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St Martin's School Log Book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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Reference D/J/32/C1/1
Date 1900 - 1948
Names St Martin's School
Ahier, Thomas
Ahier, Gladys
Allain, M
Allain, B
Allain Family
Allaire Family
Allenet, C
Allenet, S
Allington, V
Amy, Maria
Amy, Alfred
Amy, William
Amy, Mabel
Amy, Eunice
Amy, Garnet
Amy, Alfred J
Amy, Alfred I
Amy, Doris M
Amy, M
Amy, Dulice
Amy, Iris
Amy, J, Deputy
Amy, J N
Andre, Louis
Andreux, F
Ange, Irene
Anthony, C L J
Archard, T
Aubin, H
Avery, G C
Baal, Ruth
Baker, Mr
Balleine, F E
Balleine, G P, Reverend
Barette, J F
Barton, Annie
Bastard, W
Bastard, Elise
Bastard, Gladys
Bauche, Arthur
Bauche, May
Becquet, Linda J
Bellee, Louis
Beneza, D
Billot, Thomas E
Billot, C P, Constable
Billot, C P
Billot, Anne E
Billot, Ruth M
Binet, C W, Deputy
Bisson, K
Blackford, M
Blackwell, Miss
Blampied, Louise Jane
Blampied, G
Blampied, Alice G
Blay, Dorothy J
Bleul, S Feuhrer
Bouchere, Rosemary
Bouchere, Ruth
Boys, J H
Breban, Ernest
Bree, P E, Jurat
Breton, E
Breuilly, Francis
Brine, Mrs
Brine, Charles
Buckley, John
Buckley, Justin
Buesnel, Albert G
Buesnel, Mabel
Burrows, E H
Bush, S
Cadin, Peter
Cadiou, William
Carter, A B
Carville, Angelina
Ceppi, Marc
Challoner, Mr
Chappuis, Doctor
Charneau, Paul
Cherrill, A H
Chilard, John
Ching, George W
Ching, Lilian
Chuter Ede, J
Collins, Nurse
Cook, J A
Copp, N W
Corbel, Mr
Corbel, C G
Corson, Lily
Cotard, H
Cotrel, J M
Cousin, L
Coutts, Doctor
Crapp family
Creesy, Dorothy
Danby, J W, H M Inspector
D'Authreau, W, Mr
Dauvin, Alfred
de Baux, Betty
de Gruchy, Philip G
de Gruchy, Margaret
de Gruchy, A
de Gruchy, N
de Gruchy, J R
de Gruchy, Brian
de Quetteville, Alfred
de Quetteville Family
de Rosel, Madame
de St Paër, Charles
de St Paer, Amy
de St Paer, Julian
de St Paer, A
de St Paer, Amy
de St Paer, Mr
de St Paer, Phyllis
de St Paer, Miss
de St Paer, Margaret
de St Paer, Margeurite
de St Paer, L
Deacon, Mr
Deffains, F
Demoy, Odette E
Deslandes, P G
Dorey, Eunice
Dorey, Margeurite
Dorey, Frederick
Dorey, Jurat
Douglas, Miss
Drouin, Frederick
Du Feu, Alice
du Feu, John
du Feu, Annie
du Feu, Gordon
du Feu, G
du Feu, G P
Dugue, R D
Durell, Cyril
Durell, Philippe
Durell, Amelia
Eley, Winifred M
Eley, N M
Ely, W Maud
England, Mr
Falle, G
Ferris, Frederick
Forrest, Norman B
Fraser, Miss
Gale, J O
Gale, J
Gallichan, Verena Mary
Gaudin, Clifford
Gautier, L
Gautier, Lucille
Geot, Walter W
Geot, P
Gill, S
Giquel, K
Girard, Nora
Goaffini, Joseph
Gorvel, A
Gosselin, J P
Gough, W H
Gough, W L G
Gough, E C
Grassett, Lieutenant Governor
Gray, P
Guegan, Rose
Hacquoil, F, Constable
Hamon, Geoffrey H
Harding, Madam
Hardy, Victorine
Hardy, Victoria
Harper, Mr
Harris, Janet
Harrison, H M Inspector
Harvey, G
Hasler, N
Honeybull, Nurse
Hostingue, Gertrude
Houguez, K
Houguez, Mrs
Houllebecq, P
Hourighan, Canon
Hoyles, Cecily
Huchet, A
Hughes, B
Hurley, B J
Jarnet Family
Jeanne, Alfred
Jehan Family
Jordan, L
Jordan, I
Jouanne, G
Journeaux, C P, Centenier
Kempster, Sergeant Major
Kent Smith, E
Krichefski, Deputy
Krichefski, Wilfred Harold, Deputy
Lagadu, K
Lagatu, Alfred
L'Amy, Alice
Langford, Mr
Langford, C
Langlois, Rene
Larkin, R
Larose, Jean
Lawford, Bruce
Le Boutillier, F M
Le Boutillier, Elias John
Le Boutillier, Edmund
Le Bras, Kathleen
Le Breton, Miss
Le Breton, Muriel
Le Breuilly, Peter
Le Brun, Ernest
Le Brun, Alice
Le Clercq, F
Le Cocq, Joseph
Le Corre, Hedley
Le Cras, B
le Dantec, E
Le Dantec, L
Le Feuvre, Enid
Le Feuvre, Mr
Le Huquet, Lily
Le Huquet, Beatrice
Le Huquet, B
Le Maistre, Ruth E
Le Marquand family
Le Marquand, William
Le Marrec, D
Le Masurier, J
Le Monnier, George
Le Monnier, G
Le Monnier, Doris
Le Neveu, Thomas, Reverend
Le Neveu, Mrs
Le Pivert, Alfred
Le Quesne, Philip, Deputy
Le Quesne, Philip
Le Quesne Family
Le Roux, John
Le Rue, C
Le Seelleur, Eunice
Le Seelleur, Hilda
Le Seelleur, Elise Maud
Le Seelleur, E
Le Seelleur, Ruby
Le Sueur, G
Le Sueur, Doreen
Le Sueur, June
Leadbetter, Mr
Lempriere, Miss
Longdon, Sergeant
Lucas, E
Luce, Edouard, Reverend
Mabey, Walter
Marett, Mary
Marett, Elsie Maud
Marie, Miss
Marquer Family
Marrett, Alice Jane
Martin, Olive
Martret, Miss
Matson, Arthur
Mauger, Aline
McKinstry, Doctor
Merhet, H P
Michel, Pauline
Moal, Gustave
Mollet, L
Montgomery of Alamein, Lord
Morgan, George
Morison, J P
Morrison, Captain
Moyes, H R
Nicolle, Alice
Nicolle, Janet May
Nicolle, Gladys
Nicolle, w, Constable
Noel, Clara Jane
Noel, Bella
Noel, Flora
Noel, H B
Noel, Agnes
Noel, A G
Noel, Linda
Noel, C J
Noel, A
Noel, Clifford
O'Connor, Doctor
Ozouf, Lucille
Ozouf, M
Page, A F, H M Inspector
Page, Mr
Pallot, Wesley
Pallot, Amelia M
Parmee, Mr
Pasturel, Percy
Pasturel, Lilian
Perchard, Charles
Perchard, S
Pocock, Anne M
Poingdestre, F H
Pooley, William George
Powell, G S
Priestwood, Harold
Priestwood, Hilton
Priestwood, William
Reed, Miss
Renouf, Agnes
Renouf, J
Renouf, Snowdon
Renouf, Janet D
Renouf, Susan
Renouf, Percy W
Renouf, Miss
Renouf, S
Renouf, M
Renouf, F
Renouf, M L
Renouf, J W
Reux, L
Riant, L
Riant, K
Richard, Philip
Richard, Elsie
Richard, E
Riley, J
Riley, C J M
Robbins, Betty
Robins, G
Saloman, Eglantine
Sartrell, Miss
Slade, C
Slade, Edward
Slade, Deputy
Smith, T
Smith, Doreen
Springate, Herbert
Springate Family
Syvret, Denis R
Tadier, Fancis W
Tadser, Miss
Tarr, J
Thompson, M, H M Inspector
Touze, Marie
Troquer, Alice
Vardon, Clarissa M
Vardon, Lucy
Vautier, R
Vowden, B N
Walton Family
Whitley, Emma
Whitley, G
Williams, Wynn, H M Inspector
Williams, D I
Wright, Mr
Keywords Schools | Education | log books
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File


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