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Travel Permits completed by people leaving Jersey for Weymouth on the SS Pembroke on the 23rd of May 1919

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Reference D/S/M2/234
Date 23 May 1919
Names Immigration and Nationality Department
Ahier, Henry John
Beardsmore, Dorothy May
Beardsmore, Walter
Bolton, Ethel Gertrude
Bolton, Florence Daniel
Boyd, Charles Sampson
Caton, James Henry Lear
Caudy, William
Chantrill, William Ernest
Collas, Walter Francis
Collis, Adelaide Hannah
Collis, Selina
SS Pembroke
Colyes, John Richard
Cooke, Alexandra Dorothy
Cooper, E Charles D
de Coudenhove, Raoul
Crawshaw, Margaret
Cross, Edwin
Cristin, Gladys May
Dark, Emma Hilda
Davis, J G
Dibb, Elizabeth Mary
Dougherty, John
Elsom, Dorothy Marguerite
Elsom, William
Farrow, Walter Francis
Fitzgerald, Louisa Isabelle Marie
Flint, Algernon Horace
Flint, Benjamin Henry
Frost, Ivor Henry
Gamage, Mary Ann
Gautier, Peter
Le Gresley, Ernest Alfred Arthur
Hallett, Alfred Snow
Harcouch, Hart
Harwood, Henry J
Horton, Ernest James
Hornidge, Samuel
Hughes, Elsie Jane
Hughes, Hilda Mary
Hughes, William
Jerrom, Dorothy Rose
Jerrom, Louisa Mary
Johns, Thomas M M
Keane, Philip
Kennedy, Matilda Mary
Kimbell, Alfred E
Kitchin, Charles Edward
Larbalestier, George Quesnel
Lander, Edward
De Launey, Lydia Gallichan
Legassick, Alfred John
Lennox, E A
Leopold, Alma
Leopold, William Henry
Popham, Hugh Francis Arthur Leyborne
Popham, Janet Emily Leyborne
Lincoln, George Edward
Lindley, Ann Selina
Lloyd, Reginald Tench
Markey, Josephine
Le Marquand, John
Le Masurier, William Smythe
Matthews, Ernest
Le Miere, Marcelle
Miller-Hallett, Alexander
Naish, Ruth
Le Petit, Phyllis
Pigeon, Ethel Constance
Pollard, Lilian
Powell, Frank Edwin
Quentier, Marie Phelps
Redfern, William Henry
Redfern, William Hugh
McWalters, William Reid
Reiss, Angelique Constance
Roper, Edith Louise
Roper, Sybil Edith
Ross, Archibald Campbell Carne
Le Rossignol, Alice
Le Rossignol, Edgar
Le Rossignol, Harold Edward
Le Rossignol, Lilian May
Le Saux, Doris May
Le Saux, Francis James
Le Saux, Louisa Maud Mary
Schmidt, Samuel Arthur
Scott, Elizabeth
Selwyn, Charles Henry
Stenlake, Fanny Ann
Thorp, Frank J
Tosney, J
Ulyat, William
Vasse, Dorothy Alexandra
Vibert, Philip John
Walker, Arthur Stratton
Walker, Hilda Bertha
Walker, Horace
Walker, Mary Winifred
Webb, Beatrice
Welham, John William
Wesley, Tom Hardy
Willcox, Ethel Mary
Williams, Berthe
Williams, Christopher
Keywords travel permits | immigration | nurses | commercial travellers
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Places Guernsey, Weymouth
Dimensions 105 papers
Level of description File
Access restrictions Please view pdf online
Closed until 2100


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Travel Permits completed by people leaving Jersey for Weymouth on the SS Pembroke on the 23rd of May 1919


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