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Travel Permits issued to passengers travelling from Weymouth on the SS Ibex on the 15th of June 1919

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Reference D/S/M6/8A
Date 15 June 1919
Names Immigration and Nationality Department
Adam, Florence Mary
Adam, Frank
Allen, George
Andrew, Bertram Le Masurier
Andrew, Mary
Ashton, Dorothy
Ashton, John
Atherstone, Roderick Bancroft
Aubin, Edward
Austin, Violet Muriel
Ball, Joseph Alfred
Batsford, Doris Maud
Barrowclough, John Rawlings
Bartlett, Alfred Leonard
Basham, Madeline Constance
Basham, Verner
Bastable, Helene Marie
Bathurst, Frederick M
Baudain, Ada Lauren
Belhomme, Jules Ernest
Berryman, James
Beuzeval, Albert Eugene
Royal Jersey Garrison Battalion
Beuzeavl, Emily Sophia
Beuzeval, Albert
Beuzeval, Fernleigh
Biller, Henry
Birkinshaw, Bertha Kate
Birkinshaw, Wilfred Frank
Bisson, Albert Ogier
Bisson, Dinah
Bisson, Elizabeth Mary
Bisson, Reginald Frederick
Blackler, Ruth Annie
Bland, George
Bolton, Hubert
Bolton, Mabel Annie
Bontems, Oliver James
Bougourd, May Alma
Le Bouteiller, Jacques
Le Bouteiller, Pierre
Bovill, Frederick Anderson
Bowen, Letitia Deane
Brasford, Ada
Brown, Ada Jessie
Burness, Frank Charles
Burrell, Harold George
Royal Air Force
Butler-Greatrex, Bianca
Butler-Greatrex, Bianca
Cannadine, Walter George
De Carteret, Leonora Mary Elizabeth
Challener, Esther Jane
Chambers, Bertram Francis
Chapple, Edwin Southard
Chapple, Mary
Chapple, Reginald Arthur
Chapple, Albert Edwin
Le Clercq, Sydney Ernest Reginald
Clubley, William Randolph
Coates Cole, Helen Marguerite
Coates Cole, Prudence Henrietta Thompson
Coates, George Alfred
Cobley, W
Cockson, Alice Lillian
Cockson, Edward Henry
Coker, James
Collins, Herbert Victor
Collis, Percy
Collis, Winifred Gladys Cornish
Comyn, Alinda Jane
O'Connor, Fred James
Canadian Army Medical Corps
O'Connor, Laura May
Cooper, Allan
Cox, Ralph George
Croce, George Noel
Cromack, Emily
Cromack, Freda
Currie, Thomas
Curwen, Alice Martha
Curwen, John
Dalby, Dorothy May
Dann, Florence Prudence
Davis, Annie Florence
Davis, Ruby Helena
Davison, George Frederick
Dene, Jane
Dene, Winifred Octavia
Dobrée, Edwin de Sausmarez
Drake, Rose Louise
Dubras, Charles Edmond
Du Feu, Hedley
Dupré, James Joslin
Dupre, Janey
Edwards, Eric McCoy
Ekins, Jane
Ekins, Walter Chapman
Ellis, Iris May
Elmore, John Oliver Surtees
England, Dorothy
England, Emily
England, William
Falla, Nic
Fauvel, George
Royal Navy
Fayner, Evelyn B
Feltham, Tom
Ferguson, Kathleen Dyson
Ferguson, Royston
Fleetwood, Ernest Henry
Fletcher, Edward Carsan
Foster, Clementine Rose
Foster, Edith Mabel
Foster, Frederick William
Foster, Lily Ada
Foster, Phyllis
Foster, William John
Frost, Ivor Henry
Garner, Francis
Guiton, Elvina Amélie
Gillbert, Alice Adeline
Gilbert, Charles
Gilbert, Emily Maud
Gill, Alice
Gillings, Constance Hilda
Keywords travel permits | immigration | Sailors | soldiers | weavers | Engineers | correspondents | commercial travellers | doctors
Places Weymouth
Dimensions 120 papers
Language English, French
Level of description File
Access restrictions Closed for Conservation - please view pdf file
Closed until 9999


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Travel Permits issued to passengers travelling from Weymouth on the SS Ibex on the 15th of June 1919


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