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Digital copy of a History of Brig-y-don Children's Convalescent and Holiday Home, 1981. [Some details redacted].

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Reference ZC/D/AW1/A3/3/WD004847
Date 1984
Scope and Content Early History: provides overview of Brig-y-don. Refers to Mr and Mrs Trevor Matthews, the First World War, tuberculosis, their move from Swansea to Jersey, Jersey General Investment Trust, property development, St Clement's Housing Association, Belmont Housing Association, Belmont Gardens, St Luke's Crescent, Devon Gardens, and St Clement's Gardens. Refers to the construction of Brig-y-don House in 1925, following St Clement's Housing Association's purchase of the land from Anthony Kennedy. Refers to plans drawn by Sidney Newcombe, and construction by Jesty Baker. Refers to Bon Air Nursing Home. Provides details of circumstances surrounding the opening of Brig-ydon as a convalscence home for children, mentioning Dr Hind, and management through Friends of Brig-y-don. Refers to the Formation of the Society of Brig-y-don Children's Convalescent and Holiday Home as a Public Voluntary Charitable Society in 1932. States object to provide and maintain a home for children who are: convalescing after illness, weak and in need of a period of fresh air and good food, or suffering from curable forms of orthapaedic or debilitating disease. Names first Officers of the Society as Chairman Reverend S Falle (Dean of Jersey), Vice-Chairman T Matthews, Honorary Treasurer Mr A R Caville (Manager of Barclays Bank), Honorary Secretary Miss A Bois, Honorary Medical Officer Dr Warrington, Honorary Dental Officer Mr Parlett, Honorary Auditor A E Picot, and Patronesses Mrs E Willis, Lady Knott, and Mrs R Malet de Carteret. Provides details of the operation of Brig-y-don and criteria for the admisison of a child to Brig-y-don. Refers to sewing, gardening, daily routine, Eisteddfod, handicrafts, edcuation, Public Instruction Committee, St Clement's Central School, German Occupation, General Hospital, Overdale Hospital, Maternity Home, and the Rotary Club [of Jersey]. The War: provides details of Brig-y-don during the German Occupation of Jersey. Mentions St Nicholas' Church, Don Labey, Pearse family, Samares Manor, France, Guiding, a German plane crashing in the field opposite Brig-y-don, and rations of chocolate donated by German soldiers. Post Occupation Period: provides details of Brig-y-don in the years following 1945. Mentions increase of tuberculosis in Jersey children following the Liberation, and the need for children to convalesce at Brig-y-don. The End of an Era: provides details of difficulties faced by Brig-y-don due to the death of a member of staff and a resignation of another. Provides details of staffing arrangements, and the eradication of tuberculosis through vaccination and curative treatement leading to the alteration of the previous criteria for the admission of children to Brig-y-don to include children deprived temporarily of their normal home life. Refers to improvements to Brig-y-don, Mrs Roberts of Vinchelez de Haut Manor, Scouts, the Education Committee, Education Department, and the introduction of the Children (Jersey) Law 1968. Refers to 1971 inspection of Brig-y-don by Children's Officer Miss [Patricia] Thornton, and the suggestion that Brig-y-don employ a Deputy Matron. Golden Jubilee: Refers to Brig-y-don's need to respond to the social rather than purely medical needs of children on Jersey, the opening of a day nursery, and a visit by the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester. Details staff changes, and the dispensing of staff uniforms. Refers to holidays to the New Forest, Guernsey, and Brittany. Refers to the missing minute books of the Medical, Fund Raising, and House Committees relating to Brig-y-don. Provides details of prominent Committee members. Today: refers to current childcare provision at Brig-y-don, mentioning St Clement's Primary School, BBC [British Broadcasting Corporation] Children in Need Appeal, referrals by the Education and Public Health Departments, The Leo Club [of Jersey], and Christmas parties. Appendix 1: Operating Costs 1932 to 1984. Appendix 2: Parish Grants 1950 to 1983. Appendix 3: Average occupancy and cost of child care 1925 to 1983. Appendix 4: Brig-y-don General Committee members 1931 to 1985. Lists Patrons Mrs Willis, Lady Knott, Mrs Malet de Carteret, Lord Coutanche, Mrs J M R Harrison, Mrs Elizabeth Obbard, Sir Edward Grasett, Mrs J Matthews, Admiral Sir Gresham Nicholson, General Sir George Erskine, the Countess of Jersey, Vice-Admiral Sir Michael Villiers, Sir Robert Le Masurier, Air Chief Marshal Sir John Davis, General Sir Desmond Fitzpatrick, General Sir Peter Whiteley, Mr Maurice Letto, and Sir Frank Ereaut. Lists Presidents Reverend S Falle (Dean of Jersey), Reverend G P Ballaine (Dean of Jersey), Mr C S Harrison, Mr A G Harrison, Mr Maurice Letto, and Reverend Peter Manton. Lists Vice Presidents Mr Trevor J Matthews, Jurat P Cabot, Jurat E Benest, Mr Maurice Letto, Reverend Peter Manton, Mr A J Scriven, and Mrs D R Wagstaffe. Lists Honorary Secretaries Miss A M Bois, Miss A G Amy, Mrs R S Hornby, Mr I Long, Mr J C W Sauvary, Mr A J Scriven, Mrs P M Bailhache, Mrs R C B Waller, and Mrs C J Garthwaite. Lists Honorary Treasurers Mr A R Cavill, Jurat E Benest, Mr Maurice Letto, Mr A G Picot, and Mr T [Tom] A Foster. Lists Honorary Auditors Alex E Picot and Alex E Picot and Company. Lists Honorary Medical Officers Dr T Warrington, Dr J R Hanna, Dr H J Sloan, Dr H Le V Dit Durell, Dr D E Sayers, and Dr D H Georgelin. Lists Honorary Dental Officers Mr F Parlett, Dr E M Cook, and Dr A S Swain. Lists General Committee members Surgeon Colonel Bentlif, Jurat P E Brée, Constable of St Clement Mr S G Crill, Constable of St Helier Mr J T Ferguson, Major A G Harris, Mrs A G Harris, Dr Hind, Mr C T Maine, Reverend G Twentyman, Mrs T J Matthews, Mrs C J Robin, Consultant Radiologist at the General Hospital Dr T Warrington, Mrs Inverness Bathe, Dr H J Blampied, Mrs Campbell Paterson, Consultant Surgeon at the General Hospital A C Haliwell, Medical Consultant at the General Hospital Dr J Hanna, Mrs W S How, Rector of St Clement Reverend T H Labey, Medical Officero of Health Dr R N McKinstry, Mrs H J D Tennant, Father Walsh of St Mary's and St Peter's [Roman Catholic] Church, Mrs Flavelle, Mrs H C Labey, Canon Bailey, T R Maltwood, Mrs Robertson, Mrs A Harrison, Jurat J H Orange, Mrs Palmer (wife of Archdeacon Palmer), Major G H Voisin, Mrs S Falle, Miss D [Dorothy] Le Quesne, Mr T C Maine, Miss Gilson, Miss Dennis, Mrs R Vibert, Mr Bedelle Aubin, Miss Jeanette Boielle, Mrs E Benest, Mr T J Matthews, Reverend R S Hornby, M H G Reed, Canon A V Olney, J Roberts, Mrs E M Burnard, Mrs Le Marquand, Mrs J H N Roberts, Miss L I Vance, [Medical Officer of Health] Dr A S Darling, Rector of St Clement Reverend H W Langford-Sainsbury, Mrs D Painter, Constable of ST Clement J R Les Quesne, Mr J Sherry, Revernd Paul Harrison, Reverend Peter Manton, [Medical Officer of Health] Dr W Williams, Lord Kenilworth, W A K Gallichan, Mr Maurice Letto, Constable of St Clement Mr E Watson, Lady McMorrough Kavanagh, Miss G du Feu, Reverend Fr Moore, Reverend Charles Nowell, M A Bernstein, R S Corbett, [Senator] R J [Dick] Shenton, [Deputy] P [Pierre] F Horsfall, Mrs P M Bailhache, Mrs P F Horsfall, Mrs I F Plymen, Mrs D R Wagstaffe, Mrs M Le Geyt, Mrs R C B Waller, Mr F Walker, Mrs C J Garthwaite, and Constable of St Clement Mr L Hamel. General Committee 1984: refers to President Reverend Peter Manton, Vice Presidents Mr A J Scriven, Mrs D R Wagstaffe, Honorary Secretary Mrs C J Garthwaite, Honorary Treasurer Mr T [Tom] A Foster, and members Mrs J R Hanna, Mrs S E Thomas (formerly Mrs E Smith), Miss O'Brien Butler, Mr C A Smith, [Medical Officer of Health] Dr A [Anthony] Essex-Cater, Dr [H] C [Clifford] Spratt, Mrs V Malam-Wilson, and Constable of St Clement Mr L Hamel. Acknowledgements: refers to Mrs J R Hanna, Mrs S E Thomas, Miss O'Brien Butler, Mrs Robert, Mrs M Sanderson, Mrs G Baker, Mrs B Lakeman, Miss I Williams, Reverend Peter Manton, R Laurens, Mr Maurice Letto, Mr J de la Mare, JEP [Jersey Evening Post] Photographer Mr Peter Mourant, Ronald Young, and States of Jersey Library Assistants. Lists references as Annual General Reports between 1931 and 1983, General Committee Meeting Minutes between 1931 and 1983, Annual General Meeting Minutes, and Jersey Evening Post Archives.
Names Alex Picot and Company
Brig-y-Don Children's Home
Barclays Bank
British Broadcasting Corporation
Children in Need
Children's Services
Children's Department
Children's Office
Education Committee
Education Department
Friends of Brig-y-Don Convalescent and Holiday Home
Jesty Baker
Jersey Library
Jersey Evening Post
Jersey General Investment Trust Limited
Jersey General Hospital
Leo Club of Jersey
Maternity Hospital
Overdale Hospital
Public Health Services
Royal Court
St Nicholas' Church
Rotary Club of Jersey
St Clement's Housing Association
St Clement's School
Samarès Manor
St Mary's and St Peter's Roman Catholic Church
Amy, A G
Bois, A M
Benest, E
Brée, P E, Jurat
Bailhache, Mrs
Bentlif, Doctor
Bailey, Canon
Baillaine, G P, Reverend, Dean of Jersey
Bedelle Aubin, Mr
Boielle, Jeanette
Blampied, H, Dr
Benest, Mrs
Bailhache, Mrs
Bernstein, M A
Burnard, Mrs
Baker, Mrs
Cavill, A R
Crill, S G
Coutanche, Lord
Cabot, P
Campbell Paterson, Mrs
Corbett, R S
Cook, E M, Dr
Davies, Sir John, Air Chief Marshall, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey
Duchess of Gloucester
Duke of Gloucester
Durell, H L, Dr
de la Mare, J
Darling, Dr
Dennis, Miss
du Feu, G
Erskine, Sir George, General, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey 1958-1964
Ereaut, Sir Frank
Falle, S, Reverend
Essex-Cater, Anthony, Dr
Fitzpatrick, Sir Desmond
Foster, T A
Ferguson, J T
Flavelle, Mrs
Falle, Mrs
Grasett, Sir Edward, General, Lieutenant Governor
Georgelin, D H, Dr
Gilson, Miss
Garthwaite, Caroline J
Gallichan, W A K
Hind, Dr
Harrison, Cecil
Harrison, A G
Harrison, Arthur
Harrison, Mrs
Harrison, Cecil Paul, Reverend
Horsfall, Pierre, Deputy
Horsfall, Mrs
Hanna, Mrs
Hanna, John R, Doctor
Haliwell, A C
Hornby, Mrs
Hamel, L
How, Mrs
Harris, Linda
Inverness Bathe, Mrs
Knott, Lady Elizabeth
Kenilworth, Lord
Kennedy, Anthony
Letto, Maurice
Long, I
Labey, Donald
Labey, Mrs
Lakeman, Mrs
Laurens, R
Le Masurier, Sir Robert Hugh, Bailiff of Jersey 1962 - 1974
Labey, T H, Reverend
Le Geyt, Mrs
Le Quesne, Dorothy
Le Marquand, Mrs
Le Quesne, J R
Langford-Sainsbury, Hugh Waller, Reverend
Maltwood, T R
McKinstry, Robert Noel
Malet de Carteret, Mrs
Manton, Peter Geoffrey Kevitt, Reverend
Matthews, Mrs
Matthews, Trevor
Moore, Father
Maine, C T
Mourant, Peter
Malam-Wilson, Mrs
Newcombe, Sidney
McMorrough Kavanagh, Lady
Nowell, Charles, Reverend
Nicholson, Sir Gresham, Admiral
Obbard, Elizabeth
Olney, Arthur, Canon
Orange, J H
O'Brien Butler, Mrs
Palmer, Mrs
Palmer, Archdeacon
Plymen, Mrs
Picot, A G
Picot, A E
Painter, Mrs
Parlett, F
Picot, A E
Roberts, J
Roberts, Mrs
Reed, M H G
Robertson, Mrs
Rabet, Mrs
Robin, Mrs
Sloan, H J, Dr
Spratt, H Clifford, Dr
Shenton, Dick
Sauvary, J C W
Sayers, Dr
Sherry, J
Scriven, A J
Sanderson, Mrs
Smith, E
Swain, A S
Thornton, Patricia
Twentyman, G, Reverend
Thomas, S E
Tennant, Mrs
Vance, Miss
Vibert, Mrs
Villiers, Sir Michael
Voisin, Gerald Hazzard, Major
Williams, Miss
Walsh, Father
Walker, F
Wagstaffe, Daphne
Waller, Mrs
Watson, Ernest
Williams, W, Dr
Whiteley, Sir Peter John Frederick, General, Lieutenant Governor 1979 - 1985
Warrington, T, Dr
Willis, Mrs
Young, Ronald
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Places Brig-y-Don Children's Convalescent Home, Brittany, Devon Gardens, Plat Douet Road, Guernsey, New Forest, New Zealand, Samarès Manor, St Clement, St Clement's Gardens, St Helier, St Luke's Crescent, St Lawrence, St Martin, St Mary, St Peter, St Saviour, Swansea, Trinity, Vinchelez de Haut Manor
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Digital copy of a History of Brig-y-don Children's Convalescent and Holiday Home, 1981. [Some details redacted].


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