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Ms letter (18pp) written to a relative by W Le Cocq, 12 May 1945, describing his life in Jersey during the German Occupation of the Channel Islands, referring to restrictions on personal freedom, the subjection of vehicles and other forms of transportation to compulsory purchase orders, harsh punishments for the contravention of German regulations, his sympathy with the German soldiers for whom ''women and girls went mad'', the shortage of food and poor supply of other commodities and services including gas, water and electricity, and the widespread theft which resulted from these shortages.

Reference P338
Date 1945
Scope and Content Imperial War Museum, Department of Documents
Names Le Cocq, W
Keywords Sketches | Liberation | Newspapers | concentration camps | Second World War | diaries | Internment | Red Cross parcels | Prisoners of war | repatriations | refugees | Christmas | jews | shortages | Occupation | Letters | punishments | robberies | German soldiers | requisitioning
Places Biberach, Guernsey, Jersey, Schloss Wursach, Biberach, Jersey, Jersey
Access restrictions Document not located at Jersey Archive
Closed until 2100