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General Hospital Admission Register - Entries for hospital patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter B

Reference D/AN/B1/23/B
Date January 1st 1900 - December 31st 1900
Names Jersey General Hospital
Health and Social Services Department
Beckford, Isaac
Butterworth, Nancy
Brooks, Thomas
Jackson, Jane, née Burrough
Bates, Laura
Brouard, Elizabeth Monamy
Bavage, Mary
Bastifeld, Archibald
Le Breton, Mary Ann
Butler, Georgina
Blyth, Elizabeth Mary Ann
Baker, William
Baker, James
Boreham, James
Barry, Ellen
Baudains, Matilda Alice
Elms, Elizabeth, née Bartlett
Bartlett, Reginald Elms
Baudains, Thomas
Baker, Elizabeth Louisa
Badier, Georges Josué
Badier, Hilda May
Burgess, Thomas William
Le Boulanger, Ann
Noël, Esther, née Blampied
Blampied, Esther
Le Sueur, Leonore, née Baudains
du Bois, Thomas
Pinel, Emelie Adelaide, née Du Bois
Benest, Charles
Turner, Jane, née Le Brocq
Le Brun, Francis John
Bakes, Robert
Le Boutillier, Ann
Bouiller, Rebecca ou Prudence
Neal, Marie, née Bell
Bailhache, Philip
Beauchet, Jacques
Bisson, Nicolas Le Gros
Bouchard, François
Boudic, François
Fearon, Mary, née Bowman
Beaugeard, Ferdinand
Buesnel, Mary, née Beaucamp
Le Bas, Philippe
Berry, John
de Lange, Jeanne, née Ballet
Becquet, Percy
Le Bailly, John
Blancdamour, Auguste John
Bisson, Ada
Bowles, Michael
Brett, Walter
Bodnaham, Charles
Burton, Charles
Poigdestre, Sophie, née Binet
Bannier, Olivier
Baker, Charles
Bazille, Peter
Mercier, Selina Amelia, née Balcam
Bonhomme, Jean
Broomer, George
Bedgeley, Lawrence
Burton, Charles
Bates, George Arthur
Blanchford, William
Bertram, Philippe Clement
Brown, George William
Bisson, John Francis
Bryant, James Henry
Benest, Thomas Moses
Bridle, Henry James
Warren, Charlotte, née Bull
Burgess, Robert Edwin
Blake, Margaret, née Butterfield
Beauchamp, Rose
Blondel, Louis
Beaucourt, Maria
Tillec, Catherine, née Belheguy
Penwell, Sukey, née Brée
Biault, Jean Pierre
Blanchet, Joseph
Binois, Marie Louise
Le Breton, Almandine
Le Breton, Charlotte Elizabeth
Evans, Blanche, née Baudet
Biles, John William
Bozec, Jean
Burton, Charles
Bowden, William Henry
Bennett, Thomas John
Belais, Mary Eliza
Barratt, George
Brochard, Aimable
Bisson, Charles
Bay, Karl Frederick
Le Bras, Françoise
Boulard, Louis
Le Bail, François Marie
Keywords admission registers | registers | Hospitals | social services | health
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Dimensions 3 papers
Language French
Level of description Item
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Closed until 2100
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General Hospital Admission Register - Entries for hospital patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter B
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