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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey from Weymouth on the SS Ibex on the 4th of May 1919

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Reference D/S/M3/150B
Date 4 May 1919
Names Immigration and Nationality Department
SS Ibex
Lane, Dorothy May
Lane, Emma Ann Stevens
Lane, Eva Elizabeth Alice
Lane, Frederick Alfred
Lane, Frederick Victor
De Launey, Lydia Gallichan
Lander, Edward
Life, Charles James
Lochead, Clara E L
Luce, Emmeline Jessica
Luce, Lilian Mary
Maclure, Percy Lionel
Le Maitre, Peter James
Le Marchant, Gaspard Thomas
Marindin, Edith Alice
Le Marquand, Winter Philip
Martin, Gladys Annie
Martin, Mary Jane
Martin, Sydney Alfred
Le Masurier, Joshua Philip
Matthews, Harold
Mayo, Constance Virginia
McKenzie, Annie May
Medwin, John
Mesny, Rodney
Le Mesurier, Helena Mary
Milne, Norah Winifred
Muller, Jenny Constance
Ozanne, Norman de Beaucamp
Packer, Lily Louisa
Painter, John F
Parry, George John Noel
Paskins, Albert
Patten, Ronald
Payter, Eric Williams
Perkins, M J
Picot, Alexander Ewart
Picot, Elsie Emma
Pilkington, Frank
Pitcher, P
Platt, Clarence Irving
Prentice, Enid Grace
Prentice, Ivy Gertrude
Purdell-Lewis, Marjorie Lilian
Purvess, Harry
Quint, Joseph
Ready, William Millard
Renouf, Frederick James
Reynel, John W
Royal Navy
Richardson, George James Arthur
Riches, Arthur Robin
Roissier, Alice Mary
Roissier, Cyril John Esnouf
Rose, Stella Irene
Rose, Stephen Frederick
Ross, George Donald
Scarf, Ben
Scarf, Daisy
Searle, Mildred
Searle, William George
Sears, Florence Caroline
Le Seelleur, Gladys
Sivewright, Basil
Smith, Arthur Wallace
Smith, C E
Smithhurst, Harold
South, Hubert Bricknell
Southern, Esther
Speer, James Griffith
Speer, John
Spurrier, Maud
Spurrier, Richard
Stamberg, Arhtur Frederick Abbot
Stevens, Francis Alfred
Stickland, Kathleen Mary
Le Sueur, Charles John
Le Sueur, Henry Sydney
Syvret, George Edward
Syvret, Philip J
Taylor, John
Taylor, Richard Henry
Telford, Eva Oswald
Tynan, Joseph Daniel
Tourtel, James Charles
Turner, Lawrence Clement
Turner, Margaret Anne
Unia, Joseph Abraham
Vautier, John
Villar, John Herbert
Webb, Miss
Webb, Winifred Mary
Wheeler, Eva Chatfield
Wheeler, Henri James
Whelan, Eileen Ruth
Royal Air Force
Willcox, Alice Mary
Williams, Joyce
Woodnutt, William Henry
Woodruff, John James
Yourdi, Hilda Margaret
Keywords travel permits | immigration | soldiers | Sailors | nurses | commercial travellers | Photographer
Category D-States Departments and Administrations
Places Guernsey, Weymouth
Dimensions 106 papers
Language English
Level of description File
Access restrictions Please view pdf online
Closed until 2100


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Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey from Weymouth on the SS Ibex on the 4th of May 1919


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