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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey on the SS Alberta on the 30th of May 1919

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Reference D/S/M3/161
Date 30 May 1919
Names Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Alberta
Amicel, Jeanne
Amicel, Pierre
Aubin, Charles Walter Duret
Aubin, Isabel May
Barber, Dorothy Florence
Le Bas, Ethel Agnes Alice Willis
Le Bas, Hedley Ernest
Le Bas, Reginald Ernest
Bertram, Charles Douglas
Binet, Emmeline Maud
Blampied, Annie Georgina
Blampied, Thomas Richard
Bond, Wilfred Anderson
Le Boutillier, Edward G
Le Boutillier, Mary Jane
Brandt, Thomas Edwin
Butler, Constance Emily
Claireaux, Albus Edward
Claireaux, Susan Hutcheson
Cornish, Elvina
Cornish, Charles
Le Cornu, Elizabeth
de Ste Croix, Maude Amy
Ferguson, Evangeline
Ferguson, James Miller
Hampson, Henry George
Hampson, Jane Emily
Hyne, Olive Blanche
Kerr, Jack
Ledwich, Florence May
Ledwich, James William
Le Monnier, Clemence Marie
Journeaux, Alfred Donald
Newcombe, Kate
Newcombe, William George
Olliver, Mary Ann
Pigeon, Alice Sarah
Pigeon, John Walter
Pollard, Alice Barbara
Prévôt, Susanne
Queronet, Alice
Read, Alfred Edmund
Read, Harold Vivien Dickson
Reid, Clara
Richards, Elizabeth Maud
Robilliard, E F
Robilliard, Nicholas John
Robilliard, Rachel M
Robilliard, Gerald
Ruther, Ada Tydfil
Ruther, Tom Homer
Seale, Francis Daniel
Smith, Ellen
Squith, John George Robert
Swayne, Sir Eric
Taylor, Jessie
Taylor, Robert Wallis Cruickshank
Turner, Annie
Liversage, William Arthur
La Voguer, Pierre
Whittington, Alice Maude
Wood, Catherine
Wood, Emma
Salvation Army
Wood, Evangeline Annie
Wood, John
Wood, Lydia
Wood, Robert
Wood, Stanley
Wyatt-Smith, Annie
Wyatt-Smith, Frank
Keywords travel permits | immigration | agricultural workers | Engineers | nurses | Theatre | mariner | electricians | tobacconists | civil servants | soldiers | victuallers | bakers | telephonists | doctors
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Dimensions 69 papers
Language English
Level of description File
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Closed until 2100


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