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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey from Weymouth on the SS Ibex on the 30th September 1916

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Reference D/S/M3/74
Date 30 September 1916
Names Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Ibex
Ahier, Gaston Alexander
Amy, Charles Vincent
Baltus, Alfred
Bartlett, Jessie Sarah
Beaugie, Henry William
Beck, Stanley Ferdinand
Becker, Frederick William
Benest, Clara
Benest, Christine
Blampied, Elizabeth
Bottenheim, Philip
Brown, James Herbert Honeyman
Birch, Nora Ann
Birch, Ada Winifred
de Caen
Campion, Albert Frederick
Carrel, Herbert Thomas
Carrel, Rosa Celestine
de Ste Croix, Philip Winter
de Ste Croix, Edith Winifred
Dawson, Ellen
Doubleday, John
Doubleday, Georgiana Jmeed
Dunsford, Lizzie Marie Katherine
Fitch, John Francis
Ford, Ethel
Ford, Walter Frederick
Franklin, William George
Fauvel, Francis George
Gaudin, Ernest Thomas
Goldsworthy, John
Gorage, Frank George
Greening, Alfred
Gurney, Blanche
Gruchy, Peter
de Gruchy, Margaret
Hancock, Charles William
Hichens, Julia
Holley, Paul Francis
Hoar, Laurie Wymark
Le Huray, Alice Amy
Le Huray, Elizabeth Mary
Le Huray, James Raymard
Ingram, Eustace
Johnson, Henry
Knight, Frederick William
Le Lacheur, Ernest
Laycock, G
Lamerton, Mabel Harriet
Lillicrap, Harry
Mallet, William James
Maitland, Lindisfarne
Maitland, William Whitaker
Major, Herbert Coddington
Metcalf, Kathleen
Morley, William John
Morris, Teresa
Nicolson, Julia
Le Patourel, Ada Jane
Le Patourel, Rachel
Pasturel, Percy Albert
Picot, Charles
Pollock, Vincent David
Randall, Robert William
Rogers, Henry
Rosengrave, William Joseph
Richardson, Ernest Frederick
Rose, Edith Caroline
Stark, Clara Ann
Vaudin, Rodney John
Vibert, Marguerite
Upritchard, John
Wallace, Harry
Yarrow, Thomas Augustus
Keywords travel permits | immigration | soldiers | commercial travellers | munitions workers | nurses
Places Weymouth, Guernsey
Dimensions 76 papers
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for preservation - please consult digital copy


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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey from Weymouth on the SS Ibex on the 30th September 1916


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