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Programme for the 1977 Battle of Flowers along Victoria Avenue . Includes a parade route and seating plan, carnival programme, comprehensive lists of entrants in all of the carnival classes and members of the Jersey Battle of Flowers Association involved in the organisation of the event, as well as portraits of Mr Battle Des O'Connor, Miss Battle Diana Le Bot, Maids of Honour Chantal Gosselin and Mandy Bressat and former Miss Battles, photographs of winning floats from the 1976 show, and advertisements for a number of local companies.

Reference L/F/445/R/2/1
Date August 11th 1977
Names Andrews, C J
Anthony, J
Anthony, R
Audrain, Graeme
Baal, V
Barber, Lewis
Bates, C
Beadle, Margaret
Beckford, K
Begely, John
Beverley, L
Biggar, R A N
Biles, R E
Bonney, Helen
Booth, Anthony
Boschat, R
Bougad, Steven
Brady, Carlton
Bredonchel, B J
Bressat, Mandy
Brown, P O
Burke, Catherine
Burton, G
Butcher, G
Cadoret, Adrian
Cadoret, Anthony
Channing, Jean M
Clark, Harry
Cook, A
Coralie-Ellison, Shan
Corin, Douglas
Coughlan, Hayley
Coughlan, Penny
Davey, G
de Gruchy, J
de Gruchy, Mark
de Gruchy, Susan
de Gruchy, Sylvia
de la Mare, C
de La Perrelle, G J
Dell, Peter Holland
Dingle, J
Dubras, B
Duff, Jack
Eastick, Bernard
Eldred, Michelle
Ellis, G W
Ereaut, Lady
Ereaut, Sir Frank, Bailiff of Jersey 1975 - 1985
Ereaut, Sir Frank, Bailiff of Jersey 1975 - 1985
Farley, John
Farley, J P
Farley, M J
Farley, Mrs
Fitzgerald, M
Fitzgerald, T
Fitzpatrick, Lady
Fitzpatrick, Sir Desmond, Lieutenant Governor 1974 - 1979
Firmin, Rosemarie
Fossey, A
Foster, S
Godel, M J, Captain
Godrich, S A
Goodchild, W
Gosselin, Chantal
Gottrell, R
Hall, Jim
Hallworth, W
Hamilton, David
Hanaford, Tracy
Hancock, Diana
Harris, G
Harvey-Jones, Angela
Hawkley, L J
Heath, P
Heaven, E
Heaven, Roy
Hepburn, H S
Hesketh, J S
Holloway, Lieutenant Colonel
Hook, B M
Hughes, Susan
Humber, Mark
Humber, Rodney
Hurll, Michael
Hutchings, P D
Hyland, E
Ingram, E J
Jaques, E D
Johnson, A E
Jones, P F
King, Sandra
Kirkpatrick, D J
Labey, Roy
Labey, R E
Lambeth, T
Lamy, Ian
Lamy, Neil
Langlois, Michelle
Layzell, J
Le Bailey, E A
Le Bot, Diana
Le Boutillier, Jayne
Le Breton, Milly
Le Breton, O
Le Brocq, S B
Le Brun, D P
Le Clercq, Clifford
Le Feuvre, B W
Le Fondré, P
Le Marinel, Mr
Le Marinel, Mrs
Le Marquand, Wendy
Le Masurier, Sir Robert Hugh, Bailiff of Jersey 1962 - 1974
Le Quesne, G
Le Quesne, H H, Jurat
Le Ruez, M
Leadbeater, Mandy
Letto, C
Love, Jean
Lynn-Williams, Kate
Macame, Jackie
Maidment, B
Manton, Peter Geoffrey Kevitt, Reverend
Marie, P
Marrett, J J
Marshall, David
May, S
Medder, B S
Miranda, Alison
Miranda, Susan
Moorhen, Horace
Moorhen, Joyce Violet
Morris, G
Noel, Ken
Norman, Leonard James, Constable of St Saviour
O'Connor, Des
Ollierou, Mia Jane
Ozouf, I
Pallot, N
Peck, John
Peck, Violet
Perkins, Anthony, Deputy
Petre, B
Picot, A F W
Pirouet, G R
Pleece, Ken
Plymen, I
Purnell, R
Quenault, L
Quenault, P H
Querée, A C
Renault, J
Rennolds, D F
Richardson, Tania
Richomme, Julie
Rive, Nicola
Robinson, D
Romeril, P J
Roche, D J
Rondel, B
Rumbold, A C
Rumboll, Julia
Schofield, J
Scott, Mike
Scott, S
Shannon, Bobby
Sinclair, Norma
Smith, J D
Smyth, Peter
Tabb, Peter
Tanguy, Cyril Philip
Taunton, Mervyn George de Salis
Touzel, J
Valerio, Ray
Valli, Jakky
Vibert, K
Wade, P
Walton, J
Walton, L
Ward, Barry
Wheeler, Ian
Whitcroft, C R, Commander
Wilden, D
Williams, George
Williams, J M
Williams, V A
Wilson, Cheryl
Wilson, Luke
Winn, Peter
Woodward, Christopher
Young, Gordon
130 (Bournemouth) Air Training Corps Band
2498 (Island of Jersey) Squadron
6th Jersey Boys' Brigade
6th Jersey (St Lawrence) Girl Guide Company
9th Jersey Girls' Brigade
11th Jersey (St Clement) Girl Guide Company
14th Jersey (First Tower) Girl Guide Company
Babs Tilley Ltd
Band of the Island of Jersey
Battle of Flowers
Beeches Old Boys' Association
Behan's West Park
Belle Vue Pleasure Park
British Airways
C T Maine Limited (Jewellers)
Caesarean Cycling Club
Carnation Nurseries
Channel Island Yacht Services
Channel Islands Lottery
Choses Limited
Condor Jersey Limited
Dolphin Hotel
Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
Elizabeth Castle
Excitement Dancers
Fort Regent
Galaad Junior Church
German Underground Hospital
Hotel de la Plage
Jersey Agricultural Marketing Federation
Jersey Battle of Flowers Association
Jersey Caledonian Pipe and Drums
Jersey Chamber of Commerce
Jersey Evening Post, The
Jersey Horse Driving Society
Jersey Hotel and Guest House Association
Jersey Martello Majorettes
Jersey Milk Marketing Board
Jersey Post Office
Jersey Youth Wind Band
Lambert and Ross (Entertainers)
Les Touristes Limited
Litho-Print (Jersey) Limited
Luce's Jersey Eau de Cologne Company Limited
Lynn Photographers Limited
Marcel, Jacques
Mermaid Hotel
Mettoy Company Limited
Miss Battle of Flowers
Monterey Hotel
Mont Orgueil
Old Court House Hotel
Parish of Grouville
Parish of St Clement
Parish of St John
Parish of St Martin
Park Plaza Florist Limited
Pomme D'Or Hotel
Portelet Hotel
Merton Hotel
Le Coie Hotel
Radio Lions
Rediffusion Limited
Rockfreeze Refridgeration (Channel Islands) Limited
Ronald Keith
Royal British Legion
Royal Dragoons
Royal Horse Guards
Royal Yacht Hotel
S G B (Channel Islands) Limited
Seymour Hotels Limited
Société Jersiaise
St Aubin's Playschool
St Saviour's Hospital
Tantivy Motors Limited
The Band of the Blues and Royals
The Lido Dancers
The Lobster Pot
The Town Jewellers
Treasure Island Jazz Band
Voisin and Company
White and Company Limited
World Welfare Association
Keywords Programmes | Entertainment
Places Victoria Avenue
Dimensions 1 Booklet
Language English
Level of description File


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