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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey on the SS Ibex from Weymouth on the 29th of May 1919

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Reference D/S/M3/160
Date 29 May 1919
Names Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Ibex
Abram, Thomas Roberts
Allen, Charles William
Allen, George Edward
Arundell, Ralph
Macker, Anna Dora
Bertram, Emma
Blight, Florence Kate
Blight, Richard Lyme
Briggs, Charles
Brown, Frank Edward
Campbell, Arthur John
Carter, John Francis
Carter, Mary Jane
Cartwright, Edmund Bruce Willoughby
Cavey, Mabel Sarah
Cavey, Sydney John
Bernard, George Cawley
Chapman, Gladys Mabel
Clark, Edith
Cobb, Florence Esther Isabel
Cobb, Reginald Frederick
Cooke, Emma Ann
Cotterill, William
Coutanche, Charles Ernest
Dumaresq, Reginald
Dupuy, Arthur Edgar
Dustin, Charles
Easton, Charles V
Falle, Arthur William Ernest
du Feu, Philip
Le Feuvre, Philip
Hampton, Catherine
Heury, Ferou
Forryan, John Robert
Gabent, Raoul Joseph
Gibson, Maria Margaret
Gill, Milly Eliza
Gladstone, John Evelyn
Glynne-Jones, Richard Reginald, Captain
Glynne-Jones, Alice Katharine
Godley, Arthur Forbes
Godley, Mary
Goodman, Reginald Colmer
Goodman, Janet Ada
Green, Lawrence John
Greig, David John
de Gruchy, George Winter
Gruchy, P
Hall, William
Hay, Stuart Lovett
Australian Imperial Force
De La Haye, John
Hayes, William Herbert
Henderson, George James
Hensley, Ernest Augustus
Hensley, Gwendolen Frances Mary
Hettich, Ethel Frances
Hettich, Frieda Edwina
Hine, Percy
Royal Marines
Hoare, Harry
Huet, Peter Paul
de Gruchy, Alice Mary
Jouguet, Archibald James
2nd Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment
Lambert, Florence
Larbalestier, George Quesnel
Larbalestier, Marie
Laurens, Ethel May
Lawrence, Albert Harald
Lazard, Kate
Lee, Blanche
Lloyd, William Thomas
Loyer, Maria Amitie
Marie, Beatrice
Marks, Dudley
Marmain, Louis
Marsh, Herbert Henry
Marshall, Mary Augusta
Martyn, Gerald Carter
Mathieu, Eugénie Marie
Mavity, Bertha
Meech, Ella
Meech, Pamela
Meech, Randolph
Le Mesurier, Charles Andrew
Milbanke, Mary Ethel
Miller, Alma Blanche
Minier, Ernest Francis
Southard, Montague
Moore, Alfred
Morant, Florence H
Murtagh, Thomas
Nash, John
Newbury, James
O'Brien, Munro Tom
O'Heard, Clifford
Messervy-Pallot, Harold
Le Pauchon, John
Pavoux, Frank
Pinder, John
Phillips, Elizabeth Anne
Phillips, Weardale
Congregational Church
Pinel, Albert
Polze, Madeleine
Polze, Philip William G
Polze, Roselle May
Le Quesne, Catherine Esther
Renouf, Lawrence
Richards, Nellie Dorothy
Richards, William Charles
Richardson, Ernest
Richmond, Wilfred Charles
Royal Navy
Restbridger, Ernest Henry
Ritchie, Charles Edward
Rive, John Joseph
Robin, Eugene
Rochfort, Louise
Roes, Jan
Runge, Frank
Ryan, Norah
Ryan, Richard Patrick
Scrymgeour, Robert
Scrymgeour, William
Sim, Robert Aitken
Spargo, James Edward
Steane, Violet
Steele, Frederick William
Stoodley, John
Sweares, Winnie
Van Slogteren, Egbertus
Warren, Ethel Louise
Westwood, Alexander William
Whittaker, Edith
Warnaar, Willem
Keywords travel permits | immigration | soldiers | botanists | bulbs | growers | priests | nurses | Engineers | air crew | commercial travellers | Sailors | Potatoes
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Dimensions 130 papers
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Please view pdf online
Closed until 2100


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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey on the SS Ibex from Weymouth on the 29th of May 1919


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