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Digital copy of The Pindown Experience and the Protection of Children: The Report of the Staffordshire Child Care Inquiry 1990 by Allan Levy and Barbara Kahan.

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Reference ZC/D/AW6/C/EE000131
Date 1991
Scope and Content Relates to an inquiry into a method of controlling children known as Pindown that developed in children’s homes in Staffordshire between 1983 and 1989. Includes parts on: a background to the Inquiry and introduction to the Report; chronological histories by year from 1983 to 1989 inclusive; the Pindown experience; analyses of Pindown and Fundwell; the protection of children; professional issues; conclusions; and a summary of recommendations.
Names Allen, David
Allen, John
Allsop, Lynn
Andrews, Christopher
Arnold, Susan
Aston, John
Auckland, John George
Austin, W F
Bailey, Susan, Dr
Baldwin, Nick
Banner, G
Beach, N
Beech, Mr
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Carter, Paul
Clarke, H C
Clough, Richard
Crockett, Peter
Cruddace, Ray
Cunnott, I D
Daniels, Janet
Dennis, Sylvia
Doherty, Damian
Doherty, Louise, née Ogborne
Draper, I A
Duffy, J
Edge, Jill
Evans, Christine
Fisher, Mark
Foreman, David, Dr
Gibbs, Rose
Gilford, Lesley
Goodier, Elaine
Hall, P
Hambrook, Eric
Heath, David
Hill, Frederick
Hodder, Mr
Hodgkin, Rachel
Hosie, K
Howard, Hugh
Howes, R E
Hudson, B
Hudson, Paul
Hudson, Roy
Hunt, Lord
Hunter, P J
Hurley, Michael
Ilsey, Margaret
Ironside, Eileen
Irwin, Edna, Dr
Jebb, C
Joseph, Keith
Jupp, M
Kahan, Barbara
Kendrick, Terry
Kennedy, P J M
Kidney, David
Lasenby, Sarah
Latham, Tony
Levy, Allan
Livingstone, David
Jones, M E
Lovatt, S
Lowenstein, Dr
Lucas, Christopher
Lyons, Morris
Machin, Linda
Mellors, Glynis, née Bonnici
McIntyre, Elaine
McManus, Patricia
McMullan, A
Millham, S
Miller, H
Milner, Ian
Monckton, Sir Walter
Murphy, Michael
Mytton, John
Nicholls, Michael
Nicol-Harper, Peter
O'Neill, Barry
Oliver, Pauline
Owen, Philip
Pearce, Anthony
Phillips, Patrick
Pickard, Liz
Pierpoint, George
Pierpoint, William
Pilmore, R
Poulter, M
Pountney, Laurence
Price, Bernard
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Ramsay, Bernard
Rees, Sally
Robbins, D
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Robinson, Eileen
Robinson, Neil
Rodriguez, Jaime
Rogers, Wade
Roman, E W
Rowland, Roger
Saunders, Reg
Scott, Jean
Sharp, Bob
Sharpe, Robert
Simpson, M J
Smith, Robert
Spooner, Margaret
Spurr, John
Standon, Andrew
Stewart, G
Stewart, James
Stoughton, Mr
Sullivan, Brendan
Swinhoe, Susan
Taylor, Carole
Taylor, Elaine
Taylor, Jane
Taylor, John
Tempest, K
Thomas, A
Thomas, Michael
Thompson, Richard
Thornelow, Graham
Tomlinson, William
Toplass, Graham
Trotter, John
Tucker, Gail
Tutt, Norman, Professor
Wagner, Lady Gillian
Wall, Peter A
Walley, Christopher
Walton, David
Walton, Jane
Warren, Peter
Warrilow, Philip
Werner, Alf
Westward, Martin
White, Nicholas
Whitehurst, Pauline
Williams, Audrey
Williams, Kevin
Willis, M D
Wise, I
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Digital copy of The Pindown Experience and the Protection of Children: The Report of the Staffordshire Child Care Inquiry 1990 by Allan Levy and Barbara Kahan.


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