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Travel Permits completed by people leaving Jersey, possibly for Plymouth, on the 27th of May 1919

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Reference D/S/M2/237
Date 27 May 1919
Names Immigration and Nationality Department
Kaur, Amrit
Andrson, Rosalie Charlotte
Andrews, Cecil Maynard
Ashton, George Herbert
Bagot, Mabel Arden
Batstone, Ada Mary
Browne, Florence Robina
Caster, Victor
Chantrey, Ada Louise
Chantrey, James
Chapman, Anna Maria
Charpentier, Mary Russell
Clark, Margaret Bayfield
Le Cocq, Thomas
Cox, Edward John Blake
Crawley, Charles Lambert
Cudlipp, Florence Jane
Davies, David Gover
Douglas, Edith
Dunham, Minnie
Dunham, Christine
Edmunds, William
Fallows, Eva
Fells, Dorothy Louise Dale
Fells, Percy William
Le Feuvre, Philip
Forrest, Ethel Angela
Forrest, Herbert M
Forryan, John Robert
Fraher, Margaret
Le Gallez, Gladys Irene
Gairns, John
Gibaut, Julia Edith
Gibbs, Arthur Charles
Grice, Richard Flint
Gruchy, Peter
Gorvel, Francis
Crosse, Audrey Margaret Elizabeth
Griffiths, Isabella
Le Gros, John Reginald
Le Gros, Violet Marion
Guilliard, Stuart Charles
Hardman, John William
Hardwidge, Ernest George
Hardwidge, Louisa Victoria
Harrison, Ewbank
De La Haye, John
Horton, Florence Crewe
Horton, May
Hughes, Henrietta Levia
Hustosier, Charles John
James, Elsie Amelia
James, Roland
James, William Powell Neville
Jones, Emily
Jones, George Arthur
Jones, William
King, Thomas James
Kirby, Nelson
Laurens, Francis
Lawrenson, James Arthur
Lawrenson, Mary Margaret
Le Marquand, Philip de la Haye
Marcus, Joseph Edward
Marks, Dorothy
Marks, Grace
Matthews, Edwin
Matthews, Elizabeth
Meadows, Kate
McNulty, Mary Agnes
McNulty, William
Mealing, Emma Clarinda
Middleton, John James
Moon, Clifford James
Moon, Maud
Moon, Vida
Morris, Harry
Le Neveu, Esther
Le Neveu, Juliette Marie
Nicholl, Digby Seys Whitlock
Nicholl, George Bleddyn Tyrrell
Norbury, Thomas Edwin
Payter, George Alexander
Pigeon, Philip
Quehen, Leslie Marcus
Le Quesne, Dorothy
Quenouillere, Clara Florence
Quenouillere, Raoul George
Quick, Douglas H
Ravily, Berthe Louise
Renouf, George Alfred
Renshaw, Arthur Samuel
Renshaw, Henrietta Jane
Richmond, Harry James
Ridges, Henry Charles
Rochefort, Louise Madelaine
Romeril, Frank
Sheridan, Peter
Smith, Alice Maud
Smith, Sidney
Spence, Charles McGregor
Spencer, Frank
Strohmeyer, Henry Albert
Taylor, Angelica
Thomas, Lilian Wilford
Topham, Jane Louise
Topham, Robert Hardy
Tregaskis, George Henry
Triscott, Madeline Philippa, née Hyne
Tyler, Winnifred Annie
Vaudin, William
Wakefield, Harry
Watson, George
White, Henry Morecroft
Woodruff, John James
Royal Air Force
Keywords travel permits | immigration | commercial travellers | Engineers | nurses | Royal Air Force | master mariners | journalists | barristers
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Places Guernsey, Plymouth
Dimensions 116 papers
Level of description File
Access restrictions Please view pdf online
Closed until 2100


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Travel Permits completed by people leaving Jersey, possibly for Plymouth, on the 27th of May 1919


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