Pietro
Scotland, Thomas
Scott, Ethel Maria, née Blower
Seawright, Isobel Lilian, née Goold Walker
Secker, Victor Hart
Self, Peter Charles Edward
Shackell, James
Shales, Ida, née Harrison
Sharland, Frederick Charles
Sharpe, Hansen
Shepherd, Richard Le Fol
Shilcock, Grace Constance
Shipman, Cyril
Siouville, Edith May, née Drew
Skelley, Alice Mabel, née Ricketts
Skelley, Edward James
Skellham, George William
Smith, Marjorie Frances, née Flavell
Smith, Winifred Elsie, née Le Sueur
Smith, Charles Clarke
Smith, Walter Leslie
Spranklen, Charles Arthur
St George, Frederick
Starke, George Alfred John
Stevenson, Robert
Stevenson, Roger
Stevenson, William Bowley
Stevenson, Lilian, née Radford
Stewart, Ronald
Stone, William Henry
Stone, Daisy May, née Le Seelleur
Stubbs, Gerald Gordon
Sugden, Fana , Challis-Chandler
Sullivan, Julie Anne
Sutcliffe, Sarah Ann, née Swailes
Syborn, Angeline Anastasie Josephine, née Le Long
Sylva, Louise, née Pharisien
Syvret, Stanley Francis
Syvret, Charles John
Talbot, Helen
Talbot, Infant
Tanguy, Francois Guilleaume
Tanner, Maud Mary, née Smith
Taunton, Hugh Lupus
Taylor, Arthur Nelson
Taylor, William Henry John
Taylor, Ellen, née Horseman
Taylor, Henry James
Taylor, Clara Symons, née Goodrich
Tayor, Cacila, née Kwatochwil
Temple, Charles Malcolm
Terry, Florence Elizabeth, née Priston
Tew, Doris Mary, née Hully
Thair, Lily Fanny, née Harvey
Thiebot, Alice Jane, née Liron
Thomas, Walter Thomas
Thomas, Lena, née Hammond
Thompson, Mary Alice, née Tidmarsh
Thomson, Florence Clarice
Thurburn, John Cecil
Tilling, Alice Mary, née Hale
Todd, William Henry
Todman, Dione Bannerman, née Dangerfield
Torkington, Infant
Tostevin, William Henry
Tostevin, Florence Alice, née de la Mare
Traditi, Foséo
Tregeagle, Susan Mary, née Le Masurier
Troy, George
Troy, Richard
Troy, Robert Kelly
Turner, George John
Turpin, Barry
Vale, Helena Augusta Victoria, née Barette
Valpy, Philip Labey
Vardon, Ellen Jane, née Jerrom
Vardon, Edwin Fauvel
Vernon, Henry Albert Robert
Vernon, Eliza Emily, née Le Quesne
Verriour, Ethel Mary Mabel, née Unknown
Vince, Cecil Edward
Wade, Alfred
Walker, Ethelbert Gladstone
Wall, Ethel Jane, née Prendegast
Wall, Thomas Andrew
Wallbridge, Maria Susan, née Rodda
Walsh, William Thomas
Walter, John Lewis
Waters, David John
Watkins, Angelina Louisa, née Bannier
Watkis, Harold Lithgow
Watson, Charles Albert
Weedner, Adeline Janet, née Bryson
Wells, Amelia Alide Marie Jossie, née Willems
West, Frederick George
Whitfield, Edith Mary Dingley
Whittaker, Herbert Gerald
Wilkinson, Florence Marion, née Bisson
Willcox, Charlotte Louise
Williams, Gwendoline Idris, née Johns
Wood, Margaret, née Drummond
Wragg, Colin
Wright, Mary Ann Catherine, née D'Authreau
Yarde-Buller, John Reginald Henry
Young, Florence Marion, née Le Mouton
Keywords funeral directors | funeral registers | Funerals | Accounts | undertakers | Burials
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation - please consult digital copy


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A A Pitcher Funeral Director Accounts Ledgers - includes name, age and address of the person being buried, place of burial, the name of the person paying for the funeral and the funeral expenses. Please note the volume has been indexed by name of deceased only. To find the name you are interested in please click on the PDF Index document to find the name and then open the PDF with the relevant page/entry number.


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