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Digital copy of Documents relating to the case of the Attorney General v. Gordon Claude Wateridge. [Some details redacted].

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Reference ZC/D/AW1/A3/6/1/1/WD001202
Date 20 August 2009 - 21 September 2009
Scope and Content 1. Case note [2009 JLR Note 47] in respect of Attorney General v. Wateridge, 21 September 2009. Provides guidance for the starting point for sentencing for indecent assault by a member of staff in a care home against a child resident as being. imprisonment. 2. Sentence of judgment at the Royal Court (Samedi Division) before Sir Christopher Pitchers, Commissioner and Jurats de Veulle and Tibbo in respect of The Attorney General v. Gordon Claude Wateridge, 21 September 2009. Names S M Baker as Crown Advocate and Advocate M L Preston for the Defendant [Wateridge]. Refers to sentencing of Wateridge by the Inferior Number of the Royal Court, after conviction at Assize in respect of the first indictment laid against him and following guilty pleas in respect of the second indictment laid against. Outlines the charges on which Wateridge is sentenced, noting 8 counts of indecent assault and 1 count of assault as per the first indictment, and 3 counts of possession of a firearm and 1 count of possessing ammunition as per the second indictment. Notes Wateridge's not guilty plea for the first indictment and guilty plea for the second indictment. Gives details of the offences committed by Wateridge, mentioning the date and nature of the offences. Provides details of mitigation and notes no previous convictions. Includes conclusions, acknowledging Wateridge's breach of trust as a live-in houseparents and impact of his actions on the lives of his victims. Outlines conclusions for sentences for each count against Wateridge, suggesting a sentence of 2½ years' imprisonment and the forfeiture and disposal of firearms and ammunition sought. Notes that Wateridge was sentenced to 2 years' imprisonment and the forfeiture and disposal of firearms and ammunition ordered, as per the sentence and observations of Court. Also outlines the Judgment of the Commissioner. 3. Indictment laid against Gordon Claude Wateridge in the Royal Court of Jersey before Sir Christopher Pitchers, Commissioner, 20 August 2009. Gives details of 19 counts of indecent assault dated between 1970 and 1974, 1 count of assault dated between 1971 and 1972 and 1 count of incitement to indecent assault dated between 1972 and 1974, all at Haut de la Garenne. Refers to evidence provided by eight former Haut de la Garenne residents and Wateridge. Refers to case heard between 10 and 20 August 2009, and Wateridge's plea of not guilty to the indictment laid against him. Refers to evidence provided by witnesses on oath, statements read from three individuals and hearings from Crown Advocate Stephen Mark Baker and Wateridge's advocate. Details Wateridge's conviction on 9 counts of the indictment laid against him, and acquittal on the 12 other counts. Signed by the Greffier Substitute. 4. Royal Court Convictions Appeal Cases in respect of Gordon Claude Wateridge, 21 September 2009. Provides Wateridge's date and place of birth. Includes summaries of the judgment made, and any sentence passed, with respect to each individual count brought against Wateridge. Notes that Wateridge's appeal against conviction and sentence was dismissed.
Names Baker, S M, Advocate
de Veulle, Philip John, Jurat
Pitchers, Sir Christopher
Preston, M L, Advocate
Tibbo, John Claude, Jurat
Wateridge, Gordon Claude
Haut de la Garenne
Jersey Law
Law Officers' Department
Royal Court
Samedi Court
Keywords abuse | advocates | Ammunition | assault | Attorneys General | child abuse | Children | children's homes | crime | convictions | courts | firearms | greffiers | Imprisonment | indecent assault | indictments | investigations | Jurats | juries | physical abuse | Police | sentences | sexual abuse | trials | violence | witnesses
Places Haut de la Garenne, St Martin
Dimensions 1 pdf file
Language English
Level of description File
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Digital copy of Documents relating to the case of the Attorney General v. Gordon Claude Wateridge. [Some details redacted].


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