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Digital copy of People Like Us: The Report of the Review of the Safeguards for Children Living Away from Home by Sir William Utting, Catherine Baines, Marian Stuart, John Rowlands and Roz Vialva for the Department of Health and the Welsh Office.

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Reference ZC/D/AW6/C/EE000145
Date 1998
Scope and Content Relates to summary report; principal recommendations; the starting point of the review; where children live; common themes regarding parents, children and abusers; common themes regarding staff and institutions; common themes regarding systems. Includes references, bibliography, and appendices regarding commissioned work; legislation and guidance; statistics on children; institutions and staff; regulatory frameworks concerning children's homes and schools; list of respondents; and list of places and organisations visted.
Names Afzal, Ghazala, Dr
Amies, Clare
Anderson, Ewan, Professor
Archer, Lesley
Baines, Catherine
Barnett, B
Barter, Christine
Beck, Frank
Beedell, Christopher
Berridge, David
Blake, Jo
Blom-Cooper, Sir Louis
Brahm, Professor
Brand, Don
Brown, Ben
Brown, L
Bryden-Brook, Simon
Bullock, Roger
Burgner, Tom
Carroll, Seamus
Chaundy, Jan
Conroy, Matthew
Cooklin, Ruth S, Dr
Cooper, Liz
Craft, Ann
de Morgan, A
Elias, Gerard
Elliott, Michele
Faithfull, Lucy, Baroness
Farmer, Elaine, Dr
Fenton, Andrew
Gale, Roger
Gallagher, Bernard
Gibbs, Ian
Gibson, Sir Ralph
Goodman, Leo
Gray, Thomas
Grenfell, Joyce
Grimwood, Roy
Groome, Richard
Hall, Alan
Halstead, Clare
Hames, Michael
Hamilton, Elizabeth
Hanvey, Chris, Dr
Heller, Claire
Herring, Tina
Hicks, Leslie
Jackson, Sonia
Johnson, Dr
Jones, Adrianne
Jones, Peter
Jordan, Malcolm
Kahan, Barbara
Keeler, L
Kendrick, Andrew, Dr
Kennedy, Margaret
Kirkwood, Andrew
Kurtz, Zarinna
Latham, I L
Lee, Paul
Levy, Alan
Lewis, David
Lindsay, Michael J, Dr
Loader, Peter, Dr
Lowenstein, L F, Dr
Lycholit, Sheila
MacDonald, Karen
Manson, David
Marchant, Ruth
McFarlin, Peter
McMullen, E Jane
Millington, Sheila
Morgan, Roger, Dr
Morris, Edward
Morris, Jenny
Morris, Ralph
Mulvaney, Joanne
Nicholls, J
O'Neill, Freddie
O'Toole, Kevin
Park, Robert
Pigot, Thomas
Pomeroy, G E
Ramsbotham, Sir David
Redgrave, Kenneth
Reynolds, Jim, Chief Inspector
Robertson, Jayne
Robinson, Mrs
Rome, T
Rose, Wendy
Rowlands, John
Saddington, Alex
Saint, Roger
Sibert, Jo
Sinclair, Ian, Professor
Smith, Gerrilyn
Smith, Graham
Smith, Peter K, Professor
Snook, E H
Stevenson, Olive, Professor
Stuart, Marian
Thompson, G A
Thompson, Malcolm
Thornton, L W
Thurnham, Peter
Trollope, Anthony
Tumim, Lady Winifred
Turner, Derek
Utting, Sir William
Vialva, Roz
Warner, Norman
Webster, Richard
Weightman, Christine
West, Frederick
West, Rosemary
Westcott, Helen
Whitaker, Dorothy
Whittle, Ann
Williams, Keeley
Woodhead, David
Young, Sonia
A Voice for the Child in Care
Advice Advocacy and Representation Service for Children
Area Child Protection Committee
Armed Forces
Ashley Maynard Associates
Association of Chief Police Officers
Association of County Councils
Association of Educational Guardians for the International Students
Association of Directors of Social Services
Association of Metropolitan Authorities
Association of Workers for Children with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties
Audit Commission
Barnados Homes
Birtenshaw Hall School
Boarding Schools' Association
Bristol University
British Agencies for Adoption and Fostering
British Association of Social Workers
Burnett Swayne
Cambridgeshire County Council Social Services
Camden Social Services
Caring for Children
Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work
Cheshire County Council Social Services
Children in Wales
Clumber Lodge
Clwyd Independent Panel
Commission for Racial Equality
Commission on Children and Violence
Committee on Standards in Public Life
Council for Disabled Children
Court Lees Approved School
Crown Prosecution Service
Dartington Social Research Unit
Department of Education
Department of Education and Employment
Department of Employment
Department of Health
Department of Health and Social Services for Northern Ireland
Dunblane Primary School
Friends of New Barns
Friends Therapeutic Community Trust
Gabbitas Educational Services
Glebe House
Gloucestershire County Council
HM Inspector of Prisons
Home Office
Howard League for Penal Reform
Incorporated Association of Preparatory Schools
Independent Panel of Investigations into Children's Services
Independent Representation for Children in Need
Independent Schools Joint Council
Kent County Council
Kirklees Metropolitan Council Social Services Department
Institute for the Study and Treatment of Delinquency
Lancashire County Council
Leeds Children's Right Service
Leicestershire County Council
Local Government Management Board
London Borough of Camden
London Borough of Hounslow
London Borough of Islington
Luton University
Maudsley Family Research Studies
Meadows School, Southborough
Mental Health Commission
Merton London Borough
Metropolitan Police Service
National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders
National Association of Head Teachers
National Association of Inspection and Registration Officers
National Association of Probation Officers
National Children's Bureau
National Children's Home
National Council of Voluntary Child Care Organisations
National Foster Care Association
National Institute for Social Work
National Residential Child Care Initiative
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
National Youth Agency
Nazareth House Children's Villa
New Scotland Yard
Norwood Child Care
Office of Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools in Wales
Orchard Lane Initiatives Ltd
Orkney Seven Action Group
Parents Action Group
Prison Reform Trust
Public Concern at Work
Quaker Heads' Conference
Secretary of State for Health
Royal College of Psychiatrists
Royal National Institute for the Blind
Secondary Heads Association
Secretary of State for Health
Secretary of State for Wales
Service Children's Education
Shaftesbury Homes and Arethusa Training Ship
Somerset County Council
Social Care Association
Social Services Inspectorate
Social of Education Officers
Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and Senior Managers
South Devon Healthcare
St George's School, Harpenden
State Boarding Schools Information Service
Suffolk County Council Social Services
Thames Anglia Heads of Inspection and Registration Group
The Bridge Child and Family Centre
The Charterhouse Group
The Children's Society
The Dragon School, Oxford
The Guardian
The Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference
The Hesley Group
The Howard League for Penal Reform
The Learning Agency
The Local Government Association
The Lucy Faithfull Foundation
The National Association of Independent Resources for Children
The National Heads of Inspection and Registration
The Nugent Care Society
The Peper Harow Foundation
The Refugee Council
The Suzy Lamplugh Trust
Thomas Coram Foundation
Union of Muslim Organisations of the United Kingdom and Ireland
United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
University of Dundee
University of Manchester
University of Roehampton
University of York
Voices from Care
Voice of Young People in Care Ltd
Voluntary Organisations Consultancy Service
Wales Advocacy Unit
Welsh Local Government Association
Welsh Office
Westminster City Council
Who Cares? Trust
York City Council Children's Services
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Places Breconshire, Bristol, Camden, Dagenham, Gloucestershire, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, Hounslow, Islington, Kent, Kingston, Kirklees, Lancashire, Leeds, Leicestershire, Luton, Manchester, Merton, Northern Ireland, Orkney Islands, Oxford, Roehampton, Somerset, Southborough, South Devon, Suffolk, United Kingdom, West Midlands, Westminster, Woodford, York
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Language English
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