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Digital copy of a Report submitted by Acting Police Sergeant 208 Nicholas Troy of States of Jersey Police on the subject of Alan Maguire and Jane Maguire. [Some details redacted].

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Reference ZC/D/AW1/A3/10/WD000584
Date 20 August 1998
Scope and Content Provides details of the accused, Alan William Maguire and Jane Maguire née Whyatt, mentioning, Manchester, cancer, and suspension from employment with Social Services. Introduction: cites report as concerning the circumstances surrounding allegations made by former residents of Blanche Pierre Group Children's Home, Le Squez, regarding abuse by Alan and Jane Maguire between 1980 and 1990, and the subsequent investigation by [States of Jersey] Police into the allegations. Provides details of the set up of Blanche Pierre [Family Group Home], mentioning houseparents and other staff. Refers to contact by Children's Services to [States of Jersey] Police regarding suspected historical child abuse on the part of Jane and Alan Maguire. Refers to a threatening letter sent to Alan and Jane Maguire's address on 19 May 1997, and seizure of correspondence by Detective Constable Andrew Geddes. Refers to complainants contacting [States of Jersey] Police, and witness statements recorded. Summarises statements made by complainants, mentioning ages, years resident at Blanche Pierre, reasons for admission into care, and allegations of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. Refers also to enuresis, Magistrates Court, General Hospital, mental health, Dettol, fostering, Aviemore Interview Suite, Woman Detective Constable Rani Vivian, Royal Court, a written statement dated 1990 made to a Child Care Officer, and the States of Jersey Police's Child Protection Team. Summarises statements made by complainants who worked at Blanche Pierre, mentioning residential child care officers, differences in clothing and treatment between residents and another child, unit managers, residential units for homeless boys, schools, friendships between Alan and Jane Maguire and visiting officers from Children's Services, Child Care Officer Dorothy Inglis, a report to a Child Care Officer and present Director of Community and Social Services Anton Skinner, and [Geoffrey] Spencer. Refers to interviews of Alan and Jane Maguire by officers from Children's Services in April 1990, in which Alan and Jane Maguire admitted to physical abuse. Notes Alan and Jane Maguire's retirement from the role of houseparents at Blanche Pierre as of June 1990, and Jane Maguire's continuing employment with Children's Services. Notes co-operation received by Investigating Officers by Children's Services Resource Managers Robert Woods and Marnie Baudains. Lists evidence, such as diary entries recorded by Blanche Pierre staff. Refers to a statement made by an individual living close to Blanche Pierre Family Group Home regarding the treatment of children by Alan and Jane Maguire. Interviews of Alan and Jane Maguire: Refers to attendance at the home address of Alan and Jane Maguire dated 8 January 1998 by Detective Constables Nicholas Troy and Ronald Melvin, regarding an investigation into complaints made by former Blanche Pierre residents relating to physical abuse and cruelty. Notes response of Alan Maguire upon caution. Refers to tape recorded interviews conducted by Detective Constable Nicholas Troy and Detective Constable Ronald Melvin with Alan Maguire in the presence of Advocate Chris Lakeman dated 10 January 1998. Notes Alan Maguire's inital denial of all allegations made by former children and former members of staff, and subsequent admission to some allegations when confronted with notes made by Anton Skinner following an interview [with Alan Maguire] at Children's Services dated 30 April 1990. Refers to Alan Maguire's release, pending further inquiries, mentioning Police Legal Advisor Ian Christmas. Refers to attendance of Jane Maguire at States of Jersey Police Station dated 20 January 1998 ahead of tape recorded interviews in the presence of Detective Constable Ron Melvin, Woman Detective Constable Emma Coxshall, and Advocate Peter Harris. Refers to St Clement Centenier Frank Marquer charging Alan Maguire at the Police Station with 7 offences under Article 9 (1) of the Children's (Jersey) Law 1969, and Jane Maguire with 5 offences under Article 9 (1) of the Children's (Jersey) Law 1969. Comments on Alan and Jane Maguires' appearances at the Magistrates Court at Cyril Le Marquand House, and the recordings of not guilty pleas. Describes ongoing Police enquiries during the remand period, mentioning establishing contact with all former residents and staff from Blanche Pierre between 1980 and 1990. Notes suggestion from former residents and staff that another member of staff would support allegations of abuse. Notes letter written to the Investigating Officer by an individual who later recorded a witness statement in which she denied allegations of abuse reported by children. Refers to an individual's appearance at the Magistrates Court as a Defence Witness, noting surprise caused to former colleagues employed with Children's Services due to the individual's previous complaints regarding Alan and Jane Maguire. Details interviews with other former members of staff, mentioning Police Constable Steve Rotherham. Details contact with other former residents. Refers to statement recorded from the Child Care Officer in immediate charge of Le Squez Children's Home [Blanche Pierre], Richard Davenport. Refers to new charges of assault being put against Alan and Jane Maguire during their appearance at the Magistrates Court at Seale Street. Refers to trial at the Magistrates Court at Cyril Le Marquand House before Magistrate Trott, mentioning prosecution witnesses, Advocate [Peter] Harris, and a remand to the Royal Court. Conclusions: notes difficulties encountered by Police during their investigations, mentioning fragmentary recollections, and scepticism from former residents and staff as to the extent the enquiry would proceed and the discouraging effect of such scepticism on other witnesses who might have come forward. Comments on impact of abuse on victims, and the need to support the victims to keep them "on board" with the investigation and any possible prosecution. Notes victims' wishes for the matter to proceed, noting support from Victim Support Officers. Anticipates that the victims and complainants will be willing and competent witnesses.
Names Blanche Pierre Family Group Home
Children's Services
Community and Social Services
Child Protection Team
Jersey General Hospital
Magistrates Court
Royal Court
Social Services
States of Jersey Police
Baudains, Marnie
Coxshall, Emma
Davenport, Richard
Geddes, Andrew
Harris, Peter, Advocate
Inglis, Dorothy
Lakeman, Christopher
Maguire, Alan
Maguire, Jane
Melville, Ron
Rotherham, Steve, Police Constable
Spencer, Geoff
Skinner, Anton
Trott, David, Magistrate
Vivian, Rani, Police Constable
Woods, Robert
Keywords abuse | allegations | advocates | child abuse | child protection | childcare | cancer | Child Care Officers | Children | Correspondence | children's homes | Clothing | complaints | Detective Sergeants | Detective Constables | evidence | enuresis | emotional abuse | Food | fostering | Family Group Homes | Hospitals | houseparents | Letters | Managers | mental health | neighbours | Police | Police Constables | physical abuse | reports | Residential Child Care Officers | residents | Soap | statements | sexual abuse | threats | victims | women police officers | witnesses | witness statements
Places 9-11, Blanche Pierre Close, America, Blanche Pierre Close, Cyril Le Marquand House, England, Police Station, Seale Street
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Digital copy of a Report submitted by Acting Police Sergeant 208 Nicholas Troy of States of Jersey Police on the subject of Alan Maguire and Jane Maguire. [Some details redacted].


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