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[Copies from the National Archive - not to be reproduced] Various documents from the National Archive file KV 4/87, produced by the British Security Service MI 5. The file contains correspondence and reports related to the investigations by Section I(b) of the Security Service, attached to the liberating Force 135, on the subject of the conduct of the islanders, island authorities and Germans during the German Occupation. Colonel J R Stopford headed the MI 5 investigation which took place immediately after the Liberation. Captain Dening, his subordinate, conducted the investgations. The file also includes the following reports produced by MI 5 or other British government agencies: 27th December 1943 'Raid on Jersey: Report on Intelligence gained’ 21st January 1944 ‘Raid on Sark: Report on Intelligence gained’ September 1944 ‘Channel Islands: Report on German Morale and factors likely to hasten or postpone capitulation’ 4th December 1944 'Postal and Telegraphic Censorship: Report on the Channel Islands No. 3 (Jersey)’ 17t August 1945 Report by Captain Dening of MI 5, ‘The Channel Islands Under German Occupation’. This report is very critical of the Bailiffs of Guernsey and Jersey, and of the Dame of Sark. It also states that about 180 cases of collaboration had been identified, broadly falling into the areas of: Profiteers; Informers; Women consorting with Germans; people of high social standing who were over-friendly with the Germans. However, only 11 cases were thought to be worth prosecuting. 8th August 1945 Report by Colonel Stopford, ‘The I(b) Reports on the Channel Islands’. This report covers civilian morale, relations with the Germans, German propaganda, collaboration, resistance, local administration, Organisation Todt and Russian slave workers, concentration camps, and the German police. 30th June 1945 Report by J.R Stopford, ‘The Administration of the Channel Islands under the German Occupation’. This report lists criticisms, and occasionally praise, of some members of the island administration, including Alexander Coutanche, Duret Aubin, and Dr. Noel McKinstry. There are similar reports on the islands of Guernsey and Sark. Two undated reports (1945) by MI 5 on Alderney, including details of the Organisation Todt, the camps Helgoland, Nordeney, Borkum and Syllt. Also details of the British civilians on the island, and of some of the Russian, Polish, French, Spanish and North African workers. There are also details of allegations against named collaborators: Reverend F.G. Waterbury, Rector of Castel, Guernsey, a Nazi sympathiser; Margaret Young Mallet, Emilia Pallot and Theresia Mathurin, of Guernsey, who volunteered to work in Germany; John Frederick Dyball, of Greve D’Azette, Jersey, who informed on islanders with wireless sets leading to jail sentences, and whose sister was a mistress of Wolfle of the German Secret Field Police (GFP); J. E. Cort of Guernsey, a Nazi sympathiser; Norah M Pickthall, of Sark, a Nazi sympathiser; John Hughes, of Summerland, Jersey, suspected of informing on Clarence Claude Painter and Peter Edward Painter,who were deported and died in camps; Mr Cheeseborough, of Guernsey, who worked for the OT; Maud and Lily Vibert, who are believed to have informed to the German Secret Field police on Louisa Gould, Harold Le Druillenec and Ivy Forster – in this report Lohse of the German Secret Field Police identified a note written by one of the sisters as being in the same handwriting as the note which was sent to the GFP informing on Louisa Gould. [National Archive - reference KV 4/78]


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