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St Mary's School Log Book. This volume records the daily events at the school and has been indexed by name of the person mentioned. The index created by volunteers has been attached as a PDF so that you can see the page numbers the person is mentioned on. The volume has not been digitised to date so you will need to contact the Archive to obtain copies of the relevant pages.

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Reference D/J/33/C1/1
Date 4 November 1929 - 24 July 1964
Names St Mary's School
Allen, J
Allen, Miss
Allo, Robert
Amy, Deputy
Andrews, Miss
Arthur, Donald
Arthur, Margaret
Arthur, C
Arthur, Miss
Avery, Mr
Avery, G E
Aylward, E F
Aylward, Miss
Aylward, E
Barette, Ivor
Barnard, Pauline
Baudains, Jurat
Beghin, Mr
Bennett, W A
Bentliff, Doctor
Berry, Eileen Mavis
Berry, Miss
Bertram, R W
Bertram, Mrs
Bertram, Mr
Bertram, R
Bertram, G W
Bertram, S W
Billot, Barbara
Billot, Mrs
Bird, Chas
Blampied, Clifford
Blampied, Deputy
Blampied, Naomi
Blanchet, Mary
Blanchet, Audrey
Blanchet, Joyce
Bolton, Mr
Bonney, Jennifer
Bonny, George
Bonny, Annaise
Bonny, P
Boschat, Raymond
Bozier, Patricia
Bree, Jurat
Bretel, Miss
Briggs, Peter
Brookes, Nurse
Brown, J F
Brown, Miss
Brown, Elsie
Butler, R
Butler, Mr
Cabot, Emelie Marguerite
Cabot, Miss
Cabot, Mr
Caro, Robert
Carpenter, Mr
Carre, Doctor
Carré, A L
Carter, H S
Carter, Messrs
Ceppi, Mons
Ceppi, Marc
Challinor, William E
Challinor, Mr
Challinor, Mrs
Chapron, Eunice
Chapron, Ivy
Cherril, Mr
Cloarec, Oscar
Cole, Barbara
Corbel, Mr
Corbel, C G
Cotillard, F
Coupelan, Angele
Coupelan, Pauline
Coutanche, A M
Cudlipp, Joan
Cudlipp, J
Cudlipp, Mlle
Cutland, J
Dalby, Mr
Dallain, Mrs
Dallain, Mr
Dallain, A G
Darling, Doctor
Davey, Mr
Davis, Mrs
de Gruchy, Reverend
de Gruchy, Neville
de la Haye, George
de La Haye, F
de la Haye, P
de la Haye, Joan
de la Haye, Howard
Deffains, John Raymond
Deffains, Mavis
Deffains, Mavis Marguerite
Deffains, Phyllis
Delaporte, Jean
Desmond, Doctor
Dorey, Jurat
Dorey, Mr
Dorey, Elizabeth
Drean, Emile
du Feu, Edward
du Feu, Eileen
du Feu, Geraldine
Durand, Gerald
Durand, Phyllis
Durand, Ernest
Durand, M
Egre, Mr
Egre, Colin
Emblem, Patricia
Erskine, George
Falle, A
Falle, Mrs
Falle, Miss
Ferey, family
Festou, Leonie
Festou, Ernest
Festou, Ernest Marie
Fleury, W T
Fromage, Nicholas
Gallichan, Jurat
Garnier, Alice
Garnier, A
Gaudin, Cyril
Gavey, Phyllis
Gavey, Mavis
Georgelin, Honore
Gicquel, Rosemary
Gicquel, Bernadette
Gigien, J
Gilley, Mr
Gilley, Mrs
Gilley, Robin
GIlley, Gloria
Godel, Doris
Godel, Ronald
Godfray, Mrs
Goode, Doctor
Gorin, Marguerite
Gough, Edwin Charles
Gough, A
Grassett, E
Green, Mrs
Grihault, Ivy
Grihault, Herbert
Guillaume, Jean
Haley, William
Hamon, Annie
Hampton, Lord
Harper, Mr
Harvey, J
Harvey, Mrs
Heppolette, J
Heppolette, Susan
Heuze, Ernest
Heuze, Jean
Heuze, Philippe
Hidrio, Bernice
Hinton, R
Hinton, Mr
Holmes, E
Hornby, Reverend
Huelin, Mr
Hughes, Father
Hughes, Mrs
Ingram, A V
Ingram, Evelyn
Ingram, Eileen
Ingram, Mr
Jackson, P
Jackson, Miss
Jackson, P W
Jarvis, H L
Jarvis, Mrs
Jegou, Suzette
Jehan, Ivy
Jehan, Viola
Jehan, Hedley
Joliffe, R M, Nurse
Journeaux, Mrs
Joyce, P
Joyce, Miss
Knackfuss, Colonel
Lamerton, John B
Lamerton, J B
Lamerton, Mr
Lamerton, John Brunt
Landic, Florence
Lawrence, Jacqueline
Le Bas, Reverend
Le Borgne, Arthur
Le Borgne, A
Le Breton, Lily
Le Breton, John Langlois
Le Breton, Mr
Le Breton, J L
Le Breton, Jean
Le Brocq, Margaret
Le Brocq, Mr
Le Brocq, Garnet
Le Brocq, P
Le Brocq, Mrs
Le Brocq, Misses
Le Brocq, J
Le Brocq, Miss
Le Brocq, Peter
Le Brocq, John
Le Brun, Irene
Le Chevalier, Joyce
Le Cocq, Mrs
Le Cornu, Mr
Le Cornu, Mrs
Le Coz, Odette
Le Cuirot, Cyril
Le Dain, H E
Le Dain, Herbert E
Le Dain, Mrs
Le Dain, Mr
Le Dain, Madeline
Le Dain, Yvonne
Le Doro, Louise
Le Feuvre, Messrs
Le Feuvre, Max
Le Feuvre, Centenier
Le Feuvre, Deputy
Le Feuvre, David
Le Feuvre, Mrs
Le Feuvre, Frank
Le Feuvre, June
Le Feuvre, Mr
Le Feuvre, Edgar
Le Feuvre, Enid
Le Gresley, H
Le Gresley, Derek
Le Hegarat, Edward
Le Hegarat, Eunice
Le Hegarat, Arthur
Le Hegarat, E
Le Hegarat, Denis
Le Herissier, Cynthia
Le Liard, Joseph Louis
Le Liard, Joe
Le Liard, Claire
Le Liard, Peter
Le Louarn, Simone
Le Louarn, Yolande
Le Louarn, Lucienne
Le Maistre, Mr
Le Maistre, Centenier
Le Maistre, B
Le Maistre, Mrs
Le Maistre, Deputy
Le Maistre, John
Le Marchand, Myrtle
Le Marchand, Peter
Le Marquand, Dulcie
Le Marquand, Phyllis
Le Marquand, Jurat
Le Marquand, Henry
Le Marquand, H
Le Marquand, Lennard
Le Marquand, William
Le Marquand, Doreen
Le Marquand, Miss
Le Marquand, J J
Le Marquand, Averille
Le Marquand, Caroline
Le Marquand, Susan
Le Marquand, Senator
Le Marquand, Mrs
Le Masurier, Jurat
Le Moignan, Joyce
Le Moignan, Leonard
Le Moignan, Sylvia
Le Moine, Hilda
Le Mottee, Robert
Le Quesne, P
Le Quesne, J P
Le Quesne, Mr
Le Quesne, Donald
Le Rossignol, M B
Le Rossignol, Marguerite B
Le Rossignol, Miss
Le Ruez, T
Le Ruez, Mr
Le Ruez, L
Le Ruez, Irene
Leonard, Terence
Lewis, Doctor
Lobb, A
Lobb, John Fry
Lobb, Mr
Lobb, Arthur
Lobb, John
Luce, Mr
MacKinstry, Doctor
Mallet, Mavis
Mallet, Mr
Marett, Doctor
Martelli, A de C
Mauger, F W
Maxwell, Mr
McCormick, Mr
McCormick, Michael
McEwan, Mr
McKinstry, Doctor
Messager, Father
Michel, Marjorie
Michel, Enid
Michel, Roselle
Michel, Daniel
Millard, Reverend
Millard, Mrs
Mollet, R
Mollet, Ralph
Montgomery, Miss
Montgomery, Field marshall Viscount
Moody, Mrs
Moon, David
Morel, John
Morison, J P
Morison, Mr
Morley, R
Morley, Joyce
Morley, Ronald
Morrison, Mr
Morrison, J P
Moulin, Hedley
Moulin, Clarence
Moulin, Lawrence
Moulin, L
Mourant, Deputy
Mulley, D
Murfitt, L
Murphy, Doctor
Nicholson, Gresham
Nicholson, Lady
Nicolle, Mr
Nicolle, Walter
Olliver, Doctor
Ouless, Reverend
Ouless, C C
Ouless, C
Palmer, Henry
Parmée, C C
Parmée, Mr
Perchard, George
Perree, F J
Perree, Madame
Perree, Mrs
Perree, N J
Perree, Miss
Perriot, P
Pickles, Mrs
Pickles, Berys
Pinel, Ann
Pinel, Stephen
Pirouet, David
Pitman, E M
Pitman, E
Pitman, Miss
Poingdestre, Doreen
Powel, Morley
Poyner, Margaret
Price, Mr
Quenault, Sonia
Querée, Deputy
Querée, Mrs
Rabet, John Raymond
Raimbault, Eugene
Raimbault, Therese
Rault, J
Reed, John
Reed, Mr
Reed, Sally
Renault, Miss
Renouf, Lawrence
Renouf, L
Renouf, Royston Philip
Renouf, Brian
Renouf, Grace
Richardson, V
Richardson, P N
Richardson, Miss
Richomme, Francis
Richomme, Doreen
Rider, Reverend
Rimeur, Mazel
Rimeur, Jennifer
Rimeur, Sandra
Rimeur, Pamela
Rimeur, Angela
Roberts, John
Robinson, Christopher
Roland, Jean
Rolland, Mavis
Rouillard, David
Rousseau, Edouard
Rousseau, Raymond
Rousseau, Yvonne
Saout, Dianna
Senior, R
Shone, D
Skillett, Nurse
Snell, Reverend
Stapleton, H E
Steiner, A
Stopher, Ruby
Strafford, C
Surcouf, Clarence
Surcouf, Mrs
Swain, Mr
Syvret, Centenier
Taylor, Kathleen
Taylor, Joan
Therin, Patricia
Therin, Sylvia
Therin, Florence
Thomas, G
Thompson, Mr
Thorburn, Mrs
Tibbetts, J
Tibbetts, Mrs
Tibbetts, Gillian
Tibbetts, Valerie
Tolk, W J
Tolk, Mr
Toudic, Florence
Toudic, Armantine
Toudic, J
Toudic, Roselle
Toy, W R
Turner, F A
Turner, Ann
Turpin, J
Valpy, Reverend
Vardon, Pearl Joyce
Vardon, Miss
Vautier, D L
Vautier, Miss
Vautier, D
Vautier, Graeme
Vautier, Geraldine
Vautier, Mrs
Vibert, Arthur
Vibert, Clifford
Vibert, P
Vibert, Miss
Vibert, Margaret
Vibert, Mr
Vitel, Alice
Waterman, John Raymond
Waterman, James
Waterman, C
Williams, Doctor
Wimberley, H C A
Wimberley, Mr
Wynn Williams, Mr
Keywords Schools | Education | log books
Category D - States Departments and Administrations
Dimensions 1 volume
Language English
Level of description File


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