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General Hospital Admission Register - Entries for hospital patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter M

Reference D/AN/B1/10/M
Date 1 January 1887 - 31 December 1887
Names Jersey General Hospital
Health and Social Services Department
Mildron, John George
Bartlett, Elizabeth, née Masters
Ellen, Julia, née Marsden
Butler, Isabella, née McBride
Mahar, Mary
Lock, Mary, née McFarlane
Spencer, Sarah Winter, née Marie
Kennedy, Catherine, née Martin
de la Mare, Philippe
Marett, Philippe
Marett, Rachel Ann
McCart, Margaret
Mildron, Catherine
Dubreuil, Jeanne Francoise, née Le Mercier
Matthews, William Horam
Marett, James Philip
Matthews, Charles  
Ennis, Ellen Eliza, née Miller
Moignard, Francis
Pipon, Esther, née Mourant
Mourant, Joseph
Malzard, Anne
Michel, Elizabeth
Ahier, Susanne Anne, née Marett
Mourant, Philippe
Le Montais, Alexandre
Thomas, Jemima, née Mott
Mourant, Julie
Machon, Charles
McDonald, Randall
Le Masurier, Thomas Jean
Mulready, Edward
Morin, Jean
Billing, Mary, née Mortimore
Le Maistre, Sarah Anne
Battam, Elizabeth Ann, née Matthews
De La Mare, Thomas Henry
Gallie, Betsey, née Le Maistre
Le Maistre, Betsey
Moody, Walter Arthur George
Mildron, Emma
Moon, Arthur
Morris, John
Le Masurier, George
Poisson, Susanne, née Mesney
Williams, Ann, née Martin
Murray, James
Mills, Sarah Ann
Moisan, Louise
Le Moine, Charlotte
Mackensie, Margaret
Mara, Thomas
Moody, Charles
Mauger, Harriett Louise
Le Mercier, Victor
Minchin, Richard
Mackay, John Manuel Atkins
Mackay, Annie Rosabelle Mary
Mackay, Charles Donald Morrison
Moore, Henry
Masse, Philippe Albert
Moore, William Edward
Mercier, Emelie
Mollet, Jean
Girard, Sophie, née de la Mare
Massifet, Marie
Mouatt, Thomas
Martin, Rebecca, née Murphy
Mertret, Rosalie
Marquand, Philippe
Miller, John
Mourant, Joseph
McGrath, Thomas
Miller, Mary
McKenna, John
Mauger, Harriet
Mallet, Elizabeth
Mahé, Jean Marie
Marett, Mary Ann Amelia
Boswell, Annie, née Mariette
Mash, Ann
Marett, James Philip
Michel, Ellen
Morgan, Mary Jane
McKenna, Peter Henry
Moroney, Ann Jane, née Le Marquand
Huellin, Marie Fran Apoline, née Mandrel
Minchin, Priscilla Maud
Machon, Philippe
Mourant, John
Mulready, Ed
Mountain, Martin
Mildron, Catherine
Moon, Arthur
Le Maistre, Sophie Charlotte Dumaresq
McElligott, Catherine
Keywords admission registers | registers | Hospitals | social services | health
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Dimensions 3 Paper
Language French
Level of description Item
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Closed until 2100
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General Hospital Admission Register - Entries for hospital patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter M
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