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Digital copy of Exhibit 7: Notes referred to by Witness 28 in their witness statement to the States of Jersey Police in 2008 as part of Operation Rectangle dated 23 April 2008 [see Exhibit 6: ZC/D/AW1/A1/2/WD002633F and C/D/AW1/B1/2/2/4/WS000307], providing an account of their experiences of physical and sexual abuse during their time under the care of the States of Jersey at Haut de la Garenne. [Some details redacted].

Used as evidence in relation to Witness 28's witness statement to the Inquiry dated 15 January 2015 [C/D/AW1/B3/5/WS000334].

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Reference ZC/D/AW1/B1/2/2/4/WS000310
Date 12 March 2008 - 23 April 2008
Scope and Content Describes witnessing other children crying in the night and seeking comfort from them. Recalls wetting the bed as a child, and believes the same was true for other residents, suggesting fear as the reason. Mentions a carer but is not certain of his name. Describes physical abuse by Jim Thomson and Morag Jordan (née Kidd) towards them, and physical abuse by staff at Haut de la Garenne towards towards other residents, citing meal times in a particular example. Recalls presence of Jimmy Savile at Haut de la Garenne on several occasions, including to open a fete and take part in a sponsored walk, as well as the presence of an unknown man at Haut de la Garenne who abused boys, and Edward Paisnel breaking into one of B Group’s dormitories on more than one occasion. Mentions knowledge of abuse taking place at La Préférence Children’s Home. Details instances of sexual abuse, including in the bathroom, by individuals at Haut de la Garenne, naming staff such as Jim Thomson and resident Michael Aubin, and not reporting abuse due to being told no one would believe them. Describes further abuse by individuals, including Tony Whatton. Describes Tony Whatton’s use of the Martello Towers at St Catherine’s and St Aubin’s as locations for abuse. Names other locations of abuse such as the fort at L’Auberge du Nord, another Martello Tower, the dolmens, St Catherine’s Woods, and Crabbé Rifle Range. Recounts feeling unable to confide in teachers at school due to the presence of corporal punishment in education at the time, and feeling that their teachers were not approachable. Comments on allegations that residents were also abusing children at Haut de la Garenne, adding that residents were made to commit acts by staff, and did so due to fear of reprisals. Recalls regularly running away from Haut de la Garenne due to the abuse taking place, but regularly being returned to Haut de la Garenne by police, only to face further punishment from staff. Describes abuse whilst resident at [Basil Lodge] Hostel by a man living in a flat. Describes feeling shame as a result of the sexual abuse, suicide attempts, and abuse associated health problems. Informs that they have told their partner, counsellors, members of prison staff, police, his probation officer, and health workers about the abuse. Describes receiving a letter from a fellow former resident at Haut de la Garenne regarding the abuse; describes their feelings of guilt, and thoughts of suicide. For copy of these notes see C/D/AW1/B1/2/2/4/WD002633/7 [please note levels of redaction differ].
Names Basil Lodge Hostel
Crabbé Range
Haut de la Garenne
La Préférence Children's Home
States of Jersey Police
Studio 18
Aubin, Michael
Jordan, Morag Louise, née Kidd
Paisnel, Edward
Savile, Jimmy
Thomson, Jim
Whatton, Tony
Keywords abuse | bathrooms | children's homes | Children | Correspondence | child abuse | counselling | corporal punishment | depression | diaries | fêtes | Forts | health | institutions | Letters | Martello towers | mental health | physical abuse | Police | police officers | Prison | probation officers | punishments | residential homes | residents | rape | sexual abuse | Suicide | sponsored walks | staff | teachers | tutors | witness statements | witnesses
Places Basil Lodge, Crabbé Range, Haut de la Garenne, L'Auberge du Nord, St Aubin, St Catherine's Woods, St Catherine
Dimensions 1 pdf file
Language English
Level of description File
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