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Digital copy of the Report of the Review Panel on the Machinery of Government in Jersey. Used by Dr Philip Michael Johnson in his witness statement to the Inquiry dated 25 July 2014 [ZC/D/AW6/A/EE000035].

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Reference ZC/D/AW6/A/EE000005
Date 1 December 2000 - 31 December 2000
Scope and Content Includes chapters on: the scope of the review, the electorate, the States Assembly, States Committees, governmental structure, the business of administration, the Parishes, the Bailiff, the creation of an Ombudsman, open democracy, and a summary of recommendations with respect to the machinery of government in Jersey.
Names Amy, Frank, Constable
Anthony, Bevan
Anthony, R
Astridge, Janice
Astridge, Richard
Bailhache, Sir Philip Martin, Bailiff of Jersey
Bailhache, Ann, Senator
Bailhache, William James, Bailiff of Jersey
Baird, George
Barker, James
Baudains, Gerard, Deputy
Baudains, Henry H, Deputy
Baudains, Shirley, Deputy
Bendelow, Ben
Billot, Mervyn R
Binnington, Bernard Thomas
Birt, Michael Cameron St John, Deputy Bailiff
Black, Ian
Bloomfield, Sir Kenneth
Boothman, John
Bralsford, Martin
Branch, Greg
Breckon, Alan, Deputy
Bridge, Jennifer, Deputy
Bright, Chris
Brown, Robert
Butler, Russell
Burke, Edmund
Cabot, Roy, Constable of Trinity
Carter, Marisha
Carter, Pat
Christensen, Robert
Clarke, A
Clarke, Michael
Clothier, Sir Cecil
Cooper, Barrie Raymond
Coppock, Geoffrey
Corbin, Jill
Coutanche, Henry, Constable
Crespel, David, Deputy
Crill, Sir Peter
de Abreu, Rui
de Carteret, G R
de Gruchy, Sue R
de Veulle, John, Jurat
D'Orleans, Peter Charles
Dorey, Jeremy Laurence, Deputy
Dorey, Tom
Dubras, Maurice, Deputy
Dudley, Denzyl
Duhamel, Rob, Deputy
Dunn, Michael
Dunningham, Tim
Esnouf, Alina
Esterson, Ann
Fergusson, Peter
Falle, Philip
Filleul, Don
Fletcher, Gerald
Garner, Adrian
Garnham, Roger A
Godel, Edwin Le Gresley, Constable
Gothard, Anne
Gothard, George
Gouyette, C
Grace, William
Griffiths, Peter
Grime, Geoffrey
Hacquoil, Robin, Deputy
Hair, John
Hair, Mary
Haydon, Francis
Haydon, Isobel
Henwood, John
Hepworth, Noel
Hill, Bob, Deputy
Hinault, Carl, Constable
Horsfall, Pierre François, Senator
Hotton, Brian
Huet, Jacqui, Deputy
Ibbotson, Frederick I
Jacques, John
Jeune, Reg
Johnson, Philip Michael, Dr
Kelleher, John, Dr
Keogh, Anthony, Reverend
King, John
Kisch, Astrid
Kisch, Robert, Dr
Lakeman, Chris, Advocate
Lakeman, Chris, Senator
Lanyon, Mike
Layzell, Alastair, Deputy
Le Bail, Cyd
Le Brocq, Robert Lester, Constable
Le Claire, Paul, Senator
Le Cocq, Tim
Le Cornu, Stan, Constable
Le Cras, Philip, Lieutenant Bailiff
Le Feuvre, Iris, Constable
Le Fondré, John
Le Geyt, Brian
Le Geyt, Margaret, Deputy
Le Herrisier, Roy, Deputy
Le Maistre, Jean, Senator
Le Quesne, David
Le Quesne, Sir Martin
Le Rendu, John
Le Rendu, Luke
Le Roy, Catherine
Le Roy, Roger
Le Sueur, Angela
Le Sueur, Terry, Senator
Leach, Craig
Lee, Adrian
Lemprière, Raoul
Lucas, Michael
MacRae, George
Maltwood, Derek, Deputy
Mariette, Anne
Marshall, Janet
Mayhew, Judith
Mills, John
Mitchell, Austin, The Right Honourable
Mitchell, Ron
Morvan, Seamus
Murrells, Simon
Myles, Barbara, Jurat
Newcombe, Mary
Nicolle, Stéphanie
Noel, E J
Norman, Len, Senator
Norman, Leslie
Ozouf, Philip, Constable
Ozouf, Philip, Deputy
Parlett, Charles
Pearce, Peter
Perchard, Anne
Pinel, John
Pinel, Mick
Pirouet, Richard
Pitcher, Peter
Pittman, Robin
Pollard, Mac, Constable
Potter, Edward James MacGregor, Jurat
Powell, Colin
Quenault, Enid
Querée, Peter J
Renouf, Tony
Rice, John
Richardson, Anley
Richardson, Mary A
Romeril, Mike, Dr
Robson, Norman
Rondel, Philip J, Deputy
Sarre, Bill
Scott Warren, Celia, Deputy
Seymour, David
Shenton, Dick, Senator
Shipley, Rob
Shirley, P W S
Shock, Sir Maurice
Sikka, Prem
Simmons, Tom
Sinel, Philip
Skinner, Ronald Brydon
Stein, Corrie, Senator
Stone, Margaret
Sutton, Sir John, Lieutenant Governor
Syvret, Ken, Deputy
Syvret, Richard
Syvret, Stuart, Senator
Thompson, Sarah
Tibbo, John Claude, Jurat
Tredant, Eve
Vibert, Ken, Constable
Vibert, Mike, Deputy
Vibert, Ralph
Walker, Frank, Senator
Walton, Adrian
Ward, Barbara
Wavell, Mike, Deputy
Weston, Robert
White, Jonathan
Whitford, Dawn
Whitworth, Chris
Wilkes, Sir Michael, Lieutenant Governor
Wimberley, Daniel
Young, John
Review Panel on the Machinery of Government in Jersey
Airport and Harbours Committee
BBC Radio Jersey
Caesarean Group
Channel Television
Customs and Excise Department
Comité des Connetables
Corporation of London
Customs Department
Employment and Social Security Committee
Industry Organising Committee
Institute of Public Finance
Island Tenants Association
Jersey Audit Commission
Jersey Chamber of Commerce
Jersey Civil Service Joint Council
Jersey Evening Post
Jersey Farmers' Union
Jersey Hospitality Association
Jersey Institute of Directors
Jersey Post
Jersey Rights Association
Ogier and Le Masurier (advocates and solicitors)
Planning and Environment
Standing Conference of Women’s Organisations
Keywords Bailiffs | democracy | deputies | Government | Machinery | ombudsman | panels | Parishes | recommendations | reports | reviews | senators | States Assembly | States committees
Places Jersey
Dimensions 1 pdf file
Language English
Level of description File
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Digital copy of the Report of the Review Panel on the Machinery of Government in Jersey. Used by Dr Philip Michael Johnson in his witness statement to the Inquiry dated 25 July 2014 [ZC/D/AW6/A/EE000035].


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