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General Hospital Admission Register - Entries for hospital patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter M

Reference D/AN/B1/20/M
Date 1 January 1897 - 31 December 1897
Names Jersey General Hospital
Health and Social Services Department
Butler, Isabella, née McBride
McLinton, Rosa, née Mulholland
Spencer, Sarah Winter, née Marie
Mulcarry, Biddy, née Mead
McCarthy, Ellen, née Mahoney
Airth, Isabella Leslie, née McKee
Mullins, Elizabeth, Mudford
Mills, Victoria
Bennett, Sophie, née de la Mare
de la Mare, Philippe
Mildron, Catherine
Ennis, Ellen Eliza, née Miller
Monet, Charles
Marie, Philippe Charles
Marett, Philippe
MacGrath, Thomas
MacKenzie, Thoms F P
Quenault, Sophie, née Martin
McFarlane, Charles Edward
Moignard, Francis
Aubert, Jeanne, née Marett
Marett, Elie
Le Masurier, Susan
Le Masurier, Jean
Marett, George John
Malzard, Ann
Marett, John
Marshall, Alice Emily, née Marquis
Le Marquand, Mary Ann, née Le Maistre
Thomas, Jemima, née Mott
Butters, Agnes, née McArthur
Marett, Mary
Verhegen, Mary Ann, née Le Moignan
McNamara, Michael
Le Mottée, Francis
Madden, Alfred
Millon, Yves
Le Marquand, François
Le Maistre, Victoria May
Mourant, Esther, née Machon
Bisson, Sarah, née Le Maistre
Medland, Charles
Maseré, Louis
Morris, Mary Ann
Medland, James
Pavoux, Jeanne, née Millon
Marie, Mary Jane, née Mesney
McKee, William
Mault, Mathurin
Averty, Kate, née McEvoy
Deakins, Jeanne, née de la Motte
Quenault, Sophie, née Martin
Mead, Minnie
Le Maux, Yves
Marrec, Marie Yvonne
Marrec, Christine
Mills, George
Mullins, George
Saunders, Louise Marie, née Marcouf
Matson, Charles Walter Follet
Mabbott, Joseph
Maid, John
Allen, Elizabeth, née Mills
Marais, Joseph
Le Masurier, Charles
Le Mercier, Lilian Annie
Mahony, Winifred
Marshall, Alice
Marshall, Albert
Marshall, Wilfred
Spratt, Mary Ann, née Le Marquand
Millot, Jean
Mallet, Elias George
Dubreuil, Jeanne Marie, née Mercier
Mauger, Harriet Louisa
Martin, Annie
Le Marquand, Emma
Bisson, Françoise, née Millot
Madeleine, Louis
de la Mare, Thomas
de la Mare, Alfred James
McDermott, Ernest
Le Morzédec, Josephine
Gillman, Ann, née Miller
Murphy, Gertrude May
Keywords admission registers | registers | Hospitals | social services | health
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Dimensions 3 papers
Language French
Level of description Item
Access restrictions Closed to public access - please see digital image
Closed until 2100
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General Hospital Admission Register - Entries for hospital patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter M
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