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General Hospital Admission Register - Entries for hospital patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter G

Reference D/AN/B1/17/G
Date January 1st 1894 - December 31st 1894
Names Jersey General Hospital
Health and Social Services Department
Gunville, Charles
Le Gros, John Facey
Berthelot, Mary Ann,née Groves
Crabb, Mary Ann, née Gallie
Goodland, Simon
Cutland, Grace, née Gill
Gray, Andrew
Druce, Maria, née Gothard
Gibson, Henry Barett
Hill, Ann, née Green
Tucker, Elizabeth, née Gosselin
Gabeldu, François
Gibbins, Andrew
Fletcher, Mary Ann, née Groves
Gillman, Henry
Falle, Jane, née Le Gallais
Allen, Ann, née Gothel
Gothel, Ann
Gallichan, Emma Elizabeth
Ellis, Ann, née Gillard
Gawley, John
Chevalier, Rachel, née Gruchy
Rowden, Sophie Elizabeth, née Gallichan
Le Gros, Mary Ann Margaret
Wallis, Mary Ann, née Gallichan
Gallichan, Mary Ann
Gallichan, Alice Jane
Gilley, Harriet Ann
Marcheron, Elizabeth, née Gaudin
de Gruchy, Charles
Le Geyt, Abraham
Gallienne, Jean
Le Grand, Susanne
Le Riche, Mary Ann, née Grant
de Gruchy, Thomas
Baudains, Alexandrine Apolline, née Gresille
Gallienne, Philippe François
Gilbert, George Isaac
Le Gros, Caroline
Gorvel, Baptiste
Le Galle, Pierre
Le Gresley, John
Le Galle, Pierre
Godfray, Ada Susan
Gibaut, Philippe
Gooch, Elizabeth Maria, née Gasnier
Gasnier, Charles George
Gasnier, Arthur Hamilton
Gasnier, Rosa Helena
Gilley, Stanley
Le Page, Marie Louise, née Gosipil
Carpenter, Johanna, née Le Geyt
Gilman, Joseph Charles
Chevalier, Rachel, née Gruchy
Godel, Walter Charles John
Gallichan, Frederick Manners
Goazizr, Jérome
Gosselin, François
Godfray, Francis
Rowcliffe, Adelaide, née de Gruchy
de Gruchy, Henry F
Gleave, Ada or Ené
Guinot, Louis
Le Gresley, Elizabeth
Girard, Alice Maud Mary
Gaudion, Henry
Le Geyt, Abraham
Gerard, Daniel
de Gruchy, Henry Francis
Gigou, Emmanuel
Gougeon, Théodore Marie
Gilbert, Gustave Victor
Gosselin, Marguerite Eugenie
Bihel, Marie, née Guillomart
Gould, Henry George
Chevalier, Rachel, née Gruchy
de Gruchy, Henry François
Gallichan, Louisa
Gough, Isabella
Gough, James
Gallie, Elvina
Crabb, Mary Ann Jane, née Gallie
Chevalier, Rachel, née Gruchy
Le Galle, Yves
Gruchy, Rachel
Keywords admission registers | registers | Hospitals | social services | health
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Dimensions 3 papers
Language French
Level of description Item
Access restrictions Closed to public access - please see digital image
Closed until 2100
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General Hospital Admission Register - Entries for hospital patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter G
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