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St John's School Admission Registers [Admissions 31/08/1931-07/09/1953]This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF for entries.

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Reference D/J/27/D1/2
Date 31 August 1931 - 5 April 1963
Names St John's School
Allenet, Joan
Allenet, June
Allenet, Pamela
Allenet, Valerie
Allenet, Pamela
Allenet, Richard
Amourette, Margaret F
Amy, Eileen
Amy, Enid
Anderson, Harry
Anderson, Dorothy
Andre, Marthe
Andre, Aimee
André, Simonne
Ashelford, Paul
Baillache, Margaret Elizabeth
Baker, James
Baker, Mary
Bannier, Paulette
Barber, Jean
Barette, Elaine
Barette, Betty Druisilla
Barette, Alan Lyndon
Barette, Brian
Barette, Keith
Barette, Lester
Barette, June A
Barr, Margaret
Baudains, Kenneth
Baudains, Barbara
Baudains, Alan
Baudains, Lionel Leslie
Baudains, Janine
Baudains, Philip David
Baudains, Alan
Baudains, John Le C
Baudet, Ronald
Baudin, Roy
Baudin, Peter
Baudin, Doris
Baudin, Anthony
Baudin, Kathleen M
Baudin, Brian Charles
Baudin, Lawrence
Bichard, Margaret
Bichard, Elizabeth
Bichard, Philip E
Bichard, Phyllis
Billot, Barbara
Bisson, Enid
Bisson, David
Bisson, Monica
Bisson, Graham
Bisson, Richard
Bisson, Stanley
Blackwood, Pamela
Blampied, Richard
Blanchet, Terence
Blanchet, David
Blanchet, Cyril
Boschat, Honoré
Boschat, Stanley
Bouetté, Elie
Bougeard, Cecil
Bowyer, Margaret
Brabiner, Graham
Bradshaw, Pamela
Bree, Michael
Breteché, Leonard
Brooks, Terence
Brown, Maureen
Buesnel, Lewis Bernard
Cadoret, David
Camiot, Jessica J
Camiot, Roy A
Camiot, Molly Ann
Camiot, Violet
Camiot, Bernard
Camiot, Betty
Carboulec, Betty
Carré, Peter
Carré, Colleen
Carre, Graham
Carre, Bessie
Carré, Bridget
Carre, William
Carré, Kenneth
Carré, Lambert
Carre, Shirley
Carre, Enid
Carter, Ronald J
Caurel, Diana
Caurel, Shirley
Caurel, Eric
Caurel, Maureen
Caurel, Margaret
Chaperon, Raymond
Chapman, June
Chapron, Collette
Chevalier, Edward
Chevert, Ernest
Chevert, Maureen
Claremont, John
Claremont, Philip
Cloarec, Garnet Alfred
Cloarec, Doreen Alice
Cloarec, Edward
Collenette, David W
Collenette, Robin
Cook, Jessie
Cook, Gladys
Corbet, Monica M
Corbet, Ruth Mavis
Corbet, Graham
Corbet, Arnold
Corbet, Nina
Corbet, Anita
Cotard, Charles W
Cotillard, Idris
Cotillard, Leslie
Cotillard, Joan
Cotillard, Maurice
Cotillard, Tony
Courval, Violette
Courval, Eugène
Coutanche, Lucille Anne
Coutanche, Dinah
Coutanche, Margaret E
Coutanche, Brian Charles
Coutanche, Heather A
Coutanche, Marion
Cronin, Bridget
Daphne, Payn
Dauny, Walter
Dauny, Brian
Dauny, Elizabeth
de Carteret, Robert
de Carteret, Cynthia
de Carteret, Joan
de Carteret, Denis
de Carteret, Jennifer I
de Gruchy, Evelyn
de Gruchy, Edwin
De Gruchy, Walter
de Gruchy, Irene
de Gruchy, Cyril
de Gruchy, Roselle
de Gruchy, Iris
de Gruchy, Douglas
de Gruchy, Beryl
de Gruchy, Winter
De La Haye, John
de Ste Croix, Edmund
De Witt, Nadine
Deffains, Rosemary
Deffains, Ann
Demoy, Brian
Didot, Iris
Didot, Donald
Didot, Diana
Doublard, William
Doublard, Percy J
Doublard, Percy
Doublard, Edith
Doublard, David
Doublard, Shirley
Doublard, Margaret
Downs, Brian
du Feu, Peggy
du Val, Donald John
du Val, Betty
Dupays, Jane
Dupays, Margaret
Dupays, John
Dupays, Marion
Dupré, Richard
Duquemin, Diana
Dutot, Brian
Dutot, Barry
Edwards, Jean E
Elliot, Rita
Elliott, Veronica
Ellis, Brian
Ellis, Betty
Eloury, Kenneth
Eloury, Elvina
Eloury, Gwendoline
England, Ann
Evans, Diana E
Farnworth, Patricia
Fauvel, Nelson
Fauvel, Noreen
Fauvel, Anthony
Ferbrache, David
Ferey, David
Ferey, Barbara
Ferey, Verdon
Feuillet, Cyril F
Feuillet, Roselle
Fontaine, Dennis
Fontaine, Rita E
Fossey, Peggy
Fossey, Jacqueline
Fossey, John
Fox, David
Frigot, Derrick
Fromage, Simonne L
Fromage, Cyril
Fromager, Solange
Fromager, David
Fry, Richard G
Fry, David
Gallery, Francis
Gallichan, Bernard P
Gallie, Valerie
Gallie, Audrey
Gallie, Frances
Garvin, Robert R
Gautier, Norton
Gautier, Pearl
Gautier, Marcel
Gautier, Marcelle
Gautier, Wyndham
Gautron, Irene Edna
Gautron, Francis
Gauvry, Doreen
Gauvry, Kingsley
Gavey, Olga
Gavey, Bernard
Gavey, Donald
Gavey, Gladys
Gaziou, Valerie
Genée, Diana
Georgelin, Noella
Georgelin, Dennis
Georgelin, Ralph
Gibaut, Ruth
Gicquel, Roy
Gicquel, Elianne
Gicquel, Jean
Glasson, John
Glasson, Michael
Glover, Clive
Goaziou, Robert
Goaziou, Valerie
Godel, Kathleen
Godel, Joan
Godel, Bernice
Godel, Mavis
Godel, Lilian
Godel, John
Godel, Margaret
Godel, Eric
Goodchild, Margaret
Goodchild, Patricia
Goodman, Keith
Gotel, Yvonne
Gotel, Yvonne
Guégan, Lucille
Guégan, Albert E
Guegan, Edward
Guégan, Betty
Guelou, Jean
Guillaume, Hedley
Guillaume, Irene
Guillaume, Mavis
Guillaume, Raymond
Guillaume, Lester
Guillaume, Betty
Guilleaume, Gordon
Guilleaume, Ronald
Guilleaume, Francis
Guillou, Raymond
Guinard, Daphne
Guinard, Doreen M
Hacquoil, Dora
Hacquoil, Lester
Hacquoil, Eileen
Hacquoil, Joan
Hacquoil, Eileen
Hamelin, Michael
Hamelin, Roger
Hamon, Aline
Hamon, Simonne
Hamon, Vernon
Hamon, Gloria
Hamon, Annette R
Hamon, Colin
Hamon, Irene J
Hamon, Pamela M
Hamon, David
Hamon, Annette
Hampton, Terence
Harley, Jonathan
Henry, Margaret
Henry, Eileen Albertine
Henwood, Albert D
Henwood, Albert
Henwood, Barbara J
Henwood, Graham E
Herbert, John A
Hibbard, Roger G
Hidrio, Lucille
Hidrio, John
Higgins, Clive
Hillion, Daphne
Hillion, David
Hinault, Caryle
Hinault, Bridget
Holley, Joan
Holley, Mary
Holloway, Margaret
Holt, Barbara
Hotton, Ronald
Hotton, Malcolm
Huby, Denys
Huby, Margaret
Hucker, Celia
Hucker, Keith
Hucker, Maureen
Huelin, Geoffrey
Huelin, Leslie
Huelin, Margaret
Huelin, Christine Noela
Huelin, Graham
Huelin, Richard W
Huet, Louise G
Hughes, Glemmys
Jarrett, Pamela Elsie
Jeanne, Bernard Roger
Jehan, Graham
Jones, Margaret
Jones, Laurette
Joslin, Barbara
Keen, Margaret
Kerr, Ivor
Kerr, Ronald
King, Leslie William
Laignel, Denis
Laisney, Bernard
Lambotte, Valerie
Lambotte, Daphne
Langlois, Leslie
Langlois, Oliver
Langlois, George
Langlois, Brian
Larose, Marguerite
Lavanant, Jacques J
Lawless, Patsy
Lawless, Peter
Lawless, Christine
Lawless, Pamela
Le Bas, Margaret Gladys
Le Blond, Donald
Le Blond, Alfred
Le Blond, Edward
Le Blond, Alan Graeme
Le Bouc, Janine
Le Bouetté, Margaret
Le Boutillier, Alfred
Le Boutillier, Francis G
Le Breton, Doris
Le Breton, Dulcie
Le Breton, Kenneth
Le Brisez, Olive
Le Brocq, Ronald
Le Brun, Christine
Le Brun, Daphne
Le Brun, Ernest
Le Brun, Elaine
Le Brun, Gerald
Le Brun, Alan
Le Brun, Marjorie
Le Brun, Graeme
Le Calvez, Francis
Le Calvez, Victor
Le Calvez, Jacqueline
Le Calvez, Pauline
Le Chevalier, Donald C
Le Chevalier, Mavis M
Le Chevalier, Malcolm
Le Chevalier, Mary
Le Claire, Jean
Le Clezio, Joan
Le Cornu, Alfred
Le Cornu, Winter
Le Cornu, Basil
Le Cornu, Joyce
Le Cornu, Edward
Le Cornu, Enid
Le Cornu, Eric
Le Cornu, Paulette
Le Cornu, Dulcie
Le Cornu, Edith
Le Cornu, Daphne
Le Cornu, Snowdon G
Le Cornu, Philip
Le Corre, Marlene
Le Corre, June
Le Cuirot, Joan
Le Cuirot, Graham
Le Feuvre, Margaret
Le Gallou, Joan
Le Gallou, Michael
Le Gallou, Elizabeth A
Le Gallou, Colin
Le Gresley, Phyllis
Le Gresley, Ann
Le Gresley, Fay
Le Gresley, Jacqueline
Le Gros, Doreen
Le Gros, Joan
Le Gros, Ruth
Le Gros, Vera
Le Gros, Clarence
Le Hegarat, Margaret
Le Hegarat, Pamela
Le Hegaret, Ivy
Le Hegaret, Dacia
Le Jehan, Joseph
Le Jehan, David
Le Lai, Doris
Le Lay, David R
Le Lay, Graham
Le Lay, Norman J
Le Liard, Marguerite
Le Louarn, David
Le Louarn, Raymond F
Le Main, Ronald
Le Main, John
Le Maistre, Rosemarie
Le Maistre, Eva
Le Marchand, Robert B
Le Marquand, Snowdon
Le Marquand, Dennis
Le Marquand, Cyril
Le Marquand, Doris
Le Marquand, Enid
Le Marquand, Glenda
Le Marquand, Beryl
Le Marquand, Jean L
Le Marquand, Joan
Le Marquand, John F
Le Masurier, Pamela
Le Moignan, Charles
Le Moignan, Malcolm
Le Moignan, Jeanna
Le Moignan, Percy
Le Moignan, Margaret
Le Moignan, Shirley
Le Moignan, Graeme
Le Moignan, Clement
Le Moignan, Leonard
Le Moignan, Doris
Le Moine, Jeannette
Le Moine, Roger
Le Moine, Peter C
Le Moine, Doreen
Le Monnier, Roselle
Le Monnier, Hubert
Le Monnier, Royston
Le Monnier, Ronald
Le Monnier, Joyce
Le Monnier, Margaret
Le Monnier, Maureen
Le Monnier, Denis
Le Mottée, Oliver
Le Mottée, Ivy
Le Mottee, Garnet
Le Page, Sylvia Jean
Le Pennec, Marguerite
Le Pleurian, Joseph
Le Quesne, Philip
Le Quesne, Margaret
Le Roux, David
Le Roux, David
Le Sech, Charles
Le Sech, Gerald
Le Tarouilly, Sheila
Le Tarouilly, Beryl
Le Texier, Margaret
Le Texier, Joan
Le Tourneur, John
Le Turgeon, Mavis Evelyn
Le Turgeon, Margaret Rose
Le Verdier, Maureen
Le Viellez, Maureen
Le Yoncourt, André
Lelai, Mazel
Lelai, Mavis
Lelay, Doreen
Leonard, Allan
Linnell, John
London, Betty A
London, Michael F
London, Wendy M
Loyer, David
Loyer, Anne H
Lucas, Marie
Luce, Kenneth
Luce, Allan
Luce, Shirley
Macgregor, Anthony
Machon, David
Machon, Annette
Male, Monica
Mallet, John G
Marett, Enid
Marett, Gilian
Martin, Kathleen Maud
Martin, Colin
Matley, Jean
Matley, Mary
Maton, Mary
Maton, Violet
Mauger, Madeleine
Mauger, Yvonne
Mauger, Roselle
Mauger, Ellen
Mauger, Christine
Mauger, Denis
Mauger, Joan M
Mauger, Christine
Mauger, Eileen
Mauger, Cyril
Mauger, Vernon
Mauger, Richard
Mauger, Bernadette
Mauger, Albert
McVicker, Mary
Melville, Shirley
Michel, Roselle
Michel, Clifford
Michel, Michael
Michel, Gloria
Michel, Lyndon
Michel, Graeme
Michel, Daphne
Millard, Sheila
Milner, Edward
Milon, Carol
Minchington, Mavis
Minchington, Elsie Ethel
Minchington, Pam
Minchington, Pearl P
Minchington, Shirley
Minier, Shirley
Misson, Collas Henry
Mitchell, David
Moisan, Margaret
Monamy, Cyril
Moon, Martin
Moon, Leonard
Moon, Leonard
Morel, Bernard
Morin, Janet
Morley, Margaret K
Morley, Maureen
Morrish, Patricia
Moullin, John
Murfitt, Doreen
Neville, Barbara
Neville, Denis R
Neville, Hannah
Nicholas, Margaret
Nicholls, Jennifer
Noel, Edward
Noel, Thelma
Noel, Kenneth
Nott, Maureen
O'Donoghue, Felix
Ollivier, Donald
Ollivier, David
Ormiston, John
Ormiston, Stewart
Page, Richard Jude
Page, Catherine
Pallot, Alan
Pallot, Monica K
Palmer, David
Palmer, Gerald
Park, Marina
Payn, Margaret
Payn, Eileen M
Payn, Gordon
Payne, Lilian
Payne, Mabel Irene
Peel, Henry D
Perrée, Harold
Perrée, David
Perron, Edgar John
Perrot, Arthur
Perrot, Joan
Picot, Philip
Picot, Yvonne
Picot, Hilda
Picot, Olive
Picot, Michael
Picot, Sandra
Picot, Beatrice A
Picot, Gillian
Picot, Anne
Picot, Barry
Picot, Terence
Pignorel, Jean
Pignorel, Solange
Pinel, John
Pinel, Phyllis
Pinel, Stephen
Pinel, Phyllis
Pinel, John
Pinel, Geoffrey
Pinel, Roy
Pinel, Eric
Pinel, Reginald W
Pinel, June E
Pinel, Brian
Pitcher, Nanette
Poisson, Alfred
Poisson, Derek
Priaulx, Irene J
Priaulx, Lilian
Priaulx, Margaret
Quenault, Ernest
Quenault, Reginald
Quenault, Leslie
Quenault, Gordon
Quenault, Lloyd
Quenault, Iris
Quenault, Lester
Queree, Roy
Querée, David
Rabet, Nancy
Rabet, David
Rabet, Alan
Rabet, Daphne
Rabet, Joan
Raimbault, Eugene
Raimbault, Daniel
Raimbault, Arsene
Raimbault, Bernard
Rault, André
Rault, Doreen
Rault, Maurice
Rault, André
Raymond, David J
Reed, Valentine
Reid, James
Renault, Margaret
Renault, Dennis
Renault, Leslie
Renault, Chantale
Renault, Mavis
Renault, Betty
Renouf, Lilian
Renouf, John
Renouf, David
Renouf, Brian
Renouf, June
Renouf, Valerie
Renouf, Doris
Richardson, Gloria Ann
Ring, Peter R
Rive, Olga
Rive, Marina
Roberts, Teresa
Roberts, Colin
Ronald, Elliott
Rondel, John
Rondel, Iris
Rondel, Peggy
Rondel, Irene May
Rondel, Tom
Rondel, Roma
Rondel, Joan
Rondel, Rodney
Rondel, Dolly
Rondel, Walter
Rondel, Harold
Rondel, Phyllis
Rondel, Nanette
Rondel, Lester E
Rondel, Philip John
Rondel, Harold
Rondel, Betty A
Roscouet, Dennis
Roscouet, Barbara
Roscouet, John
Rouault, Jennifer A
Rouault, Valerie M
Rouille, Albert
Rouille, David
Rouillé, Shirley
Rousseau, Yvonne
Rousseau, Bernard
Rousseau, Barbara M
Rousseau, Brian Arthur
Rousseau, Denise
Rousseau, Edward
Sangan, Sidney
Sangan, Barbara
Saout, Laura
Saout, Joyce
Saout, Mayzell
Saout, Edward
Saussey, Jean
Saussey, Mavis G
Sauvey, Herbert
Sharp, Edward
Simpson, Millicent
Spencer, Reginald
Spencer, Pamela
Stanway, Cynthia
Surcouf, Brian Edward
Surcouf, Valerie
Surcouf, Graham
Surcouf, Clifford
Syms, Thomas
Syvret, Edward Terence
Syvret, Gloria
Syvret, Dacia
Syvret, Margaret
Tadier, Carmel R
Tanet, Rita
Tanet, Rita
Taylor, William
Taylor, Robert
Taylor, George Arthur
Taylor, John
Taylor, Richard
Taylor, May A
Thébault, Emile
Therin, Rosemary
Thérin, Hedley
Tomes, Kathleen
Tomes, Vernon
Tomes, Leonard
Tomes, Roy
Tomes, Betty
Tostevin, John
Tostevin, Elizabeth
Toy, Margaret
Toy, Joan
Turmel, John
Turmel, Simonne
Turmel, George
Turmel, Francis
Urvoy, Barry
Urvoy, Roy
Urvoy, Michael
Vasselin, John
Vautier, Mary
Vautier, Michael
Vautier, Ann
Vautier, David
Vibert, Clifford
Vibert, Geoffrey
Vibert, Joy
Vibert, Iris
Vibert, Joan
Vibert, Betty
Vibert, Jean
Vibert, David
Vibert, Shirley
Vibert, Alan
Vibert, John
Vibert, Mary J
Vibert, Jean
Vibert, Edward
Vibert, Keith
Volanté, Mary
Wade, Peter Allan
Walker, Michael J
Walker, Nadine
Walker, Philip
Walker, Michael
Walker, Nadine
Ward, Jeremy
Warn, Arthur
Watson, Brian R
Watson, Bernard H
Weeks, Molly
Wesley, Pamela
Williams, Gwyneth
Wilson, Jean
Keywords Education | Schools | admission registers | pupils
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Digital copy available
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St John's School Admission Registers [Admissions 31/08/1931-07/09/1953]This register has been indexed by the name of the pupil. Please consult PDF for entries.


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