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Travel Permits completed by people leaving Jersey for Southampton on the 1st of August 1919

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Reference D/S/M2/268B
Date August 1st 1919
Names Immigration and Nationality Department
Master, Herbert Francis Harker
McMahon, Mary Frances
Medlycote, Alexander Joseph
Messervy, John Godfrey
Michel, Edwin Peter
Mockler, Violet Kathleen Sybella
Money, Dorothy Charlotte
Montgomery, Margaret
Moore, Graham Maynard
Moore, Marjorie Alison
Morse, Arthur
Le Mottee, John
Mulley, Elizabeth Annie
Le Naviose, Etienne Louis
Naylor, Alexander James
Naylor, Ethel Nellie
Neary, William Wilfred
Noel, Eliza Lucy
Noel, Laurens Philip Henery
Norman, Madeleine Louise
Oldfield, Francis Mary
Oliver, Gladys Marie
Ozanne, Aline Hume
Ozanne, Ruth
Ozard, Alice Jane
Ozard, Alice Louise
Ozard, Winnifred Louisa
Patterson, Florence Agnes
Payn, Lizzie
Payn, W B
Penman, Gladys Estelle
Picard, Gabriel
Le Poidevin, William James
Pope, Emily Kate
Pope, Ethel Lily
Pritchard, Eleanor Conington Loft
Pritchard, Isabel
de Putron, P
Le Quesne, John
Richards, Nellie Dorothy
Le Riche, Charles James
Le Riche, Maud Susan
Robson, Norman
Rogers, Isabel Muriel
Ronne, Alexander
Seabrook, Lucy
Sharp, Maurice Reginald
Shelley, Blanche
Slaytor, Miles
Royal Air Force
Royal Irish Rifles
Sloper, Harriett Louise
Standford, Ernest William
Stranger, Muriel
Stewart, Charles John
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, Frederic Oliver
Le Sueur, M A
Le Sueur, Therese
Surry, Ethel Naomi
Swatman, Mary Elizabeth
Swatman, Wilfred Wright
Thrush, Arthur Albert
Le Tissier, Irene
Trewhella, Helene
Trewhella, Wilfred Barnes
Unia, Joseph Abraham
Vander Beken, Guillaume Francois
Vautier, Cyril George
Wade, Evelyn
Waterman, Joseph John
Welsten, Florence Alice
White, Beatrice Emilie Duclos
White, Nancy Emilie
White, Wanda Stanhope
Whitechurch, Arthur Frederic
Whitechurch, Jessie Frances
Whittall, Catherine Mary
Whittall, Frederick James
Wills, Edith Maud
Wills, Edith Melvina
Wilson, Charles Henry
Wilson, Minnie
Wood, Ellen Dorothy
Woods, Daisy Margaret
Woods, Gerald William
Woods, John Alan
Woods, Walter William
Royal Army Service Corps
Woolhams, Thomas Reginald
Woolveridge, Charles Lionel
Woolveridge, Helen Emily May
Keywords travel permits | immigration | commercial travellers | welding | Sisters | journalists | school teachers | telegraphy | ministers | Aeroplanes | Engineers | soldiers | stenographers
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Places Southampton, Guernsey
Dimensions 89 papers
Level of description File
Access restrictions Please view pdf online
Closed until 2100


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Travel Permits completed by people leaving Jersey for Southampton on the 1st of August 1919


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