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Digital copy of Anton Cornelissen's first Witness Statement to the Inquiry providing an account of his experience as a serving Police Officer with the States of Jersey Police between 1993 and 2010, particularly in respect of his part in the investigation into sexual abuse at Victoria College. [Some details redacted].

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Reference ZC/D/AW4/B2/2/WS000644
Date 26 January 2015
Scope and Content Background and Early Life Refers to early life in Bath, and employment as a paramedic with Avon Ambulance Service prior to 1993, having also applied unsuccessfully to join Avon and Somerset Constabulary at the age of 18. Describes move to Jersey, mentioning wife, application to States of Jersey Police, and interview by Inspector Martin Thorne. Refers to career with States of Jersey Police between 29 March 1993 and 20 June 2010. Institutions Describes introduction to employment with States of Jersey Police beginning in 1993. Provides details of duties, and of difficulties experienced by colleagues relating to their duties. Refers to Child Protection Team, Criminal Investigation Department, Admin Support Unit, Family Protection Team, Operation Rectangle, and the Historic Abuse Team. Refers to Chief Officer Robert ‘Bob’ Le Breton, and talks presented by Anton Cornelissen to Senior Police Officers, Institute of Directors, Defence Committee, and others. Names Inspector David McGrath, Police Constable Bill Nelson, Detective Sergeant Barry Faudemer, Detective Constable Keith Bray, Detective Constable Rani Vivien, Detective Constable Emma Coxshall, Detective Constable Jackie Ellis, Detective Inspector John De La Haye, Superintendent Trevor Garrett, Assistant Chief Officer Roly Jones, Police Constable Liz Haywood, Detective Constable Martin Edwards, Detective Sergeant Roger Pryke, Inspector Derek Upton, Police Sergeant Gary Pashley, Police Sergeant Andy Crowell, Detective Constable Nick Troy, Detective Constable Duncan Milburn, Detective Constable Keith Perchard, Human Resources Officer Anne Sugden, Training Inspector John Mallet, Police Constable Steve Rotherham, Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper, Chief Inspector Andre Bonjour, Detective Chief Inspector Alison Fossey, Deputy Chief Officer Barry Taylor, Acting Detective Inspector Sarah Henderson, Superintendent Sean du Val, Detective Constable Brian Carter, Detective Constable Simon Clarke, and Chief Police Officer Graham Power. Comments on perception of Jersey born officers to Police officers recruited by Martin Thorne from the United Kingdom. Comments on obstacles in Anton Cornelissen’s career following his involvement into investigations into child abuse at Victoria College. Refers to investigation by officers from States of Jersey Police into three colleagues accused of corruption. Refers to Victoria College teacher David Rotherham, Victoria College headmaster Jack Hydes, Victoria College Deputy Headmaster Piers Baker, Victoria College Deputy Headmaster and Jurat, John Le Breton, Senator Stuart Syvret, Jersey Evening Post reporter Dion Simone [Diane Simon], an Officer named Avery from the Sea Cadets, social worker Andy Keen, social worker Steve McVey, and [former Child Care Officer] Jean Andrews. Refers to St Helier Yacht Club, Sea Cadets, Victoria College’s Combined Cadet Force, Royal Yacht Association, Education Committee, the Freemasons, Royal Court, Jersey Evening Post, Home Affairs Committee, the Sharpe Report, Jersey Financial Services Commission, and the Housing Department. Social Services Provides details of interaction with members of the Long Term Team at Social Services. Refers to inaction of staff during an investigation into a father regarding sexual abuse. Abuse and Consequences Recalls investigation into allegations of child prostitution. Refers to secondment to the Child Protection Team in 1996, commenting on cooperation between States of Jersey Police and Children’s Services. Provides recollections relating to investigations into allegations of sexual abuse of Victoria College students by a Victoria College teacher, Andrew Jervis-Dykes. States that Andrew Jervis-Dykes was convicted for indecent assault and possessing and making indecent images of children. Comments that Anton Cornelissen’s investigation into allegations of sexual abuse at Victoria College negatively affected his career and led to bullying. Provides details of actions of individuals connected to Victoria College and States of Jersey Police who attempted to mislead or prevent investigations by States of Jersey Police into allegations of abuse. Refers to investigation into a family that subsequently led to Operation Rectangle, mentioning historic sexual abuse, and Haut de la Garenne. Refers to allegations of sexual abuse of students at De La Salle College by Monks. For Exhibits referenced, see C/D/AW4/A5/2/WD008288/1 (Exhibit AJC1), and C/D/AW4/A5/2/WD008288/2 (Exhibit AJC2).
Names Association of Chief Police Officers
Administrative Support Unit
Avon Ambulance Service
Avon and Somerset Constabulary
Criminal Investigation Department
Criminal Justice Unit
Children's Services
Child Protection Team
Combined Cadet Force
De La Salle College
Defence Committee
Education Department
Education Committee
Family Protection Team
Haut de la Garenne
Historic Abuse Team
Housing Department
Home Affairs Committee
Institute of Directors
Jersey Financial Services Commission
Jersey Sea Cadets
Jersey Evening Post
Joint Financial Crimes Unit
Law Officers' Department
Operation Rectangle
Public Protection Unit
Royal Yachting Association
St Helier Yacht Club
States of Jersey Police
Victoria College
Andrews, Jean
Bonjour, André Paolo
Baker, Piers
Bray, Keith
Cornelissen, Anton
Coxshall, Emma
Crowell, Andy
Carter, Brian
Clarke, Simon
De La Haye, John
du Val, Shaun
Ellis, Jackie
Edwards, Martin
Faudemer, Barry
Fossey, Alison
Garrett, Trevor
Haywood, Liz, Detective Constable
Hydes, Jack
Henderson, Sarah
Harper, Lenny
Jones, Roly
Jervis-Dykes, Andrew
Keen, Andy
Le Breton, John
McGrath, David, Chief Inspector
Mallet, John
Milburn, Duncan, Detective Constable
McVey, Steve
Nelson, Bill, Police Constable
Perchard, Keith, Detective Constable
Pryke, Roger
Pashley, Gary
Power, Graham
Rotherham, Steve, Police Constable
Rotherham, David
Sugden, Anne
Simon, Diane
Syvret, Stuart
Taylor, Barry
Thorne, Martin, Detective Constable
Troy, Nicholas, Detective Constable
Vivien, Rani
Upton, Derek
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Digital copy of Anton Cornelissen's first Witness Statement to the Inquiry providing an account of his experience as a serving Police Officer with the States of Jersey Police between 1993 and 2010, particularly in respect of his part in the investigation into sexual abuse at Victoria College. [Some details redacted].


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